The Palm Phone actually fits in your palm

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The Palm Phone is an unusual device. It’s a tiny smartphone (companion) aimed a digital detoxers. The idea is that you’ll opt to leave your big smartphone at home when on vacation, night out etc. The Palm Phone runs Android with a custom skin tuned for the tiny display. The device is a Verizon exclusive.
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12-Dek, 2018



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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 3 oy oldin
Are you addicted to your smartphone?
Faris Farooq
Faris Farooq 9 kun oldin
More like addicted to unbox therapy..🙄🙄
Dec0y 0ctopus
Dec0y 0ctopus 20 kun oldin
Takes phone off charger to type this comment
10,000 Subs challenge with out video
No Because I don't have one
Ele Oy oldin
Santiago Mourra
Jay //
Jay // Soat oldin
His Hands are huge
coolstay85 3 soat oldin
Smart phone + Smart watch = palm phone (or wrist phone)
Jared Konior
Jared Konior 16 soat oldin
Waste of money, just put the damn phone down people.
Mark Cedrick
Mark Cedrick Kun oldin
Cost more than my $50 iphone 5
Dekarlson Kun oldin
Moe Zuiter
Moe Zuiter 2 kun oldin
To help rationalize the bulky fold.
Mia zuki
Mia zuki 2 kun oldin
"the phone is gonna cost you 350" just get a pocophone .-.
wysiwyg88888 2 kun oldin
I'm buying it! So psyched there is a small phone option. Connected all day at work so only use phone to talk, text, and email ..... this is perfect and will be my main device :o)
Delpriest Stokes
Delpriest Stokes 3 kun oldin
Next Stephen curry going to be on your show
Izzxy Coleman
Izzxy Coleman 3 kun oldin
Yeah Palm definitely needs to lower the price on this one it could be a major craze if it was much cheaper.
JFB Gaming
JFB Gaming 3 kun oldin
Can you use this as your primary phone? I was wanting to purchase one.
stajpi 2 kun oldin
why not? i have samsung note 4, and i am really looking into buying this...
Michael Gillespie
Michael Gillespie 3 kun oldin
Light Phone did it first
Debra Demler
Debra Demler 3 kun oldin
I wish they made to connect to iPhone
2 Slackers
2 Slackers 3 kun oldin
It’s one thing to be on your phone during your kids game. It’s completely different going to the doctors. What did you do before? Read a magazine or sat in silence thinking about stupid stuff. It’s not like you were going to socialize with the kid coughing his lungs out.
Enzo Sánchez
Enzo Sánchez 3 kun oldin
Web Os come back!!!
Thaihick 4 kun oldin
small phone
kevin arnold
kevin arnold 4 kun oldin
those emails and spreadsheets pay for the sccore game. so it's either this or that.
P̷s̷y̷c̷h̷o̷ B̷a̷b̷e̷
3 5 0 ? E X C U S E M E ?
Alexander Keith
Alexander Keith 6 kun oldin
Can somebody explain the Verizon sim duplication to me, I did a Google search and this must be a new feature cause I cant find any information
Cory 182
Cory 182 6 kun oldin
Its like watch OS. I bet there will be this functionality on a watch in a year or two with all the flexy displays
Cox Freight
Cox Freight 6 kun oldin
shasanth Nagabushanam K
How much it costs
unknown kill123
unknown kill123 8 kun oldin
Are you ok 3:44
RitualREDRUM 8 kun oldin
Be good for my mom that hates phones and only uses it for calls and occasional texts. Not for an additional line to your other phone though...
Jett Fisher
Jett Fisher 10 kun oldin
We’re can I get one of these
b e l l a r e e s e
Jett Fisher Verizon
Hausen Wu
Hausen Wu 10 kun oldin
iPod Nano?
TaTa LOVE 10 kun oldin
This is great for kids and I would pay that iphones go to lil kids and cost upwards of 700
Aryan Raj
Aryan Raj 10 kun oldin
back in our days, we had PalmTops with stylus and resistive touch
Gabriel Cornejo
Gabriel Cornejo 11 kun oldin
Looks like Janes Bond Gadgets
shreedhar ankad
shreedhar ankad 11 kun oldin
I want
Shazil Mujtahid
Shazil Mujtahid 11 kun oldin
350 bucks you can buy a freaking pocophone f1
geo sorrell
geo sorrell 12 kun oldin
Also why not linux os :(
geo sorrell
geo sorrell 12 kun oldin
Again with Verizon only I miss the palm pre
Smellavision 12 kun oldin
I would use as my primary phone. Phones are too damn big these days.
Matthew Weiss
Matthew Weiss 8 kun oldin
I'm doing that right now, pop that sim out and throw in a normal one and you're set. Currently running on at&t
Abraham García
Abraham García 12 kun oldin
My dicc fits in my hand
Jonathan Kondor
Jonathan Kondor 12 kun oldin
Am I the only person that genuinely wants one of these? I mean, I wouldn't pay 350 for any phone that can't outshoot my DSLR, but still. It's tiny, it's cute, it takes quarter decent pictures; it gets the job done. Derek is totally upgrading to one of these in Zoolander 3...
pro player
pro player 12 kun oldin
Samsung j5 2017 made in vietnam is original?
kathy triplett
kathy triplett 12 kun oldin
It's a great ideal for someone like me who has to sneak their phone into work. I love my 6.2 inch screen and would never want to go back to a small phone but a Palm would be perfect to bypass security. Unfortunately its just not cost effective
HugFest 11 kun oldin
kathy triplett is change your job and enjoy your big screen lol
Mitchell Francis
Mitchell Francis 13 kun oldin
Stock broker soccer mom was on point
Korey malik Wood
Korey malik Wood 13 kun oldin
How much is it ????
Wectum Wecker
Wectum Wecker 13 kun oldin
Lost me with Verizon.
Looking cool Joker
Looking cool Joker 13 kun oldin
$350 for a "secondary" phone? I'm sorry what? That gets you a very decent device these days. They should have made it a 4 inch screen and pitched it as the new iphone SE for people who want compact smartphones.
Wes K
Wes K 13 kun oldin
I like the phone. It's cool but what would you really use it for
Shawn 0624
Shawn 0624 8 kun oldin
I actually just purchased one today for 200$ at Verizon and basically to use it for music so that way when I'm out cutting grass and in the shop working I can connect my headphones to it and not have to carry my s10+ because I don't want to crack the screen or break it and when I get to Hawaii in a few weeks and go snorkeling and leave my stuff laying if it's taken while I'm not looking then my phone will still be in the room. It actually is to replace my apple watch that isn't compatible with the s10 plus and I hate the Samsung gear they are garbage so as a replacement and to have everything my phone does as an alternative this is perfect... hope this helps and my buddy got one bc he works construction and didn't want to break his phone and it makes it easier to call his family and put away in case he needs his phones features but doesn't have it with him.... basically it's just an extension without the hassle
roadrunner76b 14 kun oldin
Dear Palm, You sold one of the best OS's on a device that wasn't keeping up with the times and it gets picked apart by your competition and then you try to come back and on top of that you run Android on it instead of your own...no, sit down. Sincerely, Stranded webOS users
Dustin Vance
Dustin Vance 14 kun oldin
It's a advanced beeper lol
Jose Mondragon
Jose Mondragon 15 kun oldin
Phones became a computer?! And became messy ....... just use your phone normal 😑 and get your self a surface pro or a apple computer tbh
Abdullah Javed
Abdullah Javed 15 kun oldin
Me ain’t married no parent me
Jose Mondragon
Jose Mondragon 15 kun oldin
Abdullah Javed same hahaha
bluesy92 15 kun oldin
"Companion to your phone." Smartwatch. We call that a smartwatch. It literally serves the same purpose of keeping you connected without having you constantly stare at the screen. But without getting a contract and paying monthly.
Jason Zheng
Jason Zheng 15 kun oldin
oooooor... buy a used iphone 4s for 50 bucks and downgrade to ios 6 for a similar but better experiance
Jonathon Sanders
Jonathon Sanders 15 kun oldin
I'm not gonna lie, I kinda like it. What a great concept!
stephen sibbett
stephen sibbett 15 kun oldin
kadavarthi minnu
kadavarthi minnu 16 kun oldin
Billdap babai ... Cheppalikadababu cheppaliga 🗣️🤦
Adam T
Adam T 16 kun oldin
2:29 Non-removable Sim? There is a slot under the power button, just need a really thin SIM remover tool
Adam T
Adam T 16 kun oldin
I just got this today, thats why i'm watching this
tyrone bates
tyrone bates 16 kun oldin
I miss my Palm Pre lol
yogibearstie 17 kun oldin
I have to carry a company iPhone for access to company Outlook. It’s locked down, so I still need my own iPhone too. Would love a small Outlook device. PIA to have 2 phones. Hating it.
Kadin Rubley
Kadin Rubley 17 kun oldin
Tar 18 kun oldin
I want this. I wanted a small phone for a while, and it's waterproof, too. Kinda perfect for sailing, maybe? At least I'd be less afraid to drop it while using a phone in a 30+ knot wind, and you can hold onto it better compared to regular smartphones (if you don't want to use the back ring, that is).
AZAddict 18 kun oldin
Best part about this is you could likely use it as a wide apple watch!
badtolz2122 18 kun oldin
Send it to me.... I'll use it everyday.
badtolz2122 18 kun oldin
I would use this as my primary.... Just don't have 350 to spend. Love the idea.
badtolz2122 18 kun oldin
I love the smaller phone actually. I'm usually the guy looking around the lobby.
Destiny Espinoza
Destiny Espinoza 5 kun oldin
I feel you I got 2 phone call and text and other social media at home only
Shadow 18 kun oldin
This might be the dumbest thing I've ever seen.
Filipe Costa
Filipe Costa 19 kun oldin
What is that phone at 7:29 ?
Michael Moreno
Michael Moreno 19 kun oldin
I'm lubin this channel!!! Much love from Austin Texas
Josh Derak
Josh Derak 19 kun oldin
How hard is it to understand that the $ goes before the number? Is it a European thing to write 300$?
Haikal frandika
Haikal frandika 20 kun oldin
Palm mini phone
David Vershay
David Vershay 20 kun oldin
You mention vacation but it won't work outside of the country currently. I also wish it could work with its own number, very disappointed...
Matthew Weiss
Matthew Weiss 8 kun oldin
It can work as a normal phone. I'm running my at&t sim in mine without issues. Splendid little device.
KiraCura 20 kun oldin
How big is that compared to the iPhone SE?
Erik Knudsen
Erik Knudsen 20 kun oldin
A good customer use case would be "for those with an active lifestyle". The "health lifestyle/wellness" market is enormous, and Palm could tap into this. If you are going biking, skiing, to the gym, climbing, yoga, walking, hiking, on a boat, horseback riding, running, fishing, etc you normally don't want to bring your large main phone. The whole point of these activities is to get unplug, but you still want to be able to make a phone call or text. There are a myriad of lifestyle apps that'd work great on this phone as well to track your activities. If I were Palm, I'd go directly to this market; I believe it'd do well.
Muhammad Farhan
Muhammad Farhan 20 kun oldin
Jennifer Willard
Jennifer Willard 20 kun oldin
It seems like something better for kid's phones. Like between 12 to 17 to help your kids enjoy life with you and your family. I mean you are the one paying for it and it's a lot cheaper than a galaxy or iphone.
jayesh b
jayesh b 21 kun oldin
U know something Ur not fit for doing this there is only nonsense in between
Abady Abady
Abady Abady 21 kun oldin
Aaaaaaaaaaaand weee are back to small phones again
Scott Komar
Scott Komar 21 kun oldin
So he can't type on the Palm and yet Apple fan boy says get an Apple watch. I had the Apple watch, sold it. To each their own. I believe the Palm may come in handy at work because it's hard to do a physical job with a Note 9 in my front pocket.
Bulwark AC
Bulwark AC 22 kun oldin
Women would love that phone for size and go running. Put in her purse to go. Go clubbing, etc.
Football, Fast!
Football, Fast! 22 kun oldin
A phone with parental controls?
湊崎紗夏 23 kun oldin
keyboard should be @ T9 format
Mel Cabacungan
Mel Cabacungan 24 kun oldin
Name should be "face palm"😂😂
DJ Tru Luv
DJ Tru Luv 25 kun oldin
Idgaf if this thing was 20$ I wouldnt waist my money, and nobody is going to either, who if tf is running g the show at Palm, they need to be fired then rehired and fired again.
DJ Tru Luv
DJ Tru Luv 25 kun oldin
I mean really, this makes about as much sense as square wheels
Justin Young
Justin Young 25 kun oldin
Everyone:350 is too expensive Me: didn’t you spend 800 to over 1000 on your phone
To be fair, 350 is pretty expensive for what this phone is, it should be way cheaper
Bryceton O'Neal
Bryceton O'Neal 13 kun oldin
$499 Razer Phone 2 which retired by iPhone 7 Plus.
Quaker Crackers
Quaker Crackers 13 kun oldin
+Sway 300$ honor play
Sway 13 kun oldin
200$ honor 8x 😏
Ulf Nope
Ulf Nope 25 kun oldin
at first the lights made it look like it had a phatt wide ass notch, thank god it was just the lights/glare lmao. at the docs office tho, you wanna be like 'so whats up with u? dying fdrom cancer or unstopping diarrhea? well good luck in there, u got this champ'
Vinh Quang
Vinh Quang 25 kun oldin
Xin chào
ArA 26 kun oldin
Mind blown when he said just get an Apple Watch. 😮 🤯
PuppetGameReviews 26 kun oldin
lmao, thats the android smartwatch os but on a slightly bigger display.
PuppetGameReviews 26 kun oldin
Legend has it, if you comment on a video thats 2 months old, lou will reply.
Lambo Blair
Lambo Blair 27 kun oldin
Overpriced for what you get
Halton Stancil
Halton Stancil 27 kun oldin
I would want the UI tho.
shermich90 27 kun oldin
Wow $350. Im fine with my pocophone. Thanks
Jimbo ReadDABible
Jimbo ReadDABible 27 kun oldin
If it were cheaper it would be a good phone for kids. Say $75-$100?
Sam Vacanti
Sam Vacanti 27 kun oldin
this would be good for kids who need a phone to text their parents if they are done at school or just need a way to contact them.
Marty Gaut
Marty Gaut 27 kun oldin
This phone is the perfect size. It just needs to be stands alone and I would but one. Bonuses would be fill day battery life like the OnePlus 6T and a memory slot. I like that it is small and will fit into any pocket. I can type with one hand without fear of dropping it. It will help with making my phone about communication instead of entertainment. I can keep it with me all the time because of the size and it minimizes the chance of me breaking it.
Inoue 27 kun oldin
Im loving this phone but shit 350 ? Nah thanks thats to much if it was 100 i would buy it
S. shinigami
S. shinigami 27 kun oldin
The UI looks good.
feral kitten
feral kitten 28 kun oldin
wish it was a real phone. want a tiny one like that
Ashley Garcia
Ashley Garcia 28 kun oldin
How much it costs
Ranger Trails
Ranger Trails 28 kun oldin
so basically the palm is the equivalent to taking the hybrid instead of the diesel?
kingviking25 28 kun oldin
Why waste money on a 2 inch phone when i have all my old phones.
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