The Palm Phone actually fits in your palm

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The Palm Phone is an unusual device. It’s a tiny smartphone (companion) aimed a digital detoxers. The idea is that you’ll opt to leave your big smartphone at home when on vacation, night out etc. The Palm Phone runs Android with a custom skin tuned for the tiny display. The device is a Verizon exclusive.
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12-Dek, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Oy oldin
Are you addicted to your smartphone?
Ayddenn99 14 kun oldin
Yes. 😂😭😅😎😆
NoobTube 28 kun oldin
Is MJ the best basketball player ever? Also yes is the answer
Michael Kilsdonk
Smileysan Oy oldin
I think this would be a good device for parents who want to limit their kids screen time. They can link it to their phones and save money on data.
Kreavita Oy oldin
im not addicted to a single device but i couldnt live without the internet and possibilities we have today i guess
MedicineMan22 9 soat oldin
My emotional support phone needs an emotional support phone.
This new culture of small phones really makes me upset. I'm a fan of small phones and my main phone is 4", but damn, why can't companies make normal small phones like Sony did with their Xperia Compact, or Samsung with the S3 Mini, Apple with the SE for instance? These were actually small (reminder that 5" isn't small) and regular working phones like every other phone, just smaller. There's always something gimmicky about those new small phones, they're never normal.
kimilicious 1923
Stephen curry also endorsed vivo phone u should do a review about them lew. 😘
Zariannahh Kun oldin
Yea ight
The Boy
The Boy Kun oldin
Palm is a work phone for calls and maybe emails, but you still have your main personal use phone
Nayden Gochev
Nayden Gochev Kun oldin
General reason why I dont like most of your phone review videos. All the rest are GREAT but you NEVER check the call quality. It is a fckign phone and you never check both the call quality durring call for you and for the other side. For example Iphones have the WORST call quality ever.. sound like shit, you hear like shit... and they even degrade over time very fast so the volume durring call becomes a joke.. and you never mentioned this.. IT IS A PHONE !!!!!! its not a ipod or a calculator.
blasko229 2 kun oldin
Loved my Palm Pre. Hope they make a modern phone size.
Brew Ster
Brew Ster 2 kun oldin
Stop moving your arms, you're not cool, you're an old man with a identity problem.
dvitiya bhasha marathi
Just buy an iPhone 4s there’s no need for this
Pewdiepie 2 kun oldin
Mohd Sameeruddin
Mohd Sameeruddin 2 kun oldin
SWAT sits well HERE
CommonIQ 2 kun oldin
Future video The laptop actually fits on your lap!
checkacola 3 kun oldin
iPhone de master race
alexpounder 3 kun oldin
When you look at @6:10 you can see how fake he's being
Fred  Eskridge
Fred Eskridge 4 kun oldin
How come you dont link the products
Frederick Martin Palma
If it has the 3x4 keypad for texting like the samsung galaxy pocket, i'd buy it for 10k php (about $175).
De Souza University Squish & Doc Productions
Honestly. I think it's bad ass. Looks beautiful. Super small . Fits in a suit pocket . It's quite elegant . I have kids and yep phones and parents lose the moments all day. I say if the quality is there ... do it ..
Peter Palmer
Peter Palmer 5 kun oldin
I had a Palm phone 10 years ago and it was one of the best phone Iv used
king vp
king vp 5 kun oldin
So cute
Allaroundgaming 365
I really wish you would leave the link to products in your description
Fezz21 6 kun oldin
lol he is so canadian
Fermin Cabrera
Fermin Cabrera 6 kun oldin
This device it is people don’t like smart watches like Apple Watch or gear watch. The palm does the same thing as a smart watch
Jon L
Jon L 6 kun oldin
For $350 it's not worth it. The only purpose I could realistically see this device serving is allowing me to watch Netflix or play a game or whatever on my phone and use this little guy to answer a call or text back without disturbing whatever I'm doing on my regular phone. That's about it 🤷🏻‍♂️
John Doe
John Doe 6 kun oldin
Come on Palm you can do better than this.I like the idea and everything but I think they should go in the opposite direction make a cheaper alternative not a high-end tiny phone. Something more in line with say and iPhone SE but maybe closer to 5 5 and 1/2 in. But make it a quality device solid in construction and good in the hand but at a price point you know $100-$150 (maybe upwards of $200) but make it well constructed And make it accessible to the masses the people that Apple keeps shunning. I want to see a mass-market well-produced phone by a good phone maker like Palm or Apple.
Jake 6 kun oldin
Sorry buddy, Raps beat Warriors with Steph back as well 🤷‍♂️
Alex Clayton
Alex Clayton 6 kun oldin
what watch are you wearing?
Elliott Burton
Elliott Burton 6 kun oldin
The word on the guys hoodie is my last name
Joe 7 kun oldin
the amount of copy pasta links in the discription is very overwhelming.
Fragler01 7 kun oldin
Use it for a week as a challange :D
Paul Lembo
Paul Lembo 7 kun oldin
Want a t-mobile option for this!
Wan Norzailani Wan Kadir
This phone is for kids
Brian Wong
Brian Wong 8 kun oldin
Darby H
Darby H 8 kun oldin
The price is wack, but damn I will probably buy this. A watch is just not a good enough companion for what I do. I work construction and this is the device I have been asking for! I love my Pixel 3 XL, but it would last about a week on my side while working. With something like this, I can tuck it into a shirt pocket, and still get all my calls/texts, use the few apps that are useful (flashlight, calculator, etc) on a job site. I could leave my big beautiful pixel in my car until I'm off work and keep it safe. I really love seeing all these negative comments because it's like nobody even tries to think of a good reason to buy this. Put yourselves in my shoes and you will see why this is exactly what physical laborers who like nice technology would want.
azan one
azan one 8 kun oldin
I think Palm Phone is good, because I meet Galaxy Watch...
LaluMakesFilms 8 kun oldin
Seems perfect for a kid’s first phone
Asyraf Amiruddin30122000
Make homtom s8 review..
Jay R
Jay R 9 kun oldin
I am still trying to accept a smart watch as useful and now this? I'm done lol
FlashDash20 9 kun oldin
this is the phone parents give their kids as a punishment
T Chowdhury
T Chowdhury 9 kun oldin
why this cant be a stand alone phone!
Travis Bolton
Travis Bolton 9 kun oldin
Plot twist Louis is actually a paid Apple industry plant using reverse psychology. Mind blown.
D I 9 kun oldin
I just want a full capable smart phone, that size. Maybe.
#TeamFlash 9 kun oldin
My parents are old and wouldn't like looking on a phone this small, dialing, etc... They like big text etc... For $350 no go!!! I don't like these huge phones with minimal bezels but I think palm can and should do better than this
Ryleynie 9 kun oldin
Could just go get a smartwatch for the price
Vojtěch Motl
Vojtěch Motl 9 kun oldin
Some 5-6 years ago used to have Lumia 720, it had 4,3 inches... I loved that! The shape, the size...mmm
Mr.kevin not home
Mr.kevin not home 9 kun oldin
Great phone for kids
equestrianbroly 9 kun oldin
It would make a cool smartwatch/pipboy hybrid wrist strapped computer...
AirplaneRandy 10 kun oldin
I'd use it as an MP3 player. But $350 is way too much for what it is.
Sir Logan
Sir Logan 10 kun oldin
I like the guest star he was real.
Joy 10 kun oldin
If it were less pricey, sure!
Jeremy Brooks
Jeremy Brooks 10 kun oldin
As a 2nd phone, Yes!
DapperDavid 10 kun oldin
That would be a lot easier to type with a 9-3 keyboard
Alexander Flieger
Alexander Flieger 10 kun oldin
If. Can get a good case for it. I would buy it in a heart beat.
KNIGHT MARE KING 10 kun oldin
I got one just because i was curious but when i tried to pair with my new iphone xs max it said on the screen “that my phone was corrupted and couldnt be trusted” and it wouldnt let me do anything after that so i returned it today no need to pay $350 for something that doesnt function well.
N N 10 kun oldin
350 dollars is too much.
BendApparatus 10 kun oldin
Lost me at companion to your phone...😒
Corey Hanson
Corey Hanson 10 kun oldin
My first phone was a palm one. Booya.
Shekar Naidu
Shekar Naidu 10 kun oldin
I would buy if it costs less than 100$. For 350$ it does not really do anything, practically dumb phone.
Mikey Kuplevatsky
Mikey Kuplevatsky 10 kun oldin
$350 for that trash? Lol. There are cheaper and better alternatives. Simply check out BLU Products. Want a simple phone? Launchers exist for a reason. Lol. At MOST that phone is worth $80 or $90.
Solomon Umlah
Solomon Umlah 11 kun oldin
Kind of wish I could just buy this without having to have it be a companion phone through and that I could have it from any company.
martin jean
martin jean 11 kun oldin
Best phone to me .
Julius Kingsley
Julius Kingsley 11 kun oldin
What's wrong with looking at your phone in a waiting room? Is that really worse than a magazine or a newspaper? (remember those?)
thekellkonn 11 kun oldin
I bought one of these, currently it's my daily driver. It's awesome! Almost everyone asked me what it is and actually a couple people have bought one because they liked it.
SmartBot 65
SmartBot 65 11 kun oldin
It’s like an Apple Watch but... phone tho
Melvin Chong
Melvin Chong 11 kun oldin
A phone that should have been made by a China company at $50.
Darryl of Sussex
Darryl of Sussex 11 kun oldin
Decluttered and unclutterable. Made from brushed stainless steel. A single row of Dedicated brushed stainless off-screen push-buttons for calls, sms, email and alarms at the bottom, just like the way iphones group the apps at the bottom of the screen. A quality screen-based keypad. Volume, On/off, Keyslock function to prevent accidental activation. Not made from glass. No camera. No apps. Not curved so it slides off everything. Excellent battery. Fits into shirt pocket. Great reception. USB charge port.
8Bit 11 kun oldin
looks like a mini iphone X
Isaac Russell
Isaac Russell 11 kun oldin
WilLy DoOo CalM doWn
Be Real
Be Real 11 kun oldin
This phone looks nice. 350$ is crazy though. 150$ at the most seems reasonable.
me15.738 11 kun oldin
Before I got my actual phone I used 3"screen Android 4 four old old LG
Redwan Islam
Redwan Islam 12 kun oldin
Please do a review on the vivo nex dual display edition. It will be worth ur time!!!!!!
Jerry Berglund
Jerry Berglund 13 kun oldin
Ok. Again a small maker with a phone no one really wants. Why not show Sony Xperia XZ2 compact wich is the best smartphone in a compact and small formfactor.
MC PLAYS 13 kun oldin
Looks like a smartwatch am i right? But i like Will
Shawn Clark
Shawn Clark 13 kun oldin
I don't think it's worth it because if you're addicted to your smartphone you're going to be taking your smartphone not this little device
Privacy Lover
Privacy Lover 14 kun oldin
In terms of durability, the Palm phone that I bought 15 or more years ago was the best phone I've ever owned. I probably dropped it hundreds of times over the course of 5 years with no damage except some barely-visible scuffs. I didn't even have a case for it. It was also the most comfortable to hold in my hand compared to any smartphone or old school flip phone, and it had a physical keyboard! I still kind of miss those.
Wugandan Frost
Wugandan Frost 14 kun oldin
I don't get why some people are addicted at the Pocophone... Many phones are better than that piece is trash.
ImpoverishPoet 15 kun oldin
Probably difficult reviewing a non consumable version of a consumable to consumers. 🤯🤯🤯 hard to talk about the stand out hardwares and all when the device is targeted to only offer essentials. Lol.
Mike Forchay
Mike Forchay 15 kun oldin
i have an SE, i thot mine was small
Little League Racing
The camera is an iPhone X wannabe
Chris Scott
Chris Scott 15 kun oldin
Am I the only one acknowledging how attractive he is?🙄🤦🏼‍♂️
Ayaaz Jaorawala
Ayaaz Jaorawala 15 kun oldin
Vorbis Inkvizitor
Vorbis Inkvizitor 15 kun oldin
You are doing really good job, keep it that way. Not only on this one, but in general. You're better through time. Gr8t support team. I hope you will get the better from comments in your heart and stay that way. Happy new Year.
philippe dubuc
philippe dubuc 15 kun oldin
Only the rich can use this device
Ray 16 kun oldin
I actualy a fan of that phone, i always want to own a smartphone bassed on iPod Nano 7, now its true.
ChildOf TheMoon
ChildOf TheMoon 17 kun oldin
I finally upgraded to a smartphone after several years of a prepaid verizon flip phone. Galaxy J7v. And I proudly state that I'm addicted to it. That being said, who da fuck's got three hundred bucks to blow on a novelty phone? Definitely not worth it
Joachim Lothrik
Joachim Lothrik 17 kun oldin
I miss smaller phones from the early 00s...so colorful and cool everytime I got a new phones. Nowadays...not so much. Looks the same each time. Its been a decade. Give me something else...
Raayin Hoque
Raayin Hoque 17 kun oldin
Unbox monqi
D. H.
D. H. 17 kun oldin
I miss webOS.
Alex James Suarez
Alex James Suarez 17 kun oldin
i thought Curry endorsing a Vivo phones?🙄
Maisonier 17 kun oldin
that's a piece of crap.
Aaron Clark
Aaron Clark 18 kun oldin
Wow xD
Dustin Benton
Dustin Benton 18 kun oldin
A good use? For some of us that work in construction and dont want to take a 1000$ phone to work this is a pretty viable option.
Juliet Matias
Juliet Matias 18 kun oldin
it’s an huge upgraded Obama phone 😂
Elisa The Queen
Elisa The Queen 18 kun oldin
Is there a link to find this phone
alonso madrigal
alonso madrigal 18 kun oldin
stop unboxing fucking phones pls
Glenn Blevins
Glenn Blevins 19 kun oldin
I want a bigger phone my eyes are getting bad I can’t see the righting good on my phone unless I zoom it all the way in it makes my phone look crazy so what do you suggest I get
amit joshi
amit joshi 19 kun oldin
Give me the link to buy the product
andreiradu1945 19 kun oldin
At 3:58 there's a silver phone, not the initial golden one.
NoobTubeTv 19 kun oldin
My fatass thought this was pizza 😂😂😂
LA Clippers
LA Clippers 19 kun oldin
If you want to use your phone less, then use your phone less. Duh.