The Porsche 959 Is a $1.5 Million Automotive Icon

Doug DeMuro
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The Porsche 959 is one of the most famous Porsche models of all time -- and the 959 is one of the most famous cars from the 1980s. Today I'm reviewing the Porsche 959 to show you the details of one of the world's most amazing cars.
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4-Dek, 2018

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Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro 2 oy oldin
Have a good day at school, sweetie! Don't lose your 959 first aid kit!
Philip Brechler
Philip Brechler 9 kun oldin
Fun fact: That is a German first aid kit. Being German it is of course standardised and there is of course a law specifying what needs to be in there. So every German car has this insane amount of bandages in it.
Ravi Seal
Ravi Seal Oy oldin
Doug DeMuro could you please review a Singer Porsche?
London Trucker
I am from Hungary and my dad gave me a Hungaian first aid kit. It is almost the same as the 959 first aid kit, the only difference tha it is blue.
Tyranny Of Skuvlakas
+OG Donny don't you mean review?
tfs2O3 2 oy oldin
+Anton Lind They are beautiful BMWs! They didnt sell many here in the U.S. so I rarely see them
Akhil verma
Akhil verma 12 soat oldin
Two 959's i love The Panigale & this!!
Fuck Off
Fuck Off 21 soat oldin
I’ve never liked the design of the 959, am I the only one??
Bernkra96 Kun oldin
The first help set is there because you have to have one in most of the European countries. Since the law requires. (You must be reduced 4 people can be too) must also have a safety vest and a warning triangle. In some countries you have to take more with you.
Travis Worthington
Jerry jew seinfeld owns one
Travis Worthington
I swear one of my mk2 vws had that same fucking oil cap
Mandel 2 kun oldin
“You run across a passenger airplane that ran into a school bus” 😂. That had me in fkn stitches.
Ed Valvonis
Ed Valvonis 2 kun oldin
Doug is the type of a guy that eats his sandwich with fork and knife
Tripp426 3 kun oldin
I wonder how many owners have been doing 95.9 km/h or mph in their 959 at 9:59 am/pm while listening to 95.9 on the radio while it's 95.9 degrees out.
lindas1st 3 kun oldin
the Porsche 959 - A Technical Tour-de-Force.
lindas1st 3 kun oldin
BTW, thw Porsche 911 Turbo SE & Turbo LE have rear fender vents. The 959 wasnt the first.
Requiem_is cool
Requiem_is cool 3 kun oldin
Doug, the person who likes warning labels more than the interior of the car
Da Shizz
Da Shizz 3 kun oldin
I remember when this car was only worth $250K....
SMIFFY 4 kun oldin
I disagree about the steering wheel, I mean I don't love it but it's far better than anything Ferrari has put in their cars over the past 20 years.
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i only knew about this car when i was kid and playing need for speed porsche unleashed
Ondřej Chutný
Ondřej Chutný 4 kun oldin
Re: the offroad abilities - there is definitelly reason for that uzvid.com/video/video-uFLSxkXsU1Y.html
Moabman 4 kun oldin
I like the look of the car. It's like a 911 but with some cool funk.
Skull FT
Skull FT 5 kun oldin
The GT3 RS has the hole though and thats turboless :/
Phil Martin
Phil Martin 5 kun oldin
Doug, you missed the single most important quirk for Porsche nerds: that car had water-cooled heads on air-cooked cylinders!
the gayest kenji lavoski
meh its good looking but not the greatest ive seen better
Quang Ngọc
Quang Ngọc 7 kun oldin
0405 0500 :)
Bart Nelis
Bart Nelis 8 kun oldin
your reviews are awesome !!!
Nathaniel's Phone
Nathaniel's Phone 9 kun oldin
What about that crazy Group B Toyota Celica?!
Decay of Alberta
Decay of Alberta 9 kun oldin
This is a beautiful car.
Felix Otto
Felix Otto 9 kun oldin
All I see is a 911 that over ate. The wheel wells make it look like crap.
Brady Patterson
Brady Patterson 10 kun oldin
That engine sounds damn good.
Joe Ees
Joe Ees 11 kun oldin
Considering how I see a lot of AWD/4WD vehicles driven by n00bs in the snow I think every car with an AWD/4WD system needs a "laws of physics still apply" warning.
Martin Landry
Martin Landry 12 kun oldin
The Germans, and Porsche AG in particular, are well known for reusing parts (if it ain't broke, don't fix it), and it's rather amazing how much this supercar shares with their normal production road cars. The end and inside of the door, including door handles (inside and out) and door locks, look just like on my '83 911SC, including the same handle to open the engine bay and same hydraulics to hold it open. That key slot inside the end of the door for the alarm system is there too, as are the ashtray and the map lights on the sides of the roof. No power seats or hydraulics to adjust the ride height on the SC though :-) That black dot under the door covers the hole for the jack, which raises the whole side of the car. You didn't mention the headlight washer spray button either! One last point, the 934 and 935, which had a limited run of road-legal variants, had those holes in the rear fenders as well. Thanks for sharing this rare jewel with us Doug.
Lizard King
Lizard King 12 kun oldin
I count 4 shades of seat leather colour. Just saying..
richard carr
richard carr 12 kun oldin
KalKing03 12 kun oldin
Thats actually a very small standard med kit and very smart, I have used mine in my mustang and my truck before and most times were in no way foreseen so having it just in case was very helpful, especially for a car that could see track duty at small and sometimes un-managed tracks where the driver is on their own and some bandages and quik clot could save their life.... most small offices and classrooms have more stuff in theirs than this Porsche.
jordythebassist 13 kun oldin
Doug, the kinda guy who actually ensures the top half of his head is cut off when filming himself talking about the fuel filler and trunk.
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown 13 kun oldin
Classic car, unclassic steering wheel.
Maria I. Cubillo
Maria I. Cubillo 14 kun oldin
www.gofundme.com/u58cm7-help-for-sage *CAR ENTHUSIASTS UNITE!* help her out if you can, Hoonigans stick together.
DeR_ GipsYKinG
DeR_ GipsYKinG 15 kun oldin
Gelände not Geland
Marc28031984 15 kun oldin
Wow I'm loving this car for almost 25 years, but this video showed me a lot of things I didn't knew. An absolute classic
Mylen Anders
Mylen Anders 16 kun oldin
One of my favorite cars of all time trully magnificent
killer 77__
killer 77__ 16 kun oldin
I have a 959
JD will
JD will 17 kun oldin
Why didn't you open the side panels under hood? Every car I have ever owned had the firing order under the hood including a Toyota! Giant tail light?? It's pretty obvious the corners are the only lights. G is for granny gear. My 1980 280Z had the stopwatch/timer/clock, not that much of an innovation in 1989. Always the worst steering wheel! BEST PORSCHE EVER!!
justatemp2000 17 kun oldin
Isn't it interesting that they achieved 198mph with 444hp and modern cars need 550hp or more to do the same. I thought we were supposed to be becoming more efficient, not less...
Danny Beausejour
Danny Beausejour 17 kun oldin
funny perk... owned a a lot of vw's mk1 and mk2 from this vintage and you find extremely similar if not identical components from the seat tilt handles, hood latch or trunk for the porsche, the steering wheels and door handles are extremly similar haha love german cars of that vintage
Justin Hall
Justin Hall 17 kun oldin
95.9 fm who says the Germans don't have a sense of humour !!! Well spotted attention to detail De Muro classic , love it !!
chriz 18 kun oldin
Hey 12:30 what does the letter G mean?
FGGG Bits 18 kun oldin
959 my dream car ever since i played nfs 5 porsche unleashed
ö. . ,
ö. . , 19 kun oldin
The trunk is the cutest teddy bear! The first aid kit is nothing special, all cars in Germany had to have one like that in the 80ies and 90ies by law. Not sure what is required today, it changes a little bit over time. You also need some basic first aid training to get a driver license in Germany.
Corban Cutten
Corban Cutten 19 kun oldin
Ummm no Doug that shape steering wheel is one of the greatest Porsche has ever released!! Thanks Doug!! 😊😊
Eder s
Eder s 19 kun oldin
Group B thought, oh come on! here comes Porsche to ruin the fun, let's go home
Dan Moreno
Dan Moreno 19 kun oldin
I like Doug's whale t-shirt for the whale-tail Porsche!
If you had ever lived in Germany and owned a car while you lived there, you would have known that first aid kits and warning triangles are mandatory items to have in your car. The reason for this is if you are the first on scene of an accident, you have to stop and render aid until emergency services arrive.
Luky Jones
Luky Jones 19 kun oldin
Is doug gay????
Rimrock300 11 kun oldin
Here is a guy that asks if other men interested in Porsche, possible are gay too
ddavid122 20 kun oldin
At @11:00 you can see a Ford GT in blue with white stripes. ;)
Roger Rolex 69
Roger Rolex 69 20 kun oldin
Yeah dumbass the first aid kit is designed for accidents in Germany where there is no speed limit on the autobahn so yes it’s overkill because usually if you have an accident on the autobahn you’re dead. A limousine is referring to a normal four-door car in Germany at the time they were only concerned about the first and only market these cars were made for the German market not export markets. Not true S model had passenger side mirrors wouldn’t pass TUV no German manufacturers would do that anyway for a road car. What’s hilarious u think 88 is some pre historic era!!!! Sorry CGT is a complete POS compared to a 959. 959 was a complete car of what Porsche could do a CGT was only about a motor the rest of the car had zero attention or engineering .
OneCanisLupus 20 kun oldin
That is one ugly car!
sfkeepay 20 kun oldin
I was a kid when this car came out. It was the cover model of every major car mag, and I read every word of every story in all of them. Nice to walk through it with you, and have my still star-struck memories validated. If Batman had a Porsche, it would have been a 959. Great video.
Chris Stafford
Chris Stafford 20 kun oldin
No mention of the water cooled heads?
med8tor1 20 kun oldin
Peter Porsche's daily driver. I wonder if he still does. How cool is that? Doug finally drove the ultimate car I was waiting for him to check out.
Peter Barile
Peter Barile 21 kun oldin
Doug is the type of guy that tells you something is hilarious...but doesn't laugh.
Mighty Mini
Mighty Mini 23 kun oldin
Couldn't understand Doug saying Gelände, being German :D By the way, the first aid kits are actually still mandatory in Germany to carry in your car. And it mustn't be older than a few years. So the owner of your 959 would actually have to get new bandages if he takes the car back to Stuttgart ;)
Wewill MakeIt
Wewill MakeIt 23 kun oldin
That is a standard german first aid kit. They are mandatory to have in your car in Germany. ;)
A7XBilly 23 kun oldin
Please find a 937 Porsche and review it! Its a beautiful and strange car! My old favourite!! Thanks
Jarek B
Jarek B 23 kun oldin
So much raving about the 959, and it still got a surprisingly low score.
gavin chamberlin
gavin chamberlin 23 kun oldin
Doug you should've given this car 10/10 on fun factor because +2 for off road capabilities for a 1.5 mil supper car?
hairychris444 24 kun oldin
Yeah... because so many people died during Group B racing. Absolute insanity.
KimJongPSY 25 kun oldin
26:40 LOL German's sense of humor
Todd Speck
Todd Speck 25 kun oldin
Sounds so amazing...So cool to see this car!
Tom N
Tom N 25 kun oldin
Good luck getting first aid kit after front end crash!!!
eloyex 25 kun oldin
F40 is a mule car compared to the 959 !!!!
eloyex 25 kun oldin
I know a little bit about this car, and the steering wheel is NOT from that era ... At least not from 911 of that era. And yes, it is an ugly wheel ! Incredibly, the 993 had a beautiful steering wheel ...! Many components come from 993, but some are from OLDER models !!! I dont like the shape of the car much, but I accept it is a very iconic model.
Are you 'avin a laugh? Is he 'avin a laugh?
"they roast it as soon as you order"? poh fuck off, they'll have hundreds of packages of shit ready to mail out to every sucker who thinks they're getting something special.
bLu 27 kun oldin
It.more sense to buy this car over a ZR1-SRT & OR anything ford !!!
243wayne1 27 kun oldin
These cars are so over rated and now are rendered nothing more than a piece of shit. Class dismissed.
MrJanizPetke 27 kun oldin
Doug: do you know why the group b was dropped and the race of champions was created? I'm from the country that had the greatest rally drivers back at 80's and 90's
MrJanizPetke 27 kun oldin
Porsche 917 and 959 are my all time favorite cars..
DUSTIN HUY NGUYEN 27 kun oldin
i am gay
hausmeisterei 29 kun oldin
Who orders such a leather 🤡?
Thoughmuchistaken 29 kun oldin
Overkill on the first aid kit? No. Totally constant with the idea of racing in Group B/Dakar.
stephen hylton
stephen hylton 29 kun oldin
thats some advanced, complex technology!
Carlos Oy oldin
The marks at the end are redundant. These are all subjektive!
Carlos Oy oldin
This car has more usefull things than most of modern hyper cars!
Daniel Simpson
Doug the type of dude that drinks coffee out of paint cans.
matt 'get tha strap' Jones
Doug you didn't say how much the car cost back in the 80s when it came out
evilwillieg Oy oldin
Awesome video, Doug. This was one of my favorite cars in the ‘80s and you always show us things about cars that we’d never see or know.
Evil DSM
Evil DSM Oy oldin
The oil fill cap looks so crude
Jason Dossett
Jason Dossett Oy oldin
I'm not really into sports cars or muscle cars or what not. But the engine bay of this car is one of the best designed pieces of machinery I have ever laid eyes on. Wow.
Kostas Nikolaou
Wheel arches is somehow weird
Lautaro Raffo Baudino
I love that wheel design
Greg Wallace
Greg Wallace Oy oldin
If I had one I would sell it quickly.
Rimrock300 11 kun oldin
so...basically..you did. Sold yours in the end of the 80's at just 5 grand less than you paid, and felt you came out of it with success
Greg Wallace
Greg Wallace Oy oldin
This car is Ugly as He11.
Greg Wallace
Greg Wallace Oy oldin
Looks like Toyota Supra Wheels.
Greg Wallace
Greg Wallace Oy oldin
I will say it again......Doug....you better get you some knee pads!
Antti Mäkinen
Since my childhood, I've had a hard time choosing my all time favorite supercar between this and the Ferrari F40. Now I think it would be a Porsche 959. All those clever bits such as the error beep that works just like what one would still have on a PC motherboard manage to rub my soul the right way. This might just be the supercar with the best crazy to sensible ratio ever.
Marcus Dallas
Marcus Dallas Oy oldin
Seth Herron
Seth Herron Oy oldin
wrong 964 S. came with a rear fender intake.
So where is the dipstick for the engine oil level? I saw one for the hydraulics, but not for the oil.
Bo Dez
Bo Dez Oy oldin
Its ugly
hobmarg Oy oldin
LOL the hydraulic lift, I had no idea the 959 had it.
Timothy Coyne
Timothy Coyne Oy oldin
Great review. Must have felt wonderful to have a dream come true that day, even if you were feeling anxious, too, while driving the 959!
rohan rawal
rohan rawal Oy oldin
Review Mercedes CLK GTR, though i know you have a soft corner for Porsches😛
Michael Sal
Michael Sal Oy oldin
Doug. The guy who after a one night stand feels taken advantage of.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Oy oldin
It's probably going to need a new clutch soon I assume it's not supposed to be that heavy
Don Xeon
Don Xeon Oy oldin
Hey Doug, there is another Group B car you didn't mention....its called the Ferrari 288 GTO and would love to see you quirk one out.
Evan Ferguson
Evan Ferguson 18 kun oldin
Also would like to see rs200
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