The Predator - Movie Review

Jeremy Jahns
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Predator gets another sequel, this time with more humor...which is a growing trend among blockbuster movies looking to capture that MCU magic. Here's my review of THE PREDATOR!




11-Sen, 2018

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Shaun Davids
Shaun Davids 3 soat oldin
hip hop track in the trailer...says everything....don't give them your money download a pirate copy
Harley Breakout Guy
Harley Breakout Guy 3 soat oldin
crappiest movie i've ever watched so sjw so cringy so cuck !
reggiebm 4 soat oldin
I was really disappointed I thought it was way too much comedy in the movie it was boring in s9me scenes . I didn't feel like there were any tense moments I didn't feel like anybody was really threatened by Predator is like there was no sense of urgency other than the guy wanted to save his kid and it was like everything was so convenient you know it's like you got this lady scientist who all of a sudden she's a Combat Warrior knows how to shoot any type Gunn can jump run with a predator I mean it was just stupid I mean
DJ Dresen
DJ Dresen 5 soat oldin
Predator Terminator Alien Robocop Star Wars Etc.... WTF has Hollywood done to these CLASSIC franchises?!? They did all this shit RIGHT 30+ years ago, but with all the money and technology we have now, they still can't even come close to the originals. God damn Hollywood, WTF?
DJ Dresen
DJ Dresen 5 soat oldin
Are you the guy from David Dobrik Vlogs???
dale miller
dale miller 6 soat oldin
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Rev Jonathan Wint
Rev Jonathan Wint 6 soat oldin
My friends die so I tell jokes.. Stupid
Movieslinger Reviews
This movie was the most fun in the series !! The character interactions were hilarious !! That thumbs up scene :D
Shaun Davids
Shaun Davids 3 soat oldin
predator..fun.... hilarious?? wow
TheGamingIndian 7 soat oldin
Had to watch UZvid reviews just to figure out weather i am insane or not in thinking that this movie was funny. When the predator did something with a dead guys hand i was so confused. I went to watch something like the first predator or even something like that requiem movie would have sufficed but what i ended up watching something that was so strange that I felt like i paid for a burger but got a glass of water instead did not fill my appetite.
kSwissh007 8 soat oldin
imma still watch this movie in theatres just for the big screen experience! i never watched a predator movie in the theatres before...im prettty sure there will b aspects of this movie ill enjoy...just as long as it has the predator hunt style scenes in it im all for it!!!
Gregorio Alcantara
Gregorio Alcantara 11 soat oldin
I don't care what anyone says this movie is badass !
Edison Lai
Edison Lai 12 soat oldin
1. Predator 2. Predators 3. Predator 2 4. Alien vs. Predator 5. The Predator 6. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem
F Bacurau
F Bacurau 13 soat oldin
Predators 2010>The Predator. I loved that movie so much.
noestoyfacil 13 soat oldin
It was really good I liked it
Anthony Dean
Anthony Dean 14 soat oldin
knew it was gonna be shit
Dee Patterson
Dee Patterson 14 soat oldin
Surprised he didn't give it dog shit. The worst movie ever
David Hansen
David Hansen 15 soat oldin
this movie is pure trash...
Jonno 04-10RR
Jonno 04-10RR 15 soat oldin
Saw this movie last week... really looked forward to it and then.... wtf this is terrible. People moan about all the other predator movies, but wait till they see this shit, makes every predator movie look awesome in comparison.. fuck you Shane Black for ruining what could have been an absolutely mega movie.
Jason 16 soat oldin
With some A Lister and more likable character and a good predator Vs ultimate predator This movie would be better
Jason 16 soat oldin
This film was really boring
mihajlo525 17 soat oldin
Both the Predator and Alien Franchise had the exact same problem. They both camd out with a new movie that was great and revived the franchise and gave potential for a series (Prometheus, Predators) but then they fuck it up by throwing the previous script in the trash and introducing a bunch of forgettable characters (The predator, Covenant)
King Stevie
King Stevie 17 soat oldin
Yeah it's defiantly a film that can't be taken seriously, but it's pretty fun to watch for the action and humour in it. Too bad they didn't go for the original script.
Ruben Melchor
Ruben Melchor 17 soat oldin
Don't listen to the negative reviews.This movie was awesome!
mihajlo525 17 soat oldin
The second I saw "from the director of ironman 3" I knew this would be terrible.
Steven Turner
Steven Turner 18 soat oldin
Why didn’t they just finish off where Adrien Brody was left on the Alien planet
Divan L Visser
Divan L Visser 18 soat oldin
The Keanu Reeves "That's really not gonna help" sounds so spot on! It's weird actually...
Edwin Gonzalez
Edwin Gonzalez 18 soat oldin
Mario Persaud
Mario Persaud 19 soat oldin
I liked it
mrawesome669 21 soat oldin
Not gonna lie, I enjoyed it, maybe it’s because I went it with really low expectations but I liked the action, story and characters. Sure it’s not the best in the series but I’d still say it’s in the better half. Plus when you compare it to other recent installments from some other eighties franchises like Alien Covenant, Robocop (2014) and Terminator Genesis, I think it’s far better than those. It’s not gonna re-invent the wheel but I wanted a fun, gory action film and that’s what I got 7/10
Theodormarlo Hembra
Theodormarlo Hembra 21 soat oldin
I thought the movie was okay there was a few things i didnt like example the i guess some parts of the comedy i think it was just kinda bad but overall i think its just a 7/10 movie
mrawesome669 21 soat oldin
Theodormarlo Hembra Yeah agreed, it’s not perfect but I think it was a perfectly decent action film, felt very 80’s with all the gore and swearing which I appreciated
Isabel 22 soat oldin
Nice jacket.
John Michael Logarta
John Michael Logarta 23 soat oldin
This is- *drum roll.... Suicide Squad Predator version. 😅
ruz the wizardo
ruz the wizardo 23 soat oldin
best is ofc predator then predator whatever number with pianist guy and then not great but ok AvP 1
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Kun oldin
Is it worth seeing?
mrawesome669 21 soat oldin
Anthony Davis Yes, I think people are being too hard on it, sure some of the humor doesn’t land but I thought most did and the action sequences are all pretty good!
Matt Hunkee
Matt Hunkee Kun oldin
jeremy doesnt ever have to wear pants in any of his videos. youd never know
the KXO
the KXO Kun oldin
As I said on Twitter: “Throw the whole movie away” 🚮 I’m still waiting on my check for 2 hours of time wasted + drive time.
Mike Morris
Mike Morris Kun oldin
Chris Hanson VS Predator
Brian Carpenter
Brian Carpenter Kun oldin
I've said it before and everyone knows it, Olivia Munn ruins movies. Munn most certainly cost producers millions in opening weekend revenue because she wanted to be a fake crusader. Dude is a registered sex offender. His life is ruined already. And you do this move to gain what exactly? Hollywood will not be calling her again.
Joe Card
Joe Card Kun oldin
its a popcorn movie to expect anything more is over reaching
timoback3000 Kun oldin
They should go to the Predator home world
timoback3000 Kun oldin
2nd worse only better than AvP:Requiem
Toni Heinze
Toni Heinze Kun oldin
Batman: Dead End, Predator, Predator 2, The Predator, Predators, AVP2, AVP1. was there another one?
Charles Belisle Belisle
Why are you yelling damn
JM Kun oldin
Halloween chick flick
Leonardo Silva Conrado
The worse Predator movie, I hope that Shane Black not continue like a director predator movie.
Bryan LeMunyon
Bryan LeMunyon Kun oldin
The hell are you babbling about. I thought I was going to watch a review of The Predator, not watch you babble around.
edward carballo
edward carballo Kun oldin
Ending was garbage. Characters are worthless. Story is just stupid. Why would the Predators attack earth if global warming is just going to kill all the human anyway? Predator fights were awesome though.
Stephen Rochester
At the end of Hereditary, the audience were laughing and talking. At about 10 minutes in to Tree of Life, the audience were walking out. I don’t trust the audience, these ‘Fast and Furious’ fucks... in the case of The Predator, I’m just as in shock at the response from the audience and the critics. What were you expecting?
Shawn Bechard
Shawn Bechard Kun oldin
This was by far the shittiest of all the Predator films. The humour was crap. The plot was a hot mess of dog poop on a rainy day. Seriously, between the autistic boy genius, the leaping invisible commando parents, the escaped midget predator, the A-Team, the predator Scooby Doo and the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious predator, this movie was witless garbage.
stradoku Kun oldin
1. Predator (87) 2. The Predator 3. AVP 4. Predator 2 5. AVPR (even if this one had the coolest predator of them all)
David Tinker
David Tinker Kun oldin
This was the worst movie of 2018 by far that Ive seen. Disappointing.
David Tinker
David Tinker 8 soat oldin
I dont know, I guess I was hoping for it to be good like the first one. I just wasnt into it. Things didnt make sense to me, like when Munn had to get naked to open the door to get away from the Predator. He walks by her and leaves her alone, but then later in the movie, it never addresses that situation again. I had too much expectation for this movie. I have never seen any of the other Predator movies except for the first one. Plus the group of rag tag military guys that joins the main character was strange to me. Loaded on a bus all together and then all of the sudden theyre best friends fighting the Super Predator?? No thanks. This was a B movie for sure, to the likes of Swamp Thing.
mrawesome669 21 soat oldin
David Tinker How is it that disappointing though man? Sure some of the humor is out of place/doesn’t land but I liked all the action sequences and plot. Not the best in the series but not the worst either imo
Andrew Ferris
Andrew Ferris Kun oldin
The tone didn't fit the franchise but the banter was enjoyable, it honestly felt like they just borrowed the Predator as an antagonist for an action/comedy film. The ending was just stupid tho', they should've had Arnold pop out of the capsule instead of the Power Ranger suit because there is no way this is getting a sequel.
SpawnRevenge92 Kun oldin
Fuck that. I didn't want a comedy. I'm so sick of this trend of making everything like the MCU.
Kevin Minney
Kevin Minney Kun oldin
The Marvel MCU ruined movies for the next decade. Every franchise out there now is trying to be the next MCU, and it's just not a design that will work for every franchise unfortunately. I honestly would have rather watched a re-tread of Predator/Predator 2 than what I watched. Especially that awful fucking ending :-/
Micky Bees
Micky Bees Kun oldin
Hated it they wrecked the whole movie
Lee Neale
Lee Neale Kun oldin
Wellll!!....lets watch the first movie againnnn!! :/
Blink Land
Blink Land Kun oldin
This movie butchered the original series. It was absolutely horrible How does the biologist know everything about their race? SHE KNEW WHAT THEIR TECHNOLOGY WAS AS SOON AS SHE SAW IT OMG IS THIS ALIEN TECHNOLOGY?? SHE KNEW A PREDATOR CAME ACROSS GALAXIES TO COLLECT SPINES FROM CHAMPIONS TO EVOLVE THEIR SPECIES. How does a kid learn their language and know how to work their technology? This kid with aspergers was some superhuman with abilities to just know alien language nah man not even the smartest human can crack that code. The cast has decent acting Olivia Munn was trash she became a marksman and shot herself in the foot with a tranquilizer. FYI she was just a regular biologist, and could run toe to toe with a predator as well WTF. The predator were hardly explained except for oh they evolve! The humans had no fear even if they were military looneys that don’t mean you don’t shit bricks seeing an 11 foot tall monster. You don’t shoot you run realistically. The way they had the deaths were anticlimactic, and the way humanity beat the predator with a freaking exoskeleton is ridiculous. I feel like they cut out so much in the storyline. And the beginning was the only decent thing before they screwed the movie over. DONT FORGOT THE PART WHERE THEY SAY GET TO THE CHOPPERS NOT NOTING THEY WERE JUST RANDOM MOTORCYCLES LIKE HOW TF WERE THEY MAGICALLY JUST THERE WHEN THEY NEEDED TO ESCAPE?? LIKE HOW CAN THIS MOVIE CARRY ON THAT SAME PHRASE ITS GETTING OLD ARNOLD DID IT BEST LEAVE IT BE JESUS Shane Black was behind the writing too and he didn’t even give us a great film. In fact this movie was the worst predator film ever worse than AVP DONT WATCH THIS MOVIE SPOILER ALERT I SAVED YOU MONEY
Mark B
Mark B Kun oldin
Wow, what an annoying and obnoxious review. Couldn’t get past the first 15 seconds
daker dee
daker dee Kun oldin
The pu_sy jokes were hilarious. The women in the audience were laughing the loudest.
Reviews. Kun oldin
Shane Black what were you thinking???? I was going to buy your NECA Predator figure in your likeness because I loved the original Predator so much, but now I’m not so sure. This movie could’ve been so good. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the look of the Predator and the effects, but the acting and script and jokes just killed it for me. Plus, I can’t stand Olivia Munn. To me she is just not a legit actress.
tysoon363636 Kun oldin
Blamed Fox! They are ruined everything they do. This is why Disney gotta steps in!
gasgasLex Kun oldin
This new movie was a steaming pile of turd , bitter disappointment
latebluebird Kun oldin
best review ever!
Kingston Gapate
Kingston Gapate Kun oldin
Which movie was multiple predators, warring tribe predators? Sounds good.
Rinorah Ride
Rinorah Ride Kun oldin
thankswas considering to watch it,but your review made me reconsider to instead catch it on netflix
I give it a -1 out of 10
george dubayu ridin a shark in space
Even though its easily the worst in the series, I still had a good time watching it.
MGTOW 49 Kun oldin
This was terrible. It was like a parody movie.
GT Thomas
GT Thomas Kun oldin
Don't forget the MCU style ending
Alex Kun oldin
The first bit where he's in the forest as a sniper and the Predator shows up was actually really cool. The skinned corpse popping out, the first taste of violence in the film, and the iconic human voice mimic the Predator uses. Then the film went downhill, the intro of the unit was, meh, I liked the inappropriate and mindless humour from *most* of the characters. Hated that stupid kid, didn't care for Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn) or the main character, and the end scene was predictable and anticlimactic. But the violence and action kinda payed off, if only if it incorporated more of what makes The Predator *THE* Predator, and maybe if it was a horror movie, Also did anyone notice they used the original music?
Pradhyumna Gupta
They used hip-hop music in the trailer. If that didn't sway people from not watching it, dunno what will.
knightfall209 Kun oldin
Just make predator 3 already ignore all the other movies have Anna working with the C.I.A Arnold in hospital from cancer from the predator self detonation but gives his take on how to fight them and their code of honor and Danny Glover comes in who’s been obsessed with predators since his battle. And they all come together on how a new team should fight them in Somalia or a jungle tribe setting.
KJCP Kun oldin
This movie is going to suck ass.
Sharky Magnum
Sharky Magnum Kun oldin
an Action Comedy that we didn't need!
commercialking Kun oldin
My favourite Predator movie is the one where Bill Cosby drugs people.
Jared Genesis
Jared Genesis Kun oldin
The fact it went from Predator to The Predator is a warning in itself.
Khoumar Carthaginian
Id like them to go a more action thriller route but i liked it regardless . the jokes were okay all based in cynicism .2 thumbs up .
Aaron Decicio
Aaron Decicio Kun oldin
So Jeremy Jahns does Pitch Meeting too, two.0, Tosh?
Garret1912 Kun oldin
Shane Black should be blacklisted from Hollywood for hiring a known Child molester.
Black Mormon
Black Mormon Kun oldin
It felt like AVP3 minus the aliens.
christopher flynn
The movie sucked almost as much as your shit reviews
S8 the Ninja Warrior
1: Predator 2: AvP 3: Predators 4: AvP:R 5: Predator 2 6: The Predator 2018: trash pile
Adam Ashford
Adam Ashford Kun oldin
It was an entertaining movie but it wasnt a good predator movie. I'm recommending it to people with caveats.
Stone Cold
Stone Cold Kun oldin
1000 dislikes ? Dude yea get a real job you suck at this one go back to selling crack.
Stone Cold
Stone Cold Kun oldin
Dude are you on crack? Because you sure as fuck arent funny.
Max Fury
Max Fury Kun oldin
this review sucks pig balls!
narghora Kun oldin
Fan film Dark Ages was a lot better than this crap. 👍
Eric Sirias
Eric Sirias Kun oldin
If you like the first three Predator films, than you will hate this movie. Reminds me of Alien vs Predator part 2.
Mike Cox
Mike Cox 2 kun oldin
I liked it but it did seem like some key scenes were edited out of it.
Jon Luciana
Jon Luciana 2 kun oldin
It really was a good time drunk
bamm86 2 kun oldin
Everybody just go see this movie. It’s NOT a waste of money. It’s worth making your own opinion.
bamm86 2 kun oldin
Hey fuck everybody. This movie was dope. When something makes me laugh like that, I’m not gonna bash it. THEE scene with Key and OG Punisher was so fucking hilarious I DIED in the theater. All I’ll say. Everybody who saw it will know what I’m talking about.
Junior Gonzalez
Junior Gonzalez 2 kun oldin
I thought it was a Good movie...better than justice league..js
Zortac 2 kun oldin
For most of this video i thought it was a shirt, but it's a jacket... is it a jacket that looks like a shirt, or a shirt that wants to be a jacket?
Janine C RodArte
Janine C RodArte 2 kun oldin
Constantine is a movie that haunted me a little. Back in the days
Gilbert Paccas
Gilbert Paccas 2 kun oldin
AvP is fucken amazing, its not the franchises fault for lackluster directors and hollywoods short sightedness. the Alien-Predator-Engineer Franchise needs to be expanded and made more massive much like the MCU or Starwars universes are/were. The Games, comics, and the novels of the alien-predator universe are top notch to anyone whose a real fan of the stuff. Rebellion had made 2 very good AvP games already. Concrete Jungle aswell was amazing, the story wow.
Officer Mahoney
Officer Mahoney 2 kun oldin
There isn't a Predator in space movie.
The Gaming Jitsu Ninja
This movie is great and I still wouldn't take it serious whether a predator is hunting me down, of anything it will get me excited and I'll crack a lot of jokes in the process😂
Justin Gratton
Justin Gratton 2 kun oldin
Have you been in the trending list lately.
Mike Fu
Mike Fu 2 kun oldin
This movie was MUCH BETTER than the Avp and covenant series......while it was no masterpiece...they GOT the comedy and violence right.....I'll take that any day....we got off Easy on this film....coulda been waaaayyyy worse, period.
mrawesome669 20 soat oldin
Mike Fu Completely agree, far better that what the Alien series is doing atm, I really enjoyed it!