The PROBLEM with the Foldable Phone

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12-Yan, 2019




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Wendigo Soat oldin
Quite a lot of people went and shot down this idea quickly. Come on guys it's a tablet that could fit in your pocket. Yes I know it's a really small tablet, it looks unusual, looks fragile, it looks like will eat a lot of battery, thicc, expensive, etc. Remember this is still really new, give it some more years to be refined more at functionality, design, and size. It won't be the mainstream electronic, but the market is definitely there. Imagine a 13 inches tablet that you can fold and put it inside your pocket, that portability and versatility reasons are definitely good enough for it to exist. Yes now it's still small, but hey if it won't work then it won't work, the market is honest.
Collin Szajkovics
I'm confused, When he went into selfie mode, he was talking but his mouth was that moving? 3:01 Someone please explain this to me, I'm a little slow on figuring that out.
Candy Sun
Candy Sun 2 soat oldin
Why won’t anyone give credit to china instead of making fun of them? I’m Chinese and I have to deal with bullying and racism everyday. No on has even mentioned China in the comments.
Happy Pupper
Happy Pupper 2 soat oldin
Why do people want foldable phones? It's so dumb. Look how big and bulky that thing looks, it looks like a wallet. If you fall down with the phone in your pocket, you can easily break that thing while it's in your pocket. I can already tell. They should have at least made a stylus with it
gonwan1 2 soat oldin
Dr Strange dropping by
MrVangassen 2 soat oldin
Not sure why is this guy so excited. Bendy screen yea but this thing is just hilarious and defo not long life span I bet.
Amristar 3 soat oldin
Sir, it's still thic
Alex Booster
Alex Booster 3 soat oldin
did anyone else realize how laggy/slow the foldable phone is. 😒
Alex Booster
Alex Booster 3 soat oldin
not worth the buy.
clearplex screenprotectors will do so nice on it
Zak Vreeland
Zak Vreeland 3 soat oldin
I wonder if there's a tablet display you can just plug your phone into.... If not make one jeeze
General kenobi
General kenobi 3 soat oldin
If they don’t make a new Motorola razor with this they can fuck off. Plus I don’t think this is going to take off unfortunately
Doctor Soggy
Doctor Soggy 3 soat oldin
Is it just me or is this fucking stupid
Rocky Utai
Rocky Utai 3 soat oldin
The guy on the right is hilarious....he is thinking, "look at this dickhead.. Look at him "😂😂😂
GTP_Dylan_GTP 4 soat oldin
It bends the wrong way.
JLP Design
JLP Design 4 soat oldin
This looks like a lame chinese knock off....oh wait, it is!!!!!
Z_sub gaming
Z_sub gaming 4 soat oldin
Omg its so glitchy
ChandSlam 4 soat oldin
So a tablet that folds? this is the future right here.
Zibbe Zabba
Zibbe Zabba 4 soat oldin
I don't think these will catch on. A folding tablet is not something on my wish list.
APotentialYoutuber 5 soat oldin
Linus.. Stereo does not become mono simply because the speakers are next to one another.
IKSDE XD 5 soat oldin
How is JerryRigEverything going to bend test this?
MarineBoar 5 soat oldin
It looks to me that the "screen" should be folded 'inside.' It's current config is just asking for the screen to be damaged ,,, SMH ...
Ethan Hall
Ethan Hall 5 soat oldin
you made it to trending
OnTheNifty 5 soat oldin
Curious as to what this video was shot on?
Niko the Alaskan Malamute
i think that phone would be better sold as a foldable tablet rather than a phone. As it still too huge to be an everyday phone but a tablet that easier to travel around with u would be useful.
Sam Bishop
Sam Bishop 6 soat oldin
One question: Why?
Earl PrivateNotShown
goodbye tampered glass
Simon Hager
Simon Hager 6 soat oldin
0:00 the mans having some issues with the gimbal
LTAO Gaming
LTAO Gaming 6 soat oldin
Clark Kent is watching you... Linus
Topi Kinnunen
Topi Kinnunen 6 soat oldin
Phil Swift wants to know tour location.
mindaugas49ccm 7 soat oldin
So is not a phone nor a tablet, close to fablet... flexphone? foldlet?
Supertekkel 7 soat oldin
I'd like it to fold the other way. This to protect my screen!
Peter Davies
Peter Davies 7 soat oldin
It needs to fold both ways. Otherwise the screen gets all scratched up when you put it in your pocket.
Dwarf Salad
Dwarf Salad 7 soat oldin
Once Apple rips off this idea then they will start selling - because people are stupid. - they need it to cost 5x the amount.
honkydook 7 soat oldin
Utterly pointless, cool, but pointless. What practical use does a foldable phone or tablet have anyways? There are far better implementations for foldable tech than use as a phone or tablet in this manner. They're still limited by building these things as a modern day phone instead of thinking outside the box. It's a flexible screen afterall, no need to build it into a rigid frame.
alekwyp 8 soat oldin
Number one: burger king foot lettuce
Jonas Scerbiakas
Jonas Scerbiakas 8 soat oldin
For me its uncomfortable... A lot of improvements need to be made. And it takes plenty of Time till the screen changes the background
T0xic 8 soat oldin
Not a fan of this
Gul Dukat
Gul Dukat 8 soat oldin
Looks like my old aunt's oversized wallet when folded. It's like they scrambled to give the foldable screen a use at all costs without considering the bulk of the hardware.
WhAt A BaSh
WhAt A BaSh 8 soat oldin
this is actually trash...
1234abcd12344 8 soat oldin
1:30, guy on the right looks like a damn mannequin for a second, still af
Adam B
Adam B 9 soat oldin
I've the most important question of all. Why?
Ken Clements
Ken Clements 9 soat oldin
Its lame
Itslunawolf 9 soat oldin
Foldable phone? Is everyone just forgetting the flip phone era or something.
Jakob Hoss
Jakob Hoss 10 soat oldin
RIP Apple
Ray September
Ray September 10 soat oldin
Linus your video was sponsored by D Brand....wonder what kind of case or skin would D Brand have to invent for this phone....also wonder if I'm the only one who cringed each time the screen had to be folded...finally wonder if after use for about a week would I be able to see the display through the cobweb of scratches that something like this would invariably attract....
Az Vlog
Az Vlog 10 soat oldin
Idky i get irritated by the guy at the back😂😂😂
Mark cbay
Mark cbay 10 soat oldin
That look awful ,looks like something made in the 80s along with a filofax .Dont know what it is with pones ,but they got as good as they needed to be a few years back now .All they are doing now is designing in things people dont really want ,just to sell the latest model every year Lets face it , is this years model really any better than lasts .If they want to invent something that makes a phone stand out how about a battery that lasts at least a week ?
Hamza AŁKofahi
Hamza AŁKofahi 10 soat oldin
2:37 the fan guy got distracted
paige ngawhika
paige ngawhika 10 soat oldin
If its andriod and glitch free ill reconsider.
William 11 soat oldin
4:54 "So you can see..." No, no we can't see.
PointForView 11 soat oldin
Good ass shots
Gazi Shawon
Gazi Shawon 11 soat oldin
this is not a phone, this is a bad dream
Zelement 11 soat oldin
Why though?
Fem Latra
Fem Latra 11 soat oldin
Its just a tablet you can fold into a smaller tablet. Im not impressed. Make a phone as shin as a creditcard edge to center and looks like glass, ill be impressed.
Jotsy z
Jotsy z 12 soat oldin
Now sit on it
Blaz0rz 12 soat oldin
The dude on the right looks like he wants you tonight
Kervin 12 soat oldin
Apple 2020: "We're announcing a new product --- the iFoldX! It's state of the art brand new technology that we definitely did first." Then Apple fanboys be buying that shit and accusing the Chinese of copying their technology.
Tar 12 soat oldin
Dbrand robots laughed at me when I asked if there was going to be a skin released for my phone model. They told me it was too unpopular, and they didn't care enough to add it to their portfolio.
Buck Private
Buck Private 13 soat oldin
But do we have a foldable screen protector?
Tommy 13 soat oldin
It's a gimmick right now, very expensive gimmick
Exspyda 13 soat oldin
Wow that thing's ugly
xGxPhantom Zzz
xGxPhantom Zzz 13 soat oldin
Why is Benedict Cumberwatch watching him from the right?
Surlogi ツ suuur
Surlogi ツ suuur 13 soat oldin
what's the red heads name?
Miles Prado
Miles Prado 13 soat oldin
Anyone notice Superman in the background watching Linus?
Ivo Fixzone
Ivo Fixzone 13 soat oldin
The stupidest use of bendable screen - I was not expecting such useless gimmick.
Randi tafellappen
Randi tafellappen 14 soat oldin
Y tho
VacuBlaster 14 soat oldin
Who is the weirdo on the right?
Bats 14 soat oldin
this device seems totally unnecessary
Kristian Borisov-Kurtashev
Linus can you somehow make a review of different foldable phones, so we can see how top brands can handle fordable phones ?
MegaLilei 14 soat oldin
it looks ugly
Stephen McAllister
Stephen McAllister 14 soat oldin
6 months in and 200,001 folds. it breaks. k thanks. won’t be buying.
Usman Riaz
Usman Riaz 14 soat oldin
Less cool hahaa
Silverfox 15 soat oldin
I'm positive that I have no use for this...but you never know what tech is going to be developed out of this. I mean: Ultra-thin, foldable displays...there's gotta be another use for this.
J LP 15 soat oldin
haha I admire you for keep promoting DBrand
steadyc1269 16 soat oldin
Hmmmm,, Next
Rayzy Games
Rayzy Games 16 soat oldin
i dont see the point of a bendy phone/tablet. i just want a phone that don't break when I drop it.
Flynn Zecca
Flynn Zecca 17 soat oldin
Flip phones are back
commentator 17 soat oldin
I see SuperMan is paying close attention over there on the right.
The Johnson
The Johnson 17 soat oldin
This shit will never work. Yet another gimmick.
Wei Qi Yin
Wei Qi Yin 17 soat oldin
Weird flex but ok
KaganKingux 17 soat oldin
That looks ugly
xGORJAx 17 soat oldin
The unbreakable screen protector link does the grip case but not the screen protector for the galaxy s9
Amaroq Starwind
Amaroq Starwind 18 soat oldin
But can you fold it the other way?
VectrexRoli 18 soat oldin
You would think that a foldable phone would be super innovative, but looking at this video when using it, the foldable display seems to be more in your way and it does not really look great either.
Derek H
Derek H 18 soat oldin
Sweet taco.
Sahil Kamboj
Sahil Kamboj 18 soat oldin
Yes every gadgets has own drawbacks .
Sahil Kamboj
Sahil Kamboj 18 soat oldin
Bro you speak very clearly I really appreciate your speech bout flexible phone 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Syaoran kun
Syaoran kun 18 soat oldin
Everyone here comments about that guy on the right... What about that asian girl on the left? She's cute~
II II 19 soat oldin
I don't see the point of foldable screens.
Boaty McBoatface
Boaty McBoatface 19 soat oldin
I honestly think folding screen tech will finally blend smartphones and tablets into a single unified product. Once it's improved upon a bit, of course, but it will happen eventually.
Pat C
Pat C 19 soat oldin
Feels bad it’s not a flip phone
Jon Kay
Jon Kay 20 soat oldin
this guy is hard to watch
Preston Collins
Preston Collins 20 soat oldin
a day late a buck short I just threw my cs17 folding plastic away it has a half life of 8-12 months glhf
BT 7274
BT 7274 20 soat oldin
Doc strange giving you some looks buddy, you best pipe down.
Max Turner
Max Turner 20 soat oldin
but that thing is fucking huge
Naresh P
Naresh P 20 soat oldin
So what's the battery capacity?
hhmidiuploader 20 soat oldin
"lets touch tips" r/Sbubby, 2018
Beshev Games
Beshev Games 20 soat oldin
Is the guy on the right Clark Kent without the glasses, or Superman with normal clothes?
Sami Sabbah
Sami Sabbah 20 soat oldin
I’m pretty sure the original iPhone 6 was the first foldable smart device in the world
Mr. Miss your joke
Mr. Miss your joke 21 soat oldin
Holly heck a fold able phone never heard of one of those