The Samsung Foldable Smartphone is Real...

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6-Sen, 2018

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genesis tacloyan
genesis tacloyan 7 soat oldin
ok you've lost me at 1:30?
no name
no name 22 soat oldin
Imagine the galaxy f has graphene technology in its battery. It will be light weight and last longer.
Jared Champagne
Jared Champagne Kun oldin
Anything with a hinge sounds like a terrible idea, the technology isn’t here to not make that look corny and poorly built. No one would buy that.
Ovi Ahmed
Ovi Ahmed 2 kun oldin
Is this resales?? Its 2019 January
SAVAGE ROBOT333 3 kun oldin
It's November already
Luke playz and vlogs
A smart flip
Sean Murray
Sean Murray 3 kun oldin
why are current non bendable screens not using this plastic.
THEGUY3ds 3 kun oldin
I bet apple will copy this
Shahriar Teymoorinia
Samsung sucks 😂😂
Ken Evanska
Ken Evanska 4 kun oldin
I am developing a new phone, it will be no bigger then a brick and you will be able to take it anywhere in its own briefcase,,, I shall call it "A Cell Phone " ,,, mmueahhhahaaha
Ken Evanska
Ken Evanska 4 kun oldin
Apple are working on a new peice of tec. You can speak to more then one person at once on it effortlessly. They are working on a new development name,,, CB.R short for Citizen band radio. Its the future today ! 😁
Ken Evanska
Ken Evanska 4 kun oldin
My ten cents. It looks terrible ! The design ! From what I have seen, its horrible. Good luck with that lumpy crease developing down the center. Are bigger pockets going to be in Vogue now ? Or will you need a little mini satchel to tote it around in ? The screens on current phones are big enough.
XtremeMAX Gaming
XtremeMAX Gaming 4 kun oldin
S10 just got revealed
_D4RP_ 5 kun oldin
Plainapple287 6 kun oldin
There are a kycrocera phone Which had a hinged touch screen running android 2.3. Back when it was new. Sadly it was a failure
TKronix 7 kun oldin
so its going to be a phone that wont break if you sit on it
Fat Cheetahs
Fat Cheetahs 8 kun oldin
2006 - we are developing technology that lets a phone have the same shape and no buttons 2018 - we almost developed technology that lets a phone flip and fold
Connor McReynolds
Connor McReynolds 8 kun oldin
Anybody else seeing this in November and losing their shit?😂
Arfal_thekids 8 kun oldin
I think this phone cant play fortnite ...
Phong Nguyễn
Phong Nguyễn 8 kun oldin
Well here i am in november and we got NNN
ReaperHacknSlash 8 kun oldin
i wouldn't pay over $500 for any smart phone, just saying.
ReaperHacknSlash 8 kun oldin
watch apple does it first lulz
ReaperHacknSlash 8 kun oldin
that duel screen phone, i just love that click each time u open it up... just a nice smooth clicky sounding ... click oooo nice!
ReaperHacknSlash 8 kun oldin
Koreans making everything, even a cool new mmorpg game call Lost Ark, times are changing,, u ever thought living in korea would be cool, i guess they got all the cool stuff, like Samsung stuff like LG stuff, like freaking cool Korean mmorpg games, i mean where is my Lost Ark eh . where is it in canada, come on koreans give me my lost ark game....
ReaperHacknSlash 8 kun oldin
know what weird, in 2008 when i was living in montreal i work at a grocery super market store call PA Supermarche, and this asian kid i work with talking about folding tv screen his father was making, and explaining all this to me, and i was like whaaat, it just sounded so future to me, and guess what BOOM here it is... that asian kid said something to me, that i could of just took the idea, and made something, but i just thought he was a crazy asian kid, u know, but cool, i mean i don't think asians are crazy or anything...
ReaperHacknSlash 8 kun oldin
because of the mess up of apple iphone 6s u can snap it in 2 with ur thumbs. samsung came up with an idea like hey foldable phone, lets do it right.
brian garcia
brian garcia 9 kun oldin
It's not so much about it folding but more about having a bigger screen for movies, games, youtube, yet still keeping the phones dimensions pocket friendly.
goat9199 9 kun oldin
I'd fuck Samsung right in the pussy.
Pack Expert _
Pack Expert _ 9 kun oldin
I already have a bendable phone, The iPhone 6 :)
Bryan Go
Bryan Go 9 kun oldin
Now its november 2018 let us really see if samsumg can really do it
Dixshant s
Dixshant s 9 kun oldin
they did it
denon powaz
denon powaz 9 kun oldin
Nubia x it's a dual display smartphone
Gia F
Gia F 9 kun oldin
This is litterly a flip phone
sicilianotoronto 10 kun oldin
I actually wouldn’t mind going back to a flip phone lol
MOBOY 10 kun oldin
The vid is not 10 min so not adds but no money
Fizzelty Productions
The iPhone hoax all over again.
Stan Lee
Stan Lee 10 kun oldin
Headass boi I ain't but in no playdoh phone
Oghenevwogaga Ohworode
This never a flip....brothers.....this is a tablet and phone in one.......just because Samsung started.....that shouldn't make other fone fan condemn it as flip device......this new.....this new people.... Accept it
Derek White
Derek White 10 kun oldin
Dude why this video ? Who cares it doesn't really exist since they don't want people to see how incredibly ugly it is
Dog Gaming
Dog Gaming 11 kun oldin
After u see this vid like SAMSUNG NOW MAKING A INVISIBLE PHONE ONLY 3858858393$
Jennytj 1996
Jennytj 1996 11 kun oldin
Part of me kinda wants the foldable phone
black fat ninja
black fat ninja 11 kun oldin
Apple in 2025: we invent the groundbreaking foldable display no one ever seen
cherriedquat 11 kun oldin
Excellent content, as usual! Should Samsung go in the high-end or in the low-end? I think they should do both at the same time. There is only limited space for companies that make that decision. The success of Samsung comes from _not_ making that decision, and trying to pick either of the markets can be very risky for somebody like Samsung. Samsung doesn't have as much brand differentiation as for example Apple. Would I buy a foldable phone for USD1500? I doubt that, especially when it is from Samsung. I loved Samsung, until they introduced Bigsby. From that moment on, I hated my phone, I got annoyed everytime I accidentally pushed the Bigsby button. Now I have a Razer Phone as my daily driver, and I'm much more happy than I ever was with my Samsung Galaxy S8. That's a personal thing between me and Bigsby, and I still wish Samsung all the best and great success with these new ideas on the market.
Jp T
Jp T 11 kun oldin
Yes I will get one...MF!!
Jp T
Jp T 11 kun oldin
Team Samsung~~~🧚🏼‍♀️
dyllen1907 11 kun oldin
It's revolutionary-- can't wait!
Sunny Ko
Sunny Ko 11 kun oldin
Back in the 90s “I believe we will have super hi tech holographic phone with an AI with a similar intelligence as humans in the next 30 years or so!” In 2018 “we going back to flip phones lol”
Black Nigger
Black Nigger 11 kun oldin
Its a ds
Anthøny Salazαr
Anthøny Salazαr 12 kun oldin
The iFlex is coming 🤣
Genri 12 kun oldin
the brick
shady al
shady al 12 kun oldin
They were talking about a foldable smartphone forever then someone beat them to it
Yiannis Kofteros
Yiannis Kofteros 12 kun oldin
is that computer apple?
Hus 9
Hus 9 12 kun oldin
does it have optical out for headphones
music bomb
music bomb 12 kun oldin
Watch out the phone might just fold you.
Inor04 12 kun oldin
Ok phones have gone a full circle now, back to flip phones it is
Chris Rush
Chris Rush 12 kun oldin
iPhone was the first so they are copying lol Samsung people are fucking bums and so is the company
Chris Rush
Chris Rush 12 kun oldin
It will suck so badly they are running out of ideas to do and iPhone is beating them Go Apple Fuck Samsung
Neel Erande
Neel Erande 12 kun oldin
its here now
derek brennan
derek brennan 12 kun oldin
Another yank talking fictitious shite.
Robot Cop
Robot Cop 12 kun oldin
Show me your xiaomi, i bet you mistaken with apple iphone X
Jonathan Miot
Jonathan Miot 12 kun oldin
Galaxy V now :)
Welp its real. Good job Lew.
BM블랙마스크 13 kun oldin
Galaxy.. FFFFF
Douglas Silva
Douglas Silva 14 kun oldin
Yes I would buy
Gabriel Angelo Perales
I doubt about its feasibility. Yes, there are screens that can almost be rolled like a paper but how about the motherboard? The battery? Other components, etc.? I'll give it 15% feasibility rate because I imagine a way how to make it close to what they plan to do it.
BRAEGON 14 kun oldin
does it creese?
H Khan
H Khan 14 kun oldin
Telegraph -> flip phone -> smart phone -> smart flip phone -> smart telegraph
bouncing poop ARK,ARK&more ARK
I think samsung just wants to flex
iCuber !
iCuber ! 14 kun oldin
Samsung isn’t good. Apple innovates but Samsung didn’t have good phones back then.
Ranoj Sangeeth
Ranoj Sangeeth 14 kun oldin
Baby Albatross Music
What’s to stop other companies from reverse engineering Samsung’s tech, make a few changes, and not be reliant upon Samsung?
Nia Baber
Nia Baber 14 kun oldin
I just have a ZTE Max pro
Ben Ballard
Ben Ballard 15 kun oldin
Samsung foldable/rollable oled tech with a graphene battery...?
Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva 15 kun oldin
What is the cost of the phone
Gertrude Squirt
Gertrude Squirt 15 kun oldin
dang im so ahead of the trends. i had one of these all the way back in 2000. I think they called it a... flip phone
Thilina Maduranga
Thilina Maduranga 15 kun oldin
Join my imo number +94774785789 my freind please join
Aaron Creagh
Aaron Creagh 15 kun oldin
I won't go above $150. I come from times when you would have been told not to go there... ...
Cameron Jack
Cameron Jack 15 kun oldin
The 10 minute charge graphene battery made by Samsung could be used in the flip phone, it's 45% more capacity over a Lithium Ion.
Reilly Dunn
Reilly Dunn 15 kun oldin
I’m high af and you sound like Kermit the frog
Adam Kowalski
Adam Kowalski 15 kun oldin
Too much $$ but i would buy a note x
Galaxy 15 kun oldin
Can't wait till phones spit out holographic images like R2D2
Lala 15 kun oldin
Honestly the real appeal of a folding smartphone is to be able to fit a 6" smartphone in your pocket, because pockets in women's clothes are a joke.
LunaticN 16 kun oldin
2020 We got a foldable iPhone....... Still no headphone jack 😢
2007suprasport 16 kun oldin
Oh! Yeah..once this Technology hits the mass market.. it will be an absolute game changer
Elongated Muskrat
Elongated Muskrat 16 kun oldin
November is here....... Im waiting
BYE HELLO 11 kun oldin
shinny eyes
shinny eyes 16 kun oldin
Shut up and take my money!!!!
Rachel Newn
Rachel Newn 16 kun oldin
He sounds like if John Mulaney and Kermit the frog had a kid.
Zoph 17 kun oldin
It’s November, where is it?
real fire stick
real fire stick 17 kun oldin
it should be called the samsung paper
Derrick Kudla
Derrick Kudla 17 kun oldin
Not even close to the first. Look up Kyocera Echo. Had one back in 2010.
Oguz Güngör
Oguz Güngör 17 kun oldin
I need a phone with a projector samsuuung just do it!!!!
Sok Phabe
Sok Phabe 17 kun oldin
subcribe by subcribe
ReeBaaL !
ReeBaaL ! 17 kun oldin
wait...? a flip phone ..? or a flix phone..?
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki 17 kun oldin
Omg! The newest flip phone?!
Precious D'souza
Precious D'souza 18 kun oldin
Hey can u send me a iPhone xs max plzz
bilio dayssimo
bilio dayssimo 19 kun oldin
this idea is dumb as fck , but why not !? give me your money and give you useless toys to play with that serves any purpose !
Orrin Jones
Orrin Jones 19 kun oldin
Nice watch
Eduardo Sanchez
Eduardo Sanchez 19 kun oldin
Pretty much a Nintendo DS?
Yahya Ehtesham
Yahya Ehtesham 19 kun oldin
Samsung: We give you the *FOLDABLE PHONE* ME: You give us the unaffordable phone
Lucas Owen
Lucas Owen 20 kun oldin
Won’t it just be annoying
Hamdi Saeed
Hamdi Saeed 20 kun oldin
The beginning of the video is not understandable for 11yr olds 😭
3 oy oldin