The Samsung Galaxy S10 Changes EVERYTHING!

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RIP iPhone? The Samsung Galaxy S10 Promises To Revolutionize Smartphones. Nothing will ever be the same! First Look & Rumors.
2019 iPhone Leaks: uzvid.com/video/video-TRWswwX4UC0.html

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27-Noy, 2018



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Olivia Anderson
Olivia Anderson 5 kun oldin
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Jay Patel
Jay Patel 13 kun oldin
I am just here so I can get a nice phone - in Marshawn Lynch's voice
Michael John Castro
Michael John Castro 14 kun oldin
Still in terms of processor Apple leaves Samsung in the dust. Classy design and powerful processor what keeps iphone ahead of Samsung.
Sel in
Sel in 19 kun oldin
Hallo 👋🏻 ich habe das s8 und habe jetzt das ubdate von dem neuen s10 Handy und mir gefällt garnicht das ubdate. Ich wollte fragen ob man das wieder zurück stellen kann damit ich die alte Funktion habe ?
Cherish Nalepa
Cherish Nalepa 21 kun oldin
I want!
Charith Perera
Charith Perera 26 kun oldin
Elijah Johnson
I've come from the future and there is a headphone jack but there's still bezels
Deshawnda Quaintance
Samsung is the next big thing ... Apple don't got nothing on Samsung phone period. Plug Samsung always ahead of iPhone.. I wanna know what the iPhone lover/fans thinking🤔( switching to Samsung )
Eyüp SUCU Oy oldin
Samsung Turkey Service don't help me. Samsung They don't contact me. They're not interested. Samsung's warranty is unreliable. I Regreded that I bought Samsung.
Mark Briscoe
Mark Briscoe Oy oldin
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Nicholas Akinola-Ajayi
I hope it goes well
Coutinho CH
Coutinho CH Oy oldin
I’m sold. I own an iPhone and I’m so tired of them. Finally switching to galaxy. Looking forward to s10+. This will be my first android ever!
Crazed Civilian
I paid $1900 cash for my Samsung Note 9 and do not regret a thing. It makes working remotely (out of the office) seemless. It's 2019 and iPhones still don't have multitasking!!!
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Oy oldin
Try not to sound too sure of rumors such as the camera being on the left of the screen. I think yesterday's reveal was a learning lesson.
TECH in WATCH Oy oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-c3O91iFsOEg.html ☝☝☝ Friends cilck this link and subscribe my channel place spot me frinds
Why are Android fanboys - more specifically - Samsung users so hateful? come on now. Not that I hate Android, but I stand by what I like even through times of hopelessness. What Samsung did is great. Just watch. This will give Apple the push they need to become the better one again. And which company just became worth over a trillion dollars? yeah - Apple. And don't you dare call me an iSheep. That term is just insulting and irrelevant.
BOURNE15ive 26 kun oldin
Lol Apple is not a trillion dollar company, it hit that mark for a few weeks then lost 250 billion off of its market value in the 2nd half of last year. You really do need to do research,
Aagam Ambavi
Aagam Ambavi Oy oldin
You forgot about the foldable.
Steve Wu
Steve Wu Oy oldin
I didn't get you wrong. listen to your first couples of sentences...... Apple didn't improved that much since Apple was already very good phone. really?? you still trying to fool people with lies and impressions that thinking that Apple need not have to improve because it is already good. BUT you know personally that Apple has been way behind the smart phone technology just about every category. I suggest that you think hard what to say, even Apple pays you
Mrs. G
Mrs. G Oy oldin
When is this coming out
Georgios Paraskeva
Samsung and Huawei are the leaders ...iphones belongs in museums
Nikola Sekulic
... you mean one extra camera plus ass-to-ass charging giving 400$ plus on top of S9+ price? No thanks 😎
Awesome Oy oldin
1:30 Galaxy 10 + hmmmm my phone is s6 edge + soooooooo i dunno wat da difference is but hopefooly apple will be destroyed. *m w a hahaha*
Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man Oy oldin
I don’t know if I could pay 1000 dollars and above for an Android phone, I don’t care how cool it looks. It looses its value after a month.. I’ll just wait a month and the S10 is guaranteed to slash in price like every other Samsung phone.
Ryan Sundoto
Ryan Sundoto Oy oldin
why all the apple fanboy reviewer always encourages Samsung not to have a headphone jack. Don't buy that stupid idea, unless you don't need to charge the headphone.
三星 我喜欢😍 三星不愧为世界第一
zEEx Oy oldin
All those views are courtesy of Samsung
Grimly Surface
I think next year 7.0 inch phone is out...phones now are insanly large
hari_kishore Oy oldin
iPhone XI new feature leaked.. It has four corners.
SOS MAN 10 12 kun oldin
kbmarines 99
kbmarines 99 Oy oldin
Samsung Smokes Apple in almost every aspect!! Love this New S10....
Jersey1 Oy oldin
Patricia Bars
Patricia Bars Oy oldin
Very Grate! Unless they take away the headphone jack. Thats tragic.
Mountain 13
Mountain 13 Oy oldin
I hope they don't make s10 bigger, we'll need giant hands😓
pali jiq
pali jiq Oy oldin
Still use the great S5...wait till S12 come out. Must be a huge difference
Sameh Hazem
Sameh Hazem Oy oldin
iPhone never improved without Samsung's...
Jimin's Jam
Jimin's Jam Oy oldin
I feel I want to get Samsung laptop (btw I have Mac and I kinda hate it, its really slow lol and its 2016 pro )
NoahBones 12
NoahBones 12 Oy oldin
If samsung removes the headphone jack, they just removed half of their fanbase.
Julian Washington
They kept it and the real phone is awesome
NoahBones 12
NoahBones 12 Oy oldin
cant wait for it to come out.... so i can get an s9 for cheap.
Decard Cain
Decard Cain Oy oldin
U sure this change everything ??? Lol i think the title too overhype or clickbait.... reason is 1st: curve screen S6 was the 1st to have in samsung line up both side curve not like the note curve 2nd: infinity O ? If im not wrong the A8S was the 1st 3rd: in display touch screen ? I dont think samsung was the 1st phone to have it 4th: camera ??? Well there alot of phone with 3camera Disclaimer> im not anti samsung or Iphone fans instead i am an samsung galaxy fan and collector i do owned galaxy S S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8plus S9plus what im trying to say is dunt get too overhyped bro by saying it a gamechanger etc.... anyway always love samsung phones
emmaunek adeboye
😔😔😔😔😔😔😔.......please one
Nomadic Vet
Nomadic Vet Oy oldin
2000 for the S10 lol you people will buy anything and supporting the high prices
Muslimbek Sayfiddinov
Samsung like 👍👍
angeli 007
angeli 007 Oy oldin
I love that you're always real with your content 💕
stephen Kobby
stephen Kobby Oy oldin
Samsung smart phones are the next big thing in the world now
Completely and utterly bummed out about the lack of an iris scanner! It's the only one that can prevent people from unlocking your phone while you sleep!
joe anglo
joe anglo Oy oldin
dude what about the heart beat sensor and Spo2 sensors ?
Jonathan Tate
Jonathan Tate Oy oldin
That's beautiful, but I'm not financing it.
Christina Coigney
I hope the phone's not $1,000...
Clema Nana Konadu
Please my s8 was stolen this week, so if you will be reviewing S10, kindly send me one
tidorhp Oy oldin
this really doesnt change EVERYTHING!! I call BS and click bate
sammy Samson
sammy Samson Oy oldin
What's the storage
Wong Hei
Wong Hei Oy oldin
Why not ise infinity technology?They can put the front facing camera between the glass and metal boarder,and add five cameras at the back and two flash lights,plus they can put the jack on rhe bottom,making a senser at the back that uses the heat of finger to charge!!!
David Storton
David Storton Oy oldin
an ad every 2 and a bit minutes sod off
j Serious
j Serious Oy oldin
Samsung change?? Everything??.. Whatever (lame)
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Maximum Overdrive
How is samsung acheving this over apple? THEY HAVE BEEN AHEAD SINCE S8 BUDDDY. plus if you are watching this now all these renders are old and info is currently incorrecr Everything apple pro do a refresh of this video please
Richard Ward
Richard Ward Oy oldin
Some of the features that were expecting on the new S10, such as fingerprint scanner built into the display and borderless screen with only the camera aperture, are already out there on other phones. Yes it will look good but they are not new
Donny Guillermo
For those who does not like samsung, samsung is the only company, who makes the OLED screen for Apple. Apple do the desing, and samsung make it.
Bubbles Oy oldin
Watching on my note 9 :)
Nightcore Eternal
How much I have a S9 PLUS AND freaking love it
Bridget Heathcote
I hate both the notch and the hole punch. Previous Samsung much better and almost makes me want to switch from Apple
Yu Li
Yu Li Oy oldin
I thought you were an apple fan
tK Ripz
tK Ripz Oy oldin
What about the Samsung galaxy note 10?
Batnab Oy oldin
They making a yellow! But they still dont make a red!!! 😑
Bad Kitty
Bad Kitty Oy oldin
I hope they release the colour white
Christopher R
Christopher R 2 oy oldin
The only thing that I personally think samsung is really doing better is in having a home button on the front bottom still. At least they still see this experience as being better than the swipe up that Apple has gone to and I personally can not get used to it.
Korean mtn biker in U.S. 미국 자연 생할
Apple is rotten. Apple is slowly dying! Also apple phone is made of parts from Samsung and LG and another korean company called SK.
Sherry Vanover
Sherry Vanover 2 oy oldin
I didn't see anything about memery, will they still have the SD spot? that is one of the best things about Samsung, that is why I don't use IPhones. Please let me know if it dose or not.
Julian Washington
DavidVlog 2 oy oldin
I would rather there just not be a selfie camera. I've taken maybe 2 selfies ever.
Jerome Cabral
Jerome Cabral 2 oy oldin
anyone know when the will be released?
patrosfeta Oy oldin
Feb 20
elwingy 2 oy oldin
these designs seem a bit off? From what I see online the top and bottom bezels are not as thin as shown here. Where did these designs come from? This is genuine question, phone looks amazing with such thin bezels but it doesnt seem to be what the real deal will be.
Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh 2 oy oldin
Erin Pierides
Erin Pierides 2 oy oldin
Apple as a phone does have advantages but samsung also they are neck and neck in competition
Melancholy 2 oy oldin
Kinda annoying apple doing minimal or updating tech over a series of years instead of doing a lot at once. I think this is why the XR isn’t selling well. The market finally got to the point where price over no features. XR and even in some cases XS is just a dumb buy. Like I have the XS right now, and the S10 seems really enticing for me to buy depending on what if i still find android interesting.
l Wicked l
l Wicked l 2 oy oldin
But no ones surprised Though, samsungs always been ahead of Apple
ermitano manzano
ermitano manzano 2 oy oldin
apple release back to back display
morten dybdal
morten dybdal 2 oy oldin
the stock at apple is falling faster then the crap apple is making !
morten dybdal
morten dybdal 2 oy oldin
apple suck .. go samsung !
jurrell hudson
jurrell hudson 2 oy oldin
what do you mean how could samsung beat apple to a notchless display? do you not realize screens are samsungs job? if they cant do anything well they can make a good screen, hell the iphone has a samsung screen on it right now, apple dont innovate shit.
MoCooper247 2 oy oldin
I would love for a phone to go bold and not have a front facing camera. Is that too much to ask? I dont use it why have it. To i have to go make a phone myself? You dang kids, get off my lawn!
K. Austria
K. Austria 2 oy oldin
No headphone jack? :(
Julian Washington
Yes headphone Jack :)
Seth Enki
Seth Enki 2 oy oldin
Samsung 4-Life
Ariel Rodriguez
Ariel Rodriguez 2 oy oldin
So is it actually going to look like that, if so that would be great
Sylvia Lopez
Sylvia Lopez 2 oy oldin
Apple is in trouble now
jay garce
jay garce 2 oy oldin
I will never buy apple products. They have some very deceptive practices when it comes to repair or service. My last apple product I bought was the Apple II plus that I bought back in the 70's
Maged Amr
Maged Amr 2 oy oldin
Samsung hate notch
Maged Amr
Maged Amr 2 oy oldin
Samsung will never do notch on their phones
Choi Minjae
Choi Minjae 2 oy oldin
It actually looks pretty. Hope the price point is still the same.
steven black
steven black 2 oy oldin
I still like my headphone jack and SD slot
Ben Ubaid
Ben Ubaid 2 oy oldin
Beast and expensive...
Sebastian Rogers
Sebastian Rogers 2 oy oldin
Ive been using iPhone since the 2g came out and recently Im thinking to switch to Samsung s9... Only because my iPhone 6 plus had touch disease. Just don't want to buy a iPhone X and have some issue which costs 300-400$ to fix down the road. iPhone X is already 1000$...
Wade Klausen
Wade Klausen 2 oy oldin
Snapchat better get the camera for andriod to be better.
Ninja Gamer_21
Ninja Gamer_21 2 oy oldin
Oh I think thay all have the technology ready but are slowly introducing it becouse if thay put I'll all in 1 phone then thay have to think fast about more technology and thay can make more money but samsung probably has more than that up thair sleeve for the note 10 is what I'm waiting for
Ninja Gamer_21
Ninja Gamer_21 2 oy oldin
Samsung might include usb type c connector headphones
Ninja Gamer_21
Ninja Gamer_21 2 oy oldin
I really love that white
Ae gandu
Shaun Noonan
Shaun Noonan 2 oy oldin
Guess we all just found out what Apple will be doing in 4 years
Zenzenn Zn
Zenzenn Zn 2 oy oldin
I wish galaxy has apple’s ios. Or both android & ios so that customers can choose.
Micheal Bratset
Micheal Bratset 2 oy oldin
It's the note 10. I'm pretty sure it also has 10 receivers in the phone to compensate for the new 5G market.
Thomas Turner
Thomas Turner 2 oy oldin
There's also supposed to be a s10 x
Carolene Sears
Carolene Sears 2 oy oldin
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