The Samsung Galaxy S10 Changes EVERYTHING!

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dejcito 4 soat oldin
where can i get that wallpaper at 4:34? :D white,purple one :D
William Knipp
William Knipp 13 soat oldin
I’m leaving the Apple world and Getting the Samsung S 10 bye bye apple
Byroni 22 soat oldin
Ditch the front camera and put a mini display on the back side
sean fl
sean fl Kun oldin
My phone is iphone 8 I refuse to upgrade because newer apples are shit but this s10 is what I’m looking for in a phone so goodbye apple from a longtime user.
Noah Miller
Noah Miller Kun oldin
How about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10
NoName Kun oldin
2020: Smarthpones are now made up of glass 2030: Phones are hologram
Tilak Rathod
Tilak Rathod Kun oldin
Just imagine S10 remove all ports and make wireless charging itself only way to charge and only Bluetooth for audio and add Bluetooth earphones for free
Luca Caldari
Luca Caldari Kun oldin
Every time there's a new Samsung coming out they make it looks like it's the best of the best but I always had a lot of problems with the galaxy line now I'm in the xiaiomi side, never been happier!
D.R. W
D.R. W Kun oldin
Losing the headphone jack is the only thing that would drive me away from Samsung.
Lisa Dfitto
Lisa Dfitto Kun oldin
Thx for the video.i was wanted to buy 9+ but I thought it not much different with 8+, definitely will wait for galaxy s10+ 😍😍😍 the design n everything.
Whispy Woods
Whispy Woods Kun oldin
I'm watching this in the middle of January and you still have better information than anything else I can find. One thing though..... so many ads for a 10 minute video!
Mark 2 kun oldin
No thanks
murat sertel
murat sertel 2 kun oldin
Has nothing over Mate 20 pro
ALI khirkhaah
ALI khirkhaah 2 kun oldin
Fuck iPhone
Nazim Uddin
Nazim Uddin 2 kun oldin
Really nice Samsung s10
Simply Shaye
Simply Shaye 2 kun oldin
That phone is so ugly with the all screen design I like the small bezels
LowLightVideos 2 kun oldin
I am certain that I'll get by with _just_ my *S9+* since: - No 5G here yet, nor can WiFi networks saturate my phone - The SD845 gets over 20 hours, with constant heavy usage (though I'm not a gamer) - It's fast enough and the camera is fine, plus the rear cameras are correctly oriented - The speakers work well with Atmos and the screen is beautiful for videos The *_only_* thing that the 10+ will accomplish in *my* neighborhood is that the majority will be able to upgrade their single rear cam, 16:9, puny dinosaurs; as everyone's been clinging on to the past. I've literally seen more S9+'s in *one* phone store than I've seen in people's hands (in a big, well maybe medium) sized city. Geez, upgrade those 5 year old phones! [Kicks soapbox away]
seba08724 2 kun oldin
iPhone users, time to upgrade to android and Samsung
Haryanto Sastradipura
the sale of iphone in 2018 went down by 50% ... that's why nobody talk about iphone anymore.
Westin Taylor
Westin Taylor 2 kun oldin
Ok so he claims that this new phone will have a HUGE leap in technology but not once did he talk about any new innovations or features; and NO i dont want a phone with a punchole or a gloryhole 🤣
mufid khan
mufid khan 2 kun oldin
Very very nice phone
t'neco-c-siv 2 kun oldin
bigger screens, bigger screens, please give the phones durability a thought
t'neco-c-siv 2 kun oldin
well its samsung anyway...
FactoPhile 2.6M views
The Samsung galaxy s10 changes EVERYTHINGapplepro to.... EVERYTHINGsamsungPRO!
ysn_xmari _yt
ysn_xmari _yt 2 kun oldin
Dont talk about android apple fuck boy
Iven Eev
Iven Eev 2 kun oldin
I’m interested to buy this shit Apple sucks.
kekkle chong
kekkle chong 2 kun oldin
*why did samsung snap? yass snsnsnbsshzjxjzj*
N R 2 kun oldin
So is the picture quality still going to suck?
N R 2 kun oldin
+kekkle chong I'll believe it when I see it
kekkle chong
kekkle chong 2 kun oldin
+N R no then
N R 2 kun oldin
+kekkle chong thanks, but looking for a yes or no
kekkle chong
kekkle chong 2 kun oldin
*the picture quality of high end samsung devices were always good and they even have customization for professionals for free*
MrQuadro83 2 kun oldin
I literally just got the S9+ a few days ago 😭 shoulda waited
Siswanto Sy
Siswanto Sy 3 kun oldin
In the future nobody will need 3 lens, 4 lens or anymore lens than 1 lens. Because all the lens will be combined to 1 bigger lens. Buying this shit is just wasting money.
shadows4271 D
shadows4271 D 3 kun oldin
you still think the iphone X was an improvement on something great ???? Iphone stopped being great a long time ago when they had to play catch up with the Galaxay series. And that stupid notch???? That smacks of lack of imagination with hardware placement and layout. . Geez. That stupid notch (and the lack of a headphone jack) highlights that Apple stopped innovating a long time ago.
BACHATU81 81 3 kun oldin
Can't wait to get my hands on this one, I've been a fan of Samsung since before the launch of the Samsung Instinct.
Mecdot 3 kun oldin
Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view and by trying to make it objective, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.
Luke Garstka
Luke Garstka 3 kun oldin
I've been with Apple since day 1, having MacBook Pro, iMac, iPad, iWatch but I'm getting really disappointed with the company. The only thing that still holds me is iCloud, iMessage etc. I am looking to switch to Samsung, and what I just saw, really spoke to me. APPLE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, please! I don't think I really need to say why, we all know it, Apple especially.
Habib Urehman
Habib Urehman 3 kun oldin
What about dolby vission?
jnlr1200 3 kun oldin
Love the video hate the ten thousand ads I had to see to watch the whole video.
Dapney xi yeon woo Drake
I think s10 is pop camera
Adam Savage
Adam Savage 3 kun oldin
Waste of money, Not that big of an update ...what a borderless phone with the upper models have more cameras....
nel c
nel c 3 kun oldin
EverythingApplePro 🙄 talking about SillySung phones.
Lusade Devron
Lusade Devron 3 kun oldin
Apple is going to go out of business, Samsung is way more better than overpriced i-phone.
Dare 3 kun oldin
Waiting S10 Lite in Black...„Compact" phone is my goal always...if they made A3 2017 again, with bezels free, i will spend 800$ on it for sure
damianraver 3 kun oldin
Sorry but most phones already dominate crapple products lol.
Kim Griffiths
Kim Griffiths 4 kun oldin
You're over monetizing your videos, it's ruining what would have been a really great video! :-((
Glen Hall
Glen Hall 4 kun oldin
Good work with the vid. I sell smartphones at work and over the past 3-4 yrs I have seen Apple decline & Samsung grow in sales. I primarily believe the price is a major factor. I've seen the iPhone price slowly creep up for each new model introduced, but not with Samsung. The S9 was the same price as the S8 & S7 as each model was released. Apple better watch out.
Xi Le
Xi Le 4 kun oldin
I will get *Samsung Galaxy smartphone or Samsung Milky Way Galaxy* smartphone on the day of it's release. 😍
Payt Laros
Payt Laros 4 kun oldin
Maybe they can release a girl version with the selfie cam, and a cool looking guy version without it, for a completely uninterrupted sleek looking all screen phone. I hate those selfie cams, never use them, and wouldn't miss them at all.
Airbrushing By Nick
And it’s a phone too.
sdq sdq
sdq sdq 4 kun oldin
stupid design if u ask me , the camera hole would be a perm dead pixel ,lol
Sharan Devadiga
Sharan Devadiga 4 kun oldin
Future phones should not have power button and volume rocker.
Md Momin
Md Momin 4 kun oldin
How mach price..
Lazar Otasevic
Lazar Otasevic 4 kun oldin
another android garbage will change everything? yeah
graham walton
graham walton 4 kun oldin
there is a mobile phone out with all this tech AL READY VIVO NEX 2018 MOBILE PHONE
bubbles h
bubbles h 4 kun oldin
Bezel is better for extra protection.
Apple fan can not recieve the information about android everytime they will just talk shit and make apple be the best phone but this 2019 they both good. stupid.
Georgia Girl Morrison Georgia
Samsung is so much better so much better at all but it better not be heavy
Georgia Girl Morrison Georgia
You better not be be a better not be because if it's heavy I do not want one and if it looks like this I do not want one I only want it if it's not heavy
marian harris
marian harris 4 kun oldin
Samsung just announced the live event date, for unveiling the new Galaxy S10, will be February 20th 2019.
marian harris
marian harris 4 kun oldin
The Galaxy S10 is keeping the headphone jack for 2019
RENQX AsH 4 kun oldin
The Samsung galagxy S10 will most likely have a headphone jack. They would be stupid to remove it after seeing the reactions from the iPhone 7. It would be quite hipicritical to make fun of Apple for removing the headphone jack and then remove it on their next phone.
Habib Anwari
Habib Anwari 5 kun oldin
Long live headphone jack. We want headphone jack back.
EarFukU2Death 5 kun oldin
It is refreshing to see a youtube channel called EverythingApplePro acknowledging the innovation that Samsung is doing for the S10, and that it is also great he showing his fellow iPhone users that only pay attention to Apple products so they can see what the other smartphone competitors have to offer, allot of Apple users only use Apple and are very loyal and perhaps only had one android phone like 6 years ago when they where buggy, for me i use Android and tried a few iPhones but prefer Android, and for those who only use Apple, you should go try it out for yourself and see how you like, and not go by old past experiences or by someone else. And if you still like to stick with the iPhone and least you are informed and iPhone is a great phone, i guess the thing that bothers me is allot of iphone users don't even cross shop and look into there options, for me i always check what Apple and Android is offering then physically try it out then make my choice.
Zaia Yacoub
Zaia Yacoub 5 kun oldin
I hate the camera on the screen, Its a huge block on anything you watch are you kidding me....thank God I got the Note 9
Str Ssr
Str Ssr 5 kun oldin
I dont know even there are so much phones with so less prices in the market..Samsung attracts me the most..dont know😅..do something similar happens with u also?
Bigwingrider1800 5 kun oldin
Donnie brasco
Donnie brasco 5 kun oldin
Usually these predictions dont have a clue but this video looks promising.
Antonio Viverinni
Antonio Viverinni 5 kun oldin
My new Samsung smartphone is gorgeous. I like the fact that it is not only beautiful, but also very functional. It makes my e-surfing quicker and more enjoyable. The price was good on Qwy.
Jared Leon
Jared Leon 5 kun oldin
I got the fuckin s6 still lmao I am finally going to be upgrading this year and I can already tell which phone Imma be getting!
red crimson102
red crimson102 5 kun oldin
Getting rid of the headphone jack is the worst thing Samsung could ever do! All the commercials of them making fun of apple for not including one in their phones now they're going to turn around do the same thing that is so hypocritical, then I bet u the following model they'll bring it back over people complain 😂
Logan Robinson
Logan Robinson 5 kun oldin
Dude your talking about how Apple has all these crazy amount of recourse. Samsung has more they make everything in their products. Apple literally buys the OLED screen from Samsung. Samsung is the lead developers when comes to OLED displays.
Leo Xu
Leo Xu 5 kun oldin
in the future samsung will rule in screen and fingerprint tech, apple will rule in processor tech and huawei will rule in camera tech and xiaomi will rule in general budget smartphones
Leo Xu
Leo Xu 5 kun oldin
samsung is the best in latest tech but apple is the best in classic premium smartphones
Leo Xu
Leo Xu 5 kun oldin
if apple made a bezeless ipad mini and imac then i'd be a bigger fan
Leo Xu
Leo Xu 5 kun oldin
Leo Xu
Leo Xu 5 kun oldin
your only defending apple because you can't think of a new channel name
Trey Vela
Trey Vela 6 kun oldin
Inside of apple pro. Change your name to samsung pro
Stalin Medina
Stalin Medina 6 kun oldin
Great to hear about Samsung's superiority from an apple fan boy!!!!
UnairsRealm -
UnairsRealm - 6 kun oldin
XR fucked Apple, real hard. If Apple doesn’t fix over 50 major things in the next iPhone, nobody will buy..
Borneo Warrior
Borneo Warrior 6 kun oldin
Don't expect too much.. Finally u guys sad at the launching day
Suraj Sharma
Suraj Sharma 6 kun oldin
It's not coming in CES 2019, it's gonna be announced in MWC 2019.
Blossom Mcc
Blossom Mcc 6 kun oldin
Samsung best phone on the market
Shah Gamer
Shah Gamer 6 kun oldin
Iphone xr cost £800 and they call it budget phone lmao apple is a tillion dollar company and they think everyone is a millionaire. I can pay my rent with that much and buy a cheap car.
FranklinClinton1 6 kun oldin
The Headphones Jack is because Apple's is gone. If you Read very careful you know without Jack its nothing.
CLKenrick 6 kun oldin
Don't get rid of iris scanner please
CLKenrick 6 kun oldin
The front facing camera I don't like it
Try West
Try West 7 kun oldin
I switched to Samsung yesterday I bought a s9+ and I must say what a dumb I sheep i was for many years I will never go back!!!
Serge Quagmire
Serge Quagmire 7 kun oldin
If this thing is going to have a camera circle...I'm out. For me it would be like having a permanent massive dead pixel on the screen.
Rumplegirlskin 7 kun oldin
I still like Apple’s software better. If they can outdo Samsung’s hardware they will be elite again. I know Steve Jobs would have saw this and attacked the concept and design to push forward. He would have had everyone do more and stop just catching up or being similar to the competition. I always hate buttons on the back. I had the LG with buttons on the back and got rid of it in 3 months to go back to Apple. I thought it would be great until I had the huge phone in my hands and went to take pictures and turn it off. I dislike android phones. Not the look...android just sucks in my opinion. However, this should force Apple to be more aggressive with their “changes”because it is business 101. There must be competition. This is why information from opposing companies is readily available to competitors.
Lyka Pagdato
Lyka Pagdato 7 kun oldin
Hov deN
Hov deN 7 kun oldin
Is the front camera really placed on the screen? Who want that dot in their screen? 😂
Vince 7 kun oldin
White and black only?! That sucks.
ProoGenji 7 kun oldin
How does this change everything? I don’t really see any significant improvement
Katie Grable
Katie Grable 7 kun oldin
Woah I think that he was only supposed to advertise Apple 😢
Zhi Chen
Zhi Chen 7 kun oldin
We suppose to divide the trump support into different types of people you gone have mental health problems too how I’m gone act like a college person
Zhi Chen
Zhi Chen 7 kun oldin
Yeezy I see you everybody can’t be on the same side I’m A supporter but why you gotta bully everybody that ain’t even got nothing to do with the beef it’s confusing
Zachary Katalak
Zachary Katalak 8 kun oldin
dreezy loran
dreezy loran 8 kun oldin
samsung developed a new software,ONE UI getting better than the IOS...i don't blame people for hating samsumg because they spent a lot of money on their iphones for samsung to ruin the show for them...samsung is the best.
Vince balaga
Vince balaga 8 kun oldin
All in all, competition is good...
Joe K
Joe K 8 kun oldin
What do you mean "how can Samsung be achieving this ahead of Apple"? Samsung has been ahead of Apple for years and they've even provided apple with some of their hardware.
Kevin Mungra
Kevin Mungra 8 kun oldin
No need to compete with XR its already dead
Gora Sardar
Gora Sardar 8 kun oldin
AJ Brown
AJ Brown 8 kun oldin
Everybody here who can’t even explain RAM talking about companies not being innovative or disappointing them... this tech in general is not very old. I think the entire industry deserves kudos. Just take your preferences and stop bashing other products... it makes you look less intelligible