The Scandalous Murder of William Desmond Taylor

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A Hollywood legend has been shot in the back... but whodunit?
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Portrait of William Desmond Taylor
Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images
William Desmond Taylor and Mary Miles Minter
Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images
Mary Miles Posing as Cleopatra
Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images
Actress Mabel Normand
Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images
Mother and father pose with their three year old girl, ca. 1922
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Derby Spectator
Topical Press Agency/Getty Images
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Mid Distance View Of Hollywood Sign On Mountain With Cityscape In Foreground
Marisa Neidecker / EyeEm/Getty Images
Old fashioned movie camera on crane
Image Source/Getty Images
Charles Phelps Cushing/ClassicStock/Getty Images
1920s 1930s MAN SITTING AT...
H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images
Mabel Normand
Apic/RETIRED / Contributor/Getty Images
A negligee on a white background
Larry Washburn/Getty Images
Elgin Crescent, London, United Kingdom. Architect: n/a, 2013.
ED REEVE/Getty Images
Teddy Bear on Carpet
Eg Project/Getty Images
Cigarette on ashtray
Eastimages/Getty Images
Jewelry box with keep sakes and jewelry
Jim Corwin/Getty Images
A Symbolical Cheque Design, 1917
Print Collector/Getty Images
Moot court martial conducted in Law class at the US
Alfred Eisenstaedt /Getty Images
Claire Windsor
Imagno / Contributor/Getty Images
Well-tailored suits is to women what lingerie is to men
Yuri_Arcurs/Getty Images
Rocco Perri...
Toronto Star Archives /Getty Images
Vintage handkerchief
NoDerog/Getty Images
rolfo/Getty Images
Crying little girl with her fighting parents
Patrick Foto/Getty Images
Mary Miles Minter Gesturing
Bettmann/Getty Images
Couple with Gun Hugging
Jane Yeomans/Getty Images
Portrait of Poet writing on table in the dark
selimaksan/Getty Images
Film director smoking cigar behind camera
selimaksan/Getty Images
H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images
H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images
Caucasian driver standing near car in city
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Suburban houses at night
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Blank sign post
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Los Angeles
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Dark, spooky, empty office or basement room
Highly Detailed People Silhouettes
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Oldfashioned Flash
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Burglar stealing jewelry from safe
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Stack of files and paperwork
Tim Hawley/Getty Images
AGF/Getty Images
Gun in Man's Hand
Matt Carr/Getty Images
Holes in a wall
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Entrance gate to a studio, Paramount Studios, Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Panoramic Images/Getty Images
Studio portrait of mid adult man in coveralls
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Fired Caucasian businessman carrying personal belongings
JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images
Antique French Letter Handwriting Old Postcard
mmello/Getty Images
Old Envelope (XXL)
bgwalker/Getty Images
With the Ships Captain
duncan1890/Getty Images
Man & Wife
"duncan1890/Getty Images
Thumbtack On Map Indicating Los Angeles
Daniel Kaesler / EyeEm/Getty Images
revolver isolated on white
Gustavo Rosa - GFX Artist



2-Mar, 2018

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Seanna Watters
Seanna Watters 14 soat oldin
Kasey KC
Kasey KC Kun oldin
my man is named sans
ViolettaSachra Kun oldin
I love how they actually hug to determine it's BS to shoot someone in the back in that position xDD ♥
Steven Studios And Albert
1:39 ryan laughs like a witch
Small Potato
Small Potato 2 kun oldin
This is the beginning of Ricky Goldsworth
Jane Goodhart
Jane Goodhart 2 kun oldin
If a bullet gets shot into a person it will either get stuck somewhere in the person, or it will cause something which is called a through and through in which case, the bullet will go all the way through a said person. If a person was hugging someone and one of them had a gun, and he shot it, and it was a through and through, it would potentially hurt the shooter who was hugging him, and causes a cut along with a minor bruise surrounding it, or it would simply just hit him pretty hard and give him a large bruise. Thank you and goodnight.
Wayne Hawley
Wayne Hawley 2 kun oldin
Secretary/Valet/Cook... lol
Amy Cabral
Amy Cabral 3 kun oldin
Sounds like chills
David Balderas
David Balderas 4 kun oldin
Heres a mystery why are the ladies eyes different color than the thumbnail
Tory Swanson
Tory Swanson 4 kun oldin
I have started to love watching these when I space out in class....although my education is suffering, I do get to hear about a case that goes absolutely no where, and nothing is accomplished. So, I got that going for me.....
Maddy Rice
Maddy Rice 5 kun oldin
i watch these in the morning while i shower. i love these sm.
It's Sanya
It's Sanya 5 kun oldin
"x x x x x x x x .. X"
crystalmoon116 8 kun oldin
why is no one talking about Shane's apartment's elevator
RnGxB00M 112
RnGxB00M 112 8 kun oldin
Dude had 78$ in his wallet. That’s 328$ in today’s money . That man was loaded
Taye Nic
Taye Nic 8 kun oldin
As someone named “Taylor” I found this episode especially creepy, thank you.
Emily Cameron
Emily Cameron 9 kun oldin
What about the family he abandoned?? They wouldn’t have any reason to seek vengeance and murder him?
Dustin K
Dustin K 9 kun oldin
Love all these videos but the spooky voice was scary annoying for this one!
Fairy Terry
Fairy Terry 10 kun oldin
Do the chicken coop murder
Sage 10 kun oldin
The hash slinging slasher did it
Mathew T
Mathew T 11 kun oldin
Yes Sir, Mr. Goldsworth. 😁
Madison Perry
Madison Perry 11 kun oldin
This episode seems a tad more dramatic than the rest
Pequecin 11
Pequecin 11 11 kun oldin
Lol in the reenactment the gun shown was a.357 magnum
tony barham
tony barham 11 kun oldin
this would have been very good except for the two idiots who completely ruined it
Mason George
Mason George 11 kun oldin
i think "hindu prince" may be code for drugs. thoughts?
This Is Mii
This Is Mii 12 kun oldin
running with the bull..ets
Random UserPerson
Random UserPerson 13 kun oldin
4:10 umm just saying that bullet clearly hasn't been fired yet. 😅
Gayovanni Roma
Gayovanni Roma 13 kun oldin
Look at Ryan trying to be like Rod Serling
Rissa Goat
Rissa Goat 14 kun oldin
If he was shot in the back when he have fallen forward and then be laying on his stomach instead of his back?
Ijust ruined0mynameI
thats some old drama guys
LukeSWErrthing 14 kun oldin
Bullets can stay in a body or exit, depending on the calibre of the weapon. I had fun with this video, hehe
Crazy One
Crazy One 14 kun oldin
Wait... If the mother was romantically involved with the attorney. What if she convinced him to kill William😂
JazzyJacy 14 kun oldin
i can’t be the only one who thought the love letters were SUPER creepy.
Venkatesh K
Venkatesh K 15 kun oldin
I have no Idea why these scare me so much. Geez. I'm sacred to be alone at my apartment. 😶
NatiBeans03 15 kun oldin
Cassifrass YT
Cassifrass YT 15 kun oldin
William Desmond Taylor William Diane-Tanner. WDTx2
Cassifrass YT
Cassifrass YT 15 kun oldin
i love ryan’s giggles
Cassifrass YT
Cassifrass YT 15 kun oldin
Is no one going to talk about the sex in the elavator anecdote?
Chocolate Pretzel
Chocolate Pretzel 15 kun oldin
I think I'm a little obsessed with this, and it's probably not healthy
Spacey's Brigade
Spacey's Brigade 15 kun oldin
The reading of Mary's love letter was legitimately the funniest thing I've ever heard
Lexissingy 15 kun oldin
I love this series so much, mostly because Ryan and Shane know how to laugh and not take everything too seriously. When you go on Investigation discovery, it seems so theatrical and staged. But here, they just say the facts and make a few jokes along the way. I love this series, keep up the good work!!
Joanne 16 kun oldin
I hate the way he talks
Mac_N _Cheezy
Mac_N _Cheezy 16 kun oldin
Ryan: *HOLLYWOOD* Me: Gemme your shoes
Mac_N _Cheezy
Mac_N _Cheezy 16 kun oldin
To clarify I’m talking about Hocus Pocus
Naya Luvy Alifa
Naya Luvy Alifa 17 kun oldin
how tall was mary's mother? I mean wouldn't it be hard to shoot a taller man while hugging him and proceeded not to get shot herself
Brooke 17 kun oldin
Ryan's really chalking up that ominous voice in this one.... must be the inner Ricky Goldsworth...
myMelody4life 18 kun oldin
I think you two are forgetting that he was killed during prohibition when alcohol was illegal, so if Mabel was having trouble with drugs and alcohol then maybe she had confided to Taylor about her addiction problems in their letters (though perhaps she didn't state it directly) and maybe that's why she didn't want all of their letters to be released because it not only would have ruined her career but possibly would have gotten her arrested for allegedly consuming alcohol. So I don't think Taylor was a 'buzzkill' for being against alcohol, I think he was just genuinely concerned for Mabel
Sara B
Sara B 18 kun oldin
The keyboard smash had me dead LMAO
Boredom Is taking over
What kind of tea does Shane like???
Chasity Willis
Chasity Willis 19 kun oldin
he 4real made moaning sounds
doesn’t answer door lights are on “well he’s prolly already dead” *shrugs*
“to hide the fact that... Taylor was a homosexual.” next time on myth busters
spicy chilipeper
spicy chilipeper 20 kun oldin
The most suspicious part of all this is the fact that his name has no B's in it yet somehow his nickname is Bill.
Emma Wills
Emma Wills 21 kun oldin
Man I love these.
Zeriah Andrea
Zeriah Andrea 21 kun oldin
BRO Shane's sex noises
Zeriah Andrea
Zeriah Andrea 21 kun oldin
Ryan's voice is extra spooky spook and I'm laughing uncomfortably
Rachel French
Rachel French 22 kun oldin
3:30 he... he said a keyboard slam
Phoenix Blaze
Phoenix Blaze 22 kun oldin
3:28 😂😂😂
Explore A lot
Explore A lot 23 kun oldin
*Four days after this episode* A man walks across a border in the US of America The man: my names Ricky Goldworth and I own this state now The border warden: ummmmmm *Ricky reaches into his jacket* The border warden: okay! The manner house is down the road
Explore A lot
Explore A lot 23 kun oldin
A woman shot him as kissing him 🤷🏻‍♂️
Mary Flores
Mary Flores 24 kun oldin
the mannequin behind shane freaks me out everytime
batman fan
batman fan 24 kun oldin
It was a kidnapping got wrongful
Ana Jaimes
Ana Jaimes 24 kun oldin
hands raised when getting shot from behind... has it occured to anyone that Taylor was murdered by a mugger? you know "Put you hands up and face the wall" ? Any one just me?
Morgan Ritson
Morgan Ritson 24 kun oldin
I love the idea that "The easy way out", to Ryan is trying to find a rational scientific explanation instead of just accepting the existence of something which has never been proven real.
Katie McGann
Katie McGann 25 kun oldin
ryan and shane immediately testing out the hugging shot i love it
UnitxryYT 25 kun oldin
They should make a buzzfeed solved but were unsolved that would be cool
Cherry-soda-is-bae 2.0
He really did keysmash out loud...! XDD
Blank Dragyn
Blank Dragyn 26 kun oldin
I almost spit out my drink when Shane said "oh blessed baby"
Leech Boy
Leech Boy 26 kun oldin
This just in: long man tries to figure out how to show affection towards strong dwarf! Seriously, that part was hilarious though.
Leech Boy
Leech Boy 26 kun oldin
This just in: long man tries to figure out how to show affection towards strong dwarf! Seriously, that part was hilarious though.
katie f
katie f 26 kun oldin
me trying to get my crush to like me: *i love you i love you i love you i love you XXXXXXXXXXXXX X*
katie f
katie f 26 kun oldin
EW calling your significant other “blessed baby”😂😂
Rithika Cherukat
Rithika Cherukat 27 kun oldin
Quinn Ramet
Quinn Ramet 27 kun oldin
is ryans voice more menacing than usual orrrr
hoseok's dimples
hoseok's dimples 27 kun oldin
since safia & the try guys aren’t in this company anymore, I rarely watch buzzfeed anymore, buzzfeed unsolved is gold though. the only good thing left on buzzfeed
HiP3R SniP3R
HiP3R SniP3R 27 kun oldin
howdy partner
howdy partner 27 kun oldin
This literally sounds exactly like an L.A noire case where tf is Phelps I-
howdy partner
howdy partner 27 kun oldin
But then again la noire is in 1947 (at least homicide desk is)
Linda W
Linda W 28 kun oldin
Look into the Thomas Ince murder - very similar.
Sara V.
Sara V. 28 kun oldin
I like the jazzy 20's music they have in the background XD
Claudia -
Claudia - 29 kun oldin
BuzzFeed Unsolved is NEVER the same without Ryan and Shane. Please don’t switch them with others 😭
Gaurree Verma
Gaurree Verma 29 kun oldin
x x x x x x x x and X
Alice Ashbrooks
Alice Ashbrooks 29 kun oldin
I know Shane has a girlfriend but wow he's such a bottom
omgmatthew100 29 kun oldin
Yeah, I wonder why buzzfeed didn't mention Margaret Gibson as one of their suspects...she reportedly confessed to the murder of William Desmond Taylor?!!!
Ethan Petro
Ethan Petro 29 kun oldin
this murder took place 80 years and 11 days before I was born
Noah Callaway
Noah Callaway 29 kun oldin
A silent film star who was *VERY VOCAL* Oxymoron much?!?
Sam-A-Tron 29 kun oldin
3:30 This situation sounds like a game of clue.
Oliver Jones
Oliver Jones 29 kun oldin
Why are your glasses made of glass
Venetia Astrop
Venetia Astrop 29 kun oldin
What month is it Ryan?
lmao ri
lmao ri 11 kun oldin
Venetia Astrop feb-ee-ary
Dat Boi
Dat Boi 29 kun oldin
The murderer coulda shot him mw2 style
Elizabeth Jean Norman
WDT starred in like 30 movies y’all 😂😂
Charie Mae
Charie Mae Oy oldin
"They found a pink night gown. They think it belongs to a woman" Ofcourse! Duh.
Karis Sung
Karis Sung Oy oldin
We should have this guy's death as a movie
anoja31 Oy oldin
These unsolved cases always make me sad af. We can only hope that one day these will all be solved ;-;
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn Oy oldin
Most of Hollywood still is on drugs and booze
J Flack
J Flack Oy oldin
Dude on the left looks like a skinny Zaza Pachulia
usui usui
usui usui Oy oldin
ricky goldsworth
Dick Diamond
Dick Diamond Oy oldin
Nobody believes my name is Richard Diamond
DixieDoodle Oy oldin
Am I the only one who thinks Taylor kinda looks like Ryan Reynolds
lillian panem
lillian panem Oy oldin
ryan’s voice in this is extra spooky
Nom du Clavier
I'm thinking it's not likely to do with the drug thing. Drug dealers aren't exactly morally upright.
f3nd13y Oy oldin
the scariest part is how he pronounces february. "febrruaoijdfoisjh;eoifjoei;jf;oijry
Uncle Caroline
Oh Ok i guess
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