The Search for the Mysterious Mothman

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Does this otherworldly creature stalk the West Virginia wilderness?
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Bigfoot the humanoid beast
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20-Apr, 2018

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Fikrlar 25 352
Frank Pitts
Frank Pitts 2 soat oldin
Wow you guys really butchered the facts on this one.
ᏆᏆᎠᎪᎡKᎪᏓ1937 Plays roblox
The moth man just wants lamp lady
oH mY
oH mY 7 soat oldin
I think Shane’s impression of mothman is going to get me a detention in school-
Chris Miller
Chris Miller 8 soat oldin
where is the lamp
oH mY
oH mY 8 soat oldin
Moth man moth man moth man moth Moth man moth man moth man moth Moth man moth man moth man moth Moth man moth man moth man moth Moth man moth man moth man moth Moth man moth man moth man moth Moth man moth man moth man moth Moth man moth man moth man moth Moth man moth man moth man moth __________ I think my fucking brain just deleted the name mothman from my head
Luke Trusty
Luke Trusty 11 soat oldin
Luke Trusty
Luke Trusty 11 soat oldin
Luke Trusty
Luke Trusty 11 soat oldin
i mean peter parker
Luke Trusty
Luke Trusty 11 soat oldin
Luke Trusty
Luke Trusty 11 soat oldin
like penis parker
The Insane Nihilist
The Insane Nihilist 12 soat oldin
*sees West Virginia sign COUNTRY ROADS TAKE ME HOME
Nyirobi Ojulu
Nyirobi Ojulu 14 soat oldin
This episode killed me 😂
rebma 14 soat oldin
Ryan went full send on the alliteration this ep "Menacing mothman mission" 9:01
Mangal Haase
Mangal Haase 16 soat oldin
My b day is April 7
Mangal Haase
Mangal Haase 16 soat oldin
Pink giving birth more like angry mother
Lumii Gem!
Lumii Gem! 17 soat oldin
please tell me I wasn't the only one who started singing Country Roads when they said "West Virginia"
cOoL sAmMy :3
cOoL sAmMy :3 18 soat oldin
RoadKill 961
RoadKill 961 18 soat oldin
Mothman The Dark Knight
Ayham Yousef
Ayham Yousef 19 soat oldin
When we travel to west virginia me" COUNTRY ROADSSSSSS
Tije Joustra
Tije Joustra 19 soat oldin
leave him alone this man just want some good ol" lamp
Krazy Pyro
Krazy Pyro 20 soat oldin
Beat_Legend 21 soat oldin
Hahaha 18:51
Freddie 21 soat oldin
låmp bröther
GoldenSwagDragon 0
GoldenSwagDragon 0 23 soat oldin
They forgot to mention that the last reported sighting of the moth man was on some bridge 3 hours before it collapsed
Robert Breish
Robert Breish Kun oldin
Shane's smothering dolphin call takes the gold
Arieana Eberle
Arieana Eberle Kun oldin
Why am I watchibg buzzfeed unsolved at 3 am may you ask? Because im a fucking idot thats why
Luis Mendez
Luis Mendez Kun oldin
ryan and shane’s steaks are scarier than the actual moth man
Nicholas Darren Enggano
Man from Taured plz ?
Person Kun oldin
Jeez, guys thats just Jerry. He was in my house last night. Loes LED lights.
Angelo Llanas
Angelo Llanas Kun oldin
Thought I was watching BuzzFeed unsolved, not an Animal Planet special XD 23:14-23:17
Person Kun oldin
Amber M
Amber M Kun oldin
I'd rather see you guys on screen then the scrolling script. I look away for that part cause it's really annoying.
Jessica Orem
Jessica Orem Kun oldin
Jeepers creepers feel
Thicc Godzilla
Thicc Godzilla Kun oldin
It's an Owl.
Scarlet Yelena
Scarlet Yelena Kun oldin
I live in West Virginia and any sounds you hear are drugged moonshiners okay
Melanie Rideout
Melanie Rideout Kun oldin
George Johnson is big gay
Melanie Rideout
Melanie Rideout Kun oldin
I think the mothman is a mothgorl
Jonathan Montoya
He came to our dimension for.... Lamp
OOF Memes
OOF Memes Kun oldin
He wants LÄMP
llama gaming
llama gaming Kun oldin
if yall play fallout 76, THIS VIDEO IS AMAZING
lil Boggin
lil Boggin Kun oldin
Just put a huge lamp outside
Beyond their level
This moment when a moth bites you and you become MOTHMAN *Marvel Main Theme starts to play*
Ar Ss
Ar Ss 2 kun oldin
The dude sou ded like a chipmunk 😑
Antonio Ventura
Antonio Ventura 2 kun oldin
I think the ufo sightings had something to do with a it a abandoned alien gets stuck on a random planet and he asks for other aliens to pick him up therefore we never see it again
Kimberly Tang
Kimberly Tang 2 kun oldin
I think this is the most hilarious episode lmao
annalise wren
annalise wren 2 kun oldin
this is the real reason on why Virginia and West Virginia split
Angry Animals
Angry Animals 2 kun oldin
Me when the worlds coming to an end 23:05
Gab 246
Gab 246 2 kun oldin
More info. On bills channel 😶
Emily Phillips
Emily Phillips 2 kun oldin
Quick question: how would Ryan know what a dolphin being smothered sounds like?
Raena Royer
Raena Royer 2 kun oldin
Is there every an episode that gets solved?
Blaza_Cat Urie
Blaza_Cat Urie 2 kun oldin
65Gaming 2 kun oldin
I lived in West Virginia for 8 years. Those were good times
Steve 2 kun oldin
Katarina Karpe
Katarina Karpe 2 kun oldin
Alex Jaimes
Alex Jaimes 2 kun oldin
Y’all should of been aborted
Andrew Layton
Andrew Layton 2 kun oldin
Yall should go to New Jersey and cryptid hunt the Jersey Devil
The meme Lord
The meme Lord 2 kun oldin
How to capture the moth man 1: Lamp
Shea Milan
Shea Milan 2 kun oldin
28:26 *Ryan in his Nun form was much more terryfing than Valak* lol
GamingMaffia 2 kun oldin
Sophie Rønnow
Sophie Rønnow 2 kun oldin
Leo Walker
Leo Walker 2 kun oldin
That music always makes me nervous. It creeps me out.
Bulging Battery
Bulging Battery 3 kun oldin
Super Vegito
Super Vegito 3 kun oldin
Mäny lämp bröther
Levester Chaney
Levester Chaney 3 kun oldin
"voluminous docket" thats some fancy wording there Ryan
Erika Rosenberg
Erika Rosenberg 3 kun oldin
These are ammunition bunkers, not igloos....lol. Obviously, for storage and to contain any sort of accidental explosion. The reason for the hill like appearance is to conceal. From above, they would look like the area around it.
Bhebbles Love
Bhebbles Love 3 kun oldin
14:36 laugh trip at the middle of the night hahahhahha!! I was supposed to be scared 😂😂
Twinzgamez 3 kun oldin
He needed LAMP
Emily Warwick
Emily Warwick 3 kun oldin
I'm actually really scared of moths
FooF n OooO
FooF n OooO 3 kun oldin
The Potato queen!!
The Potato queen!! 3 kun oldin
The camera man is the mothman!
Holy Freeholy
Holy Freeholy 4 kun oldin
What if it’s not a moth man and it is a bat man lmao The shadow image look like a bat
Dale drake
Dale drake 4 kun oldin
big eyes eight feet tall. I am thinking owl in tree!!!
SenorSenpai 4 kun oldin
One way to summon the Møthmän: Get a giant LÄMP
Christopher Bates
Christopher Bates 4 kun oldin
maybe 2 birds are playing a joke.an owl sits on top of a cranes head . ??
ham hands
ham hands 4 kun oldin
plot twist: keith kogane is actually mothman
ThePunkPanther 4 kun oldin
On the next episode, is The Tick real?
Supreme Kermit
Supreme Kermit 4 kun oldin
AnitaSleap1080z 4 kun oldin
13:25 I actually went "awwww"
that1badanimator 4 kun oldin
Noah Wingfield
Noah Wingfield 4 kun oldin
shanes call was better
ThePupSquad 4 kun oldin
“Spooky mushrooms”
Mahaha Finley
Mahaha Finley 4 kun oldin
I live in West Virginia
Julia Nardecchia
Julia Nardecchia 4 kun oldin
shoutout to bfu for makin cryptids cool
Lollaby 1
Lollaby 1 4 kun oldin
14:19 I’m laughing to much 😂
QBO_ Clan
QBO_ Clan 4 kun oldin
Should of brang a łåmp
Skyler Blades
Skyler Blades 5 kun oldin
18:50 Just. Click it.
Dorky Derpterio
Dorky Derpterio 5 kun oldin
I hope on their next adventure they have the other kind of Ovilus, the one that shows you the words, the EMF detector and an SLS camera. Idk just a suggestion
Oddball 5 kun oldin
Kinda like the idea of “The Cloud Fiend” though XD
Jessica Lundstrom
Jessica Lundstrom 5 kun oldin
Opps. Iowaghosthunter I mean LOL
Jessica Lundstrom
Jessica Lundstrom 5 kun oldin
okay guys, I am Iowaghosthunger on instagram. I tried messaging you, but I know you're busy haha. Please come out to Iowa and do the Villisca Axe Murder House. I researched that house and would love to see what you think. People have lot's of thoughts on it being haunted and I have my thoughts, but let's see what you think :).
Heeba Haider
Heeba Haider 5 kun oldin
The mannequin only moves when he wants too, it felt like they were acting shane didn't believe he doesnt actualy move and was playing along, and then ryan winked at us , it felt like his other personality just shone through. I LOVE THIS.
Joseph Mack
Joseph Mack 5 kun oldin
You either die a bird, or live long enough to mutate into the Mothman
Joseph Mack
Joseph Mack 5 kun oldin
You boys from outta town?
F Gavin
F Gavin 5 kun oldin
Its batman
ham hands
ham hands 5 kun oldin
ham hands
ham hands 5 kun oldin
i can feel keith kogane radiating out of this video
cigs sims
cigs sims 5 kun oldin
“those worth it boys”
jaden coons
jaden coons 5 kun oldin
Jordyn Heldstab
Jordyn Heldstab 5 kun oldin
(after watching multiple mothman impressions) Wow... Get you a Shane Madej
Sydney Hicks
Sydney Hicks 5 kun oldin
¨Flappy Spookster!!¨ -Shane 2018