The Search for the Mysterious Mothman

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Does this otherworldly creature stalk the West Virginia wilderness?
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Bigfoot the humanoid beast
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Old Bisbee AZ-Historic 1905 Building
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Downtown Chicago - Bird Eye View
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20-Apr, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 26 612
fishyley 3 soat oldin
*l a MP*
Burnt Doge
Burnt Doge 9 soat oldin
4:03 All 10 year olds: *LOUD LAUGHING*
hosanna faith
hosanna faith 13 soat oldin
Daniel howell is quaking:/
Underrated Koala
Underrated Koala 15 soat oldin
Maybe just stay away from jahoves witnesses
Underrated Koala
Underrated Koala 15 soat oldin
Maybe stay away from areas with Jacobs’s witnesses
Gloom Berries
Gloom Berries 17 soat oldin
Same energy as the goatman
Peyton Cowley
Peyton Cowley 17 soat oldin
22:25 sounds like birdbox
Stegosaurus 20 soat oldin
11:57 how do you see the eyes if the head isn't there?
Articfox77 Peterson
Articfox77 Peterson 21 soat oldin
The cloud fiend lol
Ingrid Corrigan
Ingrid Corrigan 21 soat oldin
Man bat
Ava Grace
Ava Grace Kun oldin
Is nobody going to say anything about Ryan's face during his mothman screech
Celtic Lass
Celtic Lass Kun oldin
Imagine if someone was in the woods too, not realizing they weren't there alone, and they heard those sounds that Ryan and Shane were making, and THEN heard the pack.
ManBunTaeTae Kun oldin
Hayden Roth
Hayden Roth Kun oldin
LATTE COW Kun oldin
i DIED when Shane did his mothman impression
Michael Mike
Michael Mike Kun oldin
Nora _thats_all
Nora _thats_all Kun oldin
The mothman is looking for Dem *lamps* you gotta have the *lamps* to catch him
Stari Nights
Stari Nights Kun oldin
junior fimbres
junior fimbres 2 kun oldin
Ughhh. I have a huge crush on Ryan. He’s so cute and nerdy and his smile is pretty af.
Eduard loyd Gomez
Eduard loyd Gomez 2 kun oldin
Ryan 's clothes was suddenly pulled by the mothman Shane:glad thats not me Ryan: never going hare again
Baillie B
Baillie B 2 kun oldin
mothman strikes me as an eggnog kinda guy
Jacky Mkay
Jacky Mkay 2 kun oldin
I almost had a heart attack when you said there was some sightings in Chicago I live like 1 hour away from there💀
Dallas 2 kun oldin
k e i t h k o g a n e
Samuel Young
Samuel Young 2 kun oldin
Do ya think it captures people to eat their clothes?
Willow Jean
Willow Jean 2 kun oldin
Hannah 3 kun oldin
12:00 so it had no head but eyes?
Riley _
Riley _ 3 kun oldin
BiggusDuckus 87
BiggusDuckus 87 4 kun oldin
Y'all got any Lämps
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee 4 kun oldin
They had the opportunity to make this a Worth It Crossover....
Sean O'Reilly
Sean O'Reilly 4 kun oldin
"ahh whatever its only in west virginia im safe here in the south side." "the mothman has also be recently sighted in chicago"
Johnny Cordova
Johnny Cordova 4 kun oldin
I know it's Jeepers creepers
iEnVy Real
iEnVy Real 4 kun oldin
28:37 lol shane sounds like kenny form south park xD
Ha YouThought
Ha YouThought 4 kun oldin
And also does anyone view those justice league monsters that fed off fear every time you see the statue? ;-;
Ha YouThought
Ha YouThought 4 kun oldin
2 0 1 9 ?
why not
why not 4 kun oldin
they should search for the chupacabra.
Daemonium_Lupus 4 kun oldin
Aurelio Calderon
Aurelio Calderon 4 kun oldin
hunt the chupacabra
Tae Shin Ah
Tae Shin Ah 4 kun oldin
-calls mothman- -packs of something respond instead-
Sanjali Das
Sanjali Das 4 kun oldin
Scream of a pig giving birth 👏👏👏 very Noble Shane !!!!
Sanjali Das
Sanjali Das 4 kun oldin
Shane looks so adorable watching the pizza coming to him 😂😂
Mac_N _Cheezy
Mac_N _Cheezy 5 kun oldin
My dad once got chased off by cultists in a car in that town cause they were near the tnt area
Tamoghno Dey
Tamoghno Dey 5 kun oldin
Heval Simsek
Heval Simsek 5 kun oldin
yo when they were calling for the mothman my bird went off
Cyclops 5 kun oldin
Almost heaven, West Virginia........
ella golde
ella golde 5 kun oldin
23:19 I actually SOBBED
Anthony Creek
Anthony Creek 5 kun oldin
8:47 Menacing Motorman Mission the MMM
Joe Zeinaty
Joe Zeinaty 5 kun oldin
1:47 you mean Kawhi Leonard 🤔 Wingspan for days
Stasha Sharum
Stasha Sharum 6 kun oldin
zachary S
zachary S 6 kun oldin
My Sunday school teacher crossed the bridge right after it collapsed. She lived in point pleasant during the 60s and said there were tons of weird reports and weird “feelings” when she was out at night.
Weird Fantasy
Weird Fantasy 6 kun oldin
18:50 oMG
*Indrid Cold has entered the chat*
Madison Knight
Madison Knight 6 kun oldin
Damn no pizza for the camera person?
Alyssa Betts
Alyssa Betts 6 kun oldin
Learn er
Learn er 6 kun oldin
The one that’s the normal race was better at the voice (that’s the brown one)
Ridashippu 7 kun oldin
Hands down one of the funniest episodes. From the Mothman noises to the cookies, I could not stop giggling.
Mitchell Elliott
Mitchell Elliott 7 kun oldin
"What are the odds of it? They ain't zero" - This is fucking hilarious to me for some reason. Using this if anyone ever questions anything I say haha
Something else animated
Mountain mama
julissa danglade
julissa danglade 7 kun oldin
i dont know why i laughed hard at 18:51
Jadon 8456
Jadon 8456 7 kun oldin
okay I'm from wv and this is the crap we grow up hearing like I've been told this story since i was able to understand words. This crap is real to a lot of people and flipping terrifying. I mean mothman stories and headless horseman and bloody eyes stories since i was baby no joke.
Goddess of Wisdom
Goddess of Wisdom 7 kun oldin
The movie about Mothman was filmed in my grandfather’s home town (Kittanning, Pa)!!
Charlo P
Charlo P 7 kun oldin
23:17 oh my god I love these guys 😂
lmao 7 kun oldin
What makes me think that most of these mysteries are fake because these things always happen only in USA and not anywhere else in the world. If there was a mothman and could fly faster than keem then someone definitely could've spotted it in Canada or Mexico
Violet B123
Violet B123 7 kun oldin
Let's learn about our true overlord. We stan Mothman.
Glaszwing 7 kun oldin
Oohhh the chills All of them
sean Macguire
sean Macguire 8 kun oldin
looks like a gargoyle
Donald Donahue
Donald Donahue 8 kun oldin
Imagine if Point Pleasant, New Jersey had a creature like this
Jicky yy
Jicky yy 8 kun oldin
He is like the Burger King foot lettuce guy. But instead it’s Burger King foot lettuce guy puberty gone wrong
Evie Hannah
Evie Hannah 8 kun oldin
I’m watching this while revising for a maths test
silently screaming from a crowded room
I think that it's an ancient being. Maybe some kind of elemental that's pissed cause they ruined the land. He doesn't harm people unless provoked. Therefore I think it's either that or I'd buy the interdimensional being/alien!🙏🤘🤙
Melody Moore
Melody Moore 8 kun oldin
An Le Khac Quang
An Le Khac Quang 8 kun oldin
How to find mothman: give him the lämp
Stainless Coffee
Stainless Coffee 8 kun oldin
"Not enough gold" 😂
Rory 8 kun oldin
West Virginiaaaaa Mothman mamaaaaaa
1t5RainSWE 9 kun oldin
That mothman scream at the beginning, I heard "madman".
Matthim Carmen
Matthim Carmen 9 kun oldin
"Is this what those worth-it boys feel like?" hahahahahhaha lost it
jackaboi 9 kun oldin
he lov lamp
Ghostman 3221
Ghostman 3221 9 kun oldin
14:14 is just amazing like i didn't know shane could make the exhale noise
Ghostman 3221
Ghostman 3221 9 kun oldin
Its me the moth man at 5:15 had me in tears
Ravyn Liam
Ravyn Liam 9 kun oldin
Who's idea was it to listen to The Mothman Prophesies soundtrack?
captain panda
captain panda 9 kun oldin
Isn't mothman just a big owl? I mean from what people say it looks like and sounds ....it's got no neck it's got wings and reflective round eyes.Sooo a owl or a giant penguin.🦉🐧
Danielisasavage 9 kun oldin
The only person who has the right to find mothman is Keith kogane
ticci toby
ticci toby 9 kun oldin
Grant Jarnagin
Grant Jarnagin 10 kun oldin
Man he really just wants one thing *LAMP*
Eikō Yamamori
Eikō Yamamori 10 kun oldin
The music is honestly the most terrifying part everything else is just funny
hi_im_jc 123
hi_im_jc 123 10 kun oldin
I been young, West Virginia, mountain momma, take me home.
lill. babyy
lill. babyy 10 kun oldin
14:27 🤣💀
Strike Nade
Strike Nade 10 kun oldin
Someone reported the sightings of "Mothman" while driving at night. It appears in front of the windshield of the car. Suddenly, it flew away.
zose 10 kun oldin
poor camera man has to watch them eat
Lowkey Gacha
Lowkey Gacha 10 kun oldin
I live in point Pleasant wv and he his big
Karson Schindler
Karson Schindler 10 kun oldin
the mothman eats coyotes, that's why he makes his call. 😶
Lakota the service Wolf
please do a video on Black Shuck
Hannah Spitzer
Hannah Spitzer 11 kun oldin
You guys should investigate this red ball of light that's in West Virginia. It's supposed to be a slave that is looking for his master and if you encounter it the light screams at you. I can't remember where in West Virginia it's supposed to be, but it would be cool to see you guys research it.
your average communist
Country roads take me home to the place i belong west virginia mountain momma take me home country roads
Ken Cluck
Ken Cluck 11 kun oldin
Thing I hate the most about this series, is that it’s from buzzfeed. I love this series but hating buzzfeed screws with me, I hate that I like it lol though truthfully these two annoy me much less than the other buzzfeed guys.
Kim Esme Ochoa
Kim Esme Ochoa 11 kun oldin
18:51 LMAOO OMGG SHANE 😂😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Rosalinda Rose
Rosalinda Rose 11 kun oldin
You forgot to mention he seems to be a warning of death at some bridge
Miss Information
Miss Information 11 kun oldin
Shane looks like the grown up version of Roger Klotz on that show Doug
roxy the fox
roxy the fox 11 kun oldin
Gabe G.
Gabe G. 11 kun oldin
Do you think everyone in Point Pleasant would actually be scared if he was real, or would they welcome him with open arms?
RNicole B
RNicole B 11 kun oldin
Could've been a vulture they get big and if you're high might affect what you're seeing
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