The Secret strategy of OnePlus.

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Reviewing the Strategies that OnePlus used to sell it's Smartphones, and what they'll continue doing for the OnePlus 7 and beyond.
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9-Yan, 2019

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roco z
roco z Soat oldin
Song name at the end?
Gianni R
Gianni R 7 soat oldin
One plus is like one of 3 companies that have in-display fingerprint sensors
Himanshu Mahawar
Himanshu Mahawar 11 soat oldin
I want a video on where does the remaining phones go when they are not sold?
Aswin Ramadas
Aswin Ramadas 13 soat oldin
Watching on my oneplus 6😍
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 18 soat oldin
I was realising this recently, when I noticed it was difficult to get a reduced OnePlus even 5 months after release date, and actually considered the G7. Aggressive Marketing Indeed. Was actually thinking the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 is the NEW 'Flagship Killer'
Devanand Shaji
Devanand Shaji 19 soat oldin
I'll buy one+8t.like a boss😎
soham trivedi
soham trivedi 20 soat oldin
Thank you so much for spelling colour as colour and not color! I really appreciate someone using English properly
L Awliet
L Awliet 20 soat oldin
Y'all sure this guy ain't a *pornstar* ? I'm new in here so....
AREEB SHAIIKH 21 soat oldin
There is something called inflation
Anselm Carasco
Anselm Carasco 21 soat oldin
Arun keep talking... What a voice💜
ahbrian A
ahbrian A 22 soat oldin
Chinese made phone might be cheaper but there might be a spy chip in it. You never know all your personal information maybe stealing by someone else. Watch out
Guilebaldo Gonzalez
The truth is that there is no secret to busines you produce a good thing at a godd price and you proclaim it in a suitable market, and there it is... all other brands of phones do no create an expericne to buy, they disregard the the important fact that price does matter, it always matters, the flag ships are double in price but are not double the phone, the better deals or lower priced ones always have something missing, either the Ram, the screen ,the camera, the design, the speed and the sound, one of this will be bad, and of course you can say well it is a budget phone afterall, but one plus does not go bad on any of the specs, they may not all be the top ones but surely they are a bit above the middle and some of the specs will be really superb...
Emi Guerra
Emi Guerra Kun oldin
Beautiful guy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Please give me a youtube channel subscription to have the motivation to make videos...
Magnus Gjesdal
Magnus Gjesdal Kun oldin
Outro music?
zdx197 Kun oldin
Still absolutely loving my OP6 but if the prices keep going up like this and I want the OP7 I might as well consider waiting a few months until the price drops of the S10 or get a year old iPhone XS.. I would miss OxygenOS though, best software experience I’ve ever had. I use iOS and Android both on a daily basis and only oxygenOS really can measure itself with iOS, with the advantage android is obviously more open.
Bibek Acharya
Bibek Acharya Kun oldin
You both raped oneplus turn by turn .
Anu Modi
Anu Modi 2 kun oldin
Hope Oneplus 7 Will Come With Aggressive Pricing.
Canadian Ninja
Canadian Ninja 2 kun oldin
You're forgetting 2 major parts of how OnePlus is doing better than others, the reason why I keep going to their phones. 1 is software, it's stock android but with some good improvements and timely updates. 2 is Speed, they're really top speed for a lot of things, they were one of the first to have 20W charging in their phones and they consistently have the fastest unlock time of any phones. Plus their usually on top of the benchmark lists even if they use the same hardware as others.
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia 2 kun oldin
I have add blocker 😂😂😂😂😂
Matthew Celestin
Matthew Celestin 2 kun oldin
I plan on getting a new phone soon enjoyed the video👍👍
Matthew Celestin
Matthew Celestin 2 kun oldin
What beat is that at the end of video whats the name???
W Scott
W Scott 2 kun oldin
I buy phones based on value not based on brand loyalty. If OnePlus moves away from the value proposition, then I will move away from OnePlus. A OnePlus 5t owner.
Jithin Ph
Jithin Ph 2 kun oldin
i love oneplus always..
Z Salty
Z Salty 2 kun oldin
I think this year OnePlus will loose their value because of the price. Like Apple and Samsung. But Samsung they going to put new phone very cheap and very good. If OnePlus not going to lower the price of their phones. This year the economy will be very bad on most people in the world.
Sreenadh Premachandran
Please share your views on OnePlus vs Xiaomi. Also, the main part of mobile is how lean is the extra softwares in the phone. Please focus on that also.
Nupur Walunjkar
Nupur Walunjkar 2 kun oldin
Well , one plus is smart as you said but whats even smarter is if the consumer knows when to grab the opportunity For example : grabbing one plus 6 just before the launch of 6t is a smart move coz it's 5k less than the original cost plus you have festive sale discounts & exchange offers to make it even a better deal .. sometimes altogether 10 k less ie 30 k instead of 40
imicca 2 kun oldin
Hey there guys! Martin has awesome channel, been following him since... the start of it? :D
Paul son
Paul son 2 kun oldin
Huhh i don't like these Chinese phones..👎👎
Sannihith 2 kun oldin
This collab video is awesome❤ Loved watching it!!! Keep rocking....
Anandkumar I Potdar
I need one phone sir
MrElectrifyer 2 kun oldin
OnePlus was merely my gateway to Android on a OnePlus One, after over half a decade of using jailbroken iPhones. After that, their devices haven't offered any special value compared to competition like Samsung's Galaxy Note line, you're literally paying less to get less. Now using a Note 8 as my second Android Smartphone, and first ever Samsung Smartphone.
Vincent D'Mello
Vincent D'Mello 2 kun oldin
I have been a oneplus fan since the oneplus X. But, the oneplus 6 that I recently brought does not feel like value for me. For me, the oneplus cycle has ended. Onto the vivo's and oppo's of the world.
Hindi Tech News
Hindi Tech News 3 kun oldin
Arun i am your big fan enjoying your content and getting inspiration 📱📱
Eng Faisal
Eng Faisal 3 kun oldin
Maybe this is off topic but even if OnePlus devices cost +$650 I would buy them. OnePlus's software is super fast and more like stock. It maintains its speed for years, no slowing down or anything. I know it lacks some features but let us be honest, those features aren't important for most people. Most people just care about speed, smoothness, good battery life and well optimized software. Even camera becomes great when using Google camera app!
sexy korean girl
sexy korean girl 3 kun oldin
so buy an LG phone?
Cj Looklin
Cj Looklin 3 kun oldin
LG phones are the best value phones out there. They always have AMAZING top tier cameras, and of you wait 3-4 months they're half off. I got my LG G6 for $380 and it came with a free google home. A device I was already planning on purchasing, that at the time costed $100. I essentially got a top of the line smartphone for $280. I encourage you to look up reviews of the G6 just so you can understand just how amazing the value is. Its not the best phone. Its the best phone at it's price range.
Nice video! We want a video for HUAWEI! You know, when Huawei caught cheating benchmark test!
Dre _
Dre _ 3 kun oldin
Those other phones also have less ram and storage memory. So oneplus isn't cheap. They do offer more for less. Also when you brought up the LG G7 pricing,yes it was less but look at the 4 gigs of ram and only 64 gigs of memory. For 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of memory I think oneplus is the best.
mattiazoso 3 kun oldin
A 1:31 si vede il buon Galeazzi! Like se sei italiano!
Aggresh Vajpai
Aggresh Vajpai 3 kun oldin
Very sensible video.
Venkat MB
Venkat MB 3 kun oldin
Well planned marketing strategy !!
Prabal Karma
Prabal Karma 3 kun oldin
very important i guess 😁 i hope you will be able to see my comment i got my oneplus 6 for value of roughly 750usd but iam in nz so it cost me 1100 despite getting the phones like s9 at similar cost and in addition to that i found multiple sales occurring in nz during Christmas at around 800 nz (545usd) i understand the market of oneplus doesn't seem to have a big success here in nz but keeping a consistent pace of increasing its products every year by value close 100$ a year can actually backfire in future as it did to apple. this is my personal opinion. i hope you could mention the steady pace of value rise and its consequences about phones or some how relatable videos in future. till then keep making useful videos like these. I am a regular viewer of your channel . Peace bro ✌️
teo 3 kun oldin
I’m saving as much money I can for the next drop. I have the 6s and this is kinda low
jason mitchell
jason mitchell 3 kun oldin
I agree that the testing and scoring is flawed but I don't agree that use experience should be considered in scoring its not the purpose of the test it should strictly be about image and video quality.
Gabor Legar
Gabor Legar 3 kun oldin
I used to buy OnePlus phones but I have stopped it, because they just raise the price every time and now they are not affordable at all. Does not worth to buy it.
Shreyash More
Shreyash More 3 kun oldin
Nicely done
sn3192 3 kun oldin
the oneplus and lg juxtaposition is so true! i just checked prices for both in my country. sure enough, latest lg is already significantly less expensive (even after a oneplus discount!) than oneplus!
aditya bapat
aditya bapat 3 kun oldin
wowwww.what a video
Sbu Mdluli
Sbu Mdluli 3 kun oldin
Wow well done guys! Very informative video , well researched. You deserve more views!
TIGER 124 3 kun oldin
Sup with ur accent 😪
Morris Garnett
Morris Garnett 3 kun oldin
Awesome video really detailed info ... Do 1 for pocophone f1
Shivam Tiwari
Shivam Tiwari 3 kun oldin
Great video.
Sai Kumar
Sai Kumar 3 kun oldin
When will release one plus7??
rahagir chowdhury
rahagir chowdhury 3 kun oldin
That ending 😍
Dhawal Joshi
Dhawal Joshi 3 kun oldin
really nice explanation about the marketing strategy. I wonder why other companies aren't learning from them still?
exindeye 3 kun oldin
This video is stupid. OnePlus has a marketing stratgy to make profits... Wow, thanks for the news flash! Similar to how you are using a product that is hot right now to increase traffic to your channel 🤔. OnePlus seems make very good products at a competitive price. If you like what they have to offer, get one. If not, don't. No phone company is going to please everyone's wants and needs. It's great that there are so many great options out there. All of which are trying to make a profit at the end of the day. You have INFLUENCED me to avoid wasting time watching your videos in the future.
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee 4 kun oldin
I don't get the video. What point are you making? And are you going to make a video like this for each other phone manufacture. What was the last inervated thing Apple did but look at there prices. Same with Samsung really and every other phone manufacture. One plus are doing what every other phone company is doing bit cheaper.
Doc Weird
Doc Weird 4 kun oldin
1:32 Ciao @andreagaleazzi.com
Habib 4 kun oldin
Wish it was longer
SimonJ071 4 kun oldin
OnePlus 6t is so much faster then brand new note 9 and iPhone xs , from experience. Battery life is also insane.. idk if I'll ever go back to Samsung
I LightenStar I
I LightenStar I 4 kun oldin
*Copystriked by OnePlus*
I LightenStar I
I LightenStar I 4 kun oldin
OnePlus is slowly turning into s flagship Manufacturer than a 'Flagship killer'
ChRiStY lAwReNcE
ChRiStY lAwReNcE 4 kun oldin
I got the McLaren edition and it's awesome. As a car lover I didn't really care about the price. Just wanted it coz it was a McLaren edition. Btw good video tough
MrGheller 4 kun oldin
Imagine the competition iPhone would have today if Google would have taken with their Pixel line the route that OnePlus took with design, hardware choices, and marketing strategies...A man can dream.
LordAcidious 4 kun oldin
Get well soon Martin!
T. R.
T. R. 4 kun oldin
As I am watching Formula 1 it should be way cheaper as the cars are garbage for years and even the street cars dont bring the power as their competitors.
Chuckelberry 4 kun oldin
I don't agree with what you said about one plus saving money from r+d compared to Huawei or Samsung. On the one hand cause they just released a phone with a fingerprint reader under the screen, which is pretty innovative. On the other, cause they don't have the same resources in terms of team, money... I don't think that saving money from r+d is part of their strategy
MrAffe :D
MrAffe :D 4 kun oldin
Simple Good and cheap
Pritam Dugar
Pritam Dugar 4 kun oldin
The only reason why I think Oneplus is in the market is because they have nothing of their own! Hardly any investment in R&D. I agree that the end consumer doesn't care about the process of development as long as they get a decent device at an attractive price point. But considering all the things Oneplus phones lack, compared to say something like S9+ or Note 9 or the Huawei Mate 20 pro, which mind you can be had at very decent prices now, I wouldn't consider it to be at that great value anymore. With all the extra hardware features, R&D, having so many people involved in the production, marketing, and sales, paying their salaries...one must take in to account all these factors. Also, flagship means NO COMPROMISE. Oneplus skips on few "critical" (not for everyone) hardware features to keep the cost down like having an IP rating or adding wireless charging, whereas any "Flagship" device now will have these things. Though I agree that the software performance is great, it is not the only thing that defines a phone. One thing that holds true is that you get what you pay for...with Oneplus and some of the other higher end phones. But most definitely, the prices of the phones need to come down again...it's getting ridiculous!
ABHISHEK TAYAL 4 kun oldin
Have hit the like button after a long while.
Joosua Anttila
Joosua Anttila 4 kun oldin
Number 1 reason they are getting away with it is because they got a loyal fanbase just like Apple.
Cayden Thompson
Cayden Thompson 4 kun oldin
This video looks good on my 6T :)
Ehtesham Shahzad
Ehtesham Shahzad 4 kun oldin
Other than google's ugly phones, where else should customer turn to for a good android experience?
QuizBuzz 4 kun oldin
Great Video as Usual, bro! Viewers, please checkout my channel and subscribe : uzvid.com/video/video-EF95ll_JXjA.html.
Satyavir Malik
Satyavir Malik 4 kun oldin
Are you from india sir?
Satyavir Malik
Satyavir Malik 4 kun oldin
What's your real name and nationality sir?
akshay mishra
akshay mishra 4 kun oldin
How much did Huawei pay you for this ???
Pure Quality Tech Commentary!
mahtab khan
mahtab khan 4 kun oldin
when lunched one plus 7?
Nigel Nichols
Nigel Nichols 4 kun oldin
I remember when 1+ was affordable.
Shree vaas
Shree vaas 4 kun oldin
One plus is not a flagship killer anymore, 1)If those phones have glass back but no wireless charging at that price point. 2)if they can remove headphone jack ( they made fun of other brands regarding this topic) but no ip67 or ip68 rating 3)when they marketed themselves as flagship killers and got killed by those same flagship phones like lg g7 thinq ,Samsung g8.. 4)only thing that is good in one plus is their ui oxygen os other than that it has one among other players
Darky R
Darky R 4 kun oldin
I was planning to upgrade my 3T to a 7 or 7T but given the annual price hike of oneplus it probably won't make sense to me... So I'll just get a Xiaomi or an Honor phone for sub $500 Maybe a Mi mix 4 or a Mi 9
Probonoman 4 kun oldin
when you say they dont pay you isnt that lying??? while they might not send u pay u with money they are paying u with a product/item which u make a video about and then get views and get paid by.
Wan Akid
Wan Akid 4 kun oldin
its still mutual tho
Daniel 4 kun oldin
Why do you have the upside down watchdogs logo in the background? 😳🤔
Waleed Shamsi
Waleed Shamsi 4 kun oldin
can somebody link me to the music at the end?
Lewis May
Lewis May 4 kun oldin
The cost for making a phone will get cheaper a few months later, after it launched. Because the price for material and mass production is less. At first, the 499 price won't make any money, but if people buy it after a month, with the same price, the cost for making it is less, and Oneplus only make money from that. Similar for Xiaomi, they don't make money from phones, and even loss money when the cost for making it is still high. They use phones to get fans and finally make money by selling them sim cards, balance electric cars, and TVs. Whatever, for you and me, buy their cheap phones, that's still a good deal.
Shijo Mohan
Shijo Mohan 4 kun oldin
Watching on my Oneplus 6T
SHREYASH MORE 4 kun oldin
Good...now honestly how much did oneplus paid you?
X LAGUNA 4 kun oldin
This is what xiaomi is doing now
X LAGUNA 4 kun oldin
This is what xiaomi is doing now
Ali Fiazei
Ali Fiazei 4 kun oldin
This a negative video about oneplus
Ali Fiazei
Ali Fiazei 4 kun oldin
Wasn’t the oneplus 6t one of the first to have a in display fingerprint sensor
Ian Chorne
Ian Chorne 4 kun oldin
The thing is Apple, Samsung, LG and all the others raise their prices with every new phone they release as well, so as long as OnePlus keeps their same strategy, they'll still be good value flagships
Haphyz Gbenle
Haphyz Gbenle 4 kun oldin
nice video .. i like tech alter videos too ... like u said he makes good contents too Good to know u still doing ur thing all da best!!!
Mirza Ali
Mirza Ali 4 kun oldin
Poco vs onplus
ankit pandey
ankit pandey 4 kun oldin
Great job
Adyth Chandra
Adyth Chandra 4 kun oldin
And... I thanked to God cz I lived in Asia.. I can get a ton options for affordable price phone in flagship specs I feel pity for america or europe region cz getting crazy just for an overprice chinese flagship wannabe, OnePlus And for die-hard fanboy... You'll never meet a fans like Mi Fans and iSheep loyalty 😂