The SECRET WAY we scored 21 FREE FLIGHTS across America

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Getting free flights is pretty much the greatest thing ever. It's the ultimate way to travel on a budget. Unfortunately it's never happened to us. UNTIL NOW. By making the right connection, we were able to get 21 free flights and had the greatest adventure the whole way through. Enjoy!
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Who are we?
Yes Theory are four friends from four different countries who constantly seek discomfort in order to grow. Ammar, Thomas, Matt and Derin met in Montreal, Canada in the summer of 2015 and bonded over their shared desire to live a life that challenged and excited them. Fast forward to a year later, the team is now based out of Los Angeles, making a show on Snapchat Discover.
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6-Iyl, 2017

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Yes Theory
Yes Theory Yil oldin
Watch all the way to the end for an important announcement! Much love everyone hope you enjoyed the video 🙏
Sinkable Metal
Sinkable Metal 8 kun oldin
Man I wish I had someone to hook me up like that, my fiance lives in Philippines and I'm in Louisiana US, tickets are so expensive and times are hard
Heybara official
Heybara official 2 oy oldin
I was watching ur videos for the last 2 days .......... i swear to God ur such motivating people👏👏👏👏👏 U encourage me to be youtuber for the nearing future❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Thanks to "Yes Theory"" the world🌏🌎🌍 needs more people like you
Lazùn Stargate
Lazùn Stargate 3 oy oldin
Does this work on international flights?
FBI mrpablo
FBI mrpablo 4 oy oldin
Mindful Atmospheric Bro
Yes Theory DOPE!😱😄
The Quintessential
The Quintessential 17 soat oldin
I should try th is
Patrick Sliz
Patrick Sliz 22 soat oldin
Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro
Wonder if yes theory still replies to fans, been watching this channel for a few days now and it’s my fav channel, keep up the good work :,)
Robert Kemp
Robert Kemp 3 kun oldin
My mom works for United as a gate agent. Stand by is really the best perk that comes with her job that and insurance. However, they get paid very little and it's harder then you would think when you account for the shifts and such but it's worth it!
Ben Miller
Ben Miller 5 kun oldin
Wait did they have to pay for the tickets??
BikerFail16 4 kun oldin
Ben Miller did you even watch the video
Victor Rivera
Victor Rivera 5 kun oldin
I’m going to be 18 February 25th I need traveling buddies if anyone wants in hit me upppp!!!!!!
Kdkayseas 6 kun oldin
Lmao explaining why he has so much names. Karl
Manatee Milk
Manatee Milk 6 kun oldin
Haha the ad before was for Westjet
Joanna Nguyen
Joanna Nguyen 6 kun oldin
"Send my regards" Lol
Case Connor
Case Connor 6 kun oldin
Waco is not the middle of nowhere mister LA boy
Adali Ortiz
Adali Ortiz 7 kun oldin
So they didn’t pay for that?? How I still don’t know
GTX 1080
GTX 1080 7 kun oldin
you still gotta pay for tax tho when flying standby lmao
M T 7 kun oldin
So if you are on stand by u can fly for free?
Steveo Kanivo
Steveo Kanivo 7 kun oldin
If u guys ever come back to Texas I'll be down to drive you guys anywhere any time!!!✌
Beatrice Cruz
Beatrice Cruz 8 kun oldin
jessicajnsm 8 kun oldin
"Alright, well, we're definitely late" had me CRACKING up hahahaha
Courtney Dickson
Courtney Dickson 9 kun oldin
I just found you guys a couple days ago and have been binging your videos. I LOVE your message and I’m so happy that people like you get to enjoy all of these adventures and opportunities! You deserve it!!
Vickevi 9 kun oldin
Its ok i have 3 first names and 1 is karl
Launchpad 9 kun oldin
Carla Sierra Arzuffi
I went to Japan on standby -not free, but cheaper- but it was STRESSFUL, they tell you minutes before if you can get on the plain: -0
taylor 9 kun oldin
is anyone a flight attendant who wants to get me and someone else to portland from FL early march???
Kate Bonanza
Kate Bonanza 10 kun oldin
So it works only for some companies in USA right?because I am from Russia and there is no way that they will give you a free ticket. Some low cost companies charge money from you even if you are a girl and you have backpack instead of a small little “lady” purse. So cool that some people have the opportunity to fly for free... love traveling
Callee Self
Callee Self 10 kun oldin
idk if anyone knows who this is, but the flight attendants voice reminds me of james’ voice from Studio C lol
Jillian Liner
Jillian Liner 10 kun oldin
I’m confused about security?? Like how did they get through if they don’t even have an actual plane ticket ??
onehitwonder 10 kun oldin
They have a standby ticket their flight attendant friend got them
Rilly Jo
Rilly Jo 10 kun oldin
Not a secret u can fly standby if u know a airline employee. so in yes theory they got an Egyptian, sweet, Hispanic and what else
Khaylee -_-
Khaylee -_- 10 kun oldin
I do this all the time i use my sisters buddy pass “she”s a flight attendant too”
onehitwonder 10 kun oldin
Yo can you hook me up with a flight?
mj paulino
mj paulino 11 kun oldin
Pattern 144
Pattern 144 11 kun oldin
2:10 Derin’s having a blast
Jessica Engstrom
Jessica Engstrom 11 kun oldin
you are definitely not a Carl
2718aj 11 kun oldin
So for us peasants who don't know any flight attendants have to pay.
Echo Zero
Echo Zero 11 kun oldin
Done this before but it was only because on my real flight the pilot decided not to show up. It was on Christmas morning btw
Corrina Durdunas
Corrina Durdunas 11 kun oldin
So cool
Default Dave
Default Dave 12 kun oldin
5:58 the thing is now how are we going to home😫😫
GOLEAFSGO690 12 kun oldin
What's the song @7:51? Thanks!
ayyo prime
ayyo prime 12 kun oldin
The flight attendant said may the force be with you when they got off
Jordan Tomasone
Jordan Tomasone 12 kun oldin
Stoked that you guys are staying true to your hearts 💕
Divine 12 kun oldin
6:40 did he just say may the force be with you?😂😂😂😂😂
Laurel Sloan
Laurel Sloan 12 kun oldin
8:55 the kid in the background you're welcome. Ouch that hurt.
E McCreanor
E McCreanor 13 kun oldin
any flight attendants in the uk want to be friends?
sha_hed Shtiwe
sha_hed Shtiwe 13 kun oldin
So uhm I went to Vegas on July 6th 2017 and this video came out on July 6th 2017
Jacob  Balzer
Jacob Balzer 13 kun oldin
Or do vlogs
Rayven Wilson
Rayven Wilson 13 kun oldin
I’m a standby flyer and honestly I’ll say if you just go with the mindset of nothing is guaranteed, its not that stressful
iiParis 13 kun oldin
Ayeee I’m in El Paso Texas!
Garrett Thompson
Garrett Thompson 13 kun oldin
I need a flight attendant friend 😇
Daffy_Larry 14 kun oldin
2:17 I was born in El Paso TX!!!!!!
Liam Macdonald
Liam Macdonald 14 kun oldin
This is pretty easy to do I travel standby all the time
Seahawks will win
Seahawks will win 15 kun oldin
big anxious meme
big anxious meme 15 kun oldin
So fucking tired of those Christian movie ads. Christianity is flawed. It was created. It is no truth
YouTriedIt 15 kun oldin
Any flight attendants in Texss??😩😂
Princess Youtube
Princess Youtube 15 kun oldin
7:25 till 7:30 it made me laugh so much 😂 When u have ppl that are weird as u 😂
Noah Sebastian
Noah Sebastian 15 kun oldin
I still don't get it how they got the 7 tickets for free
young svgers Pose
young svgers Pose 15 kun oldin
carl is this real or fake because if it is im gonna tri it
Redsmelt 15 kun oldin
Yes Theory, when can I join you guys?
¡!aloha_ marmia!¡
¡!aloha_ marmia!¡ 15 kun oldin
lmao i travel on stand by all the time
ace 15 kun oldin
his explanation of swedish names is Weird and thats coming from someone who is swedish
Neuralizer 15 kun oldin
Thanks for not joining the vlog train
its meee
its meee 16 kun oldin
7:26 HAHA
MiChaeng Chaeng
MiChaeng Chaeng 16 kun oldin
Punpal Punpeep
Punpal Punpeep 16 kun oldin
"Be kind to each other and may the force be with you" Flight attendant 2017
Ivan Rodriguez
Ivan Rodriguez 16 kun oldin
I live in elpaso
Marisa Graspo
Marisa Graspo 16 kun oldin
You should visit downtown dallas in texas!
Emily S
Emily S 16 kun oldin
My dad is a pilot and I love traveling so I go everywhere for free!!
Sup Bro
Sup Bro 17 kun oldin
760SAVAGE 17 kun oldin
Wait I don’t get it they still had to pay for a ticket right they just went to a different flight like the movies
Cyberia :P
Cyberia :P 18 kun oldin
I would've found it super interesting if you guys COULDNT get on the flight and see what you would do, its really interesting how you guys get out of these situations.
Sunil Hardeo
Sunil Hardeo 18 kun oldin
Come to trinidad!
AlienHunterCop Wesley
I live in Waco!
James Wotton
James Wotton 20 kun oldin
fajer alshreef
fajer alshreef 20 kun oldin
Omg I love yuor channel so much it’s so amazing and so so funny like if u agree
Redl1ne 21 kun oldin
Thomas are you Swedish? I am
IMMORTAL_JOKER 21 kun oldin
Waco wassup
ymgxbie 22 kun oldin
7.41 Rip xxxtentacion :(( #llj
KT Celtic dog
KT Celtic dog 22 kun oldin
He looks like Sergio Ramos
Lainey Solarski
Lainey Solarski 25 kun oldin
How do these people have so much money and time on their hands
MidnightVisions 26 kun oldin
You can get cheaper flights than stand-by being the buddy of a flight attendant. Its called a buddy pass. Buddy passes became a reality when gay flight attendants filed a human rights complaint that straight attendants could bring a spouse or girlfriend on their travel pass, but gay attendants could not.
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Oy oldin
i try this too but they kickrd me out why bro?
Aryan Shah
Aryan Shah Oy oldin
Lil Slider
Lil Slider Oy oldin
Now this is a real finesse story
Mara Fiki
Mara Fiki Oy oldin
Oscar is fiiiinnneee!!! lol
Meredyth Costa
My dad is a pilot, so I’ve always flown stand by. I’ve also been bumped off several DOZEN flights. So I told my sister how you guys made 3 flights with SEVEN PEOPLE!!! she goes: “hate ‘em” 😂😂😂😂
leonardo da vinci di caprio
I wish I had friends .. sigh
dsh vlogs
dsh vlogs Oy oldin
Man i wanna try that now just to see if it works
My random Harry Potter fandom : P
I live just about 40 minutes away from Waco
Emilee Joudrey
I fly standby (my mom is a flight attendant )and it’s so much fun
1103 Musik Berlin
this video is nice
Pablo Olivero
Pablo Olivero Oy oldin
Came to Argentina
Marie S
Marie S Oy oldin
I love Thomas... I mean Carl
Andrej Nikolov
Wait, so you go to the airport, get the security check-in ticket, find a flight you want and request standby? You do not need to be an employee, friend or relative of an employee or pilot and you can get a free flight? Also, does this work in Europe? For example in the Balkans?
Dylan Oy oldin
Andrej Nikolov No...this video doesn't cover everything. First thing is airlines rank these free passes into classes. For example, an employees kids are ranks higher than an employees friends and therefore the kids have a higher chance of getting the flight. You do need to somehow know an airline employee and can't just show up to an airport and request standby.
Hamada El Mansour
I want a sweatshirt! Say yes
6:41 "and may the force be with you"
james townsend
ay im from el paso its pretty chill
Diana Themyscira
What site did they go to check the flights info?
Dylan Oy oldin
Diana Themyscira Its the airline employee flight site. Not open to the public.
Rusty Newsome
Rusty Newsome Oy oldin
Hey yes theory i live in Waco,Texas i was born there
Took Your Ex
Took Your Ex Oy oldin
Rip X
Mar Sarrels
Mar Sarrels Oy oldin
There's an orb around 10:40
huskygaming Oy oldin
Daniel Moody
Daniel Moody Oy oldin
Blaine Ford
Blaine Ford Oy oldin
My grandpa is retired from an airline and he flys free but my grandma gets to go standby like this too. Pretty awesome!
Rip X
Rip X Oy oldin