The SECRET WAY we scored 21 FREE FLIGHTS across America

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Getting free flights is pretty much the greatest thing ever. It's the ultimate way to travel on a budget. Unfortunately it's never happened to us. UNTIL NOW. By making the right connection, we were able to get 21 free flights and had the greatest adventure the whole way through. Enjoy!
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Who are we?
Yes Theory are four friends from four different countries who constantly seek discomfort in order to grow. Ammar, Thomas, Matt and Derin met in Montreal, Canada in the summer of 2015 and bonded over their shared desire to live a life that challenged and excited them. Fast forward to a year later, the team is now based out of Los Angeles, making a show on Snapchat Discover.
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6-Iyl, 2017

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Yes Theory
Yes Theory Yil oldin
Watch all the way to the end for an important announcement! Much love everyone hope you enjoyed the video 🙏
James Inman
James Inman 10 kun oldin
Does this work on international flights?
everything samsung pro 7R
Mindful Atmospheric Bro
Yes Theory DOPE!😱😄
Danny Phan
Danny Phan Oy oldin
I remembered about this video and I was hoping to make it to X's Funeral in Florida .I miss him so much! :'( This is my last chance to be able to see him in real life. Edit:Never made it.
FiregamerX 2 oy oldin
Can Karl or one of you explain in french the way to fly for free ?
Fuck if I care
Fuck if I care 20 soat oldin
Is it like Carl James Thomas?
Oscar Funden
Oscar Funden Kun oldin
Can you do this in Europe?
Charlotte Henderson
Wait but how do you guys get past security
Parth Gohil
Parth Gohil 4 kun oldin
Holy crap dudes holy crap....Wtf
Channing Thomson
Channing Thomson 5 kun oldin
My dad is a pilot and we always fly standby it is always a journey. We normally get stuck in Boston trying to fly home to Colorado.
TeamWaffles 7 kun oldin
May the force be with you is what she said on the plane
01DrewPlays01 7 kun oldin
So these were free??
Clear Qualities
Clear Qualities 7 kun oldin
What’s the Waco video?
1x 2m
1x 2m 8 kun oldin
North America , not America .
mikeresto1623 8 kun oldin
Except stand by is not free either ....
Milliene Xu
Milliene Xu 9 kun oldin
@people who work for airlines, let's be best buds.. lol
Matthew Advani
Matthew Advani 9 kun oldin
Everyone talking about May the Force be With You, but what about “Be Kind to One Another” no Ellen Degeneres fans?
Shanessa Armendariz
Shanessa Armendariz 10 kun oldin
I live in El Paso tx
lame 10 kun oldin
rule #1 from a pilot's relative - *NEVER TELL ANYONE ON THE PLANE YOU'RE FLYING ON STANDBY*
Kicha_jautra:) 11 kun oldin
I'm watching this at 1.40 am still don't understand why
TigerDust26 11 kun oldin
I am a pilot and I do the samething
Just Tech
Just Tech 12 kun oldin
What’s the song at 1:07
Sandu Llama
Sandu Llama 13 kun oldin
what program are you using to see the seats and stand by?
Caleb Simpson
Caleb Simpson 13 kun oldin
I made a Waco Texas video a few months ago. Check it out
Ya like jazz?
Ya like jazz? 14 kun oldin
Yeah I used to work for delta just to fly for free
JamesDaily 16 kun oldin
Hahaha.. standby travel is not this glamorous... Matt hooked you up.
Jodi Purssell
Jodi Purssell 17 kun oldin
MOLIVES sent me!! 💖❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
FadedComplex 19 kun oldin
I’ve been flying standby for years (14 to be exact) and I have only missed about 4 flights note I travel almost 8 times a year
MemerMeme 19 kun oldin
I’m trying to get to Canada in December and recently lost my job suddenly. I had already picked up my passport and was going to pay for the flight. It’s $370 from DC to Montreal round trip. Would I be able to do this and have a possibility of it working? Flight is with United airlines.
Mellissa Smith
Mellissa Smith 21 kun oldin
I was running late to my flight due to connecting flight delay. I made it just in time to get on. They were removing the "stand by" person in my seat... it was a soldier coming home after deployment. I said no way was I taking that soldiers seat! I ended up staying the night and flying home the next day.
Lucía Frau
Lucía Frau 21 kun oldin
Why is Matt so hotttt
Joseph Niccoli
Joseph Niccoli 21 kun oldin
so was the flight free or WAS IT FREE CAUSE you had a flight attendant?
Nova CarNaG3
Nova CarNaG3 21 kun oldin
May the 4th be with u🙂😂
10000 subscribers without any Videos
Aww man too bad I couldn’t be there I live in Texas NO MORE INFORMATION
IdunnOs 22 kun oldin
I live in austin
IdunnOs 22 kun oldin
Me live in texas
eXBack40verland WhiteyFord
6:28 creepy face!
RedFoxGames 23 kun oldin
Bro why wasn't I there I live in Austin and I fly in and out of that exact airport
Toe つま先
Toe つま先 24 kun oldin
What about missing your standby flight?
Savage Nation
Savage Nation 24 kun oldin
I live in austin tx
Bryan dose
Bryan dose 25 kun oldin
I am from El paso
John Ezell
John Ezell 26 kun oldin
what website did you guys use to see how many seats are available?
John Gill
John Gill 26 kun oldin
My dad is a pilot so we get to do the same thing.
John Gill
John Gill 26 kun oldin
By the way there’s 7 of us, in are family.
Im Your Cat
Im Your Cat 26 kun oldin
SB BS 27 kun oldin
does this work for international flights too?
Taylor Burgess
Taylor Burgess 27 kun oldin
New Sub..... This is the only video i have found from you guys that was clickbait..... disappointing......
Taylor Burgess
Taylor Burgess 27 kun oldin
i'm a supporter of clickbait.... capitalism.... and stupid people clicking on dumb things.... but that's not why I enjoy your channel :(
Hampox xD
Hampox xD 28 kun oldin
RIP Karl jag är svensk
*-i don’t know what to say*- *-thats not right*-
You did that on my birthday
Blaze 29 kun oldin
These are basically vlogs what the heck laughing extremely loud!
joe bloggs
joe bloggs Oy oldin
This makes my life look very boring
R Age
R Age Oy oldin
I guess it depends on the airlines, but the flights are not free. My friend gets charged by the airlines for the tickets. It's only about $25, but it still isn't free.
jake kallen
jake kallen Oy oldin
Spence Playz
Spence Playz Oy oldin
I was on the same flight as you guys
Mr.SupremeVlogs 2
5:19 yeah, Shut the fuck up carl
Alyssa Vanvleet
How do I start to live my life to the fullest like this?! :)
pablo calderini
click bait inly 3 flights not 21
*Grixern* *\o/*
6:41 May the force be with you Is this starwars plane?
Freddy Jongue
Freddy Jongue Oy oldin
Komrade BigTex sucks
6:47 Nobody asked, but yes, that's ABIA
Elle Jones
Elle Jones Oy oldin
Is there a way you can be put on stand by without knowing an attendant ?
Whatster87 Oy oldin
you should check out dallas
Sulaiman Al.
Sulaiman Al. Oy oldin
Arcan M.D.
Arcan M.D. Oy oldin
You are the youtube version of Entourage
Russ Oy oldin
Soooo, I'm not gay but how the fuck do I get handsome like these mofos. Like fuck, your parents gotta look like train wrecks
Artamentous Oy oldin
this is how my family fly we have 4 of our friends and family giving us benefits on southwest.
MooGant Lee
MooGant Lee Oy oldin
Someone please explain how they did it, like the process of getting free flights.
KTLBranch Oy oldin
Yooo Ive been to the Austin airport and used that exact same kiosk that they used
Captain AkA
Captain AkA Oy oldin
Its 117 degrees in California, we went a "liiitle carzy."
Steven Pego
Steven Pego Oy oldin
" Be kind to one another, and let the force be with you" 6:38 LOL
Mindful Atmospheric Bro
Joe Doreck
Joe Doreck Oy oldin
im literally about to drive to waco for a college orientation
Jimmy Wilson
Jimmy Wilson Oy oldin
So they were 100% free?
Trevor Hockman
Where is “Carl” from?
Alex Duran
Alex Duran Oy oldin
So can I just go to the airport, ask for standby tickets, and if I’m able to get them- I can get on a flight for free?
sleetla. Oy oldin
Richard Rivera Jr
bruhhhhh im MOVING TO WACO!!!!!
Tiffany Miner
Tiffany Miner Oy oldin
Wait do you have to have a flight attendant with you to do this?
Kemper Jackson
Max Rosenberg
Max Rosenberg Oy oldin
Just looked it up, June 18 was a Monday. The shame I feel.
Raide Arkin
Raide Arkin Oy oldin
Okay I'll follow you if, you get to New Jersey, no cameras after the intro, no explaining your show channel or theory. When yall get here I'll have a nice poor man's barbecue, nothing fancy and yall can roll cameras telling how you got here without the support of your show. I feel like in any every day persons life none of this shizz would ever hold up in any of your episodes.
Jennifer Oy oldin
I live in Ontario, 61 miles away from Venice Beach so that’s kinda cool I guess
Fantastic Ghostastic
COME TO FRISCO TEXAS IT'S ONLY AN HOUR AWAY FROM WACO Edit: I just realized this video was uploaded a year ago XD
Lorna Phillips
i fly on standby all the time because my dad is a pilot but it’s never free??
Truitt Munoz
Truitt Munoz Oy oldin
He drew Waco close to Dallas lol
I love this videos
Devon Pemberton
“seeking discomfort” inspired me so much over the past 2 days :) thank you
Jacob Gillette
Flying standby is great but it's impossible to fly during holidays or busy weekends.
Bella Vinson
Bella Vinson Oy oldin
Sending love from waco!!! Shocked me when I heard it!!
Michael Mei
Michael Mei Oy oldin
6:28 why is this guy looking like the robot in Super Mario Galaxy
Luke Brooks
Luke Brooks Oy oldin
flying standby isn’t that special. everyone does it
Claire Martino
I sware Molive has been my flight attendant before
alex kuykendall
Waco isn’t the middle of nowhere Texas what the heck 😂
LLoyd Gabriel
LLoyd Gabriel Oy oldin
Music @ 1:05 anyone?
Yizel Aguilera
Im from El Paso, Tx. Never come here there is nothing to do unless you want to get dehydrated and sunburn😊
Morgan Brainos
I think he means "princess Carl."
Kaitlyn Krikorian
Does the standby only work if you have a flight attendent with you?
OsSådanErDet Oy oldin
Sub nr. 1.900.601 xD
Abigail Blijd
Abigail Blijd Oy oldin
I’ve flown stand-by all my life and never ever has it been free. Way cheaper but never just for free haha. And my dad works for an airline.
BAZIN César Oy oldin
It is not free, you still have to pay the departure and arrival airports taxes ranging between 10 to 100$. Still fair though
Nolan Housseau
this is what i do with my family
Voltz Oy oldin
no comments?
Breaking Comfort
My Grandma is a flight attendant for France airlines lol so I wouldn't be able to do this😂😭
Norman Cabilas
6:39 go out fck alot??? 😂
Crumpet Louder