The Shutdown Is Bad For Anyone Who Eats Food

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The government shutdown is having an impact on the demographic known as 'Americans who eat food.'
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12-Yan, 2019

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you457wx 17 soat oldin
if you believe that every single democrats is against a border wall then you're a idiot, this is a great example of democratic dictatorship, the leverage they use over their own party is funding for their next election campaign. if Pelosi says it's green then it's green or else, no matter what the color, so a bunch of weak minded democrats with no balls or character makes you happy?, how sad and pathetic. The democrats said they would discuss the wall after the shutdown was ended and yet they do nothing except take vacations and waste tax dollars, they need to do their jobs and end this, we have funded a lot more useless things that cost a lot more then this wall, please do us a favor and try to remove your head from your ass.
꧁Wesley꧂ Kun oldin
Serasia Kun oldin
“Speeeeeed it up a little!!”
john echols
john echols Kun oldin
Hey Pelosi now you have no excuse to get to Washington and resolve this thing.bbbuildvthe damn wall already! Americans want it...Jobs, US Steel, slowing down illegal immigration...win, win, win, now get it done!
benedictify Kun oldin
Counselor Foghorn Leghorn
Jesus Ernesto Tapia Ortiz
Trump send secret undercover agents to Honduras again to bring the second caravan of emigrants so he can get his wall money...evil dude 👿
Uwe von Kempen
Uwe von Kempen 2 kun oldin
Just a question: What is the (s&P, etc.) rating of a country, which doesn't pay its workers for a whole month due to missing 5bn$ ? Obviously AAA+ if it's the USA, B or less for any other county.
Don Townsend
Don Townsend 2 kun oldin
Political choices are always a choice of what the individual perceives to be the lesser of the two evils which makes one wonder , who with just a modicum of intelligence actually believes that this Country or the World would be better off today if the massively amoral and corrupt Clinton's were back in the White House ? !
Kevin McCameron
Kevin McCameron 2 kun oldin
So why is it not called the "Mitch McConnell Shut Down"? The shut down is because we do not have a budget because tRump refused to sign off on it. Congress Submits the budget, the President signs or vetoes, Congress can pass it with a 2/3rds majority. So Mitch just needs to rally support and lead Congress to pass the Budget without tRump or his border wall funding.
Kinky 2 kun oldin
The new Manafort "scandal" has been thoroughly debunked by a real journalist, Aaron Mate of the Intercept but that doesn't stop Stephen from repeating the Russophobic BS. Sad.... uzvid.com/video/video-V_0e558BpHk.html
Username Here
Username Here 3 kun oldin
Does this mean that pet food also is not held to any standard? Something needs to be done this is getting dangerous for everybody and it is not funny.
Daniel Webster
Daniel Webster 3 kun oldin
He's so stupid... He's so stupid... He's so stupid... He's really is so stupid... IMPEACH the PEACH
Ali Raza
Ali Raza 3 kun oldin
Katerina and Nadia? Any Vampire Diaries fans here? That's some coincidence....
Art Marquez
Art Marquez 3 kun oldin
I think they are using collusion instead of treason. Call it what it is.
Joshua Bonesteel
Joshua Bonesteel 3 kun oldin
Manafort looked like shooter mcgavin in that picture.
john echols
john echols 3 kun oldin
Just shut up and build the damn wall, Americans want it and it does work.
kancil aspal
kancil aspal 3 kun oldin
President Trump is the only President in American history that Pray and kiss the Jewish Holly Wall Move US Embassy to Jerusalem Withdrawal from Iran Deal to save the Jewish people and surrounding Make Christmas Christmas again Trump / Pence 2020
Jessica Olson
Jessica Olson 3 kun oldin
It seems like he got bored of being president and it's trying everything he can to get impeached in any manner possible.
john echols
john echols 3 kun oldin
No it's the Schumer shutdown. Dems refused to even meet and talk. Just build the damn wall, Americans want it , walls work and they don't buy the liberal crap.
N S 3 kun oldin
The border wall is a distraction from the Russia investigation. A wall can be tunneled under and climbed over. The only wall needed is the wall around Trump with bars on the windows. We have a Russian agent in the Whitehouse! Arrest Agolf Twittler.
Nicholas Hilton
Nicholas Hilton 3 kun oldin
“That’s right! Sometimes Moms leave too.” Hahahahaha 😂
beunhaas 3 kun oldin
I'm a bit confused here, I mean don't the people get paid whent he shutdown is over?
James Nunn
James Nunn 3 kun oldin
Good may you'll starved
clear next
clear next 3 kun oldin
well i've got a watch tower at my southern border, no worries at all.
Diyan D
Diyan D 3 kun oldin
The whole world is laughing at Trump, keep on voting for orange 2020 , under Trump the rich got a tax cut and federal DEregulations such as pulling out of the paris environment agreement , coal industry is failing no matter the promise of jobs back no uptraining to more efficient energy field, mercury in air is considered safe again? Daca scared you, the caravan scared you , the TPP scared you, china scared you, mexico as well ,isis terorism and fake news scare you. U.S.A was a symbol of bravery and courage, witts and technological achievements. Hope dies last.
the last of the lemmings
Trust me its not butter" is a seth Myers bit!
Tuxedo Cat
Tuxedo Cat 4 kun oldin
Does Colbert ever launder his suit? Wears it every night.
SPongebob squarepants
This was ,not funny .
sprinter768 4 kun oldin
Tammy Flowers looks suspiciously like Jill Newslady... Hmmm..
Ihate People
Ihate People 4 kun oldin
..... . ..... .
siempresola77 4 kun oldin
Federal workers will be paid back pay.. one lump check.. but seriously sucks to wait for your pay because of a wall Mexico is supposed to pay for
Brain McManus
Brain McManus 4 kun oldin
Is there a Mrs. Putin?
Raven Ken
Raven Ken 4 kun oldin
Yes, TREASON should be part of this discussion b/c that is, what it is. I'm sure there are people out there that say it can only occur during a time of war but I would disagree.
La Gavi Si Sabe
La Gavi Si Sabe 4 kun oldin
Am I the only one that thinks we shouldn't be announcing our potential weaknesses like fda inspections n tsa issues?
Jim Battersbee
Jim Battersbee 4 kun oldin
never thought I'd see the USA collapse, and so quickly, but given the sheer incompetence of your government I guess it had to happen. Bye.
L Matkin
L Matkin 4 kun oldin
"the president has repeatedly ruled out doing so [stopping the shut down], and privately told Democrats this month that such a move would make him look foolish".....? How could he not already look more foolish. ‘When I Skate It Just Feels Free’ A Business With No End In 12 Minutes, Everything Went Wrong
Blueberryymuffin 4 kun oldin
I thought the sunny side up was from Princess Diaries... I watched it recently okay?! It was on TV! It’s not my fault! Julie Andrews is amazing!
Endless Void Studios
at this point they should just give him the money for weak steel slates for a better DACA deal you know this whole things just BS so he can slow down the FBI investigation and i mean come on with things back up and running this mother fucker's gonna be in jail before the first slate gose up XD
Hexanitrobenzene 4 kun oldin
As a European, I don't understand how it is legal for government officials to decide to shut down government. I thought in that case the country must first go bankrupt or something of that scale. Now in USA, one man wanted wall with his name. He didn't get it. And he shut down the government. Just because he can...
damn tired
damn tired 4 kun oldin
Cobier is bad for anyone with a brain
Outlawrockman 4 kun oldin
Guys, we need to come together and help Tammy Flowers. She’s been a pillar in the weather forecaster community and we have to pay her back for the years of dedication. Let’s start a patreon for her
Molly Spurgeon
Molly Spurgeon 4 kun oldin
I know it's his thing but his hooker pee pee jokes are kind of predictable
Angry Kittens
Angry Kittens 4 kun oldin
It's a real witch this time. Burn it with fire.
Jackie Roberts
Jackie Roberts 4 kun oldin
Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.#RaisedByHeroes #BratsUnited
Jonathan AceTurismo6
Did anyone notice that the degree at the end of the video has a typo in it? They misspelled the word "preparation." I wonder if the were being ironic, since its a degree from a University that doesn't actually exist?
Michael Archuleta
Michael Archuleta 5 kun oldin
Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuullshit... shutdown burns off the liberal parasites that stifle human innovation...
Know One
Know One 5 kun oldin
I see all the whining snowflakes talking about "collusion". Yet it's the dems who are attempting to turn this country into a one party state like their buddies in Russia, China, Korea, etc. I see other fucktards whining about tRump turning the US into a third world country, yet its you liberal fuckwads, refusing to obey the federal immigration laws - many of them instituted by Clinton and Obama - allowing this country to be swamped by uneducated, unskilled, illiterate third world trash. Who is the real problem here? It isn't tRump by far.
Rob T
Rob T 5 kun oldin
Abortion is kinda bad for anybody who wants to eat too. Roe v Wade, the only thing a Democrat will fight for. That's something to be proud of!!
Madison Marshall
Madison Marshall 5 kun oldin
Remember what happened to Marie Antoinette
Madison Marshall
Madison Marshall 5 kun oldin
Ironic how Trump’s justification for the wall is safety and security. Meanwhile...our airports and food are less safe and the FBI is not protecting us.
One Two
One Two 5 kun oldin
2:30 did anyone catch that number?
StormCrow Alpha
StormCrow Alpha 5 kun oldin
The only thing I find annoying about Colbert is the constant need to announce “I’m your host, Stephen Colbert.” Because we don’t know who you are or do you just enjoy saying your name for extra cheers and applause? That’s like me announcing who I am at the beginning of every class I teach. “Welcome to class, I’m your teacher ____________.”
Loving Loc Life
Loving Loc Life 5 kun oldin
I got brain damage from reading some of these comments geesh. I come to enjoy the video and find myself slipping into the comments and expecting a different outcome. Definitely brain damage.
Loving Loc Life
Loving Loc Life 5 kun oldin
My premonition of massive food contamination and sickness. *sigh*
TheReady500 5 kun oldin
Jack jack
Jack jack 5 kun oldin
We the people want the Wall. Period.
rachadian hadiwibowo
Wow...Its like a government take civilians as a hostage to get what they want. Government should work for benefit of people, not make them as a bargaining chips And I think america system is weird, how can government allowed to shut down just because disagreements of budget and policies? I mean I understand if the country is out of budget or in civil war but this is america, how can they out of budget?
carlos perez
carlos perez 5 kun oldin
I believe you're part of the whole thing because we keep laughing at stuff that's unconstitutional that's wrong unlawful and it's not a joking matter I think you're part of it
Pool Guy
Pool Guy 5 kun oldin
So basically we are all going to become criminals so that we can get money to buy food, and then we are going to get sick from the food, and then we are going to call the ambulance only to find out they took the day off because they aren't getting paid? Whew, at least our borders are secure... wait a minute.
emma rabid
emma rabid 5 kun oldin
Paul Manafort: Trump campaigner and convicted felon.
Robert matheny
Robert matheny 5 kun oldin
Still mind boggling how so many support this idiot. How much damage and lies can the leader of a country do before someone steps up and gets him out so the country can get someone productive in there. This goes for both parties. Taking the country hostage to gain one addenda over the other is not what the highest power was meant for.
Xploit Weakness
Xploit Weakness 5 kun oldin
stehpen talk about the 30 democrats living it up in Puerto Rico
Paul Laplante
Paul Laplante 5 kun oldin
When is someone going to have the balls enough to take that living cheeto out?!?!?! 😈😈😈😈😈😈
dub2459 5 kun oldin
Why are all the late shows just an extension of CNN.
Amy Bruch
Amy Bruch 5 kun oldin
Love the prayer thingy. Anywho, I hope the federal government collapses entirely and we can go back to self sufficient living. The IRS takes homes from farmers, working class and,small buisiness owners who have fallen on hard times. But I'm sure Colbert isn't concerned about "those people" considering he's worth millions. But whatever, right? P.S. Colbert has never been funny. Morons watch morons regurgitating.
Kevin Street
Kevin Street 5 kun oldin
Oh yeah. Dice up a Maybe Potato with Sometimes Carrots, throw them in a pan and fry it up! It's almost supper.
Amy Bruch
Amy Bruch 5 kun oldin
Only those who sponge off of the working class. TSA is just upset they can't fondle our bodies. Our food is already toxic.
Kfan man
Kfan man 5 kun oldin
wow for new news..
There’s an expression in Russian - “break your tongue” or you can use the American tongue twisting, but swallowing is a new one.
Richie of Tampa
Richie of Tampa 5 kun oldin
This dipshit don't care about homeless hungry people.
E 5 kun oldin
I have a very close loved one who works as an analytical food chemist at the FDA. He has been offered jobs of higher pay but refused them because it would mean working less in the lab, and that is where his passion lies. Yes of course he works to get a paycheck, but also because he legitimately cares about keeping food safe. He worked hard to get where he is, getting his PhD in chemistry, getting an article published in a peer-reviewed journal, and working numerous tireless nights. These federal workers missing their paychecks are not some bourgeois fat-cats who do nothing all day. They are hard workers, many who live paycheck to paycheck, who are being stiffed for absolutely unjust reasons.
Gayle Elliott
Gayle Elliott 5 kun oldin
Oh, no, not more lies! And a president whose shutdown is forcing honest people to quit long-held jobs because they're being forced to work without pay. Donald Trump's MAGA: Make America Grim Again.
Ricky Harvey
Ricky Harvey 5 kun oldin
Trump was the best thing that could of happen to this curupt country
Ricky Harvey
Ricky Harvey 5 kun oldin
Get out and work you free loaders !!! Get a different job and quit crying
Oliver Phippen
Oliver Phippen 5 kun oldin
BORDER Right now our Southern border is only 20 / 30 % effective with immigrants and the left want to keep it that way The Dims want to control OUR borders with drones like ZERO did fighting ISIS and watched them expand daily Allowing the dims to run immigration is like the fox guarding the hen house The wall is a foundation and the wall will stop 70% of the illegals After that the Republicans propose to add technology as necessary ? What Dims have to be careful about is some company comes along and wants some advertising and pays for a portion of the Wall ??? Monsanto / Goya / Purdue /Apple / BUD etc ???? Be glad your not one of those people who has had a relative killed by an illegal ?? If Chucky concedes to the wall funding he keeps his job If Nancy concedes to the wall funding she looses her job If the Don concedes off the wall he looses his job If Chucky maintains his stance not to fund the wall he looses his job If Nancy maintains her stance not to fund the wall she also looses her job If the DON maintain his stance to build that Wall he wins reelection in 2020 Chucky has one chance left Nancy is gone regardless of her action Nancys / Chucky's job is in the balance - all or nothing The DON has backed the DIMs into a corner and the longer this goes on it resonates with the public against the Dims especially when the Dims are on vacation and the DON is in the WH ? The DON has many alternatives while Chucky and Nancy are done , they are out of ammunition except for more created lies with no body Camera ? The DON has backed them into a corner and their political life is in the balance ?? Make no mistake this is a democratic shut down and democrats don’t care about DACA or the American public as they proclaim ??
KeyzCapt 5 kun oldin
There are several reasons not to worry about food inspectors and the government shutdown. First off, most companies have internal quality controls for two very big reasons that have nothing to do with inspectors... 1. Quality product means repeat business, lack thereof kills a business pretty quick. 2. Injuring customers will result in being sued which can either bankrupt or make liability insurance prohibitively expensive for the company. Also, like anyone, they are on their best behavior when inspectors are around which often isn’t indicative of behavior when they aren’t (your room was extra clean when you knew the parents were looking, right). What will be nice is companies who don’t have to worry about their businesses being shutdown over simple misunderstandings or because they didn’t slip an envelope under the table.
m bk
m bk 5 kun oldin
"SECURITY SECURITY SECURITY SECURITY" ............ but his own people can't even EAT????????????????????????????? UM ..... Marie Antoinette!?
Grace Okezie
Grace Okezie 5 kun oldin
The country Lawyer bit was gold
Jonah Torrey
Jonah Torrey 5 kun oldin
The world would be an exponentially better place if people stopped eating factory farmed, chicken, turkey and pigs. Like if you turn off the water when you're brushing your teeth, and think you're doing good for the Earth but then eating factory farmed meat, you're an idiot.
Curtis Paul
Curtis Paul 5 kun oldin
I wonder when the water will get shut off at the white house?
Isaiah 5 kun oldin
Omg that burn at the end.
Pharron Rhodes
Pharron Rhodes 5 kun oldin
Trump plays the media like checkers.
Pharron Rhodes
Pharron Rhodes 5 kun oldin
Fucking aye!! M K. That's what I have been saying. They media doesn't even talk about the investigation any more.
Rose Jay
Rose Jay 5 kun oldin
See the thing about The citizens our sense of humor is going to keep us pushing 💯
Carson Pratt
Carson Pratt 5 kun oldin
If you want to talk about what is bad for people that like food, how about all the onerous regulations that make it necessary for companies to run massive operations in order to be profitable. You know, the kinds of operations that require continuous antibiotic use because the overcrowding means one animal gets sick then the whole herd is compromised. The types of operations that are responsible for stuff like Listeria outbreaks. When is the last time you heard of a small operation having an outbreak that triggered a recall. Oh, and the people you support force shutdowns too. Just sayin'.
Mr. Adventure
Mr. Adventure 5 kun oldin
I'm changing majors in college.
playerkingawesome 5 kun oldin
I want that "butter".
TheErnieforss 5 kun oldin
All that schooling for meteorology and they cant tell me the weather by themselves. They have to use the government app? Talk about going to trump school.
BenderRodriguez10 5 kun oldin
Are Tammy Flowers and Jill Newslady sisters? They look so much alike.
Culminatr 5 kun oldin
Facts (as of Dec, 2018)? Ok, we have: • In Dec 2018, 45 was order to shut down the TRUMP FOUNDATION (Fake Charity) under heavy Judicial supervision, who will make certain that all the money left in the Foundation goes to reputable Charities amid corruption allegations & the use of the money as 45’s personal slush funds (e.g. 45's $10,000 self-portrait, & paying off his fines); • The shovelling of millions of dollars of Tax Payers money a day into 45 personal businesses; • The Tax cut that allows 45 to pay $140 million’s less taxes a year; • 45’s refusal to present his Tax Returns; • 45, along with his Billionaire friends, have 3000 Companies operating in Russia, generating $90 Billion in revenue for themselves in 2017 alone, creating thousands of jobs for Russian Citizens; • 45’s fake identities to swindle money & people’s opinions: (1) John Barron … in order to get on the Forbes 400 list claiming that 45 was worth $500 Billion when he is believed to have had $5 Billion; (2) John Miller … who phone interviewed Media regularly to say that 45 is a good guy & would not hurt his then wife Ivana when undergoing divorce proceedings & allegations of rape 1989; & (3) David Dennison in order to hide documented payments & silencing contracts to Porn Star Stormy Daniels; • $107 Million dollars raised for 45’s Inauguration (known money, plus millions more that Ivanka directed the committee to put directly into the Trump accounts with no records), where Melania Trump paid a friend $26 Million dollars, charging $107,000 for overnight stays for officials in Trump Hotels even when Committee Members found other accommodations for $85,000 per night; & $40 Million of the known money raised is unaccounted for; • Nepotism by having his children in the White House, earning $83 Million a year from scamming people while enjoying free WH Office Space & WH Assistants ... AND ... using Federal Web Sites to market their products Internationally, & use International Government visits to promote their personal businesses ... AND ... getting his daughter Ivanka, 13 Multimillion Dollar Chinese Patents approved in exchange for a Chinese Telco ZTE to run again in the USA after it was deemed years ago as a Security Risk to the USA; • Stealing babies & young children from their Parents & placing them in Concentration Camps. The Courts ordered 45 to return them ALL back to their parents. 12 months later, over 100 babies & children STILL NOT RETURNED; a 7 & an 8yo have now died unnecessary while under government custody; • Patronage by having his Billionaire mates take up WH office & ridding qualified & experienced Republican leaders that have worked for, been loyal to, & have done all the assorted training needed by, the Party, their whole entire life (remember, for better part of 45's life, he was a DEMOCRAT); • Paying himself ½ Million Tax Payers Dollars a year on FBI Golf Carts used at 45’s Resort who protect 45; • The Russian Collusion with his constant flip-flops & lies about … not knowing/ knowing Russians … & not knowing / knowing, or even meeting Putin; • 45 Treasonous remarks in front of World Media from all Countries on Earth, and in front of Putin, telling all that he trusts Putin’s words over his own USA Intelligence Organisations; • The payment of a Porn Star months before the election to keep quiet his sexual ravages yet during election … he sat on stage … Hillary’s husband’s alleged rape victims to humiliate Hillary, who had nothing to do with any of the sexual assault allegations; • 17 Women (plus 4 names supressed) who have been sexually assaulted by 45 but have been silenced (Jessica Leads 1980s, Un-named young girl 1992, Jill Harth 1993, Kristin Anderson 1990s, Lisa Boyne 1996, Cathy Heller 1997, Temple Taggart 1997, Mariah Billado plus 4 more anonymous Miss Teen USA Contestants 1997, Karen Virginia 1998, Bridget Sullivan 2000, Tasha Dixon 2001, Unnamed Miss USA Contestant 2001, Mindy McGillivary 2003, Rachel Crooks 2005, Natasha Stognoff 2005, Ninni Laaksonen 2006, Jessica Drake 2006, Summer Zevros 2007, Unnamed Woman 2010, Cassandra Searles 2013) ... the latter ones claiming that 45 told them that they reminded him of his daughter before his sexual pursuits; • A rape of a 13yo in 1994 that never went to court; • 45’s Tapes where he is seen & heard disrespecting women & grading them as sex objects such as the Bus audio tapes, the Howard Stern Interviews where he brags about entering into the contestants of the Miss Universe’s dressing rooms … unannounced … to watch them dress & undress (& potentially the Pee-Pee tapes?); • 45’s refusal to action sanctions against Russia that was ‘overwhelming’ voted in by Congress over 12 months ago; • Insulting every USA Ally Country & their Leaders … but still showing TOTAL Respect towards Russia and … proclaiming his Love for Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader of North Korea; • 45's Self declaration that he is a Nationalist (Hitler was a proclaimed Nationalists); • The increase in Health Benefit costs to his people & the total scrapping of Obama Care; • The refusal to exclude Mental Health people from getting Guns; • Massive reductions of Scientists who monitor the Health of USA Citizens & Environment; • Threatened USA Citizens that he will remove subsidies for Electric Cars because 45 & his mates have Coal & Oil investments; • Unilaterally declaring that the USA recognises Jerusalem as the capital of the Jews … insulting EVERY Christian Nation in the World; • Never paying many employees & tradespeople for the work they did for him; • Refusing to allow Black people & Puerto Ricans to rent his apartments until ordered by the courts; • Complimenting the Charlottesville Neo Nazis as having some “fine people”; • Insulting NFL Players for taking a knee to bring attention to the abuse of Black People by some law enforcement agencies. 45 humiliated them, gets them fired, & branded them as Unpatriotic while 45 … on 5 occasions … did not serve in the Military because his doctors said he had bone spurs … but was seen playing sports on most weeks; • Withdrawing the USA from World Trade (TPP) agreements. The Countries of the Free World have now formed new World Trade agreements (CPTPP) with new Leadership, that exclude the USA; • Twice jesting about the prospects of the POTUS becoming a President for Life (or Emperor) of the USA; • Throwing candy at German Chancellor Angela Merkel (the NEW Leader of the Free World), insulting British Prime Minister Theresa May, & proclaiming his hatred towards Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon ... all because they're WOMEN IN POWER; • Surrounds himself with crooked people that have been indicted, convicted & have pleaded guilty: Michael Cohen, Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos; • Noel Casler (former ‘The Apprentice’ candidate) vehemently reports the 45 is a ‘Speed Freak’ who regularly snorts crushed Adderall because 45 gets nervous reading cue cards on stage; • 45’s Fake University defrauded students of theirs & their family’s money; • Frequent misuse of the Eminent Domain Law (used to take property needed for necessary Public Projects like park, bridge, or school developments) in an attempt to take an Elderly Woman’s (Atlantic City resident Vera Coking) home from her, which she had lived in for decades. It went to court after years of HARASSMENT by 45, and 45 lost because his plans showed that it was a personal gain for 45 in building a parking lot for his Casino’s … there was absolutely no PUBLIC benefit; • 45 praising Dictators yet trashing the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau & declaring Canada, the EU, and Great Britain, National Security RISKS, yet has PRIVATE meetings with Russian Officials both at the White House, overseas, and constant private telephone calls with Putin; • Giving Countries the USA in exchange for personal profits, like Russia bailing him out of a billion dollar debt, China giving him 1/2 billion dollars for his personal business, and North Korea allowing him to build Fast Food & Hotel franchises in North Korea; • 45's senseless Tariff Taxes on his own people seeing companies like George Skarich’s “Nails Factory” collapse & firing 500 workers, and the Harley Davison parts manufacturers moving offshore & laying off 4,445 jobs; • Refusing to put Tariff Taxes on any of his Daughter’s products, given her the competitive edge by having the lowest prices; • 45 constantly Twittering to the World that the USA FBI & Legal systems are corrupt … and undermining EVERY POTUS before him, and all USA Intelligence Operatives & Military Operatives past & present; • Comparing himself to Abe Lincoln saying that he has done a better job; • THREATENING USA Citizens that if the Democrats win the 2018 Midterms, the USA Economy WILL SUFFER? After the Midterms, 45 signed off more USA debt reaching a RECORD $22.6 TRILLION. Even though warned that the economy will collapse in a few years, 45 said he doesn’t care because it won’t be his problem; • Shutting down the Government during the 2018 Christmas & New Year holidays, NOT paying a million of his Citizens salaries, because Mexico refused to pay for the Southern Border Wall; • 45's refusal to go to the November “2018 War Memorial Service” in France, but went there for a secret meeting with Putin, however this was foiled by the French President Emmanuel Macron; • Ivanka Trump caught using Private eMails going to a PRIVATE SERVER to do Government business that 45 deemed as being illegal for Heroic Hillary Clinton, rallying his base to thunderous chants of “Lock her up!”; • 45 attempting to ignite the NEXT STAGE of Fascism at Thanksgiving 2018, trying to rally the USA Military against the USA Judiciary. And I’m pretty sure there is a whole lot of stuff I’m missing here!
Jim Brannan
Jim Brannan 5 kun oldin
It WILL always be referred to as the Schumer-Pelosi shutdown. Immature skits like this show why Dem's have no substance to their argument.
Stephen H. Koontz
Stephen H. Koontz 5 kun oldin
Nice “I Love Lucy” nod!
Tracy Martin
Tracy Martin 5 kun oldin
Love Trump.. yeah!!! Finally Americans first...
Adam Nowek
Adam Nowek 5 kun oldin
Why are USAians so unwilling to learn to pronounce things properly?
C Mac
C Mac 5 kun oldin
He was funny on election night when Trump beat Clinton.
Vicki Ross Tudor
Vicki Ross Tudor 5 kun oldin
Secure the boarders but sacrifice the airways and national coast... trump logic.
N B 5 kun oldin
Make America free again.
Conner Fields
Conner Fields 5 kun oldin
It's conspiracy, start calling it conspiracy, or maybe don't. He might stay in office longer if we keep that thread going. They will think we're the nuts and not the Billionaire Real Estate guy who we decided to elect because...................
Conner Fields
Conner Fields 5 kun oldin
We have to do something. We do.
DMND CA 6 kun oldin
Someone get this man out of the office. Smh