The Spiders and the Bees

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Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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8-Mar, 2019



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Oscar OV
Oscar OV Soat oldin
The only non Venomous spider in Australia is the “Daddy Long Legs” every other one will definitely kill you. Isn’t my Country great.
DaveTGP the golden player
Actually bee were brought by Europeans to US and life was ok before they were even there
DaveTGP the golden player
This is Adam ruins everything
Catub’s TV
Catub’s TV Soat oldin
I Love spiders. I take care of a tarantula.
Julie Dargi
Julie Dargi Soat oldin
i live in australiaaa, it's not bad
Thomas Ramos
Thomas Ramos Soat oldin
Can you recreate your book I made as a kid video
KoolMees !
KoolMees ! Soat oldin
Dark Alla
Dark Alla Soat oldin
Can u link ur drawing software in your next vid as u took it off
ShakotoTM Soat oldin
Hello James I have a video I'm currently working on and I just wanted to say could you voice in the video your probably not gonna even see this but if you do please give it a thought also I love you your the best ❤️
Bobcat Bill
Bobcat Bill Soat oldin
What about hornets those things are the satan of the insect community
Bobcat Bill
Bobcat Bill Soat oldin
I bet once bees have died out completly we with have fully working robotic bees doing the same job if not better
Tyler signal
Tyler signal Soat oldin
New vid.....CHICKENS and the TURKEYS. Who will win the war?
#Ducksareawesome1 1
“And YEET it back out into the wild” Hahahaha lol! Btw I hate spiders but this vid made me change my mind
Lazy Birb
Lazy Birb Soat oldin
I only have a fear of bees because I can’t tell the difference between bees and *fricken wasps*
Greedexile 2 soat oldin
Keeghan The Donger
Keeghan The Donger 2 soat oldin
Bees Vs Spiders
Isabelle Bothamley
Isabelle Bothamley 2 soat oldin
Hahaha puns
Natausha Jessop
Natausha Jessop 2 soat oldin
Same I got stung 2 times to
DobriyMeyRoN- Кубовый ноунейм
Поставьте лайки типо че-то ахуенное написал
CG Wonton
CG Wonton 2 soat oldin
Hi James what do you use to draw on ( what app) like so he sees
jayson the hedehog
jayson the hedehog 2 soat oldin
Hey James I was afraid of wasps as well
Annette K.
Annette K. 2 soat oldin
I'm have a fear of spiders because... THEY KEEP CRAWLING ON MY BED AND COME INTO MY ROOM UNINVITED!!!😤😫😫😫😫😡But thanks odd1isout for helping me with my fear of spiders.... #Istillhatespidersandfearthem
Rock Tulip
Rock Tulip 2 soat oldin
Love the videos, James. Keep erm coming.
The Drakkhen
The Drakkhen 2 soat oldin
White tail spider bit me on the leg took months to recover and now i have a huge scar, bee stung me on the arm while riding my bike, no damage over it in a minute. Australia
dracoknight !
dracoknight ! 2 soat oldin
I'm allergic to spider bites so... My over reactions are kinda deserved.
Pickl 2 soat oldin
last summer finland's wasp population blew up and they were everywhere
la gachatuber cida :v Ω?
I LOVE BEES AND SPIDERS SORRY UwU (Bad english :^ yes i'm mexicana viva México yeah xD) LOVE vídeo
Playtime 1607
Playtime 1607 3 soat oldin
Bee still scare the life out if me
8 o
8 o 3 soat oldin
Night Shade
Night Shade 3 soat oldin
I have a wasp, hornet, and bee phobia. I love their honey though- just don’t get them near me
CashOrTrash Unboxings
You are the best you are so good love you so much. I even told my class that you are my role model
Shadow Williams
Shadow Williams 3 soat oldin
weehappyknownjetpack 546
It's Kca
It's Kca 3 soat oldin
Okay am i the only one who thinks spiderd are cute ?
weehappyknownjetpack 546
When me and my friends went to France a bee landed on my back I was freaking out in side and trying to stay calm
Insomnina gaming
Insomnina gaming 3 soat oldin
my classmate ruined my emotions today she laughed at my art can i have some advice on art
Anonymous 3 soat oldin
I’m a fan of flies AND spiders, I’m a fan of flies because they eat bacteria, lol.
Anna Phyladitis
Anna Phyladitis 3 soat oldin
I- I- I live in australia...
Android 19
Android 19 3 soat oldin
most spiders are aesthetic AF some are just fucking horrible though.
AwesomeGuy4444 TA
AwesomeGuy4444 TA 3 soat oldin
Good on ya MattPat.
Emerald Sky
Emerald Sky 3 soat oldin
**10 Millions subs yet 21 million viewers** COME ON PEOPLE HIT THAT BIG RED BUTTON *_N O W_*
Ognjen Stojcic
Ognjen Stojcic 3 soat oldin
I idimt get bit by a bee but i almost got stung by a hornet
Doge 3 soat oldin
nice job james you won the youtuber airsoft only games im surprised Jaiden was there to!
IGoldLiliumI 3 soat oldin
wasps are worst
Trent Byrd
Trent Byrd 3 soat oldin
I’m like you with bees I’m so scared of them
Ender Hugo
Ender Hugo 4 soat oldin
Also here in Brazil, we have a shit ton of spiders that can get you fubernucked Well, thats what my biology teacher said
allstar killer
allstar killer 4 soat oldin
I remember when I got bit by a spider
Kevin the cube
Kevin the cube 4 soat oldin
Wasps DIE bees LIVE
Nika West
Nika West 4 soat oldin
well....we CAN live without bees...we just need to hand pollinate the plants....like China
Spoondex Large
Spoondex Large 4 soat oldin
u posted this on my birthday
Holden George
Holden George 4 soat oldin
I got stung by a bee not 3 times not 2 times but 0 times
Real Prestigious
Real Prestigious 4 soat oldin
Willow Luna
Willow Luna 4 soat oldin
Is Mikayla Snow still your girlfriend?
Boom99 Playz
Boom99 Playz 4 soat oldin
i live in Australia R.I.P
Leonel Ortiz
Leonel Ortiz 4 soat oldin
At 2:16
Leonel Ortiz
Leonel Ortiz 4 soat oldin
Poor spider
Gabriel Geduldig
Gabriel Geduldig 4 soat oldin
Anybody else got an add before this vid? Just me. Ok
Hayden H
Hayden H 4 soat oldin
They’re dying because they’re an invasive species. They were brought here and life was fine without them.
Ronan Tkacs
Ronan Tkacs 4 soat oldin
Hey James, I never knew you're real name until today, and it's James Rallison.
Virus Vicious
Virus Vicious 4 soat oldin
...Sadly im in Australia
Kazuki Aoshima
Kazuki Aoshima 4 soat oldin
YOUR ANIMATIONS SUCK! -Suck at doing horrible
Creeper Productions09
Justin Bishop
Justin Bishop 4 soat oldin
I remember a bee landed on my nose and I stood still till my family fell asleep
Jaziel Varughese
Jaziel Varughese 5 soat oldin
Odd 1 sout
Scott Larson
Scott Larson 5 soat oldin
HOIy FriCk
Gaming God
Gaming God 5 soat oldin
On Mobile
Gaming God
Gaming God 5 soat oldin
Hey James I challenge you to Tetris
Lily Melvin
Lily Melvin 5 soat oldin
(but most importantly) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY JAAAAAAAMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lily Melvin
Lily Melvin 5 soat oldin
YAY STEPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
De Casas Monkeys
De Casas Monkeys 5 soat oldin
bees are invasive species
Lily Melvin
Lily Melvin 5 soat oldin
YAY MATPAT!!!!!!!!!!
ShyGuy Animates
ShyGuy Animates 5 soat oldin
“Holy Frick” Well said, James. Well said.
Fox 2007
Fox 2007 5 soat oldin
7:34 H O L Y F R I C K
The offical Saber
The offical Saber 5 soat oldin
I've been stung 354 times I have allergies to them
Drop King
Drop King 5 soat oldin
Was wit ya till ya said Australia coz I kinda live there...
Gachapandaa Amethyst
Lol the same with me the spider crawls up to me in the shower
1k subs with 2 videos challenge
7:34 I’m dying 😂😂😂
Amazinggamer 220
Amazinggamer 220 5 soat oldin
I Gay
I Gay 5 soat oldin
A bee landed on my nose before
AmazingGirl237 5 soat oldin
Do u ever reply to comments?
J.A.M. kids
J.A.M. kids 5 soat oldin
Your videos always make me feel better today my parrot escaped and I'm afraid she will die 🐦
Lil Dave
Lil Dave 5 soat oldin
3:47 anyone else see a woody costume?
Target Giftcard AKA Sharp Talk
Wait but who sleeps with their hat on?
pixey191 5 soat oldin
I remember during the summer when I was a kid, we had a water bucket outside for the dogs. My chore was to go out to clean and re-full it. There was a pretty big wasp nest in the water hose box, so during the hotter part of the day the wasps would gather around the bucket and chill on the leaves that had fallen in. Well one day I had noticed that one had fallen in and was struggling in the middle of the water, I already like bugs in general so I wasn’t afraid of sticking my hand in there and letting it dry out on my arm. After that I made an effort to come outside more and make sure no wasps had died in the water bucket and in turn they let me chill around the water hose box. So I don’t really dislike wasps.
Ed Bonner
Ed Bonner 5 soat oldin
except for tiny bugs well kinda
Ed Bonner
Ed Bonner 5 soat oldin
ok james i've been traumatised of bees and every other insect in the world because of spiders
Some Guy Named Steve
when labrador retrievers kills twice as many people in the United States than sharks killed worldwide in 2018
grump 27
grump 27 5 soat oldin
Do a remake on your old video!
Sardius Sandoval
Sardius Sandoval 6 soat oldin
Almost 11 mil subs
Pink Rainbow
Pink Rainbow 6 soat oldin
I was attacked by wasps. It wasn’t fun
ItsHydro987 And more stuff
5:39 bee puns
Kill Me
Kill Me 6 soat oldin
Who wants beetsoup?
Natty's Drawings & Art
LiaTube 6 soat oldin
Actually bee’s are invasive in the 1500’s it was brought into America and was named “The White Mans Fly” and before the 1500’s America was doing much better than when the bee was brought in ANDDDD cut
Quantum play's
Quantum play's 6 soat oldin
...I...I guess I'll try to make friends with spiders...
Natty's Drawings & Art
Lol, I will still crush a spider....
Natty's Drawings & Art
Kill.... me..
Chase Thompson
Chase Thompson 6 soat oldin
OMG I just had ptsd from wasps when you made that noise I was so scared
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I once threw a book at a spider, and i swear it changed into the flash.
Chase Thompson
Chase Thompson 6 soat oldin
Um well lets just say I've been stung over 30 times, after I stepped in a nest.
IncredibleJake690 6 soat oldin
7:34 when you remember you have homework due tomorrow and your about to go to bed.
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