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The Elephone S8 is one of the coolest sub-$300 smartphones I've ever looked at. It features a super slim bezel and impressive 1440p display. Elephone also managed to pack in a fingerprint sensor and 21-megapixel camera into the package. The Elephone S8 is a very impressive Android smartphone for the price.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Yil oldin
This 3D Audio Experience Will Blow Your Mind (Wear Headphones) uzvid.com/video/video-40r8JE7aVI8.html
Sahil Hamta
Sahil Hamta 26 kun oldin
Sir.I need a IPhone xr can you post me I don't have money to buy mobile I m very needy .❤👍😑
Sahil Hamta
Sahil Hamta 26 kun oldin
Sir can you post to me I have no money. I'll buy a good mobile
sandeep maddipatla
Hi sir plzzzzzzzzz try the new elephone a5 plzzzzzzzzz
BydBlx Oy oldin
HONOR note 10, come on, when are you going to reveal the best phone by far....
josue castro
josue castro 9 kun oldin
Budget phone but crazy no battery available hard to find. Don't buy this phone
bruch jared
bruch jared 11 kun oldin
Check out the vivo Apex when it comes out, it supposedly has no buttons or ports at all
Warrior Nits
Warrior Nits 12 kun oldin
Riku Seman
Riku Seman 15 kun oldin
Wow! May be my next cell phone, really good looking cphone
DP Gaming
DP Gaming 18 kun oldin
Where can I find this phone?
vance young
vance young 19 kun oldin
Was onboard until NO HEADPHONE JACK
Zachary Martinez
Zachary Martinez 19 kun oldin
Dope video
GAESCA 22 kun oldin
Menuda mierdaca de movil
Tom Peake
Tom Peake Oy oldin
Bought this phone back in April last year already broke 😂
Ramble On
Ramble On Oy oldin
No NFC... Kaboom!
Bangla IFA
Bangla IFA Oy oldin
play some games too man
just me
just me Oy oldin
Good. But you show only camera and video in the cellphones and the cellphones have a lot of diferents functions try to do something extra. Show all (mostly) functions
Nemo Nobody
Nemo Nobody Oy oldin
I've never heard of it because I was born deaf.
Demetrius Walls
Will work on Verizon?
tushar sharma
tushar sharma Oy oldin
woww such snappy performance in Elephone S8...Is it due to MediaTek's deca-core X series?
Veaceslav BARBARII
I'm watching this video in 2019 and can't help laughing :))))
Nasir Rasool
Nasir Rasool Oy oldin
Hi I m in Dubai do they sale it here ?
Keishin Rimmer
i bought this phone a while ago and after using it for a while it got a piece of trash
Marcel O.
Marcel O. Oy oldin
i had this phone. the cam sucks and the audio and video line are asyncron. it brokes afer a few weeks for no reason
Aidan McFadyen
had this phone for a year, it's garbage. I've had so many problems with it, everything from battery issues to connectivity. Definitely wouldn't recommend.
Participation Oy oldin
I got a elephone, using it right now!
Jerin Chakkalakkal Jenny
Where is that guy who always worrying about head phone jack......
William M
William M 2 oy oldin
I got on ebay a LG v35 in new condition, clean imei for $295 including shipping.
Silas Lykkegaard Selander
chris bfmv
chris bfmv 2 oy oldin
Ryan Jack
Ryan Jack 2 oy oldin
Warning. Do not buy this phone. Pure brick after 3 months. Couldn't get money back due to warranty only covering 60 days. Buyer beware
Anthony Howard
Anthony Howard 2 oy oldin
Phone is junk bought one from gearbest and it was okay for 6 months then just died slowly. The support does not exist. They have a “forum “ that they point you to for a solution. It’s a good screen but firmware is bad.
DarK ]
DarK ] 2 oy oldin
Pls make a Video on ZTE Nubia Z17 Lite Or Z18
Thurstan Naidoo
Thurstan Naidoo 2 oy oldin
I own this phone for over a year, the fingerprint sensor/back button stopped working
Paul M
Paul M 2 oy oldin
Ive got the elephone u pro , fantastic phone with a beautiful 1080 p OLED screen, less than £300.
Francis Connell
Francis Connell 2 oy oldin
I bought this phone about 1 year ago...in no small part because of this video!! I've regretted it for about 1 year. Steer clear👎👎👎
Ross Best
Ross Best 2 oy oldin
*I love the Sub $300 BEASTS! PAYING ANYTHING OVER $300 FOR A PHONE IS JUST PLAIN STUPID since Technological advances come so quick!*
Ross Best
Ross Best 2 oy oldin
Only needed a longer more rectangular look like the Note series and I'd be interested!
Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez 2 oy oldin
I bought this phone for almost $200 last February and it literally just broke in my hand when half the screen died and went black permanently. It was good while it lasted but I had it for less than a year and its broken already.
Doug Richards
Doug Richards 2 oy oldin
I've had nothing but trouble with my elephone s8 lipsynk is out on. Most video social media apps rocker botton. Went after 2 months luckily I found replacement on ebay which was fairly easy to fix. Can't get into recovery mode as I read Some where dootloader is not. Working. Correctly camera is a. Peice of rubbish taks 5.seconds to focus before a photo maybe I just got. A duff one it happens I guess there but apart from all that if I worked like it is ment to it would be a good phone.
Thanh Hiền Nguyễn Thị
Không đúng thì sai chy Hay chưa nả
Tom Speller
Tom Speller 2 oy oldin
Fantastic design
christine joy sobretodo
Can you please do a review about VIVO V11.,🙏🙏🙏🙏
John E
John E 3 oy oldin
have for about a year.great cheap phone but,somethings don't work as should.FORGET WARRANTY CLAIMS! cannot get hold of Elephone for warranty AT ALL! due to known half dead screen issue. so if willing to accept NO warranty support AT ALL this is it.
Lol _90 2#
Lol _90 2# 3 oy oldin
How did the phone's time change so quickly
T.o.p films
T.o.p films 3 oy oldin
I want to buy best phone under 130 dollars?
T.o.p films
T.o.p films 3 oy oldin
My number 0676346941
Dulce Marisol
Dulce Marisol 3 oy oldin
I have $80 smartphone from metro pcs and it worls perfectly. All i need to do is to call!! Im not saying im cheap but whats the point of buying something thats worth more when u rarely usue it for stuff ... Ill stick my phone
What You Egg
What You Egg 3 oy oldin
ok so this phone is actual horseshit. i had mannny problems, but here are just a few 1. Data is fucking garbage. I can only RECEIVE calls and texting barely works, and shouldn't even be considered working since the messages appear in different orders from when you send them, and you can NOT use internet over data. EVERYTHING will say you're not connected. 2. My phone personally had a plastic screen protector (with fucking hairs and lint making VERY noticeable bubbles between it) and a spot where it looked like someone pressed reALLY hard against the panel to cause things like White to look fucking YELLow. 3. For no reason whatsoever, everytime my phone is powered off and turned back on i get a message saying something like "media.tsk has stopped functioning" or whatever, but every time i press "ok" it comes back in literally less then a second. No joke. The only way to fix this is to have the phone turned on and pop out the sim card tray, with the small little tool that comes with, and pop it back in. i'd also like to mention that mine didn't even come with a fucking usb c to headphone jack adapter. Lazy ass fucking shit. that's it, but it's fucking annoying that i had to deal with losing 200 dollars on a phone, and go back to a fucking Luna J3 pro. TL:DR data doesn't work, shoddily made, and NOT worth your money.
Winisant Akhter
Winisant Akhter 3 oy oldin
I want this smart phone
RED MOBILE uk 3 oy oldin
mate 10 pro is now around the same price and it's awesome
Jonathan Conn
Jonathan Conn 3 oy oldin
Don't buy elephones! I bought an elephone p8000 2 years ago. Spent 350 bucks. It was glitchy and the camera was garbage. After a month the screen froze and stayed frozen, I contacted support, and was told to send it back. Shipping to china cost 50 dollars and was going to take 6 months. 2 years later I haven't received the repaired phone or a refund. There is nobody to hold this company accountable. They are thieves.
Charles3309 3 oy oldin
Does it have NFC??
BWL03 3 oy oldin
Do it on the vernee mix 2 pls
Fabio Gustavo
Fabio Gustavo 3 oy oldin
Wow magnífic
Noa Wong
Noa Wong 3 oy oldin
Omg im writing this comment with exactly the blue elephone s8 😂😂😂
Rroo nerred
Rroo nerred 3 oy oldin
SOG 3 oy oldin
i had elephone about 6 years ago great company
VTSC TRACKERS 3 oy oldin
this phn is really a piece of shit ...
potato Gamer
potato Gamer 3 oy oldin
watching this from my The Super Smartphone You've Never Heard Of... ha
Thomas Burton
Thomas Burton 3 oy oldin
This guy's job is literally opening products. God bless America.
gary barker
gary barker 3 oy oldin
Had this phone for a year and it has lots of common problems that Elaphone have not addressed. The GPS is drunk! It takes ages to find a signal and spins around like it's tripping when it does. Dangerous at times when you're driving. The lip sync aps like IMDb is way way off and videos you've made yourself freeze and jutter all the time. Battery life is poor. It's just not usable and like I said Elaphone seem to be doing NOTHING to fix the issues. Bye bye s8. Hate this phone and I wouldn't recommend to anyone.
Mat Mi
Mat Mi 27 kun oldin
Same problems here ,I'm actually writing on the elephone and I have seen some other problems as well,first off this Phone (after a year or so) has problems to connect to any Bluetooth device. The Second thing about this Phone that drives me nuts is that the camera quality is a pain in the a** ,I tried to take some pictures of a sunrise and they looked like I took them with a Toaster . So if you want a Phone that doesn't let you down after a year buy one for a better price
Shane Lambert
Shane Lambert Oy oldin
I've never had a problem with this phone the only problem I ever had was sometimes the battery was shorting out it wasn't as long as it should have been but other than that I never had a problem.
Hassan Zafar
Hassan Zafar Oy oldin
I had all these issues too, had to return the damn thing and pay geekbuying's stocking fee.
Jan Prins
Jan Prins Oy oldin
He gets paid to tell everyone this is his new favorite phone so it gets sold... They don't sell this cheap for no reason
jean vr
jean vr 2 oy oldin
baught one, then half of the screen just stopped working, so I baught another one thinking I fucked up by cracking the screen. The second one had the same fucking problem without any fucking cracks !
Trev B
Trev B 4 oy oldin
If you could do the new Elephone px that would be awesome
slavis .b
slavis .b 4 oy oldin
dis phone is shet, no update, 1000 problems, don't bay
Sizla 4 oy oldin
Llaura Fitz.
Llaura Fitz. 4 oy oldin
@Unbox Therapy Hey. I'm not sure if this is a good place for this question, or if you could address it. First I'm a smartphone user with cerebral palsy, so I have substantial difficulties with some gestures that require more than one finger or button shortcuts that require side buttons or two or more buttons pressed simultaneously. I'm currently working with an iPhone and I use their AssistiveTouch tool multiple times per day and find it immensely useful. However, I'm on the market for a new phone and am thinking about switching to an android. There's not a lot of information out there for the accessibility features for different phones. Would you be able to give me some advice or point me in the right direction in regards to different options for phones with accessibility features similar to the iPhone's AssistiveTouch? I trust your opinions and think you're honest and highly knowledgeable about tech! Thanks!
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia 4 oy oldin
I looked at thumbnail and my reaction was like that: *wait is it my phone?* I actually have elephone S8 and i recommend getting it. I only see hate comments... Idk why, i have my S8 for a year and nothing really happened except when my screen broke (partially because of me). Also found lots of comments with "it doesnt support 4g". Somehow I have 4g, even while writing this
VirusWar 4 oy oldin
Elephone has some really good devices. I've got a P9000 and its awesome.
Ashlin Joshy
Ashlin Joshy 4 oy oldin
do nomu 50s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Sunny Puri
Sunny Puri 4 oy oldin
This Elephone S8 is one of the Crapiest and buggiest phone on earth.And no fixes or ipdate from elephone company from 10 months.Never buy phone from Elephone.
Seti Michael Maxwell
I prefer to spend a thousand dollars for a phone that lasts maybe a year so people think I'm way richer than I am. I mean you only have to eat 6 months per year anyway, right? Sorry but I'll never spend a thousand dollars on a phone. They aren't worth that much since your really mostly buying the print on the back with the name on it.
Warrior 500
Warrior 500 4 oy oldin
No no No NOOO! Elephone is scamming people the cellphones they make are designed to look cool, but they come with stability issues, bad reception, weak in call volume, weak rear speaker volume I challenge you, Lewis, to make a call and see how bad this telephone works. People, if somebody tells you that this phone is awesome, do not believe it they are being paid
Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson 4 oy oldin
I was using a Motorola Moto E (2nd Gen) 4G and wanted to replace it with something with a bigger screen, and can't justify the prices of the likes of Apple or Samsung phones. I did quite a bit of research and finally decided on the Elephone S8, and ordered it through Aliexpress. That was in February, and for about four months, the phone worked as it should. Then it suddenly stopped picking up a 4G signal (my closest tower is less than half a mile away), but would not switch to 3G or even 2G. I even tried setting these as defaults and I couldn't make or receive calls. I initially put it down to the local tower as it was showing as being worked on around the same time. The only issue was that there are 30+ towers within a 5 mile radius of me (all for my provider), and it could not pick up any of them. What it would do however, if I left it alone, was that after about 30-40 seconds it would pick up a cell tower in Co. Donegal, Ireland, whereas I live in Northern Ireland, less than 10 miles from the border, but the reception was crap. I have tried multiple hard resets, have used three different providers, and have the same issues. The seller suggested taking it to a repair shop and they would offer me a partial refund, but neither of the two repair shops would even look at it. I contacted the seller multiple times, both in English and in Chinese, and they just palmed me off. I went through the Aliexpress Buyer Protection process, giving them all the details, and after the initial contact, they have gone silent. I've posted on the manufacturers forum as well, with no outcome, and there hasn't been any firmware updates since I got it in February. Don't buy it!
Khurram Abassi
Khurram Abassi 4 oy oldin
zioncartel 4 oy oldin
under 250? smfh, i’m looking at you apple and samsung 👀
SirPVP 4 oy oldin
I had this phone after 6 months I was glitching like a crazy man
Tahmina Sheulee
Tahmina Sheulee 5 oy oldin
Make a video of umigidi s2 or s2 pro it is only 200$ and 6gb ram+128 gb rom also comes with dual camera N 6 inch display.....Though not a recongnized brand but a good spec smart phone with android 7 in just 200$
mpena2611 5 oy oldin
You should review the elephone u pro....
FOOF FACTORY 5 oy oldin
Nice phone
Wahyudiz Ihsan
Wahyudiz Ihsan 5 oy oldin
Omegod 😱 I can't believe I can't afford to have you, O smartphone 😭
Sloppy Joe
Sloppy Joe 5 oy oldin
Cool phone, but no aux input? Throw it in the garbage .
Cheyenne Forbes
Cheyenne Forbes 5 oy oldin
your puns are killing me lol
Jose Roman
Jose Roman 5 oy oldin
Man as much as I love my galaxy s9. I feel like I couldn't gotten so much for less lol. Great device!!!!!
Empress Lithia
Empress Lithia 5 oy oldin
Fred! You traitor!
Mihaila Marcel
Mihaila Marcel 5 oy oldin
johnny flappie
johnny flappie 5 oy oldin
Im buying this motherfucker. Thanks for the good review.
Elbert OX
Elbert OX 6 oy oldin
It says made in china... 😧😧😧😧😧😧
Teenage Mutant Piana Turtle
Looks like a piece of shit that will start buggin out after a few months.
Mr. Svilkic
Mr. Svilkic 6 oy oldin
FOR ALL YOU WHO WANT TO BUY THIS PHONE.. I bought Elephone S8 after watching Unbox Therapy, i wish i hadn't bought it, it is great looking phone but it's not for everyday use! Camera is not what they say it is. Get used to random bugs that only you have. Video will lag on phone, it heats up. Battery and screen is good in my case. I bought used samsung s6 after it and it's better than this phone. So anybody wanting to buy this phone, read real reviews not payed once, i can send you even video of malfunction of my s8 . And Elephone company promised an update and never released it. So you are stuck with all bugs. Better take more money and buy some new branded and taken care of phone or used. I wanted to save some money but ended up paying even more since GearBest doesn't refund money. It's not my intention to discredit Unbox Therapy i love you dude, i'm sure that company sent him great working phone but in real sale it sucks.
Ashley Dooley-Kelly
Where can I find & get this phone??? I WANT IT BADLY ASAP
Jean-Luc Smith
Jean-Luc Smith 6 oy oldin
why not put link in description
Amelia Cassel
Amelia Cassel 6 oy oldin
Man i need to change my phone and since Ive started watching you, now im like: fuck paying 1000 usd for a phone. I need to look more and get some knowledge from you. thanks a lot
Mr. IReIMxMIaHI 6 oy oldin
Loved my elephone s8 when I got it. Had it since April. Unfortunately I had to buy a different phone last Friday. Anything east of the next town over the s8 didn't work. Did a side by side ookla with both phones and the s8 fell flat on it's face. Damn shame because it's a beautiful phone. But the antennas (which I imagine is the problem...) are simply not strong enough to work in the states. So now it's my work phone and the lgk20 is my daily driver now
G R E P I X 6 oy oldin
Is the quality of the build ok?
Melvin Chong
Melvin Chong 6 oy oldin
I have one. It is solidly built and heavy. The fingerprint reader is instantaneous. Stock Android with no bloatware. Unfortunate display show vertical lines after 5 months of usage.
Anony Mouse
Anony Mouse 6 oy oldin
And is this no headphone jack going to be a regular thing? Wasn't it Apple that arrogantly started it..assuming everyone was wireless?
Rosli Daniel
Rosli Daniel 6 oy oldin
Elphone u2 please
Rosli Daniel
Rosli Daniel 6 oy oldin
Where is the elphone U2 please
Emilio Gonzalez
Emilio Gonzalez 6 oy oldin
I have the red one, and must say is almost fantastic, good signal (in Spain), nice playing Asphalt 9, good looking, etc People just should be aware there is no MicroSD , so the cellphone memory is 64gb and that's all you are going to have. But seems enough, I have a problem, don't want to say the phone is bad, but maybe just my unit. 2 times within one week after a call was finished my screen was white with a black vertical thick stripe. Booted the cellphone and everything was ok ... but should not happen.
Yacov Paley
Yacov Paley 6 oy oldin
Ive had one for about 6 months now and am preparing to replace it. The framerate on the camera and screen is terrible, while admittedly high resolution. The main issue is that on T-mobile, I often don't receive calls, while still being able to make calls and text. I would recommend spending a little more.
Welcome to 7Minute Fail Fun
I love it. The screen it's wow and the battery in full light it's the best phone I have ever buy
balckbettystack 7 oy oldin
I'm just so in love with my Elephone. 😘😚 When I was trying to find a new phone, I did a lot of research before even choosing. Then I came across this guy showing off the phone. As the S8's were being upgraded, I got my phone from the Elephone company for $199 USD. Although I live in Australia. The delivery was fast and I'm super impressed by the phone. And it's even better at the price. A big screen, almost to the edges. The colours and sound are fantastic. The battery lasts for quite a while, even longer now my battery saver turns it off during the night. So a full charge will last 2.5 days. The weight makes it feel more expensive than it is and the camera takes beautiful pictures. So thank you Unbox Therapy. You did me right. 😀
N0diggityN0doubt 7 oy oldin
great phone so far. i think ive had it 6 months. no real issues.
MaraZipan 7 oy oldin
I have been looking for a phone for so long! I think this is finally the one
Mr Prince
Mr Prince 7 oy oldin
crap phone..
Ryan Jack
Ryan Jack 7 oy oldin
DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!! After only 2 months, I got a half black screen with no fix. Company told me to do a hard reset, which of course didn't work. They would not replace, would only offer a refurbishment phone or $60 US. Wasted $315 US on this brick.
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