The Suspicious Assassination of JFK

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Season finale. The unexplained death of a president
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Kennedy Assassination
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1963: JOHN F. KENNEDY ASSASSINATION: DALLAS, TEXAS: QUESTIONABLE QUALITY: VS Motorcade w/ Presidential limousine w/ J.F.K. & others, shots fired (dramatized), secret service agent Clint Hill leaping onto limousine speeding away onto highway, signs.
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Lee Harvey Oswald And Friends
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Selma to Montgomery Alabama March
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Law and J



29-Sen, 2017

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General Shubham Shrivastava
Quite boaring
Aaron Bader
Aaron Bader 19 soat oldin
The bullet that every one says went thru JFK's back and into Connolly was not from behind. Doctors at Parkland hospital stated on arrival that the bullet hole on the front of JFK's chest was an entry wound, not an exit wound. The shot came from the front.
Zen6614 Gaming
Zen6614 Gaming 20 soat oldin
Umbrella man? All I could think of was Yondu's "I'm Mary Poppins y'all!'
Sheart 88
Sheart 88 Kun oldin
I chased my brother with a knife when I was 3 so ....
g0at n1nja
g0at n1nja Kun oldin
Man I love when this happen to trump Jk
Sampson da turtle
4:56 Jack Kennedy
Jon Cooper
Jon Cooper Kun oldin
Just reminds me of the Salisbury incident very recently, former kgb was nearly killed in poisoning
Macayle Stevens
Macayle Stevens Kun oldin
Peter Parker watching this ( because you know he would) and him asking Bucky who he thinks did it “Um I think I did.”
Adam Holstein
Adam Holstein 2 kun oldin
the guy on the left of the table kinda looks like Oswald
Salim Ahmed
Salim Ahmed 2 kun oldin
lol. Yes, I lol'd....
Mackenzie J.paige
Mackenzie J.paige 2 kun oldin
Giving me Gotham Oswald cobble pot penguin umbrella holder vibes
blanca dedios
blanca dedios 2 kun oldin
Is no one going to talk about that fact that Shane said that he thought Ryan could've prevented the jfk shooting
Nathan Major
Nathan Major 2 kun oldin
Another thing, where they said Oswald shot from (which I don’t think he did, that shot is impossible, sharpshooter or not) is behind the motorcade, yet when shot, JFK’S head snaps backwards, which it wouldn’t do if he was shot from behind, it would slump forward, surely.
Caelum Crips-Sorger
Priyank 2 kun oldin
Back and to the left , back and to the left, back and to the left.
Priyank 2 kun oldin
Magneto messed with the bullet, he said,” he was trying to save the president resulting killing him instead “.
Lightning Studios
Lightning Studios 3 kun oldin
It was order 66
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 4 kun oldin
These idiots took the Warren commission seriously. Hey assholes, no one takes it seriously. Well, at least no one with sense.
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 4 kun oldin
This is the dumbest videos I've seen of the assassination. They covered very few key points. Totally skipped much of the evidence against LBJ. Whitewashed just about everything. Don't waste your time like I did. I suffered for your benefit.
Allison 4 kun oldin
Whitewashed? What was there to whitewash? The civil rights movement at the time is big, but I've never heard a single theory having to do with that.
Keo Jin
Keo Jin 4 kun oldin
buzzfeed doing unsolved crimes???? lol when did this start lol xD I though they were the sjw police and feminist Gods.
Allison 4 kun oldin
Years ago.
Soviet Onion 72
Soviet Onion 72 4 kun oldin
100 years later we'll still be no closer to the truth, and even if we do its not like anyone can be arrested cause their all dead.
Gamer Pranav2009
Gamer Pranav2009 4 kun oldin
Oswald got a double colat
Luis Oswaldo Carrillo Sandoval
Was the sniper a spam sniper if it was the theory will be true. or do spam snipers shot slow?
Jedediah Lau
Jedediah Lau 4 kun oldin
Why didn’t the government check for fingerprints on the rifle that supposedly kill JFK?
nico heidenreich
nico heidenreich 4 kun oldin
The bullet was intact because it was a full metal jacket bullet and didn’t travel straight after existing because it started to tumble. PBS did a whole film on it including test firing the gun with the same ammo and found that it would penetrate ballistic gel intact and start to tumble once it existed. It’s not magic it’s just a type of ammo not available to the public anymore. Ruby probably shot Oswald because he was a patriot and wanted to avenge jfk.
kaitlynn lazzanicc
kaitlynn lazzanicc 4 kun oldin
he used presidential blood as hair gel
Jonathon Reyna
Jonathon Reyna 4 kun oldin
Thanks for video using it for school project
Lime Soup
Lime Soup 5 kun oldin
a while ago i watched a youtube video about the 10 most creepy phone calls ever to be recorded, or heard. mentioned in the video was a phone call from a guy who called a random news station that was broadcasting normal news live. no one ever heard the actual call, though it was recorded, because the government apparently deleted it or did something with it i don't remember. but the caller was said to have told the news guy to immediately call the American embassy and warn them that something terrible is gonna happen to J.F.K in exactly 25 minutes from when he called. the news guy thought it was a prank call so he didn't do anything. allegedly, exactly 25 minutes after that call J.F.K was assassinated. personally i believe there is more to J.F.K's assassination than Lee Harvey Oswald.
Plauge Exe
Plauge Exe 5 kun oldin
I know this is old but has anyone realized the similarities between jfk’s assassination and Lincoln’s?
Harish Kumar
Harish Kumar 5 kun oldin
It was fidel castro
John Iain McFarlane
Brylcreem,Google it.
Mask333 LOL
Mask333 LOL 5 kun oldin
Did someone say John Fortnite Kennedy?
MJ ፤
MJ ፤ 5 kun oldin
why do u talk like a fucking idiot
joe fisher
joe fisher 5 kun oldin
I thought the umbrella man in the films came forward with his umbrella
joe fisher
joe fisher 5 kun oldin
Never mind typed to soon
Dylan LaBatte
Dylan LaBatte 5 kun oldin
Why was bullet casings on the ground if it was a revolver ?
Isabella C
Isabella C 5 kun oldin
C'mon guys we all know it was REALLY Bucky Barnes
Blue Moon
Blue Moon 5 kun oldin
it was a fucking cowboy. yeehaw.
Ellie Abbot
Ellie Abbot 5 kun oldin
Leant this in school and apparently he work with someone to kill him
Emerald Tube TV
Emerald Tube TV 5 kun oldin
"Y-y-y-I--I don't know"
Spencer Marcus
Spencer Marcus 5 kun oldin
guys his head just did that
Marcel 6 kun oldin
Main E. Ack
Main E. Ack 6 kun oldin
The fact that Jackie left the bloody dress on while Johnson was being sworn in and refusing to change was her silent way of protecting her kids and secretly informing the public the ruthless of Andrew Johnson haste and greed and classless rush of getting sworn in.
Annie Shah
Annie Shah 6 kun oldin
You guys should do the 9/11 conspiracy hoax.
Prince KD Show
Prince KD Show 6 kun oldin
He was the best ever
Prince KD Show
Prince KD Show 6 kun oldin
RIP Kennedy
moonlxght 6 kun oldin
jfk is my favorite president
myyoongayyy 6 kun oldin
"I can just never believe that a single douchebag could assassinate the president" *looks back at John Wilkes Booth* ...Uh... Ryan?
Jake Jablonski
Jake Jablonski 21 soat oldin
John Wilkes Booth did not act alone, he had many co-conspirators.
bloomune 6 kun oldin
I think the thing on "Lime Cat"'s head is a pomelo. A lime would be far too small... anyways... Pomelo Cat.
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 6 kun oldin
Spongebob Squarepants did it
Bacon Hair Randy
Bacon Hair Randy 7 kun oldin
Conally almost lost his nipple😂😂😂
kaitlynn lazzanicc
kaitlynn lazzanicc 7 kun oldin
babuska lady wasn't even in this
Quinn Canales
Quinn Canales 7 kun oldin
Lime cat killed JFK 😪
Sparky Runner
Sparky Runner 7 kun oldin
All a bunch of lies! It was just a DOJ incident, with a magic bullet that came out of an old rusty gun fired by the murderer Lee Harvey Oswald while he was at home cleaning his old gun it went off sending that magic bullet off in all kinds of different directions ! Forget about him an go out an purchase a BurgerKing FBI approved chemical burger an be happy !
Kalico Fox
Kalico Fox 7 kun oldin
Lee Harvey Oswald just looks like the kind of guy who you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley way
The k’s family
The k’s family 7 kun oldin
Omg my birthday is on November 22!!! And he killers that day?! *killed*
Vianney Pedroza
Vianney Pedroza 7 kun oldin
Why didn’t they do finger prints on the gun
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez 7 kun oldin
Is 2 pac alive?
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez 7 kun oldin
Wait n.m I found the video 😂💀
Mr.PicklesWorth Jr.
Ariel killed JFK
malcolm kidd
malcolm kidd 7 kun oldin
Can't watch this..... That guys voice is way too annoying
Kellum Thomson
Kellum Thomson 8 kun oldin
The way Ryan pronounces umbrella is unlike anything I have ever heard before
WhyMe Lord
WhyMe Lord 8 kun oldin
Jfk Targeted Individual.
Jeslin Jose
Jeslin Jose 8 kun oldin
joseph cortes
joseph cortes 8 kun oldin
Y'all obviously don't know about insta swapping if you don't believe he had enough time to shoot two bullets smh
Darkside780 8 kun oldin
Obviously everyone already basically knows LBJ did it so they can dive into ‘Nam and we made WAY too much money during that war any Country should have. It’s basically public knowledge these days.
Justin Rusch
Justin Rusch 8 kun oldin
so much cringe dialogue it's not even acceptable
King of Skate
King of Skate 8 kun oldin
Proceed to target! Oswald compromised!!
Robert T.
Robert T. 9 kun oldin
I came to this site looking for a serious analysis of the assassination but the comedy and sarcasm turned me off by the 2:34 mark. Maybe it improves as the video goes on however that's as far as I got in watching this analysis.
Servant Of Jesus
Servant Of Jesus 9 kun oldin
Learn the truth as to why JFK was assassinated here uzvid.com/video/video-__LxwaAEaL8.html
Panagiotis Varelas
Panagiotis Varelas 9 kun oldin
The Zabruder film ?No mention about that .. Your "investigation" is hilarious. We know for sure there were 2 guns fired and more bullets involved . Who did it, definitely not amateurs!Of all the evidents we have , the conspiracy was 100% successful. It's been 55 years and we still argue about that .... a perfect orchestrated assassination could only occur from people that had the means to do it . End of story 😉
Moon Man
Moon Man 9 kun oldin
What if no one killed him and his head just did that
LoneWolf Has Critcal Ops
*cough cough* Operation NorthWood *cough cough*
Wicksy Rage
Wicksy Rage 9 kun oldin
Who's like me Like to watch BuzzFeed unsolved but scared? Im scared even to move
Charles Bunch
Charles Bunch 9 kun oldin
6:21, revolvers don’t leave shell casings, this is a fact. Get your facts straight buzzfeed
Narwal10444 6 kun oldin
They do, they just don’t automatically eject them
Aj Lamaj
Aj Lamaj 9 kun oldin
Stop talking god damn your both annoying af
Zac Quinn
Zac Quinn 9 kun oldin
11:46 here’s the lost video uzvid.com/video/video-M4WEs0yzJDU.html
Jamel Turner
Jamel Turner 10 kun oldin
Umbrella man was a Kingsman
Sphinx Rising
Sphinx Rising 10 kun oldin
For starters, these two assclowns got it wrong, as the governor was not seated directly in front of JFK, but off to his front left. But what do you expect from two clueless & immature millennials who think everything they say is funny😑
homomilitia 10 kun oldin
his head just did that
John Jack
John Jack 10 kun oldin
Orville Nix and Marie Muchmore also filmed the assassinations. As far as I know there are 3 distinct angles but all everyone ever talks about is Zapruder.
ook ook
ook ook 10 kun oldin
the only good thing that has come of the buzzfeed
Sarah Heitzman
Sarah Heitzman 10 kun oldin
MLK assassination
Sarah Heitzman
Sarah Heitzman 10 kun oldin
Let me make that clearer, do an unsolved about the MLK Assassination
S. Hanselman
S. Hanselman 10 kun oldin
The CIA/deep state killed him. The mob was involved, as they are part of the deep state, at least since wwii. Oswald was a CIA developed pasty. Johnson was incredibly dirty and definitely involved. Nixon was involved and ran a team of Cuban exile hit men under Operation 40. He was also involved in killing RFK.
Alan Callejas
Alan Callejas 10 kun oldin
It was John wick
James McDaid
James McDaid 10 kun oldin
The Russians have never been concerned about fingers being pointed towards em. They're certainly not discreet when it comes to assassinations. All they do is deny, deny, deny.
Trace Montana
Trace Montana 10 kun oldin
I think mob
Pug Gaming Elite
Pug Gaming Elite 11 kun oldin
just saying why do the percentages not add to 100%??
Emily Read
Emily Read 11 kun oldin
Does anyone else think Oswald kind of looks like Shane??
Catt Mz
Catt Mz 11 kun oldin
His head just did that
Anthony Pototzky
Anthony Pototzky 11 kun oldin
So uh...I remember hearing about a documentary that had six or so special forces snipers attempting to make that same shot from the exact height and trajectory, also they were aiming at a moving object. None of them could even hit the object.
The 27Legend
The 27Legend 11 kun oldin
LbJ? LeBron James?
The 27Legend
The 27Legend 11 kun oldin
Shane just condemned the killers of our President
WhatIsMyName 11 kun oldin
Brother just look at the park for extra bullet shells find them or not? Case busted
WhatIsMyName 11 kun oldin
5:32 Issa nose!!!!! I had to do it to you.......
ThatOne StoopidMeme
ThatOne StoopidMeme 11 kun oldin
if Lee was a sharpshooter how did he basically miss 2 shots especially after the president turned the corner cause wouldn't the car have slowed down
ThatOne StoopidMeme
ThatOne StoopidMeme 11 kun oldin
cause if he was going for assassination wouldn't he have gone for the head shot instantly
Aiden Simmons
Aiden Simmons 11 kun oldin
The gunman was a dart-firing signal to the 2 active shooters, who timed their shots with near perfect timing thanks to the signals be the Umbrella Man
im at your doorstep
im at your doorstep 11 kun oldin
Hes alive JFK just fucking kidding
Rodrigo B
Rodrigo B 11 kun oldin
All the great presidents get killed All the bad presidents don’t get killed This makes no fucking sense
Caligo El
Caligo El 11 kun oldin
I don't have a solid foundation but I feel like this was the work of the government or illuminati after JFK warned in a speech that our gov is generally not trust worthy.
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez 11 kun oldin
You should do 9/11.
GameWalkthrouth 11 kun oldin