The Suspicious Assassination of JFK

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Season finale. The unexplained death of a president
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Group of multi-ethnic business people
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Old paper sheets, vintage photo frames and corners, open book
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Bloodstain Set
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Kennedy Assassination
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Two Business Men Walking and Talking Silhouette
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Jack Ruby and Dancers Outside the Carousel Club
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Magazine or newspaper printing.
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Close up of older Caucasian man
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It suits him to be successful
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Stars and Stripes
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Mexico City Skyline (Complete, Detailed, Moveable Buildings)
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Grungy Flags of Soviet Union and USA
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Male Portrait
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Top Secret
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High quality animation open and close isolate umbrella with mask
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1963: JOHN F. KENNEDY ASSASSINATION: DALLAS, TEXAS: QUESTIONABLE QUALITY: VS Motorcade w/ Presidential limousine w/ J.F.K. & others, shots fired (dramatized), secret service agent Clint Hill leaping onto limousine speeding away onto highway, signs.
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close up gun with bullets on black background
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Man With Umbrella
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Official Portrait of John F. Kennedy
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businessman with umbrella looking over city
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Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain Celebrating His 70th Birthday...
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Portrait Of Senior Man Standing Against Wall
Bernard Van Berg / EyeEm/Getty Images
Seal in lobby at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, USA
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Allen Dulles
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Judith Campbell Exner at Press Conf
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Male worker opening wooden whisky cask in whisky distillery
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Joseph Kennedy
New York Times Co. / Contributor/Getty Images
Sam Giancana Arriving in Court
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files in a archive
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Audio Waveform Mono Blue
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Silhouette Men Wearing Suits And Hats
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Wealthy Criminal Sitting in an Armchair Between two Bodyguards
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Oswald's Rifle
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Man in suit sitting at desk, two men standing behind him, portrait
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Mobster Pointing Gun
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Lee Harvey Oswald And Friends
Fotosearch / Stringer/Getty Images
President Johnson Working In White House
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Crime Scene Markers
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Whispering into her ear
sbayram/Getty Images
Richard Nixon
Hulton Archive / Stringer/Getty Images
J Edgar Hoover
MPI / Stringer/Getty Images
Portrait Of RFK
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Acting AG Bork Speaks To Press
David Hume Kennerly / Contributor/Getty Images
Lyndon B. Johnson
Ed Clark / Contributor/Getty Images
USA Map Of All Fifty States
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Fidel Castro at May Day Parade
Sven Creutzmann/Mambo Photo / Contributor/Getty Images
House Select Committee on Assassinations
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Selma to Montgomery Alabama March
Stephen F. Somerstein / Contributor/Getty Images
Law and J



29-Sen, 2017

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RADIATION_ KING 2 soat oldin
I hate how they use stock photos
Selena Pimental
Selena Pimental 8 soat oldin
Dude looks like aaron kyros cousin
alexus belov
alexus belov Kun oldin
WTF happen to Buzzfeed Unsolved mystery channel, it turned into a fucking gaming channel??!
Josh Huff
Josh Huff Kun oldin
So no i don’t this he’s a racist he has a black bodyguard that also don’t think he’s a racist
Josh Huff
Josh Huff Kun oldin
Not just from white people from legal Mexican citizens also
Frederik kuemmel
Jhon f. Kennedy isn't dead I'm *J* ust *F* ucking *K* idding he is
super cool dude Mega Cool Dude
maybe those multiple shots where just the echos from the windows?
Oisin Diamond
Oisin Diamond Kun oldin
No it was magneto
sonder pluto
sonder pluto Kun oldin
soooo is nobody gonna talk about 24:59 orrr
aiden Kun oldin
subscribe ttto pewdiepie
SyynRimOG 2 kun oldin
I know the evidence J F K was shot on front.
SyynRimOG 2 kun oldin
Oswald lived in Minsk
alexus belov
alexus belov Kun oldin
you're allover the place there buddy
SyynRimOG 2 kun oldin
Federal Reserve was the problem.
MSSNGR 11:11
MSSNGR 11:11 2 kun oldin
Honestly, I'm saddened that you guys are making little funny humors talking about JFK'S assassination. I understand that you need to make the video entertaining for viewers but talking about a historical event which is a mystery in and of itself should be truly separated from the element of humor. We are talking about a dead president that wanted to change everything.
Boyd Johnstone
Boyd Johnstone 2 kun oldin
It was Alex Mason
J Fer
J Fer 2 kun oldin
@13:54, The Descriptive Phrase Your Looking for is *: "Laissez Faire" *, Attitude.. Lol
Mikey Donutz
Mikey Donutz 2 kun oldin
His is my great great great uncle
Luis Rivera
Luis Rivera 3 kun oldin
"No vice president has ever accomplished anything for our country" Not even Truman?
The FireBlaster L0L
We all know who it was it was Magneto from the X-men Duh
Marc Brown
Marc Brown 3 kun oldin
JFK JR created a magazine name George- CIA inference to H.W. just sayin'
Raw Bacon
Raw Bacon 2 kun oldin
nkiller Martinez
nkiller Martinez 3 kun oldin
Did anyone notice the the shooting happened in 1963 that is when the Alcatraz escape happened so what if the escapees killed him
Epic Panda Boss
Epic Panda Boss 3 kun oldin
If Oswald was a real MC sniper he would've been smart about it. My step dad was an MC Sniper. Trust me, they're trained to not make mistakes. No one would've found the shells and he would've left with his weapons secrerly quickly.
John Adams
John Adams 2 kun oldin
Epic Panda Boss The POTUS was just assassinated and Oswald would have left with his rifle? Ha ha ha ha. You don't know what you're talking about. Oswald was fortunate to get out of the building before the Police found his rifle. He knew he was going to get caught. Oswald was not a trained sniper. He was a good enough shot to kill the President and he did.
Edwin Prz
Edwin Prz 3 kun oldin
He no scoped
Anthony Alegria
Anthony Alegria 3 kun oldin
Do the mystery of chef Ramsey’s lamb sauce
Michael Pace
Michael Pace 4 kun oldin
If the FBI didn’t know the parade route, how did Oswald?
John Adams
John Adams 2 kun oldin
Michael Pace The parade route was published in Dallas newspapers. DUH!
Jero 4 kun oldin
Oswald was just a scapegoat when Satanist Herbert Walker Bush and the traitors in the CIA Shadow government were responsible for This Great Mans assassination because JFK was against their NWO Plan!
Yesenia Garsilazo
Yesenia Garsilazo 4 kun oldin
do the Hash slinging slasher
John Smith
John Smith 4 kun oldin
You morons; “no evidence to support” LMAO! If the GOVERNMENT is involved in the conspiracy; why would they allow “evidence” to be available to the public lol! The GOVT has lied to the public many times before. Many times. If the Govt is involved, you will know ONLY what they want you to know.
Luis Betancourt
Luis Betancourt 4 kun oldin
the CIA killed the President along with the Mossad n the American Mafia! 🤔💯
Unknown2234 Unknown
Then talking about the assassination pisses me off like I came here for the assassination not your viewpoint
Mara Gualtieri-Horowitz
Omg please do the people (or person) who turned in Anne Frank!! It is such a good mystery
YOUNGSAVAGE Dason 5 kun oldin
Ryan’s voice just sounds scary when he says stuff
cars and gaming
cars and gaming 5 kun oldin
I say we all come together and make a time machine and stop this
Evan Lanctot
Evan Lanctot 6 kun oldin
LBJ & the CIA had JFK killed, each for their own reasons.
Kieran Schafer
Kieran Schafer 6 kun oldin
I cannot wait until its the year 2070 and they declassify this information and we get the real truth.
Angel Norris
Angel Norris 6 kun oldin
Do one on mk ultra
0525loki 6 kun oldin
What really happened will never be known to the general public. The one thing that holds no water is the governments "magic bullet" theory, it's ridiculous to the point of absurdity. Jack Ruby killing Oswald was pretty convenient as was his death.
John Adams
John Adams 2 kun oldin
052Sloki There was no magic bullet. It was a straight shot. Try to keep up.
dougjstl1 6 kun oldin
It was a setup it was easy for people to believe a crazy guy did it instead of organized CIA they made Oswald look like a crazy guy when he loved his country but hated the government he joined the Marines when he was 17 birthday the same day and enjoying the air net in the air guard in Louisiana before that for a couple years
elver galarga
elver galarga 6 kun oldin
Lyndon B Johnson was sworn in immediately alongside Jackie with her husbands blood on her coat , they wanted him out fast.
A Will
A Will Kun oldin
Damn! I do remember that
Stuart Crossland
Stuart Crossland 6 kun oldin
Track down the full length version of " JFK to 9/11, Everything is a rich mans trick. UZvid.
Stuart Crossland
Stuart Crossland 6 kun oldin
A MASONIC ASSASSINATION, Lets look deeper at murder by the numbers, uzvid.com/video/video-lMgNtYqpDTM.html
Евгени Енчев
Secret service agent behind him killed him accidently
GameBOY Inside
GameBOY Inside 6 kun oldin
He was killed by Illuminati agent's....
anoja31 6 kun oldin
*Oswald Cobblepot has entered the chat*
Tamudazo 6 kun oldin
I want to know what happened so bad. JFK deserves it. America deserves it. I can't cope with the fact that the greatest American president was taken away like this.
Bobby Mcreynolds
Bobby Mcreynolds 6 kun oldin
The gun went to the FBI FBI didn't find one fingerprint then all of a sudden some cop on that Dallas police force finds a palm print this stinks of a conspiracy
Bobby Mcreynolds
Bobby Mcreynolds 6 kun oldin
These douchebags make me sick they're making a joke out of this Oswald didn't fire one shot
pheenix Rivera
pheenix Rivera 7 kun oldin
*The Federal Reserve* .. Always follow the money!
Sean McDonald
Sean McDonald 7 kun oldin
Zapurder film. Passenger in the car did it. look at him turn
Karely 7 kun oldin
I’ve been to the Texas School Book Depository, it’s a museum now, it’s pretty interesting place. They have the window from where the president was shot from surrounded by like a glass room.
Renee Brouillette
Renee Brouillette 8 kun oldin
excuse me id like to report a bbbruh moment: "was there other gunmen" 31:20
Kuan Teng
Kuan Teng 8 kun oldin
15:03 Lebron James
Ayman Shabban
Ayman Shabban 8 kun oldin
When else has the CIA withheld information that could have prevented horrible events?
claire hall
claire hall 8 kun oldin
daily quote at the end of the school day " you miss every shot you don't take" - Lee Harvey Oswald
Mike Whipkey
Mike Whipkey 8 kun oldin
My Money is on the Rothschild syndicate.. Kennedy Started sniffing around the Federal reserve and talking about "Secret Societies " so there's that..
Stuart Crossland
Stuart Crossland 6 kun oldin
Your over the target.
Mike Whipkey
Mike Whipkey 8 kun oldin
LBJ one of the biggest Jagoffs to ever become president.. Also probably one of the biggest racists to be president
Shawn Blackburn
Shawn Blackburn 8 kun oldin
Oswald was framed to kill the president that wanted to pull out of Vietnam and to frame a possible communist that had been in russia
Saiint 9 kun oldin
4:56 its John Kennedy isn’t it
Ochinman 9 kun oldin
If it was a conspiracy to kill the president why not kill Donald j trump
John Adams
John Adams 6 kun oldin
Ochinman I bet you don't live in the US. If you did that would be a threat to the POTUS.
vonsuthoff 9 kun oldin
LBJ was a vicious, power hungry, good ol boy, and he absolutely could be directly involved in JFK's assassination. Look up Malcolm Wallace and LBJ's relationship. He was known as LBJ's hit man... also... Wallace's finger prints were discovered in the School Book Depository where the shots were coming from. Where Lee Harvey Oswald was "supposed" to be at the time of Kennedy's shooting.
dougjstl1 9 kun oldin
What did you just say among all other things it all was there everything was there what was there all the things everything was there
dougjstl1 9 kun oldin
Among other things as well what is that I guess it doesn't really matter because you said among other things as well there wasn't anything else there wasn't anything at all
dougjstl1 9 kun oldin
Just because you say it's not fact you can say whatever you want to you can tell a lie all you got is lies
dougjstl1 9 kun oldin
Lee Harvey Oswald to join the Air Guard in the Louisiana before we 17 and on his 17th birthday he join the Marines what do you think about that very impressive for a young Marine to join on this the day of his birthday
dougjstl1 9 kun oldin
The way you talk in the tone makes it sound like you don't know anything I like that tone the music you don't know anything you're full of it you don't know anyting
Woop Woot
Woop Woot 9 kun oldin
Might as well have a muffin! Lmfaooooooo
Jose Gutierrez
Jose Gutierrez 9 kun oldin
Buzzfeed...nice facts to rely on...I have shutdown viewing this crap until they fire that POS writer claiming they had the goods on President Trump....nice organization full of liberal stooges. Wish they could gather data on the IRan's 400 million given by the Appeaser-ex-in-chief obama
Jimmy Hill
Jimmy Hill 10 kun oldin
Ew I leave my phone for 2 minuets to use the restroom and this garbage turns up buzz feed sucks
Sue Carhart
Sue Carhart 10 kun oldin
*were there other gunmen*
John Adams
John Adams 6 kun oldin
Sue Carhart No.
macho carr
macho carr 10 kun oldin
TheBluePlushies 11 kun oldin
I'm not trying to offend anyone, don't take this seriously, this is just a joke - The Umbrella Man is...... Mary Poppins!
TheBluePlushies 11 kun oldin
The Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot) is my favorite villian ever!
TheAstronautGuy69 11 kun oldin
Unsolved: WHERE IS MY SUPER SUIT!?!?!?
Sightseeing 11 kun oldin
Is it impossible that 3 empty bullet casings just... Fell out the window?
Parmpreet Singh Gill
Google LBJ "the wink"
Ashton Skelton
Ashton Skelton 11 kun oldin
“Byron Skelton” my last name is Skelton
seouled 11 kun oldin
Ashton Skelton rip
CorgiLover 162
CorgiLover 162 11 kun oldin
I heard that a woman called a few mins before the assassination saying that the president would be killed
Liberty Baron
Liberty Baron 11 kun oldin
These two should sit down and read more on the JFK assassination. They should focus on the nazi connection of his murder, the role of Nixon and George Bush Sr and Allen Dulles. Not just focus on the ballistic evidence. We know about that controversy. JFK assassination and the assassinations of his brother RFK and MLK were all inside jobs by the Nazi CIA and some generals in the Pentagon with the collaboration of J.Edgar Hoover and LBJ.
John Adams
John Adams 6 kun oldin
Liberty Baron Prove it.
Jacob Acierto
Jacob Acierto 12 kun oldin
have y'all ever heard of "the babushka lady" ? I know she has some evidence to this case because she was there when jfk assassinated, and that day she's taking some pictures. I dont know but I have I vibe that this lady are involved in this case. please educate me if I said something wrong but this is my thoughts about this case.
CoyoteTa81 11 kun oldin
What you said is true. In spite of the fact she was there, photographed by several people while she took pics they never found her. When everyone else hit the deck or ran away she just stood there taking pics.
Michael Daveney
Michael Daveney 12 kun oldin
Oswald didn’t shoot anyone that day. He was framed. It was the government/CIA/FBI and maffia that carried out the shootings and the cover up.
John Adams
John Adams 6 kun oldin
Michael Daveney Prove it.
Massimo Crisologo
Massimo Crisologo 12 kun oldin
I have a theory if a sniper has 3 bullets and the only gun that has that much ammo is the dragunov svd which in my opinion is a soviet gun so that whoever shot the bullets is soviet so yeah I guess?
AnnaKate 12 kun oldin
www.pressreader.com/ ........find a copy of this documentary online if you're able and into the subject of this assassination. It presents a very different theory and if true, illustrates a good example of when the truth is far less remarkable than all the speculation and theories.
Hailey Bailey
Hailey Bailey 12 kun oldin
I read this on an article a couple of years ago, but Abraham Lincoln and JFK were elected president exactly 100 years apart. They were both assassinated on a Friday with their wives right next to them, and Kennedy was shot in a Lincoln made by ford while Lincoln was shot in a Ford theatre.
Nick-Ninja Adams
Nick-Ninja Adams 12 kun oldin
Please do s supernatural episode on the Nazca lines
FrostyChickenz 12 kun oldin
Connally did it
the spooky bois
the spooky bois 12 kun oldin
25:01 Shane...whoa there.
Nikolette De La Torre
Okay but who hasn’t chased their sibling with a knife? I’m fine now
Scott Doherty
Scott Doherty 13 kun oldin
You completely missed the point of the magic bullet theory
itsarnoldbruh 13 kun oldin
Dude on the left us a buzzkill
Michael Elledge
Michael Elledge 13 kun oldin
How did no one see Lee Harvey Oswald carry the sniper rifle into the Texas School book holding facility
Michael Elledge
Michael Elledge 6 kun oldin
+John Adams thank you
John Adams
John Adams 6 kun oldin
Michael Elledge Oswald broke down the rifle at Ruth Paine's garage the night before, wrapped it in brown paper and carried it into the building the morning of the assassination.
Michael Elledge
Michael Elledge 13 kun oldin
Can I just point out the small similaritys of Lee Harvey Oswald and Shane
Humberto junior
Humberto junior 13 kun oldin
Im Eating Chinese rice while watching This
Rita H.
Rita H. 14 kun oldin
You both should take such important historic events more serious. Americans' lives have been irrevocably damaged by this egregious act and we are all STILL paying the price for allowing the individuals who planned and carried out the assassination of JFK to go unprosecuted. Some of those same individuals had a big part in the commission of 911! Oswald was a pansy that the CIA put the blame on. It's been shown that he couldn't possibly have been the gunman. If you watch the moment of impact, where the bullet hits JFK in the head, you can see that it entered from the front, with blood and brains blowing out the back of his head. Kennedy was going to shut down the Fed and the influence secret societies had on government operations. TPTB couldn't let that happen.
John Adams
John Adams 6 kun oldin
Rita H. Prove it.
A is for America
A is for America 14 kun oldin
Let's not forget that Johnson and the bureaucrats wanted to go to Vietnam but Kennedy didn't. Also, Kennedy enacted Executive Order 11110....look into that and tell me someone in the top 1% didn't like the idea.
Cheese man
Cheese man 14 kun oldin
Ask not what the drip can do to you my friends, but what you can do to the drip.
Jasmine Garcia
Jasmine Garcia 14 kun oldin
Those Kennedy's Edit:😂😂😂
Crypto Clothesline Podcast
do 911
Elizabeth Lawrence
Elizabeth Lawrence 15 kun oldin
I think that the assassination of JFK was probably not a part of a "bigger conspiracy". It sounds reasonable to say that there were two shooters involved. So what? One of Oswald's friends wanted the president dead too. A conspiracy seems to me a stretch.
Leonidas Pietris
Leonidas Pietris 15 kun oldin
My name is Louie lol
Christian Repol
Christian Repol 15 kun oldin
Kind of love this duo tho
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