The Tinder Makeup Social Experiment

Courtney Lundquist
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Matching With People WITH and WITHOUT Makeup on Tinder! (tinder social experiment)
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Hey beautiful people! Today I'm doing another funny tinder social experiment, tinder prank! I'm putting to the test if I will get more matches on Tinder with or without makeup. Leave your predictions down below in the comments!
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16-Iyn, 2018

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Mening pleylistlarim
Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 365
MythicaleSlimes 5 kun oldin
Makeup obvi
It's Me Senna
It's Me Senna 22 kun oldin
Your so beautyful with and without makeup😍💛
the thumbnail... of course 1000 people wouldn't swipe right...
Michael Brook
Michael Brook 3 oy oldin
Some women look better w makeup some without.
Ashley Koester
Ashley Koester 4 oy oldin
You should do one with duck face/lower cut short verses nice smile/not low cut shirt. Something along those lines. Both with makeup. I refuse to do the duck face I'm curious if men are attracted to that - I'm trying to look so cute look. Not that I would do it!
Jack Nasty
Jack Nasty 4 oy oldin
Tinder is horrible... I've seen married folks I know on there..... And after being asked for "hookups" on there I deleted my account. I thought women would be more respectful compared to guys. But they are just as bad as the men...
Steven Watts
Steven Watts 4 oy oldin
You're very pretty regardless. Ur husband is a lucky guy
luchia lps
luchia lps 4 oy oldin
You have a sphynx cat OMG! Those are super cute ❤
big chunkus
big chunkus 5 oy oldin
"tender" 🗿
Jess Grimston
Jess Grimston 5 oy oldin
Maybe make your videos more to the point and faster (less rambling) as it makes them more enjoyable to watch. Still, I like the experiment and you’re really pretty!
ella west
ella west 5 oy oldin
Sourishrathi111 5 oy oldin
Good job sister
Priscilla Santana
With makeup
toledo 5 oy oldin
you are beautiful anyway it doesn't really matter
Maria Rendon
Maria Rendon 6 oy oldin
STOP WITH THE "SOCIAL EXPERIMENTS". Catfish is catfish, stop being part of the problem!
The Bunny
The Bunny 6 oy oldin
Are you Swedish?
Sandra Salerno
Sandra Salerno 6 oy oldin
You are lovely with and without makeup !
Itzel Ortiz
Itzel Ortiz 6 oy oldin
Make up
Ruby Collison
Ruby Collison 6 oy oldin
Kawaii Kitty
Kawaii Kitty 6 oy oldin
Can u guys stop being like “ tender” stop harassing her for the way she says tinder it really doesn’t matter let her say it how she says it
Ross Brown
Ross Brown 6 oy oldin
Why when women make these videos they talk soooo much
Unicorn Slime2314
You look more beautiful with your makeup off then on.
Sienna Grattan
Sienna Grattan 6 oy oldin
Where is ur ring
Joana Cotillon Oliveira
eva marie
eva marie 6 oy oldin
for what reason?
Brianna Martinez
Brianna Martinez 6 oy oldin
I think the lower quantity and more vague messages from the make up profile are from guys feeling intimidated, too. So they don't want to initiate and don't want to be rejected, whereas the no makeup one is super friendly, they take the profile at FACE VALUE (See what I did there? 😏), and don't feel like there's as much to lose.
Zoe Brown
Zoe Brown 6 oy oldin
If I did a no makeup selfie on tinder I'd still be single lmao
Kaylin Kiner
Kaylin Kiner 6 oy oldin
No makeup
Jazz P
Jazz P 6 oy oldin
She subconsiously said at the beginning "i decided to give amber the pretty one" and carries on talking about weather it matters or not....she subconsciously said herself that it does matter....i prefer most people without make up. Its okay to add a bit of concealer and mascara sometimes but noone should ever think they need to ware make up.....what are we trying to make boys think!? If we all.stopped wearing makeup all together then boys will forget what women look like with it and we would probably become more confident ourselves.
Anna Pena
Anna Pena 6 oy oldin
She means tinder, its an accent guys! Also interesting and fun video, youre pretty
Diandra gomez
Diandra gomez 6 oy oldin
I don't think men care about make up
Hariukin 6 oy oldin
heh? how is it that women know perfectly what make up does when they use it but suddenly are completely clueless when it comes to explanation: make up makes you LOOK more sexual availiable.. it makes you look sexually aroused and "ready to go".. thats the whole thing about make up. - Blush: self explanatory: you ARE aroused. - Eyeliner: bigger eyes , dilated pupils, you are interessted - Lipstick: plummed lips, you are aroused and ready to have sex.. the whole thing of make up is to simulate a state of arousal so that you counterpart thinks its due to him and encourages him to proceed further.. where is the "secret" behind that?
Zara Royce
Zara Royce 6 oy oldin
I am actually blind so I cannot see her photo, I’m trying to understand, in the picture where she was wearing make up is it like an every day make up or was it a full gram type of make up?
Just lurking
Just lurking 4 oy oldin
Every day
sylverwicca 6 oy oldin
I don't think there is much point to this as you don't wear heavy make up and even with out you are very pretty so no big difference
Eskil Dik
Eskil Dik 6 oy oldin
This video was freakin boring, not just sit and talk .-.
Melissa Galaxy
Melissa Galaxy 4 oy oldin
Markus Dik well if you didn’t like it then why did you watch it
Sophie Raddysh
Sophie Raddysh 6 oy oldin
They're asking if you smoke because you put your name as Amber...not because its a common question lol
Home Girl
Home Girl 6 oy oldin
With makeup
Taj The Great One
No. The pic without makeup is a little creepy...
FSO Leather
FSO Leather 6 oy oldin
Duh, your a redhead, great hair sheen, big eyes, and a nice mouth & lips. The non makeup face means, you're cheaper maintenance
Ela Borat
Ela Borat 6 oy oldin
Im not suprised at all.
Cynthia Marquez
Cynthia Marquez 6 oy oldin
Guys say thay dont like makeup...but what they really mean is not too much so that you dont look like a clown.
Mimi Batman
Mimi Batman 6 oy oldin
I think that an interesting experiment would be two different looks (both with makeup, just applied differently)
claredaluna 6 oy oldin
Men: But we prefer natural....lol Of course
meALLday 6 oy oldin
2:37 rat jumps out from nowhere
Not news, most girls are ugly. Make up hides the reality.
Hanna Zatul
Hanna Zatul 6 oy oldin
I disagree .I'm much prettier without makeup.
Sofia Marova
Sofia Marova 6 oy oldin
I dont want to say "obviously" Makeup but still it has to be the makeup one.
Phi1eap 6 oy oldin
You have no matches without makeup because you look ill. Stop investing your time and money in painting masks, stop eating shit, spending time on screen and start excercising and eating whole foods.
MyLemonAgsm 6 oy oldin
no makeup
You probably don't look drastically different without makeup. You don't pile it on by any means, which is awesome. Yeah though, there is a huge difference when ladies who normally go full face glam bam thank you ma'am.. and then compare it to their no makeup profiles, hahah..
Talita Montenegro
A nice haircut would make a difference
MyGirl89SF 6 oy oldin
men just swipe right without looking, that's why
pooyah k
pooyah k 6 oy oldin
You're really sweet
mookee 6 oy oldin
mojca gril
mojca gril 6 oy oldin
jomana karim
jomana karim 6 oy oldin
peträ 6 oy oldin
ChiaraElena 6 oy oldin
I think Make Up will win
another sapien
another sapien 6 oy oldin
Thumbnail clickbait. Okay.
Marci LK
Marci LK 7 oy oldin
We should not feel so self conscious about how we look naturally.
mr mr
mr mr 7 oy oldin
You look terrible w/o fake up.
laaa Morgan
laaa Morgan 7 oy oldin
world wide handsome
Abby Eilish
Abby Eilish 7 oy oldin
Please can you use screen recording to show us what your doing? Ty ❤️
si money
si money 7 oy oldin
your photos make you look like a crazy loon.....just saying
Courtney Lundquist
And you’re a miserable human being who likes to hide behind a computer
Skye Rose
Skye Rose 7 oy oldin
You look pretty with and with out make up
Sophie Sontag
Sophie Sontag 7 oy oldin
JaimeArt 7 oy oldin
makeup will get more
Laura Woollen
Laura Woollen 7 oy oldin
neither no matches
Laura Woollen
Laura Woollen 7 oy oldin
preDICKtions: no matches
PalemoonTwilight 7 oy oldin
I was thinking about this, and concluded that I wouldn't want to be with a guy if I always had to put makeup on my face. Makeup really isn't good for your skin, and seriously who wants to wear that crap all of the time!? So if I weren't married and I wanted to use Tinder, I would definitely do it without makeup. By the way, I am a 57 year old female, and seriously, girls...save your skin. Don't wear makeup all the time. You will be able to hang onto your youthful skin longer. *hugz* Love your slimy channel, Courtney. Hope you're having a beautiful day!
Kylee Pittman
Kylee Pittman 7 oy oldin
Make up
Layel_ ASMR
Layel_ ASMR 7 oy oldin
I’m guessing no makeup had the most matches
Londyn Hoggard
Londyn Hoggard 7 oy oldin
No makeup
wowokthx 7 oy oldin
too bad idk how to put on makeup
Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad 7 oy oldin
Is the guy she´s married to Swedish? Because of her last name it’s really
Andrea Ocampo
Andrea Ocampo 7 oy oldin
you need to learn how to talk on camera... Asap
ariel lu
ariel lu 7 oy oldin
Instead of reading it u should just show us by doing a screenrecording
rockjockchick 6 oy oldin
Ariel’s Obsessions privacy laws.
aurel 6 oy oldin
ariel lu
ariel lu 7 oy oldin
U look so pretty without makeup! Like ur face is so clear!
Zinnia TCC
Zinnia TCC 7 oy oldin
Apple Caffeine
Apple Caffeine 7 oy oldin
what is tender????
Jax 7 oy oldin
Makeup for sure😕
DIY GLITZ Crafts 7 oy oldin
courtney, You look pretty with or without makeup
DIY GLITZ Crafts 7 oy oldin
love it, do more of these experiments on boys
Nicolas Laurent
Nicolas Laurent 7 oy oldin
So makeup is a waste of time, money, mental energy and anyways the guys that might be interested by your personality will match in the no makeup profile.
LaurenD 7 oy oldin
One of the purposes of makeup is to improve physical appearance... so it makes sense if youre wearing makeup youll get more matches? This experiment was sort of silly lol ?
liselle sloan
liselle sloan 7 oy oldin
You're beautiful in both profiles, but I bet you would have gotten even more responses with more, better makeup, lashes, waved hair, etc., and a better, slightly seductive pose, and a somewhat sexy outfit. Maybe that could be your next video, so we could tell if max glam makeup and hair are really "worth it" if we want to attract male admirers!
Iridescental 7 oy oldin
Pretty sure all the flames/fire/smoke jokes are because your profile was called Amber
Tianna Ouellette
Tianna Ouellette 7 oy oldin
This was a good video!
Dean Prasad
Dean Prasad 7 oy oldin
Amber = ember = smoke??
bubblesBH 7 oy oldin
Nancy Magical mommy
There’s kids here 🙄
SingWithMe109 7 oy oldin
No makeup
lu hicks
lu hicks 7 oy oldin
How many were repeat guys on both
Hound Jr
Hound Jr 7 oy oldin
As a guy, I feel I get a fair amount of matches... But I rarely get one that will answer back. Maybe it's because women get so many matches and bombarded with messages?
Hound Jr
Hound Jr 6 oy oldin
What Not To Do At a Stoplight I rubbed her the wrong way with some sort of arrogance I guess! I've used pof also and get way more interest on there. The dates I've been on have all come from Tinder though!
What Not To Do At a Stoplight
Hound Jr Not sure why that chick was being such an ass to you, it’s like she was trying to make you feel like shit. Obviously chicks don’t keep accidentally swiping right on you, so dumb. Many chicks are on tinder for attention. Many other dating sites still actually work even if it has just turned into hookups, but tinder is just a shit show now.
Hound Jr
Hound Jr 6 oy oldin
What Not To Do At a Stoplight It's crazy on dating sites for sure!
What Not To Do At a Stoplight
Baby Nicole Even ugly chicks get more matches than the hottest guys. It isn’t just Tinder where this holds true, the results are the same on other dating sites as well.
Hound Jr
Hound Jr 6 oy oldin
Baby Nicole I'd fuc you on the first date and leave also.
BookishEliza 7 oy oldin
I did this experiement and my page with makeup got almost no matches but my page without makeup got a ton of attention. Most guys hate makeup .
Lizzie’s Life
Lizzie’s Life 7 oy oldin
With makeup
Death Angel
Death Angel 7 oy oldin
What the hell is that at 2:40?
AJB 7 oy oldin
You know this video was totally useless... Dont know what u are trying to tell by this video. You changed your face with makeup wich led to higher attraction. The reason the attraction is higher is because ur skin looks clean and flawless when u have makeup on. This leads to the thinking that you have better GENETIC MAKEUP) The exact same thing would happen if a guy did this. The only person who could do this and see no diference is a individual who has flawless features. Sooory foor english :O No guy I know encourages women to use makeup in fact the only reason women feel the presure to use makeup is because other women wear it. We are hard wired to act this way... I would wear makeup just for fun if i could without every fucking woman thinking I am gay if i do it.
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