The Tiny Hands Challenge!

Rosanna Pansino
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These hands are so small!!
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I hope you enjoy today's fun #Challenge #Vlog! We #Try to do a bunch of funny tasks. I can't even imagine living 24 hours with these hands. It was tough just doing a few basic things with my friend iJustine! What other videos would you like to see? Subscribe for more videos!
xoxo Ro

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5-Yan, 2019



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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino 2 oy oldin
Happy January everyone! I hope you enjoy todays video. What other videos would you like to see? I'm working on a new Nerdy Nummies for next week! 🙌😊❤️
Danielle Alvarez
Danielle Alvarez 5 kun oldin
I hate you soooooooooo much yiu changed
Khushi Panghal
Khushi Panghal 15 kun oldin
Do a cake what looks like you
Hannah Ayland
Hannah Ayland 18 kun oldin
18 to 15!!!
Emma Leffelman
Emma Leffelman 21 kun oldin
I mean your friend idk where I got sister from haha
Emma Leffelman
Emma Leffelman 21 kun oldin
You are so funny! Does your sister have a channel?!!
Allison Brandt
Allison Brandt 10 soat oldin
i think for use both sets of hands you use one of each
Addie Kelly
Addie Kelly 10 soat oldin
Ro I think on your second turn you could choose witch “hands” you picked but no hate
Babiie mama
Babiie mama 10 soat oldin
OMG this was so funny to watch Ro looks like a kid with a big head not to hte or anything she looks adorable and Justin
Ava Leigh
Ava Leigh 12 soat oldin
who else think Ro and Justine should make a channel together??????
Lynsey Nabors
Lynsey Nabors 17 soat oldin
Ro: My ring size is 3 Me: My ring size is 9 lol
Lahné Malan
Lahné Malan 19 soat oldin
This video was ASMR📹❤️
Hannah Davis
Hannah Davis 21 soat oldin
“Oh that’s spicy ” 😂❤️❤️
Joel Goff
Joel Goff Kun oldin
When it said use both sets it meant one of each.
Share Your DREAMS For Kids
Buns of cinnamon
Gabrielle Sheehan
you are so good at it ro
Dayanara Leon Hernandez
I have a size 3 for rings
NaTeesha85 Kun oldin
I find tiny hands incredibly amusing. Like, I died at the shots of Justine trying to pick up the spinner and then just her tiny hands behind the chairs handing the spinner to Ro. 😂
Devaj Joshi
Devaj Joshi Kun oldin
You played the game wrong!
The Slytherin Heir
00:48 and 16:27 are the exact same moments and i will like my own comment cuz no one else will lol
MaryTheLamb X3
MaryTheLamb X3 20 soat oldin
anonymous alien 2.0
I think I'm the only one whose reminded of d.o kyungsoo oh God
sweetchimtae uwu
sweetchimtae uwu 3 kun oldin
Jimin is that you? :p
Sasha Berger
Sasha Berger 3 kun oldin
Use the hands as chop sticks when you have both sets
Mou.X.A 5 kun oldin
{\__/} ( •_• ) >♥️> Do u want his love?
Danielle Alvarez
Danielle Alvarez 5 kun oldin
Justine cheated she used the cloth
Danielle Alvarez
Danielle Alvarez 5 kun oldin
I hate that your so stupid and can’t even use common sense and use one of each hand
Thomas Pigg
Thomas Pigg 6 kun oldin
You two young Ladies are Beautiful, Intelligent, and down right Hilarious!!!
Thomas Pigg
Thomas Pigg 6 kun oldin
You two young Ladies are Beautiful, Intelligent, and down right Hilarious!!!
Kitty Cat Luna
Kitty Cat Luna 6 kun oldin
7:21 she cheated she didn't use all of the hands
kittys1233 AJ
kittys1233 AJ 6 kun oldin
Hi Ro!!!!
girl gaming
girl gaming 7 kun oldin
not both sets one of each set!
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 7 kun oldin
The struggle is real
Lexxis Bell
Lexxis Bell 8 kun oldin
make a unicorn mirror cake
sarah Wolf
sarah Wolf 8 kun oldin
I played this game and. I got a challenge which was to open a door knob with the tiniest set of hands ......I didn't complete it now if it was a handle in which you just push down if that makes sense it would be possible but no I got a round handle where you have to turn the entire thing around to open
Glitz girl Playz
Glitz girl Playz 10 kun oldin
im a girl scout and I did it in camp
Victoria Hackett
Victoria Hackett 10 kun oldin
your not allowed to use your mouth only then tiny hands
Ophelia Sadie
Ophelia Sadie 10 kun oldin
Thx Rosanna I really liked ur video
Milkyway2099 12 kun oldin
I love how she gets all the best guest stars in the form of the most popular UZvidrs.
Xander Smith
Xander Smith 13 kun oldin
how long have you had a youtube channel
Xander Smith
Xander Smith 13 kun oldin
how do you choose what videos youre doing
AussieWL 13 kun oldin
When she slaps the string repeatedly its so funny
Unicorn DJ
Unicorn DJ 14 kun oldin
I died laughing
pilar owen
pilar owen 17 kun oldin
13:12 get handy she didn’t even realize she made a pun lol
Antonio Valerio
Antonio Valerio 17 kun oldin
Are you OK because there was a Robo as you take down but that doesn’t matter though you were trying to capture didn’t you go into your regular gold rose gold rose gold rose gold rose
Jesse Blouin
Jesse Blouin 18 kun oldin
Barbie dream 🏠 🎂 please.
Hannah Ayland
Hannah Ayland 18 kun oldin
18 to 15!!!
Smylee Chikin
Smylee Chikin 19 kun oldin
Wait for the one where justine put the ball in the box, she had to take it out again too
Heart The Eternal
Heart The Eternal 19 kun oldin
Ro your last video with Justine before this one you were sick too. You start the video about sucking on a cough drop and being at Disneyland too. Lol stop going to Disneyland.
NUPURA PRABHUNE 20 kun oldin
Jimin can do this challenge without the tiny hands 😂
Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed 21 kun oldin
yes we can read it you can get your points
tflack 21 kun oldin
Hi I just subscrbed
mfcatron 21 kun oldin
do the smoothie challenge please!
Paul Hodgkinson
Paul Hodgkinson 22 kun oldin
Hi Rosanna
Unicorn Kitty517
Unicorn Kitty517 22 kun oldin
“ oh thats spicy” -Justine 2019
wero0019 22 kun oldin
Plll. P
Mir Anwar
Mir Anwar 22 kun oldin
This is so funny Ro
Sal Suarez
Sal Suarez 22 kun oldin
Do a baking challenge with tiny hands!
Steve 2010
Steve 2010 24 kun oldin
I like how Ro says Tiny. LYSM💖
Dakota Blair
Dakota Blair 24 kun oldin
At least it gave you more hands 😂
Paul Hodgkinson
Paul Hodgkinson 24 kun oldin
This is soooo funny
Allison Garcia
Allison Garcia 24 kun oldin
Can you please play pie Face
Kelly Glenn
Kelly Glenn 24 kun oldin
I think Rosanna cheated
Kelly Glenn
Kelly Glenn 25 kun oldin
I couldn't read when you write Rosanna Pansino
Madison Whetstine
Madison Whetstine 26 kun oldin
Nathan Rabenold
Nathan Rabenold 26 kun oldin
Valerie Broderick
Valerie Broderick 26 kun oldin
the tiny hands are soooooooooooooooooooooooo weird
Valerie Broderick
Valerie Broderick 26 kun oldin
do another bakjing vidio one like = better i will spell
Gemma Hanson
Gemma Hanson 26 kun oldin
Shreya Sharma
Shreya Sharma 26 kun oldin
Just realized they are legit Elsa and Anna like their friendship is so strong (like the 2 sisters) and they just look like it.
Suga and junkookie Taekook
I feel like my hand is bigger then Ro’s😂
country city
country city 27 kun oldin
make sure you put a little cinnamon on ur bun's and wear ur little miget hand's on our hot date 👍🏼
Sidneyboi 27 kun oldin
you should sell that paper of your name
nina giustiniani
nina giustiniani 27 kun oldin
You are so funny ro😍
danna miranda
danna miranda 29 kun oldin
hey im i n girl scouts and i was eating my girl scouts cookies
Candy Kiss
Candy Kiss 29 kun oldin
I love you
Rainbow Unicorn13
U guys need to make a UZvid channel together. Like if u agree
Angelina Tumanyan
Can you do more tiny hands
Sehaj Sekhon
Sehaj Sekhon Oy oldin
Roe is the nissest person I’ve seen for so long
wahyu hardianto
subtitle Indonesia mana
levi .
levi . Oy oldin
Is that the origin of that hand I found
Marley Spitler
I love you 😘 guys you are so funny and happy and amazing you brighten my day I wish I could meet you some time but I’m all the way over in Michigan
Tonje Johansen
So funny with those smidget hands 😂😂😂
Meghan Jess
Meghan Jess Oy oldin
When they say both pair of hands, they didn’t mean all four, they, meant one tiny one and one tinier one. That’s my understanding, I mean, it does make sense. I could be wrong though.
Maria Chavez
Maria Chavez 27 kun oldin
They might not know think before you speak
Kim Godfrey
Kim Godfrey Oy oldin
Omg ur ring size is 3 I’m 14 and my ring size is 7 1/2 and I have small hands as well but I’m still growing
HollyRae Oy oldin
please do a video with the hands Rosanna.
Carissa Childs
you were suppost to use 1 of each hand
BaconBitsPlays Bacon
Where did you both get those sweat shirts?!?😘❤😍🤗😘 Love them❤❤❤😍😘😍😍😘🤗
The life of Alyssa
both hands means u get one tiny and one big hand
Charlie Anderson
Did you guys know each other before you were UZvidrs
Hdiff Djcvy
Hdiff Djcvy Oy oldin
I would fail at this
Molly Grabois
Molly Grabois Oy oldin
i love rosanna
Joyti Nath
Joyti Nath Oy oldin
Wait isn't tiny hands supposed to be pronounced tie-knee not tea-knee?
Catcrazy 73
Catcrazy 73 Oy oldin
Where did Ro get her sweater? It’s ADORABLE
Box Trot 1029
Box Trot 1029 Oy oldin
tie-ny ti-ne
JK Its Jade
JK Its Jade Oy oldin
I'm 4'9 and I'm 13 and I have gigantic hands my hands are bigger then my moms hands, my older brothers hands, and all my friends hands. My ring size is a 6!
Asia Nihipali
Asia Nihipali Oy oldin
i am at disney land right now
Harine Kajendiramoorthy
Do it with baking please
Extreme cooking pros for kids And fun
Extreme cooking pros for kids And fun
I love your videos and hope you Mack a 2 cook 📖
PinkMaryBerry Oy oldin
Do this with Husky
Ella DeMille
Ella DeMille Oy oldin
ro what you could do is have one of each becuase that is thechnally using both sets also i know i spelled technically wrong
Alayna Richlen
do crafts
ACS RAR Oy oldin
Hi Ro I am such a big fan!!!!!!!!!!!
Riya kc
Riya kc Oy oldin
You are the most beautiful girl in this world Ro❤❤❤❤ Love you sooooo much Love from Nepal💓💓💓☺☺☺
Jennifer D'Haiti
Great job ro
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