The Total War Game Nobody Likes

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Yep, it's Empire total war baby. Personally I love it, just look how good it is...
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8-Yan, 2019

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iSorrowproductions 8 kun oldin
Hey whats going on guys it's ilatetouploadproductions. HIT THE LIKE BUTON
Alejandro Zuniga
Alejandro Zuniga 5 kun oldin
Coolmath games
Axel Szmidt
Axel Szmidt 6 kun oldin
Just for the future I think it’s not worth it playing this game below the max difficulty due to the bugs. It still isn’t that hard at max but not as frustrating. You could try Poland at max difficulty, perhaps with a realism mod.
James Walker
James Walker 6 kun oldin
Jeff E
Zachary DiRenzo
Zachary DiRenzo 7 kun oldin
DAC mod?
Linards Žagats
Linards Žagats 7 kun oldin
looked like you are haveing fun.
David Wright
David Wright Soat oldin
That marrying animals joke haha, I see that tech every time I play civ 5 and never thought of it that way!
Yashma 2 soat oldin
Empire Total War is actually my most played total war game. I found the grand campaign to be the most entertaining by far given its wide scope, spanning Europe, the Middle East, India and the Americas.
Daniel Bundalian
Daniel Bundalian 3 soat oldin
Try with a harder difficulty next time if you like being strategic😂
Stephen Blackburn
Stephen Blackburn 4 soat oldin
If they fixed the AI the game would be better.
snicks3211 4 soat oldin
Jayden Warran
Jayden Warran 6 soat oldin
I love Empire actually. Granted ive got a couple mods to enhance the gameplay 😂
Tahitian Treat
Tahitian Treat 8 soat oldin
ETW 1 of best TW 3. ETW 2. MW2 1. RTW !
Saftsack 9 soat oldin
Total war empire was my first steam game I find is it actually nice
seppafer 9 soat oldin
This game got me into Total War and honestly the only issue I ever had with the game was how technology worked. Also I’m disappointed in how you failed to present the spectacular duels you see agents partaking in. Specifically the one where the guy shoots himself in the face
ManOfCrusades 13 soat oldin
I actually love this game xD
KING JIMMY CRAFT 13 soat oldin
Yah know, I like both potato and spaghetti.
LightFykki 16 soat oldin
For those that want to experience a good version of this game, get the Darthmod. You won't regret it, it becomes one of the best Total War experiences.
craig krueger
craig krueger 20 soat oldin
I installed Darth mod and took over the world as Sweden. I can give a shit what others say, I had a goddam blast creating formations that could repel larger armies. Then invading the colonial us for the English
Kelva Singh
Kelva Singh Kun oldin
John Churchill, such a proper lad
tophholland Kun oldin
This was actually the Total War that got me onto the franchise and the only game to date that I left a game review on Steam. This place has a special place in my heart.
Robert Hansen
Robert Hansen Kun oldin
Empire is way more tactically interesting than rock paper scissors games like Rome in mp, and they're all basically instant win against AI.
Daniel Kun oldin
But i like it
Farrell 494
Farrell 494 Kun oldin
with darth mod its amazing
loszhor Kun oldin
It becomes a much better playing experience with the Napoleon expansion. Fun fact: they tried to make RTW 2 with the ETW engine that wasn't meant for melee combat with hilarious results!
Colba The great
Colba The great Kun oldin
Pls play more of this it was hilarious
adizmal Kun oldin
Second best TW after Medieval 2. Naval combat + global map, ez np gg.
Varheim Kun oldin
It was the first of the bad total war games, but still better than Rome 2 and definitely better than the fantasy crap they are releasing these days.
Fe Grey
Fe Grey Kun oldin
I loved Empire! Maybe it’s because I never played Napoleon but still, fucking loved it.
Josh Litz
Josh Litz Kun oldin
I have over 400 hours on this game
Shandwen Kun oldin
Empire is my favorite. Even with me being a huge war hammer fan.
Marmocet 2 kun oldin
I never liked how each side knows exactly where the other's units are during battles. It completely takes away the element of surprise and makes battles all about who has the bigger/better army.
Dominik Krbec
Dominik Krbec 2 kun oldin
with DM its actually best TW for me
John Nguyen
John Nguyen 2 kun oldin
Empire is my favorite, it's got it's bugs but being able to wage war across multiple theaters is amazing
Uthred 2 kun oldin
I like it
Steve Loves Role Playing Games
I own almost all the Total War games, but the only 2 that I play anymore are Medieval 2 and Empire.
LEFT4BASS 2 kun oldin
People don't like this one? I loved this game.
tenchimuyo69 2 kun oldin
too ambitious I suppose. People got irritated that so much of the world was available, only to have some important parts during the era cut out. (Looking at lack of Brazil in a game where Portugal is in the game)... (and potentially playable, their units have its own language audio) Also spiderman infantry...
JakVM999 2 kun oldin
Empire Total War - Pretty shit Darthmod Empire - My personal favorite Total War game (and bias aside pretty damn great)
nik Bahtin
nik Bahtin 2 kun oldin
Why they still use pikes, wasn't pike and shot warfare made obsolete by that Gustavos Adalfuos 80 year's earlier ?
nik Bahtin
nik Bahtin 2 kun oldin
If you like colonialism, nation building, world conquest, religion politics, trade, exploration, warfare, rule. Play EU4
Liam Precious
Liam Precious 2 kun oldin
The vanilla game, I dislike, but with Darthmod, a few sound mods and a smoke mod. This game is brilliant. I love it more than Medieval 2 and rome 1. Bite me.
Voodooprince 2 kun oldin
I liked it
Graham Alberson
Graham Alberson 2 kun oldin
I like Empire. A lot.
Vmac 2 kun oldin
one of my first and favourite total war
TankGuy3 2 kun oldin
I enjoyed it. I've enjoyed all of them (though I've never really played much of Rome Total War: Alexander).
SuperAqua9 2 kun oldin
Would highly recommend slapping darth mod on this bad boy before playing it everyone
Skott62 2 kun oldin
Its not the best nor is it the worst IMHO. What CA game doesn't have issues, right?
TheToledoTrumpton 2 kun oldin
It is my favorite Total War game by a wide margin. If you ask me the reasons - 1. Size and breadth of the campaign map. 2. Varied factions that have different playstyles. 3. Excellent sea battles that must be mastered. 4. Technology improvements drastically change battle tactics, they don't just give +1% armor. 5. Robust economic model well linked to research, diplomacy, trade and town improvements. 6. Battles with artillery, cavalry and infantry, any of which may be dominant. 7. The extras are pretty good. Flavor text, religion and agents, missions, victory conditions, governments, special units, all add to the game. I think the people who hate it tend to fixate on the negatives: 1. Sieges are a disaster. Never play sieges. Units get stuck and the AI is easily confused. 2. Once you achieve technological superiority and get on top, battles are a breeze, and the game can become a bore as you just play out the win. 3. Victory with any faction can be achieved by making friends with the British, and trading with the Ottomans. 4. The AI is not very strong on the campaign map. The AI British rarely take India, or take America. 5. Once you figure out the strategy of destroying your church in your home province and building a second school on turn 1, technological superiority is easy. 6. On the very hard difficulties the AI cheats rather badly. Winning on the hardest difficulty is frustratingly hard. Winning on the easiest difficulty is too easy.
Caleb Brown
Caleb Brown 3 kun oldin
Darthmod fixes all the issues
Ian S.
Ian S. 3 kun oldin
WHHHATTT???? This is my favorite total war!!!!!
Le Tigidou
Le Tigidou 3 kun oldin
Carlos The Mad just wanted a bit of affirmative action you right wing imperialist bully!
Olaf Rasmussen
Olaf Rasmussen 3 kun oldin
At somepoint patch broke the game eternally, AI cant handle units overlapping so they will just walk back and forth until all units of AI army are running around in one massive ball of clusterfuck.
Robert Rei
Robert Rei 3 kun oldin
0:00 - 0:04 was cool
Ripplester 3 kun oldin
The youtuber that always shows up when you want to watch kilian experience.
torbk 3 kun oldin
Takes the piss out of the pikemen, doesn't actually push the button to activate pike formation.
IronVader 3 kun oldin
The best Total war games are Warhammer and Warhammer 2, change my mind.
My_Name_Is_Chef 3 kun oldin
I actually really liked this game. Except for it being pretty poorly optimized. With a few mods especially to fix the AI
SteinbrecherBack 3 kun oldin
"There goes Derrick's house" xD
Noble713 3 kun oldin
ETW with Darth Mod is pretty damn decent. *NTW* is the TW game that I find totally underwhelming.
Whats this new hoi4 mod? Haven't seen this one around before
The Greek Geek: Movie Reviews
Cannoneers assaulting the enemy live head on? I see their using their real world tactics.
Kapitän Klüster Feck
The pikemen standing there with the French....still a better love story than Twilight
Zane Frohn
Zane Frohn 3 kun oldin
You go to Stalin to go to gulag
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Kaiser Wilhelm II 3 kun oldin
I dont like Rome Total War. Empire is my favorite followed by Napoleon then Medieval II. They need to make a Victorian Total War.
Phaire Couchpotato
Phaire Couchpotato 3 kun oldin
I like Empire Total War... Edit: Let me clarify, Empire with the DarthMod or Imperial Splendour. vanilla empire sucks ass and is boring. 2nd Edit: I DO want an Empire II Total War though... hopefully CA will do the era justice. 3 eras 1700-1800 1800-1900 1900-1920 and a bunch of mini campaigns: US Civil War Anglo - Zulu War Sino Japanese War WWI/ The Great War United States Revolutionary War Napoleonic Wars etc...
Mark Rz
Mark Rz 3 kun oldin
interesting choice of background music...
Trolencio Falopencio
Really? 🤔 I think it's the best total war saga. I play it all the time, Napoleon Total War also. It has a great potential. If they release a ETW 2 someday, It'll kick ass, no doubt of that.
wik wik
wik wik 3 kun oldin
a love the game
Argacyan 3 kun oldin
Empire was my favourite of them all.
Aventuro 3 kun oldin
Then I guess my name is Nobody, because this is one of my favorite Total War games.
Olli the Sassy Staffy
Napoleon Total War fixed many of the issues they were present in Empire
TheHastate 3 kun oldin
I fucking love this game, good vid
LordCommander Bram
LordCommander Bram 3 kun oldin
Number #1 download darthmod Number #2 play the campaign as either Portugal or pirates *Profit*
SuperPetasek 3 kun oldin
my first total war game, get me into the series
Andrey S.
Andrey S. 3 kun oldin
But I like.
Air Nomads
Air Nomads 3 kun oldin
I love Empire: Total War. I just wish they'd make a sequel to it. It's easily my favorite in the series.
matt m
matt m 3 kun oldin
I love empire total war darthmod makes it a lot better
Billy A
Billy A 3 kun oldin
fuk off nobhead
Gabe Canuteson
Gabe Canuteson 3 kun oldin
This was actually really funny! Thanks
coldest shark
coldest shark 3 kun oldin
I really like empire total war
Wouter Kessel
Wouter Kessel 3 kun oldin
People complaining about not liking it is more down to the fact that the game both has a harder AI opponent then in most other total war games and as such in very hard mode its actually a challenge instead of something you just course through and the fact that you cannot cheat on the campaign map, which is how most people get their funds and troops in Rome total war.
Samuel Alexander
Samuel Alexander 3 kun oldin
I love that game
Prithu 3 kun oldin
I have put in 6000 hours in Medieval 2, 600 in Rome 2, and 60 minutes in Empire.
ParagonRex 3 kun oldin
Empire was the best in the series especially after you at mods. The fact that they have not made Empire 2 shows that ANOTHER developer does not listen to their audience.
Erich Langner
Erich Langner 3 kun oldin
Loved empire. Never understood the hate.
Edax 3 kun oldin
Empire Total War is objectively bad. The bugs are still mind boggling, like how the unit cards might just get randomly scrambled for no reason and your not allowed to fix it. I will admit the Empire Total War Campaign map is the best in the series, there was a real reason to create an EMPIRE since that's where all the money was. But the battles are just still so glitchy and auto-resolve is just fucked. So I can't even enjoy the campaign map for long.
Hej du
Hej du 3 kun oldin
Empire is legit one of my fav games of all time
Jonny B
Jonny B 3 kun oldin
Hell it's probably my favorite of the series. Maybe it's my nostalgia but I think it's great. It has it's issues but every Total War does.
Oconee Farao
Oconee Farao 3 kun oldin
*choking to death*
Brandon Key
Brandon Key 3 kun oldin
This is my favorite one 😂😂
8a1ad61b 4 kun oldin
It's one of my favorite total war games. The map is huge.
El Bandito
El Bandito 4 kun oldin
Napoleon Total War felt much better to play. Bigger does not mean better.
Mogwai Man
Mogwai Man 4 kun oldin
If CA was a car company they would have gone bankrupt by now.
Willl Will
Willl Will 4 kun oldin
I like the Era. But the game was so lacking in what It could've been. Should've been atleast a Map DLC to open up areas like Dutch East Indies for expansion not just the Carribean
Keith Jones
Keith Jones 4 kun oldin
I love Empire Total War.
Royal Ace
Royal Ace 4 kun oldin
Empire is by far my most favourite total war game. Hope they one day will make Empire 2
Watcher Zero
Watcher Zero 4 kun oldin
Empire was the best one since Medieval II, good global trade and resource system, naval combat, multiple theatres, best building trees ever implemented and a meaningful research tree. Napoleon also refined the combat and balance quite well, though disappointingly limited its scope.
Lucius Optimus
Lucius Optimus 4 kun oldin
Play Darthmod Empire No other TW game has tried to be as grand scale as this one. For that and the first naval battles it deserves our recognition. The principals of Rome 2 should be applied to the next Empire and with a few tweaks....it'll be more epic than ever
Mysterious Stranger
I really like it actually
Don Kanaille
Don Kanaille 4 kun oldin
Let´s not forget that in the first few months after release, the AI was literally incappable of moving troops by ship.... in an Imperialism game... in the age of sail... No colonial power ever moved anywhere, all islands fully conquered were save forever, including Great Britain... however all the troops the British AI made were also stuck on the island forever. The diplomatic AI is beyond retarded and cannot form any half-passable deals and rather fights to the last man against 1:1000 odds unless you bribe them with half of your Empire and treasury. Couple that with the fact that the battle AI has no idea how gunpowder combat works, runs into your guns while constantly reshuffling instead of firing back, causes friendly fire to no avail and doesnt even research fire by rank until the 18hundreds at best, you got yourself a... pretty fun time.
Marcel Adamčík
Marcel Adamčík 4 kun oldin
Why everyone hates this game it’s so great
purplemnkydshwshr 4 kun oldin
Darthmod makes the AI quite a bit smarter than Carlos II of Spain. but the auto assimilation of the territories by Britain, France and Spain can be a bit annoying sometimes. An Marathan Confederacy controlled Europe was my best achievement, actually easier than conquering the Americas, those large single territories for the major powers were a little much.
Nigel Bagguley
Nigel Bagguley 4 kun oldin
i love this game try it with the darth mod it makes this game even more amazing.
Trolltastic Sniper
Trolltastic Sniper 4 kun oldin
I enjoy ETW