The Total War Game Nobody Likes

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Yep, it's Empire total war baby. Personally I love it, just look how good it is...
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8-Yan, 2019



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Hey whats going on guys it's ilatetouploadproductions. HIT THE LIKE BUTON
B X V Oy oldin
Warhammer 2 Total War is in multiple theatres lol
Velzar ESP
Velzar ESP 2 oy oldin
Try Imperial Glory is older (2005) I used to play it a lot.
Lutting dude
Lutting dude 2 oy oldin
iSorrowproductions I know this is a dead meme but do artillery only empire total war
Alejandro Zuniga
Alejandro Zuniga 2 oy oldin
Coolmath games
Axel Szmidt
Axel Szmidt 2 oy oldin
Just for the future I think it’s not worth it playing this game below the max difficulty due to the bugs. It still isn’t that hard at max but not as frustrating. You could try Poland at max difficulty, perhaps with a realism mod.
MrBobbyz24 2 kun oldin
They really need to make an Empire 2
Marcus Tulius Cicero
Lol, it just hit me 0:13 to 0:27 !! You're John fucking Oliver from Last week Tonight show. Even your dialects are either identical or very similar(Don't know which part of UK JO hails from). Anyway love and sub from Denmark :-)
bolobolo bolo
bolobolo bolo 2 kun oldin
Empire is my fav ... I don't like other total war
Marachad 5 kun oldin
I LOVE this game, litereally my favourite Total War game
Skeleton Rowdie
Skeleton Rowdie 5 kun oldin
That moment when the AI is so broken you get bronchitis
hobbit 5 kun oldin
I was blown away to see that so many hate this game - I think it is awesome
rc4193 6 kun oldin
i loved empire, my only gripe was that the American theatre was too easy and not enough action. I was expecting as Spain to have a brutal fight for the Americas by the British
iamplay 7 kun oldin
i like the naval battles in empire dont care for line infantry and cannon battles its boring has hell
WARLORD 7 kun oldin
I actually really liked this total war
Bart Something
Bart Something 8 kun oldin
I couldn't watch this, as the shouty voice thing annoys me too much, but I'd like to say that I loved Empire. Infinitely better with Darthmod, but fine on it's own.
Grant Brown
Grant Brown 13 kun oldin
Empire had the best campaign map in the series
Sart Bimpson
Sart Bimpson 13 kun oldin
This game is great with Darthmod, really, I’m playing a campaign with Poland Lithuania right now, the only thing that bothers me to this day are the siege battles. Theyre just buggy fam...
justin leckey
justin leckey 13 kun oldin
Ahh UZvid fake laughs don’t end in this video either I see
Jan-Willem 14 kun oldin
Lmao. The only Total War I've finished multiple times. Screw all these soyboy 'hardcore' Total War fans hating on this game, this is the only true decent Total War.
bajiwolf 15 kun oldin
I need Carlos as my diplomat
clark cimmerian
clark cimmerian 16 kun oldin
There are great mods that fix most problems with this game and make it one of the best Total War games; Darthmod, Imperial Destroyer, Empire Realism,Imperial Splendor, Ottoman Total Overhaul, Bran Mac Born CAI, The American Revolution etc. Total War without mods is just bland. Use mods and improve your experience.
Light oF Chicago
Light oF Chicago 16 kun oldin
clayman666metalYT 16 kun oldin
I like it.
picolo2022 Games
picolo2022 Games 17 kun oldin
I just live it. I have hundreds of hours without mods
The Conquistador
The Conquistador 17 kun oldin
This is the best total war in my opinion
Ryan Wesemann
Ryan Wesemann 17 kun oldin
I enjoy Empire total war. Only thi g i dont really care for is the repetitive battle maps...
Francois Dufour
Francois Dufour 17 kun oldin
Henry Monroe
Henry Monroe 19 kun oldin
Carlos won't accept peace if you just give him your country. He also wants you to give him everyone else's countries as well.
Restore the Empire
Restore the Empire 19 kun oldin
Nice Video, i subbed!
Intars Noviks
Intars Noviks 19 kun oldin
Favorite total war game, still playing it!
Trace Pillar
Trace Pillar 20 kun oldin
Can I like this total war as well as others? Is it allowed? Edit: I played with Sweden recently and all I wanted was to defeat Russia. Ended up conquering Ottomans, Persia and All of India.
Mr. iglo29
Mr. iglo29 20 kun oldin
It's better than thrones of britannia
Starcaster "Universe of Gaming"
This was the first Total War I ever played. It opened the Total War Gate for me.
Lmao I ThinkUr Gay
Lmao I ThinkUr Gay 23 kun oldin
Empire is like the 4th most played Total War game on Steam.
Eiji Hernandez
Eiji Hernandez 23 kun oldin
Im enjoying it right now =)
drschplatt 24 kun oldin
I liked it.
Filipeczeg 24 kun oldin
I like this total war, it’s my favourite one
Emil Sundin
Emil Sundin 24 kun oldin
this is the best game in the series. played this to the fucking bone.
1978Lucent 25 kun oldin
Its because 12 year old only wants to play games in which there is action. For them Total War is boring because it takes so long. :)
Seamus Howling
Seamus Howling 25 kun oldin
Dood, this game is awesome!
Frozen Yogurt
Frozen Yogurt 27 kun oldin
I love Empire. Taking over Europe as the Americans is very satisfying.
Adam Uhrynuk
Adam Uhrynuk 27 kun oldin
Empire’s still better than Rome 2, Atilla, and Thrones of Britannia
beashnpull 28 kun oldin
Can u stop laughing all the time? Its annoying in hard to hear and dosent make the vid funny Jesus
_____ 29 kun oldin
I'm nobody
Capablanca 29 kun oldin
Empire is one of my favorite total war games. The AI is no worse than any of the other early Total War games and yes Pikemen were used in the 1700 and 1800s. Though they were used to stop cavely charges not musket armed infantry as you used them. I did enjoy how you were laughing at your poor play though, it was rather funny. Thanks for the entertaining video.
Guillermo Villasana
Come on this is a very very cool game, im still having it on my pc and the xD, why do fanboys hate it ? tell me pls
Fifn is for nobody
>not researching bayonets while everyone else is still using their weapons as clubs Sad
Fifn is for nobody
I like empire, but the ai is horrible, even compared to regular total war ai
Gryghart Oy oldin
Try play it with Darth mod
Skelatal007 Oy oldin
Well I mean... Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition
Comic Cub
Comic Cub Oy oldin
one of my favorites xddd
Sam Rich
Sam Rich Oy oldin
"I've unintentionally conquered half of Europe but I just wanted to kill France" - You, 2019
Hontas Farmer
Hontas Farmer Oy oldin
I love ETW... I love seeing Brits fume as they are forced through a tutorial based on kicking their butts as the good old US of A Ah ha Ha hA HA!
Incel Mafioso
Incel Mafioso Oy oldin
I blame Angry Joe, awful reviewer.
I love that game.
DerKrampus Oy oldin
Oddly enough, this is probably my favorite.
Henrik Nilsson
Get Darthmod.exe and Empire gets good'ish
Davy FiveStar
Davy FiveStar Oy oldin
Davy FiveStar
Davy FiveStar 27 kun oldin
+Jacob Dickerson thank you man it was killing me
Jacob Dickerson
Jacob Dickerson 27 kun oldin
Feriado by Martin Landh on Epidemioc Sounds.
Eddie Richmond
Get darthmod for it and its 100x better
Alex delaRosa
Alex delaRosa Oy oldin
When you try to make dinner but you accidentally take over half of Europe and the 13 colonies
BadWorksFun Oy oldin
Actually love this game, I have been playing it for so long, there is no total war game like it.
Keenan Murray
Keenan Murray Oy oldin
When you have this game... and I love this one and play it all the time
TheSolMike Oy oldin
I liked this one more than Rome 2 that is for sure.....
Lalo Najera
Lalo Najera Oy oldin
I am still playing this game rn :P.
R King
R King Oy oldin
LOL.. love the spaghetti/potato thing.. hilarious.
Rollin Stoned
Rollin Stoned Oy oldin
Am I the only one that loves this games campaign and map and just auto resolves almost every battle, no just me?
Bee Waifu
Bee Waifu Oy oldin
Indier? What's indier?
Felix Oy oldin
In my personal opinion the best games since Rome has been Napoleon and Shogun 2, but I honestly love all of them. Rome 2 as of now is awesome. The next game in the series I would love to be either late Medieval early renaissance period in Europe like maybe 1450-1550 or something. Imagine the variety in strategies using knights, melee infantry, pikes, cavalry, muskets etc. That or maybe a late 1800 period or even ww1.
[9e] The Orange Chicken :D
I hope they're making Victoria Total War :)
Frank Raymond
Frank Raymond Oy oldin
make a video of you playing age of Charlemagne im sure you could come up with some terrible things to say :D
First Last
First Last Oy oldin
I always always play as England. This is all too familiar.
z man1979
z man1979 Oy oldin
Disagree. Empire is awesome
Rasputin Varez
I like it... Rome 2 is the one nobody likers
Mads V
Mads V Oy oldin
I love Empire: Total War. Appreciate the humor and the cheerfulness you make. Are you Asian, because of your icon?
you didn't even get around to the "make instant armies with generals" level of gameplay
Alex Rogers
Alex Rogers Oy oldin
Empire was a bad iteration at a time when all tw games were amazing. But compared to later releases i'd say its better than some
Cookie Monster
It isn’t such a bad game as people like to claim. Yes, it has its problems, but i played both the vanilla version and darthmod a lot and i love the game. Even if you are not so much into games and only play the vanilla, though the darthmod is awesome, the game is ok and the era, in my opinion, excellent. You can build the biggest empire ever. Change history. British Empire at the end of 18th century? Nah, let s have an Indian Empire invading Europe while they are in chaos or an Austrian Empire with colonies :) I really like it. Gameplay on youtube from it got me into TotalWar franchise honestly ;)
Michael Erbaturakis
We need new Total war games and not recycling Rome 2 , ( attila.and Britannia)
Grim Darhk
Grim Darhk Oy oldin
I almost bought this today >.>
Sam Oy oldin
Pls.. This was my favorite TW game, this + Darthmod was absolutely the best TW experience ever
Moraleitor17 Oy oldin
Poor Carlos, men XD
Ded Mosh
Ded Mosh Oy oldin
Also fuck paradox for abandoning hoi4. They'll probably finish man the guns a few years after we get bannerlord.
Ded Mosh
Ded Mosh Oy oldin
I really miss the musketry TW games. The combat was so fun even if the campaign was unbalanced af.
Dzjengis Khan
Dzjengis Khan Oy oldin
I like Empire, but I think you suck big time!
Dalek Metaphorical accuracy not needed
Their demands: Give region: all your territory Their offers *100 gold*
you are criticizing the best total war of all total wars with the most content of all rly? and why?
yoyoyo jake boudreau
did anyone else laugh their ass off when spain asked for ruperts land
Yigit Balta
Yigit Balta Oy oldin
Do another empire vid brah, do savoy lol
patrick Katalenas
ah Empire TW. i have fond memories of it, like starting a world war at turn 5.
CPL. Quade
CPL. Quade Oy oldin
Funnily enough this is my favorite total war game right up there with medieval 2.
Klobi for President
It's definitely something to laugh at, but if you ever had to defend a choke point against cavalry the pikes are OP.
jordanm182 Oy oldin
was the one ive played the most and had the most fun out off
Doc Brown
Doc Brown Oy oldin
Power: terrifying. Wealth: spectacular.
Henrique R. G.
my second favorite
Zach Barlow
Zach Barlow Oy oldin
I like it
Jeren TV
Jeren TV Oy oldin
Total war Empire is the Best!
Evan Coveney
Evan Coveney Oy oldin
First Total War game I ever played. I went on to put over 500 hours into it. Great fucking game, man.
Lukas Schöll
Lukas Schöll Oy oldin
Well, i like Empire: Total War the most, I used to spend alot of time with it. Was also my first Total War. :)
Vöfflur Oy oldin
We need a Hitler total war
Open.Steet Holocaust
If i want to play a good ole 18th and 19th century style game I'll play it. For battles I'll play Napoleon, for a campaign I'll play Empire.
tristikov Oy oldin
In spite of its often glaring flaws, Empire: Total Loading is still my favorite. I played this stupid game so fucking much in college I’m amazed I still got anything done. It’s awesome when it actually works as intended, and the scope is just amazing… DarthMod Ultimate Commander addresses a lot of the issues and makes battles even more epic, but the AI still has an unfortunate tendency to critically fail and ruin the immersion (sometimes to an incredibly frustrating degree… And let’s not even talk about the siege AI lag of death...) Favorite campaign: Taking over the entirely of Europe and Asia as Sweden. (a tear shed for the men lost defeating the Wurttemberg deathstacks)
Schmiddy Oy oldin
empire still has better reviews than Rome 2. Think about that for a moment.
emknight84 Oy oldin
Darthmod fixes a lot of the broken brain dead AI
SuperXaxa123 Oy oldin
They had great ideas. But as always - TW games struggling with execution since Empire: Total war... I switched to Paradox Grand Strategy Games after Rome 2 Total Ass and now I live a happy life again.
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