The Treacherous Treasure Hunt of Forrest Fenn

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7-Sen, 2018

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We're shooting our post mortem episode Monday, so make sure to leave your questions down below!
Madison Shitface
Madison Shitface 9 kun oldin
I live in Albuquerque!! I'm so glad they visited here lmao
Vartika Pandey
Vartika Pandey 10 kun oldin
#postmortem what would shane and ryan do if they ever found a treasure?? #boogara #butwouldmarryshane
David Goliath
David Goliath 11 kun oldin
I dont watch you guys other stuff but I love the unsolved series.
Miracle Emery
Miracle Emery 11 kun oldin
history, starting in the 1660's 'Blaze' was a term used to describe cuts in trees used to mark trails in the woods, (I also believe although I'm not certain that it may also be used by firefighters to refer to a spot where trees have been removed to hamper forest fires. You'll have to fact check this as I'm unsure) Either way go back to the Browns Creek area and pay closer attention to the trees!
Esteemedia 11 kun oldin
Of all the mysteries you've covered, what's the one you'd like to see solved the most?
yu shuang
yu shuang 2 soat oldin
I really enjoyed this episode! I was rooting for you guys to find it!! The square rock got me SHOOOOKT.
Bunny 3 soat oldin
The only way you'd ever find that treasure is if they cut down all those trees, leveled the terrain and dig it all up. Nature has sadly taken over so it maybe lost forever or someone found it maybe.
Bianca Medaglia
Bianca Medaglia 3 soat oldin
The both of their personalities together make for the most hilarious footage and they are literally just being themselves. Love that buzzfeed picked these two and I absolutely adore the show!
Fay A
Fay A 4 soat oldin
Very underwhelming episode to close the season, should’ve done the Steven Avery case
Avery Castleberry
Avery Castleberry 5 soat oldin
You Guy were in NEW MEXICO!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH I'm so hurrt😭😂
Anna Salas
Anna Salas 6 soat oldin
I hope you could do one on princess doe
MidnightFlower13 6 soat oldin
Please tell me they looked BEHIND the waterfall, or else I'm going to cry.
MidnightFlower13 6 soat oldin
Where warm waters halt....I take that as either where cold water starts to begin, or even where the continental divide is.
Wulvrum 6 soat oldin
You guys need to look into the murder of Catherine Cesnik. She was a nun who taught at a school outside Baltimore, Md. The whole thing is a supposed coverup by the police and Church. It's technically a cold case but those invovled believe it was a priest who was afraid Cesnik would come forward with allegations against him for molestation and pedophilia.
Nick Irwin
Nick Irwin 7 soat oldin
Throughout all your cases there is one that you haven't talked about yet and that is the brutal murder of the Robinson family.
Carmen Garcia
Carmen Garcia 7 soat oldin
At 27:16 u can see a gold metal peice on the "rock" which it makes look more like a box
kesa1986 7 soat oldin
Hahahahaahhahaha the bloody searching montage
HuntressSarah 8 soat oldin
Absolutely loved this video. It doesn’t always have to be about murder or the paranormal! Keep up the good work. You guys are killin’ it.
Darth Katheel
Darth Katheel 8 soat oldin
I really enjoyed this. You could do a whole new series based on lost treasure. That would be awesome.
bloodyadaku 9 soat oldin
Dictionary.com lists "Blaze" as this definition: "a spot or mark made on a tree, as by painting or notching or by chipping away a piece of the bark, to indicate a trail or boundary."
Klarysa Hawrot
Klarysa Hawrot 9 soat oldin
I believe they should try looking again, maybe try and ask Fenn a question or too about even if they were in the right area to start with. I think it'd be great to see anyone find this treasure.
sirfrancisrc 9 soat oldin
Tf is wyoming lmao
Anna Imhoff
Anna Imhoff 10 soat oldin
What about white water at the bottom of the fall?
Megan Howard
Megan Howard 10 soat oldin
they should do the Lost Dutchman Gold next. Come to AZ and learn the different theories then try to find the gold
Angie Acuna
Angie Acuna 11 soat oldin
no treasure, but it was very amazing to watch. glad you all shared this. i’m bummed you also didn’t find it. we are leaving an unsolved mystery. it was awesome to see the research you made for it
Moon Harlequin
Moon Harlequin 12 soat oldin
Ryan has his Indiana Jones clothes on and Shane has Jurassic pack clothes #treasurehunters 😍😍😍
seti 13 soat oldin
Bill Gorman
Bill Gorman 13 soat oldin
I've brought up decoys, and people think I was saying Foerest place decoys. They obvious never knew there are billions of natural decoy roilcks out there.
Hope Kath_12
Hope Kath_12 13 soat oldin
When it says blaze, was there a forest fire there in that forest?
Pug Off
Pug Off 14 soat oldin
Yellow stone is also on an active volcano the “blaze” could be referring to the that.
jk 220
jk 220 14 soat oldin
for the next season of supernatural it would be awesome if u two spent the night at the villisca axe murder home! please!!
Madeline O
Madeline O 15 soat oldin
cool cool cool but tired of white men being lionized for taking things that aren't theirs from other cultures, especially native american ones
Connor Mcardle
Connor Mcardle 15 soat oldin
Ryan shane has the treasure hunting madness
Ellie Anderson
Ellie Anderson 15 soat oldin
Someone needs to get Nic Cage on this treasure hunt
icyboy771z 16 soat oldin
I think the treasure was found already but the person kept it a secret
icyboy771z 16 soat oldin
This is like the Uncharted series
Sara Syeda
Sara Syeda 16 soat oldin
Honestly if the solved series leaves with Ryan and Shane they can be balling with so much money! Buzzfeed would be like nothing
0_ Jester0
0_ Jester0 16 soat oldin
"I hope I dont end up on that wall." "If you keep running your mouth you will." Sounds like me and my mates XD
Gisselle Garcia
Gisselle Garcia 16 soat oldin
I believe the word you're looking for is "looted". He looted all this stuff.
Guoda Baubaitė
Guoda Baubaitė 18 soat oldin
Can u guys do the video about The Beaumont children disappearance?
dinkle mcspinkle
dinkle mcspinkle 18 soat oldin
#postmortem if you did find the treasure would you quit your jobs from the money or what
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick 19 soat oldin
What if it was the square rock and u had to crack it open hmmmm
I sell dokkan accounts
coolboygaming 20 soat oldin
Shane and Ryan are treausure hunters now Shane and Ryan are Nathan Drake and Sam Drake confirmed
Maddi Jones
Maddi Jones 21 soat oldin
guys, so there’s a place just north of SANTA FE called moreno valley (home of brown), which is just next to a huge lake called Eagle Nest Lake (no place for the meek) if you follow it south you find a super twisty creek (no paddle up your creek) and if you keep following that south you come to a village called Angel Fire (the blaze) at which point the creek is blocked
David Fernandez
David Fernandez 21 soat oldin
Someone already took the treasure. He/she just didn't said it publicly. Duh
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 21 soat oldin
Who will do the unsolved when Shane finally snaps?
Snufkin 22 soat oldin
I should get some creds for this and a part of the treasure
terasuu Kun oldin
chillchillpill Kun oldin
Satou :D
Satou :D Kun oldin
What if the treasure was that rock
McKenzie Jensen
McKenzie Jensen Kun oldin
is it possible that at the time Fenn hid the treasure in Moreno creek not all of it was private property?
Frisk Dremurr
Frisk Dremurr Kun oldin
#postmortem I think it was by Merrano Creek...it doesn't seem coincidental.
Bradley James Moog
This can't be the end of this mystery I got so hype yall should revisit this as a recurring season finale episode
idk Kun oldin
Yo I went to the same place you guys went and found it !!!!
Pilasaurus Kun oldin
I would laugh so hard if the chest was caught by the camera and in the video, but no one noticed😂
HandMade By Holly
Blaze: Mark made on a tree by cutting the bark so as to mark a route.
Oreo Lion
Oreo Lion Kun oldin
27:13 Is that a key on the rock next to them?
Ikaros Alpha
Ikaros Alpha Kun oldin
Can't wait for the new episodes of supernatural. Sure it may take a while, but I'll watch old ones in time for Halloween.
Aniahlobato Kun oldin
I freaked out when y’all said Taos... born and raised there and I’m still here lmao
Ashley P
Ashley P Kun oldin
What if the clues weren't in order in the poem?
frogger merp
frogger merp Kun oldin
van saeed
van saeed Kun oldin
The end scene was super interesting, I had the same thought while watching the video. Even if they did find it, why would they choose to publish it?? I enjoyed the video ❤️
Laryssa T
Laryssa T Kun oldin
Please make a video about the 1982 book, The Secret, it includes 12 puzzles to find ceramic keys to open deposit boxes. Only 2 have been found!
Princhic Kun oldin
I know what the blaze is. :-P
Nails Chrysanthemum
moreno means brunette, not brown skinned.
Jess Toombs
Jess Toombs Kun oldin
do one on the missing malaysia airlines flight!
Xenic Kun oldin
Need a metal detector
KeptSecret Kun oldin
tbh i feel like somebody found it but didnt say anything
Daisy Flett
Daisy Flett Kun oldin
please cover Madeline MacCan soon
Addisen L
Addisen L Kun oldin
Bekki UndSo
Bekki UndSo Kun oldin
Every video makes me believe the "Shane is a cryptic" Theorie more and I am here for it xD I have never related with him him as much as during this video though.
Brooke behl
Brooke behl Kun oldin
Bro u guys shoulda looked around that white rock more gd it was prob there
andrea gonzalez
andrea gonzalez Kun oldin
Have you guys ever looked into the West Memphis 3?
Llama_Is_Cool Yeet
is it bad i thought they would find it
Disha Mani
Disha Mani Kun oldin
Are we gonna talk about the way they look at each other at 14:07? ;~;
Scarlett g 2005
Scarlett g 2005 Kun oldin
This need to be a series!!!
Savanah Brower
Savanah Brower Kun oldin
What if it was under the waterfall like where the water was covering cause they did point out the whiteish rock right by the waterfall and there was a gap under the water but idk maybe it’s just my brain roaming cause what if no one ever looked there Ps he also said it was wet but not under water
Carissa Adams
Carissa Adams Kun oldin
Home of brown = brown trout Now I need a cut of that treasure you’re welcome
Unknown Kun oldin
Okay what about behind a waterfall.
Dracula Kun oldin
You should've brought a voice box and asked the demons and ghouls were the treasure is
Rose Ruegg
Rose Ruegg Kun oldin
Finally! I’ve been looking for about a year now
Arshia Haider
Arshia Haider Kun oldin
has anyone ever thought that maybe Fenn just made up the legend of the treasure to just make people go out into nature and adventure as he wanted something for people to last for 1000s of years, and he loved the out doors. Its just a theory tho:)
Bluedanger64 Kun oldin
What if he wrote the prom and forgot to bury the chest
NIX78 Kun oldin
Blaze sunset 🌅
Faith Flores
Faith Flores Kun oldin
Did you guys think you were going to find it? Like really confident in the case?
squarepotatoes Kun oldin
Noooo plz new season
DizzyLizzie Kun oldin
Awww I'm sad, you two were so ready to find it!!! 😂😂😂 At least you had an adventure 🍃
kitkatnad Kun oldin
I personally think that this whole thing is wild goose, but if it’s a way to get people out and enjoy nature, hey I guess that’s cool?
Daniel Teelan
Daniel Teelan Kun oldin
Maybe the blaze is the white water from the waterfall.
Daniel Teelan
Daniel Teelan Kun oldin
lol i just watched the postmortem and someone had the same idea
JuanJamba Kun oldin
gaze ɡāz/Submit verb 1. look steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought.
Y'all could have checked the square rock more carefully????
bestpizzabakker Kun oldin
Plot twist: he was talking about a minecraft server
Jean Wilconsin
Jean Wilconsin Kun oldin
“What kind of fuckin game are you playing”
Sarah Mason
Sarah Mason Kun oldin
the water runs white as it falls!!!! check in the waterfall!!!
Javier Connell
Javier Connell Kun oldin
Maybe the treasure is to see the rocky mountains and have the great experience of feeling like an explorer
Maxinne Chiu
Maxinne Chiu Kun oldin
its in yellowstone river side cuz it said peace it should go 3meter away from the river nigh i think its in someting humped shape that all i know sorry
Maxinne Chiu
Maxinne Chiu Kun oldin
oh yeah i have one more thing yellow reek is not hide and seek what beneath is on above what is on above its gotta have a place where to shiv
jgugsu Kun oldin
If anyone were to find the treasure I believe it would be Ryan and Shane lol
vittesh william
vittesh william Kun oldin
Couldn’t the blaze be the white colour of the water in a waterfall... it would be behind the waterfall, wet but technically not under water...
Heirs Threads
Heirs Threads Kun oldin
17:42 mins into the video the curtain in the back moved... is that a open window or are you in the studio?
Ana 2 kun oldin
A video involving my home state lmao even more amazed that they traveled here. It’s weird seeing places I see all the time on a video
Jose Jonhson
Jose Jonhson 2 kun oldin
why don't they show Forrest Fenn's face, the man is not hiding from anyone
Bob Western
Bob Western 2 kun oldin
So the old man buried the treasure 7 years ago right. What if there is no treasure at all but he just want people to go outside enjoy the wild rather than sitting all day infront of the computer. Maybe the bond we created trying to find this bronze box is the real treasure. For now it still unsolved.
ShatteredShadowXx 2 kun oldin
I am so freaking proud of these boys and I admire them so much for their sheer dedication to this show ❤️