The Treacherous Treasure Hunt of Forrest Fenn

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7-Sen, 2018



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We're shooting our post mortem episode Monday, so make sure to leave your questions down below!
Henriette Hillary
Henriette Hillary 9 kun oldin
I might be a little late to this party but I might be seeing things but at the timing 27:10 , is it just me or the square shaped rock at tree trunk has like a “key shaped” embellishment on it. It might be my eyes seeing things?
manny pol
manny pol 3 oy oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-Re5wJBUu2-Y.html. Didn't expect to find the treasure anyway but was entertaining and made a good video
Zach Wong
Zach Wong 3 oy oldin
Should of gone to Colorado, MOLLY BROWN!
max kight
max kight 4 oy oldin
Please do a pt 2. Also, these 2 are amazing together
Loverofthelight X
You got close but then your definition of blaze was wrong ...
Alexandria Faith
Alexandria Faith 7 soat oldin
Are we all just gonna ignore “even claimed lives” part in the beginning?
DG Felty
DG Felty 8 soat oldin
Please do a part two and make it like an hour long special. But next time do this same theory u ended with where u found the square rock, and then also review the poem again to find other theories.
Cool Guy
Cool Guy 10 soat oldin
The water clues means you have to walk through waist high water but you don’t us a boat
Maria Songco
Maria Songco 12 soat oldin
Maybe it’s in the water
a35362 12 soat oldin
28:37 Lookin' good there, Mr. Madej! ;-D
Lily LavenderArt
Lily LavenderArt 23 soat oldin
I kinda hope they try again!
Eddie Poo
Eddie Poo 23 soat oldin
Oh, I thought that the "blaze" was the whitewater of the waterfall, and I thought that's what Ryan and Shane were thinking too...
Lynn Eaton
Lynn Eaton 23 soat oldin
Well the treasure is probably in a tree by the side of a road
Wan Chin Thai
Wan Chin Thai Kun oldin
Brown is capitalized in the poem
Overpriced Feces
Mf im gettin Uncharted vibes
Charles Suor
Charles Suor Kun oldin
But how were they sure that the rock was not the box
Harrison Kun oldin
wouldnt the white blaze be that waterfall they were by at the end since waterfall water is white just like the one they walked by
chloe ryan
chloe ryan Kun oldin
"what kind of fucken game are you playing at" gets me everytime
StarDust LC
StarDust LC Kun oldin
I think the blaze was the sun reflecting off the water at a certain time of day and the reflected light went right on the box. It said "quickly" so the light may only be there for a little while
Teagan Kun oldin
the chest might have been under/behind the waterfall at the creek as the water is white water when it falls and the chest would be wet
mari Kun oldin
That montage was the best thing I’ve ever seen
Young Bratt
Young Bratt Kun oldin
Imagine all those people looking for the treasure and passed by it once 😂 😂
Jo' Kun oldin
Spn is ended in less than one year ,but at least we still have Unsolved 😂❤
Jo' Kun oldin
Ryan , dressing has Indiana Jones made my day 🌼🌼🌼🌼 ! I love them , such a dynamic duo 🤠🤠
master21 skhirtladze
you guys where late the treasure was found in 2017
Grace Griffiths
Grace Griffiths 2 kun oldin
I'd say, do some more research and go back.
ScratchSupper 2 kun oldin
You should really dedicate one episode a season to this hunt
Abbie x_x
Abbie x_x 2 kun oldin
I have a possible theory: It says home of Brown not home of brown... So what if Brown is somebody's name and possibly where they used to live or a place named after them?
Paul Betts
Paul Betts 2 kun oldin
“What kind of fuckin’ game are you playing?” - He’s a lawyer, it’s all a game.
Kevin Morales Gomez
Who lives in Colorado? Press this button if you do 👇
Sarah_ ChaoticRogue
I'd like to point out, a blaze also means "a mark made on a tree, by cutting the bark so as to mark a route" Fenn could have LITERALLY marked the trail to the treasure!!!
Sarah Studios
Sarah Studios 2 kun oldin
A blaze,,,and it was thunder storming. Does that area often have storms? Is there incredibly tall trees with white trunks? It could mean a place where lightning is likely to strike.
- Clammy
- Clammy 2 kun oldin
Buzzfeed:No you can’t have the treasure *Shane flips table*
OutlawSlayer 2 kun oldin
You guys walked right past it...
Mel Fisher
Mel Fisher 2 kun oldin
I'm being told the Fenn treasure has been found. Is this true?
lorriesherbet 2 kun oldin
13:08 lmao 100% an empty cup, a worthy contribution to the overproduced montage
Sivani Yasashree
Sivani Yasashree 2 kun oldin
Let's appreciate the amount of research Ryan does. It's truly commendable. 👏
Salaam 2leikum
Salaam 2leikum 2 kun oldin
if buzzfeed REALLY thought they would find it, buzzfeed would probably find a way to keep it... -_-
Salaam 2leikum
Salaam 2leikum 2 kun oldin
why does the riddle/poem have to be in Olde English? its a recent event somewhat, why not write it in regular english?
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn 2 kun oldin
Look 👀 how big his 👂 👂ears are!!! 😲 at 5:00! 😱🙀
Mickey Tickey
Mickey Tickey 2 kun oldin
After hearing the poem/ clues, I think I know where it is, it's at a waterfall.
Joseph Martinez
Joseph Martinez 3 kun oldin
Hey so I know this isn't one of the ghost videos but can you help me and my grandma because we wwnt to see it it's possible So a little after my grandpa died my grandma said he called his sister and she wrote down the number but it's too long and doesn't work so do you think you can do research on it
Red Chris
Red Chris 3 kun oldin
Warm waters=Hot springs
ugh 3 kun oldin
I feel like the were really, really close. I realllllyy want them to go back and try again (because I can’t myself). Haha. I really feel like they were close because Ryan was awesome with figuring out those clues, his answers made so much sense.
Allie Buch
Allie Buch 3 kun oldin
As an archaeology student, one of the things we learned about was the ethics of the job which including treasure hunting vs true archaeology. The issue with treasure hunters is often they do it solely for the financial gain and have no interest in the area where it was found nor the possible artifacts in the surrounding area. Archaeologists make sure to document everything about an artifact, where it was found, how deep was it, the dimensions of the object and a bunch of other stuff. Sadly, most treasure hunters don't care about that stuff as will destroy the surrounding area in order to get the stuff that will fetch a hefty price. Not to mention, a lot of artifacts we have now also face the ethical issue that they were stolen/taken from the country where they were initially found, and some countries want them back.
ugh 3 kun oldin
That montage was amazing!!
Wen 3 kun oldin
Can you stop glorifying a thief?
Peter Greco
Peter Greco 3 kun oldin
Hargoon Singh
Hargoon Singh 3 kun oldin
Lettuce 3 kun oldin
Bruh moment
Harley Lawson
Harley Lawson 3 kun oldin
Behind the waterfall
Millie Tredway
Millie Tredway 3 kun oldin
too far too walk, maybe u swim.
Erin Mitchell 04
Erin Mitchell 04 3 kun oldin
It my be behind the waterfall
Joa Holmberg
Joa Holmberg 3 kun oldin
Why does home of brown sound like a brown bear den?
tvvheadd 3 kun oldin
I'm seriously highly doubting that there is any actual treasure at all. The dude could have just made this all up and, like he said, he wanted people to explore outside. Which being fake or not, he got what he wanted.
Abubakhar bin Albar
One piece is REAL
BOTG Clothing
BOTG Clothing 4 kun oldin
Check out our treasure hunts! uzvid.com/video/video--sAUB9sz5FQ.html
Cameron Hollis
Cameron Hollis 4 kun oldin
Just before Fenn placed the info to cliam the treasure chest, he waded across a deep body of water. Meaning the treasure is across a body of water just off a trail. In an area previously burned, rich with maples, or red clay/rocks. The chest will be found on a ledge behind a waterfall. You were very close. Cheers!
Racer 4 kun oldin
take it in the canyon down, and the starting point is in the river, too far to walk. Go in the river maybe? I feel like its a pretty high chance he hid it somewhere in the water, except for the part where he said it was super high up, are there any rivers connected to the starting point that match the height requirements?
Saqlain Mirza
Saqlain Mirza 4 kun oldin
The treasure was one piece,😂
CKT HQ 5 kun oldin
BuzzFeed Treasure Hunt
Jackie F
Jackie F 5 kun oldin
Is everyone at buzzfeed good looking ? My goodness
The Profilers - History and Events
Why is this treasure hunt under true crime
LucyInk121 6 kun oldin
Am I the only one who keeps giggling at "take it in the canyon down"?
Johnny Lawler
Johnny Lawler 5 kun oldin
No but I would love to hear your thinking
Maddi Dougherty
Maddi Dougherty 6 kun oldin
someone should look in Meeker, CO, just gonna throw that out there....
Democrats Only
Democrats Only 6 kun oldin
Maybe it is on private property. Thats why you take it and tarry scant lol.. Forrest is cheeky ole boy.
My Name Is Sam Bale
When I saw the title I thought it was about buried treasure in a forest named Forrest Fenn 😂
Ayushi Nayak
Ayushi Nayak 6 kun oldin
Who wants a sequel to Brokeback mountain with these 2 guys! Nonetheless appreciable effort though!
SAFF 6 kun oldin
I love this show
Ipodmaniac22 7 kun oldin
blaze [bleɪz]NOUN blazes (plural noun) 1. a white spot or stripe on the face of a mammal or bird. a broad white stripe running the length of a horse's face. 2. a mark made on a tree by cutting the bark so as to mark a route. (What if the blaze was a mark on a tree? It could make sense cause blaze has an old definition of being a mark on a tree.)
Alec Lawrence Tecson
Real life Gol D. Roger.
A-I, J. A-I
A-I, J. A-I 7 kun oldin
This is how you find bodies in the woods
Chris Villarreal
Chris Villarreal 7 kun oldin
A blaze is another word for a autumn blaze maple which is a tree that is glowing red. They grow very big and can be seen in the fall but also in the spring and summer.
Ka 8 kun oldin
The treasure has been found. uzvid.com/video/video-URitxNODZ8w.html
Schokobienen TV
Schokobienen TV 8 kun oldin
You forget that this chest was made of bronze, which contains copper. Copper oxidizes when in contact with air, even quicker when incontact with water. Which means that this chest will most likely have the colour green/torquise rather than brown.
im_ gaylord
im_ gaylord 8 kun oldin
What if it's in a tree??? Huh anyone else or just me?
Twisty Sunshine
Twisty Sunshine 8 kun oldin
He did totally steal those things tho lbr
Pew pew Pew
Pew pew Pew 8 kun oldin
Plot twist: *bigfoot ate it*
Cloud Of Loud
Cloud Of Loud 8 kun oldin
the treasure was found, just for people wondering
FE4RL 0717.0
FE4RL 0717.0 8 kun oldin
10:23 I feel so so bad for Ryan for some reason
Jason Sotelo
Jason Sotelo 8 kun oldin
28:21 his laugh sounds like chucky’s
J Trenear
J Trenear 8 kun oldin
Square rocks = the Bain of forest fenns treasure hunters
OliviaGaming Vlogs
OliviaGaming Vlogs 9 kun oldin
What if their was actually no chest and he just made a fake poem to see how many people he could fool?
random_asian_chick ph
After landing: Shane: “Time to find the treasure” Wow i wish i could be as aggressive as Shane in real life lmao.
Yvng Lvcifer
Yvng Lvcifer 9 kun oldin
What if the blaze refers to a historic forest fire? Maybe referring to its location "the blaze" idk just a thought maybe
Hanna Williams
Hanna Williams 9 kun oldin
What is not a rectangle box like everyone thinks it is, but a circle box
Hanna Williams
Hanna Williams 9 kun oldin
1. Begin it where warm waters halt: Rivers that are warm but then turn into trout rivers, trout don’t swim in warm water but they swim in cold 2. take it in the canyon down: either down south and near a canyon or literally down a canyon 3. Not far, but too far to walk: Possibly near a place to park, he’s eighty after all 4. below the home of Brown: Below beaver bonds, things named after bears, places that mean brown, OR that Joe Brown Put-in 5. no place for the meek: fairly difficult 6. The end is ever drawing nigh: You’re really close 7. There’ll be no paddle up your creek, Just heavy loads and water high: You don’t get into the creek, but a rocky(heavy loads) and waterfall OR deep river(water high) 8. If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, Look quickly down, your quest to cease: The blaze is said to be white, so I’m thinking birch trees, a white quartz, white rocks, or white flowers. I’m thinking it’ll be on a hill so look down 9. But tarry scant with marvel gaze: Hard to see and in a picturesque location Just my 2 cents
Tristan Baier
Tristan Baier 9 kun oldin
A blaze could also mean the sun, the sun is white (all the colors of light), and it is a big flame. He said he did this in an after noon. From the direction of the waterfall, go to the direction of the sun at 12:01. Just a theory.
Alejandro Barrera
Alejandro Barrera 9 kun oldin
5:47 thats what she said
Sadie Harrison
Sadie Harrison 9 kun oldin
I haven't watched it but I think it is just true friendship
Kisanii 10 kun oldin
Is it possible that he lied? And his treasure is just the beauty of nature and the memories he made, and hes encouraging people to go out and do the same. Encouraging them to see the world and make beautiful memories for themselves.
Sarah Studios
Sarah Studios 2 kun oldin
That’s what I think too tbh
Scott Scully
Scott Scully 10 kun oldin
Shane is my spirit animal
Cyber Punk
Cyber Punk 10 kun oldin
that chinese figurine is a home decoration now, or used as your dog's food bowl
Mr Folgers
Mr Folgers 10 kun oldin
Just seen the marathon
Thomas Gonzalez leyro
Man, moreno its not brown, its a lastname, marron is brown
Dani Bolzan
Dani Bolzan 9 kun oldin
Moreno is like light brown
Joey G.
Joey G. 11 kun oldin
I have an idea for a new Unsolved series where we watch Ryan and Shane hunt for treasure every week!!!
I almost love y'all
I almost love y'all 11 kun oldin
Nice place tho!
Rishabh Gaur
Rishabh Gaur 11 kun oldin
I think they should've started with the yellowstone national park (warm water ). But who knows...
Kody Bui
Kody Bui 11 kun oldin
It’s a very square box lmao
Ninja Kellin
Ninja Kellin 11 kun oldin
I like to believe Forrest his nothing and is doing all of this to get people to go outside and explore nature. Could you imagine how mad people would be if he stated that it was all a lie?
QF 12 kun oldin
Grand canyon?
Chickennug1728 12 kun oldin
Can you send me the location of where you went
ItsAlex 12 kun oldin
I guenuinely think they were on the right track
Charlie Griffiths
Charlie Griffiths 12 kun oldin
I love Ryan’s wheeze mug
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