The Treacherous Treasure Hunt of Forrest Fenn

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7-Sen, 2018

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We're shooting our post mortem episode Monday, so make sure to leave your questions down below!
max kight
max kight 10 kun oldin
Please do a pt 2. Also, these 2 are amazing together
Loverofthelight X
You got close but then your definition of blaze was wrong ...
Madison Shitface
Madison Shitface 2 oy oldin
I live in Albuquerque!! I'm so glad they visited here lmao
Vartika Pandey
Vartika Pandey 2 oy oldin
#postmortem what would shane and ryan do if they ever found a treasure?? #boogara #butwouldmarryshane
Lolo Bb
Lolo Bb 2 soat oldin
LMFAO! Montage scene... love it.
The Next Tarzan :3
The Next Tarzan :3 3 soat oldin
What if fernn is colorblind
Lumpy Dumper
Lumpy Dumper 4 soat oldin
I actually think ryan looked pretty cool in his outfit
Camiboom 6 soat oldin
"I wanted to make you nervous!" xD
Darren Boyd
Darren Boyd 6 soat oldin
They should've taken a metal detector with them
Iz the Reactor Girl
Iz the Reactor Girl 7 soat oldin
You guys should do an Unsolved True Crime on Caylee Anthony! I know Shane might not take too kindly to it considering how he was when you guys discussed JonBenét but, I think it would definitely be cool to see!
•Killa Kicks•
•Killa Kicks• 9 soat oldin
I garuntee they stepped on it one time or another
Josh _
Josh _ 11 soat oldin
What if there is no treasure
Kittara Katara
Kittara Katara 15 soat oldin
you gave up so quicklyyyyyy
Jack Barrett
Jack Barrett 20 soat oldin
the water is white maybe the blaze
Francisco Alvarez
Francisco Alvarez 21 soat oldin
I see the white rock 5 hours
AzaratheDragon 21 soat oldin
I think another thing that should stand out, is the fact that Fenn had cancer. I dont know if he went through any sort of treatments for it, but when my mom got breast cancer some years back the treatments fucked her up really bad. She couldnt stand or walk for long periods of time, and even just the trips to the grocery store were brutal on her, to the point she either spill her lunch or had to take long naps. And Fenn said the container is about 40 pounds, thats a lot to carry for an old man/potential chemo patient. You're body gets really weak after treatments, you bleed easy, you bruise easy, you're bones break easy, (my mom broke her leg stepping out of her SUV, just from twisting it wrong) you feel tired a lot, its hard to keep food down, among other annoyances. So i truly believe, if the treasure hasnt been found already, that its in a spot that should be easily accessible to not only an old man, but an old man who might have went through cancer treatments.
meh hehe
meh hehe 22 soat oldin
what if the only reason why no one found it yet is because there’s a minor mistake made in the poem. like, he got two of his clues in the wrong order on accident or something
Abigail Reyes
Abigail Reyes Kun oldin
I feel like the old man just tricked ya'll 7 years in the future to go out and enjoy the wilderness. Then again he mentioned artifacts, I began to think near the end that maybe something being worth more than $1 million would be the travels and sightseeing
Digital Echoes
Digital Echoes Kun oldin
The end is nigh Bill Nye The Science Guy
The crazy German
They said that the blaze would be white and the peaks of water going over rocks is white so why didn’t they check the actual waterfall
Norah J
Norah J Kun oldin
Standing in a patch of flowers: *i don’t know this seems dangerous*
Dat Phot
Dat Phot Kun oldin
SMSH Music
SMSH Music Kun oldin
haha i love you guys!
PhanWeirdo 0_0
PhanWeirdo 0_0 Kun oldin
man there's something about treasure hunts that makes literally everyone flood with adrenaline it's magnificent just watching this video makes my toes curl up in excitement.
Grumpy ol' Asian
Lol, what if it's inside a rock.
ka za
ka za Kun oldin
is it a poem or a code to a clue? cause to me the writing look like a code and not a poem or i just emagining thing and seeing things ignore this comment
Akiraa Andriola
Akiraa Andriola Kun oldin
What if there is no box
Aevan Aguirre
Aevan Aguirre Kun oldin
the case of the missing plane of the malaysian airlines
My Bed Is Moist
My Bed Is Moist Kun oldin
What if the chest is behind the waterfall
Damatrio Kun oldin
I'm sorry but all I can imagine is Shane using treasure money to buy himself a mansion for a singular hotdog. Like just one hotdog sitting in a big mansion on a little throne. It would have a crown and a septer and would be glorious
Aysha Yates
Aysha Yates Kun oldin
Lmao the lawyer was reading off a blank sheet of paper 2:15
Ducles Show
Ducles Show 2 kun oldin
There is a real life Indiana Jones though
SNEAKY EATS LLC 2 kun oldin
This show bruh 😂
Simione Ngatuvai
Simione Ngatuvai 2 kun oldin
Please do the 'Madaleine Mccann case' extremely interesting and daunting
Mikayla 2 kun oldin
try to find the lost dutchman's treasure next!! superstition mountains in Arizona
Jean Micheal
Jean Micheal 2 kun oldin
Use a metal detector
Hellie Trenner
Hellie Trenner 2 kun oldin
Can't a blaze mean a mark on a tree?
Hannah Blackmore
Hannah Blackmore 2 kun oldin
This is the best episode they’ve ever made
Shaik Shafaaq
Shaik Shafaaq 2 kun oldin
Please do a part 2
Your oppa’s Girl
Your oppa’s Girl 2 kun oldin
Metal detector ? No ok
J-Rae Gaming
J-Rae Gaming 2 kun oldin
Ryan is so hot in his Indiana Jones outfit like 🔥🔥🔥
Shelby  Kiel
Shelby Kiel 2 kun oldin
Cool video! I like that you guys did something a bit different for this one 👍🏻
Rochelle Anne Romero
What if the treasure was supposed to be for the hunters to experience the outdoors and it's beauty?
AlicePoptart 3 kun oldin
Well blaze, means like, fire, a strong fire, maybe something orangey OR MAYBE NEAR SOME BURNT TREES, or ones that look like it
TheTwitchy 3 kun oldin
I want a part 2
VIPER-06P 3 kun oldin
This got my mom and I trapped into this madness. Thanks buzzfeed
cali m
cali m 3 kun oldin
Moreno is my last name so I just found out that my name is basically Calista - Brown. Charlie Brown who?
Alone Forever
Alone Forever 3 kun oldin
watch it be under the marble crystal thing they found lol
allahu snackbar
allahu snackbar 3 kun oldin
i found the box, and only took half the treasure and left the other half for the next person to find. I hope the next person to find it does the same thing. I did take the frog, its so cute
Nitwex 3 kun oldin
Does anyone know why they black out the faces?
jake scalli
jake scalli 4 kun oldin
I would’ve checked that river more thoroughly than you guys did lol
Daniel Albers
Daniel Albers 4 kun oldin
Yellow stone would make sense in terms of warm water because of the whole mega volcano thing
Frommy Window1
Frommy Window1 4 kun oldin
I give you clue guys Latitude=45 degrees 0'39.8''(45.011) north
Stebb Dogg
Stebb Dogg 4 kun oldin
Samuel little
O.K.Kutie 5 kun oldin
Finding a needle in a hat stack is easy. Burn the hay.
Ghost Recon
Ghost Recon 5 kun oldin
Metal Detector!!!!!
Tyler Barton
Tyler Barton 5 kun oldin
Discovered this channel a few days ago, and I've been binging all week! Keep up the good work! Might I suggest you guys tackle the Mystery of the Mary Celeste next season?
Valerie Freeman
Valerie Freeman 5 kun oldin
Never underestimate the tenacity & physicality of an 80 year old man hiding his highly sought after treasure. Especially one who spent his years in the wilds of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado & New Mexico.
Valerie Freeman
Valerie Freeman 5 kun oldin
Kenneka Jenkins www.google.com/amp/s/www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-met-kenneka-jenkins-hotel-death-anniversary-20180906-story,amp.html
Lurid Phaesporia
Lurid Phaesporia 5 kun oldin
@BuzzFeed Unsolved Network 19:35 he mentioned the trail would be obscure? Wow where did you find that out??
Xandria Palomar
Xandria Palomar 5 kun oldin
I feel like there should be a buzzfeed unsolved true crime episode on xxxtentacion
ana karen
ana karen 6 kun oldin
Could it be very possible that someone could have found the treasure but didn’t tell anyone. Like there isn’t a rule that says “tell everyone you found the treasure”.
Plug 'n Play
Plug 'n Play 6 kun oldin
*Ryan, playfully and jokingly:* What if we run into fellow treasure hunters? Ready for a tussle? Haha *Shane:* *I'VE GOT A KNIFE I'LL STRAIGHT MURDER SOMEONE*
I'll Help You
I'll Help You 6 kun oldin
Look in the trees like inside them😂😂😂
EmoKpopTrash 6 kun oldin
Why do I literally want them to find it more than I would want myself to find it?
Joe Beaumont
Joe Beaumont 6 kun oldin
Oi oi if blazes is white what about the rapids the water is white
c woolfork
c woolfork 6 kun oldin
You guys should investigate the unsolved murder of Edna M. Posey! The case is both grisly and bizarre! A man was convicted of Edna's murder, but he was later retried and found not guilty. So who murdered and mutilated poor Edna? Inquiring minds want to know! uzvid.com/video/video-3Tvp0St7IPo.html
Josybo 6 kun oldin
could the blaze not be some kind of trail blaze, it could be higher up on a tree or something?
Shaik Shafaaq
Shaik Shafaaq 6 kun oldin
Don’t give up guys , I believe in you ........one day .....one ....day... you will find the treasure 💰 Try Again
woo ski
woo ski 6 kun oldin
Everyone is wrong. He never said it was under lava, and lava is in the nether which just so happens to have blazes. Also since water is not wet makes it so lava can be. Also to make the portal to the nether you can go into a canyon where obsidian lies. Finally Montana is also known as Hanna Montana which was known to have good songs that are lit, which fires get lit which leads to the nether. He might want to lie in the nether fortress because there are other people who did and became wither skeletons which he might strive to be. My theory is definitely correct but might have more space for confirmation so comment and like this comment so they can see and go find the treasure.
Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson 7 kun oldin
Spoiler alert: they don't find it
EJ 7 kun oldin
“Not far, but too far to walk” swim.
pam riggsby
pam riggsby 7 kun oldin
Couldn't a blaze be a mark on a tree of a rock?
Awesome Person
Awesome Person 7 kun oldin
6:35 I want the fu***** treasure
enderboyslayer _18
enderboyslayer _18 7 kun oldin
What if when they found a square thingy they cut the video and succesfully found the treasure and then they looking for a rock that almost like a perfect square shape and then they roll the camera and the camera man was the one who carriy the box and they make a fake ending just Like what they said on the last scene.
meg1124 7 kun oldin
I think the area with the white rock was super promising!!
The Indigo Papillon - Online School of Metaphysics
You boys need a metal detector
Oliver Powell
Oliver Powell 8 kun oldin
Spoiler... they find a square rock
Elder Garcia
Elder Garcia 8 kun oldin
Why didn't yall take a metal detector
Max Duggan
Max Duggan 8 kun oldin
You guys should do this another time but with more research
eli the creator
eli the creator 8 kun oldin
*theres a lot of shrubbage*
Rachel H
Rachel H 8 kun oldin
what if the chest was just wrapped or disguised to look like a rock? which is why people have ‘seen’ it or been within a certain distance, but they didn’t realise that that’s what it was? realistically, i doubt its just a big box sitting out in the open, maybe it is bronze or whatever but underneath a layer of rock.
Aisyah Azmi
Aisyah Azmi 8 kun oldin
Just saying,, that one of the last line in poem says "it'll worth the cold" or something,, it kept bugging me like when the weather gets cold like winter or night time u might see it in a different light.. n the line where he said lay to rest or something is maybe something like a clearing or a safe place or with a nice view,, what i meant is maybe u need to relate it to fenn himself, what he loves or how he can 'continue' his adventure in the afterlife
kosmique 8 kun oldin
its 100% behind a waterfall... its clichee af and fits the poem.
Noel Smith
Noel Smith 8 kun oldin
What if he didn't even hide any treasure and just wanted people to get out and explore
hossel they suspended me i am
Ep 2 pls
Doug Dyring
Doug Dyring 8 kun oldin
What about blazing water?
Joscelyn Flores
Joscelyn Flores 8 kun oldin
Woooo!! I wish I would have seen you guys there!!
Caleb Green
Caleb Green 8 kun oldin
They have to make part 2 of this
Picket Pants
Picket Pants 8 kun oldin
My husband just said a 'blaze' could be a small chip made in a tree as a trail marker, ie "blazing a trail"
Miles Lim
Miles Lim 8 kun oldin
Medal detector?
Jerrold Wilfling
Jerrold Wilfling 8 kun oldin
hay i love that you achoo tryed to find the tresher
frogquen xx
frogquen xx 8 kun oldin
imagine if the camera man found the treasure lol
bella medovich
bella medovich 9 kun oldin
Melee-Levi 9 kun oldin
Can we get another series for this pleaseeee?
Jeremy Steele
Jeremy Steele 9 kun oldin
Not that it may help but the word Blaze can mean fire, and speed. So my guess would be the check if anything was burnt or was an area known for wildfires, or to look at the speed of any nearby water formations such as lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams. When considering Blaze as speed, it would mean fast speed. I'm not sure about this but the word meek can describe the sounds of wildlife such as deer and foxs and sometimes bears, but that is all the information I have right now and if it helped you or not we could only tell if you make another video
№½ ₱€£$©Π™
My pastor passed away looking for this treasure
Lilyann Hames
Lilyann Hames 9 kun oldin
idk but at 25:10 there’s a tree w weird marks on it maybe it’s there ??
BEEENZ ChickenWing
BEEENZ ChickenWing 9 kun oldin
Brad Heckman
Brad Heckman 9 kun oldin
It’d be hilarious if that rock was the chest and they just screwed up
ExtremelyNerdy Loser
"Put in" below the home of brown. If the Moreno river is the home of brown, you need to put in a boat. Putting in could be referencing to floating down the Moreno river on a boat, since he was a fisher and all that. Also floating in a boat is a lot less physically taxing for an eighty year old man to accomplish in one afternoon.
César Danilo Mejía Rúa
Ryan and Shane: *Looking desperately for the treasure* Forrest: *W H E E Z E*
Kyle  Campo
Kyle Campo 9 kun oldin
Why do I feel like it's inside or near that square rock 🤔 Hey!! in my defense he said something along the line of if you're smart, look down or something like that, maybe you have to look at the bottom of that rock...😅😅😅