The Truth About Jessie Paege Coming Out

Niki DeMar
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Ep2: The Truth About Jessie Paege Coming Out
In this show we visit youtubers' places, we sit down with them, get real, and have a super raw candid conversation about things they’re dealing with behind the camera. This show is bringing that wall down, bringing you closer to your favorite youtubers, and spreading awareness to important topics not discussed enough.
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30-Iyn, 2018

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We Are Banditos
We Are Banditos 7 soat oldin
I want to give Jessie a hug 💓
4Beautiez 8 soat oldin
i love this seris! when is the next episode??
UnicornLPS Tube
UnicornLPS Tube 16 soat oldin
I question me sexuality each day.. but I think I may be pan.
Unikitty _
Unikitty _ 21 soat oldin
Why you acting like shane? Shane dawson already made this no hate
Delaney Moffitt
Delaney Moffitt Kun oldin
The morning before every school day I just sit on my bed and cry because of how everyone treats me. I go to a very Christian school, and am scared of how people will treat me. I’m still not sure how I identify but am scared about how to come out. I’m reaching out because your story really relates to mine. Can someone help me? ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Amy C
Amy C Kun oldin
I have never watched your videos before, but 0:39 in I'm subscribing. You seem like an amazing person, stay that way xx
Greta Wirén
Greta Wirén Kun oldin
Shane wannabee
The Ella Logic Show
Oh trust me Niki... kids still talk like that...
Micah Maniapoto Ohlson
I am LOVING this series
Jenn Hooper
Jenn Hooper 2 kun oldin
I love this series its so humbling to see the different aspects of famous you tubers.
MsPrettyshay17 2 kun oldin
love is love
yaa girll shaniyah
yaa girll shaniyah 3 kun oldin
Lbgtttt luv ya
Dahyana Arroyo
Dahyana Arroyo 3 kun oldin
This series seems a lot like Shane Dawson content like the truth about tanacon. not hating this series is good!!!
Sedak Chuckal
Sedak Chuckal 3 kun oldin
This entire video was so inspirational and I loved it. I can’t wait to see more of this series
I’m Happy
I’m Happy 3 kun oldin
Ayeeeee she’s lgbtq+ too
My chemical Beebo
My chemical Beebo 3 kun oldin
This is a rip-off off Shane Dawson’s videos
Vicky arias
Vicky arias 4 kun oldin
Nikki I love your sweater when u woke I'm
audrey robertson
audrey robertson 4 kun oldin
jessie looks so cute and happy :)
namjoon the meme
namjoon the meme 4 kun oldin
k so, pls dont hate on me my little heart cant take it, but i kinda used to think that jessie was kind of an attention seeker, and idk, just really caught up in all this mental illness talk? but now, after viewing this, i really understand how genuine she is and that she is just explaining her experience to help people. not that i didnt already love jessie so much, but this really makes me appreciate her presence on social media and such. lots of love for Jessie Paege!!!
ελλεν V.
ελλεν V. 4 kun oldin
Is Niki coming for Shane's documentary youtube vid style ?
Camee Hite
Camee Hite 4 kun oldin
Its fine that you're doing this series but at least say you got the idea from Shane because, its true. 😶
Monique Grace
Monique Grace 5 kun oldin
I love this x
Diego Del rey
Diego Del rey 5 kun oldin
Who was the other girl who was part of the lgbtq community that was on tour with them ? Was it the girl from camp rock ?
bambii 5 kun oldin
everyone out here copying shane lol
Omg i defo relate to Jessie’s story ✨
I love your hair ✨
Leanna Fodor
Leanna Fodor 6 kun oldin
Wait, just clicked, since when did you become Shane Dawson? **i'm living for these kinds of videos though**
Bell Bell
Bell Bell 6 kun oldin
Stephanie Wetzel
Stephanie Wetzel 6 kun oldin
Sending peace and love 💕 🌈✨✌️😘
Stephanie Wetzel
Stephanie Wetzel 6 kun oldin
I’m so in love and obsessed with this series!!!!! 💕💕💕💕
Rebecca Ricciardo
Rebecca Ricciardo 6 kun oldin
It series looks really real and cool. Your video has been inspiriting me since the beginning. I love to see more videos in this series because seeing you tuber real struggles give us something reliable to watch.
MSO 6 kun oldin
Wow. I love the idea of this new series and I can't wait to see the other vids in the series. So proud of you Jessie for finally coming out I love you ❤🌈
Nora Hutchinson
Nora Hutchinson 6 kun oldin
I love this series so much💕
Eve95. 6 kun oldin
Loving this! Sure this seems simlar to Shanes video. But I love how youtubers take ideas and use them and put their own touch on it❤️
shravani govinda
shravani govinda 6 kun oldin
I am going blind.....looking at this queens 😭😭💖💖💖💗
Katlin Johnson
Katlin Johnson 6 kun oldin
I am bisexual but only my twin knows
Kayla Louis
Kayla Louis 7 kun oldin
You probably don’t know her at but if there is any way you could get Eugenia Cooney to talk to you and realize that she has a serious eating disorder that would be sooo beneficial to her
Ashlyn Moore
Ashlyn Moore 7 kun oldin
What was the word
Sarah 7 kun oldin
I love this all so much, these people and these everything
Style Time
Style Time 7 kun oldin
I have an eating disorder and it is all because off people calling me fat and I saw myself as fat and your videos really help
Rae Fleurs
Rae Fleurs 8 kun oldin
It’s so dumb that so many people are commenting about how this is similar to Shane’s content. Why can’t we all just spread positivity like Shane with other UZvidrs. I think it’s amazing that others are inspired by him to spread positivity through social media. I think it obviously needed to happen so that content creators don’t have to act like they’re all sunshine and rainbows. I’m grateful for the positivity that he’s helped create. If I were him I’d feel amazing for inspiring people to be positive and show their true authentic selves.
Julia Cook
Julia Cook 8 kun oldin
Is that Remis old apartment
BriLexis 8 kun oldin
So cute I can’t. We love a strong supportive loving friendship. I love this and I love Jessie forever and always
S.Nicole 8 kun oldin
Do Eva! 😱
SLIME DAY!!! SLIME 8 kun oldin
It is ok my sister is bisexual
GiselleM 9 kun oldin
kinda annoying how some people are taking it up the ass when others say she's copying. some are just pointing out, no hate behind it, while some are putting it out kinda rude.chill.
Milleny Rodriguez
Milleny Rodriguez 9 kun oldin
This series is the best
MR. GOOGLE 9 kun oldin
Who the fuck cares about these people coming out !? I mean really ! We have this shit happen every fucking day ! Whether the person is famous or not, doesn't make any fucking difference of them being a cock sucker or pussy licker !!!
Nelle Barnotty
Nelle Barnotty 9 kun oldin
Rhe people that dislike d this video have an heart
oof holland
oof holland 9 kun oldin
Why are you trying to be Shane???
joke 10 kun oldin
you should do rclbeauty101
Diamond Rodriguez
Diamond Rodriguez 10 kun oldin
i am so happy for jessie
Sophia Carmina
Sophia Carmina 10 kun oldin
Gosh the highlighter
Madison Davis
Madison Davis 10 kun oldin
I was already thinking she wasn't straight before this, I'm so surprised that it took so long to come out. I thought she already did
ShyBear 10 kun oldin
So proud of her. I literally love this girl just by watching this. You go queen!!
Mara Ioana
Mara Ioana 10 kun oldin
I didn't even knew she was lesbian..I don't agree with the LGBT thing, it disgusts me so bad. I mean, I don't think you came from 2 girls/ boys. God didn't let on the world A WOMAN and A MAN just like that..this is so gross, that this communtity grows up, i hate it..
Buttercup 10 kun oldin
So are you copying Shane Dawson now?
Joy 10 kun oldin
That's why she likes rainbows
Andrew Coccaro
Andrew Coccaro 10 kun oldin
Wow niki is wrong!!! Kids calling other kids gay is still a thing and probably always will. It's sad but it's the truth. (This is not a hate comment and I have nothing against the lgbtq+ community, in fact I'm questioning if I'm still straight)
Genevieve Van Swearingen
I do the same thing Jessie does where she talks about being positive but then doesn’t ever talk about when she’s not feeling positive/feeling sad
Ashley Caldwell
Ashley Caldwell 11 kun oldin
I’m love with this series and how raw and untouched this is! 💗
Madelyn Grace
Madelyn Grace 11 kun oldin
we need more supportive UZvidrs like Niki & Jessie 💖💖
Kenzie Shantz
Kenzie Shantz 11 kun oldin
Niki u have to do more of these!!!! It’s such a great way to spread awareness about mental health and it’s just something that can make someone feel like they’re not alone. So happy u started this!!❤️
Alexis DaMemer
Alexis DaMemer 11 kun oldin
*reads caption* yikes, this is prob jusy shit talk or clik bate, *watces intro* this is the most wholesome real amazing thing ever
Casey Kelly
Casey Kelly 11 kun oldin
5:25 was so cute how Niki told Jessie to talk about her first kiss
Casey Kelly
Casey Kelly 11 kun oldin
I love what you're doing ❤❤
Faith & Savannah
Faith & Savannah 11 kun oldin
I had an eating disorder and had to go to the hospital.. I’m still working on it but I am getting better
Clayton Barfield
Clayton Barfield 11 kun oldin
Rosanna Xie.
Rosanna Xie. 11 kun oldin
This comment section is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.
Sara Sandberg
Sara Sandberg 11 kun oldin
This is probably such a bad question ..but What highlight is jessie wearing
megan bader
megan bader 11 kun oldin
It would be cool to see jessie reconnect with her first kiss.
Sheila Rafizadeh
Sheila Rafizadeh 12 kun oldin
please do a video on Meredith Foster plssss
Edward Harshaw
Edward Harshaw 12 kun oldin
Oh look another SEXUAL PERVERT.
The Shade Parade
The Shade Parade 12 kun oldin
I'm a simple person. I see Jessie I click
Annika Martin
Annika Martin 12 kun oldin
How Niki worded the intro, though! Absolutely perfectly
Zoey Randomz
Zoey Randomz 12 kun oldin
Oh believe me , kids are still using LGBTQ+ Words as an Offensive Way. Like “ I don't want to go swimming if there might be any Gay or Bi people.” or “How do you not know your sexuality or gender!?” - Said Straight Person to Questioning Person. Like Ughhhh Everyone needs to be educated in the subject of life and acceptence
karah wilson
karah wilson 12 kun oldin
Jessie is so adorable. She’s like a puppy.
Sophia Cavanagh
Sophia Cavanagh 12 kun oldin
Omg from the title I didnt know u knew her and I thought this was someone trying to turn her coming out into some drama and I was about to come on here all angry and shit 😂😂😂 PLEASANTLY SURPRISED ❣ love the series girl
Avril The Lunatic
Avril The Lunatic 12 kun oldin
This series is so alike Shane's series,I still love you niki,full support to Jessie❤💛💚💜
Kamila Benitez
Kamila Benitez 12 kun oldin
Love this series I actually used to be suicidal
Rease 12 kun oldin
“This series is a lot like Shane’s..” so what? More than Shane can have these type of videos. I absolutely love Shane’s videos and it makes me happy to see other videos like this, because it is real. ❣️
kate fraser
kate fraser 12 kun oldin
Jessie and I are getting married
Sam Guynes
Sam Guynes 12 kun oldin
Well there went YOUR 15 minutes; nobody CARES; Get back in the closet
FlowUrbanFlow 12 kun oldin
Why do we treat coming out like a big deal? Sexuality shouldn't matter.
FlowUrbanFlow 12 kun oldin
Her voice is so scripted.
G M 12 kun oldin
What are you now, some Dr. Phil or some shit?
Philippa Cork
Philippa Cork 13 kun oldin
Well done Jesse, we are all supporting you!💕 Niki, keep being fabulous!😂
Leonora Garcia
Leonora Garcia 13 kun oldin
Copying shane
shleymo 13 kun oldin
I can’t appreciate the thought behind videos like this however it does bother me that Nikki does not have the academic experience or knowledge to talk about these subjects in the way they deserve. I think this could be strengthened by having someone with a psyche background add their thoughts and opinions
I really want to come out to my mum before my dad since some of her siblings are gay but I don't know how since we're both not good at expressing our concerns face to face and we're better over text but I've heard people say that you really shouldn't do it over text so does anyone have any ideas 😂
I feel like I have seen this before... cough Shane Dawson cough cough...
ProbablyNotRo 13 kun oldin
Jessie talking about her first kiss was so cute oh my god
mae 13 kun oldin
The excessive little "OOH RAINBOWS EVERYWHERE!!!1!!11 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 I'M SOOOOO GAY!! 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💕💕" Im not saying that there's anything wrong with being proud of your sexuality but it kinda seems like she's using it as an accessory and an "aesthetic"? I don't mean to offend anyone but as someone in the lgbt community, it makes me feel weird about the whole thing. I'm not downgrading her situation and I truly love Jessie so much. I'm glad she's happy.
Maiya Dowde
Maiya Dowde 13 kun oldin
This is such a beautiful video and I know that I will love this series
little Ry Rymcplay
little Ry Rymcplay 13 kun oldin
I think Niki is so nice because she supports her best friend!
Karye Bunny
Karye Bunny 13 kun oldin
thank you for talking about this publicly. my first kiss was a girl too and i struggled with coming out for a LONG time too. love you girlies xo
rebeccaladaga 13 kun oldin
why does it matter that this series is similar to shane’s? niki is trying to help people and bring awareness to subjects that are taboo and the fact that its similar to shane’s shouldn’t really matter.
E O’ Rourke
E O’ Rourke 13 kun oldin
Claudia Melendez
Claudia Melendez 13 kun oldin
this vid is so beautiful
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