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This week on Shady, our host, Lexy Lebsack, takes us into the underground world of human hair trafficking. Wigs and extensions are often made of real human hair, but have you ever questioned how that hair was sourced? Watch this episode of Shady to learn where hair really comes from!
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Shady is the side of the beauty world you haven't seen. Hosted by Refinery29 Senior Beauty Editor, Lexy Lebsack, the series swivels between the unexpected and uplifting, dives deep into the dark underbelly of beauty, gives a voice to those trampled by this quickly growing industry, and questions what it’s all worth. From counterfeit makeup to skin trafficking for cosmetic procedures, we go there.
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9-Iyn, 2018

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Refinery29 8 kun oldin
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Panasonic Indore
Panasonic Indore 4 soat oldin
Refinery29 hi ....wanted to know how much designer dress cost in reality and what price these designers sell to the customer...
tina Simon
tina Simon 18 soat oldin
I am impressed with Refinery 29's documentary, this 11 minute video is remarkable and eye opening, the hair trade industry is not something majority of the people from all over the world are aware of. I am a south asian woman but I live in the Philippines, so hair length is not as important to us compared to other asians in South East Asia, but I love how you have shown the methods that hair can be collected ethically and legally as well. I am going to subscribe. Also please do a video on how the make up industry does their animal testing.
xXUsagiXx Kun oldin
Refinery29 if you want long hair, stop colouring, heating and styling it ~ really makes a difference 😊
Karina Guardado
Karina Guardado Kun oldin
Refinery29 A whole documentary about Dan, his company, the ladies of Vietnam and their stories 😍
Nonjabulo Mchunu
Refinery29 A topic on these so called “fund-raising, Charity-auction” shenanigans, like when the money doesn’t go to the charity organizations.. and the organizers keep the money.
sigal Cohen
sigal Cohen 48 daqiqa oldin
Thank you Dan.
Angela B
Angela B 3 soat oldin
Loved how they touched on the history/ culture aspect of hair / wigs / weaves .. How everyone wears them at one point
Sasaki Umiquema
Sasaki Umiquema 3 soat oldin
Gotta support Dan 👏
Tetsu Yamada
Tetsu Yamada 4 soat oldin
Hair is such a crucial part of us and what Dan is doing is so great. I wish him all the best for his business which is true and humanitarian ❤️.
Logical1 6 soat oldin
She got $100. She could have gotten $3.00. The hair is sold up to $15k. What sense does that make?
Abiba saeed
Abiba saeed 7 soat oldin
I would've just given her hella money and let her keep her hair 😭😭 I'm so sad
Emz X
Emz X 7 soat oldin
💜 dan you're awesome. I will definitely support your company.
dale underdue
dale underdue 7 soat oldin
Glad he's giving more $ than expected and enriching lives simultaneously.
Heep Ngan
Heep Ngan 9 soat oldin
Proud to be Vietnamese 🇻🇳🇻🇳
Kuumelon 9 soat oldin
Now I want to buy from dan.
diamond baithey
diamond baithey 10 soat oldin
So that’s what these mfs been selling on Aliexpress 🤔🤔😒
felicia h
felicia h 10 soat oldin
ok thats disgusting
Beautiful Diamond
Beautiful Diamond 10 soat oldin
So this is the shit Black women in the U.S put on, and they swear they're on top of the world walking around with that nasty attitude. I'm FOREIGN. Yes, you women have a VERY BAD ATTITUDE when you put this hair on.😐
오비너스 2 soat oldin
You are stupid
Le Sauvage
Le Sauvage 9 soat oldin
they are hair hatted holigans
Beautiful Diamond
Beautiful Diamond 10 soat oldin
Okay I've had it. Gross. That drain comment made my skin crawl and itch.😐😑
Ana Diaz
Ana Diaz 11 soat oldin
Hair blackmarket!!! Omfg how odd... Hair from sewers!!! Ewww
Hey Angelina
Hey Angelina 11 soat oldin
sapoviajante 11 soat oldin
once I saw a documentary here in brazil. a girl with more than 1.50 virgin hair was offered only about 100 dollars for the "professional" and of course he got lot more. my hair grows really fast but I donate it, many people do it here so institutions that help people with cancer make great wigs (they have many volunteers). it's bizarre for me to see someone with a hair is not his or hers
Gracie Hays Music
Gracie Hays Music 11 soat oldin
Thank you Dan for being so fucking awesome! 💖
rockyraquel 12 soat oldin
How expensive is Dan’s hair??? Because I don’t feel the need to break my bank...
Mary Tovar
Mary Tovar 12 soat oldin
I'm good....
Mondina Joe Caël Lac
Mondina Joe Caël Lac 12 soat oldin
Danm that's how I get my wig
ねこCat 12 soat oldin
Bless that man. Meanwhile I pay to get my hair cut off LOL
E gush
E gush 12 soat oldin
He's doing a good thing but she deserved atleast 200.00. That was a lifetime of growth.
wndrss99 12 soat oldin
Must say, this was the most interesting video I have seen on YT. Thank you. Hope we see more suppliers like Dan.
not a fujoshi
not a fujoshi 12 soat oldin
bless Dan! i hope his company prospers because he is truly a special human being.
Elizabeth Minott
Elizabeth Minott 13 soat oldin
this was a really beautiful episode!
Mel Boisv
Mel Boisv 13 soat oldin
I would gladly pay more for the hair so that the women get more money!!!!
ddmer1 13 soat oldin
This was wonderfull, quality content and great message
Jurassic 14 soat oldin
what a pure man dan is
mackkk wutang
mackkk wutang 15 soat oldin
I give Dan the up most respect...he's helping his people would love to invest in his company or even give a donation
likira111 17 soat oldin
I have long naturally blond hair, does this mean I can sell it for a lot?
Asenas Chronicles
Asenas Chronicles 17 soat oldin
Aisha kimani
Aisha kimani 17 soat oldin
Dan is a great guy
Demetrius Davis
Demetrius Davis 18 soat oldin
Why don’t they ever use black hair
ACUTELDYBUG 18 soat oldin
I was apprehensive about watching this episode because I am guilty of buying hair and not knowing where it is coming from. I applaud Dan for making a difference, it has changed my perspective on purchasing wigs and bundles of hair.
tina Simon
tina Simon 18 soat oldin
I am impressed with Refinery 29's documentary, this 11 minute video is remarkable and eye opening, the hair trade industry is not something majority of the people from all over the world are aware of. I am a south asian woman but I live in the Philippines, so hair length is not as important to us compared to other asians in South East Asia, but I love how you have shown the methods that hair can be collected ethically and legally as well. I am going to subscribe. Also please do a video on how the make up industry does their animal testing.
Rose Vampire
Rose Vampire 18 soat oldin
arabicempress 19 soat oldin
2 or 3 dollars for her hair???!!! 😭😠😠
ClementinePure Makeup
ClementinePure Makeup 20 soat oldin
GOOD JOB DAN !!! We love a fair kind person! Women will do anything to care for their family ♡
Simply Kennedi
Simply Kennedi 20 soat oldin
Meaning its there choice
Simply Kennedi
Simply Kennedi 20 soat oldin
There showing tho bad part of hair transfer but people get hair chopped an give it to salons
Alinaswe Lusengo
Alinaswe Lusengo 21 soat oldin
blessed are the people like dan in this world
Lulu 22 soat oldin
Dan is the man
Vaishnavi Kulkarni
Vaishnavi Kulkarni 22 soat oldin
The temple shown in this video is Balaji temple of Tirupathi.. the richest temple in the world... many people donate tons of gold and precious stuff here to the temple... but the most precious donation is said to be human hair offering to the god... thats the reason you will find high quality hair in this temple..
arabicempress 19 soat oldin
What does the temple do with the money it gets from selling the hair and all of its monetary and gold donations?
Rose Clare
Rose Clare 22 soat oldin
Mi cri everytim
sandnes2504 Rama
sandnes2504 Rama 23 soat oldin
I understand hair donation in Indian temples. There is some strange religious belief behind it...but shame ful it is..and idiotic is that. The fallen hair..is become an Industry...and f..g temple management is behind it. I think..the fallen hair..must be burnt...and not given to temple..bastards..who make money out of it.
sandnes2504 Rama
sandnes2504 Rama 23 soat oldin
Why f....g women can not grow them-self rather than buying from poor woman around. Shame on you those who buy extensions. They use extensions when they like..Bullshit.
plaza consultant
plaza consultant 23 soat oldin
I already now that
Mar_.k Kun oldin
You go dan
S B Kun oldin
All of this because of desperation and fashion.(shakes head) Well at least it helps some. Thank you for being good to these women. You are one of the few men worthy of being honored.
Aleesha M
Aleesha M Kun oldin
This snatched my unethical weave
Colliscious Collie
Sewers and corpses though.
The body
The body Kun oldin
BelizeHunni Kun oldin
In the UK one of our singers called jamelia did a good documentary on this, it's called "who's hair is this anyway" because in the UK, a lot of white girls wear extensions
Hey Baby
Hey Baby Kun oldin
This touched my heart♥️♥️♥️
Eljon Geroleo
Eljon Geroleo Kun oldin
I never thought in my 16 years of existence that a documentary about hair would make me cry, bless Dan and his good deeds 💕💖
Abigail Palmer
Abigail Palmer Kun oldin
OMG Im crying
rubina stanikzai
love dan
Bakiza Kh
Bakiza Kh Kun oldin
The fact that Dan was the only one not to be afraid to show how he does things is the BIGGEST indicator that he is doing whats right and ethical. For the others to reject shows what they do are obvs do not is not and most likely shady.
I am Jungshook
I am Jungshook Kun oldin
Yay, Dan is Vietnamese
Mimi N
Mimi N Kun oldin
Awww this is so saddd
mayerly stefania
I wonder if the Kardashian/Jenner care about this!?...
Lauren Dufay
Lauren Dufay Kun oldin
This is great. He pays them good money and gives them a nice new hair cut!
meme 2169
meme 2169 Kun oldin
Das nasty >.>
Madison Profeta
Madison Profeta Kun oldin
I'd sell my hair but it's gross lmao
Nancy Duffy
Nancy Duffy Kun oldin
Her top clients are probably the transgendered that we’ve been thinking are women for fucking ever that’s who she sells these fucking things do you know Jennifer Aniston Brooke shields those bitches Most Hollywood so called female actresses are actually male they have an XY chromosome!!!
Thuy Nguyen
Thuy Nguyen Kun oldin
violinartist Kun oldin
these 3rd4rth world countries are so corrupted. what do you expect. they do whatever possible to get money. if they stop practicing their savage wild animal traditions then change can be made. but only if these savages are ready to leave their 15th century life traditions beliefs cultures religions behind. all the money america gives to these poor countries and still they havent even fixed their economy, sewage system, the water is still dirty, people are still living in poverty filth waste disease and its disgusting. savages cannot think like 21st century normal human being americans. these poor crooked old world countries need to stop having kids and fix their mentality before asking for more handouts. we cannot help these countries until they ready to help themselves. look at them terrorist palestines. these muslim psychos still throwing their babies at the border to be sacrificed as suicide bombers etc. isreal must shoot them down to protect their own. when they ready to let go of their disgusting blood sacrifice fanatic culture then things will get better
XOchEEr14 Kun oldin
100 dollars....... Nah
me me
me me Kun oldin
someone send this to the kardashians please
Calla Antoinette
The older lady really did look younger with shorter hair. I hope she was helped as much as possible. Gosh it's so sad. I wear hair extensions and I'm very grateful. I've always said prayers to my hair extensions. I don't just throw them away either. I make braids and recycle them.
kelly tanesha
kelly tanesha Kun oldin
Good luck Dan on your mission! Plus this so touching to watched
Kassie G
Kassie G Kun oldin
This makes me so sad to see. If women wanted long beautiful hair they should take care of their own like these women do. Stop dying your hair, Stop using hot tools and find natural remedies to make your hair healthier and grow beautifully. These women take great care of their hair to be sold for so low. Even if Dan is offerring them more pay for it. This wigs are being sold for a ridiculous price. Thats not fair at all.
Kassie G
Kassie G Kun oldin
I do believe its great for people who lost their hair because of an illness but for those who just buy because of pure laziness to not take care of their own is selfish.
Croxby1 Kun oldin
VERY impressive! Loved that Dan is doing good things for those women. Changing their lives, while still maintaining his business. That's how you do it, sir! Very good documentary. And left me with a nice smile on my face. Well done!
sandblanket Kun oldin
QueenFuckin Bee
QueenFuckin Bee Kun oldin
This is one Awesome Documentary!!
Viola Lewis
Viola Lewis Kun oldin
Why would you want to wear someone’s hair? Ugh
Aly M
Aly M Kun oldin
I love this!! 💖
Maryland Jowaka
Maryland Jowaka Kun oldin
Dan so sweet keep up good job
Pinky Green
Pinky Green Kun oldin
3:37 minutes - YUCK. Vomit. NOT watching the rest. Too disgusting.
Rattle snake chick
I'm sorry folks that sounds all nice and packaged up neatly and I'm not buying the most expensive hair out there like the celebrities but I'm not buying Chinese on Block a sub par fake doll hair I'm talking about a decent grade of hair that's running about $200 a bundle did you see this guy offer her a $100 just cut off for bundles so he makes $700 probably is gonna turn into a wig that he can sell for $1500 but gave her a $100 who is "Punk'n"....who? Ethical my ass... Mother fucker
Oushi Fashion House
Oh my god. I was it imagine that.
1-800- I-Am-Awkward
You go dan coco
antonia wooldridge
My mum used to work from home making wigs for cancer patients. I remember her getting paid pittance for it. This was during the 80's.
XaPan Kun oldin
Ohhhh wowwwwww it’s sooooooo loooong
ZULU ZERO Kun oldin
I love nicki minaj
Andy Vo
Andy Vo Kun oldin
My family is Vietnamese and my mom his a hair stylist
TaeTaeBun Kun oldin
It's Mimi
It's Mimi Kun oldin
Why did I tear up watching this? Good luck to dan, I hope his company blows up and more women can get help.
Mikayla Allen
Mikayla Allen Kun oldin
How do I Find Remy New York Hair To Purchase.?? I Can Not Find Him I Would Love To Purchase Hair From Him Please Let Me Know
Lisa Pope
Lisa Pope Kun oldin
Stebbon Gosling
Stebbon Gosling Kun oldin
Haiii! If you see this, thumbs it up so I can get some help😂😂 I’m looking for ethical wigs, but I can’t find Dan Choi’s contact info. Someone let me know of some places where I can find ethical wigs💖💖
Christina Krogh
Christina Krogh Kun oldin
I started crying when Dan paid the woman and Lexy told what the money would get her. It's truly amazing what Dan does, and is able to do.
sassy houss
sassy houss Kun oldin
I’m actually wearing a wig rn and I feel so bad and very sad watching this
Needs More Flash!!!
I've never liked wigs or extensions. It feels like a lie. I would rather go bald than lie to myself about my hair.
Fazerella Kun oldin
Yo, Dan. You're killing it. Keep it up.
Safa A.
Safa A. Kun oldin
100$ is not even close to being fair for hair you've grown for over 5 years. It's still exploitation. Man I hate humans.
Clorox Bleach Meadow Scent
Her new hair is still longer than mine lol
GinaMIA Kun oldin
Dan is amazing!
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