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This week on Shady, our host, Lexy Lebsack, takes us into the underground world of human hair trafficking. Wigs and extensions are often made of real human hair, but have you ever questioned how that hair was sourced? Watch this episode of Shady to learn where hair really comes from!
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Shady is the side of the beauty world you haven't seen. Hosted by Refinery29 Senior Beauty Editor, Lexy Lebsack, the series swivels between the unexpected and uplifting, dives deep into the dark underbelly of beauty, gives a voice to those trampled by this quickly growing industry, and questions what it’s all worth. From counterfeit makeup to skin trafficking for cosmetic procedures, we go there.
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9-Iyn, 2018

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Wendi Russo
Wendi Russo 2 kun oldin
Where fake eye lashes come from
jessica rodriguez
jessica rodriguez 4 kun oldin
Refinery29 I,
LIZTHELIZARD 5 kun oldin
Refinery29 dog toys made of
BlueMoon Builds
BlueMoon Builds 6 kun oldin
B4BESS 2 soat oldin
Buying hair from India is wearing a shrine, a caurse or a promise. You don't know what you are wearing on your head.
B4BESS 2 soat oldin
I refuse to buy human hair, or wear them, but watching this video, and the young man from Vietnam, doing good to up lift others, and not depriving them with a fake promise of a blessing like in India, I will buy his hair. Bravo to Mr. Honorable Dan .
Lyda Lyda
Lyda Lyda 4 soat oldin
I am come from Cambodia omg I am freaking out !!!!
Kristen Tindle
Kristen Tindle 5 soat oldin
Incredible reporting! Thank you
Ab AlQasabi
Ab AlQasabi 7 soat oldin
Beautiful and unique documentary. Dan is so kind. I have a very long black hair too but can't sell it. My hubby will get mad. 😅
Shiwaye Fekadu
Shiwaye Fekadu 9 soat oldin
And I get an ad about hair extensions in the beginning of this video.🤦🏾‍♀️
OhKay Smalls
OhKay Smalls 9 soat oldin
I got a hair extension ad before this
Evelina Yun
Evelina Yun 10 soat oldin
I have very long hair, but now I can see that sometimes cutting someone’s hair can make another’s life better!❤️
Honey Bee
Honey Bee 11 soat oldin
God bless you dan for what you’re doing!!! 🙏🏽💕💕
Phillip Chu
Phillip Chu 11 soat oldin
This video deadass just played a hair extension ad
Crunchy Marshmallows
Crunchy Marshmallows 11 soat oldin
Dang, you can even get scammed out of hair
crypto teddy bear
crypto teddy bear 12 soat oldin
God bless these women! Lord help them What a wonderful man Dan is! We need more honourable men like this in the world.
Deanna Gavin
Deanna Gavin 13 soat oldin
I think it’s disrespectful to buy hair, especially women who where sew ins. They don’t donate the hair when they’re done, they trash it and buy new bundles. So many emotions, memories, and experiences are tied into hair. I cut off my waistlength hair two months ago and it would pain me to sell it or donate it only for it to be discarded. Wigs don’t get kept forever either.
Mary Carroll
Mary Carroll 13 soat oldin
Hair is dedicated to false gods (satan/demons). Therefore, it is cursed and when you put it on your head, you are allowing demons to attach themselves to you. Once they attach, they will not let go unless you go through deliverance. This is the reason a true born again believer should NOT wear any type of extensions/hair piece. Also, makeup uses aborted babies in their products. Come out of this satanic world and live for Jesus. He is coming for a Bride that is pure and holy, not full of demons.
C Danes
C Danes 13 soat oldin
I am so glad u showed us all where the hair really comes from, cause im sure we all thought it fell from the sky ready wrapped. Nothing new here!
Tracy Wu
Tracy Wu 14 soat oldin
Wow, thank you Dan Choi! You make this world a better place.
tiny gun
tiny gun 15 soat oldin
I just wanna go hand that lady 1000 dollars and walk away. That would make my life
Anu Modupe
Anu Modupe 16 soat oldin
We need more dan in the world...selfless. anu
Sartika Biswas
Sartika Biswas 16 soat oldin
If he's searching for gd quality hairs, then it's definitely India. And the south part of the India has very good quality of hairs, and and I'm pretty sure if they r in need of money, they will sell Thier hair!🌸
Vanessa Difruscio
Vanessa Difruscio 17 soat oldin
Never wondered where my extensions come from...till now
Luisa Palacios
Luisa Palacios 17 soat oldin
Excellent video!
moja6380 17 soat oldin
Fake hair for fake women
Scaranpannoir Ferafeso
Wow... I like the way he thinks XD
Chloe Nadeau
Chloe Nadeau 18 soat oldin
I had a hair extension add before thus
Mary Shodeinde
Mary Shodeinde 18 soat oldin
this guy has done a good deed!! well done
Angela Malone
Angela Malone 19 soat oldin
In Atlanta you can buy off brand remmy it's decent quality but if you want untreated Brasilian it's 300 In Cleveland stores everything is treated but about 34- 129 it's garbage
Pooja Gharti
Pooja Gharti 20 soat oldin
U go dan!!!!
Pooja Gharti
Pooja Gharti 20 soat oldin
I loved this
Maria Ice
Maria Ice 22 soat oldin
Before I watched the video I actually got a commercial telling me to buy extensions and how to put them in to look nice. Smh
Jefrenelyn Bangcado
Jefrenelyn Bangcado 23 soat oldin
I'm in tears about HAIR
Miss Chanty
Miss Chanty 23 soat oldin
Bless this guy!
Original Lala
Original Lala Kun oldin
Very very touching I knew it was from someone somewhere but not specifically
Lisa Oldwithsomanywhys
bless this nan ❤️
Shawn Jay
Shawn Jay Kun oldin
I feel like am watching a horror movie 🤭😮
Kimi Rokhum
Kimi Rokhum Kun oldin
My hair was very long never apply hair color, I decided to cut and I give to my hair dresser he should to earn lot of money and I paid for cutting as well 😢 I didn’t know it will be this much expensive
Belle Choi
Belle Choi Kun oldin
Haha he’s got the same last name as me
Maliyah McGowan
Maliyah McGowan Kun oldin
I wouldn't want to put human hair in my head. ... i love my curly/kinky hair.
Angel Goaldigger
Big ups dan🙂
Risha Bhattacharyya
OMG a hair extension ad came on before I watched it
Emily Goodrum
Emily Goodrum Kun oldin
I just got an ad about hair extensions
Dan will be respected if he never changes and honor will come with it
Moet Canady
Moet Canady Kun oldin
Dan is like the plug and the angel that's beautiful
Joana Torres
Joana Torres Kun oldin
Got a hair extensions ad before this >
caroline cross
caroline cross Kun oldin
Ironically, a hair extension ad called "Glam" played before this video😂
Ha Nguyen
Ha Nguyen Kun oldin
Big up Dan! Such a smart business man and very kind to not only benefit himself but also his own people. Very inspirational!!! LOVE IT
Katrine Kun oldin
I seriously thought Maria was the tech girl from Criminal Minds...
Ucef Lucas
Ucef Lucas Kun oldin
she look so sad when they cut her hair
Rachel Anderson
Rachel Anderson Kun oldin
I got a hair extension ad before this😂
GloBall89 Kun oldin
1:50 reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw 🧐
ouch !
ouch ! Kun oldin
So the hair comes from animals, idol worshipers, and corpses? Thank goodness I'm now a natural.
Sofia Brotton
Sofia Brotton Kun oldin
Yeah because its much better to get long hair for a day, than make wigs for cancer patients...
Jennifer Darlin'
Wow so much respect for Dan!
Val Lol
Val Lol Kun oldin
Alexis Ayala
Alexis Ayala Kun oldin
I am so happy seeing this!!!! We need better wages all over the world. I previously worked as a medical assistant, warehouse, food grocery store, and retail clothes, fast food. After working hard and making big decisions my mother and I opened a Retail Business and were striving for being successful and having our employees happy with benefits, great pay, and being understanding!!.
Mandy Zhu
Mandy Zhu Kun oldin
That’s a good guy doing a good thing
Annika johnson
Annika johnson Kun oldin
Such a great video! So many people ignore the origins of so many different products! Information really can make a change
Delia Castellanos
This, person is an Angel 😇 love him
Dayshawn Alexander
Hair that's been on the floor or chopped off someone who didn't want to do it will bring you nothing but bad juju. It sounds like Indian hair is the way to go they chop their hair in devotion to God.
Naomi Reiziger
Naomi Reiziger Kun oldin
I really hope more girls will see and consider this, before actually getting hairextensions. But Dan is definitly a hero
Cesar Pena
Cesar Pena Kun oldin
I got a knot on my throat watching this 😢😢😢
Katzumi Hanzo
Katzumi Hanzo Kun oldin
The good thing is that hair will always grow again!
Lexi Carpenter
Lexi Carpenter Kun oldin
I’m actually crying right now
April Santiago
April Santiago Kun oldin
I pray for Dans success to help these brave women help there family’s in a fair dignified manner great job Dan
Brown Barbie M. G
IcedLipGloss Kun oldin
this was a great video....very informative. however, i dont understand why all these jackasses in the comments keep saying people who wear extensions are "narcissists" or "horrible people"....please lets not forget that black women couldnt even wear natural hairstyles in their work environments for decades up until recently. lets not forget how they painted our natural hair texture as ugly and unprofessional....and lets not even get into why CANCER PATIENTS or victims of ALOPECIA would wear extensions. im not sure if leaving hateful stupid ass comments makes the trolls feel better, but i really hope yall arent projecting those weird ass views onto the women you approach irl. god bless
Gillian King
Gillian King Kun oldin
Wow! What a great story! I hope everyone sees this. As customers we do need to demand an ethical hair trade.
sarah monsegur
sarah monsegur Kun oldin
That’s a great guy 🙌🏼❤️
Nani Re
Nani Re Kun oldin
I'm buying hair from him💖💖💖💖
Alex Milne
Alex Milne 2 kun oldin
So your telling me Kim kardashion could be wearing one of these girls hair *wig snatched* like literally
Nicole Tran
Nicole Tran 2 kun oldin
Omfg 7:50 she butchered her name
wennoel 2 kun oldin
It's fabulous to find there IS someone out there trying to do it right!
Ariadne Smith
Ariadne Smith 2 kun oldin
How did I got here ??
kelpesh_14 trash
kelpesh_14 trash 2 kun oldin
Dan is changing lives 😥❤️
Tapiokapuddin 2 kun oldin
Id love to GET $100 for a haircut tbh
Zayn Eve Dinsmore
Zayn Eve Dinsmore 2 kun oldin
Dan is a hero
Katherine Rose
Katherine Rose 2 kun oldin
what is remy virgin hair
Becky Lynn
Becky Lynn 2 kun oldin
Much love for Dan!! 💕💕💕
Brittany RedEagle
Brittany RedEagle 2 kun oldin
It sounds so low but i did research papers for econ in hs. The American dollar is worth a lot in most countries around the world.
frostedwonderland aj
I found my wig!
rusty rose
rusty rose 2 kun oldin
I bet those woman get paid hardly anything for their hair by everyone else. And to think it is sold on for thousands more. The same exploitation that exists in the diamond industry.
How can a person work for Dan company? I've got 30 years,experience plus, with knowledge about making wigs,hair pieces,and knot. I learned 40 years,and go how to do what hes,doing now
Haterade 2 kun oldin
Dan is a snacc
terimontgomery1980 2 kun oldin
Her hair is beautiful. I feel bad for her, you can tell it was important to her
Elijah Orozco
Elijah Orozco 2 kun oldin
I always wondered where the hair came from, Great documentary
Panda! Nation
Panda! Nation 2 kun oldin
Did anyone get a hair extension ad before the video? Oh only me 😂
Nella Gomez
Nella Gomez 2 kun oldin
Dan I’ll buy from you no lie
Baz is shook
Baz is shook 2 kun oldin
I got a hair extension ad on this video....
Isabella Nicole
Isabella Nicole 2 kun oldin
If you didnt know what real hair wig means then...
Melissa Corrales
Melissa Corrales 2 kun oldin
Dan is fuckn awesome
nyoom boom
nyoom boom 2 kun oldin
wish somebdy would make a go fund me for this amazing man dan! i would shave my whole head and sell it to him if i lived in vietnam!
Carmelita Peel
Carmelita Peel 2 kun oldin
I would like to buy hair from Dan. How can he be reached?
Sarah Beauregard
Sarah Beauregard 2 kun oldin
I got an ad for hair extensions😂
Tekashi 6ix9ine
Tekashi 6ix9ine 2 kun oldin
I Would donate my hair but it has split ends and its dyed.....
ανεμοδαρμένο γατί
I will support *fairtrade* even more after this video.
Tyler 2 kun oldin
So we just not gonna talk about how Maria looks like Penelope Garcia
tall girl 1
tall girl 1 2 kun oldin
I got an ad for hair extensions before this video. Hmm...
Very Unladylike
Very Unladylike 2 kun oldin
It needs to be more emphasized that as consumers we need to demand this kind of fair trade and support companies with these kinds of practices. If you continue to buy shady products, shady companies will continue to thrive.
Javon Antoine
Javon Antoine 2 kun oldin
8:42 🙋🏾‍♂️ How Much?....... 9:57 Oh 😬 nvm, Dan you’re a good man 🖕🏾
Organicrime 2 kun oldin
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