The Try Guys 400 Dumpling Mukbang ft. Strictly Dumpling

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Will the guys be able to make it through 400 piping hot soup dumplings? Don't try this at home!
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6-Fev, 2019

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 17 134
Jessica Mikayla Adams
Jessica Mikayla Adams 10 daqiqa oldin
Ive never had dumplings
Jasmine Clark
Jasmine Clark 23 daqiqa oldin
You can actually die from eating to much it’s called busting a gut...
Suffkopp 32 daqiqa oldin
How did they get Jackie Chan?
Sapphire Wang
Sapphire Wang 37 daqiqa oldin
Omg Off The Great Wall!
Princess Yuki Diana Star Kim Lee
I do the Asian thing and swallow while my esphogaus burns
Ice Master TA83
Ice Master TA83 58 daqiqa oldin
To be fair he said his goal was to eat 1 more and one more after that...but he ate 2 at once soooo
Maopokyu Soat oldin
Kayla Playa
Kayla Playa Soat oldin
Now I want dumplings
Bloody Hell
Bloody Hell Soat oldin
What did the guy that invented dumplings say on Chinese New year? ......happy new ear
Zenab Boufadize
Zenab Boufadize 2 soat oldin
Eugene inhaled those dumplings
Madelin Claire G
Madelin Claire G 2 soat oldin
Eugene is sweating a storm
Joshua Romero
Joshua Romero 2 soat oldin
Here is a challenge for you guys. Get Matt Stonie on an episode and then assemble 7 of your friends (YB and Eugene should be include in this) to compete with him in a 10 minute food battle. Try guys get to choose the food. The loser has to eat a california reaper
Kat 2 soat oldin
My stomach hurts after watching this. Maybe it's the 4 tall glasses of TruMoo. who knows.
Zachary Periera
Zachary Periera 2 soat oldin
Zach is the real MVP
Zachary Periera
Zachary Periera 2 soat oldin
I have trouble swallowing due to anxiety, and I feel like if this was me everyone would finish and I’d still be doing the speed challenge.
Morelia Villeda
Morelia Villeda 2 soat oldin
I want dumplings now, but I'm vegetarian.
night howler
night howler 2 soat oldin
I want dumplings
Romain Guichard
Romain Guichard 3 soat oldin
HOOOOOOO I miss din tai fung from Taipei
Kathy Wussow
Kathy Wussow 3 soat oldin
The dumplings look so flipping good though
Your Lord
Your Lord 3 soat oldin
As an Asian....I’ll do this if I don’t need to pay
Longling Eriksen
Longling Eriksen 3 soat oldin
Mike Chen is in the video. So i liked it :)
Nathan Vasquez
Nathan Vasquez 3 soat oldin
Matt Stoniest ate 377 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Aiden Kinjo
Aiden Kinjo 3 soat oldin
I laughed harder than I should've at 8:15
BlarghMan 4 soat oldin
Ned is disgusting
Alex Baber
Alex Baber 4 soat oldin
Why does Zach not have as many? X
Andrea Wong
Andrea Wong 4 soat oldin
9:14 Ned the dinosaur 🦖11:22 the regret in Ned’s face
Hannah Myung
Hannah Myung 4 soat oldin
Just get 385 to eat one each😂
Pixie 123
Pixie 123 4 soat oldin
*And then there's me, a half Asian, dying after 20*
Michaela Langer
Michaela Langer 4 soat oldin
YSLime CREW 4 soat oldin
R Kelly Reference 😂
Queen Rayna
Queen Rayna 4 soat oldin
Lol I can do 100 with my Asian powers. Lol I don't look it (honestly what does Asian really look like) the Asian in me runs strong
I'm watching you
I'm watching you 4 soat oldin
At 3:50 you missed 2 dumplings 🥟🥟
Ngoanapedi Komane
Ngoanapedi Komane 4 soat oldin
I genuinely thought Keith was gonna eat so many more dumplings, so much faster
peter parker
peter parker 4 soat oldin
You should of blow torched them to give em a crisp they look soft or
Emily Santiago
Emily Santiago 5 soat oldin
Eugene: “You are allowed to tap out if you have to..” Keith: “I’m not tapping out I’m fucking beating you!” *Ned in the background* 😂😂 8:30
Flower Pot
Flower Pot 5 soat oldin
Why does Mike have a weird accent? I never noticed in his channel...
Kitten Playz
Kitten Playz 5 soat oldin
我先小龙包 tbh i dont know if i wrote this correctly trying to say **i want some xiao long bao** edit:can i have some dumplings?
Ashleigh Franklin
Ashleigh Franklin 5 soat oldin
Next try guys eating idea: Try Guys Try Southern Food for the 1st Time!
lae u
lae u 6 soat oldin
As much as I love 🥟 I’ll pass
Andi _Cab
Andi _Cab 6 soat oldin
Ned at 8:30... lol he is DONE!
Carson Forrester
Carson Forrester 6 soat oldin
Why is Zach that old golden retriever at the dog park that won’t go catch the ball, but is just happy to be there? 😂
Ana Aponte
Ana Aponte 6 soat oldin
Mike is so great!
doobiesmoke15 7 soat oldin
Take it from me, never eat so much of something you live that you get to the point where you hate it
Hiral Mehta
Hiral Mehta 7 soat oldin
I dont really know why i am addicted to this video..its my 14th time watching the same thing..love you guys! Awsome content that always brings a smile on my face.!!! Loads of love from India❣
Lea Dumortier
Lea Dumortier 7 soat oldin
I’ll settle for 10
Raquel Torres
Raquel Torres 7 soat oldin
I want dumplings now... only 400 of them 😂
Hanna Hunter
Hanna Hunter 7 soat oldin
After watching this video, I want to eat some dumplings!
hanana00 8 soat oldin
Being polish and eating polish dumplings for my whole life doing 50 would have been the easiest thing, 100 pretty doable, just gather 3 of us polish for a christmas dinner 😂😂
Biggest_daddy 14
Biggest_daddy 14 8 soat oldin
I want dumplings now
ZZ Lai
ZZ Lai 8 soat oldin
TIL Western people call them Soup Dumplings...
Sangeet Subedi
Sangeet Subedi 8 soat oldin
F the try guy shills, guess they making enuf money that they aint fired yet from Buzzfeed..
Tomato Pop
Tomato Pop 9 soat oldin
Watching this made me feel full....dead serious
Salty Maki
Salty Maki 10 soat oldin
why do I feel like they're sort of ignoring strictly dumpling :(( >:(
Marta M
Marta M 10 soat oldin
Ned’s goal is just me running a long run
Astralite Eden
Astralite Eden 10 soat oldin
Just have to say, those dumplings look GOOOOODDD
Ted dibiasi-JLC-Sinn
Ted dibiasi-JLC-Sinn 10 soat oldin
is this like eating 50 pieces of sushi per person because i cant even eat 20 pieces of sushi
Halool Skylor
Halool Skylor 10 soat oldin
Look at kieth face 10:11
Prabhul Krishna
Prabhul Krishna 10 soat oldin
Hi try guys can you guys eat cyanide and survive? TRY GUYS
Rose Juliette
Rose Juliette 10 soat oldin
I love dumplings ❤️❤️❤️
Elim Kwok
Elim Kwok 10 soat oldin
Elim Kwok
Elim Kwok 10 soat oldin
Zach's tiny body can't handle all that food!!!!
Hessed3712 11 soat oldin
I read the title as “Try Guys Make 400 dumplings ....I kind of want them to make dumplings.
random 12 soat oldin
The Try Guys fucking die
Conner T
Conner T 12 soat oldin
I thought Keith was going vegan
Nhlambeto Kevin
Nhlambeto Kevin 12 soat oldin
Eugene 90 Zach 10 😂💔
Nhlambeto Kevin
Nhlambeto Kevin 12 soat oldin
Zach is cute
Tapioka sensei
Tapioka sensei 12 soat oldin
Bunch of pussies, except mike 😂😂😂
FushrFriendzNotFood 13 soat oldin
3:50 Does it bother no one else that he missed 2 dumplings?
Kenny Jordana
Kenny Jordana 13 soat oldin
You gotta give the Try Guys props. I say this because their channel is fairly new yet they managed to get over 5 million subscribers fast and growing! That's amazing and big ups to them.
Olly Nolly
Olly Nolly 14 soat oldin
8:47 that is how I stop myself from killing myself. Just survive one day and then one day after that. Thinking about all the days and weeks and months and years at once makes me feel hopeless.
Kurumi Tokisaki
Kurumi Tokisaki 14 soat oldin
Since when is chen from chen dynasty here
Chicken Nuggetツ
Chicken Nuggetツ 14 soat oldin
Really? Thats a normal sunday,monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday and saturday for me
hime airi
hime airi 14 soat oldin
I'm always amazed by koreans how they can handle hot foods..whenever i see them eating ramen noodles with one bite, i'm awed by that...u can s3e how the other try guys complain how hot it is but eugene just eat them all in one bite
Yssabel Louise Cuenco
Yssabel Louise Cuenco 14 soat oldin
We want morw
Ramen_Alchemist 15 soat oldin
my life is complete
ɴᴏᴇʟᴀ 15 soat oldin
hola, soy el comentario en español. no seria genial si eugene compitiera con esto de comida contra joe burger challenge??
Conan 1812
Conan 1812 15 soat oldin
Four total twats and Mikey Chen
TEDX700 15 soat oldin
*goal* : revenge
Victoria Turner
Victoria Turner 16 soat oldin
This video is oddly appropriate for today as I am going to an all-you-can-eat sushi place with my friends for my birthday and we are all gonna get our moneys worth.
Eileen Gonzalez
Eileen Gonzalez 16 soat oldin
Mebenshi 17 soat oldin
more like the virgin guys
Äńthøńÿ暴動 17 soat oldin
8:14 I died when she fell
Radcliffe See
Radcliffe See 17 soat oldin
Lol 3:48. Dumpling suicide
Raviella Barrios
Raviella Barrios 18 soat oldin
Food buddies ♡♡♡♡
Cookie Dino
Cookie Dino 18 soat oldin
My mom work there ;o
Anika Caracas
Anika Caracas 18 soat oldin
Zach is so cute
Jeckaderp 18 soat oldin
I'm so proud of Eugene
Sophia Etz
Sophia Etz 18 soat oldin
“I do the Asian thing where I just swallow it and my oesophagus burns” “there you go!”
Kim seokjin loveeerrr
Kim seokjin loveeerrr 18 soat oldin
I can totally eat that BC that's my favourite food..
claudia rodriguez
claudia rodriguez 19 soat oldin
Imagine YB
Pineapple Bitch
Pineapple Bitch 19 soat oldin
omg the best collab I ever saw hehe
Best colour friend
Best colour friend 19 soat oldin
Why don't you guys eat 100 sweet cake or donuts
Kath Keenan
Kath Keenan 19 soat oldin
Uh Uh
Uh Uh 19 soat oldin
I don't know what hurt more for me, watching people have dumplings in which I've never had, or watching them eat them and gradually become more and more separated from reality.
Panda Gamer
Panda Gamer 19 soat oldin
Di would love this I LOVE dumplings
WonderTin 19 soat oldin
They are soup dumpling drunk. 😂😂😂
Jam Pablo
Jam Pablo 19 soat oldin
I love mike chen!!
Jan Jan
Jan Jan 19 soat oldin
I love the monologues over visuals of the suffering!! 😂😂. Also great history lessons Mike!!!!
bencut21 19 soat oldin
Lmao long time sub to mike, give this man hot oil and those dumplings are done lmao
Laneyboo Haverloo
Laneyboo Haverloo 19 soat oldin
Please do trying asmr
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