The Ultimate Triple-Decker Cheesecake Tower: Behind Tasty

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9-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 2 831
no running in my ikea
why does he look like noel miller in the thumbnail
MrsMinSuga 93
MrsMinSuga 93 2 soat oldin
I ship Alvin and Brenda oof
ashlyaaa's channel
ashlyaaa's channel 5 soat oldin
Not for me *DAWG*
Shift shift
Shift shift 5 soat oldin
I love this dude
Coco Zerker
Coco Zerker 6 soat oldin
Get a man like how alvin loves his layers or gET ALVIN
Angela Gazso
Angela Gazso 8 soat oldin
Red velvet is gross. And definitely doesn't go with brownies. Should've done a salted caramel.
daaisydiannaa buitron'97
I like him
Mia Keller
Mia Keller 21 soat oldin
daniel is my daddy ;-;
are we all just gonna ignore how Rihanna stood in the line at 9:24 and 9:27 waiting for her cake?
Chris Zwiep
Chris Zwiep 2 kun oldin
Brenda and Alvin need their own series
Eynjel Anne
Eynjel Anne 2 kun oldin
im a the only one who ship brenda and alvin together?🤷‍♀️
Heather Connelly
Heather Connelly 2 kun oldin
I respect Alvin a lot
Ming ming :D Panda
Ming ming :D Panda 3 kun oldin
Someone me instrahim of him he's cute😍
Little Faemae
Little Faemae 3 kun oldin
2:41 "Insert Sad Music Here"
Jason Bennett
Jason Bennett 4 kun oldin
Does he have a cocaine nail :O
Mistress Mo
Mistress Mo 4 kun oldin
Also berry and chocolate are served together all the time and are great
lia.vega21 *
lia.vega21 * 4 kun oldin
SPC~Straight, Perfect, Clean🤪😂🥰 I LOVE THIS CHANNEL SO MUCHHH
eternxlly mine
eternxlly mine 4 kun oldin
They’re lowkey flirting.
Monica A.
Monica A. 5 kun oldin
Can like alvin and alix make something together please that’d be awesome
Nazarene Diengdoh
Nazarene Diengdoh 5 kun oldin
Hot damn!
Karthik Jayaraman
Karthik Jayaraman 5 kun oldin
those two cant high five for shit
Lauren G.
Lauren G. 6 kun oldin
The “high five” tho😬😂😂😂
The name's DumaX365
Says heart, points to head
classic work
classic work 6 kun oldin
New episode
Jazmin Castillo
Jazmin Castillo 6 kun oldin
Be careful tasty, the cake mix that you guys used “ Duncan Hines “ has now been known to hold salmonella
avad doherr
avad doherr 7 kun oldin
Can you guys make a giant dumpling
Rebekah W
Rebekah W 7 kun oldin
this could be a thing
Rebekah W
Rebekah W 7 kun oldin
I love my layers, Brenda. - Alvin - that belogns in a play lol!
Riya 7 kun oldin
Shela Octavia
Shela Octavia 7 kun oldin
That girl is so annoying. especially if y all already watch scott 100 layers cake vid. u will know why
maiah sager
maiah sager 7 kun oldin
I think I would've used semi chocolate ganache for the filling instead lol.
GlaceonTrainer Gaming
Oooo I like the rap and da cake I wish I can eat it
IDFC BAS 8 kun oldin
Hahahahaha alvins Drawing
Anna D'Amore
Anna D'Amore 8 kun oldin
chocolate is already almost red velvet...they go together!
Amara Rahman
Amara Rahman 9 kun oldin
This video attracted many armys and blinks. Me too😅
Trinity kuwonu
Trinity kuwonu 9 kun oldin
Mega thic c c 🤣🤣🤣
But Can You Do This
But Can You Do This 10 kun oldin
You should have named him ‘THIC C C BOY O CHEEZCAKE’
Kay Wow
Kay Wow 11 kun oldin
Yummy af!
Maddie’s Vegan Life
You should do a tasty junior with recipients kids can do
Chimchims big chilli pepper
„Brinda“ reminds me on heyitsfeii
Amara Rahman
Amara Rahman 9 kun oldin
ARMYYYYYY I'm finding so many fellow armys!!! I swear, it's getting creepy Your name...😏😅
Nightcore Kawaii
Nightcore Kawaii 11 kun oldin
is it just me who paused the video to read the instructions on the refrigerator...… aah iguess it really is just me... :|
Kat Daley
Kat Daley 11 kun oldin
Okay I completely understand why he used store bought cheesecakes but I kinda wanna see him do everything from scratch
Erick R
Erick R 11 kun oldin
I love... I love that cake. I wish I had some
Kenny Tung
Kenny Tung 12 kun oldin
I want this to be my birthday cake!!
Dead Meme
Dead Meme 13 kun oldin
2:14 :) wow
Simply Sam
Simply Sam 13 kun oldin
BrAlvin 😏 👌🏽
Ali Maye
Ali Maye 13 kun oldin
All of those depressing highfives made my life more depressed
Maja Hvilvald Talinsson
5:11 it should be thiiiiiiic not thic c c c
budaksdo 14 kun oldin
the sounds quality... man
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 14 kun oldin
I got to say the cake looks good however Brenda looks better I mean she is fine af
Danielle Adu
Danielle Adu 15 kun oldin
Gene Nucal
Gene Nucal 15 kun oldin
Leah van Dyk
Leah van Dyk 15 kun oldin
How did he make the 3 cheesecakes that's inside the cakes? He didn't show that. Can anyone tell me? X
Zara mm
Zara mm 15 kun oldin
Nadja Zevedji
Nadja Zevedji 15 kun oldin
Am i the only one who ships alvin and brenda
Six TV JR 15 kun oldin
Am I allowed to ask how they eat so much unhealthy foods and STILL be so skinny
Aidan Chui
Aidan Chui 15 kun oldin
Rie needs to make a behind tasty
Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez
This made me crave chocolate cake
Vernette Gilbreath
Vernette Gilbreath 15 kun oldin
The missed hi-five...
nope !?!
nope !?! 16 kun oldin
2:42 AaaaaaaaaaaaAAAASSAAAAAA
IUseAimbxt 16 kun oldin
Chocolate and red velvet are the same, red velvet is chocolate with red color
The Sarah XOX
The Sarah XOX 16 kun oldin
the failed high fives made my day I relate on another level
Andrianna Cristin
Andrianna Cristin 17 kun oldin
I wonder what would happen if Brenda droped the cookie cheesecake
Rasha Sankari
Rasha Sankari 17 kun oldin
Alvis needs to cut his nails asap
William Stevenson
William Stevenson 17 kun oldin
I got a tasty ad
Jaibu-kun 18 kun oldin
He's a layer king
D.J.R Productions
D.J.R Productions 18 kun oldin
guess what's going on my restaurant's menu.
Michael Trinta
Michael Trinta 18 kun oldin
I'd swallow his tower anytime daddyy
Ifunanya Ezechukwu
Ifunanya Ezechukwu 18 kun oldin
Wait, who eats all the wasted food 😔
ElloCarloo 18 kun oldin
Am I the only one who spotted that HOGWARTS LOGO in 5:18? If you didn't, you're probably a muggle HAHA
Kayla Powell
Kayla Powell 18 kun oldin
we need more cheesecake like these... or is it just me
bitch im a cow
bitch im a cow 18 kun oldin
"straight from the heart" *points at head*
Carolina Mondragon
Carolina Mondragon 18 kun oldin
*how much sugar is in that*
Rose Berri
Rose Berri 18 kun oldin
Alvin’s IG is alvinzhoupwns if anyone wants to follow him and see all the food he has on his IG 🤤🤤🤤
Hamna Khan
Hamna Khan 18 kun oldin
1) he's freaking handsome 2) does he really have a mistape? XD
Grace Kim
Grace Kim 18 kun oldin
"Perfect, straight, clean"...sounds like a conservative talking about the ideal teen, but...😂😂😂
Panda Diaries
Panda Diaries 19 kun oldin
Alvin and Brenda makes the funniest team ever :)
BulatBulatCafe 19 kun oldin
"..straight from the heart" *points to head*
sailorymoon 19 kun oldin
alvin can like gET IT
Camryn Clark
Camryn Clark 19 kun oldin
These two have 0 chemistry
P L 19 kun oldin
Sami Motaghedi
Sami Motaghedi 19 kun oldin
So he mixed a bunch of substandard boxed cake and premade cookie dough together and added frosting. This would have been special if it was made from scratch using Tasty's brownie, cookie, and cake recipes.
riana clado
riana clado 20 kun oldin
Hey David, I dare you do this!
riana clado
riana clado 20 kun oldin
Red velvet cake is just a cake that is...red.
Shalini 20 kun oldin
David Seymour squad where you at? 🙋🏼
Ezra Alejandre
Ezra Alejandre 20 kun oldin
Whenever I'm hungry I watch their videos and it somehow makes me full, mentally
Santiago Perez
Santiago Perez 20 kun oldin
No high five for you!
Shiori Nakamoto
Shiori Nakamoto 20 kun oldin
Alvin is cute af, though
Caso panda
Caso panda 20 kun oldin
David seymour where are you
Ay Mi QK
Ay Mi QK 21 kun oldin
Can we talk how beautiful this asian men is !!! :3
fedoracore321 21 kun oldin
Hate the guy's attitude
To Weird Too Live To Rare Too Die
Batul Raza
Batul Raza 21 kun oldin
2:07 when my mom asks me to clean my room
Matteo Zener
Matteo Zener 21 kun oldin
2:00 (?) Bottom-left corner of paper: AYY I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERR
josh r
josh r 21 kun oldin
Next: 100 layer cheesecake
Justin Seagull
Justin Seagull 22 kun oldin
I fell inlove with Alvin.
Naseer Ahmed
Naseer Ahmed 22 kun oldin
oooo hi phie 🤣🤣
Margaret Ramos
Margaret Ramos 22 kun oldin
High five
just kim
just kim 22 kun oldin
Good job on the triple decker! 😁 looks delectable. Kudos! PS. Alvin is cute. Why is everyone in Tasty cute!? Alix (from the other episode is cute and bubbly) jeez! 😂
abigail cook
abigail cook 22 kun oldin
lol isn’t his job to like cook things? not used store bought?