The Unexplained Phoenix Lights Phenomenon

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Lights in the sky. Extraterrestrials, or something even stranger? Featuring alien expert Giorgio Tsoukalos, host of History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens.”
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USA - Ohio - : Ohio State Reformatory, prison located in Mansfield, Ohio garden front - Published by: 'Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung' 7/1911Vintage property of ullstein bild
ullstein bild Dtl. / Contributor/Getty Images
Phoenix Summer Skies
Jason Corneveaux/Getty Images
Hazy sunset skyline of Phoenix Arizona city and landscape
DustyPixel/Getty Images
Territory of United States of America with contour
Smart/Getty Images
In Monitoring Room Technical Support Specialist Speaks into Headset. His Colleagues are Working in the Background.
gorodenkoff/Getty Images
Compass Rose
filo/Getty Images
Perfect Arizona Home
pastorscott/Getty Images
Airport control tower
Photography taken by Mario Gutiérrez./Getty Images
Woman at home
Andrew Olney/Getty Images
Houses By Trees On Field By Rocky Mountains Against Sky
Edwin Appling / EyeEm/Getty Images
Shrugging Resigned Senior Man Blue Collar Worker
Willowpix/Getty Images
Truck and trailer
Marcus Lindstrom/Getty Images
The area between aircraft hangars
Belyjmishka/Getty Images
F-16 Fighting Falcon in a very close top view
rancho_runner/Getty Images
Military Jets in Flight
CT757fan/Getty Images
Isolated Truck
Jamesmcq24/Getty Images
Portrait of mature businesswoman leaning against glass wall with arms crossed
Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy/Getty Images
Serious businessmen
DreamPictures/Getty Images
Empty vintage court's room
DenKuvaiev/Getty Images
Businesspeople Gossiping In Office
AndreyPopov/Getty Images
fateful call
Marilyn Nieves/Getty Images
businessman is answering the phone
BernardaSv/Getty Images
A man peeking outdoors through the blinds of a darkened room
Brian Caissie/Getty Images
An F-16 Fighting Falcon comes in for landing.
Stocktrek Images/Getty Images
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base boneyard in Arizona.
Stocktrek Images/Getty Images
Close-Up Of Home Video Camera At Beach During Sunset
Anne Burns / EyeEm/Getty Images
Phoenix Arizona
Dreamframer/Getty Images
Viewfinder digital video camera.
ioanmasay/Getty Images
Fighter Plane releases flares
Alexandros Maragos/Getty Images
Close-Up Of Mountain Against Sky
Nikhil Verma / EyeEm/Getty Images
Figure at the end of the tunnel
jarino47/Getty Images
Pilot by private airplane
Image Source/Getty Images
Aerial view of airplanes taxing on airport runway
Chris Sattlberger/Getty Images
F-15 Eagle fighter plane silhouette
CT757fan/Getty Images
United States of America armed forces
GWImages/Getty Images
cosmin4000/Getty Images
Corporate Managers Working at the Table in Monitoring Room. Room is Full of State of the Art Technology. Computers with Animated Screens.
gorodenkoff/Getty Images
Silhouette of business people negotiating at meeting table
FangXiaNuo/Getty Images
Flying saucer
oorka/Getty Images
efks/Getty Images
Trading secrets
Squaredpixels/Getty Images
Midnight Alien UFO abduction Ship with Flying human body
Tomacco/Getty Images
Headset headphones and telephone in call center
BrianAJackson/Getty Images
Portrait of serious mid adult man
alvarez/Getty Images
Serious about my career
PeopleImages/Getty Images
Squaw Peak in Phoenix, Arizona
rasilja/Getty Images
Businessman in Conference Room
Fancy/Veer/Corbis/Getty Images
Portrait of serious man on urban street
Hero Images/Getty Images
Man in suit smiling to camera
Sporrer/Rupp/Getty Images
View of downtown Phoeniz, AZ from Piestewa Peak
gregobagel/Getty Images
Hispanic businessman with laptop drinking coffee
Hill Street Studios/Getty Images
Government building icons
Teneresa/Getty Images
Sketch of a businesswoman and a businessman on notebook sheet
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vector set of electric switch
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Close-up of the cockpit of an F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft simulator



18-May, 2018

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It's a Star Destroyer
alejandro ruiz
alejandro ruiz 17 soat oldin
they should have shot a rocket or something at it
Speedbird 17 soat oldin
An artist concept of the craft strongly resembles a B2 bomber. The airplane is shaped like a V. This was the same year it went into service... F16s could be explained as a war game, the air force often tests new aircraft designs by pitting them against older ones. There is a reason all these sightings happen in the Southwest
alejandro ruiz
alejandro ruiz 17 soat oldin
4:02 through 4:20 got so deep
Celtic Lass
Celtic Lass Kun oldin
Giorgio Tsoukalos: Aliens.
James Tabula
James Tabula Kun oldin
Bet those were birds migrating with lights on their wings
Gondar crosile abdul sameeh's YouTube channel
This is the reason y the humans are so brilliant in the near 50 years
J 2 kun oldin
you should do a video over the holocaust twin experiments!
Ultra Minecraft gamer 1701
I know for a fact during the Phoenix Lights before and after the US Air Force was testing new stealth technology during that time and there are multiple videos of triangular US Air Force spaceship looking things in Nevada
carlos candal
carlos candal 4 kun oldin
So close and yet so far .
Amelia Inc
Amelia Inc 5 kun oldin
where can i find terry proctors video?
Ewok 6 kun oldin
I think the ufo sightings could be real since they always say they're orange
Charlo P
Charlo P 6 kun oldin
Expert guy: open minded people like us Me: *side eyes shane*
Tamoghno Dey
Tamoghno Dey 7 kun oldin
That lights arranged in a V-shape must have been an advertisement for maroon V. Jk.
Short Potato
Short Potato 7 kun oldin
Okay so I’ve been watching BuzzFeed Unsolved for the past 1 1/2 hours and now it’s 10:50. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SLEEP NOW~~mY rOom iS iN tHe sCaRy bAsEmEnT Edit: Forgot to mention that I’m home alone 👽
Abygail Misitis
Abygail Misitis 7 kun oldin
"this may be going of the deep end, but if 700 people say they saw something... maybe, they saw something"
Fatimah XD
Fatimah XD 7 kun oldin
It's the the government that's doing this so that people in the future would get used to it .
Bilal Hassan
Bilal Hassan 7 kun oldin
Around 6-7 years ago saw these in Pakistan.
sean Macguire
sean Macguire 8 kun oldin
i saw a light when im on my way to return to my house turned out it just a moon
Meg DiPaolo
Meg DiPaolo 8 kun oldin
“1) Where’s the fife? And 2) Gimme the fife.”
Yр5a 9 kun oldin
No extraterrestrials here. It is just military. uFO is an unidentifiable flying object. Not some aliens.
vonsuthoff 9 kun oldin
We now confirm there are hundreds of "billions" of stars (suns) out there... most of which have their own planetary system. The astounding thing would be to find out we are the only "living planet with advanced intelligence!" Deduction... *We are "not" alone.*
JEBUS 10 kun oldin
CosmicC 11 kun oldin
Shane have you actually looked through a high powered telescope before because I can tell you you can see a lot more away from the city
Roman KFM
Roman KFM 11 kun oldin
Spooky military bs for sure. We will meet 'aliens' when we stop talking about 'illegal aliens'.
Mac Rose
Mac Rose 11 kun oldin
I think that the possibility of aliens is pretty high. For us to assume that we are the only planet with life would be rather cocky. There are billions of planets that are unexplored. Also just because we need water to live doesn’t mean that every thing else does. But idk I’m just a teenager lmao.
Lauri Nyyssönen
Lauri Nyyssönen 11 kun oldin
just another american made black budget project
The Great Chimera
The Great Chimera 12 kun oldin
Tbh probably a military thing
starwarsgirl 12 kun oldin
The air bubble thing happens to me too Shane!!!!!
Phoenix Lucifer
Phoenix Lucifer 12 kun oldin
I think aliens are a little far fetched.
Gumpackal 13 kun oldin
MIB open up (only an og knows)
Gumpackal 13 kun oldin
MIB open up
Talyn Unicorn lover
Talyn Unicorn lover 14 kun oldin
The birds went to Walmart an bought flashlight
ENGLISHCHIEF 15 kun oldin
Whilst flying his private plane, a pilot reported this ufo sighting. The pilot was actor Kurt Russell....
Kitten Fluff
Kitten Fluff 15 kun oldin
We were going to a nearby town a few years ago (Fulton MO) and my siblings and I saw 3 small really bright lights in the air really low heading in our direction moving faster than our car. We were moving at roughly 55mph at the time. As the things got closer we saw that it was all on one triangular. . .thing. It looked like it was going to kill us, but when it hit us it went through us and the only effect was we all got the flu two days later. (The real flu not the stomach bug). It disappeared right after it went through us.
Kitten Fluff
Kitten Fluff 15 kun oldin
Its the Avengers in endgame,. Heres what happened. In Roswell new Mexico an alien spacecraft crashed. These aliens killed the military officials and everyone else and took their bodies. These aliens eventually switched bodies to the avengers cast and crew and began producing movies. All of the scenes are actually what happened in the real world, and we just don't know about it because the avengers wiped our memories.
terra green
terra green 15 kun oldin
“It wasn’t a UFO” Its a Flying Object that we don’t know what it is???? What do you think UFO stands for, Ualiens Faliens Oaliens?
Craig Baz
Craig Baz 15 kun oldin
“Telescope people are weird.” That’s why I’m here lmao😹
Purple Profile
Purple Profile 16 kun oldin
I always wonder if the government makes it seem like an alien coverup to hide military tech
Matthew Wright
Matthew Wright 16 kun oldin
8:44 word for word What I was thinking
Clara Nadine
Clara Nadine 16 kun oldin
Zo_la 16 kun oldin
we should ask obama if aliens are real
Gloriia Cloughh
Gloriia Cloughh 16 kun oldin
these should be put on spotify
Soldier Productions 2
OMG it's the ALIENS meme guy!
futuregamerz22 17 kun oldin
Why does everyone keep calling him a meme you need to grow up what does that even mean anyway just because someone posted a picture or a video of him online that makes him a meme shut up
Police Videos
Police Videos 17 kun oldin
But there was a group chat on the internet back in 1997 so i think they actually discussed about that on the internet and people actually went crazy with that.
Eddie Alcock
Eddie Alcock 17 kun oldin
All Government...nothing else
Steve Clark
Steve Clark 17 kun oldin
Not unexplained at all, this was a National Guard exercise. LUU-2B flares at night, look one up... exactly the same. This is proof that, even if there are aliens, we'll probably be looking in the wrong direction.
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers 17 kun oldin
More aliens videos
john vu
john vu 18 kun oldin
12000 Americans and 9000 Mexican saw something! 2001 Summerville apt New Orleans LA Me and two others saw same lights, but these suckers were for a lack of better word dancing for us .
Trizeh 18 kun oldin
this happened 4 days after biggie died maybe he was abducted lmao
ProGamerHD 14 kun oldin
😂😂😂Finally A comment Regarding BIGGIE SMALLS. TUPAC IS BETTER THO
Marinna Camasta
Marinna Camasta 18 kun oldin
On top of everything else, how some people treated that councilwoman was just rude. Like, hundreds of people saw SOMETHING. It's a fair point.
JAY BZ 18 kun oldin
The empire strikes back
BrodyBro17 18 kun oldin
Maybe it's geese with flashlights.
Simar Singh
Simar Singh 19 kun oldin
2019 anyone ???
Meee Mmmeee
Meee Mmmeee 19 kun oldin
"Burger King foot lettuce murdered the aliens"
Rogue Wolf
Rogue Wolf 19 kun oldin
I live FAR out in the country behind a US Military training base...including aircraft training. I’ve lived here all my life (36yrs) & have spent many nights watching flares in the sky & planes & helicopters fly over during night training ops. Aircraft use our farm as a land mark, often passing very low. I’ve personally seen a helicopter that was nearly silent...before any stealth helicopters were announce publicly. But I’ve never seen flares behave in the fashion suggested in this video. Me & everyone around here often see things in the night sky that are weird...as have many living around other military bases. Now..does that mean that our military just tries new technology all the time in these areas? OR are beings not if this world drawn to our military bases? OR a mixture of BOTH? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Odin Satanas
Odin Satanas 20 kun oldin
the fact that so many governments actively research it as well as document all the sightings is the most bizarre thing, so many astronauts, some of the sanest people around.. as well as pilots, soldiers.. thats too much evidence, cant say either way but thats worth taking seriously
Odin Satanas
Odin Satanas 20 kun oldin
the bizarre thing is the serious effort they put into to discredit that woman, the business cards, cartoons.. like wtf? i mean if its ghosts or yetis, i understand the ridicule, but its odd that aliens get the same treatment since its an actually plausible thing, let alone just seeing a UFO where theres a solid chance its our own classified craft
Odin Satanas
Odin Satanas 20 kun oldin
knowing some of the ghost people seeing shadows and saying its ghosts, i bet theres like 10 comments saying that mannequin behind them is a ghost haha but idk, this is definitely one of the most legitimate of cases, whether its flares or not it has solid witnesses
A is for America
A is for America 20 kun oldin
"I'm not saying it was Aliens, But [INSERT PICTURE OF GIORGIO HERE] it was *A L I E N S*"
cool man
cool man 20 kun oldin
It was a star destroyer.
Winterbomb 23
Winterbomb 23 21 kun oldin
10:15 whats with cod music??
Haley Montana
Haley Montana 21 kun oldin
ryan if u read this i remember this odd acurants of sorts it happened in i want to say 07 or 08 now i slept thew it but i'm told by my family who woke to the sounds there was this object im told it looked somewhat like a squid but made of light that flew and ripped a wind turbine blade off in the columbia gorge and then it was told on the local news once but only once we tried to figure out if they would repeat the airing of that info but they did not the cover that the cops told us was that it was a beanbag shot but my grandpa said that was not how a beanbag shot sounds i hope u one day look into this it would help put our minds at ease
fuck u
fuck u 21 kun oldin
Cyvork Cyvork
Cyvork Cyvork 21 kun oldin
did u noticed that America based on fake reality? and UfOs apear just in there >>? STOP this really cause its became old
Pedro Bressane
Pedro Bressane 21 kun oldin
I mean why would aliens to this? Why wouldn’t they just land on a very populated area and show themselves to us and if things went wrong, they most likely would have the technology to destroy us. So I don’t think this event was alien made and probably a natural phenomena we don’t know and understand yet since we don’t actually know that much about our planet. I mean, centuries ago (which is only long ago because the human lifespan is very short) we thought natural disasters were by God.
oofergang101 :3
oofergang101 :3 21 kun oldin
My birthday is June 18 but I was born on "JUNE 18 2009"
siri H
siri H 21 kun oldin
I've seen something like this a long time ago. It was summer all of a sudden I see three lights in a triangular shape pass over my head, they were close, silent and very very VERY fast. They traveled the distance between my house and some moutains that are many kilometers away from our city in less than 5 seconds. None of my family members would believe me. But I always thought it was some kind of military airplane (and still do) I never thought of it as UFO'S if I'm being honest.
Chiyoko U
Chiyoko U 22 kun oldin
Sounds like drones? Idk if there were drones then? We dropped some flares at 10:00 in another state and were immediately sighted 2 states away? Stayed in formation that whole time?
Matylda Pa
Matylda Pa 22 kun oldin
What if aliens don't believe in humans...and we don't believe in aliens?! Are we like...a myth to them? 😱😲😵
ditchdakkon 22 kun oldin
weren't these confirmed as flares dropped by a plane? they turn on in sequence and go out in sequence
HypelineYT 22 kun oldin
its confirmed, howard the alien is real
obi_dank_kenobi 22 kun oldin
What if aliens are just trolling us? I mean, if we found a less advanced, crazy species, I would have fun making them freak out
Tom King
Tom King 22 kun oldin
I recorded the incident that night and this episode was glib crap had nothing new to offer and just a recap to get them click bait money. Not worth watching.
Don’t Judge me
Don’t Judge me 22 kun oldin
It’s looks like a shape of a star destroyer, I mean it looks like an obvious shape of one
NyaGamer Girl
NyaGamer Girl 22 kun oldin
That guy is from ancient alienss
Gemmabelle 22 kun oldin
Right as Ryan said 'unsolved' at the end of the vid, a plushie fell off my wall
M L 22 kun oldin
Probably Us Air force from area 51
Joep 23 kun oldin
Normandy SR-2, anyone? :D
Yessica Corona
Yessica Corona 23 kun oldin
sophia paez
sophia paez 23 kun oldin
I bet it's the flat earth society trying to prove that the earth is flat
luis guevara
luis guevara 24 kun oldin
I just seen it over riverside, corona..flew over my house earlier around 6 30 PM. Massive flying real low. Kinda looked invisible all I could see was a V row of lights coming my way, however my camera was blurry I got a video but cant see it. I bet no one else saw it no one believes me! I know what I saw..2 years ago I seen a triangular one 3 lights in each corner one in the center middle. Invisible high up as the stars so I know it was massive...couldnt record it lost it..strange things going on!
That1Amusement 24 kun oldin
When one of my parents was in South Korea, as a Air force senior officer during the 90s, he had a look at a book containing certain procedures for things like invasions or spies etc. While he looked, he saw a page with labeled "Alien Contact: Contact this Number" Not stating the actual phone number labeled in the colonel or base commander's own procedure book. And after seeing this, it makes me think that maybe the F-15 pilots confirmed a UFO, making the base commander call the number in maybe letting know the White House or something about this certain situation. Certainly a spooky situation, even with the governor not knowing about what really happened. But i love the alien joke at; 11:54 lol
krayf1sh 24 kun oldin
I just realized that I was born the same day this happened... maybe I'm an alien baby O_O
ajt2ajt 24 kun oldin
Birds have developed safety blinkers
Kes Shackelford
Kes Shackelford 24 kun oldin
The lights above the Arby's
Stephanie Rosie
Stephanie Rosie 24 kun oldin
The mannequin in the back scared the life out of me in the beginning.
Queen Nsuccess
Queen Nsuccess 24 kun oldin
If I was a alien I’d mess with humans too for laughs .
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 25 kun oldin
i have actually seen the orbs , def multiple ufos
A J 25 kun oldin
If an old policeman, multiple air traffic controllers, a doctor, a pilot, and a truck driver all go on the record risking their reputations to tell me that there was something fucking weird in the sky - I'm inclined to believe it may hold some kind of truth. I also spent plenty of time in Arizona looking at the night sky. It's one of the best places for visibility.
A J 25 kun oldin
It's important that the location 2 hr north of PHX.
Liam Micallef
Liam Micallef 25 kun oldin
I wonder would happen if this happened in 2019 and someone flew a drone to it
StillNoPickles :/
StillNoPickles :/ 25 kun oldin
It’s obviously aliens! Do you really think out of all the galaxies in existence, that were the only life form?
Stop Clickbait
Stop Clickbait 26 kun oldin
Why did they change Buzzfeed Unsolved?
Geo Tere
Geo Tere 26 kun oldin
Someone get that dude from ancient aliens a fuckin comb PLEASE gawddamn
Nail Rifqillah
Nail Rifqillah 26 kun oldin
Somehow UFO Sightings Only happen in USA
Thomas Foolery
Thomas Foolery 27 kun oldin
Flares yep, weather balloons ok, the military really doesn't even try to come up with smart cover stories
PlanetJazzy 27 kun oldin
Chinzahau Guite
Chinzahau Guite 27 kun oldin
It was stealth jets from Wakanda lead by captian America & his associate
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