The Unexplained Phoenix Lights Phenomenon

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Lights in the sky. Extraterrestrials, or something even stranger? Featuring alien expert Giorgio Tsoukalos, host of History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens.”
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Squaw Peak in Phoenix, Arizona
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18-May, 2018

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Navraj Gill
Navraj Gill 4 soat oldin
If only there was a pilot above it also, that would bring a whole new perspective
Olivia Lavender
Olivia Lavender 13 soat oldin
Am I the only one who doesn’t believe in aliens at all? Like no amount of “proof” like these videos will help me believe in them
Promogna Das
Promogna Das Kun oldin
Maybe that's people from krypton trying to communicate superman(aka. Kal/Clark kent)
jc1990wm Kun oldin
The dude named mitch stanley, either a liar, confused about the time or a govt shill...thats been paid...if it was planes...why no noise...would have been obvious, why no fa records...smh! You all talking about military...guess what there are black psyops that nobody knows about...not even the president...these are the elite
giovana rivera
giovana rivera Kun oldin
I live in Phoenix az
chris Griffin
chris Griffin Kun oldin
Actor Kurt Russel was the pilot of the small cessna that reported seeing it and the near miss while on approach before he landed. He was flying his son to phoenix that night to visit a friend. True Story. Look it up.
Atreides22222 Kun oldin
Wow, lost all interest the moment the Ancient Aliens guy was introduced. Way to ruin the video.
warriorfight111 Kun oldin
16:03 - why is that odd? The Air Force and Army have so many bases in the Mojave region that they could well have been a top-secret test program they were performing. I mean it's the same area where they were testing the B-2 bombers right? Just because there is no public or acknowledged record of airplanes in that specific area doesn't mean that the Air Force or military in general could've been performing a classified test and are covering that up.
Lick Gabrielle
Lick Gabrielle 2 kun oldin
My dads in the Air Force but he didn't start till 2008 or 2010
Kara Nyxx
Kara Nyxx 2 kun oldin
make a vid about area 58 or 5 something i dont remember.it may have some involvement to this fenomena
Atryan 2 kun oldin
I don't understand why alien ships always glow, i mean they probably travel with warp speed but can't figure better stealth mode?
MissBubbles 2 kun oldin
The meme guy? Really?
average chicken
average chicken 3 kun oldin
Isnt it weird it only happens in america
lil Fox Gaming3 yo
lil Fox Gaming3 yo 3 kun oldin
Our MILITARY can't hide something this big. So facinating 👍
ham hands
ham hands 3 kun oldin
it's mothman definitely mothman
ham hands
ham hands 3 kun oldin
shane: *it's the wind*
Jordan Coleman
Jordan Coleman 3 kun oldin
I literally couldn't watch the whole video cuz your narration voice was giving me a serious headache
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 3 kun oldin
They were testing a new technology call drones.
Jay Herden
Jay Herden 4 kun oldin
these two are way to silly acting,cant watch.save your flirting with each other for the bar.
Rudy Cooper
Rudy Cooper 4 kun oldin
Jesus, that asian guy aged like 10 years in the past 2 years. And they say asians age well WTF
Hen. Jamz
Hen. Jamz 5 kun oldin
ayyyy lmao
Fabian Nerio
Fabian Nerio 5 kun oldin
Ocean and space terrify me
Andres Jara
Andres Jara 5 kun oldin
You guys should look into the battle of Los Angeles
Gregory Betances
Gregory Betances 5 kun oldin
Martoushanki Tanev
Martoushanki Tanev 5 kun oldin
It was the god damn millennium falcon Fucking han solo doesn't know how to park
Archangel980 5 kun oldin
It was an imperial star destroyer, case solved.
Charlotte Makosch
Charlotte Makosch 6 kun oldin
A star destroyer
Meagan Skuta
Meagan Skuta 6 kun oldin
My dad grew up in Tucson and was working on a Air Force bade the night of this. I told him about this (he had never heard of the Phoenix lights) and he said “now that you bring it up I me and my buddy did see some weird lights that night but we didn’t think much about it”
DaemonCaedo1 6 kun oldin
Oh lord... Giorgio. >.< He's just plain ridiculous and makes huge leaps of logic.
David Kissh
David Kissh 6 kun oldin
I'm not a sceptic nor a beliver, I'm equally open to both explainings, but this "ancient alien expert" guy really doesn't help to make this story more believable at all... He more seems like a mad scientist than someone with a believable point.
Redasda 6 kun oldin
I dont like that the music is A LOT higher than normal to make you feel SUPER spooked :/
Spooder Man
Spooder Man 6 kun oldin
I’ve actually saw this before also and I love this series
rxxchel 6 kun oldin
Lmao halfway through the video an ad about aliens starts playing
Stolen Memes
Stolen Memes 6 kun oldin
DarkSagan 7 kun oldin
Donald trump will make the Aliens build a wall and then make them pay for it. nanu nanu
Danyel Henrique
Danyel Henrique 7 kun oldin
If you really want to freak out, research about the "1986 ufo night" in Brazil. It is amazing and the reports are from the military.
Rakwon Williams
Rakwon Williams 4 kun oldin
I would like to see a video about that
Min $uga
Min $uga 7 kun oldin
I think the government's coming up with bs stories to protect their reputation
f a g g o t haha
f a g g o t haha 7 kun oldin
i almost watched this video until i realized it was by buzzfeed lol
YsabetJustYsabet 7 kun oldin
Last thing (man, I got way too long-winded on this): Ryan asked why the military approaches the question of UFOs with such trepidation. Simple enough: lack of control. Military officials HATE saying "we don't know" because they throw away control when they do. Even saying "We can't disclose that information" or "Sorry, no comment" is better for them than saying "we don't know"-- it implies that they do know something, and therefore have a certain level of control over the situation. Otherwise? They have no power and will have to do something to regain it, something that might make their vulnerability apparent.
James McDaid
James McDaid 7 kun oldin
Be amazing if aliens could introduce us to the galactic community. Giving us information on all the different alien races. "Hey congratulations on estabishling a colony on Mars, we think you're ready to be introduced to the Galactic Union. If thats what you want.
YsabetJustYsabet 7 kun oldin
I remember this; I lived in Las Vegas at the time, and the next day the news crews on TV went APESHIT. Seriously. I've spoken with two people who were present for this and both were adamant that these were neither standard aircraft nor natural phenomena of any kind that they could recognize. RE: Shane's comment beginning at 6:45, i.e., it being a gamble for any aliens to come down so low and be so blatantly visible... What if they had no choice? What if they were having some sort of issue with their craft and *had* to descend that low? There are theories that past reported crashes (Roswell, etc.) may have happened due to crafts' mechanical failures-- what if there's something emitted by our cities that interferes with extraterrestrial crafts' functions? It's kind of like the whole two-civilizations-meet-but-one-dies-of-disease-brought-by-the-others scenario; obviously anybody who can build a mile+-long spacecraft is pretty damn advanced, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're not vulnerable to something we're inadvertently emitting. Who knows? Poor Barwood. All it takes is *suspicion* of somebody's level of crazy to make them a laughing stock-- it doesn't require proof. Suspicion's enough. She asked a valid question, and I'd bet money that some of her loudest deriders laughed at her publically to make themselves look saner than she appeared to be. And yet? Her question WAS valid, and her concerns needed to be addressed... and never were. Oh, and RE: the flares thing? **coughcoughBULLSHITcoughcough** Biiiiig time. Even with the most perfect, unvarying, continual wind, you have constant updrafts from the desert floor-- some of it is sand, some of it is rock, and it heats and holds heat differently. You don't *get* continual smooth pushes of wind here. So nope. One last thing, and this is something I can answer from being a current resident of Tucson 100 miles from Phoenix: Ryan, at 16:47 you asked about the guy having a telescope. The thing is, out here in the desert you have some of the best star/planet viewing opportunities available anywhere in North America-- we have far less cloud-cover and if you're in the right place there's far less light-pollution. Phoenix isn't the best place (there's a campground just barely over the NM border called the 'Cosmic Campground' that has totally light-pollution-free skies, google it) for viewing but it's still pretty damn good, and most cities in Arizona have LARGE astronomy clubs. They put on a lot of education demonstrations and are pretty cool; so yeah, the fact that this guy had a telescope isn't really odd in the least.
Crankiebox 99
Crankiebox 99 7 kun oldin
Nasa is probably laughing at this videp
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 7 kun oldin
The wage gap doesn't exist
hot rod 64
hot rod 64 7 kun oldin
It's a star destroyer
Rugby Report
Rugby Report 7 kun oldin
Potentially the distortion could be the idea of moving space by StarTrek
CC gaming xl
CC gaming xl 7 kun oldin
Read the fricken Bible
Chad Price
Chad Price 8 kun oldin
We live in chandler about 45 mins out of Phoenix and my mom saw it perfectly and she said it was one of the craziest things she’s seen
Katy Adams
Katy Adams 9 kun oldin
Why was Shane dressed like he was about to rob a house?
Blaze Ghost
Blaze Ghost 9 kun oldin
How come every video I watches since yesterday well most starts in the month of march witch is my birth month what are yu up too.
Four Shore
Four Shore 10 kun oldin
btw the reason for the telescope was the halleys comet sighting. could perhaps be the reason the UFO decided to show, because they knew a lot of people would be watching the skies that night. SPECULATING.
Cool Girl
Cool Girl 10 kun oldin
Omg the only think that I keep looking at is when the camera for Shane shows, there’s this creepy face in the darkness behind him like what is that thing I’m super creeped out
Lilli Bauer
Lilli Bauer 10 kun oldin
Metaphysical Monsters
Maybe the 5-light one was a refugee and the 9-light one was pursuing it?
HAVOC WRAITH 10 kun oldin
Just to set clear that some people are still seeing lights in Arizona , I live in Phoenix and yes there are likes that seem to fly in rows and they move or look like they stay still , they are actually planes but the Phoenix lights are strange because they wouldn’t fly so low and so close
Luke Schroeder
Luke Schroeder 10 kun oldin
There’s some things that happen here in Phoenix. My friend saw something in the sky and posted it on Instagram a few years back. He said he saw F-16’s in the air afterwards.
MakoRuu 11 kun oldin
They're drip feeding us sightings and information so that one day when they do make contact we don't have a spaz attack and destroy everything with nukes and rioting.
Josh S-TV
Josh S-TV 11 kun oldin
Military flares probs
atoyota 2332
atoyota 2332 11 kun oldin
wasnt that alien guy a meme
omniscientfox 11 kun oldin
Isn't that the alien meme guy??
AcidGlow 11 kun oldin
*I enjoyed this video more cause Giorgio was in it. He gets so excited when talking about UFOs ✅🙂*
Travis Lee
Travis Lee 11 kun oldin
Since this happened 1 year after Independance Day came out, I'm surprised more people weren't freaking out over mile wide "spaceships". lol
Vulk 12 kun oldin
Out of the 100 billion planets in our galaxy I refuse to believe that we are the only high intelligence being in it
carla contini
carla contini 12 kun oldin
That was no stealth plane.
Aaron Castaneda
Aaron Castaneda 12 kun oldin
It was Howard the Alien
chevyboy602 12 kun oldin
I was there seen it all Phoenix AZ
Michael R.
Michael R. 12 kun oldin
Buzzfeed sucks.
_Dollin_ 12 kun oldin
Delaney Wrae
Delaney Wrae 12 kun oldin
You guys make me laugh so hard
gary lee
gary lee 12 kun oldin
google Morristown ufo hoax, these two guys documented there hoax and it went national before they revealed it, pretty interesting
Gerrit Steenbruggen
Gerrit Steenbruggen 12 kun oldin
my fuckin substitute teacher when i was in high school saw this rambled about it for months
reddimore 13 kun oldin
*sees lights* /Komm Susser Tod plays
sinsu123 13 kun oldin
I hate that guys skepticism it’s annoying
Jamfjr 13 kun oldin
What if the government is just fucking with us about any alien thing ever and like they do something that we've never seen before then try to make it look like they're covering it up just to mess with everyone cuz why not
Bornturule 13 kun oldin
Why did the duck cross the road To prove he wasn't chicken
Relativ Nativ
Relativ Nativ 13 kun oldin
Make about Aztec from 1948 ufo incident
Debashish Chinhara
Debashish Chinhara 13 kun oldin
That mannequin behind Shane always freaks me out...(>~
Smh aliens came to earth saw Phoenix and Fucking dipped
Rowan Walker-Gilman
Rowan Walker-Gilman 14 kun oldin
The alien guy’s hair omg lol
Rowan Walker-Gilman
Rowan Walker-Gilman 14 kun oldin
I appreciate
Maggie Franco
Maggie Franco 14 kun oldin
I live in Phoenix and I was coming home from a funeral in Buckeye and saw the formation over by South Mountain. I will never forget that I saw comet Hale Bop and a "UFO" on the same night.
Thegronk100 14 kun oldin
They are 100% ufo’s because a ufo is a unidentified flying object so they would be considered ufo’s by any official report. UFO is not specifically Form another planet it’s just not identifiable
Venicouse 14 kun oldin
it's not dame tu cosita
ShanaJackson Jackson
The unidentified airman was Kurt Russell !
Christopher Sewell
Christopher Sewell 15 kun oldin
Neighbours thinks this he’s house
Christopher Sewell
Christopher Sewell 15 kun oldin
Christopher Sewell
Christopher Sewell 15 kun oldin
Christopher Sewell
Christopher Sewell 15 kun oldin
Moved house
Christopher Sewell
Christopher Sewell 15 kun oldin
Ghost town
Christopher Sewell
Christopher Sewell 15 kun oldin
Very sick
Christopher Sewell
Christopher Sewell 15 kun oldin
Christopher Sewell
Christopher Sewell 15 kun oldin
I need a dr
Christopher Sewell
Christopher Sewell 15 kun oldin
Dad just hit me
Christopher Sewell
Christopher Sewell 15 kun oldin
Can I have a protein drink
Hello There
Hello There 15 kun oldin
You guys are being ridiculous! It was obviously my venator flying pas the planet on my way to fight grievous
Abraham Arago21
Abraham Arago21 15 kun oldin
Star wars reference ?
Mark Humphries
Mark Humphries 15 kun oldin
What about the battle of los Angeles ? Happened in 1942 and was thought to be an invasion by Japan at fist ( ww2 hand began only months beforehand) then turned into another " air balloon"
Nikko Sanchez
Nikko Sanchez 16 kun oldin
Voltes V
ShawnOnTheCob 16 kun oldin
Only in America
Chris Zilli
Chris Zilli 16 kun oldin
Kurt Russel actually talks about this sighting - he was flying his plane at the time.
ワイン 16 kun oldin
If Google maps was there back then.
Marlene Benavidez
Marlene Benavidez 16 kun oldin
why didn't the air force shot it down with 50. colerber then we can test the UFO and rebuilt it and that can be are car UFOs .