The Untold Story Of Luka Doncic & Kobe Bryant

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In this #SportHub video, we take an in-depth look at the sudden rise in stardom of Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks. From being on pace to winning Rookie of the Year and making the all-star team in his first season in the NBA, it's been only the beginning for Luka as he's always been faced with older competition. From being the youngest to ever compete in an NBA game and to already being praised by Damian Lillard, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and more, he's even got more shocking stories you won't believe including one with Kobe Bryant you won't believe..

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9-Yan, 2019



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Noah Woods
Noah Woods Kun oldin
Lukas a small foward
Wynter 6 kun oldin
Yooo thatsmy beat in the background
slamtimeson 8 kun oldin
things look familiar, tractor for dirk , luka for ...., gj mavs
slamtimeson 8 kun oldin
if he is 1/2 dirk im excited, MFFL, this kid is special
unbornmetal 8 kun oldin
Well I dunno but it looks like majority of the mvps in the next decade will be international players like Giannis, Luka, Jokic, Embiid, Simmons, Bennet, Bol 2x
flexzzone 12 kun oldin
godra051 13 kun oldin
New Drazen Petrović!
Martim Ribeiro
Martim Ribeiro 16 kun oldin
When Luka's carrer is over he will be at least on the top 7 all time NBA players
Ay Lmao
Ay Lmao 16 kun oldin
Mavs creating the white boyz empire look at their recent pickups and they are looking to get Nikola Vuvertic too. Yep.
Penny Stealer
Penny Stealer 18 kun oldin
I know Allen iverson is one of the goats but it’s time for him to pass his nickname “The Answer”
benedikt. bello
benedikt. bello 18 kun oldin
including football aka SoCcEr iN tHEir cOunTRy
林亮瑄 19 kun oldin
9:47 was a travel
King Simpso
King Simpso 21 kun oldin
Kobe Knows Talent And Always Watching 🤷🏾‍♂️
Tate St. Jeor
Tate St. Jeor 26 kun oldin
i think the mavs could go all the way next season
savage_pat videos
savage_pat videos 27 kun oldin
I bet he is going to beat d rose for youngest mvp
Joseph Red
Joseph Red 29 kun oldin
and he still a teenager
And more than likely still growing into more height!!!
Ziarn Gage
Ziarn Gage Oy oldin
Am I tripping the way he's saying Basketball?
Donatelo O
Donatelo O Oy oldin
He will be the best player of all time!!
Douglas Morales
Luka luka like a superstar!
Dem Fragz
Dem Fragz Oy oldin
did you really take the picture of frank ntillikina and kobe anb put luka in it
Eca Oy oldin
Lucaaa ❤
Pablo Cardona jr
G O A T to become and Y'ALL MOTHERFUCKERS be ready for NEXT year...
Jay mac
Jay mac Oy oldin
Im so happy the mavs have him
Esco Oy oldin
He got snubbed
PeterBauce Oy oldin
Your video game me a head ache
Sohum Sauce
Sohum Sauce Oy oldin
I keep confusing the teams with La Liga teams
melshane Mcforrest
He is great
loui214 Oy oldin
Dude has the looks, the skills, the qualities to be a star in the NBA
Wyatt Andler
Wyatt Andler Oy oldin
luka is the next G.O.A.T
Blessed Oy oldin
The Mavs will be the next superteam
C Mc
C Mc Oy oldin
The kid's prodigy a basketball savant
David Soutelo
David Soutelo Oy oldin
The Untold Story Of Luka Doncic & Kobe Bryant remains untold.
Kobe was 6 months shy of his 20th birthday when he played his 1st AS game, which means that he would still be the youngest AS player.
Euro league is more difficult than NBA. The best player in NBA would be average in Europe.
rosny #17
rosny #17 Oy oldin
Luka sure like the number #7# #17 #77😊 me too I wear #17 at every sport I've ever player 🏀
stephen dang
stephen dang Oy oldin
The way this video just starts startled me
Teguh Prabowo
Teguh Prabowo Oy oldin
He will break the nba record for the youngest player ever played if he was born in february 29th
Bug_leigh Playz
my sister piggy OMG thinks he is cute 0-0
Juan Juarez
Juan Juarez Oy oldin
Dallas mavs all day 214. Luka
Jamin Held
Jamin Held Oy oldin
Hes going to be the Tom Brady of basketball
Konrad Kopiec
Konrad Kopiec Oy oldin
This remind me when David Robinson ending and Tim duncan starting they career in SA.
eleazar sutin
eleazar sutin Oy oldin
Jigger Quismundo
I just finished watching this video and when checked him in the game between TOR vs DAL wow he got a tripple double this very moment. He's really a superstar...
Ian Dalida
Ian Dalida Oy oldin
looks like the kardashians has a new target.
Majcry 2 kun oldin
They gotta be black tho, which he aint
Majcry 2 kun oldin
will9529 Oy oldin
Garion Ramsey
Garion Ramsey Oy oldin
This man will be a star in a few years
Nigga Keifff
Nigga Keifff Oy oldin
He literally ripped his jersey apart after missing a 3 pointer to bend the first half... He’s a gamer, def has the Kobe gene
Haven Raño
Haven Raño Oy oldin
hes unstopable
Matt Klin ski
Matt Klin ski Oy oldin
Atlanta be mad 😂
misakihou Oy oldin
Atlanta trade Luka for Trae Young. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAA biggest blunder in the 21st century!!
Ragnar Lothbrock
Luka Trump. He looks like barron
Abhi patel
Abhi patel Oy oldin
Y'all be trippin if you don't believe simmons ain't gonna go b2b ROTY
Robi Skrbinek
Robi Skrbinek Oy oldin
go luka
JohnRay Nitura
Every season theres a rookie whp have been always compared to pros but yea luka has a promising talent and he might be compared to his idols after a few season. Btw simmons will win rookie of the year back to back 🔥
Nate Baird
Nate Baird Oy oldin
This dude's inflection tho
Ryan Burchfield
Sweet video dide
Frxsh Prinxe
Frxsh Prinxe 2 oy oldin
Song: rack man type beat
Aly3 Daya
Aly3 Daya 2 oy oldin
He was in 2k16
Republika Srpska 1
Serbian kid
Srbija do Tok ... ahm ... Teksasa !!!!
Yacov B
Yacov B 2 oy oldin
take doncic to LA lol
The world of Jakeyp
Luka Dodgers?
jakkeday1 2 oy oldin
He also excelled at the 2017 EuroBasket, winning the whole tournament with Goran Dragic for Slovenia!
Nate Synik
Nate Synik 2 oy oldin
Larry Bird is back.
STORMY 2 oy oldin
Luka douinčuič
Germán Vicente Tomás
Taylor Jaussi
Taylor Jaussi 2 oy oldin
Luka is going to be ROY for sure. That is... unless Ben Simmons has anything to say about it
Joseph Enrico Tiu
Luca be like?
Alex Delvalle
Alex Delvalle 2 oy oldin
This is why I love the game, great video
Ziga Andric
Ziga Andric 2 oy oldin
He's one in two million... literally. (we're a small nation ;-)) ROTY for sure, All-Star and unless something really crazy happens to him - a future NBA star, much to the likes of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or Lebron James that he'd been looking up to...
elver galarga
elver galarga 2 oy oldin
Onii_Tv 2 oy oldin
half of luka's pictures look like stock photos
Gašper Mihelič
Gašper Mihelič 2 oy oldin
He is also EU basketball champion 💁🇸🇮🇸🇮
Merveil Meok
Merveil Meok 2 oy oldin
The Great Blue Hype (for Dallas)
don chito
don chito 2 oy oldin
... .. . It Almost Looks Stephortless ! Curry His Pops Thats Why He Is The Next Coming Of Curry... .. . #30
Bahay ng Pilipino
Mike Connor
Mike Connor 2 oy oldin
I'm looking forward to loving this dude for the next decade and a half. He's a unique talent and he's so much fun to watch.
9some 2 oy oldin
he should be voted to all-stars'
jim carlo
jim carlo 2 oy oldin
Did Kobe trained luka?
Panos Roz
Panos Roz 2 oy oldin
He ain't getting rookie of the year... Ben Siimons isXD
Atanas Kostadinov
He is and will be a G.O.A.T
Wes Chan35
Wes Chan35 2 oy oldin
Lebron advice: Let your words speak for your game
Pablo De Bella
Pablo De Bella 2 oy oldin
and he is 19, he can still grow more in size.
Samuel Mwase
Samuel Mwase 2 oy oldin
Cenk Ufuk Yildiran
He also became the champion of Europe with his national team. (With Goran Dragic)
Bartol J.
Bartol J. 2 oy oldin
Kobe was the youngest all star ever and Luka cant pass him because he is older now than Kobe was back then....just to be clear, I aint hating on Luka hes one of my favorite players
KDV 97
KDV 97 2 oy oldin
Reincarnation of larry bird
Wilbert Pena
Wilbert Pena 2 oy oldin
He's the best rookie of all time
Pàngét kàh
Pàngét kàh 2 oy oldin
Lonzo < Luka
Russ Geller
Russ Geller 2 oy oldin
i still don't get why hawks traded him
Bville127 2 oy oldin
Mark Cuban found his new Dirk and still has Dirk!!!!
Apex Lian
Apex Lian 2 oy oldin
I can’t wait for him and Zion to play 😭😭😭👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥
OGregoire Adjewoda
Great future Ahead of him as long he stay healthy
Pineapple Paul
Pineapple Paul 2 oy oldin
Bro his mom is a banger.
RJ John
RJ John 2 oy oldin
Come to Lakers bro
VB111 2 oy oldin
Luka would be the 2nd youngest player on all-star (after Kobe)
Ilias Apostolopoulos
Doncic and Giannis the two future HOF
Taylor Bryan
Taylor Bryan 2 oy oldin
He's going to be "the great one" of basketball
IceMan ManIce
IceMan ManIce 2 oy oldin
Finally it’s fun to watch nba again:) Go Luka
Baldwin Lora
Baldwin Lora 2 oy oldin
Mark cuban is going to pay this man
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