The Untold Truth Of Halsey

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Halsey is an open book. There isn't much the tatted-up singer won't talk about. Since her debut album, Badlands, hit Number 2 on the Billboard 200 in 2015 and turned her into a go-to collaborator for Justin Bieber, The Chainsmokers and G-Eazy, Halsey has been forthcoming about the less glamorous aspects of her life, including her bipolar disorder, and her attempt to take her own life. But while she's already shared many intimate details, there are still some things about this singer that aren't common knowledge. Here is the untold truth of Halsey...
Losing faith | 0:38
The leaked photo | 1:18
Showing some skin | 1:51
Standing up to the industry | 2:35
A personal tragedy | 3:25
The settling-down type? | 4:05
"I don't have friends" | 4:42
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3-Okt, 2018

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The List 3 oy oldin
What other singers should we feature next?
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Robbie Rockwell 3 kun oldin
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Nabillanur Fitri 4 kun oldin
Lin Al Hamwi
Lin Al Hamwi 4 kun oldin
Lana Del Ray
Hetal Raval
Hetal Raval 5 kun oldin
Gymnasmic 12 soat oldin
Halsey is a fuckin bitch. Look it up. She's so horrible.
Chris Goetz
Chris Goetz 17 soat oldin
I just hope we keep Her for many years to come, we’ve lost too many good female artists.
Aya Ayamma
Aya Ayamma Kun oldin
How the fuck she don’t believe in god? God is real
It's that weird Girl Piper
Her voice is cute shes sooo pretty :)))
Hello Keroppi
Hello Keroppi 2 kun oldin
She should go hang herself
SORMOT TV 3 kun oldin
┃ O ┃ ╭╯╭━ ┃ ┃ ┣┻╮┣━ ╰━┃ ┃┈╰╰━ Halsey
Kaitlyn A. Warnken
Kaitlyn A. Warnken 3 kun oldin
Halsey is definetly an inspiration to me
raven the mini lab
raven the mini lab 3 kun oldin
she’s such a queen 🤩💕
Angelic devil
Angelic devil 3 kun oldin
Okay but the title doesn't suit, does it?
luna romance
luna romance 2 kun oldin
Angelic devil i didn't know any of those facts
r mac
r mac 4 kun oldin
She will believe in God when the shit hits the fan
African Barbie
African Barbie 4 kun oldin
Dam this chick is honest some of the things she said here i would not say .
Lucia Isabel Roos
Lucia Isabel Roos 4 kun oldin
It's hard to keep friends when you are bipolar
Aaron C
Aaron C 5 kun oldin
I love her short hair🖤
nilo m
nilo m 5 kun oldin
if she did abortion, it's her body and she has to decide about it! it's none of any bodie's business!
Nathan drake
Nathan drake 2 kun oldin
+my name is not your business yes, that is what i said at the end of my comment......
my name is not your business
+Nathan drake It was a miscarrieage tho .
Nathan drake
Nathan drake 2 kun oldin
If she did an abortion that means that baby's life... all of it is gone because its dead cuz she didnt want it. Although i believe it was a miscarriage not abortion
Shaun New Bedford
Shaun New Bedford 5 kun oldin
Halsey SUX BAD you can tell shes a snobbi little bitch in one interview she says "oh im a black woman and proud"........... FUCK OFF BITCH UR WHITE !!!!!! Must be a LIBERAL DEMONRAT 4 SHEEZY
mann cave moment
mann cave moment 5 kun oldin
She looks hot even with a buzz cut
Hope Singing Life
Hope Singing Life 5 kun oldin
A GDragon stan VIP88
Ok, i knew abt her n her music n become fan of her last year becuz of "without you" not becuz she had collab with justin or chainsmokers . N i dnt even know what song they are talking abt . I'll check out song juz becuz for her . Love Her voice n lryrics of her song gets me .
Grace Bediako
Grace Bediako 5 kun oldin
I don’t like her she fake
Jessica Hubbard
Jessica Hubbard 5 kun oldin
Oh my GOD. Who in the world does that? I feel so bad for her about the bloody babies and stuff. So very sad. I couldn’t imagine the crazy you meet when ur famous. We only think about the awesome aspects but I guess there’s just as much bad.
South Bound
South Bound 5 kun oldin
How does she feel about being cloned?
Kami Mckee
Kami Mckee 5 kun oldin
My friend's is music but I don't have friends
Joan Ortiz
Joan Ortiz 6 kun oldin
I love Halsey and her song's they r so awesome and she is my favorite singer along with many other singers that r my favorites p.s Halsey I'll be your friend cuz I don't have barely any friends either
Karen .k.
Karen .k. 6 kun oldin
Doesnt anyone else feel like she looks like millie bobby brown?
Paul Carbaugh
Paul Carbaugh 6 kun oldin
If she's looking for a cabana boy? I'm going to make someone a good little bitch someday!
Paul Carbaugh
Paul Carbaugh 6 kun oldin
I LOVE her
2 xXMelXx 2
2 xXMelXx 2 6 kun oldin
Miscarriage? I just honestly don't know
lilpeepboy 47
lilpeepboy 47 7 kun oldin
Shampoo is racist ......... Halsey ya she is real alr8
jlc7300 7 kun oldin
I really don't like women with short hair but she looks good with it! And she has some sexy legs too! She will go far
Ron Lynn
Ron Lynn 7 kun oldin
I love her I'm tryna get famous so we can be best friends literally my only life goal 🤩🤩💖
Katieboil Anegg
Katieboil Anegg 7 kun oldin
'I don't have friends'. Hmmm....she had a miscaridge and people didn't believe her (you must have put it online). She is a child to me. A very young girl who is unshure of herself.
Rachelle Kebaili
Rachelle Kebaili 7 kun oldin
I adore her
Kenn Vu
Kenn Vu 7 kun oldin
Market it girl while you can
Kenn Vu
Kenn Vu 7 kun oldin
Sorry she's just inventing herself for public and create a mistic for her career
Cleomendes 9
Cleomendes 9 7 kun oldin
I think Halsey should be a youth paster again. I hope God find's her again....
r mac
r mac 4 soat oldin
+Nathan drake Influenced
Nathan drake
Nathan drake 14 soat oldin
+r mac what do you mean?? Some people are forced to believe a certain thing??
r mac
r mac Kun oldin
+Nathan drake Sure but that doesn't apply to all cultures.
Michael Legg
Michael Legg 2 kun oldin
+Cleomendes 9 does he now have the ability to read the comments section on UZvid too? Must have missed that chapter
Michael Legg
Michael Legg 2 kun oldin
+Cleomendes 9 but I am home..... Perhaps you need to come back with more than just. You'll see. Maybe some proof? ABIT like the theory of evolution kind of proof. Next you'll be saying dinosaur aren't real.
Chip 7 kun oldin
lol another silly girl who thinks she can justify her nakedness with stupid crap. This one chose a tattoo story. No one cares.
BRIT BE TRIPPIN 7 kun oldin
She is like the little sister of pink! 😍 aesthetically though
Baby Love
Baby Love 8 kun oldin
I would definitely love being her friend! Halsey is amazing! She reminds me of myself honestly.
Bianca Cullen
Bianca Cullen 8 kun oldin
Black said she Ken real late ha
Hailey Q
Hailey Q 8 kun oldin
wtf people give her bloody baby dolls? People are sick, I dont understand what is wrong with most of humanity
Sue Fru
Sue Fru 9 kun oldin
I love the bit about her basically standing up for herself saying that she didn't need the chsinsmokers or anyone else to help her get to where she is, I don't know why 😂
Jeanette Kmn
Jeanette Kmn Kun oldin
I have actuallay known here way before she collaborated with them
African Barbie
African Barbie 4 kun oldin
That was not hard to believe even for 1sec this halsey is bad ass its like it is what it iz.
Sue Fru
Sue Fru 7 kun oldin
+dude where is my car me too but i just like her attitude about it don't know haha
dude where is my car
Sue Fru I would never have heard about her without the chainsmokers
Ruby Guerrero
Ruby Guerrero 9 kun oldin
Totally relate on her friendship situation it’s as long as a song, best way to describe it 💯
Mari Berry
Mari Berry 9 kun oldin
With the short hair I get the p!nk early career look both are gorgeous and talented!
Ashok Mohapatra
Ashok Mohapatra 9 kun oldin
I want her to be my bestfriend
Brendan Bowden
Brendan Bowden 9 kun oldin
Brendan Bowden
Brendan Bowden 7 kun oldin
Melissa Ruiz omg I LOVE that song!
letshaveakiki1 7 kun oldin
they were fuck buddies but he cut all ties cause he was in a relationship, she made a lot of songs about him about being "second choice". They are now friends but i remember my tumblr days she would always reblog pictures of him and girls hated her haha
Karolina Traczuk
Karolina Traczuk 7 kun oldin
Wait what, are u kidding me? Omg
timemixchine N
timemixchine N 8 kun oldin
Colours is about him
Melissa Ruiz
Melissa Ruiz 9 kun oldin
Brendan Bowden yes, it surprised me too lol
Kellee Soup
Kellee Soup 9 kun oldin
Wow I can't some ppl went out of their way about the miscarriage. Some ppl are so fucked up
sarah the great
sarah the great 9 kun oldin
Did she ever go to a hospital tho? Miscarriages can be life threatening and are extreme painful.
sugargirlx 9 kun oldin
the untold truth? the title is kinda dramatic lmao
Carmela Lorenz Mendoza
Her solo songs are better than her collabs ok...they are deeper and honest...
Victoria Goering
Victoria Goering 8 kun oldin
Especially Without Me. I am in love with it. It is just so deep and relatable. I agree with you all the way.
Brandy Williams
Brandy Williams 10 kun oldin
Honest! 😂😂😂
bustajointnflex p
bustajointnflex p 10 kun oldin
I also domt believe in god.raised catholic and greek orthodox half mex half greek but i have a had a shit life since birth .i used to pray and never sleep around until my 20s so it has nothing to do with being lost.just shiy fucks us up
tim fernandez
tim fernandez 10 kun oldin
You are so hot you remind me of someone I used to know
Vicks 10 kun oldin
I love Halsey
Kim Gow
Kim Gow 10 kun oldin
I think she knows that God in the sky is there!!!
Sasharie 4 kun oldin
+African Barbie ♡
African Barbie
African Barbie 4 kun oldin
+Sasharie thank you.
African Barbie
African Barbie 4 kun oldin
I doubt she dosen't believe in God thats the one thing she definently was lieing about.
Sasharie 7 kun oldin
+Inu HM -/- i was talking about what you previously commented about-/-. No one said she cant believe in god. God gives us a choice to choose. The thing about halsey is that it seems like she is questioning faith and isnt quite sure. If you dont like halsey for some reason... i dont know then thats your issue , theres no problem with defending people it just helps you grow as a person.
Inu HM
Inu HM 7 kun oldin
+Sasharie I didn't say only the word god, but ok. Luciferians is a very buddhist word or something else, I guess Better go learn how to read (And yeah, catholicism is a way of christianity.) But whatever, I am gonna stop wasting my time, I don't even like Halsey, for one time that I defend her for being accused of being selling her soul or some shit... *If she's saying she doesn't believe in God LET HER NOT BELIEVE IN GOD, people can have some decision, you know?? Just don't justify it* ... Bye, monada
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 10 kun oldin
Just a sad story of a lost girl
Akiem sselb
Akiem sselb 5 kun oldin
Max Mustermann I love her but yup
bustajointnflex p
bustajointnflex p 10 kun oldin
Tati Ortiz
Tati Ortiz 10 kun oldin
Can anyone pls tell me which video is?? 2:16?
Aisling Hurley
Aisling Hurley 10 kun oldin
Tati Ortiz the interview is with Zach Sang and the money video is one of her club performances with g eazy
Leslie Nail
Leslie Nail 10 kun oldin
I love the girl, chill people
Biggest Halsey Fan
Biggest Halsey Fan 11 kun oldin
I can't believe how people could ignore her I would love to be her best friend 😍😘🙌🏻💖💕💙💖💕💙💖💕💙
Biggest Halsey Fan
Biggest Halsey Fan 8 kun oldin
+Bianca Cullen yess 🙌🏻
Bianca Cullen
Bianca Cullen 8 kun oldin
Right ha
Cristel Jane Oblina
Cristel Jane Oblina 12 kun oldin
Millie bobby brown
Young God
Young God 11 kun oldin
Cristel Jane Oblina eleven
Leslie Nail
Leslie Nail 12 kun oldin
I doubt she's ashamed of her miscarriages
- -
- - 4 kun oldin
no one said shit bout rape, it's her life, leave her alone.
Melanie Ann.
Melanie Ann. 7 kun oldin
Leslie Nail no one said anything about rape though. It was consensual sex.
jlc7300 7 kun oldin
+Andi Romero Yeah, read about her on Wikipedia, she's had it rough
Andi Romero
Andi Romero 8 kun oldin
+Leslie Nail obviously she wasn't going to stop and getting just depressed about her miscarriage, she's in a treatment now. She's strong just for keep going even that horrible part of her life. She wasn't raped, stop saying bullshit.
Ivy Mayer
Ivy Mayer 10 kun oldin
Leslie Nail Who said anything about rape??
Justin Rawson
Justin Rawson 12 kun oldin
That's nice! Thanks! She is cute!!
tim fernandez
tim fernandez 14 kun oldin
I be your friend if you want that will be cool to have a famous person as a friend
pinky1900's 3 kun oldin
Sad reality is famous and rich stick with famous and rich. There are occasions that differ, but few and far between. Money likes money.
Elle H.
Elle H. 6 kun oldin
evie 27
evie 27 Oy oldin
Halsey is such a real person, she is so not fake
Kelly Jackson
Kelly Jackson 5 kun oldin
I pray for her I pray for her to get back with her man young Gerald
Brad Mcelfish
Brad Mcelfish 9 kun oldin
Halsey im hoping u get this message..u must hear it...plz any body in sound check that sees this drag her to it ...to listen and never let go of it go...take a message from a person that has nothing to gain what so ever ...unlike every person that has shook your hand. THERE WILL B A TIME THAT IS LIVELY TO TURN INTO multiples.U will get offers that are just remarkable that just get u to the table. You may have thought this this happened to you before in your past oh no , no and hell no they will not be...a end to it and trust me there are a few small tricks to seal your deal with lighting speed and the rip you will receive will demolish Futures best throwing at you shut it down in record time...the ceo.s will be shocked every last time ...investers all walks that are in your Entourage... that you want to trust so bad and u may swear by this person to the death but it's always the closest to you in a personal or professional your case study a professional more than anything. Because when you sit in this poor man's what happened on power Every Witch Way things swing there's always that shit that is at the corner of the table that's where she's just there to listen is there without saying a word to tell the rest of your investors to do as I tell you by a nod of the head or wink whatever cuz they would tell you there's a wrench thrown in the you down cash grown has greatly diminished through accident whatever bulshit they can think of you cannot even with your voice quiver you give it a few seconds must stay calm you can't put your hands took your palms on the desk and then whenever you get the harder you push on that desk but there will be one or two very smart investors in the remission never let him see you pushing so hard your knuckles are starting to turn white like a linebacker and if it is too intense after you tell them that that is unacceptable and you are already irritated at the time you have wasted for you but can your head be thinking oh my God I can't believe I was offered the original offer and you're actually in the office Board Room whenever trembling a little Maybe neural tube glass LOL when you try to call you and tell you why they cannot give you that spokes deals that was unheard of as they give you this poor or shit story they can still make it work no worries but was it a lot of withdrawals insist that you're just insulted in disbelief the expense they have pushed your coming through your payables are high and they took no consideration and keeping their word until you got there that's when you go back and cut the throat you get such a ridiculous camera Pete the hands on the table push hard don't forget that part getting a second dog on beauty trailer and trying to speak alien thinking that you can't understand their facial expressions and you know this how many times shit what do doo doo now you turning that is present besides to be writing the plan business always get on his good side instantly when you walk in the room not too much you know like a woman and man too Much chasing kissing ass makes the offensive person in the deal run backwards away from you and as you hand them your ridiculous upper back text me your will be shot maybe thinking hold prog they're not going to do this I'm running around myself and walk out with nothing no no stick to your guns that are ridiculous give it a minute and ask him the attorney the game tonight asking where the restroom in your family might be and looking the investors at the board table and make them feel you were giving them respectable time to talk about themselves every time without question when you come back in inpatient and you must go you have other appointments your jewelry finishing the dream to you never thought possible he's probably not going to be in the music industry this could be something else you find bigger good luck trust me just the way it works yes they always going about my IQ that's not it it's just the way it's done and if you should start to show signs of stress and worry that's when you're stretching so bad and you're going to want to backpedal and say I'll take anything cuz you think you're losing it you must walk out of it running instantly with a good King joke just whatever you got is good light atmosphere for them for a sort few moments you got to get out of the room and i mean because all they are doing while u are getting some presuure release and said that you're Entourage to keep their distance so u can ease nerves and take great advantage do your mind privately... but they are thinking you were outside of shiting yourself maybe you were LOL but they don't know that don't have that stage presence when you come to the door again make sure u appear supper calm throw some humor around a little can you get back to the table they're still going to try to beat back down it'll be as confident as possible it's hard because you want to give in so bad not to loose. The deal is yours and u own it ...but they must know that you understand this then the ballpark changes after your ridiculous demands are brought up again when's the last time you are seriously offended that you have pimples that are very high and brought me down here for this ridiculousness keep walking and going to think they're not calling you back as the door starting to close they're going to say excuse me man can we talk to you just for second again back in the Yahoo world is your oyster now you Annette deal and all the hot shots in it and your entourage can wait outside you'll be a patient they can wait because it would be a tit-for-tat and he'll fuck you be loved because if they don't get your deal just any old deal lines the pockets you got to fight for the deals remember when they see you politely and I'm reiterating politely telling them to stick in their ass or else you sure I can watch you will end up with this deal if you work at that way but that's not the big in Surprise what makes it happen is origins in the future is everyone will know what happened that day your annual revenues will absolutely increase in the other business Avenues you taken that was 5 years in College LOL in 10 years in the streets it's funny but it's serious good luck like I said probably not going to be singing
jade bethel
jade bethel Oy oldin
My thing with her is she says everything is a race issue but at the same time one minute she says she’s black and the next minute she’s white
CelticLegend87 5 kun oldin
Akiem sselb You're not a victim. Get over it
Akiem sselb
Akiem sselb 5 kun oldin
CelticLegend87 okay wow very wise..... I guess all those accounts made by real persons are fake, interesting. Thanks for finally shedding light on this annoying American issue. Afterall I really don’t think the police talking down harmed mass murderers, multiple times and shooting unharmed black males multiple times with video prove is valid, or black individuals being treated unfairly at work or the fact that Hollywood, the Oscars, Certain wealthy businesses, certain American state admitted to barring black people...... all those are just stunts..... well hats off to you brilliant person for finally cracking this mystery wide open
CelticLegend87 7 kun oldin
Maeve There's no such thing as white privilege twat. Whatever anecdotal and unprovable "discrimination" such as "they were watching me because I'm black" "I got pulled over because I'm black" people claim is bullshit. It's just them projecting an excuse onto the situation to perpetuate a victim status in there own minds.
Diva Cutie
Diva Cutie 8 kun oldin
TrinnaB Glam wrong person hun..I agree with you..I’m the one that said she is actually 50% black..I also have cousins who look like Halsey as well.
TrinnaB Glam
TrinnaB Glam 8 kun oldin
+Diva Cutie no she is not. You going by her looks. He is black. Maybe he has distant white in him but he is black. Either way she pretty. My daughter look the same way and she identifies as black.
Deborah Kamerick
Deborah Kamerick 3 oy oldin
I can't understand why people would do all that sick baby crap to someone! Sick idiots out there! Sad
Tamia Jackson
Tamia Jackson 4 kun oldin
Yes that is pure wickedness
rina Bea
rina Bea 3 oy oldin
Deborah Kamerick I can’t believe there’s actually sick people like that outside.. pure devils ..
Giane19h 3 oy oldin
call dr freud
SimGuru Lake
SimGuru Lake 3 oy oldin
isn't she a crackhead?
Itz Clovey Nuh
Itz Clovey Nuh 3 oy oldin
That ki😘😘 me @$$ tr@nny an dem!!!!!!! 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
Itz Clovey Nuh
Itz Clovey Nuh 3 oy oldin
Lippy Witch
Lippy Witch 3 oy oldin
whoever did that shit with the miscarraige should be shot. its so disgustingly fucked up. and an obortion isnt something you 1. do in a hotel and 2. you would be laid up for days if that was the case. if she was pregnant and had a very early miscarraige its just a a really heavy period like experience.
Gary 3 oy oldin
She's one ugly looking woman.
Laureate Oboh
Laureate Oboh 2 kun oldin
You just want attention you piece of shit, you know she ain't ugly so stfu!!
jimmy biscuits
jimmy biscuits 6 kun oldin
Careful what u say Fandom always wins
Random Girl
Random Girl 7 kun oldin
you're the one who is ugly 🙄
Jessica N
Jessica N 8 kun oldin
Hi I sexually identify as a Halsey fan so I'm super offended by your hate speech. You racist sexist fascist homophobic piece of poop 😤
Emma 9 kun oldin
Easy for you to say commenting here anonymously 💁🏼‍♀️
John Doe
John Doe 3 oy oldin
Halsey is a hot chick. 😍😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💗💗💗
Nayops 18
Nayops 18 3 oy oldin
God, I love her!
Rishabh Hattimare
Him and I, ⚡⚡
Calliea Stevens
Calliea Stevens 3 oy oldin
I love Halsey 😍🌈😍