The Untold Truth Of Halsey

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Halsey is an open book. There isn't much the tatted-up singer won't talk about. Since her debut album, Badlands, hit Number 2 on the Billboard 200 in 2015 and turned her into a go-to collaborator for Justin Bieber, The Chainsmokers and G-Eazy, Halsey has been forthcoming about the less glamorous aspects of her life, including her bipolar disorder, and her attempt to take her own life. But while she's already shared many intimate details, there are still some things about this singer that aren't common knowledge. Here is the untold truth of Halsey...
Losing faith | 0:38
The leaked photo | 1:18
Showing some skin | 1:51
Standing up to the industry | 2:35
A personal tragedy | 3:25
The settling-down type? | 4:05
"I don't have friends" | 4:42
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3-Okt, 2018



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The List
The List 5 oy oldin
What other singers should we feature next?
Kick Genius
Kick Genius 3 kun oldin
Paris Hilton please
Garchomp infernape and Blastoise
Bebe Rexha pls💝😣
Kaed Wills
Kaed Wills 19 kun oldin
Lindsey Stirling! OWO
cain junior
cain junior Oy oldin
The List Young MA
Shawn S
Shawn S 4 kun oldin
I'm not knocking her, but just because you sell out a place or a record goes platinum doesn't mean shit.
Bella Phil
Bella Phil 8 kun oldin
She kinda looks like milly bobby brown Idk 😶
too bad she's hawt but ruined
slim dawg
slim dawg 12 kun oldin
'Now or never' got feels in it
Catie Smith
Catie Smith 15 kun oldin
This is gonna sound weird but her voice when she speaks in the microphone is like asmr😂
Cali Christ
Cali Christ 21 kun oldin
Please Help me make a million on my latest song soundcloud.com/user942761444/blue-flowers
fagiolification 21 kun oldin
She's just an attention whore, come on. Let's be real. Fake deep af.
Neo Grassland
Neo Grassland 26 kun oldin
I realised she sounds like Justin Beiber
Neo Grassland
Neo Grassland 26 kun oldin
How to love ourselves Halsey level
Carl Oiler
Carl Oiler 26 kun oldin
I love her honesty and Truth She is so real. That's what I love about her.
Minam Tapak
Minam Tapak 27 kun oldin
No one like halsey♥️
Kelly Marie
Kelly Marie 29 kun oldin
The harassment she received after she opened up about her miscarriage is beyond ridiculous to me! How can someone be so cruel and want to try and bring someone down based upon an unfortunate event if their life? I don’t understand the logic behind it! I love Halsey no matter what. Her songs have helped me through some tough times. 🖤
Faith Badilla
Faith Badilla Oy oldin
NFamouz Princezz
Love Love Love her
Hana Meow
Hana Meow Oy oldin
what an awesome babe
sierra thomson
The freaking fact that right after she had a miscarriage she had to go on stage is awful. But the fact that people, were holding up bloody baby dolls? 1. Rude 2. Disrespectful 3. Immature 4. Dumb. She doesn’t freaking deserve this. And also people were telling her that her miscarriage was fake. Y’all how was it fake if she didn’t give birth. I have so much respect for this woman. I can’t believe idiots would do such a thing to a harmless, wonderful, strong, brave, talented woman. Messed up. Really, messed up. Also, why would people want to hack someone’s whatsapp and send personal body parts? I literally can’t with people. And I can’t believe people were reminding her how many days her baby, HER CHILD has been dead. That part got to me. It’s so freaking MESSED UP.
Jessica L
Jessica L Oy oldin
“I have human relationships like songs. Like, I can have a human relationship for 3 minutes and 40 seconds.” New motto. 😂
I luv u Halsey soooooooo muchhhhhhh U R my biggest fan 😗😙😗😗😙❤❤❤❤❤❤👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Justine Helleson
I can’t believe ppl would send her traumatic images related to her MISCARRIAGE. UR vibe WILL attract ur tribe. Just breathe and be u 💋
Bear 7
Bear 7 Oy oldin
It’s when you can be alone and be okay is when a person can truly find out who and what they are. Alot of people can’t be alone. They need that attention.
Laura P
Laura P Oy oldin
My ad was a music video... Huh
Carmelita Olsen
Untold truth? All of which you found on the internet?
Squid Oy oldin
I honestly can’t believe people did that to her after her miscarriage. Miscarriages are so painful both physically AND emotionally and I would never wish it on anyone.
Joan Nwosu
Joan Nwosu Oy oldin
She should believe in Jesus and everything Will be100%fine.
박우진 Oy oldin
Honestly idk if i trust her or not. But all i know, she makes damn good musics!!! (Im sorry lol but the more i hear her voice, she sounds like a little boy😂 no hate to her tho)
Will Blakely
Will Blakely Oy oldin
Oh I really wished she was Christian
AlDaja ...
AlDaja ... Oy oldin
She’s lost and that’s unfortunate. Hopefully someday she’ll find where she need to be.
natalya lindo
natalya lindo Oy oldin
Not gonna lie I’m a straight girl but if Halsey would give me a chance... we’d be FOREVER she’s just so damn real and beautiful🤤🤤
Tricia Boylan
Tricia Boylan Oy oldin
natalya lindo Right!! 🙌💯
What a beautiful young woman and talented too! Keep on track girl you got this!!!
Cherokee Redman27
I believe in God! It's sad she's blessed so well and still doesn't believe in God. She'll find out the hard way but it'll be too late because the ultimate sin is denying God....which from what I understand is not forgivable unless you change your mind before you die. I hope she changes her mind.
Cherokee Redman27
+Teara Rosendahl I'm sorry you feel the way you do honestly, it's sad to me. That's why we have a free will so, so be it. I'll pray for you because I still believe. I chose to believe not for fear of being sent to hell but because I truly believe this is not all for nothing as you obviously think. Anyway, I could get deeper but I can see you're just headstrong on your belief and I'm not the one that'll change your mind nor do I want to try. I'll just pray for you and hope you'll change your mind one day soon. Good bless. Goodbye.......oh BTW, Had to ask. ....in the video you made on the kid toy scooters with your friend you keep saying "oh my God" who are you referring to? Just curious.
Teara Rosendahl
Yeah I guess to me it wont matter if I believe in anything when I die because ill be dead.. I came from nothing so I might just go back to nothing.. we get so scared of accepting the cold hard truths of reality that we use scape goats like religion.. Most of my family is religious so I wont try to convince you or anyone else thier faith is wrong.. It just seems that not knowing has turned into blind belief and we have romantisized it by using words like faith to make it seem beautiful. Im happy you have found something that helps you sleep at night and guides you down a path with a positive moral compass.. But I personally am still capeable of doing those things without an ultimatum of believing in god or perishing in flames... Ill never be scared into submission. There is honor in those who will fight for truth instead of giving into pressure such as the one you speak of. If you naturally believe there is a god without the pressure of heaven and hell then thats a different story.. But if you only say you do so, so you wont go to hell... There is a Fat chance your missing the point of belief. Ill never be on the side of someone willing to punish me for eternity for just not knowing where I came from. That man is more of a devil in my opinion than any devil I've heard of. I live by one thing only and it is balance in all things. I live by no written religion and that is my choice. Keeping an open mind is key.. Knowledge is only powerful when you apply it.
Cherokee Redman27
+Teara Rosendahl Well, prepare to get pissed! Oh and the reason you get to choose is called free will. The not seeing to believe is called faith. Oh and good luck with your blessed life too! It doesn't cost you a dime to just believe and hope that it's true. What do you have to lose in that?....besides your soul and eternal life. Really, I'll take my chances on believing and see what happens. At least I have something to look forward to when I do die.
Teara Rosendahl
Oh yes the sheep are hearded by the ultimate scare tactic religion. If god was reall I'd be pissed that he made us have to believe in shit we dont see OR die in blazing fire for eternity . either sound terrible. I think ill just do me and not spend too much time being told how to live my life thhhhaaaanks.
Bridget Andrade
Why would people want to be fake anyways?
lydia codeniera
i believe in god she doesnt 😫😫😫
Ride share Adventures
She's great to open up about mental illness, what ever she is doing seems like she's on fire..
Ryan Bradybaugh
I love this young woman. She is being herself. I wish her the best.
chogiwht Oy oldin
ugh Halsey is such a strong woman😥😥😥😥❣️
david Oy oldin
Can’t stand this ugly little boy
Bianca Cullen
Bianca Cullen Oy oldin
She is Crazy looks z like beautiful Beazz 2 haha
TurkishSmurf Oy oldin
i don't like her ^^
A Oy oldin
I love her short hair soooo much 😫❤
Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar Oy oldin
Why the hell you bastards trying to annoy the fuck out of Halsey. She is a nice lady. Well I tell you the truth; you are fucking annoying # some bitching media.
bar horea
bar horea Oy oldin
She is so fucking annoying
facetuned. Oy oldin
I always pronounced her "hey-slee"
Daniel Pompa
Daniel Pompa Oy oldin
I will make u believe...in god..try me..
Mishy Moo
Mishy Moo 2 oy oldin
That miscarriage thing was disgusting . I can’t believe people do that .
Matea pav
Matea pav Oy oldin
It was not her fault u dumb f???! Miscarriage means you lost it not aborted it
evita dwipayana
evita dwipayana 2 oy oldin
i know she's amazing but i didn't know that she did a collab with justin
coven 2 oy oldin
I think she was cuter with long hair
Roger Gonzalez
Roger Gonzalez 2 oy oldin
Oh wow, another person who thinks they're special because they have some stupid tattoos on them. Nowadays, it's the people who don't have any that stand out.
Jeff Campbell
Jeff Campbell 2 oy oldin
I have never seen a person who talks about themselves more than her. Pretty girl and good music but damn she’s narcissistic as hell. I wouldn’t be surprised if starts talking about herself in third person
Mr Wisdom
Mr Wisdom 2 oy oldin
She's a talented singer but being an atheist isn't cool. 😱
Zoe Badlands
Zoe Badlands Oy oldin
Mr Wisdom why?
Jovana Nikolic
Jovana Nikolic 2 oy oldin
Ok, I like her better with that short hair. It suits her so good 😍
Murky Moon Gaming
Calling B.S.
Gymnasmic 2 oy oldin
Halsey is a fuckin bitch. Look it up. She's so horrible.
Chris Goetz
Chris Goetz 2 oy oldin
I just hope we keep Her for many years to come, we’ve lost too many good female artists.
Aya Ayamma
Aya Ayamma 2 oy oldin
How the fuck she don’t believe in god? God is real
It's that weird Girl Piper
Her voice is cute shes sooo pretty :)))
Hello Keroppi
Hello Keroppi 2 oy oldin
She should go hang herself
Hello Keroppi
Hello Keroppi Oy oldin
NothingPenguin she sounds depressed.
NothingPenguin 2 oy oldin
wtf is wrong with you?
SORMOT TV 2 oy oldin
┃ O ┃ ╭╯╭━ ┃ ┃ ┣┻╮┣━ ╰━┃ ┃┈╰╰━ Halsey
Kaitlyn A. Warnken
Halsey is definetly an inspiration to me
raven the mini lab
she’s such a queen 🤩💕
Angelic devil
Angelic devil 2 oy oldin
Okay but the title doesn't suit, does it?
luna romance
luna romance 2 oy oldin
Angelic devil i didn't know any of those facts
r mac
r mac 2 oy oldin
She will believe in God when the shit hits the fan
African Barbie
African Barbie 2 oy oldin
Dam this chick is honest some of the things she said here i would not say .
Lucia Isabel Roos
It's hard to keep friends when you are bipolar
Aaron C
Aaron C 2 oy oldin
I love her short hair🖤
nilo m
nilo m 2 oy oldin
if she did abortion, it's her body and she has to decide about it! it's none of any bodie's business!
Namrata Sukumaran
+paradoxiCk I'm a medical student and your bullshit is just too much for me to handle. I can give you a full length reply on how that is different from abortion but ya. That's just gonna be me wasting my time.
paradoxiCk Oy oldin
+Namrata Sukumaran there are fully grown people with sensory problems so they cant feel pain. Also there are many mentally ill people who cant do "complex thoughts". So you could say they also dont give a fuck. Still this doesnt justify killing them.
Nathan drake
Nathan drake Oy oldin
+Namrata Sukumaran you clearly dont understand what i mean so I'm just gonna move on cuz your tone is a bit aggressive...
Namrata Sukumaran
+Nathan drake that baby doesn't even exist to know that it lost a life. First of all it is not a "baby". A fetus does not have fully formed pain receptors or even complex thought processes to know what's happening to it. If my mother had aborted me I wouldn't give a fuck. WAIT, I wouldn't even have the ability to give a fuck during my fetal stage.
Joan Nwosu
Joan Nwosu Oy oldin
Abortion is not good that's a life that she wasted
Shaun New Bedford
Halsey SUX BAD you can tell shes a snobbi little bitch in one interview she says "oh im a black woman and proud"........... FUCK OFF BITCH UR WHITE !!!!!! Must be a LIBERAL DEMONRAT 4 SHEEZY
mann cave moment
mann cave moment 2 oy oldin
She looks hot even with a buzz cut
Hope Singing Life
A GDragon stan VIP88
Ok, i knew abt her n her music n become fan of her last year becuz of "without you" not becuz she had collab with justin or chainsmokers . N i dnt even know what song they are talking abt . I'll check out song juz becuz for her . Love Her voice n lryrics of her song gets me .
Grace Bediako
Grace Bediako 2 oy oldin
I don’t like her she fake
glitch Vivian
glitch Vivian 2 oy oldin
Murky Moon Gaming how?
Murky Moon Gaming
Lexa she's right.
Lexa 2 oy oldin
Grace Bediako Okay?
Jessica Hubbard
Jessica Hubbard 2 oy oldin
Oh my GOD. Who in the world does that? I feel so bad for her about the bloody babies and stuff. So very sad. I couldn’t imagine the crazy you meet when ur famous. We only think about the awesome aspects but I guess there’s just as much bad.
Jessica Hubbard
facetuned. Why would I mock her? No one should have to go through what she went through and then have crazies so the things they did. I can’t even believe there are people who would THINK of doing that kind of stuff. So sad.
facetuned. Oy oldin
I thought u put god in capitals to mock her
South Bound
South Bound 2 oy oldin
How does she feel about being cloned?
Kami Mckee
Kami Mckee 2 oy oldin
My friend's is music but I don't have friends
Joan Ortiz
Joan Ortiz 2 oy oldin
I love Halsey and her song's they r so awesome and she is my favorite singer along with many other singers that r my favorites p.s Halsey I'll be your friend cuz I don't have barely any friends either
Karen .k.
Karen .k. 2 oy oldin
Doesnt anyone else feel like she looks like millie bobby brown?
Rhiju yadav
Rhiju yadav Oy oldin
omg totally i feel like that all the damn time
Paul Carbaugh
Paul Carbaugh 2 oy oldin
If she's looking for a cabana boy? I'm going to make someone a good little bitch someday!
Paul Carbaugh
Paul Carbaugh 2 oy oldin
I LOVE her
2 xXMelXx 2
2 xXMelXx 2 2 oy oldin
Miscarriage? I just honestly don't know
lilpeepboy 47
lilpeepboy 47 2 oy oldin
Shampoo is racist ......... Halsey ya she is real alr8
jlc7300 2 oy oldin
I really don't like women with short hair but she looks good with it! And she has some sexy legs too! She will go far
Ron Lynn
Ron Lynn 2 oy oldin
I love her I'm tryna get famous so we can be best friends literally my only life goal 🤩🤩💖
Katieboil Anegg
Katieboil Anegg 2 oy oldin
'I don't have friends'. Hmmm....she had a miscaridge and people didn't believe her (you must have put it online). She is a child to me. A very young girl who is unshure of herself.
Rachelle Kebaili
Rachelle Kebaili 2 oy oldin
I adore her
Kenn Vu
Kenn Vu 2 oy oldin
Market it girl while you can
Kenn Vu
Kenn Vu 2 oy oldin
Sorry she's just inventing herself for public and create a mistic for her career
Murky Moon Gaming
100 percent accurate.
Chip 2 oy oldin
lol another silly girl who thinks she can justify her nakedness with stupid crap. This one chose a tattoo story. No one cares.
BRIT BE TRIPPIN 2 oy oldin
She is like the little sister of pink! 😍 aesthetically though
That will be huge for shore!
frshsrtmama Oy oldin
I'm rallying for a Pink/ Halsey record
Baby Love
Baby Love 2 oy oldin
I would definitely love being her friend! Halsey is amazing! She reminds me of myself honestly.
Bianca Cullen
Bianca Cullen 2 oy oldin
Black said she Ken real late ha
Hailey Q
Hailey Q 2 oy oldin
wtf people give her bloody baby dolls? People are sick, I dont understand what is wrong with most of humanity
Sue Fru
Sue Fru 2 oy oldin
I love the bit about her basically standing up for herself saying that she didn't need the chsinsmokers or anyone else to help her get to where she is, I don't know why 😂
Jean Oy oldin
I always say that Closer became famous because of halsey 🤷🏽‍♂️
Jeanette Kmn
Jeanette Kmn 2 oy oldin
I have actuallay known here way before she collaborated with them
African Barbie
African Barbie 2 oy oldin
That was not hard to believe even for 1sec this halsey is bad ass its like it is what it iz.
Sue Fru
Sue Fru 2 oy oldin
+dude where is my car me too but i just like her attitude about it don't know haha
dude where is my car
Sue Fru I would never have heard about her without the chainsmokers
Ruby Guerrero
Ruby Guerrero 2 oy oldin
Totally relate on her friendship situation it’s as long as a song, best way to describe it 💯
Mari Berry
Mari Berry 2 oy oldin
With the short hair I get the p!nk early career look both are gorgeous and talented!
Ashok Mohapatra
Ashok Mohapatra 2 oy oldin
I want her to be my bestfriend
Brendan Bowden
Brendan Bowden 2 oy oldin
@halsey you only need one true person by your side and that can make up for 1000 people trust me when i tell you you dont need friends to be happy ive got a bad past and i put the friends and bullshit behind me but i feel like a million dollars just with that one friend thing is that friend is a 6 year old little girl that calls me mom so dont ever feel you need friends youll get what youll want outta life with just your 1 friend
Brendan Bowden
Brendan Bowden 2 oy oldin
Melissa Ruiz omg I LOVE that song!
letshaveakiki1 2 oy oldin
they were fuck buddies but he cut all ties cause he was in a relationship, she made a lot of songs about him about being "second choice". They are now friends but i remember my tumblr days she would always reblog pictures of him and girls hated her haha
Karolina Traczuk
Karolina Traczuk 2 oy oldin
Wait what, are u kidding me? Omg
timemixchine N
timemixchine N 2 oy oldin
Colours is about him
Kellee Soup
Kellee Soup 2 oy oldin
Wow I can't some ppl went out of their way about the miscarriage. Some ppl are so fucked up
sarah the great
sarah the great 2 oy oldin
Did she ever go to a hospital tho? Miscarriages can be life threatening and are extreme painful.
Zazzie Mack
Zazzie Mack 20 kun oldin
+Rylie Pitts She has endometriosis.
Rylie Pitts
Rylie Pitts Oy oldin
sarah the great theres usually a doctor back stage and stuff (as well as the fact that she has some type of disorder)
sugargirlx 2 oy oldin
the untold truth? the title is kinda dramatic lmao
Carmela Lorenz Mendoza
Her solo songs are better than her collabs ok...they are deeper and honest...
wish gurung
wish gurung Oy oldin
I guess you haven't heard Closer than.
Victoria Goering
Victoria Goering 2 oy oldin
Especially Without Me. I am in love with it. It is just so deep and relatable. I agree with you all the way.
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