The Untold Truth Of In N Out Burger

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Chances are that if you've ever been to In-N-Out Burger, you were sold after your first bite - that toasted sponge bread, the fresh-never-frozen patty, the grilled onions, the secret sauce - it's the antithesis of most drive-thru burgers. It's no surprise that the chain that has long been heralded the "it" fast food restaurant since its opening in 1948, has managed to gain a cult following that other burger joints could only wish to achieve. Though there's plenty of talk of the chain's not-so-secret menu, there might be a few unknown tidbits that even the biggest aficionados don't know about their beloved burger spot. We're digging into some surprising In-N-Out Burger facts, but be warned, you might get a little hungry…
How to really "animal-style" | 0:46
The secret secret menu | 1:22
Special deals for law enforcement | 1:53
New on the menu | 2:35
Secret messages | 3:12
Famous chefs are loving it | 4:12
Managers make bank | 5:27
High-end swag | 6:21
The heiress to the burger fortune | 7:00
Read more here → www.mashed.com/112688/untold-truth-n-burger/
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19-Apr, 2018



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Mashed 11 oy oldin
What's your go-to order at In N Out?
Joshua Teem
Joshua Teem 9 soat oldin
Combo #2 with fries animal style and a hot cocoa for the drink
karlwjm 10 kun oldin
Double Double, Animal-style with extra grilled onions and extra pickles.
jeff Webb
jeff Webb 13 kun oldin
Double Double, Animal Style, raw and grilled onions, no salt on the meat patty. regular fries and a diet coke, in a bag when I drive through the drive though line in my Porsche 911.
6gun Ronnie
6gun Ronnie 15 kun oldin
#1 with whole grilled onions and extra toasted bun. Large iced tea with extra ice
Praxindice 16 kun oldin
A burger
Lil Paige
Lil Paige Soat oldin
*_It’s Stupid There Are No In And Out Locations On The East Coast How TF Are We Suppose To Enjoy, Share, Express Our In -n-Out Burger 🍔Experience Like Eveyone Else tfSMH 🤦🏾‍♂️_*
iNetflixPlays 5 soat oldin
To be honest i never went to In N Out burger.
Stace With The Pace
Omggggggg my dad went to innout university
Toxic Nightcore
Toxic Nightcore 2 kun oldin
Gordon Ramsey would love this xD
christopher bascom
christopher bascom 3 kun oldin
I'm sure to be the only one that opened the Bible and looked up those verses hell there is not even an in n out where I live soon though soon
Dill Thomas
Dill Thomas 3 kun oldin
Over rated
Samsng Device
Samsng Device 4 kun oldin
HERE IS AN IN AND OUT TRUTH VIDEO. GRAPHIC.. uzvid.com/video/video-hXmB9zsAQ_E.html
Douglas Herr
Douglas Herr 4 kun oldin
You forgot to mention in-n-out stuffs there burgers with paper.
Stace With The Pace
P. Brabenec
P. Brabenec 4 kun oldin
Clever channel
keegers103 5 kun oldin
The comment about mustard meet and pickles is animal style without the grilled onions. Might as well order animal style with no grilled onions.
Lesley Santino
Lesley Santino 7 kun oldin
Well don't be selfish you guys need to make an IN N OUT BURGER over in the Southside... All we eat is ribs and mashed potatoes...
Niko Moin
Niko Moin 7 kun oldin
Im always cringing when people talk about god in that way. It’s just so ridiculous ^^
moonto earth
moonto earth 7 kun oldin
Angela Stears
Angela Stears 8 kun oldin
I'm in
Anthony Fig
Anthony Fig 8 kun oldin
They should make a Grill Chicken Sandwich 🥪 to complete the Menu..
Anthony Fig
Anthony Fig 9 kun oldin
I have a friend who likes Innout so much that he works for them.. he makes 70k a year and he gets one free meal a day..
Lola Mar
Lola Mar 9 kun oldin
meh, i definitely make better burgers than this chain. I 've eaten them in LA and was underwhelmed
Cassie Stoddard
Cassie Stoddard 10 kun oldin
I'm having this tomorrow for lunch 🤤
Thali H
Thali H 10 kun oldin
In n out is across the street from my neighborhood. It’s amazing
Nicole Garcia
Nicole Garcia 11 kun oldin
I'm born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and I can't stand In-N-Out, really there are other better burger places
Isaac .A
Isaac .A 10 kun oldin
Nicole Garcia I know the difference, just went past me
Nicole Garcia
Nicole Garcia 10 kun oldin
+Isaac .A Clearly you do lmaoo but good for me for KNOWing the difference between know and no
Isaac .A
Isaac .A 10 kun oldin
Nicole Garcia Good for you, know one cares
Larry Newman
Larry Newman 11 kun oldin
0:40 I won't be surprised if Burger Queen is really her name
Snake Pliskin
Snake Pliskin 11 kun oldin
I had in and out when I was in LA loved it!
thefunnyman713 12 kun oldin
Ive had in-n-out a couple times at 3 different locations and they are not that great. Ill stick with my Whataburger!! 🍔
jeff Webb
jeff Webb 13 kun oldin
Folks, there is a corporate biography of In N Out Burger on Amazon that you can read the whole history of In N Out from the day it started until the present. It will detail the most accurate details of the company and to why they are company owned and will NEVER franchise and why they are a regional chain due to logistics from their owned supply warehouses to store locations.
jeff Webb
jeff Webb 13 kun oldin
What is so "untold" about that? This has been known for many decades........ Click bait.
chip block
chip block 14 kun oldin
I read last fall that they were opening a store in the Salem, Oregon area. Then in December I read that the Salem store would open in February. The article even gave the address. So today I was in the Salem area and mapped the address out. Sadly there was no store. I called there customer service line and found out that they may not open in Salem for sometime. So my closest store is approx. 200 mikes away! Oh well.
thunder gunner10
thunder gunner10 14 kun oldin
These burgers are good.
Stephen Anthony
Stephen Anthony 15 kun oldin
I wish they would open up on the East coast!
jeff Webb
jeff Webb 13 kun oldin
They won't.
0121_ steve
0121_ steve 15 kun oldin
Theres not even an in and out burger in my city i dont think Brum, uk
flaretheunknown 15 kun oldin
Why can’t we have In n’ Out on the east coast???😭😭😭😭 tried it once in California and fell in love
jeff Webb
jeff Webb 13 kun oldin
It is also a logistical issue from the distance from their distribution centers to their store locations.
jeff Webb
jeff Webb 13 kun oldin
Corporate owned and they prefer to remain in the western region.
Pete Smith
Pete Smith 15 kun oldin
The owner who're which she is made 91 MILLION and keeps jacking up the prices. Leave god out of it bitch !
ACAEDEN LEE 15 kun oldin
SHE IS A BILLIONAIRE BECAUSE HER FATHERED OWNED IT AND PASSED IT DOWN TO HER HER NAME IS Lynsi Lavelle Snyder-Ellingson (previously Seawell, Martinez, and Torres, born May 5, 1982) is an American billionaire businesswoman, the owner and heiress of the In-N-Out Burger company. She is the only child of Lynda and H. Guy Snyder and the only grandchild of Harry and Esther Snyder, who founded In-N-Out in 1948. ALSO I WOULD SMASH HER TO DEATH EVERY DAY LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
jeff Webb
jeff Webb 13 kun oldin
Her grandparents started it, then it went to their two sons, one died from drugs and then the grand daughter inherited it when she turned 35. The older son was a major drug addict and the other was killed in an accident.
Hey Brah
Hey Brah 15 kun oldin
So police gets discount, but military doesn't!?!?!?!
Kevin Hartley
Kevin Hartley 16 kun oldin
When do we get bacon ???
jeff Webb
jeff Webb 13 kun oldin
You don't. They have not changed their menu much since they opened in the late 1940's. If you want crap variety, try McDonald's.
Torsten TANGLEIS 16 kun oldin
Best burger in the world! I love double double protein style, I will easily eat 6 of them in one sitting
Torsten TANGLEIS 13 kun oldin
jeff Webb I’m an expert of my own experience! I have gotten most of my information free from UZvid! My two main sources for eating are (Fledge Fitness) and (Thomas Delauer). I enjoy IF (intermittent fasting). I prefer OMAD (one meal a day)! There is no calorie counting and I get to eat whatever I want and as much I want! I will eat all meats however they are cooked, low carb veggies and any fruits! Cheeses too, but no other milk products. I drink one to two black coffees a day and water. I try to eat my food in one sitting, usually within an hour or less. Then I fast until my dinner the next day. If I feel like eating extra I usually stick to the food items I mentioned! I don’t eat pastas, rice, breads, pastries, potatoes, beans, cakes or candies! I exercise as often as possible! Running, jumping jacks, push ups and I lift some weights! I don’t need a gym membership! Except the weights, all other activities are free! I can eat most anywhere! I eat most burgers and breakfast sandwiches, I just remove the bread! I substitute potatoes products with veggies or additional meats! I don’t calorie count! I simply try to remove high carb items! If my food is not available I get to enjoy fasting longer! Fasting is so amazing! I don’t feel lethargic! I’ve got tons of energy! After removing most carbs and sugars, my body melted away the weight, even without exercising! Combining fasting and exercising with low carb has allowed me to maintain my weight! This is a way of life for me! My reward is my health! Eating any foods I’ve eliminated from my life as a reward would be a pointless! I’ve done this for almost a year! I’ve lost over 100lbs! #NOFINISHLINE #Fuckthehaters
jeff Webb
jeff Webb 13 kun oldin
Your colon should be thanking you.
kyleziNho 18 kun oldin
RIP Anthony Bourdain
Evalina Buckley
Evalina Buckley 18 kun oldin
I Love working for In-N-Out Burger! Really is the best!
Car Chat
Car Chat 18 kun oldin
Five guys is better
Sebastian Moreno
Sebastian Moreno 16 kun oldin
Car Chat in and out has way more ppl goin there plus its not as expencive
Car Chat
Car Chat 16 kun oldin
+CommaCam Yeah, but their burgers are juicy and fresh, and their fries are well done
CommaCam 17 kun oldin
Five guys is good, but it's not special or unique at all imo. If you gave me a five guys burger blindfolded I would have no idea what it was.
Ben Coutts
Ben Coutts 19 kun oldin
The add on this video made me unlike it
Jesus Aguilar
Jesus Aguilar 19 kun oldin
Orange County HECK YEAH
JaSean Chopper
JaSean Chopper 20 kun oldin
Not a fan of the 8 year old girl narrator. Left after 15 seconds
Kamilla Iqbal
Kamilla Iqbal 20 kun oldin
Eat with RANCH
lalaxbo 20 kun oldin
I love In-N-Out Burger 😃❤️. The Double Double is the best :)
DarqueWolff 21 kun oldin
bible and jebus talk....yep....now I know why I dont go there....and chick fil garbage.
Johnny Quasar
Johnny Quasar 22 kun oldin
The in n out in my town is kinda crappy
Frank TheLordsSheep
Frank TheLordsSheep 22 kun oldin
I never been in n out
Dillian Stockman
Dillian Stockman 24 kun oldin
Sorry don't be mad at me but really overrated
Danica Tanner
Danica Tanner 24 kun oldin
No locations within 150 miles of St. Louis. 🙄
Ghost Dogg
Ghost Dogg 24 kun oldin
No Que need if the burger isn't gargantuanized.... to fatten you up for the ALIENS!
Joe Bramblett
Joe Bramblett 25 kun oldin
I wonder if any of her Bible verse tattoos are Leviticus 19:28
TheDevilsInterval 25 kun oldin
I love in n out, even with the silly bible shit
Jos VES 26 kun oldin
Jezus tapdancing Christ!! I don't need Christian bullshit quotes on my fries. Keep your religious fairytales private will ya?
adhad dawdaw
adhad dawdaw 26 kun oldin
Its fucking expensive.
Jalex 1304MeME
Jalex 1304MeME 27 kun oldin
I am proud of living in California
Atomicbubble 1
Atomicbubble 1 27 kun oldin
Five guys gang
David in Barstow
David in Barstow 29 kun oldin
In spite of In-N-Out paying their employees a better wage, their prices are still lower than any other fast food chain.
AC 29 kun oldin
She's hot and owns In N Out......What's not to love?
lynn lascaro
lynn lascaro 29 kun oldin
her voice is annoying
Mayson Jordan
Mayson Jordan Oy oldin
I love soft fries so the first hack is useless
E.A.R. Oy oldin
Thank God. I will be going there a lot more..! Tattoos are like Fornication, When u get Saved.., You Don't Do That Anymore..! Hopefully she got delivered from all that..!! 👍
InJurious Gaming
Next store is opening in Colorado Springs!
john cena
john cena Oy oldin
Not really a fast food guy but the In N Out Burger looks like it taste really good.
why western half of US only?
David Snyder
David Snyder Oy oldin
IN -N- OUT , FWI when you build one, just build two, another across the street just to keep things moving, any time I see that line I just keep driving on .
Zack Musick
Zack Musick Oy oldin
Well when you're paying $7.30 for a damn burger it's not wonder managers make what they do. No thanks. However I would drink the bath water the president sits in.
Emilie Gonet
Emilie Gonet Oy oldin
I wish we had in-n-out. 😭😭😭
Jeffrey Walker
so the "untold truth" is more bs.. i wont ever watch another video of yours, liar
ScalyManFish Oy oldin
Whataburger is better
libertyn jeopardy
They need to have the cardiac arrest paddles installed at every in and out as well as stent vending machines for the quick angio Plasti out patient procedure.
Allen Saunders
At the end of the day take responsibility for your own actions
Allen Saunders
If they only had a grilled chicken sandwich
Two tears in a bucket
Overated shit
Brad Steiner
Brad Steiner Oy oldin
I wouldn't mind giving the owner of In-N-Out a little in and out.
Reloadium Oy oldin
3:42 i feel bad for the future generations and so should you
Reloadium Oy oldin
+Void Gaming yes i want more people to notice it
Void Gaming
Void Gaming Oy oldin
Did u like it own comment?
Pat Downs
Pat Downs Oy oldin
What a title. I literally could NOT refuse to click on it. "OMG, what is the truth of I&O Burger? I must know the truth."
T D Oy oldin
Really is very good
Isaac Anderson
Love In and Out but all the religoius talk is garbage.
Sa'lands Stuart
Put one in Connecticut 💪😎🍔🍔🍟
Cyndi Foore
Cyndi Foore Oy oldin
Great!!! Now I want an in and out burger and I live in Ohio!!!! Baahaahaaa!
The truth of In N Out Burger? It is overrated.
ann h
ann h Oy oldin
All the Burger videos onn this channel have a least a few clips from 'Pulp Fiction'
Veridan Oy oldin
why am I watching this, we don't even have this chain in my country
Sassy Chiffon
Sassy Chiffon Oy oldin
Eating In N Out right now while watching this!!!👅
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown Oy oldin
Tasteless burgers Monkey fries are alright
Noah Short
Noah Short Oy oldin
This is why California is the best state
Dank Dank
Dank Dank Oy oldin
Why don't they open these on the east coast?
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Oy oldin
Was expecting a roast turned out to be an ad
jsilva silva
jsilva silva Oy oldin
whataburger sucks
Miguel Molina
Miguel Molina Oy oldin
use me as a I want in N Out button
Google User
Google User Oy oldin
In-N-Out hires a lot of college students. There's a catch... they must maintain a "B" average or better... or else.
Chris Estrada
Chris Estrada Oy oldin
Don’t think I’ve ever had a bad in n out burger
Autumn DragonStar
never had in an out buger
Is it sad that I have never had it? 😢
S Oy oldin
Lol it is so funny. Stupid mindless followers. There is nothing special about In n Out burger and Ive had it more than enough to not give a damn. Smash Burger is so much better.
John Hoban
John Hoban Oy oldin
Every time that I visit the west coast, mandatory protocol is to get to the nearest N Out Burger and satisfy my craving! No question they are the best!
CS Oy oldin
"At the end of the day, I'm looking up to big guy upstairs and what He would want" says the woman who runs a chain contributing to the obesity epidemic of the country. Would "He" want that, too? Let's see, a Double-Double, choclate shake and fries comes out to 1,600 calories. Most fast-food places at least have something that's relatively healthy; In n Out is the epitomy of junk food.
Brendon Rullamas
0:41 that's my home town Medford Oregon.
Trapster Oy oldin
Never been to in n out burger
Kostner Kostner
so it's a burger with a lot of cheese and Jesus
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