THE UPSIDE: Hilarious Interview with Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart

Jake Hamilton
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Emmy-Winner Jake Hamilton (@JakesTakes) talks with Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart about their new film THE UPSIDE -- only on JAKE'S TAKES!




15-Noy, 2018

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Bob Lewis
Bob Lewis Kun oldin
How is this supposed to be hilarious? Far from it.
brownsugarglamour 2 kun oldin
Their chemistry is A1
The orange carrot
The orange carrot 2 kun oldin
Why are people comparing and complaining about the original and this version of the film? There's probably been a better version of each and everyone of us as human beings. Doesn't mean we should all just go on ahead and hop of a bridge.
suzanne schulz
suzanne schulz 3 kun oldin
Great movie ty
Dustin Bishop
Dustin Bishop 3 kun oldin
Final 30 seconds had me LOLing for real.
Allen Nop
Allen Nop 3 kun oldin
Kevin Hart.... Can make ANYBODY laugh.
l00ttf 3 kun oldin
Fun fact: there is 0 people who hate Bryan Cranston on Earth
deepak singh kandari
Bryan is best n he makes everyone around him better
XnTrik S/W Philly
XnTrik S/W Philly 4 kun oldin
What is up with the interviewer? Couldn’t he find anything red to wear?! And the questions were out in left field!
THE NINJACAT 4 kun oldin
Congratulations Kevin and Bryan! You're in the Number One Movie of the week at the Box Office! : )
MAX AJ 4 kun oldin
I wouldn't say hilarious but good one
Bhinesh Patel
Bhinesh Patel 5 kun oldin
The third star of the original French movie, Intouchables, was the gorgeous Maserati QP. In this US remake they opted for a Ferrari FF instead. This was a mistake IMO. Now don’t get me wrong, the FF is mechanically on a different planet to the aging QP, but it simply does not have the charm and charisma of the QP.
Tokemonsta & co.
Tokemonsta & co. 5 kun oldin
this is the american shitty version of that true story, the french version is already really good, no need for this trash
smoky281 5 kun oldin
Audio is bad
Juan Pirir
Juan Pirir 6 kun oldin
As a LGBT+ man, it’s extremely unsettling to see just how “over it” Kevin Hart really is about all the derogatory comments he made towards my beautiful community. The internet is not written in pencil, it is not easily erased with a few simple apologies, it permanent. Even with all the apologies he’s recently made, Kevin Hart was not sorry enough to stop him from saying those words in the first place. Always own up to your mistakes no matter how “over it” you feel. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽
Jeremy k
Jeremy k Kun oldin
I think Kevin Hart is a great comedian and the great actor who made a mistake who owned up to it more than once apologized has grown and moved on with his life the more he feeds into it the more everyone else is going to feed into it there's nothing more than a man can do what do you want him to do keep apologizing every time he's on TV turn down his next 10 projects I mean what else should you do to make everyone happy I mean seriously it comes to a point where he's just feeding into it he is like he's just keep sticking his foot in his mouth no matter what he says it's not good enough and it's not going to be that's my opinion and I think that's kind of what Kevin's getting at but I'm not saying what he said was right but he is a comedian that is what they do they make us laugh they talk about our mom or sister or girlfriends or kids are gender this is what they do that's what we pay them to do is to make us laugh get all of our stress out have a good time and if you can't accept it that's fine just don't go to it shows don't support any that's fine but it's time to leave Kevin alone he's done his part he's always wanted to host the Oscars since he was a kid and now you don't get to do that it's like a major setback for him and he step down because he felt like it was the right thing to do but no one's giving him no credit where no effort and his apology is multiple apologies for being a comedian for telling a joke what you paid him to do he should have never apologized that's not something a comedian should ever have to do
Oliver Crandon
Oliver Crandon 3 kun oldin
Luis Alicea
Luis Alicea 3 kun oldin
+Cesar Gomez i think the person is what you would call "trolling"
Cesar Gomez
Cesar Gomez 3 kun oldin
Marco Harrison if you’re implying he’s going to hell for being part of that community then that’s fucked up and if you’re religious. I don’t think religion typically supports that type of judgement of others. But, he’s still being overly sensitive about the past remarks of Kevin Hart. The entire country was saying things like Hart said commonly at that time. Teenagers used the word gay to mean bad consistently. Not saying it’s right. It’s ignorance and it doesn’t mean it was hateful. But, everyone doesn’t owe the lgbt community an apology for their ignorance and neither does Kevin Hart. The fact that he did apologize is a plus. He’s an even better person for apologizing, but it wouldn’t have taken from him if he didn’t. Because unless he caused someone intentional hurt over it... then his mistake was just that... a mistake.
Marco Harrison
Marco Harrison 4 kun oldin
Just enjoy ur time on earth. Not too long till u’ll be in hell.
Erin Schrader
Erin Schrader 7 kun oldin
They are so good together!
jliveslife 7 kun oldin
This sterotypical bs is so dated every Kevin Hart movie he's braiding some white man's hair like a female kissing the rock running around scared of his own shadow getting beat up by women damn bro it's 2019 nobody's going to see this bs after black panther can we get at least rise to the level of coming to America or Harlem Nights? Can you at least bring it up to the 90s? Please Do better you got money now there's no excuse
HamDa Flame
HamDa Flame 7 kun oldin
b1zika 11 kun oldin
Considering Kevin's size i dont think he could be the danger :D
Pastor Glock
Pastor Glock 20 kun oldin
Complete RIPOFF of Intouchables!! I mean down to the color of the 2 main characters from that movie. Pitiful
Tristan Smith
Tristan Smith 4 kun oldin
Its a remake there is always remakes wtf..
Bhinesh Patel
Bhinesh Patel 5 kun oldin
The Maserati was the third star of the French movie. Shame that they opted for a boring Ferrari here.
Pastor Glock it’s a REMAKE!!!!
MultiKarola24 7 kun oldin
agree. you cant beat the original French movie.
David Rudger
David Rudger 13 kun oldin
😂 yeah remakes can be like that sometime.
Obi Maduegbuna
I feel like Jake could have done way better in this interview
DeVante Foxx
DeVante Foxx Oy oldin
Way better? It's not like he did anything wrong lol. It felt like 3 guys just catching up with each other and joking around. He gives great interviews, but sometimes letting guests go off the cuff is just as good if not better.
Natalie Zayas-Bazan
Saw this film at last years San Diego film festival. Was literally the weekend the Weinstein scandal broke and when i saw the Weinstein logo my heart sank. Glad it found a new distributor. Great film!
As you Were
As you Were 7 kun oldin
Weinstein is a wonderful man. Wrongly accused.
Sean Griffin
Sean Griffin 2 oy oldin
Love the interviews keep up with the good work