THE UPSIDE Official Trailer (2019) Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston Movie HD

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THE UPSIDE Official Trailer (NEW 2019) Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston, Nicole Kidman Movie HD
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3-Okt, 2018



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 7 698
majomkenyerfa 9 soat oldin
beyaz adam
beyaz adam 15 soat oldin
Akshay Simply
Akshay Simply 20 soat oldin
Now Hollywood is remaking tollywood films...This one is Oopiri!
Mecanica Joker
Mecanica Joker Kun oldin
Cashiba camrin
Cashiba camrin Kun oldin
I want to watch it
Mr.MinishCap Ezelo
Mr.MinishCap Ezelo 2 kun oldin
Americans have to copy everything... The french film is better. C'est plus bien en francais.
prakash moorthy
prakash moorthy 2 kun oldin
mehh Kollywood made a remake of Intouchable wayy before Hollywood did K-1 : H-0
Joseph Aramiss
Joseph Aramiss 3 kun oldin
What the name on moive?
Jozsef Viktor Horvath
America made the Chines copy of the film... Why didnt a comedy film ?
Tobias Kübler
Tobias Kübler 3 kun oldin
Kelly Ketner
Kelly Ketner 5 kun oldin
RockAndRowland 5 kun oldin
People are offended the French version was better, or the “original” rather. Personally, I would’ve NEVER learned about this amazing story if it wasn’t for the ‘american’ remake. I will now be watching the original version, thanks to us remaking it. They aren’t degrading the original, they are only spreading the story, and this was a great way for the American public to see it. Excellent movie, better story
David C
David C 5 kun oldin
All these negative comments. Well, I've not seen the original, but I really loved this movie. It's a remake with a different story line. Maybe stop comparing a French film with a totally different name and story to this one.
withastone 3 kun oldin
Same scenes in this trailer are word for word translations.
Peter Luxus
Peter Luxus 6 kun oldin
Man I Can
Man I Can 6 kun oldin
All the hate for America over a movie remake? Who showed support for France during the attacks? I don’t understand the division, this certainly doesn’t seem like the intent behind this remake was to divide and conquer.
TheMerch 7 kun oldin
Welcome to the comments. Would you like salty French/American comments about "how the original is better" or perhaps the "Fuck off bitch, it's a good movie in itself". We also have "I said I saw it but actually I didn't, even i did, I'm still gonna be an asshole about it". Made fresh of course :)
Master Yoda
Master Yoda 7 kun oldin
Gonna go see it on Saturday, how was the original?
sora s
sora s 7 kun oldin
عربي عربي يا قوم!!
Razin Zamir
Razin Zamir 7 kun oldin
no offense, the cast is good but the original is better
Beast Mode
Beast Mode 7 kun oldin
I am the one who knocks
Veverax 9 kun oldin
Oh my gosh, can you all get your head out of your asses? How can you look at this wholesome film and give it any kind of hate just because it's a remake of some French film. Fuck off.
jinete del apocalípsis
Se les acabaron los libretos a hollywodd un desastre repiten todo, los actores también muy mercenarios
philippe gallou
philippe gallou 9 kun oldin
Wtf og movie from france in better
Bike X The World
Bike X The World 10 kun oldin
Why would you need a second version of a super fun french movie - Hollywood what‘s going on? Know I am not going to watch it....
Joey The great 2
Joey The great 2 10 kun oldin
Better than the original... So long as kevins in
Peter Peter Pretzel Eater
Everyone just butthurt it’s a remake. Chill out. Some people don’t like foreign films it’s not bad just cause it’s a remake.
mikex 318
mikex 318 10 kun oldin
It is
Subhankar Banerjee
Subhankar Banerjee 10 kun oldin
They ruined the whole fucking tone of it!!!!!
TheLibraRat 10 kun oldin
One of the most unnecessary remake of all time.
Florenzano Films
Florenzano Films 2 kun oldin
Together with Point Break. Thats a close match
Dr. Cristhian Rodriguez
Technician 11 kun oldin
The original was a masterpiece. Why did they have to make a generic, crappy, unfunny comedy out of it?
putri pww
putri pww 11 kun oldin
I like both, the story is just touching, thus both adapted a one true story tho :)
Alberto Valenty
Alberto Valenty 11 kun oldin
with kevin Hart is always good
Jay Murthy
Jay Murthy 11 kun oldin
Is this the first halfway decent movie Kevin Hart has ever been in?
Nibuse 123
Nibuse 123 12 kun oldin
original is wayyy better
Jenna can snap
Jenna can snap 12 kun oldin
I don't care what people are saying, I loved this movie.
Tesu LetsPlay
Tesu LetsPlay 12 kun oldin
Only people who haven’t seen the original will find this good
Raoni Oliveira
Raoni Oliveira 12 kun oldin
So... Nicole Kidman, after Secret in Their Eyes, thought it wasn't enough and did the same thing again.
Raoni Oliveira
Raoni Oliveira 12 kun oldin
This should be illegal like plagiarism. (I know the original is based on a true story but it is super recent and brilliant, I can't figure out why another one.)
Deividas Klimkevičius
All those negative comments when we haven't even seen the movie. On the other hand, the French version was just simply amazing, for me mostly because I did not know any of the actors, it felt like a documentary. I can not take this movie too serious cause I'm too familiar with Kevin Hart lol
Mar Co
Mar Co 12 kun oldin
how dare they do a remake? nothing WILL EVER get close to intouchables. Is nicole kidman really such a gold digging whore to let her down to such a crappy film? is she broke or what? and bryan cranston? hello'??!
Andrei Isidor Vornicu
Why can't you just enjoy the original one?
m1ghty 4 ever
m1ghty 4 ever 12 kun oldin
Pretty sure this film already exists... dont rly like remakes
jonathan jc
jonathan jc 12 kun oldin
why fuck up a perfectly good movie with this remake
Akshay kv
Akshay kv 13 kun oldin
Haha it's is copy aaa tamil movie 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Peytax • Vinum
Peytax • Vinum 13 kun oldin
Its stolen gg
prasanna kumar
prasanna kumar 13 kun oldin
It was also remake in telugu language oopiri..
König Dima
König Dima 13 kun oldin
CRAP... Original is Beste !
KingDarkness666™ 14 kun oldin
Knew Walter White didn’t die...
Camila Antigua Valdez
Finally something decent!
Hastin Nuraini
Hastin Nuraini 14 kun oldin
invite me for your next film
melovetorun 14 kun oldin
Marcy Perryman
Marcy Perryman 14 kun oldin
I watched this movie twice and loved it so much. There were only two empty seats in the theater and everyone was laughing their heads off.
Mokolele 14 kun oldin
murica again... shame on you
Sarah Moyle-Johnstone
So what if it's a remake, watch it, watch the original, they are both telling the same story. I wish people would quit being film snobs, if by remaking movie opens the story up to a whole new audience of which some might be interested in seeing the original then surely that's a good thing.
subject alpha
subject alpha 15 kun oldin
The original was way better
Alishba balouch
Alishba balouch 15 kun oldin
looks similar to me before you
Kaluta Trance
Kaluta Trance 15 kun oldin
FANTASTIC MOVIE!! Watched it last night...best laugh i've had in years! Bravo !!
MOLON LABE 16 kun oldin
lol, 99% of movies are remakes of books soooooo
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 14 kun oldin
MOLON LABE you’re retarded
DK ..
DK .. 16 kun oldin
Oh man ! it shows where Ludovico Einaudi's music stood for Intouchables. That was the soul !
Josué Calle
Josué Calle 16 kun oldin
It’s a movie based on a movie wich is based on a true story
TeeHee Mincraft
TeeHee Mincraft 16 kun oldin
I would so watch this movie 😊
Brooke R
Brooke R 17 kun oldin
Bunch of crybabies in the comments. DON'T WATCH THE REMAKE THEN IF YOU'RE THAT SALTY.
B Sully
B Sully 17 kun oldin
i dont get why this remake is being made. like who the fuck asked for this movie the original was already perfetct! and also kevin hart is one of the most bland comedians in the world right now imo.
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 14 kun oldin
B Sully you’re extremely retarded
bolt 537
bolt 537 17 kun oldin
This movie will better than that last poor excuse of a movie
Goli soda
Goli soda 17 kun oldin
Hey bro this flim is telugu oopiri dubbed .......
Kellen Rocha
Kellen Rocha 18 kun oldin
Copy of The Untouchables
Rare Assassin
Rare Assassin 18 kun oldin
the original was perfect there was no need for a remake
Rare Assassin
Rare Assassin 14 kun oldin
+Joshua Willis french version also got ,Golden Globes ,usa award 2013, BAFTA Awards 2013 ,got award from AAFCA 2012,circuit community awards 2012, japanese academy award 2013, black film critics circle awards 2012, black reel awards 2013, brocast film critics association awards 2013, chicago film critics assocition awards 2012,cinema brazil grand price 2013,cinema writers circle awards spain 2013,czech lions 2013,cesar awards france 2012,david di donatello awards 2012,fice-federazione italian cinema d'essai 2012,florida film critics circle awards 2012,globes de cristal awards ,france 2012,gold derby awards 2013,golden trailer awards 2012,goya awards 2013,image awards 2013,leggio d'oro 2012,lumiere awards france 2012,melbourne international film festival 2012,nantucket film festival 2012,national board of review ,usa 2012,NCFCA award 2013,PFCS award 2012,rembrandt award 2013, AND IT KEEPS on GOING world wide i could go on but dont feel like wasting my time proven how wrong you are :D
Rare Assassin
Rare Assassin 14 kun oldin
+Joshua Willis im sorry did not know the world involves around u .but the french virsion is called The Intouchables 2011
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 14 kun oldin
Rare Assassin clearly it wasn’t since I’ve never heard of it
Lord Gaara
Lord Gaara 18 kun oldin
Almost every comments mention about french version whats the difference, let me know and plz share french version link
Just Another Guy!!
Just Another Guy!! 18 kun oldin
Hahahaha, Once you watch the French version you will be crying for the first 15 minutes and after that, you will start cursing this trailer. Everyone who is praising french saw it with subtitles which is pain in the ass but still you can see the praise.
Jana Al Tay
Jana Al Tay 18 kun oldin
I watched this movie and it’s soooo good however this trailer makes it seem like it’s a insult to the original I actually loved this movie and laughed out loud in the cinema
Movie Trailers
Movie Trailers 19 kun oldin
Hey guys,please enter my channel and subscribe, I'm new in this kind of work,and I will post every 3 days 3 trailers, I would be grateful, Thank you.
Michael Hall
Michael Hall 19 kun oldin
So good and relevant. Just saw last night and we might have an Oscar here! Two thumbs way up doing the French original justice.
Just Another Guy!!
Just Another Guy!! 14 kun oldin
Haha, I am 25 year old, When it comes to Art doesn't matters where you are from and don't talk shit when you haven't seen both the movie kid, It's a useless argument. So go check them then argue with me.I have seen previous part like 20-30 times and this one once and all done. So get a life, "LOL"
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 14 kun oldin
Just Another Guy!! You like to say lol a lot you must be a child
Just Another Guy!!
Just Another Guy!! 14 kun oldin
Lol, You haven't seen the original one. Where are you from? US? LOL Butthurt.
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 14 kun oldin
Just Another Guy!! No he has good judgement. You on the other hand
Just Another Guy!!
Just Another Guy!! 18 kun oldin
Lol, You have a terrible judgement in that case
Van Fahnel
Van Fahnel 19 kun oldin
dafuq is this shit, what a shitty remake.
Ceri-Ann Martin
Ceri-Ann Martin 20 kun oldin
Shelby Brady
Shelby Brady 20 kun oldin
The Intouchables 2012
S.A. 20 kun oldin
YEAH, I feel it too: it is A REMAKE of a masterpiece (NOT really a remake, since the original was also based on real story, you know?) and not as close to the French movie, BUT, can you people JUST enjoy Kevin and let yourself be ENTERTAINED, for once, without hating? I thought that FILM supposed to entertain us, not DIVIDE us... Some of you people take things to seriously and are too dramatic about it. I wanna see this a as a COMEDY version of the real story - I remind you, THIS IS NOT A REMAKE, it just tells a story in a little different way, for THE WHOLE world to see, not just Europe and some other countries, here and there. SO, stfu and stop your biatching, biatch! I'MA GO WATCH THIS, if they project it in the original language, here in Germany.
kirsy acevedo
kirsy acevedo 20 kun oldin
Me gusta más Amigos inseparables, la otra.
물고기 20 kun oldin
Kill it with fire !
Jhostin Ruiz
Jhostin Ruiz 21 kun oldin
Like si la visre y si no tambien
Sasha Dragan
Sasha Dragan 21 kun oldin
плять, каждые 5 лет теперь будут это снимать?
MrYesiir 21 kun oldin
This is how you destroy a good movie 😣
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 14 kun oldin
MrYesiir um no you’re an idiot
Carrie Philippi
Carrie Philippi 22 kun oldin
Good movie...
TheAnimation 22 kun oldin
Fucking Copy Paste, The French one is so much better
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 14 kun oldin
TheAnimation retard alert
Sam Sawd
Sam Sawd 22 kun oldin
Dude what the fuck ? Just why ???
Essie B
Essie B 22 kun oldin
I read some comments about how Kevin doesn’t look like Omar Sy (the one who played in the French version of the movie) and blablabla. Did y’all know that the REAL story is actually about a little Algerian (so probably Arab) guy named Abdel Sellou lol. So it doesn’t matter who’s playing the role of Driss, Dell, Abdel or whatever his name is. It’s BASED on a true story so it doesn’t have to be exact the same.
Kem j
Kem j 23 kun oldin
Complete rip off of The Intouchable
D Hegic
D Hegic 23 kun oldin
The Intouchables!
Hazliatul Adnan
Hazliatul Adnan 23 kun oldin
Hollywood is officially ran out of ideas. Copy n paste.
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 14 kun oldin
Hazliatul Adnan you’re retarded
Lástima que eligiera Bryan Cranston hacer esta película que es una de mis favoritas en la versión francesa. Muy probablemente no la vea (por si estaban con el pendiente). PD. No soporto mucho a Nicole Kidman
Serge Gatignol
Serge Gatignol 23 kun oldin
SHAME ! French movies are not good enough to be on US tvs ?
Mihai-Catalin Asan
Mihai-Catalin Asan 23 kun oldin
" Intouchables"is the original movie on this subject. And of course, it's better than this remake.
Eduardo Ortega
Eduardo Ortega 24 kun oldin
Wow, I loved the original movie. I'm definitely going to see the remake with Kryan Cranston hahaha :D
Micheal Grim
Micheal Grim 24 kun oldin
Doesn't look nearly as good as the french version but I got a few laughs and I like the actors so I'll give it a watch.
the Prince
the Prince 24 kun oldin
Where are the intouchable fans??!! Like my comment
laaleesk 24 kun oldin
¿por qué ?
Brto M
Brto M 24 kun oldin
I like it
Sergio Marquina
Sergio Marquina 24 kun oldin
fake taxi.
claudia_in -colour
claudia_in -colour 25 kun oldin
My reaction to this: "absolutely unnecessary remake, no one needs that, oh there is Bryan Cranston in it...maybe...no that doesn't help"
Zippo Fanatic 77
Zippo Fanatic 77 25 kun oldin
Rotten tomatoes gave this 40% but the audience score is 86%. Hhhm wonder what's going on here
Clinton Martin
Clinton Martin 25 kun oldin
French version people (intouchables) , kevin cant play serious this must be a joke
Gallo sky
Gallo sky 25 kun oldin
i appreciated this movie it was wonderful.
fk stalkers
fk stalkers 26 kun oldin
y'all need to learn to speak french, meeeeeeeeerde
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