THE UPSIDE Official Trailer (2019) Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston Movie HD

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THE UPSIDE Official Trailer (NEW 2019) Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston, Nicole Kidman Movie HD
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3-Okt, 2018

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Iliyan Gaitansky
Iliyan Gaitansky 36 daqiqa oldin
That is a pathetic remake! No one can replace Omar Sy!
blacklotus808 Soat oldin
you've got to be fucking kidding
Sadov Aesthetics
Sadov Aesthetics 2 soat oldin
beautiful movie , it should win an oscar ....beautiful work by hart, cranston and kidman. amazing
12033552 4 soat oldin
I love Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart but the original just cant be topped sucks that this was done
Lorsy Agbisit
Lorsy Agbisit 4 soat oldin
me before you
WarlordMegatron 8 soat oldin
The Intouchables did it first. Sorry guys.
hayden friend
hayden friend 8 soat oldin
Fuck this Hollywood bs, go watch Intouchables & stop supporting these movie remakes. Basically saying that its OK to take ideas & profit purely off of something that was already made.
Vivvijana Vi
Vivvijana Vi 10 soat oldin
Why would you remake a movie that has been made few years ago? Why would you remake a movie that is so well made? Why would you remake a movie that has great actors in it? WHY WOULD YOU REMAKE INTOUCHABLES, ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES, WHY AMERICA?!?!?!?!?
Courtney Raspberry
Courtney Raspberry 11 soat oldin
What... Why? The original was perfect
Osman Goktas
Osman Goktas 11 soat oldin
You stole the film My Friend
Cee Bee
Cee Bee 11 soat oldin
The original is much better
SeArCh4DrEaMz 12 soat oldin
I cant believe a remake of the original movie has been done.. just for the americans.. u guyz must be "special"
Flash-Sentry 13 soat oldin
So this is the movie I have to sit through this weekend cause my daughter wants to see it..... dam it looks terrible
JackBD 13 soat oldin
I knew I had seen this somewhere, I remember sitting in French class watching this
walkingcubkid 13 soat oldin
Wasn’t this released in 2017???
featheon 15 soat oldin
I'll pay for this seemingly unfunny film to support Kevin.
Justin Mack
Justin Mack 15 soat oldin
This movie was GREAT!!!!
J Ketcham
J Ketcham 15 soat oldin
This is very good film. The trailer misled me, it is serious film, not comedy. Is a really really good film.
Karolis Gruzdas
Karolis Gruzdas 16 soat oldin
Why they didn't watch untouchables before writing a script? It is completely wasted money and created only for US market :)
Youtube Günlüğüm
Youtube Günlüğüm 16 soat oldin
This was painful to watch. Also without Ludovico's music 😷 It's a no from me.
Göksoy 16 soat oldin
not even close.
Lovecchio Squad
Lovecchio Squad 16 soat oldin
Goalkipper94 16 soat oldin
what for?
feanor485 17 soat oldin
So it's a remake, big deal..I'm french, and the original movie was french, based on the true story of two Frenchmen. I'm not offended in the slightest. Remakes happen in Hollywood all the time. Hell, the list of movie remakes would probably surprise you. The purpose of movies is to tell stories, to entertain and inspire us. Nothing prevents people from seeing the French movie with subtitles and then this one. We can see both, so I'm puzzled why some say to see one and avoid the other. Why the tribalism?
Chanra Chhuon
Chanra Chhuon 17 soat oldin
I like The Intouchables better than this version. Yeah, I don't speak french, but I can read subtitles in English. Anyway, I'll give this version a try and see how it goes. BTW, The Intouchables soundtrack is uplifting!!
Ali Khan
Ali Khan 18 soat oldin
The Intouchables You're welcome.
Ducky Darkstar
Ducky Darkstar 19 soat oldin
Relax your tight french assholes
Šarūnas Tamulis
Šarūnas Tamulis 19 soat oldin
Finally something new and fresh from the west! Oh wait...
Stefan Stojanovski
Stefan Stojanovski 19 soat oldin
the intouchables
Riaan Pretorius
Riaan Pretorius 19 soat oldin
Wow... No wonder the world is going to $#!%. Just a bunch of babies waiting for something to cry about. The internet is full of "offensive" things. People dont know because they dont want to. Same thing here, watch the trailer and if you dont want to go and see it, dont. Its quite simple. And if you find any of this offensive you probably are a baby🤣🤣🤣
Taylor Davis
Taylor Davis 20 soat oldin
I bet the French movie was great, I will watch it one day but The Upside made me laugh and choke up all at the same time worth my money
alboforlife18 21 soat oldin
PUTAIN! is all i can say
jr madkison
jr madkison 23 soat oldin
So Brian Cranston had to have an interview with Kevin heart about taking a serious role for this movie? Does anyone remember Brian Cranston as Hal in Malcolm in the middle? Cranston didn't seem all there that whole show he was a fruit loop.
Jacob Matic
Jacob Matic 23 soat oldin
*Ripped off a French Movie*
Jonathan Perquin
Nice! I hope Seth Rogan does a Schindler’s list remake.
o j
o j Kun oldin
at first i thout why? but looking at the trailer it actualy looks good, both actors are perfectly casted, still think that its pointles to remake this movie but it could be good movie unlike what a lot people think
Smallville Sky
Smallville Sky Kun oldin
Whiney ass film snobs man. Just saw it tonight and it’s great!! Cranston is brilliant as always and Kevin Hart puts in an honest performance.
Alex vdD
Alex vdD Kun oldin
We should boycott this **** !
Touss C
Touss C Kun oldin
This is pathetic just watch the real one with subtitles
Meagan Smith
Meagan Smith Kun oldin
Such a good movie 💛
casa maria
casa maria Kun oldin
it's remake of an Idian movie calle oopiri uzvid.com/video/video-e1ddsJ38D5Q.html
Mickey Deez
Mickey Deez Kun oldin
1:03 I know how painful a cathador is. Even thinking about such a thing makes me cringe and flinch.
Jesus Banuelos
Jesus Banuelos Kun oldin
Hell yea, man!
Sharon Okotak
Sharon Okotak Kun oldin
I love this, Reminds me of my dad and his Home care workers
Fantasize Reality
So everyone is mad but this is literally based off a true story so how are they copying
Georgina Loyola yañez.
Nada supera la película original "intocables" jamás la superare,mala copia .
Bill Ragz
Bill Ragz Kun oldin
whine all you want. You like the original, Ok i got that. But why bash a remake? By the looks of it, it's a good movie.
MuddusMaximus Kun oldin
I love The Intouchables, and this movie looks like a funny version of the same story. I don’t need to compare it to the original. I know how amazing the original is, and I will be happy if this movie makes me laugh.
Adriana A
Adriana A Kun oldin
Bryan Cranston moving his neck and shoulders makes me cringe :c
CaptainCrunch 260
Hollywood act like its only one black comedian working....I cant stand Kevin Hart lol
Sao Cungduoc
Sao Cungduoc Kun oldin
LOL @ at all the cunts crying about their first world problem.
Patience Love
Patience Love Kun oldin
You can't move your feet n she can't move her face🤣🤣🤣
Vera Sherrard
Vera Sherrard Kun oldin
The Upside Already watched this movie here : t.co/D3iWe0WLLY
Oscar Vargas
Oscar Vargas Kun oldin
Lmoa bunch of bitches on here."I'm not watching this movie because the other movie"they cant just remake movies" fuck out of here watch it or not just stfu no cap and Dont @ Me✌
28andee Kun oldin
This video ended with a tear in my eye. Fcuk.
Mark Kun oldin
Wtf I saw this ad and I was like ce sont Les Intouchables!!
Hannko GH
Hannko GH Kun oldin
Hahahaha ohh nooo this is soo terrible!! Some one decided to make another movie about the same story!! What an unthinkable thing to do!! 🤣🤣🤣 I loved the intouchables and I am also planing to watch this one, we will see which one i like better and then... i will do the unthinkable... yes people after watching both movies i will move on... 🤣🤣🤣 u cry babies 🤣
Hegyi Chriss
Hegyi Chriss Kun oldin
The Weinstein Co. film!weinstein's movies are the best!But the original French is the real one!!
Marcus Kun oldin
The real life friends were a white man and an Arabic man. They changed the race of the Arabic guy for the movie, because the movie industry would never portray Arabs in a positive light due to the industry being controlled by JE.....................RKS.
Dotken Kun oldin
wHoE A CoMeDy rEmAke
PSilence 01
PSilence 01 Kun oldin
This movie was great!!!
Abraham Zriouel Berquia
Nooo prefiero la original la francesa😔😔😔
Clare Welford
Clare Welford Kun oldin
I'm so glad I read the comments. I'm going to go watch the original now!
Gab Gallard
Gab Gallard Kun oldin
I'll just say this: I never heard about the French original before but now I know about it I wanna see it before watching this remake.
skepmcpe Kun oldin
Look I love Kevin Hart so much bc he talented,funny and amazing but idk if am gonna watch this movie am sorry kev :/
MOHAMMED Aathif Kun oldin
They copied the tamil movie "Oopiri"
Damn mr.white
Diana 7w7 RV
Diana 7w7 RV Kun oldin
Cáncer :'v 💔
bhuvana kuts
bhuvana kuts Kun oldin
WHAO, this is just like the telugu movie, Oopiri !
Ines Saou
Ines Saou Kun oldin
It will never be like the French reproduction "intouchable "... Never 💓💓💓💓
crendon29 Kun oldin
I understand why people would disagree with such movie. The original is an amazing film and as such it will be imitated, replicated, copied and remade. So what is the big deal? it is a lovely story told again with different actors who seem to be right for the role as well. Same story from the perspective of a different director. I've seen the original one quite a few times. It will be nice to see it again with some changes.
crendon29 Kun oldin
And the assistant is still hot as hell!!!
TeternalGIone Kun oldin
yeah its sweet and all but have to go with no the original is way better but also we can try and watch it as is not compare it :/
Lydia Amaka
Lydia Amaka Kun oldin
I like what i see
Muzain Munavar
Muzain Munavar Kun oldin
theres a tamil movie with the same story
Muzain Munavar
Muzain Munavar Kun oldin
theres a tamil movie with the same story
Upaginit 101
Upaginit 101 Kun oldin
Anyone saying they won’t watch this, is their loss, best movie I’ve saw in a few years.. AWESOME MOVIE
first name
first name Kun oldin
why do americans always have to ruin everything
Blake Elliott
Blake Elliott Kun oldin
Catarina Mangel
Catarina Mangel Kun oldin
Nobody asked for this remake. The original is so much better. Hollywood is definitely running out of ideas
Isatis Rose
Isatis Rose Kun oldin
C'est ridicule lol tellement nul désolé
Glenn Andersen
Glenn Andersen Kun oldin
I too am offended by this remake. The intouchables (2011) Is my favourite and only DRAMA genre movie I can watch. Please USA. Stop with this atrocity. You have supplied us with good movies for years. Have you all stopped trying? What happened? Please dont ruin this one too... like you have done with so many other remakes.. I beg you.
Thiago Nogueira
Thiago Nogueira Kun oldin
I have the feeling that i already watched this movie!!
l1998 Kun oldin
I've this the French one too, but I like this one more. Crazy!
RonTahan1 Kun oldin
why would you show us the entire movie in a trailer?
Will _
Will _ Kun oldin
I hate to be a film snob but I don't get the point of all these remakes. The Intouchables was an absolute perfect film and one where you really care about the characters. Now as fas those bitching about America... Hey, this is NOT an American problem. This is a Hollywood problem. And Hollywood does not speak for all of America, so they create whatever they can to make money off of those uncultured fools who don't like foreign films and prefer celebrity over originality. PERIOD. Stop being ass hats by shitting on all of America.
Denny Prastha
Denny Prastha 2 kun oldin
I bet it can't go any higher than 6 stars rating on IMDB. Or even 5.
Qu. Lisa Leeanne Lavish
I dont care what anyone says this movie was amazing!
Ayomikun F
Ayomikun F 2 kun oldin
I don't care if it's a remake they remade the classic (Big) movie the new one is coming out this year is called (little) I don't care about a remake as long as it's good.
Kevin Schneider
Kevin Schneider 2 kun oldin
Why does Hollywood always steal good movies from france ?!?! I don't particularly like France or whatever but after Brick Mansion's.. i dunno its just massively shity. Fuck that movie.... what bums me out even more is that I bet my ass, that at least Cranston saw the original what means he had to know what a REAL great movie and what a great accomplishment it was and is over all.... now they rehash it bout 2 years later ?!?! SCREW YOU !!! Imma boycott this shit
Adadis 2 kun oldin
Hi, before you comment anything. Please remember that both French version and American version comes from the same story. So before you go off on your comment saying “oH tHiS iS a CoPy”. If you really think about it, the French version was a remake of the actual event that took place that inspire the movie.. so... :)
TVBalkan 2 kun oldin
Superhero movies, remakes, reboots... Yep, it's certain now. Hollywood is officially out of ideas. As for me, I'm switching to European cinematography, especially Russian. They have more and more awesome AAA production movies.
🍀✨Lucky Charm✨🍀
Stop remaking movies stop remaking movies stop remaking movies
superheronebil 2 kun oldin
Secretly, they make meth together
Hermann Göbbels
Hermann Göbbels 2 kun oldin
shouldnt have tried to copy the original movie. this remake is a shame!
rejoy joy
rejoy joy 2 kun oldin
Its an indian movie remake.... "thozha"
nishad Savad
nishad Savad 2 kun oldin
I think This movie is remake
Dario Boni
Dario Boni 2 kun oldin
The French version is one of my favorite movies of all time. I hope this remake makes justice. #TheIntouchables
Sudev Vp
Sudev Vp 2 kun oldin
Mani Kumar
Mani Kumar 2 kun oldin
In india...there was a movie name "oppiri" acted by nagarjuna & karthi Link :-uzvid.com/video/video-e1ddsJ38D5Q.html
vijay singh
vijay singh 2 kun oldin
Awesome film. Fuck all you cunts that’s are offended. Snowflakes motherfuckers