The World of Jake Paul

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“The Mind of Jake Paul” is an in depth look at one of the fasted growing UZvidr’s of all time. From his childhood, to his teenage years, to his days of jumping on top of news vans and lighting empty swimming pools on fire; everything will be explored to find out what makes Jake Paul who he is.
Thanks to:
Jake Paul
Kati Morton, Therapist
Andrew Siwicki
Erika Costell
Chad Tepper
Alissa Violet
H3H3 Podcast
Sarah Hawkinson
Iris - Fae System
Rewired Soul
Marcus Butler Podcast
No Jumper




8-Okt, 2018

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Jessalin Evans
Jessalin Evans 2 kun oldin
shane you have no idea how u have changed my life you are truly the best thing and one of the only things that is bringing me out of depression.. thank you.
girl of random
girl of random 4 kun oldin
+Rodney Woods o
girl of random
girl of random 4 kun oldin
Hay why do you were the same t shirt all the time of the little pig can you tell me 🤐
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch 6 kun oldin
Dear god do I admire your bravery to go straight into the lion’s den
VandaIeyes Soat oldin
Shane. Kill yourself you fat, ugly fuck
Blaziken Mask
Blaziken Mask 3 soat oldin
Shane is literally obsessing over jake lol how many times has he been flirting with him
Alexandra De Leon
Alexandra De Leon 4 soat oldin
Is jakes Paul’s house bigger than Jeffrey stars or Jeffrey stars house is bigger than jakes?
mart wolf
mart wolf 9 soat oldin
Why is he so sad and scared
hannah galabo
hannah galabo 12 soat oldin
The song from this vid is such a vibe
Skylar Matley
Skylar Matley 13 soat oldin
jake: send it! me: PLUGGING ELTONS MERCH OMG
Miranda Elaine
Miranda Elaine 14 soat oldin
I think Jake Paul is a man child who never got the chance to grow up like a normal person. I get a worse vibe from Logan...
Saima Muddassar
Saima Muddassar 18 soat oldin
"No, they like you." Ouch man. I felt that
DrCube84 22 soat oldin
So dramatic and boring in the beginning
Emily Trumble
Emily Trumble Kun oldin
Why dose he keep saying like
Corgi Butt
Corgi Butt Kun oldin
Shane’s at 19mill been on UZvid for eight years Nah that doesn’t sound right
Freya B
Freya B Kun oldin
the music tho😍 love the end at the end... cant stop binge watching. i havent even touched netflix
Lizbit Smith
Lizbit Smith Kun oldin
I’m so done with this therapist. Why is she there? Who is she? We don’t want a creepy conspiracy theory or diagnosis. Go away.
Allison Wensel
Allison Wensel Kun oldin
take a shit every time Jake says "like"
Juicy French Fry
Anthony’s dog Anthony’s Song nudge nudge #billyjoel #jpisirrelavent
Savage_lamas Kun oldin
omg rn now I am drinking ma pure leaf tea and he is all like thats the tea shook (not sponsored )
Kim'Ann Raymond
Kim'Ann Raymond Kun oldin
Lol the therapist could be one for all we know!😂😂😂 this shit got me second guessing everything and everyone I know!😩😂😄😋🙃
all around me are familiar faces
After the break up anyone?? Now hearing Jake say Ericka is the best thing that has ever happened to him is funny and sad
Da Fuq
Da Fuq Kun oldin
Who know the title of the music the end of the video 47:07
all around me are familiar faces
Bitter heart 😘
roseboy 20_01
roseboy 20_01 Kun oldin
God, the first thing I said to myself when watching this was "don't feel sorry for him", and now I literally want to follow him I'm such a weak person
Elis Sugahara
Elis Sugahara Kun oldin
Wtf kkkk He's actually a kid with a hard past
Leah Yazan
Leah Yazan Kun oldin
Let’s just put it out there that Shane has more subscribers than jake Paul. Love you Shane
mrs. titls
mrs. titls 2 kun oldin
In the thumbnail ...and i quate.."*shook*"
Hannah Watterson
Hannah Watterson 2 kun oldin
shane you’re doing great hunny keep it up!
Kiara Naicker
Kiara Naicker 2 kun oldin
Mouse trap guy though
peter selie
peter selie 2 kun oldin
Shane i hope you read this i am rewatching to serie again and i think i know what jake has its called aspaerge it is a kind of autisme where you take thinks and understand some things not lik everyone does. And people with this syndrome don't know there own strength en don't know how to react to things.
Fernando Francisco
Fernando Francisco 2 kun oldin
welp....it is really sucks being a little brother and the youngest of the family...
Isha Saravanan
Isha Saravanan 2 kun oldin
Wouldn't have Jake known that Katie was a therapist from watching the second episode?
Sidney Koehler
Sidney Koehler 2 kun oldin
Kayleigh Blank
Kayleigh Blank 2 kun oldin
Shane flipping out during the ATV ride was so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂I was laughing so hard I started to cry
Monica Pina
Monica Pina 2 kun oldin
That off roading portion.... I WANNA GOOOO
Ida Wendigo
Ida Wendigo 2 kun oldin
I think Logan and Greg are the Sociopaths (maybe even psychopaths?) And Jake is more like his mother. But his father mentally (maybe even physically) abused him. And Jake thought men act like his father and brother and he became like that too. And we know sociopaths are made. Jake was made to be a sociopath, especially by his father (and obviously there is more we don't know).
Vanessa H
Vanessa H 3 kun oldin
He reminds me of a young Dolph Lundgren.
Chelsi Chikwata
Chelsi Chikwata 3 kun oldin
Did anyone else need time to process that Jake and Shane were in the same room?
SpydersByte 3 kun oldin
never watched either of these 2 and I'm thanking god for that right now. Shane is such a drama queen and Jake is just a rich piece of shit. How either of them got so goddamn popular is beyond me. WHY DO YOU PEOPLE WATCH THESE IDIOTS?
SpydersByte 3 kun oldin
Christ, Shane talks to KEEMSTAR? FFS I need to get out of here and back to my corner of youtube where no stupid drama happens.
East Kill3r
East Kill3r 3 kun oldin
So this video was butt buddies session.
DMND ScareCrow
DMND ScareCrow 3 kun oldin
Alloeverybody, Imallexx.
Linda Saldana
Linda Saldana 3 kun oldin
Shane: We have so much in common Jake: No they like you *that's actually sad 😔*
Layla Glez
Layla Glez 3 kun oldin
If those are the only qualifications for a sociopath, then almost everyone around me is a sociopath. The guy is 21--he's still allowed to do childish and stupid shit.
ThePupSquad 3 kun oldin
“I’m Andrew!” “I’m Jake!” Bitch we been knew
Leysis Gutierrez
Leysis Gutierrez 3 kun oldin
wtf 25:04
Sophie Mather
Sophie Mather 3 kun oldin
"My dad's a weirdo." Your dad's a fucking nonce.
Coovu 4 kun oldin
Jake needs a break. All of the Fame, money overbearing parents. The guy looks drained asf. I don't think he's a sociopath. But his brother Logan shows Sociopathic tendencies.
Dimes 4 kun oldin
Wait, Ferris Bueller was a psycopath??? That explains so much, hahaha
Rachel Pfohl
Rachel Pfohl 3 kun oldin
Dimes i thought the exact same thing LOL
Angel of Neo
Angel of Neo 4 kun oldin
It’s so funny how Jake and Logan look so much like the default skin 😂
Ruby Jacobs
Ruby Jacobs 4 kun oldin
"You know for fun I watch Apple TV" Yassssss👏👏👏👏 actually me 😂
Gabriel Smith
Gabriel Smith 4 kun oldin
Linda Saldana
Linda Saldana 3 kun oldin
A lot of people! He has used some people but they also used him! Not siding with him but it's true!!
Natasha Hargraves
Natasha Hargraves 4 kun oldin
Shane is a fat mood in this whole vid 😂😂😂 btw just posted my first UZvid vid :))))
Chloe Palmer
Chloe Palmer 4 kun oldin
take a shot every time jake says like
roflllma 0
roflllma 0 4 kun oldin
plot twist : all this people on this video are actually sociopath
roflllma 0
roflllma 0 4 kun oldin
bro how much you paid him to make this video? u fucking sociopath
celeb webb
celeb webb 4 kun oldin
he's real psicho
the panda bros 3000
you got him,the guy that does not want to grow up
bailey gianna
bailey gianna 4 kun oldin
Whatever level of sad I am you always find a way to make me laugh Shane lol
Dank 4 kun oldin
Shane’s pig shirt will forever be in my mind
Indah Oreilly
Indah Oreilly 4 kun oldin
I use to dislike jake but now I kinda feel bad for him and don’t think he’s as bad as people say he is
Indah Oreilly
Indah Oreilly 4 kun oldin
I use to dislike jake but now I kinda feel bad for him and don’t think he’s as bad as people say he is
Looking Throughout
Looking Throughout 5 kun oldin
Shanes T- Shirt Describes his face when he sees the school bus.
babita yadav
babita yadav 5 kun oldin
His life is a vacation, he doesn't need one
Elyssa Jennings
Elyssa Jennings 2 kun oldin
It’s not a vacation though. Because he lives with these insane people and you can tell how mentally drained he is.
Tilly Branchett
Tilly Branchett 5 kun oldin
i love how he was honest
Kelly Osorio
Kelly Osorio 5 kun oldin
Holy crap
Gillian Aguilar
Gillian Aguilar 5 kun oldin
I love watching your videos because there's no ads to skip 🤗
S.K.Y MagicStar
S.K.Y MagicStar 5 kun oldin
jake is 21? I never known that
Comics&Books /
Comics&Books / 5 kun oldin
Not to be a pessimist, but who would've thought that behind all the sweetness of Jake and Erika, he was cheating on her all alonh
Ahrya's World
Ahrya's World 5 kun oldin
Jesuss i love Shane he is so funny actually is like my second video of him but he seem a rllt nice and emphatyc person
Lyzetful 5 kun oldin
you should do an in depth story about pewdiepie
Maria Zambon
Maria Zambon 5 kun oldin
I never knew Pam remarried...not like they make it a big deal.
Lily Judah
Lily Judah 5 kun oldin
Kati sorta reminds me of Lili Reinhart. like her voice and eyes or something
Ava Mason
Ava Mason 5 kun oldin
I know that a lot of people don't like Jake, but I think this series could open their eyes. Anyone agree kinda? (Bad wording of 'open their eyes' but I hope y'all understand what I mean)
Katelyn Kennedy
Katelyn Kennedy 5 kun oldin
Wait a minute! Does Shane have a boyfriend?!?!?!?!
Katelyn Kennedy
Katelyn Kennedy 3 kun oldin
+Linda Saldana Omg I just realized I love him why don't I watch him more??😂😂😂
Linda Saldana
Linda Saldana 3 kun oldin
YEAH! You fake fan!! Lmao!😂
Slime vs Cat
Slime vs Cat 5 kun oldin
I don’t know why but my hart broke when they said Anthony stole their UZvid account
shooketh 5 kun oldin
39:08 after Shane asked him where he does a wheelie he starts to say the neighbors yard then corrects himself🤭
AstrophileElle 5 kun oldin
"what do you do with your money?" "...honestly i save it" sure....while you stand in a massive mansion in your massive room in your massive WIR with about 2 million worth of clothes/shoes in there. Sure. You totally save it.
tea timee ***
tea timee *** 5 kun oldin
I kinda feel bad for shane because jake kinda lied to him
tea timee ***
tea timee *** 3 kun oldin
+Linda Saldana yeah but alot of people made videos to clarify that jake was lying that chance like stole the account and stuff it even went on dramaalert and jake already posted that they ended there relationship and in the video he said to shane that she made me happy and stuff but like on his instagram post he said she didnt make him happy and shes like not the type of person for him
Linda Saldana
Linda Saldana 3 kun oldin
Tea time *** but those aren't lies! They are true facts!! Jerika seems real. I feel like chance actually did that because a lot of people do that kind of stuff! Also, Jake said he trusted Shane so if he lied it would seem very wrong.
tea timee ***
tea timee *** 3 kun oldin
+Linda SaldanaAbout him and erickas relation ship and he blamed chance for stealing chance and anthonys channel when he left
Linda Saldana
Linda Saldana 3 kun oldin
BebeParis 5 kun oldin
Disney prob backs paying for his house so he can help corrupt the minds and morals of kids
Matthew Bailey
Matthew Bailey 5 kun oldin
Never hear did Jake Paul, Shane’s first videos made me not like him , but now watching this I feel like I like him haha
Broken Glass
Broken Glass 6 kun oldin
This makes me sad I'm not sad for uhh jake Idk but I'm sad for ur content
Doggo lover Playz
Doggo lover Playz 6 kun oldin
(Closer to the end of the video) *shane goes to music and clicks sad* 😂 😂 😂 I’m joking shane lol
Doggo lover Playz
Doggo lover Playz 6 kun oldin
I feel like Shane was literally just reading every single “ohmygod” on his shirt 😂 😭 😂 😭
Jose Cardenas
Jose Cardenas 6 kun oldin
Me too my mom and dad separated and I even spend Christmas twice
Alison Murphy
Alison Murphy 6 kun oldin
Andrew: I don’t know how to feel Me: Am I think Andrew has sociopath tendencies
Lililetus Cutillas
Lililetus Cutillas 6 kun oldin
The therapist was SUPER out of place there! LOL! Why did Shane have to bring her?
Kevin Brender
Kevin Brender 6 kun oldin
Erika is really likeable
Dolan twins and youtubers imagines
jake looks like OMG this comspircey dude is going to expose me ugh this little pig shall dieeee wheres cheeto and uno we shall plot his death now lol
Kristel Magdael
Kristel Magdael 6 kun oldin
Wait, the Chance situation is so fkd up. That’s too sad. 😭
XxIrene AngelxX
XxIrene AngelxX 6 kun oldin
I go back and forth to my mom’s and dad’s every few days.
asmr jessica
asmr jessica 6 kun oldin
Forget NETFLIX shane dawson has a new show on youtube
Ruby Potts
Ruby Potts 6 kun oldin
Invalid Opinion
Invalid Opinion 6 kun oldin
Poor Shane
Hiroshi_KM 6 kun oldin
This was lit
Ella Lps!!!!
Ella Lps!!!! 7 kun oldin
I've never seen Jake Paul this calm 😗
Tori Ford
Tori Ford 7 kun oldin
Anyone watch MatPats video about this?
Galaxy Sweetz
Galaxy Sweetz 7 kun oldin
42:59 I felt motion sick
Monica cookie Cool
Monica cookie Cool 7 kun oldin
I died laughing 😂😂😂😂
Jomira 's
Jomira 's 7 kun oldin
he’s either really down to earth or he’s just so drained
Alyssa Mcknight
Alyssa Mcknight 7 kun oldin
I’ve never hated jake, I just thought he was clingy. Now logan on the other hand....
Fellow Hooligan
Fellow Hooligan 7 kun oldin
YOu HaVE GucCi SLIDeS!!!
Jake Regalado
Jake Regalado 7 kun oldin
Shane u suck jake is better u don’t fuck with jake Paul my heart is telling me u die and jake continue doing his vids bruh
Angel Styons
Angel Styons 7 kun oldin
7:17 tana?