The Worst Part About Being First Lady? Comedians

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Melania Trump says her least favorite thing about being First Lady is coverage from comedians, performers, and other things that describe Stephen Colbert.
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14-Dek, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 1 612
zeewann 10 kun oldin
Melanoma calling someone else an opportunist. Lol!!!!!
Karl-Heinz Poppinger
American Woohmehn...
Dak Lamerbusch
Dak Lamerbusch 12 kun oldin
For those confused, he's talking about "Melanie."
juan reynoso
juan reynoso 13 kun oldin
She's right people are getting advances namely some pornstars 130000 to $1000000🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Vuk Ljubicic
Vuk Ljubicic 14 kun oldin
First lady with a "Russian" accent, that's diversity lol
TheViperFan 14 kun oldin
The poor Trump family has not destroyed democracy enough to put away people who speak out against them. Yet. uzvid.com/video/video-HMQkV5cTuoY.html
Shato Nyruami
Shato Nyruami 14 kun oldin
Isn´t there a rule that a US president has to born American to avoid having a leader who isn´t able to speak English?`Maybe they should broaden this rule to their wives as well. Is it even legal in the US to order women per catalog?
kalikurtgirl 14 kun oldin
Yeah those opportunists who seek to advance themselves using the family name...she forgot to include 3rd wives...
Monique Kimberly H.
Monique Kimberly H. 14 kun oldin
Her and her pinche husband are opportunists. Ummm birth certificate. Book writers? Authors???
dom free
dom free 16 kun oldin
Stephen is a national treasure and melania is what? She just married a traitor and stolen the title by plagiarizing Michelle Obama's speech.
Geina 44
Geina 44 16 kun oldin
The only person that can really talk to that woman is Shaun because she is just an illiterate no intelligent journalist would want to interview her just leave her with her be best crap.
Amrit K.B
Amrit K.B 16 kun oldin
Well if trump can stop using Obama's name every now and then .. does she know about her husbands twitter account...lol... what a joke this family...
エルジェイ 16 kun oldin
Why isn't Hannity locked up, too, yet?
Ash Muntz
Ash Muntz 17 kun oldin
emmmmn...who can i put shit on today....oh thats right ..trump...get some new material snoflake
hobbicles28 17 kun oldin
Interesting. Just like Trump she gives zero fucks about anyone else. Such a match made in hel.
The P
The P 17 kun oldin
The P
The P 17 kun oldin
Sry stormy , hehe
David Withey
David Withey 19 kun oldin
Anyone ever notice how much she looks like putin?
kauxkaux 20 kun oldin
My God, I can. Only think that the only way she speaks English so bad is because nobody talks to her for long periods of time 🙄
Faith Rada
Faith Rada 21 kun oldin
Melaniaaaa If you did what was right.. you would NOT be hanging around with so many CORRUPT people. There is an ancient but wise saying... "One is judged by the company they keep".
Enrique Lara
Enrique Lara 21 kun oldin
I do hope there is an sealed indictment for this one. WWG1WGA
Bruce M
Bruce M 21 kun oldin
I don't care, do you?
Amanuella Patterson
Amanuella Patterson 22 kun oldin
her hair is screaming for a good hot oil treatment and some toner.. maybe just chop it and do a good lacefront.. idk, she need something
Kamakama Kameleon
Kamakama Kameleon 23 kun oldin
Maybe she should've considered the things she done.
General Kwaku
General Kwaku 23 kun oldin
She forgot prosecutors!!!
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 23 kun oldin
All this from gold digging “EEW”!
Jack Jammen
Jack Jammen 24 kun oldin
Last I knew, Plagiarism is not considered “a true to self” kind of achievement.
Cue 1st Amend
Cue 1st Amend 25 kun oldin
She's using Trump's hair bleach!!
Cheryl Mcwilliams
Cheryl Mcwilliams 26 kun oldin
Trumps wife should learn to speak Englih
L MH 26 kun oldin
So tell me again, What does she do??
hey funny
hey funny 26 kun oldin
Oh that b*tch can clearly go fkkk herself.
c s
c s 26 kun oldin
"The opportunists getting rich off of [the] family name... [Especially Donald, Don Jr., Eric, me, Ivanka, even Jared]"
siestam44 26 kun oldin
She feels? I thought she was robot
Shez H
Shez H 27 kun oldin
the only opportunist here was herself.
Awtachew Raya
Awtachew Raya 29 kun oldin
what are book writers? u mean authors ya?
Dav A
Dav A 29 kun oldin
Well after hearing her talk I can see why Donald is so concerned about more immigrants coming into the country. They no doubt will all speak better than Melania and will not have plagiarized the previous first lady. Be best.... Whatever
Scot Fretwell
Scot Fretwell 29 kun oldin
You sound like the people you hate.
I'm Iron Man
I'm Iron Man 29 kun oldin
Malenia has a great accent
Monique Shannon
Monique Shannon 29 kun oldin
I don't speak air-head
MOJAVE DESERT 29 kun oldin
Some one teach that gold digger proper English!😂🍻
HOMER DRUMPF 29 kun oldin
Damn the caravan is here..i need to see Melanie green papers
HOMER DRUMPF 29 kun oldin
Be best! At treason
helveticaification 29 kun oldin
Disgraced life guard? Did you peepee in the water?
Tuber You
Tuber You 29 kun oldin
Is the Trump presidency going to end before the next election and if so, why? Well not because Trump's an idiot or a clown, he's neither, but because the people don't want him as their President anymore. Why? Because of his agenda? Not really. The fact is that, in a relatively free society all the scandals and lies, exposed, start to add up. At this point in his tenure he has shown that he cannot be believed about almost anything. People don't want to hear what they know are lies and at a certain point, on whatever level, they sense the danger in that. That freedom can be lost in the cloud of confusion. There are bad things being done out of sight that they don't know of because everything is in question. There's a sense of things being out of control.
John Waters, Jr.
The best thing about Melania Trump is that she is an immigrant, and therefore can’t run for President.
Pwrinkle Johnson
Until the day you call out your husband publicly for his mouth, you’re not doing a damn thing that’s good for this country!
She is as bad and disgusting as her old man. Pigs, the whole lot of them.
Sunday Weiss
Sunday Weiss Oy oldin
I say, America is the holy Trinity and soul of,.... she knows that.
Sunday Weiss
Sunday Weiss Oy oldin
12 not 13
Tina Murphy
Tina Murphy Oy oldin
Considering she was once a nude model - she sure has thin skin. W/all due respect.
Oh get over yourself Melania. Those comedians had thriving careers long before you slithered (no offense to snakes) onto the world stage, and they'll be around long after you're gone.
I really wanted to like her as if she was a victim of trump but she is as bad as him
Stu B
Stu B Oy oldin
Opportunists like..........my husband and his grifting kids?
Max Cameron
Max Cameron Oy oldin
She seems almost as dumb as Donald
cindy o
cindy o Oy oldin
She married Donald Trump. How smart could she be?
Stephanie Soto
Stay true to your hair color. That's good advice.
Vance Gilbert
Vance Gilbert Oy oldin
@0:11 - "Calcifying news tumor"! Haahahhahah ha ha ha FUNNY!!
Ricardo Diaz
Ricardo Diaz Oy oldin
it's a little messed up that you're making fun of her accent and English. She's an immigrant, you could've insulted her expression-less botox riddled face. Or that ironic fact she's accusing people of exploiting the Trump name, which that exactly what she's doing, along with her step-children.
Melania's least favourite thing should be that big orange tumour that's attacking our democracy.
Just Kamal
Just Kamal Oy oldin
Trump name is associate with filth because of trump family including you who benefited from this country immigration laws before your husband became the president.
David DeLaney
David DeLaney Oy oldin
has ... has she stolen Sarah Huckabee-Stomata's smoky eyeshadow? --Dave, oh girl, surely you can fashion better than THAT
michael poche
michael poche Oy oldin
Can Melania file for D_I_V_O_R_C_E ?...Donald Trump probably made her sign a prenump aggrement.
Petey Pyrexxx
Petey Pyrexxx Oy oldin
Ain't she a hoe tho.
donald doyle
donald doyle Oy oldin
Poor woman, but a gold digger no less.
Ryan Linden
Ryan Linden Oy oldin
Do what is right by, coming clean and leaving office.
mitos meios
mitos meios Oy oldin
digiryde Oy oldin
So, an opportunist does not like opportunists? lol - Poetic.
Deborah Thompson
DIESEL0759 Oy oldin
Melania is sooo right!!!! Opportunistic journalists like Sean Hannity!!!!
Sulfen Oy oldin
Melania gives immigrants a bad name. She should be deported for working illegally on a non working visa.
Nicole Bragg
Nicole Bragg Oy oldin
I actually have no problem with her accent, a country built on immigration is bound to have a leader /first family member with an accent somewhere. What really threw me off was actually hearing her talk. I'm genuinely so used to the 'stoic statue' act that I forgot she had a voice.
Derrek84 Oy oldin
How long has she been in this country? Apparently still not long enough to learn the language.
Beth Lind
Beth Lind Oy oldin
She is not as smart as she says she is! She became BEST by marrying into $$$$$$ and FAME.
Asher Tye
Asher Tye Oy oldin
When she says she "does what she thinks is right" she's referring to "for herself."
Telly Vin-a
Telly Vin-a Oy oldin
journalists, comedians, and other public speakers don't create public opinion, they only amplify it. people will still think what they think about trump (both of them) even if there were no entertainers.
Coldheart322 Oy oldin
"I dislike people using our family to advance themselves" - Lady married to man who constantly uses others for self advancement.
steven Oy oldin
look at that adams apple,sure she is a woman?
Ken Roberts
Ken Roberts Oy oldin
melania is going to call others opportunists? pot, meet kettle.
what the flying fuck ...
melania gets criticism from public and media? does she not have true friends?
Mean Asshole
Mean Asshole Oy oldin
pkunkbwok Oy oldin
not that lipstick, girlfriend... it makes you look like a junior high cheerleader
Damothedevo Oy oldin
How long has she been here?
Beelzebob the innocent
How much of this will matter in a very few years when global warming becomes irreversible ? Every administration has been pro oil and military , damn the consequences to future generations it's money and greed we worship. Floods , hurricanes, fires and earthquakes these are a few of our favorite things !!
They hate Trump, but love him for ratings! Hypocrites
djcfrompt Oy oldin
Ya know, if most Trump supporters heard her talk without seeing it was her they'd probably tell her to get out of the country...
I Created An Account For This
Stephen you’re all of those things and more.
Robert Few
Robert Few Oy oldin
Damn.... that fake tan and bottle blonde...... She is slowly turning into Donald
Breane Bednash
SO then she didn't marry Trump for any reason other than he's just a big orange love bug that bones other women on the side regularly ?
Alex Scher
Alex Scher Oy oldin
Melania is so f***in hot
Page Jenkins
Page Jenkins Oy oldin
She sounds like a Dictator!
dans h
dans h Oy oldin
A gold digger melania talking about others being opportunists ? Talk about hypocrisy just like her professional liar husband.
Deborah Santamaria
Don't know the gal personally, but she ought to actually do something useful as first lady.. Being pretty does not a first lady make..Then again, being a crook does not a President make. Can't wait till they all disappear!
TR Graphic
TR Graphic Oy oldin
Next to drumpf, she is the worst. A truly awful pair that deserves each other. I just wish the United States didn't have to pay them to ruin our country.
Canon Bryan
Canon Bryan Oy oldin
OMG! Opportunists? She doesn't even see that she is the queen of opportunism by being a mail order bride of a fat pig she THOUGHT was a billionaire!
rhetorical80 Oy oldin
Melania Trump, a good word of advice from (sometimes attributed to) Mark Twain: "'It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt" Now that you have opened your mouth all bets should be off and people (comedians and satirists in particular) should stop treating you like the poor, trapped victim of the orange horror. You are a most willing accomplice.
cmacdhon Oy oldin
She shares a bed with trump, and that's not even the worse thing about being married to him? She must live a horrible life.
Hoodoo Man
Hoodoo Man Oy oldin
Really who gives a damn about Melania? That is the last thing we should be concerned about. Scientists supposedly say now that we have an existential threat if we don't deal with climate change in the next eleven years. It is already too late. It was almost too late when Carter was president. So now all our children and grandchildren will be guaranteed a horrible life and death. We have doomed them to a surreal suffering of Hell on Earth. But neo libs like yourself just exacerbate the matter. We need revolution, not just namby pamby assholes like you. We need real change, not a debate on Mellania for comic relief. We need a revolution, and soon. And you are not helping.
Barbara Latham
What caused her to actually open her eyes for this? Usually she squints.
India Burke
India Burke Oy oldin
chochonero341 Oy oldin
If they are resentful of comedians egads can you imagine if Joan Rivers was still alive.
mitzi linn
mitzi linn Oy oldin