The Xiaomi Mi A2 is a crazy good deal...

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Xiaomi Mi A2 - s.click.aliexpress.com/e/cXMSfnnv
The Xiaomi Mi A2 is one of the few available Android One smartphones. This gives you a stock Android experience and timely updates.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 4 oy oldin
🔥Xiaomi Mi A2 is only $209 right now (limited) - s.click.aliexpress.com/e/cXMSfnnv 🔥
Bulletproof Boys
Bulletproof Boys 2 kun oldin
Crazy good deal....... Me: If i do have 💰
Stanislav Hristov
Stanislav Hristov 16 kun oldin
What about the Xiaomi Mi 8lite??? It is a better option for the same money....10x :)
Sreekala Biju
Sreekala Biju 24 kun oldin
I think huawae Y7 Prime is better than mia2
kamysamaa Oy oldin
Xiaomi must have payed you nicely for this promotion...
tyro apache
tyro apache Oy oldin
Unbox Therapy There's a 64GB version available on Amazon right now.
Shammoon Hassan
Shammoon Hassan 13 soat oldin
This is the 2nd worst smartphone i bought, wifi get disconnected if the wifi get slow...and even Bluetooth headset keeps disconnecting.
Sienna A
Sienna A 22 soat oldin
but I has a mi a2 lite
Mario Losberg
Mario Losberg Kun oldin
This phone, redmi note 5 or Huawei p- smart...?
Byzantine 1381
Byzantine 1381 Kun oldin
Mi A2 Lite is the best choice ! Battery life in first place !
MSI2k Kun oldin
Did he say "limitating"? 7:41
petros tzounakos
Redmi note 6 pro is better
Lily Pacis
Lily Pacis Kun oldin
Dongle ?? ohshit
Multiplatform Gamer
could someone help me? i am *heavily hesitating* between this and the MI A2 Lite. on one hand i want a notch and and headphone jack and sd card expansion but the lower end sd625 might mean it won't get android Q. On the other side the MI A2 has a recent processor garanteed to get android Q but has a bigger screen, a smaller battery , no sd card slot and no headphone jack. I don't play games. i occasionally use facebook and youtube but that's it, i mostly use it for work. So anyone can help me out? i intend to buy one or another on the 17th of january. Thanks.
monika monika
monika monika 2 kun oldin
Yo review redmi note 7
sexy korean girl
sexy korean girl 2 kun oldin
mi max is better right?
Fahad Nazir
Fahad Nazir 3 kun oldin
Watching this video on my *MI A2*
Jadi 3 kun oldin
Yeah ik it's amazing. I bought one for my nan and it's been so amazing.
Kazp 4 kun oldin
copy of iphone x
CHEVY7223 5 kun oldin
Can I use this in the USA with att
Dennis thefreethinker
Thanks for the information. This is my phone. I want an NFC phone which I know the lite version lacks.
Matt Woodhall
Matt Woodhall 6 kun oldin
So no headphone jack? Does this mean its water proof?
Matt Woodhall
Matt Woodhall 6 kun oldin
I was just thinking about this phone and your video appeared as if by magic...
Stingy 7 kun oldin
No microsd?
Nicholas Gallas
Nicholas Gallas 8 kun oldin
Is this still a good phone
Dalena 8 kun oldin
Talks too much hot air guff
aftab mulla
aftab mulla 8 kun oldin
12+20 Megapixel!!! Not "12+5" Lew
varun ganapathy
varun ganapathy 9 kun oldin
I'm watching this video in mi A1. 😁
Ishansh Maurya
Ishansh Maurya 9 kun oldin
In India , Xiaomi gives 12 + 20 Rear Camera Setup.
jim de nooij
jim de nooij 9 kun oldin
i have a Xiaomi Redmi 5A very much to my satisfaction but it cant be opened to change battery or other parts, are they going the same direction as Apple, "it cant be repared buy a new" ?
Abhijeet Chauhan
Abhijeet Chauhan 10 kun oldin
The only problem is 3.5mm headphone jack or it would be perfect. And I love notchless screen.
vijay hathi
vijay hathi 10 kun oldin
i hate this phones foke mi a2
Raul Zaman
Raul Zaman 10 kun oldin
Im watching this on mi 6x 😭😭😭😭
Tuat Nguyen
Tuat Nguyen 10 kun oldin
People always say about its low battery capacity, no 3.5m jack and sd, but at least for me, these things can be accepted. If it have these things ok, it will be a perfect phone. No one will buy a2 lite, note 5, note 5 pro, note 6 pro etc. Xiaomi will kill all their products at the same price or a just little lower.
noel yacat
noel yacat 11 kun oldin
Does it support fast charging? And so as a2 lite.TIA!
Chets 11 kun oldin
for me sound does not sound in sync..
Matt Dewolfe
Matt Dewolfe 12 kun oldin
Xiaomi Mi A2 vs Pocophone F1 which phone has the better deal going for it?
Meeno 12 kun oldin
The best deal for u as u shut the fack up.
Dr4g0nW4g0n 12 kun oldin
One of the best phones (In my mind) is the Asus ZenFone 3. 4100mAh and around 100 - 200$/€
Nitin Prasad
Nitin Prasad 12 kun oldin
Motorola one power
Peter W
Peter W 13 kun oldin
Xiaomi has been nothing but disappontments. I bought my first AND last one Redmi 5+. Along with it, I bought a pair of headphones, some charging cables and a power bank, all from an official MI home store. All except the headphones kept breaking. I exchanged them several times within the warranty period. The main thing is the phone, of course. In the beginning, it was ok. Then it started shutting out of programs, lagging during different applications, even when using high speed Wifi. Even when running its built-in programs, like the Optimizer, it would stall and I would have to shut the phone down and reboot to have it running again. When typing, I often get numbers instead of letters (using Google keyboard). Other than exchanging my broken accessories, I have brought my phone to be repaired multiple times. They fix some of the issues and claim that other issues are due to third party software. I believe it is their altered user interface MIUI and maybe hardware that is causing the problems. I have had other brands of smartphones and haven't encountered ALL these problems before. By the way, when my phone was being repaired, they did not have an option of a loaner phone! Also, their customer service center used to be one of their retail outlets. Back then, customers were able to use the bathrooms. Since it became a service center, the bathrooms are no longer accessible to customers. They have a drinking water dispenser, but most of the time the 5 gallon jug is empty. When I informed customer service, they replied it wasn't their responsibility. Yes, the price for Xiaomi's goods are very attractive and the specifications of its phones seem like great value. However, the quality and service is very lacking. I strongly suggest to stay away from this brand.
Jayson Wall
Jayson Wall 13 kun oldin
WORKS IN CANADA ON BELLMTS. I purchased this phone off AliExpress based on your review. I got the 6gb 128gb model with screen protector and case. Cost was $325cdn with shipping and took about 30 days to get. I've used it for about 30 days know. What a GREAT phone!!! It was shipped with Android 8 Oreo. Within the first week it was pushed the Android 9 Pie update. The cameras are great and take amazing pictures. The Android One experience is awesome! My first experience with Xiaomi was with the Mi Band 2 fitness tracker / smart watch. Cost was around $20 and did everything and more than a $150 fitbit. Then upgraded to the Mi Band 3 fitness tracker / smart watch which has a few more features than the Mi Band 2 and is waterproof. Cost was about $30. No issues with either products. From what I can tell Xiaomi doesnt make clones or junk. They make their own products. Not sure why the dont expand their products to the North America Market.
Kousar Gurkoo
Kousar Gurkoo 13 kun oldin
Rear camera is 12+ 20mp
Ahmed Shafiq
Ahmed Shafiq 13 kun oldin
rare camera is 12+20 mp
Jim Blind
Jim Blind 13 kun oldin
I'm using the previous version - A1, and have troubles with camera video recording. It can sometimes drop frame to 16 fps and video and audio goes out of sync. Seems that it's an OS problem. Can anyone suggest a solution?
Digital Nation
Digital Nation 13 kun oldin
So ths is what paid review looks like
Sheeja A
Sheeja A 13 kun oldin
U r very serious today
nurzaman abd hamed
nurzaman abd hamed 14 kun oldin
Front dual camera ?? I'm using mi a2 black colour .. front one camera only
Jeff Joseph
Jeff Joseph 14 kun oldin
Does it support volte
Karl Okt
Karl Okt 15 kun oldin
I used to intern at engineering dept for Xiaomi for about a year. To be honest they can do away with those camera hump but they literally chose to make it there just so the rear side replicates iPhone looks. It still reminds me how ridiculous and badly China Manufacturers want to brand and market their products as "Apple Inspired". Absolutely bizarre mentality.
Marc Gordon
Marc Gordon 7 kun oldin
know anything about how to fix the blinking red "light of Death" I got on my Redmi note 4?.... is it fixable?
rohit Kalyani
rohit Kalyani 13 kun oldin
Ya you are right. But xiaomi is still weak in European but best in Asian market.
Tharindu Dilanjana
Tharindu Dilanjana 15 kun oldin
I bought this phone after watching this video and after 1 month i gotta say im so happy with the phone overall and i love the camera :)
Parivartak Chhabra
Parivartak Chhabra 15 kun oldin
Using MiA2 But i think nokia give much better experience of stock android
Damjano Semini
Damjano Semini 16 kun oldin
can you make a video for "xiaomi redmi note 6 pro" too :P
John Lee
John Lee 16 kun oldin
Can we trust the phone or is it going to be sending our information to the Chinese government?
Panagioths Panagiotou
I have the mi a2 ok it's a very good phone for gaming but the battery is really really bad I wish I had take the redmi note 6 pro
Mayank Baraik
Mayank Baraik 16 kun oldin
Pie available on this device....
TheWipal 16 kun oldin
If I buy this I'll have to buy a 2M C type cord because i only have old tuoe Cords XD
K47ZTheG 17 kun oldin
Review the Asus Zenfone MaxPro M2
nobody 17 kun oldin
It has 12 plus 20 mp camera
Dionisij Tomov
Dionisij Tomov 17 kun oldin
ITS NOT 12+5 MP ITS 12+20 MP
Dionisij Tomov
Dionisij Tomov 17 kun oldin
I have it It is good 4GB RAM 64GB ROM OCTA CORE 5.99 inch display 12+20 MP Rear Camera 20 MP Front Camera MAN IT IS PRETTY GOOD FO ITS PRICE BUT NO HEADPHONE JACK😢
Gianetan Sekhon
Gianetan Sekhon 17 kun oldin
My Mi A2 (6 GB RAM 128 GB Storage) on the way. Was just nervous I was having the best deal. Fears settled. Banged my arm just like you on the table. Now I have a swollen arm, a broken table and my neighbour is shouting from down below. But still, I shall still settle for the deal. oooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.
REAPEAR Uan 18 kun oldin
I thought I came here to sing, but luu you sent me home dancing.
The T-shirt Company
The T-shirt Company 18 kun oldin
Rare camera is of 12+20 megapixel
WEAPON KID 19 kun oldin
Is this the lite??
TheDestroyer 19 kun oldin
I bought it just 5 minutes ago!
Dusan Novakovic
Dusan Novakovic 19 kun oldin
This phone or mi 8 lite?
Excuse me what the fuck
What about Mi A2 Lite?
A. Kralani
A. Kralani 19 kun oldin
Yesterday I bought the Lite version because of Android One and 4000mAh
A. Kralani
A. Kralani 17 kun oldin
+MicroG9 "and battery"
MicroG9 17 kun oldin
Because of Android One? I see! Didnt know only the Lite version has Android One?! :::)))
Robert B.
Robert B. 19 kun oldin
You need a better knife... Get a ka-bar usmc!
sudhanshu singh
sudhanshu singh 19 kun oldin
Bought mi a2 after watching this
Gibran Quezada
Gibran Quezada 20 kun oldin
Xioami 8 pro please
No F3ar
No F3ar 20 kun oldin
hey guys i dropped the phone 1 time and now i cant turn on the phone with the power on button i have to use all 3 together but for turnoff it works tho does anyone know how to fix this?
nohing to see here
nohing to see here 20 kun oldin
Bruh do Huawei Y9 2019
L E O N 20 kun oldin
Please do an unboxing video of mi mix 3
Bulletproof ARMY trash•_•Vmin soulmates
Xiaomi wat u got
JbX Gamer
JbX Gamer 20 kun oldin
Song in 0:01 ?
hi hi hihi
hi hi hihi 21 kun oldin
Do a video of Xiaomi Redmi note 5
Sotiris Goudentzikis
Is this the next redmi note 4?
FROKAZ 21 kun oldin
I want that phone now 😎😎
delio letran
delio letran 23 kun oldin
Mi A2 Lite? or Redmi note 6 pro?
KC 23 kun oldin
2:36 unboxing starts
CAR XPERT XP 23 kun oldin
160€ in my country
Her and her Brother
Her and her Brother 23 kun oldin
Heheheh watching this on my Mi
Mr.BishOP 21 kun oldin
how does it look bro ?
Nikko Logdat
Nikko Logdat 24 kun oldin
OnePlus' Oxygen OS is the best skin on top of android
RowdyTheBeast 25 kun oldin
How is the brightness on it? Looks really dark.
CheburekiYT 25 kun oldin
when your phone has same amount of ram as your pc my pc (4gb ram) mi a2 (4gb ram)
SauceV ichealM
SauceV ichealM 25 kun oldin
If only Jack was present
jason pierce
jason pierce 25 kun oldin
Just bought one of these today ,super impressed ,awesome build quality ,and runs buttery smooth ,highly recommend this
Everett Flynn
Everett Flynn 27 kun oldin
6:42 "Holy bananas" Huh...
i Lyrics
i Lyrics 27 kun oldin
Give the names of Xiaomi Phones you have if you r a Xiaomi fan
Mario Flores
Mario Flores 27 kun oldin
Will this work in Australia??
Hari Krishnan
Hari Krishnan 29 kun oldin
Bro you test the music is what music
leelakrishnan krishnan
Mi a2 fans pls like
Omar faruqe Rony
Omar faruqe Rony 29 kun oldin
I use mi a2 lite
Riley Allison
Riley Allison Oy oldin
Lite is better I'm using it now. Best phone I've ever used!
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Pls try Redmi note 5 ai xiaomi
Otso Lehtiniemi
Watching on Xiaomi Mi A2 👍
stAnley Oy oldin
Song name?
mkolakovsky Oy oldin
This beucase a camera
Fathi Najdi
Fathi Najdi Oy oldin
Can you please do a review on Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2?
Used essential phone or used v30
Idrees Shabir
Idrees Shabir Oy oldin
Do a review of a2 lite
_trust_nobody_ 85
After much years of apple I was going to android again with the honor view 10
Garri Zagada
Garri Zagada Oy oldin
Watching on my Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite
Rahul Monga
Rahul Monga Oy oldin
Very rightly said. The stock android is a big pull. I am attracted to stock android as a iphone user who wants a dual sim.
8 kun oldin