there's something we've been hiding from you.

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go say congrats to the girl - instagram.com/billy/
MUSIC - Natty Reeves - soundcloud.com/natty-reeves



6-Iyn, 2018




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louis Wijaya
louis Wijaya 3 kun oldin
congratulation Mr. Cas n mrs. Cas, how many of your children?
Lizzie Luxe
Lizzie Luxe 10 kun oldin
I laughed so hard at.... Casey: “you did it to that woman in the elevator.” I about spit my coffee out. Mental picture- “awww! When are you due?” Lady: “I’m NOT” I bet that was the longest elevator ride ever 😂😂😂😂😂
Us Or Merica
Us Or Merica 2 oy oldin
Damn you intercoursed
Elizabeth James.
Elizabeth James. 2 oy oldin
YaY....💕👶👧 🌹💫Congratulations..💕 Candice Looks Beautiful🤰🏻..Thank You For Sharing...💐 Cheers 🥂🍾💕😀💕😀💕
CN Thomas
CN Thomas 3 oy oldin
I don't care what anyone else thinks... I love the fact that Candice always looks like 'she's over it all' or that 'she's not easily amused' 😏😌🙃
Treavor Barnhart
Treavor Barnhart 3 oy oldin
She’s here :)
Maria Carvalho
Maria Carvalho 3 oy oldin
Who's watching this after they had the baby!
HMB S 3 oy oldin
what is the gender
Charlotte Bensted
Dude , october?? I swear , if its on the 13th ill scream thats my birthday :p
SLAM BOY 4 oy oldin
that would be funny if baby watermelon grows up to not like watermelon
Nathan 4 oy oldin
Next month he/she is going to be here
子健唐 4 oy oldin
Congratulations casey!
Poonam Gupta
Poonam Gupta 4 oy oldin
Casey nicedad😏
Myra Zumba
Myra Zumba 4 oy oldin
Watermelon Neistat
Angela Grace
Angela Grace 4 oy oldin
This is awesome!! Congrats guys!! 😍 love it!
Green KnightCC
Green KnightCC 4 oy oldin
Jess Shenton
Jess Shenton 4 oy oldin
I knew from josh pecks vid xx but congratulations so happy for you both xx
Jayscott2 4 oy oldin
Candice is so awesome
SeriousGamer753 4 oy oldin
3:07 That seemed like he deeply cried inside...
Hasnat Ahmed
Hasnat Ahmed 4 oy oldin
Hey Congratulations! Lots of wishes and prayers..
Name him Casey Jr.
J Claydon
J Claydon 5 oy oldin
marco blaze
marco blaze 5 oy oldin
i love the long laugh into the camera at the end casey lol
brooke searfoss
brooke searfoss 5 oy oldin
What about mealonie like melanie but melon bc Francine likes watermelon lol?? Idk
Kady -
Kady - 5 oy oldin
So happy!!!!
Nahiyan313 5 oy oldin
My birthday on October 🤗🤗🤗
Suzanne Taylor
Suzanne Taylor 5 oy oldin
There’s a parasite inside Candice
Matty Natural Horsemanship
I would be careful saying the word "watermelon" on UZvid. No lie UZvid banned a video of mine just because I fed horses watermelon and they actually called it racist. Crazy.
Betsy Halligan
Betsy Halligan 5 oy oldin
My birthday is in October
RipplyCoder2008 RC
She is beautiful and glowing
arturop650 5 oy oldin
congratulations casey and candice!!🎉🎉👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼
Mandii Made
Mandii Made 5 oy oldin
congrats!!! yes omg never say a women is pregnant unless you are 100% sure lol my friend did that to a women and I felt horrible for the lady. super happy for the new addition!!!
G Dumaguing
G Dumaguing 5 oy oldin
yeeeeey!!! is it a baby boy or girl? or surprise?
Aidan Ford
Aidan Ford 5 oy oldin
a couple vlogs ago he said she had gestational diabetes
Aidan Ford
Aidan Ford 5 oy oldin
it was the first podcast vlog
Awesome Kel
Awesome Kel 5 oy oldin
yep! knew
mrs. selahw
mrs. selahw 5 oy oldin
Why is she so snooty
Stephen Tsukuda
Stephen Tsukuda 5 oy oldin
I hate I have missed so much I am catching up and this is awesome news. Love you guys. Congratulations 🍾🎊🎉🎈
Miguel Nunez
Miguel Nunez 5 oy oldin
I saw him in the airport June 6, 2018. He went to Santaigo R.D but he wasn't recording for some reason..
francis neistat
Dani Heli
Dani Heli 5 oy oldin
oh wow,. I have due in oct too xD :D
Christine lilin
Christine lilin 5 oy oldin
Candice is so damn cute. I love her
E H 5 oy oldin
Congratulations to you all. Wishing you the best. Lots of hugs 🤗 to watermelon 🍉
Charles 5 oy oldin
Anthony Lauder
Anthony Lauder 5 oy oldin
I don't mean this in a horrible way, but something Casey has taught me is to never marry a woman on her looks. Good looking women are high maintenance and generally annoying. Her looks will fade rapidly but the maintenance/annoyance won't (if anything it will amplify). Because of this I would choose a less attractive women with a great attitude.
brooke searfoss
brooke searfoss 5 oy oldin
Eve Black
Eve Black 5 oy oldin
Whoop Whoop CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maryam IM
Maryam IM 5 oy oldin
This woman is always pregnant 😂😂😂
Emilee Turner
Emilee Turner 5 oy oldin
Watermelon... watermelon-ie, Melanie!
LoveofVelvet 5 oy oldin
Jesus christ!!! Jesus christ, Casey I'm sorry but Candice but what is UP with the sour puss attitude all the time??!! Like HOW??!! You are talking about getting split up while you are pregnant??!?! I get that its jokes but doesn't the saying goes: "in every joke there's truth"??!!! 😳😳😳😳@hard blink@ Jees why are you even married??! Casey you are so full of beens and excitement 😍😍 and candice is like "idgaf, why am I here, and why am I married to him"??!! Where is the happiness?? Where is the love??!! Breaks my heart for you Casey!! 😟😟💔
Alvaro Garavito
Alvaro Garavito 5 oy oldin
baby on a drone soon.
Rachel Lima
Rachel Lima 5 oy oldin
Se ela nascer dia 28 vai ser minha sense8 lol😍 delicados e muita saúde 😘😘
Robin Andrews
Robin Andrews 5 oy oldin
if its a girl call her Adriana if its boy call him Ashton
Christian Sten
Christian Sten 5 oy oldin
You guys are amazing!
Ted Byrum
Ted Byrum 5 oy oldin
Congratulations you two!
Nelson Adventure Zone
Congratulations you guys!! "Making the circle bigger!" Blessings and enjoy every single moment in creating new memories!! Love from Cape Town
Leon Jodedor
Leon Jodedor 5 oy oldin
Congratulations Casey.!!
Isabel Ramirez
Isabel Ramirez 5 oy oldin
Candice seems so indifferent about it... 😑
Cademan Caden
Cademan Caden 5 oy oldin
Pixies. Yes! Big Frank Black fan :)
benniHC 5 oy oldin
Oh hey we‘ll expecting our first Baby this October too, so exciting!!! Wish you all the best :)
The Camel Story
The Camel Story 5 oy oldin
hahahaha 0o0
Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson 5 oy oldin
Casey being happy is so cute, he legit repeats what Candice says loss for words awesome stufd
Living Fuencarral
Okay but why is no one talking about the awesome Pixies top? Candice has style.
Samantha Crowe
Samantha Crowe 5 oy oldin
Someone asked my aunt when she was due at the beach a few years ago she just lied and said four months. She wasn't pregnant her youngest is in his late 20's but this happened like 6 years ago.
Shelby Kaczmarowski
Why is she acting like that ?
Dreams Of A Studio- Asher
I’m loving the pixies shirt lol
Ally A
Ally A 5 oy oldin
Casey: "Never assume someone's pregnant unless she tells you she's pregnant" His wife: her "or if she's holding a baby" ... If she's holding the baby, she's no longer pregnant.
Tara_Potato 6 oy oldin
rjmprod 6 oy oldin
Just saw you were a Clit on supporter, your dead to me and, I will make sure this is known within my circles...!
Steemen-Neemen 6 oy oldin
So Happy for You guys! Congratulations! Keep the memories coming!
Its Nina
Its Nina 6 oy oldin
Is Candice going gray?
becca marie
becca marie 6 oy oldin
congratulations 🌞💕
TinKnocka420 6 oy oldin
Candace is the queen of RBF
Rachel Ley
Rachel Ley 6 oy oldin
George Papageorgopoulos
OOOOOH! Another Neistat!!
Pau RF
Pau RF 6 oy oldin
Banjoe, Traveler
Banjoe, Traveler 6 oy oldin
Congrats, kind of knew thinking Francine could use a sibling. Supee excited for you guys. Also great band Candice.
daniel cuéllar
daniel cuéllar 6 oy oldin
Makayla Fernando
Makayla Fernando 6 oy oldin
awwwwwwwww francine & watermelon :)
office branch 4 dayzz
Candice has a lot of grey hairs
Let's get real hey
Rewatching vlogs October my birthday
LadyAdalicia 6 oy oldin
A spoopy baby!!!
Kylie Midson
Kylie Midson 6 oy oldin
Yes I knew & I knewu guys were hiding it... I've actually asked u after one of your blogs, due to mia Candice... No answer, so I googled it &there was my confirmation.... 😆 Congratulations Guys... 🍼💖💞💕
Alexandria skye
Alexandria skye 6 oy oldin
my immediate thought was twins
iNINJAgamer 6 oy oldin
Bobbi Sparks
Bobbi Sparks 6 oy oldin
Hoping for October 24th so I can have a birthday twin.
Sloth 6 oy oldin
Had no clue, but you should name it Jeremiah if its a boy, maybe gabrielle(a) if it s a girl i've always liked that name
JawDrop Productions
I’m born in October call it Dillon
MrBroncolinShows 6 oy oldin
Your wife is... amazing in her own way!
Black Belt Pops
Black Belt Pops 6 oy oldin
Daniel hubbs
Daniel hubbs 6 oy oldin
Congrats on the sex
Emma Krasinski
Emma Krasinski 6 oy oldin
Why are people hating so much on Candice? Is everything ok with them two?
Mo Salah
Mo Salah 6 oy oldin
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hambir vyavahare
hambir vyavahare 6 oy oldin
Love both of you Stay together forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cameron Nielsen
Cameron Nielsen 6 oy oldin
You could do Melanie or Mel short for watermelon!
Chloe Wade
Chloe Wade 6 oy oldin
I knew she was from the video when you were in the hospital!
Raymundo Figueroa
Andie Caroline
Andie Caroline 6 oy oldin
Unrelated but I am a big big fan of the little streak of gray in Candice's hair
Akilah Davis
Akilah Davis 6 oy oldin
Candace is extra funny when she’s pregnant
Fortnite savage
Fortnite savage 6 oy oldin
They are so freaking cute
goober beans
goober beans 6 oy oldin
Cannot put my finger on why I love Candice so. Congratulations, you two.
4 kun oldin