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go say congrats to the girl - instagram.com/billy/
MUSIC - Natty Reeves - soundcloud.com/natty-reeves



6-Iyn, 2018




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Stewy Lipbite
Stewy Lipbite 4 soat oldin
She looks super displeased about this situation...
Dave Tattz
Dave Tattz 7 soat oldin
Stefany Portillo
Stefany Portillo 7 soat oldin
Could always name her Sandia (watermelon in Spanish) Sandia Neistat!
Mariam Ayvazyan
Mariam Ayvazyan 7 soat oldin
Awww yay!
Eng Rawan
Eng Rawan 7 soat oldin
OMG I cannot believe it 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️ so happy for you God bless you 💞
Censored Gurung AG
Censored Gurung AG 8 soat oldin
I really hope one day David and Liza end up like them!!
coinhawk crypto
coinhawk crypto 9 soat oldin
Arizona Timeless Tourist
Congrats to you both.
Aria Gamer
Aria Gamer 13 soat oldin
If a girl Aria If a boy Shaan
RoMeow 儸密貓
RoMeow 儸密貓 13 soat oldin
Myla Diamond
Myla Diamond 13 soat oldin
Dad 13 soat oldin
Awesome news. Congrats to you all and enjoy 👶🏼👏✌️
Milou Baars
Milou Baars 14 soat oldin
Congrats on Watermelon!
Madison -
Madison - 14 soat oldin
Congratulations ❤
Scott Blackwell
Scott Blackwell 15 soat oldin
Casey and Candace will NOT be together when this kid graduates high school in 20 yrs and Casey is 60. Not gonna happen!
Scott Blackwell
Scott Blackwell 15 soat oldin
So this kid could be Owen’s, right? Since women outlive men by an average of 15 yrs, unfortunately, we need to be targeting women a little older than us. Never going to be the case though when it comes to men with a little money. Candace would love to have a little 25yr old stud, but she has to settle for the man with the wallet.
Carol Chaves Madureira
Ahhhh gente que massa!!! Parabéns ❤️
CSG LYFE 16 soat oldin
Casey= Nice dad
Snicker's WorldYT
Snicker's WorldYT 19 soat oldin
Congratz! I'm an OCTOBER Baby! Much LOVE from South Texas!
Marline Mattie
Marline Mattie 20 soat oldin
Yay! Congrats!! You had to mention David & Liza. Now I’m sad.
Bronx Star
Bronx Star 20 soat oldin
Gotta guy him a booster board congrats
Big B Bricks
Big B Bricks 21 soat oldin
Happy Daddy Day Casey
Devon Alltree
Devon Alltree 22 soat oldin
Congrats man super happy to hear this, I’m know I’m late but it still counts!!
Magdalene Blair
Magdalene Blair 23 soat oldin
You posted something on insta or twitter asking Frannie if she was excited to be a sister !!! But CONGRATS IM SO HAPPY FOR YALL
Priscilla Doesn’t Edit
My Birthday is October 9th 😝
MissNeverPerfect 23 soat oldin
I’m due in October too :) congratulations!
Barb 23 soat oldin
Congratulations !
Dee Greeley
Dee Greeley Kun oldin
You can tell she's dissapointed to be breeding with him but at least he's got money to cheer her up
Gary Roth
Gary Roth Kun oldin
I love Casey! How long have all of you been watching?
Elliot Elliott
Elliot Elliott Kun oldin
YYYYAAAAYYYY!!!! So excited for you both!!!!
Jill Velasco
Jill Velasco Kun oldin
Candice looks amazing! Didn’t know she’s preggy but Congrats!!!!
Gary Roth
Gary Roth Kun oldin
I love Casey! How long have all of you been watching?
Stephen Kirkpatrick
Why would anyone thumb down Watermelon?
Sk xo
Sk xo Kun oldin
Congratulations ❤️
Kool Kierstin
Kool Kierstin Kun oldin
This time don’t go to a different state while she’s in labor😂
Just Bananas
Just Bananas Kun oldin
Casey: Liza and David , sorry to hear about the breakup.. Me: (record scratch) wait, what?!
Annabel Furton
Annabel Furton Kun oldin
Yay! Congrats! Watermelon :)
Diva Desy
Diva Desy Kun oldin
I thought they were 40
Diva Desy
Diva Desy Kun oldin
So are they talking about food
DJ H Kun oldin
The weirdest thing..... I was gonna comment and ask if she is expecting a couple months ago. Ha!! 🤪
Gurmehar Bajwa
Gurmehar Bajwa Kun oldin
What about “Carrol”, or “Carolina”, OR “Candy”? It’ll keep the theme of the names beginning with “C”... or something haha. Also, CONGRATULATIONS MAN!!
demofactory Kun oldin
Congratulations on another child in the family!!!!! Watermelon is a cute name. You could name it "Number Two"? Wish you all the best of luck.
Matthew Robertson
I straight up thought that was H3 in the thumbnail
footytang Kun oldin
Yikes. These two battle constantly and are in actual couples therapy. Time to have another baby to "fix" the marriage? That's gonna be a no from me, dawg.
Jake DelVecchio
Jake DelVecchio Kun oldin
I have some ideas for the baby name 1. Oatmeal 2. Francine 2 3. 368 4. Dan (if it’s a boy) 5. Dana (if it’s a girl ^^ Dana would fr be a cool name after dan
Umaiza Farooque
Umaiza Farooque Kun oldin
At the beginning where it says " A very special announcement" I kinda thought the thing said AVERY SO THATS A SIGN IF ITS A GIRL NAME HER AVERY NEIStat
Elle Miller
Elle Miller Kun oldin
So happy 😍
Celina Isabel
Celina Isabel Kun oldin
No more of those bachelor trips you be taking
Celina Isabel
Celina Isabel Kun oldin
Well duh
La Vie De Vava
La Vie De Vava Kun oldin
When she shouted "THREE" I thought she was about to say they expect twins :( !
Little Kitchen Big Food
First you, now Peter McKinnon.....it must be in the UZvid Algorithm of successful UZvidrs. Congratulations Casey.
Amin Animator
Amin Animator Kun oldin
Another vloger and youtuber born ..... Watermelon
Alice Linehan
Alice Linehan Kun oldin
Andrea Brew
Andrea Brew 2 kun oldin
Congratulations!!! 💗
Pola A
Pola A 2 kun oldin
Ben Belay
Ben Belay 2 kun oldin
You said another child is coming like 2vids ago?????
Perry S
Perry S 2 kun oldin
Why she look not so happy all the time..
Dillon Chan
Dillon Chan 2 kun oldin
Wow!! Casey, Congratulations to you both. Congrats to you, Candice, Francine and upcoming watermelon!!! woot woot - You all are so adorable. Much love.
HW K 2 kun oldin
thatjerseyb 2 kun oldin
Corinne Stinton
Corinne Stinton 2 kun oldin
I had no idea Candice was pregnant! Congratulations 💕 she looks so good though.
Eni 555
Eni 555 2 kun oldin
Congratulations! 💖💖💖💖💖💖
Ya boi Xander
Ya boi Xander 2 kun oldin
And if you wanna ask if a woman is pregnant without asking if a woman is pregnant say, “Do you have any kids?”
Ash Topham
Ash Topham 2 kun oldin
I'm due October too!
Amy Tangerine
Amy Tangerine 2 kun oldin
Marissa Avalos
Marissa Avalos 2 kun oldin
October babies are the sh*t! My baby girl was born October 2017! Light of my life❤️
Taylor Gray
Taylor Gray 2 kun oldin
Boy or girl?? My only question lol.
Vangie Choksi
Vangie Choksi 2 kun oldin
Congratulations Neistats❤️😇🙏🏽❤️
Jan Nentvich
Jan Nentvich 2 kun oldin
Wish you everything wannabe great
CousinLizzy 2 kun oldin
Congratulations!! 💐🎈💞❤️💫
Nick Piccone
Nick Piccone 2 kun oldin
I have two boys so I know the exciting feeling you get when you know you have another one on the way. Keep remembering how important your family is every step of the way. Congratulations Bru and keep up the great work.
Erik Garcia
Erik Garcia 2 kun oldin
Solid Valentine’s Day they had 😂
Maribru Craftsnfinds
Amy Diaz Hollis
Amy Diaz Hollis 2 kun oldin
OMG!! Congrats!!!
it flickers
it flickers 2 kun oldin
I love Candice :D!
kottayam khaleesi
kottayam khaleesi 3 kun oldin
Congrats Casey and Candice.
Gary Roth
Gary Roth 3 kun oldin
I love Casey! How long have all of you been watching?
Maria Pia
Maria Pia 3 kun oldin
Дарья Грехова
love you
rachael james
rachael james 3 kun oldin
Congratulations GUYS!!!!
Chelsea Griffis
Chelsea Griffis 3 kun oldin
Omg congrats! I had no idea, but happy for you guys!!!
Cleo Lynx
Cleo Lynx 3 kun oldin
Congratulations you two!
Shea Harris
Shea Harris 3 kun oldin
snv648 3 kun oldin
Why you should not eat watermelon seeds.
Joshua Grullon
Joshua Grullon 3 kun oldin
I got away for a few months and Candice gets pregnant.
ASMR ForDays
ASMR ForDays 3 kun oldin
huge .. annoucement
Claire Berigan
Claire Berigan 3 kun oldin
You should name the baby melony
LuSeaL Rooks
LuSeaL Rooks 3 kun oldin
Candice is really pretty!! 🙂👍👍
Lisa Chapetta
Lisa Chapetta 2 kun oldin
and this means what to me unless my husband has been out sewing his seed around town like the whore he can be.
BobDaBilda 3 kun oldin
I had a feeling, just because lately you've been so... Excited about everything. It's good. Hope you have a good healthy baby. :D
Marilyn Darling
Marilyn Darling 3 kun oldin
the first podcast that went on youtube i could tell
Zero Quanta
Zero Quanta 3 kun oldin
Congrats! Make a video, now!!!
Siku Hof
Siku Hof 3 kun oldin
congratulations name him Fynn do if its a boy.
I’m Shellie
I’m Shellie 3 kun oldin
Congratulations Frannys going to love being a big sister X
Daydream Star
Daydream Star 3 kun oldin
Congratulations to you both! 😊
Katrina Eames
Katrina Eames 3 kun oldin
Mo 3 kun oldin
Damn casey been fucking
Chase Change
Chase Change 3 kun oldin
I just listened to the Podcast for the first time this morning. You and Candice have a lovely relationship! Best of luck with baby Watermelon :)
Terrance Blount
Terrance Blount 3 kun oldin
Congrats you two!!!!
Catalina Pavez
Catalina Pavez 3 kun oldin
Omg! Congrats! I'm so happy for you guys! Big hug to amazing family :)
Ian McClintock
Ian McClintock 4 kun oldin
Is it bad that I thought the thumbnail was h3h3
we broke up
13 kun oldin
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