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16-Noy, 2018

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ImDontai 23 kun oldin
VOTE! www.xxxtentacion.com/vote Promoted Song soundcloud.com/goofsan/snow-white
Mavila Yoboy
Mavila Yoboy 12 kun oldin
Dude even tho you censored your email at least 2seconds it was showed bro you might get hacked
boy gamer47
boy gamer47 20 kun oldin
Game universe Gamer Gods
Rip xxx love you men
Bryan 20 kun oldin
ImDontai ESSKEETIT 🔥🔥🔥
Christian Macias
Christian Macias 9 soat oldin
Who skips over the pay promoted song
I and L
I and L 12 soat oldin
Imdontai dosent pay attention to the art he only looks at the girl having “fun”
Yilian Hernández
Yilian Hernández 19 soat oldin
LOL if you see this on peoples head they got it from me they gonna be wearing my sauce LOL 😆😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
YungPanda Plays
YungPanda Plays 19 soat oldin
YungPanda Plays
YungPanda Plays 19 soat oldin
YungPanda Plays
YungPanda Plays 19 soat oldin
YungPanda Plays
YungPanda Plays 19 soat oldin
YungPanda Plays
YungPanda Plays 19 soat oldin
YungPanda Plays
YungPanda Plays 19 soat oldin
YungPanda Plays
YungPanda Plays 19 soat oldin
UttermostJuanka YT
UttermostJuanka YT 20 soat oldin
Tristious have alredy win look his twitter
Amßer MSP & Gacha
Amßer MSP & Gacha 20 soat oldin
I voted for @tristious, anyone else?
sailesh lama
sailesh lama 22 soat oldin
Guys why his voice is like x is it to me or other too r.I.p x😧😧😢😢😢😢😢😢
whatupfam RBX
whatupfam RBX Kun oldin
LilShark1026 Kun oldin
The 1st one look like an Imvu character
TopREVIEWS Kun oldin
i like aniports
jay law
jay law Kun oldin
ZoOm_GaMiNg Kun oldin
2 for the first
ZoOm_GaMiNg Kun oldin
1 for sec
Madison G-Beale
Madison G-Beale Kun oldin
The second video that he liked was on TikTok like if you know too
Kazuo Inazuma
Kazuo Inazuma 2 kun oldin
11:26 thats @lady_lebraa
Kazuo Inazuma
Kazuo Inazuma 2 kun oldin
shawty why you fap?
Gloria S.
Gloria S. 2 kun oldin
Do 2× at 1:30
Gloria S.
Gloria S. 2 kun oldin
Gloria S.
Gloria S. 2 kun oldin
1.5 at 1:57
Gloria S.
Gloria S. 2 kun oldin
Jonathan Aguilar
Jonathan Aguilar 2 kun oldin
Dontai reacted to skins
Malual Mamer
Malual Mamer 2 kun oldin
still respect your drip, but got damn
Malual Mamer
Malual Mamer 2 kun oldin
mans killed 30 leopards to make that
Malual Mamer
Malual Mamer 2 kun oldin
mans lookin like my mom off work
nykeem scott
nykeem scott 2 kun oldin
*Erika Badu....*
kvd Intell
kvd Intell 3 kun oldin
"Soo the school called the house today" headazzz
ItsYourBoyMilk 3 kun oldin
Aniports was the goat in this to be honest 🌚
SadCrvsty 3 kun oldin
Tristian Zammit wins.
Chili Production
Chili Production 4 kun oldin
how you tie that?
Black Disciples
Black Disciples 4 kun oldin
Lowkey still hurt my heart and makes me sick to my stomach that X is gone, its like everytime a rapper/artists that comes out and I been rocking with them from the start ends up dying, a piece of me dies with them bcuz I listened to these people like X for years and for them to just die to bullshit is just ridiculous, and I'm sure others feel the same lowkey.
Black Disciples
Black Disciples 4 kun oldin
Got that Soldier Kidd/Nick Canon turban on
Dahvriel Hayes
Dahvriel Hayes 4 kun oldin
I like the fourth one
TDF POLO 4 kun oldin
Hair looks like a pile of shit
lovely life
lovely life 4 kun oldin
You look hilarious
African ,Roblox ,LOL and More!
Id vote for da 2nd one
sans xx
sans xx 5 kun oldin
I 50%
NBY- SAVAGE 5 kun oldin
Are u gay
Elaine Swaby
Elaine Swaby 5 kun oldin
Da fuck on yo head
Will Shelburne
Will Shelburne 5 kun oldin
Just think bout this If the artists do 60fps and they make it 20 seconds long They have to do 1200 frames
walper dreier
walper dreier 5 kun oldin
Dre Mason
Dre Mason 5 kun oldin
Jaykzapa is the best one
Setsuna Seiei
Setsuna Seiei 5 kun oldin
That snow white was fire
KINGSNOOP 5 kun oldin
Josh Mullins
Josh Mullins 5 kun oldin
why dontai looking like a auntie
BlindOtaku52 friendly neighbourhood anime kid
Aniports has my vote.
Josh Hernandez
Josh Hernandez 6 kun oldin
The 5th one 🔥 not because of the girl tho but 20% is because of her😂😂😂
camden malone
camden malone 6 kun oldin
I’m already tracer Please give me likes
Xuen255 5 kun oldin
camden malone nerf bastion
AylinSotoCarrillo Nahh
You look like an elephant seal
Shadow Deleted
Shadow Deleted 6 kun oldin
I love JayKzapa’s animation and Aniports! I loved both I wish I could vote twice, both are amazing
Yani Bear
Yani Bear 6 kun oldin
why he censor his email and then show it lmao
Animeand Waffles
Animeand Waffles 6 kun oldin
I feel like if Ariport made a video it would be one of the most viewed videos of the year, its just something about the detail and how he makes everything move. Nothing is clunky and its all smooth transitions
I Gun For Fun
I Gun For Fun 6 kun oldin
If u look at the beginning of the 4th one when the fire covers the person a heart shows @ImDontai
Nate G
Nate G 6 kun oldin
I voted the last one dontai
Dominic Mercado
Dominic Mercado 6 kun oldin
what is the song in the backround for the first 5 seconds of the video
Pamela Hackley
Pamela Hackley 6 kun oldin
bitch ugly god
XXXTRA TRACKS 7 kun oldin
Gabyo stole that one at the beginning cause my friend on Instagram made that His Insta: @sad_boy_x_x My Insta: @wxstentacion
Ricky TV
Ricky TV 7 kun oldin
Why is there a snake on your head
Gabriel Bekaryan
Gabriel Bekaryan 7 kun oldin
Instead of one of them for the music vid, they should do a mixture of all of them.
The God of Obelisk三幻神
Try watching at 1.5 speed Also 5th one is like the wall style
Slley 8 kun oldin
I fw JayKzapa's tought - X went from "evil" to angel, started changing the world and now watches over us making sure we good. But Aniports looks fucking fine
wildpenguin 8 kun oldin
@_Gabyo_ got ma vote
Aneya Colbert
Aneya Colbert 8 kun oldin
Spice -
Spice - 8 kun oldin
Aniports is my favorite
Bryan Hurner
Bryan Hurner 8 kun oldin
The one eyed one looks like it's from futureama (Show)
Nonie Mattocks
Nonie Mattocks 8 kun oldin
My dude is a damn unicorn
Nonie Mattocks
Nonie Mattocks 8 kun oldin
My dude looks like he got a shit on his head
marlonbrown 22
marlonbrown 22 8 kun oldin
No words at all just look at this animation for look at me uzvid.com/video/video-gjFvVLwkWyU.html
LoviewX 8 kun oldin
1. 11 2. 1111111 3. 11111 4. 11111111111 5. 1111111111111111111111111111111 6. 111111111111 7. 11111111111111111111111
DivineJohnson 2SupaLit
DivineJohnson 2SupaLit
6th 🤔
DivineJohnson 2SupaLit
DivineJohnson 2SupaLit
DivineJohnson 2SupaLit
3rd 🔥
DivineJohnson 2SupaLit
2nd 🔥
DivineJohnson 2SupaLit
1st no
melintine x
melintine x 9 kun oldin
no matter who wins they should all still make their videos
Massacre 108
Massacre 108 9 kun oldin
Shyanne Miller
Shyanne Miller 9 kun oldin
Damn Dontai you look nice😜
TENSUKE CvpNooDLES 9 kun oldin
Promoted song fire
TNF_B4NGU 9 kun oldin
The one by distortedd is in another X song called Danger by xxxtentacion and 6ix9ine
Xxx tentacion
Xxx tentacion 9 kun oldin
I voted aniport before this vid was up
Eduardo Duarte
Eduardo Duarte 9 kun oldin
Aniport got my vote bc that looks like something that would be representative of X
Tomato Editz
Tomato Editz 9 kun oldin
Man don't know wut better goof san snow white or the animations
Frosty 9 kun oldin
You uncensored your email too soon lol
Edwina Jones
Edwina Jones 10 kun oldin
Star Adapt
Star Adapt 10 kun oldin
Zen isadog
Zen isadog 10 kun oldin
Tbh I hate the 3rd one because I don’t like the one eye thing and annoyed if dontai keep rewinding the videos and takes forever
Master Gabriel
Master Gabriel 10 kun oldin
Gabe the first guy made the look at me animation
Littlejohndeere 10 kun oldin
Eat me like a large Coc- wait what
XXXTENTACION 10 kun oldin
Song was fire
AsinineIntelligence 10 kun oldin
"This is the new sauce" *African accent* *_No._*
Alexx _2434
Alexx _2434 10 kun oldin
The third one should of been the winner
Alexx _2434
Alexx _2434 10 kun oldin
The first one was dope but like if he put the original song not the remix
its just Myla
its just Myla 10 kun oldin
Dontai made me mad when he kept skipping threw the second one or I just have an additude 😭😂
its just Myla
its just Myla 10 kun oldin
I’ve seen the second one alr
Christian Arellano
Christian Arellano 10 kun oldin
Im from narnia
☹️ 10 kun oldin
Isnt distortedd madeintyo girl
Killz TLain
Killz TLain 10 kun oldin
Maybe the plant was for X's forhead tattoo and the plant was gonna grow