These Are The Best Movies Of 2018

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2018 offered a huge range of awesome, diverse films in just about every genre… but which are at the top of their class? These are the very best films 2018 has to offer…
A Quiet Place | 0:11
Black Panther | 1:13
Avengers: Infinity War | 2:22
Ant-Man and the Wasp | 3:15
Deadpool 2 | 4:20
Incredibles 2 | 5:11
Mission: Impossible - Fallout | 5:53
Crazy Rich Asians | 6:41
A Star is Born | 7:22
Thoroughbreds | 8:17
Love, Simon | 9:06
Bumblebee | 10:04
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse | 10:57




31-Dek, 2018



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Looper 2 oy oldin
What was the best movie of 2018?
Mark Mark
Mark Mark 21 kun oldin
Mortal Engines Aquaman
Paul Is
Paul Is Oy oldin
I do not think there was any decent movie in 2018.
Tait Avrit
Tait Avrit Oy oldin
Mission Impossible: Fallout, Infinity war, and a quiet place
Zain Mehraj
Zain Mehraj Oy oldin
Spider-Man into the spiderverse is the best animated movie of 2018
cringy trash
cringy trash Oy oldin
mid90s and beautiful boy were the best in my opinion
Josh Castic Show
Josh Castic Show 17 soat oldin
Infinity War should be number one!
Manila Synchrony
Where the heck is Mamma Mia Here We Go Again
gaurav uniyal
gaurav uniyal 3 kun oldin
Black panther is one of most overrated film.
Aria Hale
Aria Hale 5 kun oldin
a simple favour
Akasha 8 kun oldin
Add promoting 5G internet, wondering why there is no option to like or dislike at the end ,i,,
inpersonaDK 11 kun oldin
Mostly stupid Hollywood movies that entertain and keep the audience equally ignorant.
Jehandad Khan
Jehandad Khan 19 kun oldin
where is aquaman?
Drake 20 kun oldin
This list has less balls than even the Acadamy picks... That is truly something.
haanoon 21 kun oldin
Wow... this is by far the worst list I've seen for 2018
gary Stevenson
gary Stevenson 23 kun oldin
This list is a joke surely? You telling me black panther is one of the best films 2018 ? Fuck outta here , let me fix list for you. 1, Roma 2, The favourite 3, if Beale street could talk 4, blindspotting 5, eighth grade 6, You were never really here 7, hereditary 8, shoplifters 9,At entergity gate 10 , The tale.
dennis Edwards
dennis Edwards 27 kun oldin
Black panther the type of movie make you want back your refund
Boy Abunda
Boy Abunda Oy oldin
creed 2?
Alex Lawton
Alex Lawton Oy oldin
Ant man and the wasp was defo aimed at kids. The too funny side ruined for me.
Charlie McGivern
My favourite movies of 2018: (In no order) Avengers Infinity War Black Panther A star is born Into the Spider-verse Aquaman Blackkklansman Ant Man and the wasp Ready player one Bohemian Rhapsody
Jason How
Jason How Oy oldin
Please change your title to Best BLOCKBUSTERS of 2018. There is not even one indie mentioned in your list. I am APPALLED!
Edward_Kenway532 Gaming
You don't have to have Black Panther on your lists to look woke come on now
hot topics
hot topics Oy oldin
Yep only mainstream garbage. No foreign films or the favourite you hacks
Sam Longmire
Sam Longmire Oy oldin
"The Movies that Made ALL the Money in 2018"
Moesha Dunn
Moesha Dunn Oy oldin
First of all, Annihilation was awful, next. Black Panther was really good but the hype caused people to feel it was lackluster, Deadpool 2 was okay, Infinity War was great can't front, Mission Possible always entertains and Ant Man and the Wasp was good but the first was better. I refuse to watch Bumblebee, I refuse! Spiderverse was fucking amazing, maybe my favourite!
rave d
rave d Oy oldin
What black panther film was they watching.
fossil2 ash
fossil2 ash Oy oldin
Bad description
Ayy ayy
Ayy ayy Oy oldin
Aquaman where
Black panther was trash
Miranda Laspesa
bohemian rhapsody? mid90s? roma? beautiful boy? the summer of ‘84?
Aparajita Bhattacharya
Love Simon Was Beautiful, Disarmingly Heartwarming Movie.
nebyu derseh
nebyu derseh Oy oldin
where is alpha??
Marco Chavez
Marco Chavez Oy oldin
Umm sorry but I dont think a quiet place is good at all.
CR_Kash GeNzO
CR_Kash GeNzO Oy oldin
People down in the comment are having discussions of Black Panther being overrated and I totally agreed.
CR_Kash GeNzO
CR_Kash GeNzO Oy oldin
Spider-Man : spider into the spider verse is hands down the best spider man movie of all time
Mic Jam
Mic Jam Oy oldin
Upgrade and Hunter Killer - Highly recommended.
Joseph Muir
Joseph Muir Oy oldin
While i haven’t seen Bumblebee, and likely won’t, the stellar reviews from both fans and critics seems to suggest that Michael Bay should stop directing movies (seriously, profits notwithstanding, when was the last time that Bay directed a movie that was genuinely good?). The massive success of A Quiet Place, though, and rightfully so, suggests that he should sit in the producers chair.
Asdf Oy oldin
Favourite movie of 2018: Upgrade Least favourite: Jurassic world: fallen kingdom
Woop! Sh*t
Woop! Sh*t Oy oldin
*Aquaman tops them all*
Zombie Slaya
Zombie Slaya Oy oldin
Woop! Sh*t Hell no Infinity War is way better
Tokyo Mamba
Tokyo Mamba Oy oldin
Wow, so many movies with so many white people in them.... would make you think that the world is predominantly white.... but only about 15% of the world's population is white. With that said, I need to watch a diverse cast....Black Panther it is.
Jamie Wiley
Jamie Wiley Oy oldin
Bohemian Rhapsody? Seems like Looper has a hard on for the MCU.
elegant otter
elegant otter Oy oldin
1:29 super overrated
Jade Lynzey Skinner
No one has said it so I must. I’ve seen almost every movie that came out in 2018. Bad times at the el royal
Patricia VanHuss
Tom Cruise has a death wish. I worry about his mental health.
Roman Ramos
Roman Ramos Oy oldin
Oh lord... Black Panther 🙄 Yes, it was good..but it's not THAT good, get over it already.
syazli sabri
syazli sabri Oy oldin
crazy rich asian is more than just an all asian cast. it more about assimilation, woman empowerment and family. all looper can comment was the all asian cast.
Zain Mehraj
Zain Mehraj Oy oldin
east asian are not people of colour they the whitest lol
Zain Mehraj
Zain Mehraj Oy oldin
BP is not even the best superhero movie that's Nolan's The Dark Knight
Hope Talk
Hope Talk Oy oldin
Where is Bad Times at the el-reyale?
Nithael1408 Oy oldin
"The best movies of 2018 according to people who watch like 5 movies a year and most of them are overmarketed superhero movies everyone else has seen"
Rodman Dennis
Rodman Dennis Oy oldin
Just put a trans person as lead boom box office smash.
Connor Hansen
Connor Hansen Oy oldin
Isn’t thoroughbreds 2017?
Kyle Tud
Kyle Tud Oy oldin
Thanks for making my movie binge list for me lmao
Archit Sharma
Archit Sharma Oy oldin
CRA is not the best movie for sure!
Siddharth Sabhari Shankar
MI 6 is the best film ever!!!!
Moose Man
Moose Man Oy oldin
Christ. This has got to be the most God-awful list I've ever fucking seen. The only marvel movie that might belong on here is infinity war, and to say that made me cringe.
Maria Molchanova
Killmonger: Best Villan in the MCU? Uhhm. Excuse me? He didn't get what he wanted. He lost. He died. Goddammit, Thanos is the best villain in the MCU.
raijin199 Oy oldin
Quiet place was good though.
raijin199 Oy oldin
Terrible selection, thumbs down.
stephen hilton
Bumblebee was absolutely awful
stephen hilton
Black Panther was so overrated, so bad
Darrell Morris
The quiet place is so overrated imo. It's not bad, but it's deff not that good.
Edward_Kenway532 Gaming
Seriously Ant Man is on the list what a joke you might as well call this most of the super hero movies of 2018 plus 5 others so it's not only Marvel
Edward_Kenway532 Gaming
Black Panther was not one of the best movie of 2018
Luzt Oy oldin
As a 45 years old male, I state that there was no film worth seeing in 2018.
K -low gaming
K -low gaming Oy oldin
Reeky Wahyu
Reeky Wahyu Oy oldin
You must watch "The Night Comes For Us" Man...
- Adéla -
- Adéla - Oy oldin
Love Simon is on the list but no Bohemian Rhapsody? You must be joking
Drag AJ
Drag AJ Oy oldin
Killmonger isn't the best villain. Thanos is.
Reneir Matthew Esperida
12 strong is also good
Kunj Chauhan
Kunj Chauhan Oy oldin
Antman, Deadpool 2 really??
Eliezer Timolien
He said 'diverse', but all I see are action flicks about superheroes.
Perry Viray
Perry Viray Oy oldin
This must've been a shitty year for movies if like 1/2 of the films on this list are Marvel joints
ErectileWolf Oy oldin
*Best Selling Movies of 2018... and Thoroughbreds
sgtaskicker Oy oldin
Black Panther was not that good. It wasnt even in the top 10 Marvel movies. No where near the top 20 movies of 2018
sgtaskicker Oy oldin
Also if a movie had an social agenda it seems like it made this list
rick hunter
rick hunter Oy oldin
all these movies suck bad
Joe Heise
Joe Heise Oy oldin
Where is Adrift????? Adrift is a beautiful film that deserves something, the cinematography alone is worth something and Shailene was amazing in it!
Marty Back
Marty Back Oy oldin
Asians are people of color now? So white people are the default and "people of color" is just anyone who's not white?
Wasim Khan
Wasim Khan Oy oldin
Worst list ever... You just named every Marvel movie... This channel is dumber than I thought it was.
joyusa 31
joyusa 31 Oy oldin
Bumblebee was a disaster
Yeah Right
Yeah Right Oy oldin
Crazy Rich Asians had awful directing + editing. Prove me wrong
al3rgen Oy oldin
just for bumblebee dislike...and.. where is green book? where is bohemian rapsody?
Msi Oy oldin
No Bird Box???
Mark St Jean
Mark St Jean Oy oldin
Didn’t like black panther at all but that’s just me
fibo79 2 oy oldin
This list totally sucks
S. J. Evans
S. J. Evans 2 oy oldin
Accurate list
DRGNF8 2 oy oldin
Black panther was not the best. More like just ok.
David Kent
David Kent 2 oy oldin
I find myself overwhelmed by CGI and underwhelmed with this list. The only film I've seen on this list is Crazy Rich Asians which I can only describe as 'tres ordinaire'. Come on where are the serious movies, this lot is just for teenagers.
tom koenen
tom koenen 2 oy oldin
how can anybody sit through the spiderverse movie? i like my movies to be more than 10 frames per second. comic book art or not. this is easely done in a more fluid way with the technology we have nowadays. with just a bit more work into it to let it feel and look like it is smooth running it would be a good movie, but not like it is now
Matt Stark
Matt Stark 2 oy oldin
um... Halloween...?
Savio Darmento
Savio Darmento 2 oy oldin
Am i the only one who watched Bohemian Rhapsody? It doesn’t seem to be in anyone’s list
Jackie 2 oy oldin
Sorry, but how do you mentioned Thoroughbreds and not mention Anton Yelchin in one of is last roles??
Mark Kohler
Mark Kohler 2 oy oldin
Suspiria, Cold War, Shoplifters, Roma ?? Terrible list !! It’s just box office tripe you have picked from.
E B 2 oy oldin
Where tf is Bandersnatch??????
Sir Props The Doc
Ant man and the wasp?!?! You're joking.
P.I Staker.
P.I Staker. 2 oy oldin
Black panther is overrated
S A M Sunny
S A M Sunny 2 oy oldin
antman sucked
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore 2 oy oldin
Oh, I thought that when you said "best" you actually meant films of QUALITY, rather than what blew the Great Unwashed's skirts up. Next year, can you title this feature, "The Most Popular Films of 2019, as per Income From Lowbrow Tentpole Audiences." Thanks.
Étoile Filante
Étoile Filante 2 oy oldin
Bohemian Rhapsody?
alliejr 2 oy oldin
Not just the best Spiderman every man, the best Marvel ever made, full stop. Into the Spiderverse is what every Marvel movie should have been from the start.
QWERT z 2 oy oldin
black panther, infinity war, deadpool 2, i2 , transformers, spiderman ...is this a list of the best movies or the best superhero/kids movies? I guess you havnt seen Shoplifters, lady bird, three billboards, roma.... Guys come on
Luke Frohling
Luke Frohling 2 oy oldin
Black panther?? Seriously??? The movie SUCKED! The ONLY thing going for it was virtue flag waving - who are racist are BEING virtue flag waving sycophants. By design it was the ONLY “interesting” film available whenever it was shown in cinemas and the acting was wooden at best. Annoying as the population of the world hates obvious politically-motivated/driven things like this. Just look at Doctor Who- the Doctor is a woman ONLY to serve hypocritics and their agendas, not to serve the story. BBC hails it as a triumph but the majority of the population (and nearly all of the Whovians) and deeply disappointed with their clear attempts at brainwashing and down voted the crap out of anything made from season 12 (new series) onwards
Jamie Campbell
Jamie Campbell 2 oy oldin
I enjoyed the film personally buy you are 100 percent correct !!! it was virtue signalling to the highest order !! they should have called it "marvels Woke" .... really bugs the life out me that superhero films are being politicised and forced in to the world of identity politics ! love all these films buy black panther was the only one that left a bad taste in my mouth
Rodney Huang
Rodney Huang 2 oy oldin
Black Panther is overrated. One of the worst marvel movies along side age of ultron. And where is Upgrade. I would say upgrade is in the top 3 in 2018 with Avengers 1st. What a shit list.
Titan12 2 oy oldin
1:34 Why do people keep fawning over that highly overrated Black Panther movie when it was mediocre at best? None of that movie stuck out as "astonishingly good"🤣
DonkeyIAm 2 oy oldin
Black Panther wasn't that good to be honest critics were more afraid of being called racist then anything
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