These Are The Best Movies Of 2018

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2018 offered a huge range of awesome, diverse films in just about every genre… but which are at the top of their class? These are the very best films 2018 has to offer…
A Quiet Place | 0:11
Black Panther | 1:13
Avengers: Infinity War | 2:22
Ant-Man and the Wasp | 3:15
Deadpool 2 | 4:20
Incredibles 2 | 5:11
Mission: Impossible - Fallout | 5:53
Crazy Rich Asians | 6:41
A Star is Born | 7:22
Thoroughbreds | 8:17
Love, Simon | 9:06
Bumblebee | 10:04
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse | 10:57




31-Dek, 2018

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Looper 16 kun oldin
What was the best movie of 2018?
Nina C
Nina C 4 kun oldin
your a racist "colored people" really what a goof
Geek-Pool 4 kun oldin
Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse
Stephen Hakimi
Stephen Hakimi 5 kun oldin
Dwiyana Syahputri
Dwiyana Syahputri 6 kun oldin
Wow. You didn't put the best picture movie from Golden Globe 2019.
Jo Wilson
Jo Wilson 6 kun oldin
Bohemian Rhapsody
fibo79 3 soat oldin
This list totally sucks
S. J. Evans
S. J. Evans Kun oldin
Accurate list
DRGNF8 Kun oldin
Black panther was not the best. More like just ok.
David Kent
David Kent Kun oldin
I find myself overwhelmed by CGI and underwhelmed with this list. The only film I've seen on this list is Crazy Rich Asians which I can only describe as 'tres ordinaire'. Come on where are the serious movies, this lot is just for teenagers.
tom koenen
tom koenen 2 kun oldin
how can anybody sit through the spiderverse movie? i like my movies to be more than 10 frames per second. comic book art or not. this is easely done in a more fluid way with the technology we have nowadays. with just a bit more work into it to let it feel and look like it is smooth running it would be a good movie, but not like it is now
Matt Stark
Matt Stark 2 kun oldin
um... Halloween...?
Savio Darmento
Savio Darmento 2 kun oldin
Am i the only one who watched Bohemian Rhapsody? It doesn’t seem to be in anyone’s list
Jackie 3 kun oldin
Sorry, but how do you mentioned Thoroughbreds and not mention Anton Yelchin in one of is last roles??
Mark Kohler
Mark Kohler 3 kun oldin
Suspiria, Cold War, Shoplifters, Roma ?? Terrible list !! It’s just box office tripe you have picked from.
Elcentry Benjamin
Elcentry Benjamin 3 kun oldin
Where tf is Bandersnatch??????
Sir Props The Doc
Sir Props The Doc 3 kun oldin
Ant man and the wasp?!?! You're joking.
P.I Staker.
P.I Staker. 3 kun oldin
Black panther is overrated
S A M Sunny
S A M Sunny 3 kun oldin
antman sucked
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore 3 kun oldin
Oh, I thought that when you said "best" you actually meant films of QUALITY, rather than what blew the Great Unwashed's skirts up. Next year, can you title this feature, "The Most Popular Films of 2019, as per Income From Lowbrow Tentpole Audiences." Thanks.
Étoile Filante
Étoile Filante 3 kun oldin
Bohemian Rhapsody?
alliejr 4 kun oldin
Not just the best Spiderman every man, the best Marvel ever made, full stop. Into the Spiderverse is what every Marvel movie should have been from the start.
QWERT z 4 kun oldin
black panther, infinity war, deadpool 2, i2 , transformers, spiderman ...is this a list of the best movies or the best superhero/kids movies? I guess you havnt seen Shoplifters, lady bird, three billboards, roma.... Guys come on
Luke Frohling
Luke Frohling 4 kun oldin
Black panther?? Seriously??? The movie SUCKED! The ONLY thing going for it was virtue flag waving - who are racist are BEING virtue flag waving sycophants. By design it was the ONLY “interesting” film available whenever it was shown in cinemas and the acting was wooden at best. Annoying as the population of the world hates obvious politically-motivated/driven things like this. Just look at Doctor Who- the Doctor is a woman ONLY to serve hypocritics and their agendas, not to serve the story. BBC hails it as a triumph but the majority of the population (and nearly all of the Whovians) and deeply disappointed with their clear attempts at brainwashing and down voted the crap out of anything made from season 12 (new series) onwards
Jamie Campbell
Jamie Campbell 4 kun oldin
I enjoyed the film personally buy you are 100 percent correct !!! it was virtue signalling to the highest order !! they should have called it "marvels Woke" .... really bugs the life out me that superhero films are being politicised and forced in to the world of identity politics ! love all these films buy black panther was the only one that left a bad taste in my mouth
Rodney Huang
Rodney Huang 4 kun oldin
Black Panther is overrated. One of the worst marvel movies along side age of ultron. And where is Upgrade. I would say upgrade is in the top 3 in 2018 with Avengers 1st. What a shit list.
Titan12 4 kun oldin
1:34 Why do people keep fawning over that highly overrated Black Panther movie when it was mediocre at best? None of that movie stuck out as "astonishingly good"🤣
DonkeyIAm 4 kun oldin
Black Panther wasn't that good to be honest critics were more afraid of being called racist then anything
DonkeyIAm 4 kun oldin
Get Out was a great movie and the only that got me to jump from a jump scare since the Conjuring
Comedy Group
Comedy Group 4 kun oldin
Black panther and antman and the wasp were not one of the best movies, maybe one of the more popular ones
CNN Blackmail Support
Let me get this straight. You guys used diversity of the cast as a reason for being great. Despite men making up the majority of hollywood actors, this list somehow shows that only like 2 films that had a Male lead roll made the cut?
joelouis321 4 kun oldin
I'm so fucking sick of diversity being pushed.
Harvey Cent
Harvey Cent 5 kun oldin
Ant man was shit
It doesn't matter what my name is
Where is KGF
Rein B. Old
Rein B. Old 5 kun oldin
There literally hasn't been a movie that got me into the theater since I was in junior high. That would have been the first of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This list is a great example of why that is.
Goland454 5 kun oldin
How did Ready Player One not make this list? !~!
Stephanie Rice
Stephanie Rice 5 kun oldin
Blah. Black Panther I found boring. I liked Quiet Place better.
clarence siason
clarence siason 5 kun oldin
trinton sauvola
trinton sauvola 5 kun oldin
Also it wasn’t even close to as good as infinity war, and thanos was a far better movie than whatever his kilmonger
trinton sauvola
trinton sauvola 5 kun oldin
Black panther was ok
aman khan
aman khan 5 kun oldin
A star is born is basically Ashiqui 2
Curran 5 kun oldin
Black panther was awful....
FERGAL FREEMAN 5 kun oldin
Black Panther was absolute garbage!!!
Pip Bernadotte
Pip Bernadotte 5 kun oldin
Black panther was an atrocious movie but then again every movie in 2018 was
Tomas TV Channel
Tomas TV Channel 5 kun oldin
How about Bohemian Rhapsody?
PowerPuffGirl68 5 kun oldin
i remember my first time watching black panther was on a plane while going through turbulence
Silly things happens
Uhmm, where is Hereditary?
Anneli Pietersen
Anneli Pietersen 5 kun oldin
Can we all just acknowledge how beautiful Lady Gaga is
Rein B. Old
Rein B. Old 5 kun oldin
I think she's talented and sort of pretty, I guess. But there are dozens of women I see in my day to day life make her look like a pile of puke. I do think she's a PR monster and a smart girl though
Anneli Pietersen
Anneli Pietersen 5 kun oldin
A Quiet Place is the best movie of any year. My parents that HATE horror movies, loved this movie.
Chris Langford
Chris Langford 6 kun oldin
The title should be the best marvel movies of 2018
jim page
jim page 6 kun oldin
Bumblebee Sucked Hard
Dragon Lich Queen
Dragon Lich Queen 6 kun oldin
A Quiet Place is certainly my favorite.
Mark Harrison
Mark Harrison 6 kun oldin
Ant man and the wasp was one of the worst movies I've ever seen
Josh Huber
Josh Huber 6 kun oldin
Benjamin Koomson
Benjamin Koomson 6 kun oldin
Was looking for the greatest showman or even Venom
Nabil Kabir
Nabil Kabir 6 kun oldin
What! These movies are clearly the most popular but not necessarily the best ones. A good reference of the Top 10 picks would be the video by WatchMojo's Top 10 2018 Movie Picks. I guess you guys can learn a thing or two from them.
Disaster Artist
Disaster Artist 6 kun oldin
Thanos >>> Killmonger
Procrastinitus 6 kun oldin
Suspiria not being mentioned invalidates this whole video.
Oliver McErlean
Oliver McErlean 6 kun oldin
BS of the first order. A reminder that popular movies are like McDonalds: billions sold; malnutrition guaranteed.
Marty 6 kun oldin
You lost me when you used the term "people of colour"... Great way to keep driving that wedge in where we don't need it with that stupid saying. We look and often act different from each other, because we're from all over the world... Big whoop... Stop virtue signaling with that shit.
Alexander the not so great
Black panther? Best movie of 2018!? R u kidding me?
Denn Sigauke
Denn Sigauke 6 kun oldin
not sure if it has been done before but just asking how many movies and maybe tv series have used the "you cant handle the truth" iconic line...
Mehul Dewangan
Mehul Dewangan 6 kun oldin
Marvel fanboy spotted.
anshad klblm
anshad klblm 7 kun oldin
White people are easily butt hurt and never gonna like anything looks not white,poor race.loooooollll
Rein B. Old
Rein B. Old 5 kun oldin
Avery Brooks is great as captain Sisko in Star Trek. But I'm not going to pretend a comic book movie is Oscar quality. I'm not taking a bite of that shit sandwich and smiling like so many others. Edit:looooolll
roypoli yt
roypoli yt 7 kun oldin
Just because they're popular doesn't make them the best. I look for films that will live on for decades not a few weeks. Personally, there is not a single film here that I would even consider.
Vincent Krommenhoek
@ Russel Hobs: yeah, or biggest blockbusters of 2018. There were better movies...
Ant-Man and The Wasp was NOT a good movie. It was mediocre at best, and everyone but you knows that.
jacob studt
jacob studt 7 kun oldin
Bumblebee was utter trash. John cena delivers lines like a dying toad. It was SUPER tacky and slow. Also was super PG. they could have just labeled it a live action iron giant and it would make sense
cornfed PI
cornfed PI 7 kun oldin
This is the reason I only made to the cinema twice last year.
Nightpony inRface
Nightpony inRface 7 kun oldin
No Halloween 2018?
The2tlc 7 kun oldin
I thought Black Panther sucked. The best most interesting character had a terrible ending. Such a waist of Andy Serkis's character. The rest of the cast was boring and predictable. Thanos is one of the best villains and he did deserve to win because he has more conviction to do what was needed. I'm most interested in seeing End game. Will not bother to even watch Black Panther 2 as I barely managed to finish the 1st one without falling asleep from its boring typical the world owes me because life is unfair story-line. Killmonger came across as a crybully snowflake who thinks he is entitled to everything without earning anything and will destroy anything that challenges that ideology all the while claiming how proud he is to be a citizen (King) of their Nation. You can't be proud of it if your end goal is to erase it!
Jig Saw
Jig Saw 7 kun oldin
Black Panther was average at best, barely remember it five minutes after watching. Infinity war however was great, Thanos is hands down Marvels best villain.
Jenny Flowers
Jenny Flowers 7 kun oldin
excuse me how could you not even mention hereditary??!!
Svein Grimstad
Svein Grimstad 7 kun oldin
Is Lady gaga a good actress too? She is for sure a good singer! I want to see that film! Bradly Copper rules, especially in Limitless.
Svein Grimstad
Svein Grimstad 7 kun oldin
How long would you last in a world as portraited in "The quiet place"? Easy to forget the new reality for a split second and scream in anger or fear! Not a place for people with temper & powerful voices.
JeffMangumMagnum 7 kun oldin
Ive never felt so isolated from society as i have by clicking loopers list of worst 2018 flicks followed by their list of best 2018 flicks. Jesus. Might as well be interchangeable. Its all one big list of bland and superhero and YA and advertising budget and cum guzzles. When did cinema become such fucking garbage that "best" is a nigh-invisible drop of splooge away from "worst" so arbitrarily? Black Panther? Infinite War? WTF? Fuck even looking 10 years back and you can still have superhero movies get critical acclaim, but it required something thematically rich and driven as the Dark Knight first to be bespoke in the midst of the genius of the Coen brothers and PTA flicks that year. Then genre popularity was an exception where treatment was still passed along as genuine "bests" because that sort of film was actually filtered through a visionary. Now anything popular gets the "big boy movie reccomendos!" and all the same shit is indistinguishable from the worst flick list. Everything best really just means the latest output of Disney/Marvel's fucking print money button that's dosing out SOMA for idiots ta feel guuds.
siddharth nagar
siddharth nagar 7 kun oldin
Then Roma is the worst
albert hoxha
albert hoxha 7 kun oldin
The best is ALPHA
Karthik Raja
Karthik Raja 7 kun oldin
Let's tighten up your loose brain and see Aquaman
Thirsty! 7 kun oldin
Black Panther suuuuucccckkkked!
Sid Bat
Sid Bat 7 kun oldin
Ant man and the wasp sucked
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano 7 kun oldin
Infinity war and black panther were not good...
FishBayVI420H20 7 kun oldin
comic book movies, super hero movies, and cartoons. i disagree with this list more than I think ive ever disagreed with a list
Bruno Millani
Bruno Millani 7 kun oldin
Black Panther was bad on so many levels.
Mark Hurst
Mark Hurst 7 kun oldin
Black Panther is overrated and too racist
Geoff Falcon
Geoff Falcon 7 kun oldin
Marvel needs to stop for a while. Black Panther and Avengers both sucked.
Barry Drywood
Barry Drywood 7 kun oldin
black panther was okay
Freigheist 7 kun oldin
Black Panther is soooooo overrated. Best MCU bad guy? Really? Just like with Wonder Woman some internet trolls hyped the hell out of it and people blindly believed in it to be that amazing. Ant-Man 2 was a better movie lol
RockinRolla102 7 kun oldin
Black panther is extremely overrated. It's not even the best movie of 2018 lol
Music Muse
Music Muse 8 kun oldin
Where was bohemian rhapsody
MovieClips 8 kun oldin
Thoroughbreds is from 2017.
Olynicole1234 8 kun oldin
That shade to The Incredibles tho 🤣🤣🤣
M4G - Meda4Games
M4G - Meda4Games 8 kun oldin
What is the background soundtrack
Sah. B.
Sah. B. 8 kun oldin
I hate Simon. And I’m not the one. What was it’s box office? It’s only on the list because of the gay mafia.
Sah. B.
Sah. B. 8 kun oldin
Ugh-stop with the cultural encouragement. A good movie is a good movie.
Caleb carter
Caleb carter 8 kun oldin
The first time I saw A Quiet Place I thought it was great. The second time I realized how stupid everyone and everything that happens really is. Prime example: the nail. Thankfully for the plot somebody built those stairs completely wrong.
TrueVali 8 kun oldin
Halloween is absent and Black Panther is here. I'm disappointed
Hector Montes
Hector Montes 8 kun oldin
AntMan 2 really???
4021971 8 kun oldin
These are(for the most part) big blockbuster movies. What about movies that were smaller and better? I feel like I wasted my time here, especially after seeing Deadpool 2 on the list. It was not anywhere as good as the first one.
BearInterrupted 8 kun oldin
I fell asleep during Incredible 2 both times I attempted to watch it - the charm of the first one was lost for me and Dash and Violet I found annoying. The Tale I, Tonya Cargo are films that should be on the list
Moarten Laursen
Moarten Laursen 8 kun oldin
No bohemian rapsody & solo? = disliked
Another Agnostic
Another Agnostic 8 kun oldin
Thoroughbreds came out in 2017.
Jackie Martin
Jackie Martin 8 kun oldin
Hated Ant-Man and the Wasp. The jokes were funny but went on WAY too long... getting to the point where it was like explaining the punchline. Also, Michael Pena's character was overly stereotypical.
Megiddo Jones
Megiddo Jones 8 kun oldin
Black Panther? Virtue signal harder, please.
Paul Starrett
Paul Starrett 8 kun oldin
Gary Stump Sr
Gary Stump Sr 8 kun oldin
I love Anya Taylor-Joy and I'm glad you gave her the recognition she deserves but you made absolutely no mention of Olivia Cooke. Her character was much more interesting.