Things Only Women Who Wear Hijabs Understand

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Cloth for days
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Shane Whitaker
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22-Iyl, 2017

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The Pastel Unicorn
The Pastel Unicorn 13 soat oldin
Anyone else watching even though they don't wear a hijab
Maleeha Raja
Maleeha Raja Kun oldin
Guys ye have all given me hope these comments are great can def tell times are really changing for the better xxxx
myuser name
myuser name Kun oldin
hun you can just tuck the excess in
cutesteunha 2 kun oldin
i'm a christian, and i was at school one day. i had a scarf with me that looked like a hijab, so i wanted to pretend i had a hijab on (i was young at the time so i didn't know if it was bad or not) and so my muslim friends put them on for me. it was a really good experience, i was like 9-10 at the time i think
Not Funny
Not Funny 2 kun oldin
No one wears hijab while doing makeup.. unless in public, lmao
zainab cooking art and more fun
I wear the hijab like if you do or want to try
Cameryn Gibbs
Cameryn Gibbs 5 kun oldin
I’m Christian, but man! Hijabs look incredible!!
Dom s
Dom s 5 kun oldin
Wearing a hijab with makeup, defeats the idea of the hijab
Spidey Snatched
Spidey Snatched 6 kun oldin
I’m a Catholic and these women are beautiful! Hijabs are gorgeous!
Cupcake Cult
Cupcake Cult 8 kun oldin
I wanna wear a hijab, but I can’t
Daneen Fatima
Daneen Fatima 8 kun oldin
How r they so beautiful
ٍSADIA MONI 10 kun oldin
Pic holder is similar to me
SimplyLogical 10 kun oldin
beautiful women! :)
Intersectionally Me
Intersectionally Me 10 kun oldin
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who puts my pins into my car. I have some in my seat too. Lol. I thought I was so weird.
aya tahery
aya tahery 10 kun oldin
I am actually shocked because I didn't see people in the comments insulting Islam or muslim women. And another big struglle is to not have an appopriate hijab to fit with your clothes :(
Ally Brown
Ally Brown 10 kun oldin
0:25 I thought stains didn’t phase you lol 😂
Elise Martineau
Elise Martineau 11 kun oldin
hijabis must be so happy by the invention of AirPods
Noemi Vdh
Noemi Vdh 12 kun oldin
Are there special hairdressers for these women? (Sorry for the lack of knowledge, there are not many Muslims in Mexico yet)
Galaxy Queen
Galaxy Queen 13 kun oldin
The headphones one seems so good bc like you can listen to music in class without anyone knowing
Kawaii Potato Bean XD
then dont wear a hijab.....
AyeDeey P
AyeDeey P 13 kun oldin
As an atheist girl, I find hijabs beautiful and stylish.💕
Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis 16 kun oldin
I'm Christian and I still don't understand why Muslim girls should wear hijab. I mean it's annoying.😞
Maha Muhammad
Maha Muhammad 13 kun oldin
no its not we wear hijab to feel secured and protected by our GOD
livi loo hoo
livi loo hoo 19 kun oldin
my mom's back specialist wears a hijab and her name is Sarah Sharif
Monster Facee
Monster Facee 14 kun oldin
Who actually cares?
Numara Khan Gauri
Numara Khan Gauri 19 kun oldin
Hahahaha this is soooo true 😂😂
Nadin Neirabi
Nadin Neirabi 19 kun oldin
True problems😂
Fanisya Fitriani
Fanisya Fitriani 20 kun oldin
That's why i did makeup before wearing my hijab 😂
Crazy Hyper Artist
Crazy Hyper Artist 20 kun oldin
I don't wear a hijab but two of my best friends are Muslims who wear hijabs and they're constantly complaining and laughing about these things haha
Ebrar Çakmak
Ebrar Çakmak 21 kun oldin
Thing only who is a natural red head and wears hijab understands: People see your childhood photos and never believe it's you. They think you cant have red hair underneath that hijab 😂😂😂
beauty queen of beauty
So true
ISSA FLOR 22 kun oldin
I don’t wear hijabs but I think there cute
ummrah ashfaq
ummrah ashfaq 22 kun oldin
Awesome !
Madiii 23 kun oldin
im an atheist but...this culture style and everything about it amazes me! ❤
Demetry Dolls
Demetry Dolls 24 kun oldin
That’s selfie one is actually super adorable to me
Faizah Bhaiyat
Faizah Bhaiyat 24 kun oldin
Totally agree and totally relate
natalie carreon
natalie carreon 24 kun oldin
i dont even wear hjabs
Dance moms and Kawaiigirl
I know it’s so annoying
R Albadri
R Albadri 25 kun oldin
This may be true but we should not stop wearing the hijab because of such small tiny issues0
R Albadri
R Albadri 25 kun oldin
Are they trying to discourage Muslim women for wearing the hijab
Fajar & Esha
Fajar & Esha 25 kun oldin
Wrestling with the bag and selfie 🤳 totally me
Kxørúx 26 kun oldin
I wear hijab to school and am planning on getting myself some airpods y'all know where this is going ༼(∩ ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡ ͡°)༽⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚
Pogrizzi fan
Pogrizzi fan 27 kun oldin
How do they spend their summer tho?
kenza abdi
kenza abdi 28 kun oldin
I bet the comments are soooo nasty
julie mansfield
Big up from Canada 🇨🇦
zouk61 61
zouk61 61 Oy oldin
are hijabs worn at home when with husband and kids ? what happens when the doorbell rings? do u wrap your head before answering the door ?
kim Kardashian
Why should they wear this 1)it's uncountable 2) and it's all wrong because girls don't have freedom
Pink and yellow Roses
I don't where one but I'm sorry for your struggles 😑
50 shades of gray scarves 😂😂
ItsBazza 26 kun oldin
shistar shook
shistar shook Oy oldin
Im not even a Muslim or wear a hijab, but hijabs are beautiful!! ❤️
mahtab ahmad
mahtab ahmad Oy oldin
thats literally me shopping
mahtab ahmad
mahtab ahmad Oy oldin
when u are muslim like me even tho i dont wear a scarf u gotta repersent love this video
Hawhyanus Jiwana
Idk, but Indonesian hijab more simply
XxcharplaysmcxX The Gamer
My BFF is a muslim. I didn't even process that she wore hijabs until I went to her house for the first time and saw she didn't have one on.
Ella Wilson
Ella Wilson Oy oldin
I’m a Christian, But honestly you guys can go ahead and rock hijab!!! 👌🏾💗💗 And I get jealous sometimes of them because they are just so beautiful 😍
The A Team
The A Team Oy oldin
I think hijabs are so cool I love them
Ayesha Siddiqua
can't she just shut her phone instead of pulling out her headphones
Zuha Shaikh
Zuha Shaikh Oy oldin
You missed one thing- when you don't realise that your hair is being seen from behind through the scarf which is hella awkward.
Nusrat Faras
Nusrat Faras Oy oldin
0:25 👍☺️☺️
Gulnaz Dalvi
Gulnaz Dalvi Oy oldin
Seriously the makeup part is so real.... Like I have spoiled many hijabs...n it generally happens when the hijab is on point N fleek... The pain is real
Kawaii Kitten
Kawaii Kitten Oy oldin
You forget when you lose your pin when trying to put you Hijab up.. Happen to my friend
Texting Story
Texting Story Oy oldin
1:24 that girl with the nude colored hijab sounds a lot like Ariana grande.
Ann Chaerin Sonu
Wait if they're in the bathroom; cant they take it off because theres only girls there?
Alayna does Stuff
But then they would have to put it back in and it would be inconvenient
rosegold rosegold
1:14 is me
Akira Hatson
Akira Hatson Oy oldin
that is not funny or true.
Charlotte Roland
I don’t even wear a hijab what am I doing here
Indiyah Lestrange
Shout out to all the women out there who wear hijabs! You all look great wearing them. Much respect ❤❤
Hinoya Dada
Hinoya Dada Oy oldin
i love hijab all girls look beautiful with it
Entesar Ibrahim
When you're Muslim and you be the commect section where it says all Muslims are really nice but you cuss you feel left out PS talking about me
Elisabeth Hermans
About the make-up why dont first put on make-up and then your hijab so you wont make it dirty no hate but its way easier
Jalale Moti
Jalale Moti Oy oldin
I’m Christian but I’ve always wanted to try on a hijab idk y
InnaAweis Adde
So true so real
alex be crazy
alex be crazy Oy oldin
Can someone explain to me something not to be rude but I thought muslim women wear hijabs to hide thier beauty so they don't draw sexual attention to men so why do some wear makeup? Or the top part on thier head but jeans and a shirt?
Only 20% of what you guys said was true the others y'all just ran out of ideas
Ollie Miller
Ollie Miller Oy oldin
wonderful midnight daisy
I am muslim but cant really relate to these as i dont wear hijab yet. 😸 But these would be relatable to my mom and grandma. But not the one that said putting mascara while wearing hijab...like seriously , my mom puts her make up first THEN wears her hijab.
Zarin Solkar
Zarin Solkar Oy oldin
Sometimes I can’t even hear wat people are saying to me when I m wearing hijab wen they speak too softly.
Louloua Hussein
omg so relatable lol 😂😂😂
Tai Yo
Tai Yo Oy oldin
The IGN Sparrow
I think hijabs look awesome! It’s so cool that people keep up their religion, even with people telling them they should do otherwise.
Dylan Power
Dylan Power Oy oldin
Well don’t wear makeup. Problem solved
nrsrya zain
nrsrya zain Oy oldin
i hate when people told me to stop wearing a hijab , hijab is not an option but as muslim we all knew that hair is aurat,
VividViolet xD
I thought that As/is, buzzfeed and lady like we’re three different things...
Yemeniah 18
Yemeniah 18 Oy oldin
The make up one was not true bc i put make and i still have pj on lol 😂😂but it wass a good vid tho
Life with friends
Like it of u r
Life with friends
Who's muslim here or wears hijab or at least talks arabic😂انا
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie Oy oldin
+ no bad hair days lmao
Mirana_ Aiha
Mirana_ Aiha Oy oldin
hijab were supposed to cover your hair, neck and chest my dears.. if you were in a rush, just get "instant" hijab online. easy, comfortable and no pins needed 😆
Sabiha Ali
Sabiha Ali Oy oldin
Finally someone who understands how it feels to wear a hijab the thing I hate it when something gets stuck in it its embarrassing basically one time I had to wear a hijab and I was at the hospital and I got gum stuck on it and everyone was just staring at me. :p
Namjoon ARMY
Namjoon ARMY Oy oldin
shopping for hijab friendly clothes is the hardest thing ever so i just wear sweatpants and hoodies alot
i couldint think of a name
"Stains dont phase you" ... "Makeup on your hijab" Bruh
Samantha May
Samantha May Oy oldin
the earbud thing would be so useful trying to sneak listening to music in class
Hit Or Miss I Guess They Never Miss, H U H
I got a question.....I'm not muslim so don't judge me if this is a stupid question but how do you guys swim?
yee Oy oldin
i disagree with people who make their wives/daughters wear hijabs to be hidden from other men. if the women choose to wear the hijab, I’m totally fine with that.
got no name
got no name Oy oldin
God i love hijab so much , thank u guys for posting this 😀💓
Nafisa Sadaf
Nafisa Sadaf Oy oldin
You don't wear hijab like that
Maria Afreen
Maria Afreen Oy oldin
Food caught in my scarf is the most common thing happened to me xD
Lana Fazaa
Lana Fazaa Oy oldin
Actually my mom wears a hijab and she puts makeup on before she puts on the hijab
Foxxi Oy oldin
Im an athiest...but like...hijabs look awesome and beautiful.
ME MSP Oy oldin
There are so many people saying 'why are there so many negative comments?
Nelly Mekkawy
Nelly Mekkawy Oy oldin
Not all Muslims wear hijab
Sorry to ask... but what exactly does a Hijab represent? I never understood it...
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