Things Only Women Who Wear Hijabs Understand

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Cloth for days
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22-Iyl, 2017

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Irish dance for life #dancer
For every like I will add a ✡️
Karim Temri
Karim Temri 16 soat oldin
Makeup = non hijab
Anna Grace S
Anna Grace S Kun oldin
Heres a thought, put ur hijab on after you makup and u shouldnt be afraid to let ppl see you wothout a scarf around your head in my opinion thats stupid pla dont take this the wrong way love this channel!😍
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith 5 kun oldin
I'm not even Muslim what am I doing here?
Meera Pradeepan
Meera Pradeepan 7 kun oldin
Mad respect for everybody out there who wears a hijab daily
Valeria Bulatova
Valeria Bulatova 7 kun oldin
Lol it’s inappropriate for Muslims to wear makeup....
taehyung's boxy smile
I can relate so bad
Smart Enough
Smart Enough 7 kun oldin
Actually on events(parties, birthdays, weddings...) I put my makeup after wearing my hijab.
Smart Enough
Smart Enough 7 kun oldin
Haaaha I do all of those.
Ezekiah Mckenzie
Ezekiah Mckenzie 8 kun oldin
why am I here I'm not even muslim
Ruweyda Hassan
Ruweyda Hassan 8 kun oldin
lol sooo true
jasmine_ a20
jasmine_ a20 9 kun oldin
Can we just look at how beautiful these women are😍
Muffin Monster
Muffin Monster 11 kun oldin
1:13 yep yep
Happy  Life
Happy Life 13 kun oldin
DrawzzJannaa 13 kun oldin
I dont even wear hijabs why am i watching this
Mahnoor M
Mahnoor M 13 kun oldin
I don’t like wearing a hijab. But I have to when I go out. For some people it’s a choice but not all. For some it’s like oppression.
Japanthewoman 14 kun oldin
I wear the al-amira hijabs (one or two piece slip on hijab) I just never could get the hang of wrapping and pinning. But I can relate to some of these.
Libby oof
Libby oof 14 kun oldin
_i dont wear a hijab _*_why am i here_*
e m m a
e m m a 15 kun oldin
i am christian, but i think hijabs are so pretty
Ghinamaysya Ayu
Ghinamaysya Ayu 15 kun oldin
Thats a real struggle.. But by the way I start to close my eyes when I go to the comment section :( I know if there will be so much hating coments. I am wear hijab. Maybe if I go to America or europe I will looks weird and all of peoples will looking at me. But when I go to Asia or Africa I feel safe.. cuz its not weird at there
DustineDaniella 16 kun oldin
I may not wear a hijab but my best friend does and I quite understand this
Chenny Chann
Chenny Chann 17 kun oldin
1:36 "the turkish one "??? :D
Kelie Wassel
Kelie Wassel 19 kun oldin
Well I think they need to leave their religion
Adeline Renee Dayot Corpuz
There are like people who don’t know this culture about the Muslim girls wearing hijab. There are 4 types: The one that doesn’t mind, the one that does mind and asks about it, the one that does mind and tells the wearer to take it off and the one that does mind and just takes it off without the wearers permission. The ones that tells the wearer to take it off is not really being polite, i mean, come on, you don’t even know the purpose. Then there are the people that just rips it off their head...Those people have no right to live
Balqis Afifah
Balqis Afifah 21 kun oldin
Dang,thats accurate
Nimet 22 kun oldin
Zara Loneragan
Zara Loneragan 22 kun oldin
Aeloul Lilian
Aeloul Lilian 23 kun oldin
My aunt relates to all of that xD
Kant Relate Kris
Kant Relate Kris 24 kun oldin
Girls who wear hijabs are beautiful like everyone else. Don't listen to the negativity.
Shohel Ahmed
Shohel Ahmed 24 kun oldin
U put makeup first then hijab
Irvin Noah
Irvin Noah 25 kun oldin
Wait a minute? So that's mean in America they did had Islam race right? It could be 😂
Evi Fermastya Sugiarto
Well it's me
Kamilla Iqbal
Kamilla Iqbal 26 kun oldin
Don't ever feel pressured like u have to wear a hijab. If it's irritating you take it off. You do not need to be a product of a most likely fake religion. My 2 cents...show off ur pretty hair!
melaa_xo 26 kun oldin
Kamilla Iqbal fake religion?
Cathy Sarai
Cathy Sarai 26 kun oldin
I wish I could wear a hijab because my hair is a mess and i could hide it
doyoung extreme fan
doyoung extreme fan 27 kun oldin
This is so sad.
José G. Guzmán Anell
_i dont wear a hijabi but Im sure i would be so warm_
sᴜɴᴄʜɪ 28 kun oldin
Hijabs always look so pretty I don’t understand why people criticize them
Little Thingy
Little Thingy 18 kun oldin
yeah I'm fully aware of that, ("Muslims in the West"). Your religion and followers are scattered all over the globe......
HTR xox
HTR xox 18 kun oldin
Little Thingy bruh,you do know we aren’t all Asians lmao
Little Thingy
Little Thingy 24 kun oldin
faiiza kahn. no no... oppression! Maybe this is not the case for all Muslims in the West, but in many areas in the Middle East, females are forced to wear it....
faiiza khan
faiiza khan 24 kun oldin
Little Thingy Which is modesty....
Little Thingy
Little Thingy 25 kun oldin
cause of what they represent...
Galaxy Unicorn
Galaxy Unicorn 28 kun oldin
i hate muslims no ofense
1,000 subs with no videos? ?
Why??? What did they do
faiiza khan
faiiza khan 24 kun oldin
Okayy! No offense taken as a Muslims.
Not Your Average Amy
My best friend wears a hijab and she always gets her coffee all over it
faiiza khan
faiiza khan 24 kun oldin
mika chu
mika chu 29 kun oldin
*No knows how they survive the heat.*
Missy Unicorn beauty
The on trend hijab. The design on the hijab is the design of the dress I'm wearing right now.
Diana Mukhametvalieva
I am muslim girl but I don't wear hijab
Gerard Way’s Microphone 666
I wanna wear a hijab so I can have a cover up for my earbuds.
I døn’t knøw
Gerard Way’s Microphone 666 I have found billions of emos in this comment section
Nabeelah Rahman
The struggle is real
Azza Alhajri
Azza Alhajri Oy oldin
I dont use pin And scarf i only wear black hijab
diy channel
diy channel Oy oldin
Iam muslim
faiiza khan
faiiza khan 24 kun oldin
Salamun alaykum
Ella Jade
Ella Jade Oy oldin
Can someone please educate me on how to support or be more understanding of my Muslim friends?
Monica Khatkar
1:02 u can just pause the video or anything . no need to remove them and put them back , u know what I mean so this is for the people who hijab
Jenna Shelledy
My bff wear a hajiab I understand but I knkw what clothes she likes to🙌🏼
Kawaii Potatoz
*so true*
CurlyHead Nalani
*Hahaha I'm arab and I can't relate at all...*
Tae Beach
Tae Beach Oy oldin
*when your in struggles*
mariah m
mariah m Oy oldin
Why do they use hijabs
Mya Richardson
0:10 Nutella :D
mohamed hayatu
This video is so relatable
babydraven 101
I’m loving this
Maria Giulia Rodriguez
I thought you had a special knot to wear that but apparently you almost stab yourself jesus
You said there not fazed by stains but then she got eyeliner on her hijab and she was clerly fazed
Rahaf Ahmed
Rahaf Ahmed Oy oldin
I am muslim and my mom wears hijab
Hebe aayisha
Hebe aayisha Oy oldin
If u wear makeup then y are u wearing burkha make up also attractive for opposite gender...
faiiza khan
faiiza khan 24 kun oldin
They should lower their gaze, which is Fard
Amit Nitzan
Amit Nitzan Oy oldin
Waw.... wearing this lookd like a reall challenge... Hope it's not too hard for you🙂 I'm jewes so i don't have to deel with this.
*quinn* :
*quinn* : Oy oldin
I’m Christian, but I think hijabs are so beautiful
Craft Central
Craft Central Oy oldin
Haha I'm a muslim girl and i relate to these when i wear the hijab. XD
Imran Ali
Imran Ali Oy oldin
Does airpods work under hijab?
Fathima Sana
Fathima Sana Oy oldin
Imran Ali Yess ! LMAO
Rika Dreamer
Rika Dreamer Oy oldin
Best respond to "don't need to wear that anymore" is "You don't have to be ignorite anymore by here we are". "You don't have to dress like that anymore to gain attention", "Your ancestors used to dress like this and than they forgot what cloth were made for", "Look who forgot what the bible stated about modest", "I dress like this because my skills and words speak louder than my aging decaying body" and "that racist!". Please add more to my comment to help these girls outs
Mad¡ha A.
Mad¡ha A. Oy oldin
honestly I've never came across a single hijabi wo does her makeup after putting on a scarf thats the last step
Kate Lady person
Don’t mean to be that girl but wouldn’t be more easy to take off the hijab when doing makeup idk I don’t mean to offend anyone
Payton Carlsgaard
At least you guys don't have to worry about your hair everyday
Hu ma
Hu ma Oy oldin
Ahhh so relatable omlife
You guys look beautiful in hijabs ❤️
faiiza khan
faiiza khan 24 kun oldin
EverythingNina Thanks
Marina Voigt
Marina Voigt Oy oldin
I mean no disrespect when i say this. How come when women in hijabs put on make up they dont slide it back a little. Dont worry im just wondering
Hana M
Hana M Oy oldin
I salute Muslim women who wears hijab in non-Muslim countries. I traveled to USA alone for the 1st time in my mid-20s and I wasn't wearing the hijab yet. I wear one now but I am dead scared of travelling to USA alone now. These women live their lives with prejudice rampant everywhere. I am not worthy. I'll just stay here in my cocoon.
Disney Princess
Anyone muslim here
Nyan Panda
Nyan Panda Oy oldin
You can use it to catch fallen snacks, secretly listen to music, and look really fabulous. I never understood why people thought it was weird when they saw girls wear these when I was younger, I just thought they looked cool tbh
Константин Георгиев
One of my best friends wears a hijab all the time.
Sabira Bhuiya
Sabira Bhuiya Oy oldin
If you wheat hijab do your make up first, then wrap the hijab.
HAYA Oy oldin
Yasmine Adr
Yasmine Adr Oy oldin
I once lost my ring, I was so sad, later when I got home, took off my hijab and saw my ring hit the ground, realized it was stuck inside my scarf all this time looll😂😂😂😂😂😂 This makes me laugh all the time
lilasadikkk Oy oldin
the make up one isnt an excuse, if you want to fix your makeup go to a bathroom and take your hijab off.
DisIsMriam xOx
Im gonna have to wear a scarf next year ;-;
Rawda Mahmoud
Rawda Mahmoud Oy oldin
Lovely Comments💛💛💛
Hajrah Majid
Hajrah Majid Oy oldin
Some of these are not true
Omg so relatable😂😂 and my fzv color is grey so u hot my weak point
Kitten Lover
Kitten Lover Oy oldin
Do the pins ever poke u?
faisa abdirahman
One of the Most relatable videos ever
Tricked ya
Tricked ya Oy oldin
Ok so I was born and live in America I’m 12 and my family is Muslim but we don’t do any practices or anything or whatever. But so we went to Iran, the country where my parents are from, and I wore a hijab there cuz I was forced to and it’s really annoying... it get sweaty and I always take it off as soon as I can. Every time we get in a car in Iran I take off my hijab and unbutton my montu, which is like a coat.
flower flower
flower flower Oy oldin
I'm Muslim but I were hijab some times like not always
y_026 Oy oldin
i have non of these problems
Nellys Crazy world
I think hijabs are so pretty 🧕
fearirin Oy oldin
The food one happens a lot
lazy Dinah
lazy Dinah Oy oldin
I have a lot of Muslim best friends and some of don't wear hijabs and I have a friend that wears one a lot of could these relate to the video
Jillian Henderson
I think hijabs looks super fashionable and stuff, and I would wear one.. If it wasn’t going to be so darn HOT OUTSIDE!...
meh drawings
meh drawings Oy oldin
Just pause whatever you're listening to
Idemudia happy
XHawkRid3r Oy oldin
I don't get it. Hijab means you don't want to attract men but makeup means you do. That's controversial.
Bumblebee Cabbagepatch
XHawkRid3r Makeup isn’t just to attract men it’s to make yourself feel pretty.
y_026 Oy oldin
XHawkRid3r wow you get it, but yea i wear a scarf and makeup😅
XHawkRid3r Oy oldin
Solution, don't wear hijabs
y_026 Oy oldin
HHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHH i shouldnt laugh i wear a hijab
Hey_Its_ Reagan
*takes off hijab* *beautiful hair appears* Me: wot.
Shimaa Ghamry
Shimaa Ghamry Oy oldin
I am hijabi It sucks but I still love it Btw, I am muslim
Monika 13 kun oldin
If it sucks then stop wearing it...?
Limelight Beanz
Limelight Beanz 2 oy oldin
Things I hear the most about me wearing a Hijab or being a Muslim: Are you bald under there? Don't you get hot under there? Oh you're lucky that if you have greasy hair, you can cover it Is the pin gonna stab you? Does it go into your head? It must take you really long to wrap that What's that thing on the top of your head? It must be so hard to wrap that And my favourite one, *if bacon was the only food left on the planet, would you eat it* Theyes the ones i thought of but comment more, they're hilarious!
Bumblebee Cabbagepatch
Limelight Beanz If you were bald would you still have to wear one?