This 17 Year Old TRASH TALKED Michael Jordan and INSTANTLY Regretted It

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Here lies the hopes and dreams of OJ Mayo.
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7-Iyn, 2018

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Fikrlar 4 490
SJW SlAYER 10 soat oldin
This is like Hillary thinking she was going to actually win 😂😂 I’m not looking for likes I’m looking for heated SJW’s lol
SpectrumZ250 comedy
I like MJ but he kinda cocky and he’s annoying
Greene Monkey
Greene Monkey 3 kun oldin
I don’t care if I’m 1 for 35 I’m talking shit
Kathy Hindley
Kathy Hindley 4 kun oldin
The same oj mayo who got banned for smoking weed ?
Jeff Stryker
Jeff Stryker 5 kun oldin
OJ who? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
chris morris
chris morris 5 kun oldin
Dude learned his lesson. And it seems to have humbled him. Respect. On another note. YA'LL SEE THAT FADE AWAY!?!?! EEEEEEEEEEE
HAPPY HAPPY 6 kun oldin
what a loser mike. he doesnt seem like hes a nice person.
King Street
King Street 7 kun oldin
Y’all soft in these comments lol s/o OJ for having the confidence and balls to call out MJ
Antonio Martin
Antonio Martin 8 kun oldin
Jimmy whats that beat called
The Millz
The Millz 9 kun oldin
MJ's farts have more skills than Mayo.
Bernard Gutierrez
Bernard Gutierrez 10 kun oldin
Where are u now... Kid😂😂😂😂
Blank Cheater
Blank Cheater 10 kun oldin
When kobe bryant destroyed kyrie
Troy F.
Troy F. 10 kun oldin
MJ taking another baller to class. Smh...when will people learn! MJ shut down way better talent than a 17year old OJ Mayo.
Kenneth Cochran
Kenneth Cochran 10 kun oldin
N E G R O . . . Y O U S A I D W H A T N O W ? ! ?
osoarragrant ki
osoarragrant ki 11 kun oldin
No one can beat the goat on a 1v1 period
DJ Migs of Binghamton
This is almost as dumb as Charlie Zelenoff calling out Deontay Wilder in a boxing’s match
Santo Carmona
Santo Carmona 12 kun oldin
Michael Jordan is just a cocky fuck smh Oj was young that's what young people do they brag he was excited then Jordan trying to shoot him down fuck Jordan
Samitha akalanka
Samitha akalanka 14 kun oldin
You should have waaaaaaayyyyyyyy more subscribers
Livinwithcharlie !
Livinwithcharlie ! 16 kun oldin
This channel should have more subscribers than pewdiepie and T series combined
Toilbaby 17 kun oldin
Michael Jordan is a morally bankrupt man. During a speech at an awards ceremony looking at his kids in the audience telling them they have very big shoes to fill????? Who the fuck is he? He can shoot a ball in a bucket? In the scheme of life that’s no big deal. I hope his children concentrate on maybe saving lives, serving their communities. Not baggin a basketball groupy looking for an 18 yr paycheck.....how many is he paying? Shame on you MICHAEL JORDAN what an empty/pathetic life you lead.
George B Toole Jr.
George B Toole Jr. 18 kun oldin
Man dont put ads IN your videos.
ronaidu99 20 kun oldin
Did he just say to the goat you can’t guard me who is this kid
dude dude
dude dude 20 kun oldin
You tell a good story.
frank palmer
frank palmer 20 kun oldin
I could beat Mike if he played with his eyes closed. Oh wait didn't he shoot a few free throws with his eyes closed.
Awakened Won
Awakened Won 21 kun oldin
Mike is living his best life now......Luke 16:18
Harold Clendenen
Harold Clendenen 23 kun oldin
If Magic hadn't contracted AIDS, we would be saying Michael who. Granted, Magic was playing with the best center in basketball at the time. But Karl Malone was no slouch. It seems, time is the enemy of all superstars.
qbert369 23 kun oldin
I HATE these type of voices on videos. Sooooo irritatingly obnoxious. They do it intentionally too.
bryce mc
bryce mc 23 kun oldin
i'll never get those few minutes back,thanks
Gilles Girard
Gilles Girard 24 kun oldin
Norman Lasalle
Norman Lasalle 24 kun oldin
Come drop buckets at my house 5pm
Christine Ford Sports Illustrated Spokeswoman
I knew a guy who played college ball and a little pro ball. Forgot his name it was so long ago. At that time he was in his late 60s. White guy. He used to beat the ever living crap out of the young guys at the age of 60. He never missed a shot. I dont think people truly understand how good professional players are. That is their profession. Then Jordan just takes it to a whole new level. That man is not small. He is 6 foot 6 with a huge wingspan and a vertical through the roof. Then throw in experience. You are a fool if you think you are going to beat him.
Stelios Kontos
Stelios Kontos 24 kun oldin
I believe bird did pretty good against Jordan in the post season
Antonio king
Antonio king 25 kun oldin
You would too just to say you scored on MJ lmao 😂 😂 y'all some funny dudes
garygsp3 25 kun oldin
MJ is the GOAT!!! James doesn't have anything on Mike. When the pressure was on Mike the cream rose to the top. When the pressure is on James you get curdled milk. That is why MJ is and always will be the best.
Ham The Aviator
Ham The Aviator 25 kun oldin
“This 17 year old” was not just some regular kid...that’s OJ Mayo cmon now Jimmy!!
Bryant Fogle
Bryant Fogle 25 kun oldin
Lesson learned
Greg Shubert
Greg Shubert 25 kun oldin
Shit. Jordan 40 yrs old and still better then all these cats. LBJ is the only one even close. An i still would rather have mj in a pickup game.
OPG_popcorn 123
OPG_popcorn 123 26 kun oldin
I love the smooth jazz feels you give your vids
Arkham GamingTM
Arkham GamingTM 26 kun oldin
"I'm walking out like I own the place" 🤣🤣
Johnny Hernandez
Johnny Hernandez 27 kun oldin
I never even heard of him at all.
Luke Specht
Luke Specht 27 kun oldin
Who’s yo daddy no u could not beat mike in a one on one
Luke Specht
Luke Specht 27 kun oldin
digdeep0169 27 kun oldin
cocky, arrogant little punk oj... nobody knows you... nobody cares. you got SCHOOLED. you fizzled out of the NBA... where you at??
SE Games
SE Games 27 kun oldin
Imagine thinking you are better than Michael Jordan
SE Games
SE Games 27 kun oldin
Imagine telling the best defensive player of all time he can’t guard you
Richard Marchant
Richard Marchant 28 kun oldin
hes a confident lad ..kudos to him
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson 28 kun oldin
your problem is you were still in high school talking trash and you thought you were great, the mistake you made was not being humble and try to learn ....... you were only in the nba for 2 seasons, why .....your attitude sucks ...
Sir Wayne Foster
Sir Wayne Foster 28 kun oldin
Man oh Manischewitz there you go again comparing people to Michael Jordan you really must live a boring life I don't know what to say about you all I can say is that I'll pray for you that you actually have a better life instead of doing this dumb stuff and I'm being nice about it.
Andre guitarrone Rone
he took the kid to school nuff said .
Rod Berg
Rod Berg 28 kun oldin
Jordan is a psychopath, and degenerate.
Tyquan Rainey
Tyquan Rainey 28 kun oldin
OJ Mayo thinks he can guard MJ, that's like saying you can beat up bruce Lee in a street fight. Not happening partner. #DontCallOutTheGreatOne #GOAT
t s
t s 29 kun oldin
Respectful in the end
Curriy 29 kun oldin
0:01 John Rodgers game out 💯💯
Squeek-E-Clean LLC
Squeek-E-Clean LLC 29 kun oldin
Give mayo some milk. He needs a large glass of milk after that
mp4vids Oy oldin
Sometimes you have to hit a wall to wake up to reality. He woke the sleeping giant inside of MJ and realized his place very quickly afterwards.
Ernest Jackson
Thats like telling Usain Bolt you cant burn me
Vic T
Vic T Oy oldin
"you can't guard me" At that moment, OJ realized he done fucked up...
Dave Oy oldin
The kill bill part had me dead AF
Lito Vera
Lito Vera Oy oldin
Come home son you're daddy ain't mad at you anymore :-)
DrClawizdead Oy oldin
He was justified in doing what he did and I would have done the same. If he would have felt humble and "lucky" that he was on the same court as MJ, then he didn't deserve to be there. You think Jordan gave a fuck who he played against? No. That's the attitude you need to have if you're trying to be the best!
Thomas Simmons
OJ: You can't guard me MJ: Say no more
Cutting Edge Cool
Great video.
tOm the bOmb
tOm the bOmb Oy oldin
Hey mike....you can’t guard me!
NorthernCorruptionMonitor 907
Lol I think I will go fight khabib I got a couple wins In The cage
Joshua Patterson
Jordan treated the situation like a bitch he rather embarrasse the kid then teach him a real lession mikes a joke just like him still being the goat is a joke lebron the best to ever do it and opened a school what did this clown mike do again? Oh yeah not even break records just set them lmfao course ur considered good when u set all the records but beat those records in todays nba good luck mj is a clown @me lol
Kevin Oy oldin
GOAT Wilt (bitch too). Shame. LBJ? When the dust settles...3 or 4
What happened to oj mayo?
Gilbert Rangel
These youngsters just don't know. You don't pull on Superman's cape!
Zebman Oy oldin
You drag out interesting videos by giving way too much minutia. OK, OJ Mayo was a good HS player. Give us a couple of facts then move on, etc., etc.
Just Saying
Just Saying Oy oldin
"Best believe I'm walking out the building like I own the joint"lmao
Raymond Sheppard
So, who all came on top then?
WatchMe Noobing
2min48 nigga what?! XD
y2kfraud Oy oldin
Mj was a gambling lowlife and crybaby on the court
Francisco Pizarro
y2kfraud your never understood why you virtue signalers worry so much about what others do with their money.
Marquin White
Marquin White Oy oldin
He would have had more points in high school if his uniform wasn't twice as big as him
Marquin White
Marquin White Oy oldin
He is officially playing in China now....
Reezy Resells
Reezy Resells Oy oldin
Good video
Jay Jones
Jay Jones Oy oldin
People gonna say OJ got schooled,, wtf do you mean Jordan is the greatest player to ever step on the court!! What the fuck u think was gonna happen?
Jay Jones
Jay Jones Oy oldin
Dude was beast He went to Huntington High idgaf whats said hes a good dude and when I watched him at the civic center against Cap High he balled out!! Proud af to call him a fellow West Virginian
Forever young
Forever young Oy oldin
Jordan is a cunt
Bunthan Sephieroth Kong
Lol stupid youngling
John Lal
John Lal Oy oldin
kids nw days think they knw it all!..gud jordan showed him whos da boss!
Mohamed Elhassadi
Oj:you can’t guard me! MJ: *_hold my beer_*
Tip Harris
Tip Harris Oy oldin
yea nigga we know oj
Lliioonn Heart
Tony Ferguson the type of guy that would play Mike 1 on 1 and say he won.
PG 40
PG 40 Oy oldin
Well maybe we all can beat Jordan............ If we shoot free throws and he shoots from half court
Vic Diesel
Vic Diesel Oy oldin
Oj Mayo was good. But Jordan tap dat a** Monday to Sunday 🤷🏽‍♂️ just sayin.
Kovacs Kovacs
Kovacs Kovacs Oy oldin
I can score on MJ... I just need several tries and shoot from half court so he doesn't D up.
Tony Iacomi
Tony Iacomi Oy oldin
Jordan is such an idiot. The high schooler got under his skin. He shouldn't have even cared what the kid said.
Sammy Boateng
Sammy Boateng Oy oldin
Whell iits depend WHO Starded That Trash Talkring If He was the one WHO started this then He deserve it To been put in his lane. But when Jordan might provoke him then He got The right To Talk Back To Michael
MrETHEX100 Oy oldin
Jesus Meza
Jesus Meza Oy oldin
That oj dude just hot his house repo I guess that spanking that mj gave him is still haunting him
mary turner
mary turner Oy oldin
You got schooled
MiKyahl Oy oldin
Marvin King
Marvin King Oy oldin
I could beat Michael Jordon one on one if he didn't play!😂😂😂😂
viarod007 v
viarod007 v Oy oldin
never get cocky and trash talk because they will always be someone better .
Thornbury & Hope
Mike is so insecure he destroys high school kids confidence nice
And he was basically a bust
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