This 17 Year Old TRASH TALKED Michael Jordan and INSTANTLY Regretted It

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Here lies the hopes and dreams of OJ Mayo.
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7-Iyn, 2018

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Fikrlar 4 227
Jonathan Guzman
Jonathan Guzman 4 soat oldin
Mj good at ball but dude is a diva
Goku 2 kun oldin
Mike is mike
rneely256 2 kun oldin
Millennials... smh
Unseen Weeb
Unseen Weeb 2 kun oldin
I'll call Mayo when I need to make a fucking sandwich.
Supreme Lando
Supreme Lando 4 kun oldin
“You can’t guard me” Mk: “bitch please,”
Dalton Tannery
Dalton Tannery 4 kun oldin
OJ meet MJ
L.J Harms
L.J Harms 5 kun oldin
OJ Mayo? They call me AJ Mustard
Novox Cage
Novox Cage 6 kun oldin
LMAO I cried laughing at 3:49 when it cut to black and white with the sound clip
Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia 7 kun oldin
Mike Bell
Mike Bell 7 kun oldin
Damn y’all get MJ’s nuts out ya mouth
tyler phillips
tyler phillips 7 kun oldin
What is that sound effect/song called at 2:45 i have been trying to find it for so long haha
Ahptitude 8 kun oldin
OJ Mayo: "You can't gaurd me" Michael Jordan: *Hold my beer*
Jian C
Jian C 9 kun oldin
Jordan would get thrashed by today's superstars.
CLOUT Ryan 9 kun oldin
Condoms be like -I Can’t save you
Megethos PR
Megethos PR 10 kun oldin
Premium joint you always dishing out. God bless
Mateo Leoz
Mateo Leoz 10 kun oldin
This shit was boring!
Noel TigasJr
Noel TigasJr 11 kun oldin
Now you look stupid...😎
MZ LYJ 11 kun oldin
Lesson learned PUNK! Don’t mess with the KING of the game.
bashir muzamil
bashir muzamil 12 kun oldin
No MJ Kob or Lebron wouldn't be who they are.lmao
El Boogie
El Boogie 12 kun oldin
The two most unblockable (that's not a word) shots in the NBA were Kareem's Sky Hook, and Jordan's fadeaway.
The Brownie Man
The Brownie Man 12 kun oldin
Is this Young Don?
AwesomezYT 13 kun oldin
2:42 instant death.
richkid Richard
richkid Richard 13 kun oldin
I’m not gonna lie if I was in the mood I might accidentally say that
Ajant Smith
Ajant Smith 13 kun oldin
Jordan is living proof that money makes you more handsome. If he was poor he'd just be a greasy looking bald guy.
John BringsYellow
John BringsYellow 14 kun oldin
Since you live in Vancouver let me get buckets on you Jimmy I’m in Washington state too you’ll never get buckets on me. Period.
Sergej Prelić
Sergej Prelić 14 kun oldin
Jordan: hold my nuts
W. Vocals
W. Vocals 15 kun oldin
That was a good one... I also like your back drop music, nice and smooth, they’re annoying, lol....
sinan acar
sinan acar 15 kun oldin
I really liked this video especially part when the kill bill music started
matty Ice
matty Ice 16 kun oldin
Shoulda challenged Kobe Mr mayo, if Kobe ain't got Shaq behind him you woulda won that battle.
The King Of Cartoons
Not surprised oj mayo was a major flop
Connor McCrusher
Connor McCrusher 17 kun oldin
LeBron still better
Kenny S
Kenny S 17 kun oldin
That’s like saying you can beat a dog in a race,It just doesn't happen. (Pit bull,Shepard, etc)
10,000 Subscriber's with no Video's :P
Told a DPOTY that "you can't guard me" Dumbass...lol
Jra33 16
Jra33 16 17 kun oldin
I remember OJ, and this situation!! LoL! OJ gets an A for effort, and definitely an F for Judgement!! Great initiative, poor poor judgement!!!🙄🤦‍♂️😂🤣
Jason Murphy
Jason Murphy 18 kun oldin
Whose OJ Mayo? Lol
Themy P
Themy P 19 kun oldin
nice vid
TIMEFORFUN 20 kun oldin
James Robertson
James Robertson 22 kun oldin
Great video. Please burn the saxophone loop it's dreadful.
sP4ce b0z0
sP4ce b0z0 22 kun oldin
its like saying odell cant catch
Blackninjutsu technique
That's like telling Gordon Ramsay you can't add more seasoning.
Turner gatsby
Turner gatsby 23 kun oldin
Oj was smelling himself too much
vgfjr505 24 kun oldin
Ruthless Mike!!! That's why he is the GOAT.
Willie WMS
Willie WMS 24 kun oldin
Ok, from now on...NO one can say they're better than anyone on the top 50 scoring list until they get on that list.
LaDarius Jones
LaDarius Jones 26 kun oldin
dvas70 27 kun oldin
Brandon B
Brandon B 28 kun oldin
Very glad to see this video. Thank you
Wally Smitty
Wally Smitty 28 kun oldin
Rose vs A.I.
Wally Smitty
Wally Smitty 28 kun oldin
OJ Mayo vs K. Irving
Stephen Martin
Stephen Martin 28 kun oldin
This is great story!
T Mayo
T Mayo 28 kun oldin
JordaN..... HOLD THE MAYO !!!!
Thomas Knobf
Thomas Knobf 29 kun oldin
I'm handing out buckets Anytime Anyplace I love that line
RoadShamanTv Oy oldin
You crafted your voice to sound like that
Patrick den Engelse
Respect the legends dude! 😏
Don't trip
Don't trip Oy oldin
MJ the best there ever was, the best there ever will be!!!
Alexzay Radio
Alexzay Radio Oy oldin
OJ: You Can't Guard Me MJ: Hold My Rings
Liam Farrell
Liam Farrell Oy oldin
Michael Jordan could beat me in a 1v1 in a wheelchair.
Mert Akgün
Mert Akgün 12 kun oldin
well, he could beat me without playing
The Joker
The Joker 20 kun oldin
Lol 😂 to late bud
letsgetswole pinoy
Lefraud cant guard Jordan
Vic T
Vic T Oy oldin
I'd be happy just to get a shot off against the GOAT. Don't care if I got a point, just get a shot at the basket, I'd walk away with my head held high. This kid, hubris got the best of him and he was taken to the woodshed.
kyus1974 Oy oldin
40yld GOAT still had horns
DJS Oy oldin
You don't call out Jordan.. You'll get destroyed. He's the BEST EVER.
Since I didn't see anyone else mention it: I don't know why anybody is saying it was mean of Jordan to do this. Look at Mayo talking about it years later. It's probably one of his fondest memories. He got to play Mike one-on-one at 17 YEARS OF AGE! Who else can claim that? Someone said Mike could have given him PTSD. C'mon, you get that from being on a battlefield - not from getting to play one of the greatest on the court! If Mayo was cut out to make it, he would have made it. He must not have been.
Est lhm
Est lhm Oy oldin
Respect is earned and learned 😃😃😃
When is LeBron goin to ashamed on MJ and be embarrass of the words that he is the king with no crown and kingdom..
America Oy oldin
Did you just call out MJ? The dude is gonna send his butler to beat you 1v1 lol
Manny Quintino
Ken P
Ken P Oy oldin
I remember when the Cav's signed Gerald Wilkins and Wilkins said he was here for 1 thing, to be the Jordan stopper ....... Jordan dropped 50 on him.
Yuri Orloff
Yuri Orloff Oy oldin
A Panini
A Panini Oy oldin
I think mike ruined him by accident. Mayo was not the same player from here on.
Proverbs Ministry
Lesson learned.
Matty K
Matty K Oy oldin
Grown men playing netball if you're 6 5 plus you can play this little girls game
fildetempetes Oy oldin
Fuck, I am old now if basketball fans don't even know Mayo when he only left the NBA TWO YEARS AGO.
Goofy Oy oldin
I love the class of Jordan, he was gracious and forgiving but still brought reality to a young man
Simon Samson
Simon Samson Oy oldin
arrogant fool
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Oy oldin
MJ schooling Kyrie's twin brother.
Mr. Akill3s
Mr. Akill3s Oy oldin
"you cant guard me" to one of the greatest every year 1st team all defense NBA players and Dream Team superstar. Wow.
Smart and creative Sophia
Mayo said: you can't guard me. But not out scored me (jordan).
Kyle Prather
Kyle Prather Oy oldin
I think he plays for the bucks now
Tamaz Hello
Tamaz Hello Oy oldin
I could beat MJ in a 1v1. If it was my ball after every point, he could only use his bad hand for everything, he wasn’t allowed to make layups, he had to close his eyes for every shot, he couldn’t jump when he shot, and he couldn’t take more than 2 dribbles. And even then I’d be pretty worried.
I guess O.J said" hay you only live once". yeah .but UZvid will show the murder a million times..lol
fuzzytraveler Oy oldin
MR MECHANIC haha love your comment!!!
Dennis Tang
Dennis Tang Oy oldin
yea but u gonna need to know how to trash talk to be an NBA player, so he half way there
Bud Simpson
Bud Simpson Oy oldin
OJ who?
Christopher Rubio
Mike definitely didn't watch this
Jay notsure
Jay notsure Oy oldin
Man, that is an impressive produced video.👍
j l
j l Oy oldin
Things about young guys they learn fm the elder then right away think with the little time they r better.It don,t work lik tha ,still alot to Learn.
John Doe
John Doe Oy oldin
Well, Michael showed that Mayo couldn't guard HIM, but what Mayo actually said was that Michael couldn't guard HIM!! I don't see Michael guarding him in any of this video.
sensei shalan
sensei shalan Oy oldin
Matthew Juaton
Man i think jordan already thought of a new name for him... MAYONAISE
Abdul Awwal
Abdul Awwal Oy oldin
i am also 17 year old
anthony perkins
Micheal is still he best in the WORLD and still IS....PERIOD!
Eli Hartley
Eli Hartley Oy oldin
Didnt O.J go to jail
Adam Ibrahim
Adam Ibrahim Oy oldin
I would have took the loss but asked him to sign my Jordan’s for me I like this kid at least he got beat by someone who is one of the greatest nice way of getting yourself noticed even more
開泰 Oy oldin
He just wanna be famous by jordan
Zimarion Devane
Nagidar23 Oy oldin
"You can't guard me" It was this moment Mayo knew he fucked up.
Sports Fight
Sports Fight Oy oldin
Imagine Jordan vs lebron
Snap Carter
Snap Carter Oy oldin
If I was cuz; shidd I would have talked trashed too lol 😂 😂😂 what's b-ball without trash talk ijs
OMGP Ty Oy oldin
J CondiKnows
J CondiKnows Oy oldin
Oj Mayo?
pp sweat
pp sweat Oy oldin
You cant been guard me