This Guy Hid from His Boss All Day (You’ll Never Guess How He Did It)

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Danny decided to try to hide from his boss all day. There's one catch: he had to be in plain sight the entire time. Can he do it?
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12-Yan, 2019

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Fikrlar 2 973
Skit Time -funny and cringe-
My mom: where do you wanna work when you’re older? Me: vat 19 .com *sings* My mom: okay hunny that’s great -_- Me:ikr
VIG3L is A South Korean Batman!
“Hey Jon roquick, where is he?” “Oh he’s in the building.” *Yeah Jon, thanks for the helpful information.*
Ťhĕ Ąññøýeđ-Ređheađ 18726
Okay I got to admit that was pretty clever
Bonzi Freddy
Bonzi Freddy Soat oldin
The boss has a Tesla!!
Citlali Vanegas Rosales
an tu
an tu 2 soat oldin
‘PH yyf
:p *-*
Farhan Ahmed
Farhan Ahmed 2 soat oldin
This whole video was dumb as fuck
DapicHaizo 65
DapicHaizo 65 2 soat oldin
Jamie: you guy wouldn’t be lying to me, would you Eric: I actually haven’t
garbage Day
garbage Day 2 soat oldin
poke it
Ashley Cox
Ashley Cox 2 soat oldin
*I kept seeing him throughout the entire video! How did you not notice a new employee?*
Camden Edwards
Camden Edwards 2 soat oldin
I think this has got to be fake
Kenneth Jacksack
Kenneth Jacksack 2 soat oldin
Karen was great at hide and seek she hid all the kids
Kenneth Jacksack
Kenneth Jacksack 2 soat oldin
Hey kids wanna hide in my van?
Peter Raia
Peter Raia 2 soat oldin
hahahahahahahahhahaha 0:59
Rexy 3 soat oldin
Real life prop hunt
Anonymous duck
Anonymous duck 3 soat oldin
Hey vat19 may I have a shoutout on the 24th this month it will be my birthday that day and I'd be so happy
Gabriella Johns
Gabriella Johns 3 soat oldin
I thought he was hiding as the camera man
BlueDiamond 3 soat oldin
He said he was working and he was because he was moving boxes around and second he would always look at the camera with a smile on his face so that got me
Decepticon leader Megatron
Wait are you the owner of the building or are you the manager
My Name
My Name 3 soat oldin
Where’s this guy work look at all the coolnshit
David Snow
David Snow 3 soat oldin
Lulu lemon peculiar brag but alas
Doge *
Doge * 3 soat oldin
:me (-m-) zzzz : dad wake up D*K Head :me ;-; Holy fu*k dad I literally had a heart attack
Andy B
Andy B 3 soat oldin
Do another video like this!
Subaru Expert
Subaru Expert 3 soat oldin
When you see ninja raging ate 3:42
Bob Pancake
Bob Pancake 3 soat oldin
Is funny how this people are so out of touch of reality they have no clue what a days work is.... and they still complain... this dudes won’t last a hour doing a real mans job. Pathetic
noting show
noting show 4 soat oldin
Hey im luis farelas i ordered something
Hengbok 4 soat oldin
Give that guy a day off! He just made you a lot of money with this video lol
SmashBros Memer
SmashBros Memer 4 soat oldin
spoiler alert he dressed as a dude named rick and applied prosthetics, then he walked around as a new employee
Brain Suckers
Brain Suckers 4 soat oldin
Ha ha ha ha! So funny oh my god 😂🤣😂🤣
Busting Bunny
Busting Bunny 4 soat oldin
There is no ads on this vid. Wa?
Ryan Mathers
Ryan Mathers 4 soat oldin
I knew it was him
Slender Sans
Slender Sans 4 soat oldin
2:28 me looking for my Christmas presents
Max the gamer Pro
Max the gamer Pro 4 soat oldin
Pause at 0:58 you can see Danny
Garick Tablet
Garick Tablet 4 soat oldin
Free factory tour 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
J Bonnes
J Bonnes 4 soat oldin
Roses are red Violets are blue I liked my own comment cuz no one else will
Mike Wertheimer
Mike Wertheimer 4 soat oldin
Oh it’s for Pookie stuff to see if it’s real yeah
Mohammad Abuelhawa
Mohammad Abuelhawa 4 soat oldin
Meowsers The robot
Meowsers The robot 4 soat oldin
Danny: I did two jobs I made a video and worked in the warehouse Jamie: uh huh Danny:so I’m taking a day off tomorrow Jamie:NO THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS!
AdamKun 4 soat oldin
Me avoiding my responsibilities
Vanessa Huang
Vanessa Huang 5 soat oldin
Half way trough the vid I thought he was in his office
Tridens Tv
Tridens Tv 5 soat oldin
He should've been the camera man
TSA Brasen
TSA Brasen 5 soat oldin
Zavier Manalo
Zavier Manalo 5 soat oldin
Man i saw that shady guy walking around and i was like thats gotta be him
DiamondPlayzz 5 soat oldin
-I didn’t find him- I found him at the beginning 😑
Maxwell Strauss
Maxwell Strauss 5 soat oldin
Nice Tesla
mohamed Alamidi
mohamed Alamidi 5 soat oldin
this is so fake
Wuuzi 5 soat oldin
jamie reminds me of micheal scott now
Hooker Jellybean
Hooker Jellybean 5 soat oldin
This is how you advertise
Livvy’s life 1324
Livvy’s life 1324 5 soat oldin
Jamie’s nose 👃 is huge
Julio the dank gamer 55
Me and my dad have been playing hide and seek for the past 15 years. He is such a good hider! I still haven’t found him though.
Thedragonking 135
Thedragonking 135 5 soat oldin
He drest up as a worker
Thedragonking 135
Thedragonking 135 5 soat oldin
Me to
Joshua Chamberlain
Joshua Chamberlain 5 soat oldin
After like the two times I saw him in the background I was like that Have to be Danny because he tries to get into the shot
Asn Ghost
Asn Ghost 5 soat oldin
How I would do it?? Just make my self look totally different and change my stuff and join agian and also just work normally XD
Naila Parveen
Naila Parveen 5 soat oldin
Why does he look upset
Josh Beebe
Josh Beebe 6 soat oldin
I'd take a shit in the sink js.
Supersnake324 6 soat oldin
I figured it out after rick walked past the camera more than once.
Jack Hardway
Jack Hardway 6 soat oldin
I knew that was him
Ellie Richardson
Ellie Richardson 6 soat oldin
26th on trending
voetbal12 6 soat oldin
If he's in plain sight then why the fuck did you start the video looking inside things? He isn't supposed to be moving, but then moved around all day. What a waste of fucking time.
Dylan Gorman
Dylan Gorman 6 soat oldin
Then someone will throw it in the bin
Emma 11
Emma 11 6 soat oldin
does jaime have a freaking tesla
Fake name Fake name
Fake name Fake name 6 soat oldin
The thumbnail is a lie but it still is good
sloth girl
sloth girl 6 soat oldin
When you went past him, i was like "oOoO i think thats him, ha i found him before you"
Darius Tron
Darius Tron 6 soat oldin
fuck this shit im out
Kenwolf 7 soat oldin
the only thing i can say is nice tesla
McChicken CHICKEN.
McChicken CHICKEN. 7 soat oldin
Thanks for where you use all your valuables, now I'm going to know where you guys are, and I'll steal your stuff. XD Guys, I'm just kidding. Calm down people calm down.
MrComplainer 7 soat oldin
Thanks for putting all those red arrows, would've never noticed the guy without them.
Sasan Dabirian
Sasan Dabirian 7 soat oldin
Maybe he is the camera man? Lol and you're sh*ting us!?
WatrmelnGames 7 soat oldin
Nice Tesla
Tjgamer929 w.i.p.
Tjgamer929 w.i.p. 7 soat oldin
What if he was the camera man
APrincessFan - Minecraft & More
When I'm older I really want to work at Vat19 #ilovevat19
Skyline Fan
Skyline Fan 7 soat oldin
I am.
Givadanger 8 soat oldin
Totally called it.
huntjl88 8 soat oldin
Rule #2 he can't move. How does he hide? By MOVING!!!!
s_lx 8 soat oldin
Trina Weri
Trina Weri 8 soat oldin
James Latimer
James Latimer 8 soat oldin
Does any one really give a left donkey bull bag about this video about 2 MEN HIDING FROM EACH OTHER HOLLY SHIT
Marco Filipa
Marco Filipa 8 soat oldin
Do more of it
Oasis 9 soat oldin
For every like I'm adding one grape! 🍇
Sinb Hwang
Sinb Hwang 9 soat oldin
Sorry srroy
Casper Angenent
Casper Angenent 9 soat oldin
I can’t use them because I am in the Netherlands
Charlie ReidS
Charlie ReidS 9 soat oldin
What if someone’s looking for food
Yasemin Derancık
Yasemin Derancık 9 soat oldin
Those "Coming Soon! Not For Sale Yet!" Posters make me excited.
Zachary Tuttle
Zachary Tuttle 10 soat oldin
I wish this ended with him getting smashed with a golf club 😂
Jonesy Fortnite
Jonesy Fortnite 10 soat oldin
Jamie: I have a golf club to poke stuff. *10 seconds later Jamie beats bean bags with the club*
Squishy 10 soat oldin
{\_/} (• -•) / \
Hwatdashitisthis 10 soat oldin
Pretend to not know it's him when you realize it's him. Lame
Taratuscha Doerga
Taratuscha Doerga 10 soat oldin
MrE03 10 soat oldin
I’m not gonna lie. Thought it was the cameraman.
Thomas Bordelon
Thomas Bordelon 11 soat oldin
Bad idea, bad idea, bad idea. Can safes are the easiest way to accidentally throw away, donate, lose or cheat your loved ones (if you die) out of what is important to you. It has happened many times.
ken ezzell
ken ezzell 11 soat oldin
spam can is a bad safe.... i cant the real one in the house.....
This Year
This Year 11 soat oldin
Can save, hiding drugs made easy
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 11 soat oldin
#34 on trending
Bob Coolnames
Bob Coolnames 12 soat oldin
Better finish up those tps reports
MrMyth 12 soat oldin
*"danny, you in there?"*
Owen H
Owen H 12 soat oldin
i would’ve hidden in a bathroom stall
Rob Latiak
Rob Latiak 12 soat oldin
Hey vat19 can you make a GUMMY mystrey box of mystery
Noncita 12 soat oldin
Vat19 can you do gummy Car?