This Guy Hid from His Boss All Day (You’ll Never Guess How He Did It)

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Danny decided to try to hide from his boss all day. There's one catch: he had to be in plain sight the entire time. Can he do it?
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12-Yan, 2019



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Fikrlar 5 449
Michelle Lewis
Michelle Lewis 4 soat oldin
Russel Miera
Russel Miera 12 soat oldin
What was up with all twd carts danny was pushing around
Soda Salad
Soda Salad 14 soat oldin
He got fired
Rex_The_ Cat _ lady Random
Kayla Rodriguez
Kayla Rodriguez Kun oldin
I knew he was the worker from the beginning when I first saw him walking around.
Camolicious Art
Camolicious Art Kun oldin
2:14 ohh he’s just poking stuff 2:19 geez Jamie you call that poking!!!!!!!
Bullet with Nukes
If Danny was in that giant bean bag he would've been dead
Time star Lol
Time star Lol Kun oldin
I would like this job
Janice Hodges
Janice Hodges Kun oldin
Like the new update and the app works well for the iPad but it doesn’t get the WiFi I want you to get it today and it will be fun
DragonBone Fiasco
DragonBone Fiasco 2 kun oldin
A sudden pee monster appeared
niets ok
niets ok 2 kun oldin
Walking dead na es
PATGRN Noveda 2 kun oldin
What a cheater
Suh Blake
Suh Blake 2 kun oldin
3:19 was when I realised where he is
Twinkle Topaz
Twinkle Topaz 2 kun oldin
4:33 Okay im gonna be honest. He kinda looks liek Joey😂
??? Unknown??? ??? Unknownfreak???
I seen my order getting packed :D (in the background)
Bebi Gurl123
Bebi Gurl123 2 kun oldin
When we say marketing 😂
Indira Samaroo
Indira Samaroo 2 kun oldin
No one hides better than my cousin
michelle y
michelle y 2 kun oldin
Well now thanks to Vat19, robbers know where valuables are now.
crist-alpha alod
crist-alpha alod 2 kun oldin
I am James and Danny is dad and still gone.
Cristela Villarreal
this is how many times jamie passed danny ⬇️
Nikolle Solis
Nikolle Solis 2 kun oldin
I see you Jamie with your tesla
BiG BoIiIiIiIiIiI 3 kun oldin
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ERIN GRAHAM 3 kun oldin
I had no idea Jammie was the boss he is so chill and awesome
•• Anna ••
•• Anna •• 3 kun oldin
Robbers! Come see this video
The Channel Of Fun
The Channel Of Fun 3 kun oldin
*poke poke*
LazyPotato Playz
LazyPotato Playz 3 kun oldin
a robber watches this and says *Oh, thats why i never found anything! this is trending now* xD
Kim Mj's Mangos
Kim Mj's Mangos 3 kun oldin
When he said he was hiding I knew he was wearing makeup and when he said he was working I knew he was in disguise as a worker
micheong13 3 kun oldin
Nice car!
Saiki Kusuo
Saiki Kusuo 3 kun oldin
Its a tour all around the warehouse
Maruthi Birudavolu
Maruthi Birudavolu 3 kun oldin
this is so fake
ILike RamanNoddles
ILike RamanNoddles 3 kun oldin
He can move because his disguise was already on him so he’s not technically moving from his hiding spot
Holo limelight Mégane
0:20 he didn’t blur is car plaque 😐😳
Qwasey Wearycooldoc
He is Pickle Rick
Payton Wies
Payton Wies 3 kun oldin
Did anyone realize Danny was wearing lululemon
Madison Stark
Madison Stark 3 kun oldin
I knew he was the beanie guy
Lloyd Ketchum
Lloyd Ketchum 3 kun oldin
I noticed it was him straight away
Kk's world 101
Kk's world 101 3 kun oldin
Drought know what we need to get them to 19m
Potato Pleb :p
Potato Pleb :p 4 kun oldin
''I did two jobs today so i can take tomorrow off!'' Boi i wished it worked like that
Aila Cengko
Aila Cengko 4 kun oldin
I guessed it! Anyone else did 😂
Andres Davila
Andres Davila 4 kun oldin
He was moving
Ali and nana & James
I press read more Read more
Noelle Gamer
Noelle Gamer 4 kun oldin
Im stil waiting for him to get into the dresser...
Ashleigh Catucci
Ashleigh Catucci 4 kun oldin
I had a feeling he was hiding as someone else
mikagamer girl
mikagamer girl 4 kun oldin
my name is at 3:59
Eclipse xdits
Eclipse xdits 5 kun oldin
Kiki Perfect
Kiki Perfect 5 kun oldin
Merna Does ASMR
Merna Does ASMR 5 kun oldin
Who else loved 2018 but now it’s time to do 2019
Donut Wizard
Donut Wizard 5 kun oldin
I knew it!!
gamer 5 kun oldin
0:19 damn he has a tesla
Halle Riddle!
Halle Riddle! 5 kun oldin
i new it was him the whole time
Heidi Lavender Animals
3:19 3:20
Shadow_ Of_The_World
That is just
Charlie Preece
Charlie Preece 5 kun oldin
3:45 about to cry 😭
Samuel Goodman
Samuel Goodman 5 kun oldin
3:43 LOL THE SHAPE OF HIS NOSE i never saw that before
Pironick 5 kun oldin
basically JoJo Part 5 in a nutshell
lps husky lover 101
If that was me I'd hide in a box
A Travelling Bleach
Whoa guys, don't resort to red arrows
Lizzy Gamer
Lizzy Gamer 6 kun oldin
Press read more *Read More*
Lil Deer
Lil Deer 6 kun oldin
This is pretty much just 7 minutes of Jamie poking stuff.
Milky Cat
Milky Cat 6 kun oldin
Jamie has a tesla
Savannah Jade
Savannah Jade 6 kun oldin
The tile said hid it’s spelt hide with an e
WishDHHles70 6 kun oldin
hmm. turns out he was jamie all along.
Jentrey Cauble
Jentrey Cauble 6 kun oldin
Lol 😂
Iamluca123 6 kun oldin
#vat19 I will work with you guys
Kelly Snyder
Kelly Snyder 6 kun oldin
I thought of that because that’s what I would do
Soldier Boy
Soldier Boy 6 kun oldin
hey boss jamie me and you are born on same date
Kab Pab
Kab Pab 6 kun oldin
The person who is hiding look like the infamous second son
Colby's Chemical Romance
This is what losing your mom in a grocery store feels like.
Aine Whelan
Aine Whelan 7 kun oldin
The boss is driving a Tesla he is rich
Jennifer Hutto
Jennifer Hutto 7 kun oldin
While I was watching this I was playing with my thinking putty
Dovi 7 kun oldin
I wanna work there now...
Winwin Winwin
Winwin Winwin 7 kun oldin
I knew he was doing that
roasting time
roasting time 7 kun oldin
{\_/} (0 0) 0
Alyssa H
Alyssa H 7 kun oldin
This reminds me of the office
Lilli The wolf girl
DragonFox Wolf
DragonFox Wolf 7 kun oldin
1:40 Danny!
Whitney Addison
Whitney Addison 7 kun oldin
4:16 there I saved you the good part
Stephanie Garza
Stephanie Garza 7 kun oldin
Why would you put it in UZvid we’re to but you money and stuff wth
10,000 subs without videos OR WILL I
The title sounds like a buzzfeed article
krazykiwi 8 kun oldin
Dana Dawood
Dana Dawood 8 kun oldin
Plot twist he went to maca’s
Emily Stevenson
Emily Stevenson 8 kun oldin
Haha in the title he said how did he hid from his boss 🤪
Victory69. 8 kun oldin
All name in the Danny cargo is the name from the walking dead
kithurjo 8 kun oldin
In the beginning I thought it was a add 😂😂😂
Xanto AE
Xanto AE 8 kun oldin
Legend has it if you say the channels name 3 times there comment will get pinned Vat19 Vat19 Vat19
Ender Slayer Pro
Ender Slayer Pro 8 kun oldin
Congrats on 6 million subs
WyldeGi 8 kun oldin
Day 847: *My dad and I are still in a game of hide and seek. Currently he's the hider, he has been from the start.*
Aunicornthatcan Vlog
They said Danny can’t move from his hiding spot his hiding spot is the shack so he stayed in it
happy ponys
happy ponys 8 kun oldin
I don't Know why but this is kinda scary
Danny De Guzman
Danny De Guzman 9 kun oldin
I think Danny hiding in a good hiding spot
GAMING WITH ME 9 kun oldin
But Danny cheated because he moved
Zoe lummis
Zoe lummis 9 kun oldin
At the start of the video i was like i would just dress up like someone else... dresses up like some one else, oh
Alexis Calderon
Alexis Calderon 9 kun oldin
More more more
Finnthefortniter Yay
Plot twist he stayed home
Crazy j Stewart
Crazy j Stewart 9 kun oldin
Can you guys make infinity Gomlet
Meetha Bangera
Meetha Bangera 9 kun oldin
Gaby Shine1
Gaby Shine1 10 kun oldin
God jammit Danny
Unicorn'sLifeOf Gacha
Once I hid from my mom in walmart.. Jk.. I got lost in the toy section
J R 10 kun oldin
2:29 is he wearing a Lulu Lemon Shirt?
David Yanke
David Yanke 10 kun oldin
Can You Turn Motor Oil Into Fake Snow?
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