This Is Why The Loud House Parents Are The Worst

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Reasons why the parents in The Loud House are not good role models for kids.
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Everyone loves “The Loud House”. The kids all have diverse and interesting personalities. The family really seems to come together to solve problems. They have some great friends too. As great as the show is, the family has some flaws too. Some fans have noticed that the Loud parents might be a little negligent. Rita and Lynn Sr. don’t seem too worried about their daughters Lucy and Leni who both seem to have their own issues. Luan might need a little more attention too. Both a little inappropriate sometimes. They’ve been pretty irresponsible and have even been busted skinny dipping! “The Loud House” is one of the most popular shows on Nickelodeon. It’s no surprise that its army of fans have made some observations about the characters. Have you ever noticed the Loud parents doing something inappropriate? Do you think the fans are being too hard on them? Let us know in the comments below!
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12-Okt, 2018



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Mr.bobbert Arts
Mr.bobbert Arts 3 soat oldin
0:45 I love scary stuff when I was 5- right now
StraightFaced23 10 soat oldin
In my opinion the show kinda sucked The parents rarely were ever home in the episodes so that sucked and I always wondered why the parents decided to have that much kids and some of them turn out to not even look like the parents
earvin pol pasammonte
earvin pol pasammonte 13 soat oldin
cyan_woodz 20 soat oldin
*it's just a cartoon*
Brandon Chen
Brandon Chen 22 soat oldin
The logo look like t series agree like this 👍🏻
Joyce Wilcox
Joyce Wilcox 23 soat oldin
What they’ve done with this show is awesome! I’m 60. So I’m not coming from a naive point of view. They have taken 11 kids and given each one a specific personality so real kids can relate! A dark kid? Yep. Had one. Goth when he was 17 ish. He’s a Captain in our US Army now and grew out of that phase. Here’s what he said. “I wish they would have had some cartoon like this when I was a kid, I wouldn’t have felt I was the only weird one.”. In this cartoon they are showing real in a fun way. Kids can relate to some situation in this with each show. Two dads? Yep, families can relate now days. A bad word? Yep, it happens. The only problem with this cartoon are the adults trying to pick it apart. Kids need this show because it’s basically telling them most families are just like theirs.
Animation Z
Animation Z Kun oldin
It’s a tv show.
HighRankAssassin YT
Lucy be praising Cthulu
Love William
Love William 2 kun oldin
It’s a cartoon it’s not supposed to be realistic
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 2 kun oldin
+TheThings what about the time Rita did community work and went to jail to get away from her family instead of ask ik ng them to stop1
Lana Ramnarine
Lana Ramnarine 3 kun oldin
I think this is how the show supposed to be 😕
gwen tapispisan
gwen tapispisan 3 kun oldin
If they are the worst parents then you have the worst judgement.😒 Just don't watch it if you don't like the show😑.
秋枝勇夫 3 kun oldin
Your just jealous because there characters are better than your boring and stupid talking
psycho zombie productions
If my parents acted how they acted in no such luck they know I would beat the shit out of them and the sisters
mary glastetter
mary glastetter 8 kun oldin
I don't like this show at all it isn't for kids I feel
numan noormee
numan noormee 9 kun oldin
It's just a kid show
Hilary Lomeli
Hilary Lomeli 9 kun oldin
Its just a kids show🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏻‍♀️
Stephanie Darr
Stephanie Darr 10 kun oldin
Trace Kosse
Trace Kosse 10 kun oldin
My sister is like ten girls in one
Dokoda Morrison
Dokoda Morrison 10 kun oldin
U guys are lying about all of this just trying to get attention!!!!😬😬😬😬😬😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😑
Emily Meehan
Emily Meehan 10 kun oldin
And let’s not forget that in the episode where Lisa invents the lie detecting cameras and glasses, the dad freaks out, throws the food out the window, *makes* them eat cereal, and goes upstairs angry! He freaked out and was angry with them for not liking one of his meals! They LOVE all of his meals and can’t get enough of them, so it’s wrong to do and act like that! And he *forces* them to eat the cereal instead of just making them another meal! He’s SO mean! What is wrong with him!!! 😠😡🤬
funky pigeon Grosvenor Ramos
let Lucy off
IFusionGD 12 kun oldin
What is this?
Tim Jones
Tim Jones 12 kun oldin
Adnil Aguilar
Adnil Aguilar 13 kun oldin
Come on they have 11 kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ben gates
ben gates 13 kun oldin
the people really need to send the loud parents to a insane asylum or parenting school
Max Vlogs
Max Vlogs 13 kun oldin
Omg your so right
Kara Franco
Kara Franco 13 kun oldin
FPG Gigi Girl Gaming!
10:19 Christina grimmie is shown yess i have never seen that before rip i miss her!!❤💛💚💙💜 No one noticed, thats odd!!!
Irene P
Irene P 14 kun oldin
But the Louds are very rude especially the parents but forget what I said..YEET
supersonicCaleb 15 kun oldin
Mary May Elchico
Mary May Elchico 15 kun oldin
I LOVE loud house 😍😍 😍 so much 😍
Tyler Lichacz- Collins
lincoln is neglected all the time, like when the family kicks him out for being "bad luck" like what kind of family does that.
Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox 17 kun oldin
Carlyn and Sab McLeroy
You judging me?Me and my friend are really dark.
Amy Major
Amy Major 18 kun oldin
Why does icon look like t seris sign im sad pewdiepie is better.
XxAna TaveraxX
XxAna TaveraxX 19 kun oldin
Sometimes they even forget Lucy exists.
FAITHAS & CAMAS 19 kun oldin
They purposely do that to the loud characters to be funny but I do agree it is weird but I don’t call them bad parents 😕😕
Yanira Lopez
Yanira Lopez 20 kun oldin
It's a cartoon show what do ou have against it you are so anouing
Dakota Farson
Dakota Farson 21 kun oldin
I'm 8 and I watch a show with cuss words
Firear Robotics
Firear Robotics 21 kun oldin
There Isent just one boy there's lyin
Firear Robotics
Firear Robotics 21 kun oldin
Wait did I spell it right. The last word?
KawaiiLPS !!!
KawaiiLPS !!! 21 kun oldin
Imagine being the only boy and having 11 sisters and almost all of them are going to be on their period
Adam fan2021
Adam fan2021 22 kun oldin
Lucy loud and Rita loud
Maisha Cosby
Maisha Cosby 22 kun oldin
Leni in a episode has got help Lucy is her own character Duh the parents want them to solve their problems because in the future their parents won’t be there. THE LOUD HOUSE IS JUST A CARTOON
Maisha Cosby
Maisha Cosby 22 kun oldin
People has different personalities so what and 8 years old girl like darkness that’s who she is and it’s not inappropriate. So before you say it’s inappropriate check your self
Maisha Cosby
Maisha Cosby 22 kun oldin
This is just a cartoon
Joseph Frg
Joseph Frg 22 kun oldin
Well she probably got the books from her grandmas box
sarahappy1012 2
sarahappy1012 2 24 kun oldin
I will admit that licon is not being treated fairly but you no 11KIDS
sarahappy1012 2
sarahappy1012 2 24 kun oldin
Ok 1. And only 1 THIS IS A TV SHOW not a real life family I agree with not so much luck episode but other then that WHAT THE heck almost everything you said had to do with REAL family problem s like I said TV SHOW
Hey I weird dude
Hey I weird dude 25 kun oldin
6:50 my mom sets that example a lot
Jerrez Spicer
Jerrez Spicer 25 kun oldin
You guys are overreacting this is just a cartoon
JM Cooper
JM Cooper 25 kun oldin
She got it from her gramma I saw it in a episode
JM Cooper
JM Cooper 25 kun oldin
And it was lucy
Diamond Diaz
Diamond Diaz 25 kun oldin
Lucy is a goth kid
Barbara Paskins
Barbara Paskins 26 kun oldin
Listen buddy it's hard to take care of 11 kids I mean come on people can take so much what do you think he's perfect no no one's perfect
VoidedSolitude75 26 kun oldin
Loud parents should try to help Leni improve her brain.
Mofatama #131410
Mofatama #131410 26 kun oldin
Triscuit biscuit ;-;
- but how do they *pay* for all that stuff? That's right, a job. They pointed out that the dad works at an office, and their mom works as a dentist. Sometimes there's extra work at an office when you need to file out more paperwork that you didn't get time to do, and sometimes at the dentist office random people might schedule at the same time with not much workers to help with the job. So, I would say that jobs can take up a lot of time, also since the show says the mom gave birth to 11 KIDS, that would probably do a number on her body...
Anaiya Drummer
Anaiya Drummer 27 kun oldin
first of i was 5 when i started reading chapter books and my mom was'nt a bad parent and i was'nt happy most of the time so what is wrong with Lucy....huh? im more confused than a male ladybug.
Beatriz Uribe
Beatriz Uribe 27 kun oldin
Wolfie_paws Oy oldin
Its just a show, let the director or actors do anything they want with the show! Its not your show, its theres..
Husna Begum
Husna Begum Oy oldin
what is that fan art
Mora Maraschio :s
Oh god is so easy take care of 11 KIDS GOF DAAAHH WHO CANT? ¿
No hate but, let them be themselves thats how i love the Loud Family😀😀
josie violet
josie violet Oy oldin
the worst parents ever is probably timmy's parents
Gacha Kitkat
Gacha Kitkat Oy oldin
Lucy was born like that
Emily Meehan
Emily Meehan Oy oldin
Not to mention The dad attomaticly assumes it was Lincoln who clogged the toilet, without even stopping and thinking that in a house with 13 people, it’s defidently possible for anyone else to do it! And he was rude and selfish when he got a new car, aka Veronica! He didn’t let them ride in it, he was mean and bossy to his wife and children, and cared about nothing but himself and his car! He was obsessed, and stupid! I really don’t like the parents in this show! They’re rude, annoying, stupid, weird, and just really bad parents! 😠😡
Diana Resendiz
I Love you💕
Tracy Baptiste
Oh I know right like what idea was the kick Lincoln out of those the house like really
rhonda durante
maybe your right yes
Savage bunny Studios
James Tapia
James Tapia Oy oldin
Yeah I remember the episode where Lory Farted while in Yoga
3:27When ur a girl and ur parents give u a present of a dick to turn u into a boy because they hate u as a girl
Bluebell Oy oldin
TheThings: We're running out of ideas. Anyone got any? One worker: *watches random video* TheThings: That's it! We'll overreact something that isn't meant to be serious.
dat killer
dat killer Oy oldin
Dude shut the fuck up okay I'd like to see you make a better tv show
Asavaasiden ArcaneLegends
Chill,its just a cartoon,not like a REAL THING!!!!!!!!
XxSeven_Eleven xX
Gregor Dobrun
Gregor Dobrun Oy oldin
10 reasons why The loud house should be arrested
Brayden Ninja
Brayden Ninja Oy oldin
Nadja Gacha Queen
But thats just a cartoon. It dosent matter
Logan Kuntz
Logan Kuntz Oy oldin
in your channel picture reminds be of t-series BUT UNSUBSCRIBE TO T-SERIES AND SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE
Rebecca Noto
Rebecca Noto Oy oldin
I LOVE this show
Jayden Madrigal
Who notice that Lucy is reading the journal in Gravity Falls
poop nubnub
poop nubnub Oy oldin
The one ik is that they were hiding because the level was stamping te rex
Thatfunnyfox Oy oldin
Yah I hate this channel
Thatfunnyfox Oy oldin
Yeah Lucy is a demonic Child I bet she dies when she enters a church
Mr. Bonnie Bon
12:11 "he makes jokes with luan" Outta all the pictures with Lynn sen. and luan you choose that one
vσłdεмσят xรнคdσω
666k views? Satan is that you?
Audra Legg
Audra Legg Oy oldin
Their parents are not good I don't think they should parent at all.
CartoonNetworkReview Kattelus
its s just a cartoon
666k Veiws? How frightening
Casey Farnell
Casey Farnell Oy oldin
There not enough attention bc they have 11 KIDS this video is dumb
Casey Farnell
Casey Farnell Oy oldin
Its not like there real lucy should be able to read them this lady sounds like a overprotecting soccer mom in this videp
Tanner McCoy
Tanner McCoy Oy oldin
The mom is crazy she see one that look like a pear she mared a pear
Melanie9116 Oy oldin
I thought Lucy was 9?
Billgree 1300
Billgree 1300 Oy oldin
The loud house always have theories
Billgree 1300
Billgree 1300 Oy oldin
What's wrong with Lola acting like a 16 year old
av slithers
av slithers Oy oldin
Harry Smith
Harry Smith Oy oldin
How many tomes did they, ya know
Your girl Ashley
Wow this has like 9 ads what a great vid jk
Wonder Woman Super hero
Why do you make these types of videos your videos are ruining stuff for us and you could affend people
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