This Is Why The Loud House Parents Are The Worst

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Reasons why the parents in The Loud House are not good role models for kids.
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Everyone loves “The Loud House”. The kids all have diverse and interesting personalities. The family really seems to come together to solve problems. They have some great friends too. As great as the show is, the family has some flaws too. Some fans have noticed that the Loud parents might be a little negligent. Rita and Lynn Sr. don’t seem too worried about their daughters Lucy and Leni who both seem to have their own issues. Luan might need a little more attention too. Both a little inappropriate sometimes. They’ve been pretty irresponsible and have even been busted skinny dipping! “The Loud House” is one of the most popular shows on Nickelodeon. It’s no surprise that its army of fans have made some observations about the characters. Have you ever noticed the Loud parents doing something inappropriate? Do you think the fans are being too hard on them? Let us know in the comments below!
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12-Okt, 2018

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Murderous Hunter
Murderous Hunter 32 daqiqa oldin
I think why they don't appear much because they get busy.
Ivy Rodriguez
Ivy Rodriguez 12 soat oldin
Lucy's a EMO remember?
Slade blakeley
Slade blakeley 23 soat oldin
Dude people are different people can be goth
James Gibbs
James Gibbs Kun oldin
I hate all of Loud House so yay
Astrid Dat folf
Astrid Dat folf Kun oldin
The night is dark the sky is black you will come with me into my witch room...
Astrid Dat folf
Astrid Dat folf Kun oldin
I enjoy dark poetry
Sleep deprived Goth sans
if it wAS a normal mordern family no ONE would watch it
Thomas Patterson
Why do you make kids feel bad about the show huh😡
Skull Smasher 3000
ya'll are looking into this way to much literally chill, its a cartoon, when have cartoons ever been realistic? Potpie the sailorman or however you spell it was known to eat his vegies and then suddenly get SUPER strong and like could stop a car, and survive being shot up into the air with fireworks, EVEN MICKEY MOUSE IS UNREALSTIC ANIAMLS CANT TALK let alone animals like goofy (dogs) that usually stand on 4 feet, goofy stands on 2. A cartoon is made to be fun and silly ITS NOT A SITCOM or even any show with real living actors its just meant to be fun and entertaining to watch no matter how stupid it may seem, like SpongeBob I LOVE SpongeBob but there are episodes where their just really dumb, but their fun. and wacky. You can have an opinion but its not school, trying to persuade people into what you believe aint gonna work.
Jack Tyler
Jack Tyler Kun oldin
I have never liked them their just terrible in cereal offender Rita punishing Lincoln for something his sisters did and not mentioned the no such luck episode were they kicked Lincoln for thinking he’s bad luck and Lynn sr for grounding Lincoln for something he did not do the loud parents are just horrible human being especially towards kids mostly Lincoln not to mention the always siding with their daughters against against their only son if their right or wrong is just atrocious and repulsive and downright disgusting
Bridget Grant
Bridget Grant Kun oldin
Jack Tyler Well only Lola got grounded by Rita when she pretended she did all those misbehaviors her siblings did in A Tattlers Tale. Also the sisters were grounded with Lincoln in Suite and Sour, The Sweet Spot, and Come Sale Away. The parents also never punished him for going to that scary movie or for ruining Ritas first novel.
Jack Tyler
Jack Tyler Kun oldin
Bridget Grant but still the parents mistreated Lincoln more than the sisters it’s just completely unfair when the last time Rita and Lynn sr grounded the sisters they always siding with them even the right or on the wrong like come on I wonder how Lincoln would tolerate with his family by the way they treated him
Bridget Grant
Bridget Grant Kun oldin
Jack Tyler .. remember Lola told Lynn Sr that Lincoln clogged the toilet so naturally he would have believed that Lincoln did it. As for Cereal Offender, Rita didn't even question the girls about their behaviour in the store even though she knew from previous incidents that the girls have a tendency to misbehave in public places. I mean Rita must have known about them and Lincoln getting thrown out of three different community pools due to their inconsiderate behaviour towards other people using the pools.
Allison Marin
Allison Marin Kun oldin
What the heck
1004 HK
1004 HK 2 kun oldin
This shows how bad parenting can affect a child: uzvid.com/video/video-oqOlFjuHSrg.html
Lego Art boy
Lego Art boy 2 kun oldin
Leni is dumb not mentally retarded stop overthinking this
Keenan Mungai
Keenan Mungai 3 kun oldin
The parents are supporting characters, that is why their not always around
Kirsty Shadowdancer
Um.... Lovecraft isn't actually that scary. I mean in the novels the writer TELL you the characters are scary. And that the characters are so horrified, and that their minds break. But the kind of novels he writes are actually low on descriptions of what the characters are seeing - the horror more being about "that which we don't know or understand". I'd let kids read the books or listen to audio-books so long as I knew the kids would discuss it with me/their parents.
amjad abujudeh
amjad abujudeh 3 kun oldin
Today i was bleeding
Cathy Ortiz
Cathy Ortiz 3 kun oldin
I ❤️ TheLoudHouse
Cathy Ortiz
Cathy Ortiz 3 kun oldin
You mean “What’s wrong” not “What wrong”
hi :3
hi :3 3 kun oldin
I hate the loud house, but I disagree with this tbh
EnderGolemGuy Piez
EnderGolemGuy Piez 3 kun oldin
aLeX OLmO 3 kun oldin
Tyler Garrett
Tyler Garrett 4 kun oldin
basically every point here is just wrong or VERY exaggerated like did you even watch the show?
EtherealCereal 4 kun oldin
Huh? I don’t get it!
Heidi Oumarou
Heidi Oumarou 4 kun oldin
Leni can open locks with her earring And nobody else’s could do that
luscious latios
luscious latios 4 kun oldin
This is fake F A K E fake it just a show
Kane Burns
Kane Burns 4 kun oldin
Thumbnail is cringy
Kiwanis Cummings
Kiwanis Cummings 4 kun oldin
Angela Vetall
Angela Vetall 4 kun oldin
loud house mom and dad 🔇😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 👨👩👨👩
animation ninja
animation ninja 4 kun oldin
They have 11 kids, it is a surprise that they are still non insane. They aren't perfect, and not the best parents, but they have control over the house. This video is mos tuly baseed on theorys, and no actual facts. The parents have 11 kids, as I said before, so it is great they have more control than the kids. They are great at supporting 11 kids, paying taxes, paying for damages from the constantly breaking objects, and feeding the kids. Lucy's personality is dark and scarey, so it makes scence that she reads dark things. Leni is not the brightest peront in the world, but has shone that she can be smarter than her siblings. Lincoln is blamed more than the others, most likely because he is the main character, and he is more of a troublemaker than his siblings. Lisa is smarter, because she is smarter than the others, but still makes mistakes. ( I notice that this has been extremely long, but I am not done, almost, but not yet) Luan's personality is to be humorous and happy, she does want some attention, but gets enough that she doesn't feel left out. My final point, is that the parents have no time to themselves between work, and home with 11 kids, but they stay sane, and continues with high spirits. #liesandtheorys
Giggle Wiggle Vision
I love you son I’ll 00 awesome it’s a Willy
Duck Duck
Duck Duck 4 kun oldin
Lucy got the books from grandma loud. It has said that in ONE episode so... yeah.
Jamal Williams
Jamal Williams 4 kun oldin
They also aloud their kids to curse, even the 4 year old
You are dating Flrsh
It's just a show
THE YAYYAYSHOW 5 kun oldin
🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🐴😈😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🐶🐱 ha ha ha ha
Hazel Moran
Hazel Moran 5 kun oldin
Summer Nicole
Summer Nicole 5 kun oldin
There's nothing wrong with any place because that's just how the inventor made it okay
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat 5 kun oldin
I think about owls are all adopted some have brown hair and some half different colored hair like Lincoln and some other people
Robert Simmons
Robert Simmons 5 kun oldin
You got me from that thumbnail
THE ACE FAMILY FP that nobody likes
Omg give it a rest this show is meant to make kids LAUGH stop taking it so seriously
Sunil Mishra
Sunil Mishra 5 kun oldin
Wow ptupid parants reconis your children
Kali Miguel
Kali Miguel 5 kun oldin
In sience
Kali Miguel
Kali Miguel 5 kun oldin
Dose lisa have any suporte she,s only kindergarden?
nfl highlighted
nfl highlighted 5 kun oldin
Trash house
Cait Cat Skull
Cait Cat Skull 5 kun oldin
Dude you need to stop acting like this is real and act like it’s a cartoon not a stupid movie based around a real story so you won’t get hate anymore PS I already disliked
Cait Cat Skull
Cait Cat Skull 5 kun oldin
You’re opinion but they are not the worst I mean these are like 11 or 12 kids and you’re acting like this is the only child and do you know how it would feel with the stress no you don’t because of how I’m hereing you’re opinion is so much like if you’re acting like if there was so much children and you saying that you’re bad parents
Arturo Alston
Arturo Alston 5 kun oldin
Lynn senior I'd the biggest jerk ever
Jason Houle
Jason Houle 5 kun oldin
I see a Back To The Future reference. The almanac says by Biff.
Hailey Studios
Hailey Studios 5 kun oldin
It’s a cartoon?!?
Ariel Suarez
Ariel Suarez 5 kun oldin
i am surprised Lincin Loud hasn't committed suicid yet wait ha it's a kids show but i think someone would get tired of the sibling bullying and just end it all be *HANGING* there selves or just start self harm and just *CUT* them selves he he he you'll never now what i mean by bolding up hanging and cut he he he
Ariel Suarez
Ariel Suarez 4 kun oldin
+Bridget Grant hmm probably
Bridget Grant
Bridget Grant 4 kun oldin
Ariel Suarez Lincoln probably has coping mechanisms to deal with the problem.
Mallorie Spears
Mallorie Spears 5 kun oldin
LOVEABLE FAN 5 kun oldin
I’m 8 and I’m a Lucy fan
Vickie Piirainen
Vickie Piirainen 5 kun oldin
f you f you f you bwaoch
Amani Mohammed
Amani Mohammed 5 kun oldin
I think that thier parents are at work because then how could they afford the food, clouths and toys for thier fam👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Bridget Grant
Bridget Grant 5 kun oldin
Amani Mohammed it's spelled "clothes"
Michael Tapia
Michael Tapia 6 kun oldin
Lucy is cute to me btw can I get some subscribers
Kitten Harper
Kitten Harper 6 kun oldin
El Many Productions
Cailin George
Cailin George 6 kun oldin
Okay....i xan see the message as a parent and step prent of mutiple. Children.... Lincoln is basically subjected as the Middle xhid Syndrome.... as to where rhe middle chid uis often left to thier own devices and usually blamed.... but if you yave axtually watched the show, you will notice how everything gos back to "normal" and everyone makes up, admit to thier faults etc...
Bridget Grant
Bridget Grant Kun oldin
Cailin George there's only one episode where the sisters admitted to Lincoln that it was their fault for ruining something he wanted... Cereal Offender.
blueberry kitty cat meow
I'm Lucy. I'm 8 and like spooky movies I can watch jigsaw, IT, ect. so lol 😈👿👻💀🔪🌋🌑🌕💧🔥🌊⛅❄⭐✂🔫💉🚬🔙🔚✡
Jacob Belcourt-Blue
Who says fam anymore?
Brooklyn’s Life
Brooklyn’s Life 6 kun oldin
No hate but this is a kids show and I think your over thinking this
blueberry kitty cat meow
plz stop >_<
Jayla Segovia
Jayla Segovia 6 kun oldin
Connie Stockton
Connie Stockton 6 kun oldin
Lusy is my favorite character but I would wanna be Lori
blueberry kitty cat meow
Lucy mine
Anne O Shea
Anne O Shea 7 kun oldin
Aori Kenshin NUESTRO
no such luck is so mean
ANALYNN ARGEL 7 kun oldin
I like lucy cause i like the way she acts
Sienna Vuocolo
Sienna Vuocolo 7 kun oldin
THIS IS A CARTOON, ITS NOT PERFECT, wouldn't it be boring if all the kids were the same and all perfect, wouldn't make it interesting
plushy encounters
plushy encounters 7 kun oldin
I got a qestion in the episode of the load house sweet and sour if the parents where planning on going by themself how come they could pay for the kids?
Lulu Orozco
Lulu Orozco 7 kun oldin
The things do you know thats a cartoon
rylatkinson 7 kun oldin
What wrong with a cultism??????????😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠
Cookie Crafter
Cookie Crafter 8 kun oldin
Excuse me lucy likes being a “gloomy kid” because she got the being an emo girl from her great grandma
Linda Vanderwalker
Linda Vanderwalker 8 kun oldin
Ummm, maybe it's the WRITERS that need interventions. Not cartoon characters....
Erica Clacher
Erica Clacher 8 kun oldin
"any parent should be concerned that their child is reading such advanced literature" Uuhhhh, wut? If my kid picked up my copy of H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos and started reading it I'd call them a genius. xD
Pegah Naghibi
Pegah Naghibi 8 kun oldin
"wat are lynn senior and rita doing?" bro they have ten kids you dont wanna know what their "doing" well......unless ur a pervert
Maksim Wesolowski
Maksim Wesolowski 8 kun oldin
This is why its a cartoon
nebby wont get in the bag
Top 10 reasons why the things suck
Alan Bridges
Alan Bridges 8 kun oldin
That moment you realize the children exist because the parents were Horny
vampire girl dj
vampire girl dj 8 kun oldin
What is the loud house?
Alinaツ 8 kun oldin
Thats just a cartoon, ugh
Alberto Productions
Mewni Russia's ONLY wife and girlfriend
They should hit Lola with a flip flop because she's a brat.
eewag1 9 kun oldin
Didnt notice anything in this video
Gacha films
Gacha films 9 kun oldin
Guess what. my visa abuela has 12 kids 9 daughters and 3 boys
Juan c Gonzalez
Juan c Gonzalez 9 kun oldin
Hmm. Luan loves to joke around and truly just enjoys humor... SHE MUST BE DEPRESSED AND NEGLECTED!
Snay Lion
Snay Lion 9 kun oldin
If I were a parent 1- I'll take kids out for icecream every sunday. 2- pizza on Friday 3-road trip very year 4- homework, shower, chore then free time 5- letter from Santa before opening gifts on Christmas 6- extra education at 8:00 at night 7- children bedtime at 8:45 8- tween bedtime at 9:30 9-teen bedtime at 10:00 10: read an hour for an hour of internet
EchoFA //FelineArtist
"He's angry that his son prefers video games over sports" I mean, exercise is important, you can't play video games all the time! That's just plain unhealthy.
Ana Ampomah
Ana Ampomah 9 kun oldin
Mr.loud is the worst
Kai Dyer
Kai Dyer 9 kun oldin
Fuck the loud house they annoying cringey and dont @ me 🖕🏾
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 10 kun oldin
This is SO offensive!
TabbyCat Gamez88
TabbyCat Gamez88 10 kun oldin
Luan is quite possibly suffering from severe depression. She tries to make it look like she is extremely happy but she is probably just doing it to hide her inner sadness.
Aracelie Servin
Aracelie Servin 10 kun oldin
You are right
Jaisen Shah
Jaisen Shah 10 kun oldin
Boyyyyu it is just a show
Arianna Mabry
Arianna Mabry 10 kun oldin
🖤Lucy is my favorite character on the loud house🖤
Mom Chloe
Mom Chloe 10 kun oldin
I saw the title and thought that this video would be good..... then I noticed that its by this channel.
Mia Arcentales
Mia Arcentales 10 kun oldin
I don't like the Loud House so that means I'm not going to like the video.
Kaiju Paste
Kaiju Paste 10 kun oldin
0:49 it’s called a cartoon
AutunmGold 10 kun oldin
I'm a 8 year old clone of Lucy : ' )
Cow ZahA
Cow ZahA 11 kun oldin
Good morning
Le'Niya Harris
Le'Niya Harris 11 kun oldin
What the fuck is wrong with Lucy?
Chloe Ayala Chavez
Chloe Ayala Chavez 11 kun oldin
why are you saying the parents are mean its just a carton!!!
Youtuber Obsessed Jess
This keeps showing up in my recommended and I don't watch The Loud House...