This Is Why The Loud House Parents Are The Worst

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Reasons why the parents in The Loud House are not good role models for kids.
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Everyone loves “The Loud House”. The kids all have diverse and interesting personalities. The family really seems to come together to solve problems. They have some great friends too. As great as the show is, the family has some flaws too. Some fans have noticed that the Loud parents might be a little negligent. Rita and Lynn Sr. don’t seem too worried about their daughters Lucy and Leni who both seem to have their own issues. Luan might need a little more attention too. Both a little inappropriate sometimes. They’ve been pretty irresponsible and have even been busted skinny dipping! “The Loud House” is one of the most popular shows on Nickelodeon. It’s no surprise that its army of fans have made some observations about the characters. Have you ever noticed the Loud parents doing something inappropriate? Do you think the fans are being too hard on them? Let us know in the comments below!
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12-Okt, 2018

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Apgmaster Omg
Apgmaster Omg 21 soat oldin
Don’t matter
gaming with pinky
I love the things😍👍🏻😋
Peter Pro
Peter Pro Kun oldin
Why is there so many ads
Angellica Massari
I don’t know who my dad is and I didn’t even know I hada dad till last year 😭 One like=one more support
UnIcornGurl PoopingRainbwoahs
I like it that way -_- and CHILL! this is just a cartoon it wasn't suppose to be realistic xD
Shirley McEuen
Shirley McEuen Kun oldin
This video is as long as 12:32 you just want money you put 8 ads in a 12:32 long video
Nkechi Enwereuzor
Ralph Cho
Ralph Cho 2 kun oldin
Better than Timmy's parents
Elia Giron
Elia Giron 2 kun oldin
You are lying adout the loud house
Elia Giron
Elia Giron 2 kun oldin
You are lying
Helena Griessel
Helena Griessel 2 kun oldin
Whun uw the bats has a red nos
Awesome dude 13 14 15
Let the 8 year old do what she wants if she likes things you don't don't Judge them
Me and Algee Life
Me and Algee Life 3 kun oldin
What if leni had special needs🤔
A_NicKname_ YT
A_NicKname_ YT 4 kun oldin
leni is suppost to be a funny charecter
Mario Kart 8 Gamer LIVE AKA Gabeishot Really
Stop defending loud house so much. It's a good show but kinda inappropriate. P
Bob Mob
Bob Mob 4 kun oldin
Yeah I agree
Lasya Hota
Lasya Hota 5 kun oldin
Can someone tell me what are all the loud house episodes
Maria Reed
Maria Reed 5 kun oldin
Lucy is my fav cause she is like me
Don’t mind me Just passing through
It’s a damn cartoon
Kevin Andersen
Kevin Andersen 6 kun oldin
I hate the loud parents
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 6 kun oldin
Who else in there 20’s still watching cartoons?
Jessie Wang
Jessie Wang 7 kun oldin
Also, why can’t they teach Lola how to control her anger?
Bridget Grant
Bridget Grant 5 kun oldin
Jessie Wang.... Lori is 17 but when angry she doubles her fists and stomps around like a four year old.
Jessie Wang
Jessie Wang 7 kun oldin
Bridget Grant but, Lori is responsible for 10 siblings at times
Bridget Grant
Bridget Grant 7 kun oldin
Jessie Wang And Lori too.
Lyric Theory
Lyric Theory 7 kun oldin
8 ADS?!?!?!?!
Videos By Niyah
Videos By Niyah 8 kun oldin
It’s literally a fuckin cartoons 😭n nothing that they do is realistic so why would they make Lucy’s personality realistic?😕
jackson moore the supreme cheeto
And the fact that Mr loud has 11 children tells me he can't keep his dick to himself
jackson moore the supreme cheeto
They make they're children go to someone's house whitch has dirty water, botulism contaminated food, and alot of cats.
jackson moore the supreme cheeto
Bridget Grant fucking right
Bridget Grant
Bridget Grant 8 kun oldin
jackson moore the supreme cheeto That should have been mentioned. I mean how can anyone approve of their kids eating expired food?
Dummdee xoxo
Dummdee xoxo 9 kun oldin
Ur just jealous... ur annoying and ruining it for me 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬hate u
Robloxgamer21 9 kun oldin
The Things
Makka Reads
Makka Reads 11 kun oldin
l lo lol lo l
Bubblepopperz 11 kun oldin
It’s a TV shut up you made it how they made it OK it’s not even real life so shut up because some people like the show and it’s not how the show is horrible it’s how people like it
lola lil
lola lil 12 kun oldin
I know you're just trying to make fun of them because you're probably not like the loud house
Chelsy Garcia
Chelsy Garcia 13 kun oldin
I think I’m Leni;-; I’m kinda dumb Clumsy ALWAYS COMFUSED ALSO WHERE AM I
Debora Clark
Debora Clark 13 kun oldin
C. C.h C.h.e C.h.e.c C.h.e.c.k C.h.e.c.k t. C.h.e.c.k t.h C.h.e.c.k t.h.i C.h.e.c.k t.h.i.s C.h.e.c.k. t.h.i.s o. C.h.e.c.k t.h.i.s o.u C.h.e.c.k t.h.i.s o.u.t
sken92684 13 kun oldin
sken92684 13 kun oldin
i think you look for the bad in EVERYTHING
Chloe Hogg
Chloe Hogg 13 kun oldin
It’s a cartoon kids tv show. It’s not like it’s real, CHILL
Musically Girl
Musically Girl 14 kun oldin
its just stupid kid show its ok jessssssss
Life of queen Ava Anthony
Btw luans jokes aren’t Inappropriate
Iesha Mcdaniel
Iesha Mcdaniel 14 kun oldin
They will probably have to pay a whole lot more money to get Help for her like she would probably need a Tutor and They already spent so much money on all of their kids and that’s why they’re not around a lot because they have to go to work a lot so that they can pay so that they don’t become homeless trying to fit 13 people in a box
Lola Loud
Lola Loud 15 kun oldin
I love my parents. 😞
Giannis Papadakis
Giannis Papadakis 15 kun oldin
I have a theory that will explain lenny's weird behavior my theory says that Lenny is autistic I'll explain it well the autistic people usually aren't capable of doing ordinary stuff but they're super talented in one thing. Lenny can't solve a six piece puzzle but she can design her own clothes and knows stuff for fashion that no other person knows
sissy West
sissy West 15 kun oldin
Ice Fox
Ice Fox 15 kun oldin
Worst parents awards 3rd place. SPOILED/BRATTY kids parents 2nd place LOUD HOUSE kids parents 1rst place. CAYIUU PARENTS (Or how every your spell it) Edit: caillou (thanks Bridget grant)
Ice Fox
Ice Fox 15 kun oldin
Thanks! I’ve been wondering how to spell it looking it up is shameful :P
Bridget Grant
Bridget Grant 15 kun oldin
Ice Fox .. it's spelled Caillou.
Chandra Krogman
Chandra Krogman 15 kun oldin
Morgan Cecil
Morgan Cecil 16 kun oldin
Why kind of lier are you
Bonnie Smallidge
Bonnie Smallidge 16 kun oldin
It’s a cartoon though yes kid shows are very strange lol
NO_XXXTENTICION 16 kun oldin
Who else remembers when Lilly had a ipad
the flipaclip wolf love heart
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Queen 1234
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Jayla Ray
Jayla Ray 17 kun oldin
It just a tv show