This Monster Has No Phone Case | Hardly Working

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Thank god that Rekha noticed Trapp had no case on his phone. If she hadn't, who knows how long this negligence would have gone on.
Hardly Working: What really goes on in CollegeHumor offices may surprise you, unless you're already familiar with unprofessional, inappropriate slackoffs getting nothing done.
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Rekha Shankar
Mike Trapp
Avery Monsen
Director - Sam Geer
Writer - Mike Trapp
Producer - Bridgett Greenberg
Production Coordinator - Jessica Clemons
Editor - Sam Geer




4-Avg, 2018

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Alan Winters
Alan Winters 9 soat oldin
They should do a sequel to this except with not having a pop socket
FestiveScout 629
FestiveScout 629 4 kun oldin
Honestly that guy sounds like Jim Carrey
Clarity 5 kun oldin
The correct way to own a phone is to have the glass protector and and not being a clumy irresponsible piece of shit. Just take care of your phone, jesus.
The Kettle
The Kettle 6 kun oldin
This video is making me irrationally angry
Moofy 8 kun oldin
Soooooo who else is watching without a case?
Joseph Buchanan
Joseph Buchanan 8 kun oldin
No case for my phone.
Zaori 8 kun oldin
indeed phones should be made of plastic. the cases should be made of prime materials.
The Willed One
The Willed One 9 kun oldin
I feel like I'd be the Hitler of this sketch lol, IPhones need... considerable modifications to actually be any good.
lexander skylar
lexander skylar 9 kun oldin
He was that Guy at a bar
Human Being
Human Being 9 kun oldin
What point are you making? Are you saying that people are irresponsible with their phones or that phones are overly breakable? Or both? Either way, it was great!
hïśîšțěŕş 9 kun oldin
As a phone owner, I prefer my phone bare, I like it bare
The Notator
The Notator 10 kun oldin
My phone doesn't have a case
Joseph Zeru
Joseph Zeru 11 kun oldin
Arch 11 kun oldin
Damn, I never realised that I was a monster...
AVeryGassyMexican Predator
This sounds like a white girl dropping her phone
SkjZ 11 kun oldin
So that makes Neil D Tyson a monster?
Emilie Smith
Emilie Smith 12 kun oldin
bRo BuY a ClEaR cAsE
Master Nipper
Master Nipper 12 kun oldin
this video triggers me
KYT gaming & animation
Bored Dog
Bored Dog 13 kun oldin
EVIL!! Oh your waiting for it to be shipped in Amazon... ok :3
somethingsock 13 kun oldin
I have had that exact phone and dropped it on concrete caseless and it was fine. If it were an iPhone 8 or above you better have a case
Spencer Decker
Spencer Decker 13 kun oldin
I actually dropped my phone while watching this
Barundonthetechguy / iRepair
Ryuu Ainaki
Ryuu Ainaki 13 kun oldin
I don't have a phone case on my phone, never have. Never broke a phone either.
Marley 13 kun oldin
What about when you’re watching UZvid videos on the can and you drop it on the tiled floor? What are you gonna do then, Trap?
Triclentt 13 kun oldin
My iPad is caseless and it’s been scratched on the back and corner pretty badly...
David Rodgers
David Rodgers 14 kun oldin
I looked it up... Birds do cough ladys and gentlemen
Pacific Signs
Pacific Signs 14 kun oldin
2:48 do u like the coco
-Doctorwjo -
-Doctorwjo - 14 kun oldin
just dont be an idiot!
Denino Prayoga
Denino Prayoga 14 kun oldin
The phone is paid actor
Ban Gx
Ban Gx 14 kun oldin
One of their best scetches
Use Code: LAZARBEAM 15 kun oldin
It's only an iPhone... So why the trouble!?An Android would be a even bigger strougle
Jade Shard
Jade Shard 15 kun oldin
...but do birds cough?
Otakumichibi 13 kun oldin
Some sources say yes, others say that birds only mimic coughing if they heard a human do it. So... Kinda? 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)
Elaiza Anthony
Elaiza Anthony 15 kun oldin
Wtf why do people even do this?! No phone case?!?!?!
Geedi Mohammed
Geedi Mohammed 16 kun oldin
Why is this in my feed i dropped my phone screen cracked it works 50 of the time. Whas looking for replacment and protective cases. Wtc
Linda Taylor
Linda Taylor 16 kun oldin
1:54 vulkanised ruber aka spoks birth control
Louis Londono
Louis Londono 16 kun oldin
Just get a skin
Levlixx 18 kun oldin
I don't have a case
Jargo Neo
Jargo Neo 19 kun oldin
Do you like the co co?
matty205224 19 kun oldin
Every person I've seen advocate for not putting a case on their phone has regretted it when their phone screen cracks. So many broken iPhone screens everywhere I look. I'd agree with their anti-case arguments if they weren't always bitching about broken screens.
Neptune 19 kun oldin
*watching this with no case on my phone*
Jinx Cortez
Jinx Cortez 19 kun oldin
My phone doesn't have a case. It's like makeup, you don't really need it. But society just tells you to. 😂
אופק פינסקר
Im watching this on my phone without a phone case
Jenny John
Jenny John 20 kun oldin
Not one of the funnier episodes. One joke repeated throughout and it wasn't very funny the first time.
Not so Generic
Not so Generic 21 kun oldin
Just get a bumper case: it'll solve all of these problems
Pizza History Hardcore Hockey
It was her fault.
jebmak 22 kun oldin
Wow that guy looks so much like a younger Jason Butler Harner from Ozark. Also, phone cases are the worst.
Zebedee Swanson
Zebedee Swanson 22 kun oldin
I am so confused
Ice Cream
Ice Cream 23 kun oldin
Why not just use another thin layer of plastic
Shadow Bonnie
Shadow Bonnie 23 kun oldin
A case is dumb, ugly and too bulky I’d drop mine if it had a case cos it’s plastic and slippy, with less grip so I hold it less tightly so it drops easier
My Channel
My Channel 24 kun oldin
Jajaajjaja cool
HESHAM .m 25 kun oldin
This past 3 years I never put a case on my phone 😀
Sorra Jade
Sorra Jade 26 kun oldin
Okay now I feel kinda guilty
Junaid Miah
Junaid Miah 29 kun oldin
I legit dropped my phone watching this
once more unto datlof
Genuinely made me take my phone case off.
Dartian Oy oldin
I hate phones without cases. I literally cringe if I touch a phone without one. Not because it protects it, but because It fits better in my hand.
Alright, fine! I'll buy a case.
Camera Shot Lps
Let Trapp live his life
Christina Reynolds
And I thought I was weird for getting upset about phones without cases 😆
Dustin Rodriguez
It's funny because garbage idiots who rush and are sloppy about everything in their entire life can't figure out how to be careful even when loads of money is on the line and they expect everyone to be as terrible as they are.
luke McEllin
luke McEllin Oy oldin
What has happened to CH of you want a funny video from them watch sarahs birthday
the kitkat king
That's why you get a phone case with an extra battery in it
1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55
Believe it or not, I actually did one of my high school science fair projects on the effectiveness of different phone cases. The most effective case reduced the drop impact by 12% and was like 3 mm of silicone. I decided to use that case on my phone, and it isn't bulky at all in my pocket and makes me feel a lot better when I put said phone on the table and whatnot. I get why covering ur phone with a giant minions case is impractical, and I do think cases like that make phones impossible to use, but a small case like mine is totally worth $10 on amazon
Shadow__ Playz
Is this a synonym for child protection???
Becca Makin
Becca Makin Oy oldin
What if your phone is ruggedized....?
L0gan584 Oy oldin
THIS is what I've always been telling people who tell me to get a case-->"My phone is either always in my pocket, in a death grip in my hand or charging"
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Oy oldin
This was very annoying
Deanser Gaming
No phone should suffer like this
Xamiakass Oy oldin
meh.. had my s7 edge for like 3 years, had a case for the first 0.5 year.. other 2.5 - without. lol thing'sd been flying around the house and workplace.. swimming in port, vodka and beer and (possibly) in a toilet :D 3 years later, no cracks, no scratches. case business is bs.
Armand79th Oy oldin
This is "humor"?? I think you might need to look up that word in a dictionary.
Pranjal Sankhla
My heart broke..with phones screen😑
EddyGraphic Oy oldin
But it feels so nice without a case 😫
Arlan Abenojar
I just realized...the person at the end of the video is the person who wrote the sketch...
billnye69 Oy oldin
I've never had a case for any phone I've ever owned and it's never been a problem.
Samuel Emerson
This vid has made me unironically start using my phone without a case
RBXII3 Oy oldin
Me vs my entire friend group
Muhammad Othman
I get scared holding my phone caseless
NJCWolf Oy oldin
Saw that from a mile away
Xcaliburz Storm
yo what is this trend ? with people not using cases on there phones damn i have a galaxy j7 2015 model i still using my case would not regret it .what is it with this trend of people not using cases lol . i really want to know from you kids . and teens is is not cool or you will be made fun off in school cause just remember that person with the case less phone will have a cracked screen and broken camera you will not .
Multi Sounds
Multi Sounds Oy oldin
Cases are for clumsy people
Rayman34128 Oy oldin
Bruh srsly just don't treat your phone like a fuckin paperweight and you won't need a case that makes it a more effective paperweight. ffs I swear to god people leaving their phones laying around and shit instead of keeping it safe and secure in their pocket are the reason we haven't colonized space yet
Bryan X
Bryan X Oy oldin
Never had a phone case, never damaged a phone in 10 years. It's not hard
Anson Hu
Anson Hu Oy oldin
That’s a 4 or 5, honestly me to. I’m using a 6s+
Witchhunter 25
Am i the only one who hates cases and the people who think you need them even though your the most careful person in the world?
meese Oy oldin
how do you feel after this after arguing
Rohmash Oy oldin
Real question is why are they selling us an expensive every day product that isn't ALREADY durable.
misteridiot Oy oldin
3:00 Yeah, no.
TLP Games
TLP Games Oy oldin
I have dropped my phone about 20 times since I got it around 6 months ago but I have a case so now I’m able to watch this video clearly instead of having to worry about getting cuts on my hand from broken pieces of glass
LipActor Oy oldin
Is that Harrison Wells?
River Wang
River Wang Oy oldin
using a phonecase, dropped it, phonecase is broken buy another one, use it, dropped it, several damages in the phonecase.. phone still okay play phone while babysitting a cat, cat no like phone, cat bite phone, casing is cracked, phone is dented.
Its Red Sky
Its Red Sky Oy oldin
Remember when people thought it was cool to not have a case
Storylover Oy oldin
I just realised that this is a metaphor for how people tell parents to protect their children
Friendly Flippin Medic
Just get a pop socket
The Thunder Stone
1 Subscription = 1 more minute of Sinking Lives
Lukman Hafidz
Lukman Hafidz Oy oldin
i hate reika now
Neil Macneale
Neil Macneale Oy oldin
True question is, can birds cough?
Johan Channel
Johan Channel Oy oldin
Every time I come back to this ,it makes my days better😂.
Vektocist Oy oldin
Let me tell you a story
Dachshunds Are my life
Who took there phone case off just for this video
My name is Connor I'm the android sent by CyberLife
The scariest thing about this is that people are like that
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