This Proves Everything #ETHMA

greater than the gods
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xqueen cxt
xqueen cxt 14 soat oldin
She only said "im ethan thank god" because she wanted to match james
Haelyn Keller
Haelyn Keller Kun oldin
I feel like Grayson wants to expose Ethma
paisley grace
paisley grace Kun oldin
i have more tea on them i saw a pic of ethan with a face mask on and in the mirror behind him i saw a girl with dark hair soo ummmm
Riley 2 kun oldin
He wouldn’t of said bitch because than he would bleep out fucked too
Noor Mir
Noor Mir 2 kun oldin
Awwwwww thinking of Emma took his breath away
Sıla Demir
Sıla Demir 2 kun oldin
zihniyetinizin amk
tess gillies
tess gillies 2 kun oldin
we all know its true
Julie Ladegourdie
Julie Ladegourdie 3 kun oldin
*sips tea* ☕️👀
Ayla Webb
Ayla Webb 3 kun oldin
It’s not like I don’t like them being together I just didn’t rlly believed it but now u have me convinced😂
ellakata29 3 kun oldin
Wow!! You did so much research!! This was the best “Ethema is real” video!!!
Natasha Needham
Natasha Needham 3 kun oldin
The challenge Show
The challenge Show 3 kun oldin
This is funny
Ayla T-K
Ayla T-K 4 kun oldin
Alice P
Alice P 4 kun oldin
Alysha Wheat
Alysha Wheat 4 kun oldin
Bro FR Ethan always does his turtle man face
** AtSushi **
** AtSushi ** 4 kun oldin
You really spilt the tea and ur video is a definite that they are dating. I have been sister satisfied
liz didle
liz didle 4 kun oldin
i like how james said *IendnndbdjKkjNsbdb mY gOd*
Eski Animations
Eski Animations 4 kun oldin
*3:57** I AM DEAD*
Flower Child
Flower Child 4 kun oldin
0:54 that face cracks me up 😂
Belle Anderson
Belle Anderson 4 kun oldin
I love it sisters🤣 but like seriously Grayson is my favorite he so hawt and nice you know he needs a real nice girl
HI SHISTERS!! 4 kun oldin
just cuz Emma and Ethan MIGHT be dating doesn’t mean u have to accuse Grayson of being gay 🤦🏾‍♀️ their 4 friends they don’t have to be in a relationship with one another BUT I ACTUALLY LOVE THIS FREAKING VIDEOOOOO FRICKIN FBI MUCH❤️❤️
Julia Sacta
Julia Sacta 4 kun oldin
1:50 Ethan says "its a secret" under his breath
Emma Ward
Emma Ward 4 kun oldin
Wtf why do they even post these videos everyone knows they arnt dating
melanie mccracken
melanie mccracken 4 kun oldin
Did anyone notice that Ethan wears Emma’s phone case ( the wildflower case she made)
Literally just Ashleigh
Is nobody talking about James in the thumbnail
Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis 5 kun oldin
This isnt proof? I do think they are dating but also they are all bestfriends so obviously they will be close plus they all have to sit close to be in frame
FaZe Chupalo
FaZe Chupalo 5 kun oldin
5:49 #FBIopenup
FaZe Chupalo
FaZe Chupalo 5 kun oldin
I don’t like tea but this vid is really well maid
Holly Haughton
Holly Haughton 5 kun oldin
MY HEART HAS GONE I love ethan so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kisses -A
Kisses -A 5 kun oldin
*Hooooowwww mmmMmmmMyYYYyyy Ggowwweddd* 😂
The Espinoza Family
Wow this was good 😂😂
Brianna Riccardo
Brianna Riccardo 5 kun oldin
“Yeah I guess that’s what she would call it” 1:35
Emma Durrant
Emma Durrant 5 kun oldin
In a photo of ethan he has his phone (idk what platform of social media it was on but i can find it anymore) and it has the same phonecase as emmas in the haunted house vid
kiana babbington
kiana babbington 5 kun oldin
this is now VERy clear they are dating!
Erin Gamer
Erin Gamer 5 kun oldin
I Need More ETHMA Sis Ily YOUR CHANNEL👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
bathhtime tyjo
bathhtime tyjo 5 kun oldin
1:52 “it’s a secret”
Natalia Hinvest
Natalia Hinvest 5 kun oldin
at 2:06 what was behind emma
Megan & Ali
Megan & Ali 5 kun oldin
*_maybe when emma is 18 they’ll make a video coming out that ethma is real_*
Davine Cater
Davine Cater 5 kun oldin
maddie grace Thierfelder
Plot twist Ethan's dating James
Ember w
Ember w 6 kun oldin
Hey do you remember that video where they were doing types of fans? Yeah, you, along with the rest of everyone doing theirs research, is the fan who researches everything they do.
Bella White
Bella White 6 kun oldin
Can it be May already
Jaymee Aguilar the qeen
Lmaoooooo 😂😂😂😂😂
Miss Pineapple
Miss Pineapple 6 kun oldin
Ethma and Jayson 😱💕
Penny 6 kun oldin
Dude omg.. can you please search up if my boyfriend is cheating on me?😂
Jana Tarek
Jana Tarek 6 kun oldin
There is another proof every sister squad vid they sit beside each other
Jenni Barnes
Jenni Barnes 6 kun oldin
I have a feeling he said bitch not girlfriend
SpillTheTea xox
SpillTheTea xox 6 kun oldin
It’s way obvious now, I don’t understand why they just say either they do or don’t.
Soccer_is_thebest10 Lit!
Lol sister scandals!
LULU 6 kun oldin
I just screamed, for the whole video actually
Ethma scene pack
23 kun oldin