Three Generations Taste Test Their Favourite Dishes

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What would be the ONE dish you'd pick to represent your generation?



26-Dek, 2017



Yuklab olish:


Saqlab olish:

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Icy Flame Gacha
Icy Flame Gacha 44 daqiqa oldin
I’m Bengali Bangladesh 🇧🇩 all the way
Rohit R
Rohit R 3 soat oldin
Shayan is so cute
amir tambe
amir tambe 8 soat oldin
Just because dadi made me smile.👍
jasleen marwah
jasleen marwah 10 soat oldin
Shayan is so so cute
Ahmed Iyaan
Ahmed Iyaan 11 soat oldin
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True Gamer
True Gamer 12 soat oldin
He is so annoying I hate these types of overactive people
RIMPA BHADRA 13 soat oldin
You also say rasgulla? it's rosogolla.. right guys?
Saiful Islam
Saiful Islam 14 soat oldin
I am also bangali
claudees Kun oldin
Bless my Tummy oooooh sweetie roshgollas 👍Simply amazing and wonderful people
FahimPlayz Kun oldin
Are they Bengali or Indian? Because I understood some of what they said
Sorry but I love parwal
Here's a like and share fr ur pure Bengali
Sayan ur a pure Bengali just like me 👍👍👍
Shanaia Rebeiro
Shanaia Rebeiro Kun oldin
Ok but he sounds so cute when speaking bengali
Shiuli Mandal
Shiuli Mandal Kun oldin
Pocha potol 😂😂 thakuma rocks 😘😘
a saucy dude
a saucy dude Kun oldin
Sub to me or just eat some sauce (Both work)
alus nova
alus nova 2 kun oldin
My mom and grandma would kill and disown me, if I would DARE criticize their food!!!!! It’s always the question “which do you like best, dear??? That’s kiss of death. 💀
nabadeep mitra
nabadeep mitra 2 kun oldin
Thammi... paanch e paanch (high five!)
Varsha H
Varsha H 2 kun oldin
I love padwal
Abdullah al Mahmood
Who can speak Bangla here??!!
kryspy _kreme
kryspy _kreme 2 kun oldin
hhh i love videos that make me feel more bengali
kryspy _kreme
kryspy _kreme 2 kun oldin
kryspy _kreme
kryspy _kreme 2 kun oldin
this shayan bitch boy really just dabbed in 2017,,, i love asian stereotypes
kryspy _kreme
kryspy _kreme 2 kun oldin
lov me some!!!!! roshogolla!!!!!!!!!
kryspy _kreme
kryspy _kreme 2 kun oldin
shayan man,,,,, i too hate padwal
kryspy _kreme
kryspy _kreme 2 kun oldin
wait are they speaking bengali or hindi bc ,,,,,, bc i only understand half and,,,,, as a bengali american i feel like a failure
Saminah 7 soat oldin
Lmao, I heard bengali too! Btw Jae is cute on your picture 😂
swagger teens
swagger teens 2 kun oldin
Bro i just love ur videos
kids creation
kids creation 2 kun oldin
He is so cuteeeeeeeeeee!!!
Priyanshi verma
Priyanshi verma 2 kun oldin
This was stupid.. He hates Padwal... Ends giving it a 5...r us serious😳
The Song Age
The Song Age 3 kun oldin
"At least try it and see." I can relate so well!! 😂 Edit: RASGULLAS!!!!! OMG OMG OMG the only thing i would like more is rasmalai.
Lollipop 3 kun oldin
Yassss we got some bengali goin on here
new viewx
new viewx 3 kun oldin
Bangali ???😘
Buria Dey
Buria Dey 3 kun oldin
hey there I am Bengali too , hit like if you'r a Bengali too
Aditi Singh
Aditi Singh 3 kun oldin
I also don’t like padwal😅and I love Rasgulla 😂
Mana's Asian Recipes
rajeev ladha
rajeev ladha 3 kun oldin
They have no idea how stringent I am going to be to their dishes *gives five to both dishes*
Amit Saha
Amit Saha 4 kun oldin
Potol ta pocha ....😂😂😂
Samantha Phang
Samantha Phang 4 kun oldin
i keep forgetting that that guy is 25..
shilpi sinha
shilpi sinha 4 kun oldin
I meant Padwal
shilpi sinha
shilpi sinha 4 kun oldin
I love Padwala
Wrestle Smasher
Wrestle Smasher 4 kun oldin
Wow you are Bengali !!!!!
Cianalas NicUilleim
May I ask what the second dish was? It looked like a pickle with batter on it.
Buria Dey
Buria Dey 3 kun oldin
Bipasha Palit
Bipasha Palit 5 kun oldin
Ae I love everyone's thammi..I would just hug thammi and sit for hours. I am a epic cuddler..
Bipasha Palit
Bipasha Palit 5 kun oldin
If you are in bengali family..you know you are eye apple of thamma dadu . I am grown up by my grand parents.. they did everything for me
BladeBTW 5 kun oldin
Fuck tseries
Purnendu Manna
Purnendu Manna 6 kun oldin
oh bangali
black n white
black n white 6 kun oldin
"I read it on What'sApp" Literally every south Asian parent
black n white
black n white 5 kun oldin
+Dhanushya Myneni my dad says it all the time
Dhanushya Myneni
Dhanushya Myneni 5 kun oldin
Really ? WhatsApp by the way
Arpita Paul
Arpita Paul 6 kun oldin
I highly doubt didima made tha roshogollas
Aratrika 6 kun oldin
grandma always wins!
Pritha Mukherjee
Pritha Mukherjee 6 kun oldin
Padwal is tasty bro.... Potol er dorma... Mach diye❤❤
Dyuti Sengupta
Dyuti Sengupta 6 kun oldin
His reaction on seeing potol er dorma 😁😁😁
R6S Player
R6S Player 6 kun oldin
Buzzfeed fuck off
The Lone Oof
The Lone Oof 7 kun oldin
1:27 true work of art
Arnab Das
Arnab Das 7 kun oldin
Like "Rasogolla" is "Patol" u should mention that too😏. And I also hate patol😫
nazmus sakib
nazmus sakib 7 kun oldin
বাঙালীর মুখে বাংলা কথা কতো সুন্দর লাগে শুনতে, To hear Bangla form Bengalis mouth is so pretty to listen, দাদা তুমি বাংলাতে একটা ভিডিও দাও
Mahuya Saha
Mahuya Saha 7 kun oldin
debolina biswas
debolina biswas 7 kun oldin
Except Peri Peri fries I love all dishes
Nirgun Kaur
Nirgun Kaur 7 kun oldin
it's umm... peri peri?
Sajal Kumar Biswas
Sajal Kumar Biswas 7 kun oldin
You are Bengali I am also
michelle *
michelle * 8 kun oldin
Make a video where granny talks more.. Love her💞❤️💕
Indian siren
Indian siren 8 kun oldin
French fries r literally aloo bhaja wtf🙃
Prakhar Ganodwale
Prakhar Ganodwale 8 kun oldin
5/5 to roshogulla ....
moksha shah
moksha shah 8 kun oldin
Grandma 💯💯💯
Alamgirhossen Orpo
Alamgirhossen Orpo 8 kun oldin
are u Bengali?
Nene Alvarez
Nene Alvarez 9 kun oldin
Love that accent tbh
Tushar Kapoor
Tushar Kapoor 9 kun oldin
Such riveting content
RapidObsessor 9 kun oldin
i love shayan so much im ded
Goomw Love
Goomw Love 9 kun oldin
I thought in a recent video Shayan said that his grandmother was 89...
Sonalika Sharma
Sonalika Sharma 9 kun oldin
Are you a bengali?
Kiran Kumar
Kiran Kumar 9 kun oldin
Hey your grandma is so cute
sparking GAMER
sparking GAMER 9 kun oldin
Betty-Alexandria Pride
😂 He's hilarious.
Balasubramoniam athikesavapillai
Grandmother is so cuuuuteee😍😘
The Viper
The Viper 10 kun oldin
Grandma knows the value of food
Adda Ridzduan
Adda Ridzduan 11 kun oldin
Somehow I see Zach from the try guys in Shayan lol
Unknown 123
Unknown 123 11 kun oldin
Me after watching the piri piri fries come 😍😍😍😄😄😚😚😚😍😍😍
Mahir Tazwar
Mahir Tazwar 11 kun oldin
You live in India I live straight in Bangladesh
Bhagyashree Das
Bhagyashree Das 11 kun oldin
Share the padwal recipe
Kartikay Mishra
Kartikay Mishra 11 kun oldin
2:37 shayan : I am going to be very stringent with their dishes GIVES BOTH THE DISHES 5
Pranav Nambiar
Pranav Nambiar 12 kun oldin
That guy is 25??????
Shoham Das
Shoham Das 12 kun oldin
he's bengali
H I 12 kun oldin
The whole video is so cringey
WBP WorldBestPromo
WBP WorldBestPromo 12 kun oldin
I am bangli
mukul goel
mukul goel 12 kun oldin
I love rasgulla that too made with love it truely deserves maximum possible marks
rose M
rose M 12 kun oldin
Rashogulla 🙁
Samadrita Pathak
Samadrita Pathak 12 kun oldin
Who can say no to rashogulla??? It's the ESSENCE of India and all things being and good.
Samadrita Pathak
Samadrita Pathak 12 kun oldin
I related SPIRITUALLY to the guy in the middle. WHY PADHWAL??!?!!! Aajke-o PADHWAL!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ramya Ranjan
Ramya Ranjan 13 kun oldin
Lekin junk food mein padwal kaam rehta hai 😂savage bro
HOUTH 13 kun oldin
T gay
Hari Priya
Hari Priya 13 kun oldin
Papri Chowdhury
Papri Chowdhury 13 kun oldin
Heeeyyy padwal ki jinish...? I think its potol posto... 🤣🤣🤣
Aastha Khanna
Aastha Khanna 13 kun oldin
This wad so cute
Curby Andre
Curby Andre 13 kun oldin
Im not indian.... But this is funny XD
JustJA Hyll
JustJA Hyll 13 kun oldin
T-Series, Why..
Drimzeho 13 kun oldin
His grandma is 77??! Thought she was 102
Aesthetic Bi*ch
Aesthetic Bi*ch 13 kun oldin
Indians are so funny tho
ASMITA PAHARI 13 kun oldin
Oh shayan tumi ekjon bengali . Amio
S.S creation
S.S creation 13 kun oldin
You are bengali and I am a bengali
When mom doesnt find poop sock
Hello i am your phone provider i are need your phone info because it is hacked
Huda Chaudhry
Huda Chaudhry 14 kun oldin
My mom's pakistani and always just taste it first but she says it in urdo
SUBHADA MALLICK 14 kun oldin
Your grandma is really cute❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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