Three Girls Arrested After Filming Dying Patient On Snapchat

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10-Iyl, 2018

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MimiJae 3 soat oldin
Nah Uncle Charla this isn't any millennial crap, this is disturbing. It's not normal.
Juanita Arroyo
Juanita Arroyo 4 soat oldin
Bro NYC 4 soat oldin
Females ruin the environment of every important field of work, for themselves and others.
Scott Pratt
Scott Pratt 14 soat oldin
Ironic coming from people who perpetuate the social media lifestyle and profit from it.
#1 Negans Girl - the original
Exactly Donkey Of The Day! Haha LOL
Jae KiDd
Jae KiDd Kun oldin
I've been saying this ... That's why I love charlagmne *pause* he's the only 1 who tells it how it is 24/7 no filter ... People living there lies on social media we live in the matrix... Everything is so temporary & we beyond desensitized like we demonetized & scared this social media is anti social it makes people do dumb things & have a false sense of reality facts
Yag Toggaf
Yag Toggaf Kun oldin
Comment section in 1 word r/LeWRONGGENERATION
pale horse
pale horse Kun oldin
And these or 21st century dumbass kids and our future dumbass kids God help us all with the dumbass kids
Nikki Hopkins
Nikki Hopkins Kun oldin
Makes you wonder if they did this before. Maybe this is the first time they recorded it.
Sevenstarz1216 Kun oldin
Teleprompter: Ramirez News anchor: Ram-uh-rez
rekt Kun oldin
americas social media- is so why th.
Dorian BeDorian
Dorian BeDorian Kun oldin
Since when did they start pronouncing Ra-mir-ez as Ram-mer-rez??
John coalp
John coalp Kun oldin
Lol obv. The black one idea
Syrnian Kun oldin
Disgusting people. Look them up and throw away the key.
Aaron 117
Aaron 117 2 kun oldin
I can’t be the only one who isn’t blind by how fast this world is degrading. Natural resources, dignity, self-respect, compassion for others- all becoming a precious and rare thing. We are a society that kills our grandchildren to feed our children. A lot of this being disguised as technological advancement for the benefit of mankind. I’m glad I studied and practiced primitive survival skills for 12 years and learned to respect what nature has to offer. I don’t spend countless hours sitting in front of a t.v. watching flashing lights, or swiping through a facebook feed until my hands cramp up. Sure, I use youtube, but 90% of it’s use for me is to learn new things. That aside, It really is sad to see what our world has become. The only thing you can do is stay positive and enjoy every moment of your life without these instruments of confusion and artificial living (snapchat, facebook) cloud your vision. Everything in moderation and NEVER lose sight of who you are.
nunyer beeznaz
nunyer beeznaz 2 kun oldin
THIS is what the teachers that complained about working hours actually taught our children !!! ANY teacher that would allow a student with this mindset to leave the grade they were in should be publicly humiliated !!!
Bobby White
Bobby White 2 kun oldin
No mention of the real reason of the devil taking over Go back to our lord and savior Jesus Christ And stop the devil cold
Joanna Bailey
Joanna Bailey 2 kun oldin
hello follow me on sc. my nick is: jbae.2
Biff Beefcake
Biff Beefcake 2 kun oldin
3 girls white,Latina and black we are all capable of wickedness
Josh Cornell
Josh Cornell 2 kun oldin
Well, im outta here *Runs out of rooms*
Blake 2 kun oldin
If everyone could just forgot about their social media status for one day, this world would be such a better place. It’s a shame that that’s all people think about nowadays. They only care about how many views they get on Snapchat, how many retweets their post can get, how many likes and followers they have on Instagram. These people don’t care about ANYTHING at all, as long as it benefits them, they’re ok with it. And even if you are someone with a heart who cares about others, you are just swept under the rug by social media. No one cares about you cause you don’t have a big following on social media. As a kid who just graduated high school, I don’t see any bright future ahead for this generation. Guess I’m going to have to work every breath I have in my body to make this world a better place, even if I only impact 1 person, I know I did my job as a human being, and that’s setting up a bright future.
topcat365 2 kun oldin
Howcome the dude that took a picture of a person about to get run over by a train in a NY subway didn't get arrested too?
Frank Bank
Frank Bank 2 kun oldin
One of the girls spotted in the background! uzvid.com/video/video-9QcYGbUghOo.html
CineFutbol By Scarlos
Venesha G
Venesha G 2 kun oldin
Stupid a** nuts
TheGoldinChannel 2 kun oldin
This is disgusting.
Diatonic5th 2 kun oldin
I hope these three women die slow painful deaths.
JustSomeone Here
JustSomeone Here 2 kun oldin
How stupid can you be nowadays?
Cristen F. Collins
Cristen F. Collins 2 kun oldin
when they get old...karma will have its way with them
Akstylez _ak
Akstylez _ak 3 kun oldin
Shut all social Media down. Make it a payable app
Akstylez _ak
Akstylez _ak 3 kun oldin
tina kletter
tina kletter 3 kun oldin
The girls are rotten and should stay in jail for life What if it was their family how would they If it happens to them shame on them Jesus is watching you girls Change your evil ways or you won’t go to heaven . SHAME
Matthew Coolness
Matthew Coolness 3 kun oldin
This is disgusting. So many of the women who wind up working in these places have the lowest nursing certification that you can possibly get. They can't find good people, because nobody wants the nasty job. You have to change thier diapers, insert catheters, wipe butts, deal with dead bodies, & Even put your fingers up thier butt sometimes to break up the poop if they are impacted (I'm not kidding), it's Sad. Some of these nurses are absolute Hero's, but most are irresponsible idiots (having babies they can't afford, gossiping, starting shit, constantly calling out, you know the type...😕).
Tammy Kay
Tammy Kay 3 kun oldin
I so agree people are all about entertainment until it's a sickness or rather addiction. Evil times with evil actions. I want no part of that.
Kitty Kandy
Kitty Kandy 3 kun oldin
3:20 TRUE
jmek08 3 kun oldin
Lol dumb bitches
Fortnite Moments
Fortnite Moments 3 kun oldin
Add me on Snapchat: rayshonm6666
schoomzer 3 kun oldin
Those 3 cockroaches don't realize that one day, possibly sooner than they think, they or theirs will one day be in one of those beds.
sactown916 3 kun oldin
Hang them all and put it on social media
Isabella C
Isabella C 3 kun oldin
Speaking the TRUTH; Sad state of affairs!
dankwrasslin 3 kun oldin
these are women not girls
The Realest Idealist
3:56 There will come a time when you'll want to feel something, but you won't know how to. Well damn, I felt that! #CutDeep
Nita HoneyBee
Nita HoneyBee 3 kun oldin
Wow. They're just representing ALL the races with pride. Smh
alittlestrength 3 kun oldin
You are insulting donkeys by comparing them to those three evil women. It is sickening to see what comes out of the human heart. Thank God they have been removed and charged. May justice be served and may they never be able to repeat this vicious act in some other care facility.
Dejahzvu 3 kun oldin
Generation numb! Perfect name.... so sad
SexMyShh 3 kun oldin
Says the guy who gave a 15 year old liquor and allowed her to get raped by your homies ugh black men disgust me
Sharrieff Vincent
Sharrieff Vincent 3 kun oldin
Let the elderly stay at home and just take care of them...This is not surprising its sad sick fucks..GET THE STRAP !...CTG speaking the truth
ResidentEvil rican
ResidentEvil rican 3 kun oldin
They should be charged wit something do some type of time...I hope they go 2 hell for that shit that's some1s family member wtf is up wit them trash
Patriot of Justice
Patriot of Justice 3 kun oldin
Disgusting. First there was the four teens who recorded and laughed at an old man drowning, then there was the nurse who laughed and watched a patient die in front of her, and now this.
ResidentEvil rican
ResidentEvil rican 3 kun oldin
Jus thinking about my gmom she was jus in the ICU Thank God she got out but if they did that 2 my gmom or family I would kill them that's fuckd up real fucked up dumb whore bitches..thank God my gmoms nurses where very good n we got them each 100 gift cards and edible arrangements
Saitima Ichiban
Saitima Ichiban 3 kun oldin
I always see bum ass cnas on fb talking shit and putting out the business of the seniors they take care of mad unprofessional.
jaylove5555 3 kun oldin
Generation dumb
India Love
India Love 3 kun oldin
the trash that walk the medical hallways these days are preposterous
Hikari horatio
Hikari horatio 3 kun oldin
these people make the good CNAs look bad...
Jazzmine 3 kun oldin
The funny thing this is my first time hearing this story but when the news reporter said their names I knew which name belonged to who😂😂😂😂
Kevin Miles
Kevin Miles 3 kun oldin
Women these days are cutthroat... Stay single because these women have no respect for nothing...
brigitte cuntie
brigitte cuntie 3 kun oldin
Ctg r*ped me
bo william
bo william 3 kun oldin
Were you at least good In the sack
Londa Bates
Londa Bates 3 kun oldin
This is disgraceful! 3 young women that could with every possibility become mothers in the future!! Horrifying thought!! Sickens me that people are so callous but even more so that those same people posted that wretched video and knew people would watch!! 😢😢😢💔💔💔 Not how I grew up at all!!
MTB Win 3 kun oldin
Shut up about the social media thing it’s not social media who did that they did that social media didn’t influence it
Phzeek V
Phzeek V 3 kun oldin
Charlamagne should make himself donkey of the day for being a rapist
COX GRYL 3 kun oldin
Now the family can sue the hell out of the nursing home. Disrespectful pieces of shit.
S P 3 kun oldin
Always report nursing home abuse to the state!!!!!!!!
sean satana
sean satana 3 kun oldin
90fif 3 kun oldin
sean satana
sean satana 3 kun oldin
# 3 young dumb bitches
sean satana
sean satana 3 kun oldin
# young dumb bitches
ProtoMeNTL 4 kun oldin
Charlemagne speaking the truth.
fresh31freddie 4 kun oldin
This Generation Hell..#WhoRaisedYou
The Eyes Of Ire
The Eyes Of Ire 4 kun oldin
death penalty doesn't sound like much of a passing sentence.
Kanon Adamek
Kanon Adamek 4 kun oldin
Neapolitan donkey sunday
CameronPbeats 4 kun oldin
There was once an elderly women my mom cared for at her house who was sent to a nursing home. Within weeks the nursing home said she was dying because kidney failure so they just hooked her up to morphine for a week or so without food or water until she died. Then after the fact we heard that they never even conducted the proper tests to see if her kidneys were failing. They got tired of her because she would wake up screaming. Basically murdered her but there's nothing the family can do because they signed off on the "hospice" treatment "acknowledging" she was dying,
JoBirdie 4 kun oldin
For any person that hasn’t learned or know what respect is let me enlighten you with this lost knowledge. Respect is a unwritten law passed down by parents or is learned first hand. It is not something that can be easily defined by words alone. It is a mutual feeling between two people. Through action, choice of words and your tone. Common examples that have been lost: Thanking the people that provide you food and shelter Politely asking or responding to another stranger To not interrupt or over talk the other speaker you are conversing with especially if you are having a debate To not look down on what other people do for a living or what racial background they come from. (Racial profiling) To not disturb the peace of those around you. Ex. Loud music at night To not verbally abuse someone with insults without reason Ex. Calling the obese classmate fatty Now let’s look at a scenario: Bob is lazy Bob doesn’t do homework Bob disrupts the class Bob likes to provoke the teacher Teacher dislikes bob Ann is lazy Ann doesn’t do homework Ann sits silently in class Ann slowly does her class work Teacher ask if Ann needs help Both Ann and bob dislike school work the difference here is Ann keeps her dislike for school work to herself but bob makes his problem everyone’s problem, disrupting the educations for those who came to learn. What you give is what you get, give a snarky response in a rude tone expect the same treatment given back.
Shanay Keyes
Shanay Keyes 4 kun oldin
Cant even die with diginity
VALMER LYNN 4 kun oldin
Thats someones mother grandmother......nigga #rapethesebitches
Brice Korinek
Brice Korinek 4 kun oldin
Charlemagne the devil😈... You fuking rapist!!!😤😠
e p h
e p h 4 kun oldin
Sad,&SICK..yet I couldn't get a job as a med asst at the nursing home I applied to after graduating Bauder College.smfh
UnKnown Truth
UnKnown Truth 4 kun oldin
I dont think a Donkey should do donkey of the day. Dumb recognize dumb! Really!
Tao Forte
Tao Forte 4 kun oldin
Charlagmane is a pedophile rapist. How is this scumfuck showing his face anywhere?
Alanise Nicholas
Alanise Nicholas 4 kun oldin
Bitches....cruel bitches.
King of Wakanda
King of Wakanda 4 kun oldin
My sister is a CNA at an adult daycare and she comes home everyday complaining because her coworkers don't help out a lot and she has to make up their slack
coolerintext 4 kun oldin
We experience our entire life via scream buffer what's the difference between watching someone die on your phone and watching someone die in the movie? This upcoming generation are going to be really cold hearted sons of bitches
No alula
No alula 4 kun oldin
This is what happens when white peoples are involved.
Faie Yeager
Faie Yeager 4 kun oldin
Kinda similar to the incident where the teenage boys watch the man drowned while they cussed at him and recorded it.. This world is becoming desensitized and it's scary! 😕😦
MessaiDeNoir 4 kun oldin
Island Ninja
Island Ninja 4 kun oldin
At least the arrest was diverse and multicultural
Jess Awake320
Jess Awake320 4 kun oldin
America Prepare for Slaughter..YAHAWASHI is returning and America(the Great Babylon) will be burned down according to the Bible.!!!
Adeoye Yilu
Adeoye Yilu 4 kun oldin
I swear this generation is IDIOTS.You can have your internet, ya instagrams ya facebooks. My generation didnt embrace pink hair, tight jeans, people becoming famous for sex tapes, homos getting married, admitting to crimes for validation. And you wonder why outsiders think Americans are clowns just look at the behavior that is considered ACCEPTABLE😧
Ravensnation92 4 kun oldin
Wait do they stand for the anthem?
Michelle Lancaster
Michelle Lancaster 4 kun oldin
Omg , just evil
SecretMan220 4 kun oldin
siege j
siege j 4 kun oldin
This hurts me!
dumbo montana
dumbo montana 4 kun oldin
why it looks like Charlemagne looks like he got man boods.
Adriane Williams
Adriane Williams 4 kun oldin
Terrible they should be ashamed social media is not that important
Following Phan
Following Phan 4 kun oldin
Smart phones and dumb people is right.
dazed wavves
dazed wavves 4 kun oldin
Ugly bitches.
lisa ROXXI sandoval
Lou E.
Lou E. 4 kun oldin
Three stooges
Gina Solomon
Gina Solomon 4 kun oldin
Gone learn today...record them dum hoes in court....lol
Selfmade DC
Selfmade DC 4 kun oldin
Nobody not commenting race jokes lol