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11-Apr, 2019



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Marco DePizzol
Marco DePizzol Daqiqa oldin
Do the Crimean war
Daniel Plays ROBLOX
Daniel Plays ROBLOX 18 daqiqa oldin
Internet Troll
Internet Troll 19 daqiqa oldin
anyone know what the birds said when oversimplified said "and the birds were singing" in the beginning of the video EDIT: also look at 0:32, theres kfc on top of the house
Canada 26 daqiqa oldin
14:48 His name changed from Sun Hao to Liu Shan. Like if you noticed.
The Cake Man
The Cake Man 29 daqiqa oldin
6:08 The eunuch just killed Emperor Timmy’s uncle. This enraged his father, who punished him severely.
arxhgos apokounia
arxhgos apokounia 32 daqiqa oldin
And i thought ww2 was twisted but after this simplify of china's history now it's nothing before this
arxhgos apokounia
arxhgos apokounia 29 daqiqa oldin
Humanity sure loves to kill its own brethren
Gabriel Soler
Gabriel Soler 36 daqiqa oldin
Did anyone hear the UnderHand music
EXA_Z 45 daqiqa oldin
6:08 this angered their father who punished them severely
Mini Me
Mini Me 52 daqiqa oldin
I saw Hitler's father here but where did he come from?
Scott Tribble
Scott Tribble 53 daqiqa oldin
Oversimplified can you please do American civil war video
Elijah Fowler
Elijah Fowler 57 daqiqa oldin
If you don't like this comment, it will enrage Hitler's dad at 6:08 who will punish you severely
Glitch_ SKELETON Soat oldin
Do the American civil war oversimplified
Maheer Patel
Maheer Patel Soat oldin
Hey OverSimplified, I was thinking some time in the future you could do something about the Indian (mythical) story Mahabharata. Thanks for taking your time to read this comment. BTW I love your videos and they helped me pass my history class.
DrSeanKennedy Soat oldin
That lisp isth throng....
Divnej Brouk
Divnej Brouk 2 soat oldin
this video made me buy total war: three kingdoms - thats what you call a nice sponsorship
AlphaswordYT 2 soat oldin
You forgot that the Han Dynasty created Ice Cream
Eren Keleş
Eren Keleş 2 soat oldin
Ottoman Empire
Thomas L.
Thomas L. 2 soat oldin
This is the greatest promotion video ive ever seen.
Egg 2 soat oldin
Japan: hold my beer
R Paidar
R Paidar 2 soat oldin
6:15 The Eunichs killed He Jin. This enraged Hitler's father, who punished them severely.
Mark Anthony Arevalo
in 6:15 i saw hitlers dad on the stairs
Tudor_XD 3 soat oldin
alExA PlaY DeSpAsItO 3:18
Pretzel Snack
Pretzel Snack 3 soat oldin
6:08 hitlers father is punishing someone severely
Mineral Pill
Mineral Pill 3 soat oldin
it's zhang jiao, in ancient china there are no multi-pronounced characters, thus jiao was only pronounced jiao in ancient china and jue was the adapted sound later on. This proves that google is wrong.
Nazan Yener
Nazan Yener 4 soat oldin
hey buddy videos in turkish subtitle
ANAS HAJ MOHMAD 4 soat oldin
Can I translate your videos to Arabic, please. And upload them and I will mention your channel name.
Sarius Drake
Sarius Drake 4 soat oldin
Vietnam war over simplified pls
DaverGamer 4 soat oldin
6:08 that guy in the backround is aurtrian hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....reference perhaps
Hexenmeis 11
Hexenmeis 11 4 soat oldin
We want more information and wars
Zallie 1
Zallie 1 5 soat oldin
Love ur videos Oversimplified👌
im already tracer
im already tracer 5 soat oldin
6:08 Hitler's dad in the background
Andrew Njiru
Andrew Njiru 5 soat oldin
😂😂so fat and oily he burned for days
Hamod Khader
Hamod Khader 5 soat oldin
Don't forget the Vietnam war video please
Zecooleriron_PvP 5 soat oldin
6:16 lol wtf look up the stairs
Rudy Mac
Rudy Mac 5 soat oldin
Really good video I didn't know much about early Chinese history and it's so interesting
TC Jim
TC Jim 6 soat oldin
Three Kingdoms is one of the most chaotic periods of Chinese history, population drop was insane
The Crazy Pug
The Crazy Pug 6 soat oldin
Hey OverSimplified can you do the civil war
Chorus, Isolate, Confirm
I was waiting for Lu Bu
Alan Wang #36
Alan Wang #36 7 soat oldin
It's a miracle that I actually understood this.
Brandon Kroll
Brandon Kroll 7 soat oldin
Eunoch 's who all don't have dongs get killed off, a new man rides in whose name is Dong....coincidence?
Fire lich King
Fire lich King 7 soat oldin
Make a video with LifeNoggin Or Theodd1sout
Viper MJ
Viper MJ 7 soat oldin
Richard Lim
Richard Lim 7 soat oldin
Just bought the game through the link, what a great and funny. All the best moving forward. Which warlord you gonna play first?
Italian Mapping
Italian Mapping 7 soat oldin
9:40 literally how i feel every time i go to math class
Kookie The Cookie
Kookie The Cookie 7 soat oldin
As a chinese citizen and having Chinese blood running through me, I just need to say U know more about my own culture than I do
TheLoneWanderer015 .
At least the sponsor is my favourite strategy franchise ever
hojichi 8 soat oldin
And Why some people call this Romance of the Three Kingdoms? Bad Romance...
Zeqi Wang
Zeqi Wang 4 soat oldin
Romance for MEN ))
Sean Bateson
Sean Bateson 8 soat oldin
There are like a hundred stannis Baratheons in this video.
ImmortalDragon21 8 soat oldin
ROTK is better than TW: ROTK
Hex 8 soat oldin
Cao cao my man
Salem Andrada
Salem Andrada 8 soat oldin
How fast were those chinkos fucking to sustain war for that long?
Gang Cao
Gang Cao 8 soat oldin
my family members are surnamed cao and liu the two who were fighting
Kevin Feng
Kevin Feng 8 soat oldin
14:48 prank invasion cameo
Please publish more I love you channel
IZI RIK Pubg 8 soat oldin
Hi i from Russia. Привет из России.
Martin Lau
Martin Lau 9 soat oldin
Did no one really see the yellow jacket guy (gilet jaune) in 3:51
PanCygan 9 soat oldin
Czy ktoś z polskiej społeczności mógłby zrobić polskie napisy?
katheeb jalal
katheeb jalal 9 soat oldin
American civil war please?
Jaguar Jamez
Jaguar Jamez 9 soat oldin
Can you make a video about another Asian country? Maybe... The... Philippines? *Wink* *Wink*
GD Fox
GD Fox 9 soat oldin
6:15 look in the background ;)
aRandomUser3541 9 soat oldin
3:51 lmao that yellow west protester 😂 i'm french and i found that hilarious haha
chavo 9 soat oldin
Please upload more often
Xx-_DOMINC-_xX 10 soat oldin
3:53 is a beget that strong or it’s harmless
Kiro 10 soat oldin
as a Chinese person, I salute your pronunciations! they were mostly accurate (except for the vowels that don't exist in english, but that can't be helped tbh)
Debauchery 10 soat oldin
Then Britain came and punished China severely
BloodClaws 4 soat oldin
That's India, but not China. Punish? U mean sell opium to China during Qing dynasty? No foreign countries have ever broken the killing records of China vs China throughout history Sick right? Lol. Not even the Japanese during WW2. And what happened to Britain during WW2 begging the US for help. Karma... hahaha
Skull Capton
Skull Capton 11 soat oldin
I don't see any romance in this.
Lorcan G
Lorcan G 11 soat oldin
yellow vest reference deserves a like
Filla Rulf
Filla Rulf 11 soat oldin
Great as always, you should make Patreon channel.. btw, how about oversimplified video about the religion and how it was, you know... people should get the chance to think about it... and yeah, I mean religion in general, there are some common things... wars, sacrifices, dead people, more wars, more sacrifices, confiscations... god.. more wars and even more dead people...
Jacob Kovacic
Jacob Kovacic 11 soat oldin
Anybody got any apps that iPad can get that is mostly about terrortory friend ships and back stabbing
Weaboo Force
Weaboo Force 11 soat oldin
isn't it lui bo/bu?
Elliot Ferriggi
Elliot Ferriggi 11 soat oldin
Next you should do Senkoku Jidai!
Liam McAuley
Liam McAuley 11 soat oldin
Do one on game of thrones
Abigdummy4life 11 soat oldin
Cao Cao's design in Total War still looks dumb. His hat makes him more of a merchant than anything compared to his designs in other mediums lolz
Cito Gonzalez
Cito Gonzalez 12 soat oldin
You should make us civil war
BlaZinG_GhOsT Da_BeST
BlaZinG_GhOsT Da_BeST 12 soat oldin
6:09 Hitlers father slapping a eunichs butt XD
Baturalp Körpe
Baturalp Körpe 12 soat oldin
We are waiting for Cold War Part 3
Mina Lihtsalt
Mina Lihtsalt 13 soat oldin
6:17 Hitler father in the background.
Christian Veldkamp
Christian Veldkamp 13 soat oldin
Chinese Warlords betraying one other, fighting for power... sounds like the Chinese version of the Sengoku Jidai
BloodClaws 4 soat oldin
Yes, just that it's before the Sengoku Jidai.
Dai Tian
Dai Tian 13 soat oldin
Well, considering it's oversimplified it's largely accurate. Good job. (b'w')b
Ahmed Abdi
Ahmed Abdi 13 soat oldin
You should post more frequently pleeeease
DDD- Da Droid Dude
DDD- Da Droid Dude 13 soat oldin
6:13 who saw it
Io Games Comic
Io Games Comic 14 soat oldin
Don't be like Meet Arnold!
Donnie Lee
Donnie Lee 14 soat oldin
The first time I saw the yellow vest protesters it reminded me of the yellow turban rebellion. 3:50
LORD HYDRA 14 soat oldin
6:08 Alois Hitler has been punishing people severely even before Hitler came
达摔碧 14 soat oldin
Someone tell me the background music at 15:35
The EyelessPhoenix
The EyelessPhoenix 14 soat oldin
Make an cambodian history
TheWingsofprey 14 soat oldin
Can we submitr subtitles for other languages?
Canon 14 soat oldin
Lmao the yellow vest
Darren Lai
Darren Lai 15 soat oldin
Great video, but a little over simplified that you forgot to mention Zhuge Liang & Zhou Yu in the decisive win in the battle of Red Cliff
Wooly 15 soat oldin
whatever the FLIP
Mr. T4rbosaurus
Mr. T4rbosaurus 15 soat oldin
3:52 Ayy yellow vest
Hy Trương
Hy Trương 15 soat oldin
6:10 why’s hitler’s dad in there
Matthew Cheong
Matthew Cheong 15 soat oldin
Eventhough my knowledge about the three kingdoms and their wars are in depth, this explanation was by far the easiest, although only like 60% correct and not complete, but easiest way to understand what had happened during that era. Holy shit i had to read so much, watch films to get everything back i nthe days and you basically just came out 2 weeks ago.. well good for you and fak me LOL
kyh91 16 soat oldin
Can't believe I got rickrolled. twice. 0:21 and 8:30
Est Aitu
Est Aitu 16 soat oldin
OverSimplified : Which era of the Three Kingdoms do you guys wanna see in this video? Everyone: Yes.
Aesthetic Decision
Aesthetic Decision 16 soat oldin
"The people loved his political philosophy." Who can resist a balloon cat?
CHICKEN warrior
CHICKEN warrior 16 soat oldin
6:10 Is that hitlers father on the stairs😂
noobzaebot 16 soat oldin
3:52 the yellow jacket in france are trolled
leon3624 16 soat oldin
I love you. its just that.
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