Thrift Store Makeover

Moriah Elizabeth
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Hey guys!! Sooo this is kind of a new idea. It's basically the same as my "squishy makeovers," minus the squishies haha.
I love going thrift shopping and I often run across stuff like this that could use a little TLC. I decided to incoorporate one of my thrift store findings into my makeover series! A lot of people who love that series, aren't even squishy fans, so I thought maybe trying something that's not a squishy would be...cool?
If you love squishy makeover, you should love this too! It's still got paint, sprinkles, desserts, roasting, jokes, and it's a makeover. So very similar!
This is just a way to switch it up every once in a while. I will still be posting a squishy makeover next Friday and that series is still going to live on! So please don't stress :) I just like to switch things up sometimes and try different things. Just keepin it fresh!
If a lot of people happen to like this idea, I could definitely do more videos like this! I started with something very simple that I am familiar with (birdhouse) just as a test run, but I would definitely be up for more challenges in the future.
Let me know if you wanna see more of this, and if you have any requests for things to makeover from thrift store!

Every Friday: Alternating drawing videos (create this book & this is not a book) AND craft/DIY videos
Some Mondays: Squishy Updates, mail openings, vlogs, announcements, unboxing videos, show and tell etc.

NO LONGER ACCEPTING SQUISHY PACKAGES. (any packages sent are not guaranteed to be in any video)

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Carla Neilson
Carla Neilson 7 soat oldin
Her camera was flat
pratama yoga
pratama yoga 12 soat oldin
hi opie
xX wolf midnight xX !
xX wolf midnight xX ! 14 soat oldin
You are literally my IDAL I’m 9 and I have bad drawings..
Blackpink fan girl
Blackpink fan girl 22 soat oldin
At first i thought that bird house was a squishie😂😂😂😂😂😂
Artistic_Wolf29 :3
Artistic_Wolf29 :3 23 soat oldin
That looks exactly like the bird house I built when I was 5 {\__/} ( • - • ) yay / ^ ^ \ | | \/
Whippy Daisy
Whippy Daisy Kun oldin
A cake in a cone is an actual thing, with whatever toppings, so there is what it is ;3
Trintity & tensas
Wow, I TOTALLY dident expect this from MORIAH *sarcasum is out of control*
My GachaStories
My GachaStories Kun oldin
August 3rd is my birthday!
Irena Disha
Irena Disha Kun oldin
Heyy Moriah, Are you left handed???
CUTEY874 Kun oldin
whoa !!! that's what u call talent now
Taylor Hill
Taylor Hill 2 kun oldin
6:40 who guessed it lol I did like if you did
Rahmeh Othman Hamideh
😯 😲 WOW
Maria Gabor
Maria Gabor 2 kun oldin
Can you do A challenge where you makeover squishes BUT you cant make Then in to desserts
Althea Perez
Althea Perez 2 kun oldin
Little Miss
Little Miss 2 kun oldin
How could you record if your camera died I don’t get it
Harleigh Lefler
Harleigh Lefler 2 kun oldin
If I fool you, you have to like or comment Read more
Lois Taylor
Lois Taylor 2 kun oldin
I don't like it, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tashie Lee
Tashie Lee 3 kun oldin
Please do more of these!
Alexis Goodchild
Alexis Goodchild 3 kun oldin
You should do a bob ross tutorial on a squishy
LittleBunny497 3 kun oldin
You should LILO and stitch theme something!!
Avi Polo
Avi Polo 3 kun oldin
can you please make more thrift store makeovers
Avani Kumar
Avani Kumar 3 kun oldin
U need to pray to the baking gods😂😂😂
XxGachaCatxX 3 kun oldin
If you know this channel you know everything is a dessert or rainbow.
نجات سامي
نجات سامي 3 kun oldin
I Il Ilof h ivngg och det var en bra dag idag och har det inte finns några saker, som vanligt och en del på den där bilden, så vi har fått med deg, så jeg får det som har fått ett jobb, jobb og karriere, så jeg får det som har fått ett jobb, jobb og karriere, så jeg får det som har fått ett jobb, jobb og karriere, så jeg får det som har fått ett jobb, jobb og karriere, så jeg får det som har fått ett jobb, jobb og karriere, så jeg får det som har fått ett jobb, jobb og karriere, så jeg får det som har fått ett jobb, jobb og karriere, så jeg får det som har fått ett jobb, jobb og karriere, så jeg får det 988 og har det veldig godt at de studerer. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby. Vi kan tilby.
نجات سامي
نجات سامي 3 kun oldin
S SCB j I've got de tr b vnbhb 8hf
Yo Baby Guuurrrlll
Yo Baby Guuurrrlll 3 kun oldin
okay okay, hold on a second because I’m almost sure I painted that birdhouse originally. like I’m almost positive.
prisma_ plays
prisma_ plays 3 kun oldin
Lmao at 2:35 I got scared!!!!... Wanna know why??.... No??..... Ok... I'll tell u anyway....................................... MY NAME IS PRISMA!!!! I know weird name something to make fun of but I kind of.... LOVE my name... Btw love u moriah❤❤❤
TheOtherSideOfAlex 3 kun oldin
I have done like 3 or 4 thrift store makeovers with my niece! This is so fun!
Cutie yumyum
Cutie yumyum 4 kun oldin
Maybe it's a Belgian waffle sandwich cake? 😂 Idek
Annette Do
Annette Do 4 kun oldin
I love Moriah's wired intro's
Green Oofs and Ham
Green Oofs and Ham 4 kun oldin
Ya know what i think of this birdhouse? *Read more*
William Buccelli
William Buccelli 4 kun oldin
Moriah can you do more thift store makeovers payton
Jesus Fierro
Jesus Fierro 4 kun oldin
A cherry stem is green 😑 atleast the one i ate
Vladimir Kuznetsov
Vladimir Kuznetsov 4 kun oldin
Find more stuff in thrift stores
NotSnow_ii 4 kun oldin
You should make a ginger bread house! OwO
Jacqueline Reid
Jacqueline Reid 4 kun oldin
Wait how old is she?
Karin Mogren
Karin Mogren 4 kun oldin
Danielle Wortel
Danielle Wortel 4 kun oldin
Tanya Patel
Tanya Patel 4 kun oldin
Do a thrift store makeover again it’s been months
Kitty Vlogz and games
"All Dessert-themed Birdhouses Come With A Cherry On Top." Is that just like: "All Dinosaurs Come With Confetti." Who gets the reference? I love Pickle the Dinosaur
LdShadowLady 2.0
LdShadowLady 2.0 5 kun oldin
Its aaaaan... Ice cream cupcake cone!
Ady H
Ady H 5 kun oldin
Did anyone just now realize Moriah is left handed??
Alicia Alesse
Alicia Alesse 5 kun oldin
My favourite people writes in left..
tony Deroide
tony Deroide 6 kun oldin
2:26 you didn't have enough tan already???
Chardae Coleman
Chardae Coleman 6 kun oldin
Roses are red, Violets are blue, The like button is grey, Can you make it blue?
Chardae Coleman
Chardae Coleman 6 kun oldin
Brandi LeBas
Brandi LeBas 2 soat oldin
Charlotte Tinning
Charlotte Tinning 6 kun oldin
Guys wanna hear a joke? *Read more*
Bill Olsen
Bill Olsen 6 kun oldin
Bill Olsen
Bill Olsen 6 kun oldin
megal goatman
megal goatman 6 kun oldin
Chaos and destruction = Opie
Joy kwok
Joy kwok 6 kun oldin
How dare you killl me 😂
Julie Bean
Julie Bean 7 kun oldin
Azayna Toys
Azayna Toys 7 kun oldin
Or cats 🐈
Swid Kid
Swid Kid 8 kun oldin
It a gingerbread house
CoffeeCrazy 9 kun oldin
Hope Poplin Cauthen
“What’s up with me and cherry cracks” XD 😂😂😂🍒🍒🍒🍒
Brandi LeBas
Brandi LeBas 9 kun oldin
I really love her nails today! No, just me ok🙃
Renata Konickova
Renata Konickova 9 kun oldin
So good
Melissa Massey
Melissa Massey 9 kun oldin
Totally adorable!
cogan clark
cogan clark 10 kun oldin
can u mack slime piz
Krystal Servaty
Krystal Servaty 10 kun oldin
Sooooo cut
SmartDash 100
SmartDash 100 10 kun oldin
Whyyy is everything always dipped chocolate
Anita Jette
Anita Jette 10 kun oldin
Tayla Williams
Tayla Williams 11 kun oldin
She should've made the roof ginger bread house kinda ting
Mayzie Tedrow
Mayzie Tedrow 11 kun oldin
I have one thing to say if you came to hate on her go away and if you came to chill and watch her cuz she’s amazing then stay
Cactus Cherry Tea
Cactus Cherry Tea 11 kun oldin
I love watching or listening to your videos when I am working. This particular one I was listening to and I couldn't stop laughing! Thank you! I did stop to see the final results. You are a beautiful artist!
ReallyRico Gaming
ReallyRico Gaming 11 kun oldin
it cracked cause you didnt pray to the baking gods!
misty joines
misty joines 12 kun oldin
can you do a new thrift store makeover please
Anne Butler
Anne Butler 12 kun oldin
Alyssa Kitty
Alyssa Kitty 12 kun oldin
Emily Lulu Belle
Emily Lulu Belle 12 kun oldin
My initials spell EEP /....
Gosia Wodyńska
Gosia Wodyńska 12 kun oldin
Plssssssssssssss Do more thrift store
XxAnnaMaeGachaxX :3
XxAnnaMaeGachaxX :3 12 kun oldin
I actually thought Moriah would not use sprinkles for a second...FEW!! I was having a heart attack,
Margaux Hornung
Margaux Hornung 13 kun oldin
Yes, I am well aware that this is off topic, but I use those same color pencils at school... bye Moriah! by the way I love your videos. Keep up the great work!
Sunny D
Sunny D 13 kun oldin
8:05, The one who got away
The Vintage Vegan
The Vintage Vegan 13 kun oldin
Wow what a transformation!!!
Ashley Urbina World
Ashley Urbina World 13 kun oldin
She could’ve said moriahfy-it no one comment or like please and thank you
Zarin Tasnim
Zarin Tasnim 13 kun oldin
Do more of these!!
Brianna 14 kun oldin
When you were in school, was your teacher confused when you put your initial on your papers? She would probably be confused.. She would say, " Me? Well this person was um... Tricky. Trying to put me as their name. " Probably. Anyways, you are an amazing youtuber! I watch you everyday and you make me laugh so hard when I am sad. You are a great person to be inspired from. Keep up the good work!
Kimree Brown
Kimree Brown 14 kun oldin
Who else is botherd by that whipped cream lol
izzy lees
izzy lees 14 kun oldin
Love the bird house
super girl
super girl 14 kun oldin
that HOLO nail polish tho any holosexuals
Brandon Becker
Brandon Becker 15 kun oldin
We need more thrift store makeovers!!! Please!
WhatsTheScoop? 15 kun oldin
Do more thrift store makeovers!
Kitty Queen
Kitty Queen 15 kun oldin
I Do
Noelle Crumrine
Noelle Crumrine 15 kun oldin
You forgot the sprinkle song!!!
Shelby Smith
Shelby Smith 16 kun oldin
It is a Ginger bread house you no
Shelby Smith
Shelby Smith 16 kun oldin
Is anyone in 2019
Shelby Smith
Shelby Smith 16 kun oldin
I am
Shelby Smith
Shelby Smith 16 kun oldin
Why did you change your Intro Music 🎶
Shelby Smith
Shelby Smith 16 kun oldin
Did you notice the new intro song
Shelby Smith
Shelby Smith 16 kun oldin
Hi everyone
hey its me 2019
hey its me 2019 16 kun oldin
Katherine Zita
Katherine Zita 16 kun oldin
Omg amazing 😮😮😮😉😃
Carlie Head
Carlie Head 16 kun oldin
love the rainbow sprinkles always do especially on cake theme products
Lara ASMRA Rose
Lara ASMRA Rose 16 kun oldin
The house looks thinner than before and the roof looks bigger but yeah your welcome
Stacey Clifford
Stacey Clifford 16 kun oldin
Dylan Cronk
Dylan Cronk 17 kun oldin
Who here is in love with her cat? Like if you do
Audrey Brown
Audrey Brown 17 kun oldin
omg its so cool
IE Duschang
IE Duschang 17 kun oldin
I just got prismacolor
m m
m m 17 kun oldin
Make more thrift shop makover vids
That One Crazy Laurmau Shipper
7:40 Dem nails are gucci!!! I love em!
Beediz 17 kun oldin
whats with the subtitles?
Sirenz 18 kun oldin
Value village
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