Throwing a Dart at a Map and SPENDING THE NIGHT Wherever it Lands... (WE GOT CAUGHT)

FaZe Rug
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We threw a dart at a map with different places on it, and wherever it landed we had to spend the night there! Things went very wrong..
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8-Yan, 2019

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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug 12 kun oldin
THIS WAS SO CRAZY GUYS!! Let me know if you want to see more videos like this :) We ended up getting caught at the end!
Briana Valles
Briana Valles 7 daqiqa oldin
FaZe Rug you are cool
Victoria Sustaita
I do
Jessica Andra
Jessica Andra 2 soat oldin
Mariana Khan
Mariana Khan 3 soat oldin
Do more of these pls
ASD 8 soat oldin
Crown Me Cass done
Team Thomas
Team Thomas 1 soniya oldin
i bo
Andrea Kennedy
Andrea Kennedy 29 soniya oldin
Is this ally law dressed up as case rug
Green Giraffe
Green Giraffe 18 daqiqa oldin
Derek Gerard came up with this
SisterSNATCHED 38 daqiqa oldin
I prefer trampolines than bouncy houses
Xxsoul MasterXx12
Xxsoul MasterXx12 41 daqiqa oldin
Twinkle twinkle little star,deez nuts are getting hard.
Meeya Ramkissoon
Meeya Ramkissoon Soat oldin
I like when you put the bird box girl when you said blindfolded
Claire Hollar
Claire Hollar Soat oldin
Does this place not have security cameras?!
Jocelyn Alcala
Jocelyn Alcala Soat oldin
I just realize that they’re committing a crime😂😂😂😂
Ashley Panaigua
Ashley Panaigua Soat oldin
Every like I will add a 🧐
CindyMac McReynolds
Your amazing u deserve more subscribers
Reese Schiavinato
isn’t this a crime and don’t you think they have security cameras they can catch you easily
Billy Willy
Billy Willy Soat oldin
5:44 what is that song?
Olivia Saint
Olivia Saint 2 soat oldin
Just saying. Altitude in Louisiana is wayyyyy better 😂
Brendan Xix
Brendan Xix 2 soat oldin
What does this mean🐦+📦
Fastestconch 2 soat oldin
This is illegial
Simon Brodersen
Simon Brodersen 3 soat oldin
6:46 the video starts👍 Thanks me later
Brave Cb
Brave Cb 3 soat oldin
Cap on slime
Gacha Honey
Gacha Honey 3 soat oldin
Dolan twins
Brennen Field
Brennen Field 3 soat oldin
I wish there would've been the Gucci store so then they could actually filming the Gucci store at night LOL
Lizzie a Dog lover
Lizzie a Dog lover 3 soat oldin
This weirdly reminded me of fnaf
Gaby Nunez
Gaby Nunez 3 soat oldin
You need to to the 24 hour challenge at Starbucks😂😂
Satisfying Owl
Satisfying Owl 3 soat oldin
R u in Texas
MAFEX Mafster
MAFEX Mafster 3 soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Mike Gedraitis
Mike Gedraitis 3 soat oldin
Breaking and entering
KnightWind 4 soat oldin
3:03 you can clearly see that they got holes at other places but they already set this place up...
C the MAN
C the MAN 4 soat oldin
are you an actual faze member? for what game?
Katelin Carnahan
Katelin Carnahan 4 soat oldin
Hey Brian do you no a guy named Jeffrey Crough
Pablo 10
Pablo 10 4 soat oldin
Nahhh dude u could see the cámaras they had planed it
Alyssa Alyssa
Alyssa Alyssa 4 soat oldin
Your gonna get trolled in 3...2....1 read more
Ashten_ Woods
Ashten_ Woods 4 soat oldin
The hitmarker sound effect is the closest to cod
Taymour Awji
Taymour Awji 4 soat oldin
Do You Know Who Is the Best person in the world .......... No really ... Do you? Jk it’s the second word
RainbowSlash 4 soat oldin
What about the cameras??????
Linda Skinner
Linda Skinner 5 soat oldin
If u think about it at the start where they went *not gonna spoil it* to the place if rug didn't sign it they would of had less notice of him so yea just an idea ☺ have a nice day!
O_to _the_wen
O_to _the_wen 6 soat oldin
“Im in the closet!” Faze Rug 2018
uknown 7 soat oldin
Wendy’s Wifi
Wendy’s Wifi 7 soat oldin
Nice job renting out the jump park!
Lianna 7 soat oldin
he’s a good guy going to take care of his dog
Payton love
Payton love 7 soat oldin
The bird box picture had me dying for some reason. 😂
O James Hill
O James Hill 8 soat oldin
“I’m here to sweep you ladies off your feet” 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
O James Hill
O James Hill 8 soat oldin
At 0:43 Evan cracked me up
Alma Leon
Alma Leon 8 soat oldin
I have seen tony in jaaackjacks vlogs since so long ago
Sophie Kate Name
Sophie Kate Name 9 soat oldin
It said Gucci in the thumbnail?
Lilly Hurst
Lilly Hurst 10 soat oldin
For every like will add a ❤️ ❤️
Aubree Aidyn
Aubree Aidyn 11 soat oldin
What's that song at the end ? 19:09
{AVA RUDMAN} 12 soat oldin
Do a part 2!
Scar Mist70
Scar Mist70 13 soat oldin
Who saw the edit 3:04
Samuel Godoy
Samuel Godoy 13 soat oldin
Where are the cameras
glenda alvarez
glenda alvarez 14 soat oldin
I am subscribed and I put my notifications on :)
glenda alvarez
glenda alvarez 14 soat oldin
Rug can you do a part two at target and bullied a toletpaper fort