ThunderTurd: Pt 4 We Have a Problem...

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10-Mar, 2019



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RC-Walker Soat oldin
why dont you just put spacers on the shocks and lift it that way ;) That car is so great lmao Good Job man
Azukazia Gamz
Azukazia Gamz 5 soat oldin
Should’ve put leds on the bottom
don wright
don wright 15 soat oldin
What ya want for the train horns? I want them.
liveunderwater Kun oldin
I think those flames are a little too close to the gas can. Livin' dangerously!
Alex Vendome Gardner
Totally should mount a machinegun to the roof of the humv
You 3 kun oldin
What is going on with the bronco?
Farmboss Bob
Farmboss Bob 3 kun oldin
Well guns do make music so you ain’t wrong.
buffr 4 kun oldin
Duramax or Cummins swap the H1!!!!!!!
Mike Benoit
Mike Benoit 4 kun oldin
Do you have a computer reader for cars
Mike Benoit
Mike Benoit 4 kun oldin
For fenders
Mike Benoit
Mike Benoit 4 kun oldin
Go to Home Depot get those basement window schrouds
BOOM BLAST1526 4 kun oldin
the trotle might be pulling to much and closin the throtle the other way
Brandon Koury
Brandon Koury 4 kun oldin
hows filming
Leslie Rinehart
Leslie Rinehart 4 kun oldin
To be honest if I was you I pot the new tires on the humve and put the other tires on the car
logan iceman
logan iceman 5 kun oldin
Saludos amigo me gustan mucho tus videos saludos desde México
Reed Turner
Reed Turner 5 kun oldin
You can make a heater for the Humvee the same way older tractors do, it might do much for a while something is better than nothing
Katzazz Detailing
Katzazz Detailing 5 kun oldin
Get plastic baby pools cut them in 1/2. Use them as fender flairs. Then you can cut a ton of body off. Plug Katzazz Detailing if you is my idea
Katzazz Detailing
Katzazz Detailing 5 kun oldin
It’s pronounced cats ass Detailing
Chase Thompson
Chase Thompson 5 kun oldin
You are not gonna want to have that gas tank when someone T-Bones you😂
newtekie1 5 kun oldin
"You don't have to have fenders in Texas." I was going to rip on that, but then I remembered that my state doesn't require your car have doors...
Trebuer22 6 kun oldin
Tire size?
sjb1157 6 kun oldin
ace brewer
ace brewer 6 kun oldin
Can I have the wench please
TKEMZ 1002
TKEMZ 1002 6 kun oldin
When I heard the alarm go off I honestly thought that was my phone going off. THANKS for giving me anxiety for 2.5 seconds.
Max Tech
Max Tech 6 kun oldin
Next project. You can roll the fenders out with a baseball bat. Probably not enough for your project but maybe.
Kenneth Ravenscroft
lol fuel, spark, and timing. I guess they don't need air.
Adam Karacay
Adam Karacay 6 kun oldin
You forgot to mention battery
Travis 6 kun oldin
Could be a bad throttle position sensor, bad crank position sensor or dirty MAf, though the car runs very smooth so might not be the Maf sensor.
Zac and meagan
Zac and meagan 7 kun oldin
Fuel, spark, air
PW07drummer 7 kun oldin
Stiffen the suspension
Dom 1
Dom 1 7 kun oldin
You should eat put a train horn on the humv
Chloe Hennessy
Chloe Hennessy 7 kun oldin
Put the winch on one of your side by sides. I have 2 winches and a come along on my Polaris Ace. When I get stuck I never get stuck. If that makes sense 👍🏻😊
Lazarus Daychief
Lazarus Daychief 7 kun oldin
Mat u mean warm
BIG bear
BIG bear 7 kun oldin
Why does the outlines of your logo kind of look like the outlines of oatobots logo on transformers?
The Professor
The Professor 7 kun oldin
No offense, but that truck seems like a megaturd, like....10x bigger of a turd than the truck, the truck is jackshit, except reliability, you should upgrade it, eh
Proud American
Proud American 7 kun oldin
The three main engine keys are fuel,spark,and engine pressure
Blake Ashdown
Blake Ashdown 7 kun oldin
I know I’m late but you should put both horns on a buggy, or the Humvee 😁 just a thought
Joshua Goins
Joshua Goins 7 kun oldin
Too bad skiff knives don't make staples
The GodKing
The GodKing 8 kun oldin
Had the same problem with my dirtbike and we changed the carburetor and it worked fine
Brian Reinhardt
Brian Reinhardt 8 kun oldin
Funny how you can get those for a Thunderbird but I can’t get them for my Avalanche...
mizzike dvalle
mizzike dvalle 8 kun oldin
Couldn't you just put bigger Springs or lifters
Sam 2027
Sam 2027 8 kun oldin
Put the winch for the car on your trailer
Baileyman234 8 kun oldin
Bronco update is needed
John Connell
John Connell 8 kun oldin
Cats ?
DJM DMAX 8 kun oldin
Ford has put a rev limiter on the 3.9L so that it starts cutting out at 3,000 RPM when in neutral or park
Pauline Morin
Pauline Morin 8 kun oldin
Y'all are commenting on the car stuff... Am I the only one to notice how supercute that was when Mere fell on his arms at 15:22 ? 😍
joseph salzig
joseph salzig 8 kun oldin
matt if you had put a tps sensor on it your throttle issue would have been fixed that's throttle position sensor
Miro Syväste
Miro Syväste 8 kun oldin
#45 on trending!
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
Lol, good luck to the Thunder Turd and in the race !
Tank 8 kun oldin
You should have put air shocks on the car
张张晨曦 8 kun oldin
Questchaun 8 kun oldin
Just my gun shapped guitar. In a gun case.
Logo Tho
Logo Tho 8 kun oldin
15:21 That was absolutely adorable.
Xdew Gaming&More
Xdew Gaming&More 8 kun oldin
Dat shook tho Shake it up pretty hard didn’t you...
Xdew Gaming&More
Xdew Gaming&More 8 kun oldin
New springs!!!
Darryl Drax
Darryl Drax 8 kun oldin
Looks good
Colton Shaw
Colton Shaw 8 kun oldin
fuel pump
Mark Foster
Mark Foster 8 kun oldin
I had one of those - a '95 Thunderbird, dark red with factory ground effects kit. Very nice, quick for it's time. Extremely reliable.
Colton Shaw
Colton Shaw 8 kun oldin
i like the thunderturd
amorton94 8 kun oldin
Did you just assume that HEEP was a gambler car? LOL that's probably someones pride and joy
amorton94 8 kun oldin
I was doing better flames than that in kindergarten lol wtf come on Dave!
Anthony Benash
Anthony Benash 8 kun oldin
Should have tried spring spacers first before mad maxing the fenders
niteprowler1 8 kun oldin
You thunderturd probably had a factory rev. limiter on it to keep from over revving the engine and blowing it.
ShaezyHD 8 kun oldin
12:06 u got urself a built in 2-step🤣
teamstr259 8 kun oldin
Matt i can almost guarantee the 75% fuel issue is the (TPS) Throttle Position Sensor!!! I know it doesn't matter now. But i did mention it in the first ThunderTurd video...
Timmy DeMattos
Timmy DeMattos 8 kun oldin
I’d buy those train horns!
Kevin Vawser
Kevin Vawser 9 kun oldin
Throttle Position Sensor Broke
Og maco Sheesh
Og maco Sheesh 9 kun oldin
She's so unhappy 24/7 wtf
Jared Bauer
Jared Bauer 9 kun oldin
This is Matt at his best right here so funny
Josh Mullins
Josh Mullins 9 kun oldin
If mad max was in the ghetto
ErikShestakov 9 kun oldin
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden 9 kun oldin
Throttle Position Sensor
Kel DeWeese
Kel DeWeese 9 kun oldin
Those tires are worth more than the car
patrick b
patrick b 9 kun oldin
I bet the flames make it faster
electronicsNmore 9 kun oldin
Incredible that you're able to find the time to be a vet with 2 big YT channels.
Brandon Vargas
Brandon Vargas 9 kun oldin
You could have just rolled ur fenders, you didn’t have to cut it off
North Texas Turf Pros
Fuel, spark and compression. My grandpa taught me that.
Ass Crac
Ass Crac 9 kun oldin
Did u bring any flex tape
SmallOwl870 9 kun oldin
Underbird lol take off t and h
Togo 9 kun oldin
#17 on trending good job Matt
Joe Putchlawski
Joe Putchlawski 9 kun oldin
Toyota Camry for this would be ideal.
MegaSteve16 9 kun oldin
I just clicked on this for the cute girl
highluxrcguy 9 kun oldin
Tps throttle position sensor I said that in a previous comment last time you asked
blazing mufasa
blazing mufasa 9 kun oldin
15:50 with the v6 that runs at 75%😂😂
Brantley Sharpe
Brantley Sharpe 9 kun oldin
Hey mat idea for the Humvee put a cigarette lighter plug and get a 110 power inverter. And get a mini space heater boom you have heat
UnCorazonTejano 9 kun oldin
is it just me or matt seemed very excited to show off his t-turd?
michael ricks
michael ricks 9 kun oldin
Trying to explain to your wife why this is AWSOME is priceless. She's not having any of it. Lol
Alex Elliott
Alex Elliott 9 kun oldin
How much would you take for the train horn with the compressor?
Chase Gann
Chase Gann 9 kun oldin
put fox suspension and 6 in lift and redneck wide body
Dream Prism
Dream Prism 9 kun oldin
speaking of problems, you have a problem if you haven't heard our new age album open.spotify.com/album/01GaVTonwLwmcHBdBm2v3m pls m8 rn
Known Cheater
Known Cheater 9 kun oldin
You are on trending. Good for you.
chaseyoudown99 9 kun oldin
Maus 02
Maus 02 9 kun oldin
Mattt put new springs and shocks on it like fox shocks .
Michael Bryant
Michael Bryant 9 kun oldin
My car has two steering wheels but one is broken.
Ronnie Frith
Ronnie Frith 9 kun oldin
Put a twin turbo on the hummer
Get a plasma cutter it will make cutting thin metal so much easier.
holdensgolden golden
This video is trending
nick 9 kun oldin
Judt flare or roll it like the drifters do
Rhys Diorr
Rhys Diorr 9 kun oldin
Check new video out! 🥶🚀➡️uzvid.com/video/video-glqWyBpZoUo.html⬅️👀
Daryn  Batterson
Daryn Batterson 9 kun oldin
Some guy is watching this like wait a minute. That's my daily Cherokee! It's not a POS!
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