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Tiniest Pit Bull Puppy Steals Her Foster Mom's Heart | This woman's fostered over 100 dogs and she had no plans to keep a little pittie puppy named Penny - then Penny turned her heart to mush. Watch Dodo Heroes every Saturday @ 9pm EST on Animal Planet or stream ALL episodes, available on the Animal Planet GO app. #DodoHeroes bit.ly/2JltSWq
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5-Iyl, 2018

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Sister shook
Sister shook 5 daqiqa oldin
Mom mom follows this girl on Instagram and she's amazing! But one of her dogs dies with made me and my mom tear up😥
Maria Popescu
Maria Popescu Soat oldin
My heart is just crying of joy.
Celia Salazar
Celia Salazar 2 soat oldin
Awesome person who is kind and understand as well...my blessings goes out to you and the strenght
Emily Aguirre
Emily Aguirre 2 soat oldin
H.D Frances
H.D Frances 2 soat oldin
Para tu boda en qué compañero o compañera estás pensando te gustaría un perro dálmata o una perra de policía dejense de j**** Son animales aprendan a hablar ni madre ni padre ni baby infradotados Son animales
Rosalina Bustamante Garcia
que bonito
Stacey Santacruz
Stacey Santacruz 2 soat oldin
That’s so cute😭😭💕💕💕💕💕💕
goldfish1871 3 soat oldin
That little white chihuahua is *mood*.
warron7 3 soat oldin
I gotta go turn up the AC, my eyes are starting to "sweat"
tnix88 4 soat oldin
Pit genocide now!
Eunice Perez
Eunice Perez 4 soat oldin
Theres alot of dogs in mexico i
Vanessa Bou
Vanessa Bou 4 soat oldin
These videos always make me cry
Jonathan 4 soat oldin
put down the pit bull before it starts killing children
Summer All day
Summer All day 5 soat oldin
What's up with the elephant at the end?!?
That Other Drawing Girl
I want to Foster dogs when I get a little older.
daniel sprinkle
daniel sprinkle 8 soat oldin
How could someone dislike this video?
Marneen Carter
Marneen Carter 9 soat oldin
You are a BLESSING!🙏🏾😘💪🏾
MARK ROBINSON 10 soat oldin
That translates to too much poop....
the official savage Reid
She is so caring
Indian Dog
Indian Dog 13 soat oldin
why girls are born dumb and stupid?
Eva 13 soat oldin
Megan’s World!
Megan’s World! 15 soat oldin
Now I want to foster!!!😂❤️
Crispy 16 soat oldin
So cute but so sad 😭
Hi my name is trey
Hi my name is trey 16 soat oldin
Omg I wish was her
Krista S
Krista S 17 soat oldin
Omgosh I wouldn't be able to give her up either!! 😍🐕💞
MrsConnie 2You
MrsConnie 2You 17 soat oldin
What an awesome human being😍💝😍
Beth black
Beth black 19 soat oldin
When she grows up she will be a monster. Enjoy her cuteness before she eats your face.
Amirah Hayes
Amirah Hayes 20 soat oldin
Thank you know I wanna foster a dog now
Claire Kincaid
Claire Kincaid 21 soat oldin
Just came across this post this brought a smile to my face thank you for all you do may you habe blessing all thru your life for watching over the animals that God gave us to enjoy
Bance The Yorkshire terrier
What idiot bred their dog to early that not good and where the rest of the puppies
kirby plush dude 4278
kirby plush dude 4278 22 soat oldin
I'm crying
Oh great Clueless one
Oh great Clueless one 22 soat oldin
540 dislikes for this video?. Y'all haters can go tongue kiss a cactus!
TAYLOR F. 22 soat oldin
Crazy dog lady
Jeimy Bautista
Jeimy Bautista 22 soat oldin
I love The Dodo!!! Kisses from Dominican Republic!!!
A.J. Williams
A.J. Williams 22 soat oldin
is she single?!
Mister M
Mister M Kun oldin
That woman is a rare bird
Simon sortorya
Simon sortorya Kun oldin
Alivia Ulrich
Alivia Ulrich Kun oldin
Adorable ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Ayden Venoy
Ayden Venoy Kun oldin
I was crying the whole time
FrazierGirl 21
FrazierGirl 21 Kun oldin
Raven Artist
Raven Artist Kun oldin
I feel you, I really do. When I moved in to my current home, It was around winter. I saw this cat wondering about outside my house. Apparently her owners had just left her behind, declawed and with no way to keep warm. When I told my mom about who we know refer to as: "Eve", she went to the store and bought food for Eve. After we left out food for her, she started coming by more frequently. Eventually, some of the neighbors also started leaving out food for her, it became a neighborhood thing. And despite the fact that I was allergic to eve, I wanted to keep her and give her a nice home. So, I did. As I'm typing this, Eve is laying on my stomach and purring. She is now 18-20 lbs and sweet as ever.
Yesenia Kun oldin
I'm not crying!! You're crying!! 😭😭😭
xXn00bslayerXx !
Leighanne Smith
Leighanne Smith Kun oldin
I love this video and this story
kgkustomz97ser Kun oldin
Omg. It was so tiny. Adorable
Caesar Laurentius Augustus
To think people in Africa have children of their own.
Your a love and it would rip my heart out every time I would give them to their forever home. But I know I know it’s only temporary. That’s what’s so hard.... you fall in love. Aweeee
trilingualkid Kun oldin
I need this lady in my life!!
But did she get her heart back?
Angeldoll1 Kun oldin
i am crying
Anchorage Alaska
So swett!!
Cameron Sziva
Cameron Sziva Kun oldin
I swear to god that dog kilo might be the same dog that my mom use to babysit when he was a baby and his name was kilo and he looks exactly like that
zadyn plays
zadyn plays Kun oldin
I had to get rid of my blue nose pit puppy because we're moving and we had to give her away
Jeff Morphis
Jeff Morphis Kun oldin
Incredible story, grown man with wet eye right now.😃Thank you for all the love and care you give to make these nimals lives better. You are truly an angel.
Ruben Vega
Ruben Vega Kun oldin
Owning a pit was gangsta....now everyone walks one like its fashionable
Angela Micco
Angela Micco Kun oldin
Who would dislike this? 500 people. Why? Because they’re heartless.
Daniel Luna
Daniel Luna Kun oldin
I'm not crying, you're crying. Shut up!
GIspecialty Kun oldin
I love this woman
SonicGirl BRC
SonicGirl BRC Kun oldin
123Jgamer Kun oldin
This generation needs Holy water.
Jasmin S
Jasmin S Kun oldin
That lady is so amazing I hope one day I can be like her I am Happy for that dog ¡~¡ tears of joy
Just Me Again
Just Me Again Kun oldin
I want that puppy
Just Me Again
Just Me Again Kun oldin
Redlead 1943
Redlead 1943 Kun oldin
Stella Cornelius
OMG I cried so much
Rocio Rodriguez
Rocio Rodriguez 2 kun oldin
I love pit bulls soooooooooooo much......I have a blue dawn pit bull he is the cutest thing
Hayley Steinmetz
Hayley Steinmetz 2 kun oldin
Simplynoodles MSP
Simplynoodles MSP 2 kun oldin
Pit bulls are my favorite breed of dog they are amazing and I have one
Wesley Noggle
Wesley Noggle 2 kun oldin
hard job lady i would cry to iam trying to stop myself now
Royal Vibez
Royal Vibez 2 kun oldin
My heart... I’m literally crying right now I just cannot
Frank Favela
Frank Favela 2 kun oldin
I personally won’t adopt another dog because I couldn’t deal with the heart ache from loosing it once again. I love dogs especially pibbles, I can’t.
Alaijha Jordan
Alaijha Jordan 2 kun oldin
Why did I 😢
Bivin Philip
Bivin Philip 2 kun oldin
Lady, to your amazing work SALUTE😢
Cira Espinosa
Cira Espinosa 2 kun oldin
She looks like my blue nose 7 week old pitbull
The Whataburgler
The Whataburgler 2 kun oldin
And then the dog got shot lol
Diys Y
Diys Y 2 kun oldin
Awww so beautiful love it 😭
ermir001 2 kun oldin
You are a wonderful person!
James Parker
James Parker 2 kun oldin
THIS IS incredible WE LOVE YOU 👍😉
Orlando Govea
Orlando Govea 2 kun oldin
I love pit bull ,,,they sooo cute
Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson 2 kun oldin
I want a pit bull but my parents say they are vicious and will attack our cats they really aren’t
Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson 2 kun oldin
Jim Bell
Jim Bell 2 kun oldin
Kimmyyy 2 kun oldin
They're all Pitbulls !!! ❤️❤️
LpsLia TV
LpsLia TV 2 kun oldin
who else cried..😐
Starstruck Drawings and Gaming
Penny looks my my Hazel pupper
Islandgurl78 2 kun oldin
Omg I would love to do that when I retire. I am happy you adopted her cause u took care of her from the beginning. I are an angel hero.
Alyssa 10202005
Alyssa 10202005 2 kun oldin
When she gsarted to wear the p.js, she looked like winnie the pooh
john tran
john tran 2 kun oldin
Well if she has the time and money then adopting more dogs is good if not shes doing more harm and saving them
Corn Wallis
Corn Wallis 2 kun oldin
So nice. Not a fan of the ghetto dog breeds though.
Hannylaidy Lima Esquivel
I have one just like that .. she is 6 weeks and we have 8 more and we are trying to find them good houses ..we live in Tennessee 💙
Morgan Wilson
Morgan Wilson 2 kun oldin
this fill my heart with joy as I am about to open a doggy daycare. Now i am considering fostering too...thank you!
Cielo Ceballos
Cielo Ceballos 2 kun oldin
I was crying 😭😭❤
IonlyROBwhite People&Dealers
Cristina Hernandez
Cristina Hernandez 2 kun oldin
They are so cute I wish I had one but I really have a dog😍💘❤️
Enrriet Leiva
Enrriet Leiva 3 kun oldin
aw rip lucky 🍓🍓🍓🍓
Instant Regret YT
Instant Regret YT 3 kun oldin
My heart
eli li
eli li 3 kun oldin
*cries silently *
Natalie 210
Natalie 210 3 kun oldin
The Chihuahua is me in the morning and I just wanted to say that lady is a nice person :,)
Dru Porter
Dru Porter 3 kun oldin
Ohh my gosh this made me cry.... I wish I could meet this woman!
3 yil oldin