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Tiniest Pit Bull Puppy Steals Her Foster Mom's Heart | This woman's fostered over 100 dogs and she had no plans to keep a little pittie puppy named Penny - then Penny turned her heart to mush. Watch Dodo Heroes every Saturday @ 9pm EST on Animal Planet or stream ALL episodes, available on the Animal Planet GO app. #DodoHeroes bit.ly/2JltSWq
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5-Iyl, 2018

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Fikrlar 2 930
Ursula Sewnarain
Ursula Sewnarain 5 soat oldin
What a great woman you are and such adorable dogs and the PUPPY???He's the cutest
puplovers666 22 soat oldin
i love pups
Karen Workman
Karen Workman 22 soat oldin
I would love to have foster dogs just like you!!!
Cassy Maarssen
Cassy Maarssen Kun oldin
When I grow up to foster dogs ima have a huge house with a huge back yard and a big fence around it and. I will keep all meh foster animals
Emma Sanford
Emma Sanford 4 kun oldin
Untold heroes this women puts that VERY meaning into actions for animals.
Heru- deshet
Heru- deshet 4 kun oldin
"Couldn't let her go, so she STAYED" Penny pops out. This grabbed my heart.
Fun Puppy
Fun Puppy 6 kun oldin
This just goes to show that not all pit bulls are bad they just grew up in bad homes
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever 6 kun oldin
This made me cry 😭 God bless you
Sophie Pattinson
Sophie Pattinson 7 kun oldin
What temperature should I keep my an Cermet in In a really hot bed in a really hot house in a really hot climate..!😂
Jhon Correa
Jhon Correa 8 kun oldin
Who else cried tho
Jhon Correa
Jhon Correa 8 kun oldin
The PJs are Soo cuttee
Myracle Woodford
Myracle Woodford 9 kun oldin
She was an adorable puppy 😘
sumit kumar
sumit kumar 10 kun oldin
Why did the video end :(
lefty1221 11 kun oldin
Edgar den rare
Edgar den rare 11 kun oldin
2:34 was sitting like a bunny
malounsbery 12 kun oldin
Why do peaple hate this video
John Cook
John Cook 12 kun oldin
I beg you beg you to call me if you still have any of these available please look at my videos you will see Rocko my best friend soulmate passed away 4 months ago he was a blue nose fawn and it breaks my heart every day I'm begging you to please call me I would love to take my these little guys if you still have one please call me I've been looking so hard for another fawn 346-907-2338 you will hear ham singing and a lot of the videos on what channel again they will have nothing but love please please please call me I'm begging you thank you so much John Cook God bless
Zoe Nuttall
Zoe Nuttall 13 kun oldin
2:35 lol that made me laugh
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy 13 kun oldin
My dog is named Moo Moo for the same reason.
Annjelyn Matthias
Annjelyn Matthias 14 kun oldin
So adorable and precious!
Yva Joy
Yva Joy 14 kun oldin
Penny is a snack
Jolene Hauck
Jolene Hauck 15 kun oldin
How could you not fall in love with her! What a great home you have! So full of love!💗🐾💗🐾💗🐾💗
Liyan Y
Liyan Y 15 kun oldin
A stray mum dog died defending her puppies. She only left after we found her and told her we'll take care of her pups. Brought up her 5 one week old pups on our own. 24/7 job. They are all 3 years old now. I didn't know how I did it but I did.
Cheilsea Bernier
Cheilsea Bernier 15 kun oldin
Carla Reyna
Carla Reyna 17 kun oldin
I have a pit bull
Misss Perfect
Misss Perfect 17 kun oldin
Such an adorable and amazing story!!!❤️❤️❤️
Emma 53719
Emma 53719 17 kun oldin
Omg that's where the video of the dog eating whipped cream is from lol
Trinity 2018
Trinity 2018 17 kun oldin
2:35 that pose though
Luke Browning
Luke Browning 18 kun oldin
even though i have scars on my knee, shoulder, and thigh from pitties, i love them!!!
xXemodemonXx 18 kun oldin
692 dislikes.... some people gon get nuked
Cadence Caldwell
Cadence Caldwell 18 kun oldin
2:41 MM WHIP CRAMMM fjctu
MissToni 19 kun oldin
What an angel you are! Well done 💕💕💕
Kylie Pivarnik games
We really need people like this and why did people dislike this ohhhh I know why they thought it ment dis I like :)
dritan tahiraj
dritan tahiraj 20 kun oldin
Is she not the cutest thing ever
Wilson Cardoso
Wilson Cardoso 20 kun oldin
I know that human being have different opinions and it is important to respect them, however, what I do not understand is how can 688 people dislike this video. What is there to dislike about this video? lol There are some horrible people out there.
RazorShark 21 kun oldin
Would snuggle
kyga and tylie jenner
you guys are making me cry
Fruzsi 22 kun oldin
My heart ❤️
Too Old
Too Old 23 kun oldin
You are greatly 😍🤗💕
Rosie Roobie
Rosie Roobie 23 kun oldin
I cried
Ayy Lmao
Ayy Lmao 24 kun oldin
Awwwwwwww sow sweet and cute and little 😻😻😻😻🤗🤗 I gust want to hug it
Tilly Kat
Tilly Kat 24 kun oldin
Foster fails are the very best 😢😀 to❤to fore er happy 👍👍👍
Alberto Flores
Alberto Flores 24 kun oldin
Awwww allllll of the dogs are cute even pit bulls when they are big no matter how they look
MγsTIc DEMON 26 kun oldin
You know what? I'm glad that some cities ban pits. Those who choose to stay in that area don't get the opportunity to see these sweethearts nor spread false information. Cities that don't ban pits are simply amazing. They know that not every dog is a bad dog just based on it's breed or which dog is the first to bite or charge.
chunky salsa
chunky salsa 26 kun oldin
I lagit hate the people who hate the video god damit I get really pissed off this is so cute how the hell would you hate this video
Tyler Harris
Tyler Harris 27 kun oldin
2:36 Are we just going to ignore this human like creature
Sea Mikki
Sea Mikki 27 kun oldin
I wish I could come and live there, I would work for free!
Richa Boppuri
Richa Boppuri 28 kun oldin
squishy potato ツ
squishy potato ツ 28 kun oldin
this was my favorite dodo video
707 SaV
707 SaV 29 kun oldin
Whybi I always watch this beautiful strokes and they don't gotta warning sign saying there cutting onions during filming..
It was to think that people over breed dogs cut their ears off and use them for fighting and PEOPLE blam them for having a bad rep?!?
Its sad*
Molly bear
Molly bear Oy oldin
T T T T A R G E T 🔘🔘🔘🔘🔘🔘
Ten Angels
Ten Angels Oy oldin
Penny is a very strong dog
Jada unicorn
Jada unicorn Oy oldin
human's do not deserve dogs, dog's deserve human's
Darken NoShinka
I *LOVE* watching this video always
Nicole Elizabeth
Sara Sweetsss16
Every time I see penny in every part I be like "OMG SHE IS SO CUTE!❤❤❤"
Jacob LT
Jacob LT Oy oldin
Good Hooman
Her eyes when she was a puppy 😍😍
Mannot Hot
Mannot Hot Oy oldin
I got a a dog to it’s a. Husky
Mannot Hot
Mannot Hot Oy oldin
That dog is so cuteeeee omg
Atman Rouies
Atman Rouies Oy oldin
j'ai à chaque fois les larmes aux yeux madame ,ce que vous faîte devrait être la norme,magnifique, respect, altruisme,courage,sacrifice et abnégation
Hannah Alexandra
Candice YOU are my hero!
Ghost Soldier
Ghost Soldier Oy oldin
She can adopt me next.
Bla Bla
Bla Bla Oy oldin
In the past, greedy white Europeans were willing to buy black slaves because greedy Africans were willing to sell their own people into servitude. So what has changed since then? Well, there is still rampant black-on-black slavery in Africa, but Europeans no longer purchase slaves. Basically, whites changed for the better, while Africans remained evil. Google "Mauritania," an African nation where blacks enslave and torture each other everyday.
Haplie9000 26 kun oldin
Bla Bla what does that have to do with a cute puppy video?
Mario Gamez87
Mario Gamez87 Oy oldin
I think Imma cry...this is so sad but good at the same time...😭😢
Oh I just love Pitbulls
Raindow Doodles
Melissa Shoemark
i wouldn't be able to give up the dogs and puppies i would want to keep them all
May allah grant you heaven u r so kind 2 animals
Lazy Cats
Lazy Cats Oy oldin
Chubby whittle puppy
ARhannah Oy oldin
This is so precious, thank you Candice
Nutella Oy oldin
She looks like my dog Romeo
Zoe Cats
Zoe Cats Oy oldin
The fact that people disliked this video breaks my heart
Meaya Pritchett
Candace is really great! I remember following her for Ollie. Always loved seeing posts from her. Great job, Candace!
Dusty Grave
Dusty Grave Oy oldin
I drive for a living, I can't make the mistake of watching Dodo videos before starting my shift, I can't see that well for a while, until my stupid eyes dry up.
Following Phan
I got a dog from my friend. She was afraid of everything. She had a bump on her head and was super skinny. 10 yrs later she still don't trust us. I really never question my friend about what happen to the dog, but it's had to of been really bad.
Phillip Young
Phillip Young Oy oldin
Penny came a long way!!! Cutie pie!!
Kat Kenobi
Kat Kenobi Oy oldin
😍😍😍😍😍😍 Pittybulls are THE BEST DOGGIES EVER!!!!! I had 2 of the vicious brutes.....and every 10 minutes I’d have to go “save” my pitties from the 2 week old KITTENS! 🙄🙄🙄. But yep, they’re evil alright!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 I won’t get any dogs unless they’re from the bully breeds.
Kawaiicat499 AnimalJ.&GatchaS.
People who dislike this are very mean because how will u hate this?? this video was not to offended anyone or in any way, why would people do this there just rescuing dogs and cats there both cute and friendly and i know theres hate in this world, but where tryna fix it but who would hate animals?
LifeHappens Oy oldin
How can someone dislike this? This is love in its purest form
Johnny The Tiger
Young Rookie
Young Rookie Oy oldin
A friend gave me a 4 day old puppy, it was an askal (Filipino term for street dog) and i had to bottlefed her. It was literally a 24 hours job. And i watch her grow up. I watched her eyes open. She used to be the size of my hand but now she's half of my height when she stands on jer back legs. Im 165.5 cm btw. And now she's a year old. Happy bday my precious momo❤
Julianna Bautista
Kendal Cruz
Kendal Cruz Oy oldin
I can't do it I would keep all of them
John Connolly
John Connolly Oy oldin
You people are wonderful. Thank you for what you do for the animals,, all of them not just dogs,,You are a shimmer of light in a confused world. Thank you to all of you.
Rene Hemphill
Rene Hemphill Oy oldin
I was in the same boat with my Wrecks (profile pic). Got him at ten days old, his mom had been killed in a dog fight. He's almost four now and the love of my life. I raised him, but he defiantly saved me. Cheers to you, for all you do!
Gander & Charlotte
I wanna see more from this lady!I wish she had a UZvid channel,so I could see penny and all of the other dogs she fosters!
Maria Nolasco
Maria Nolasco Oy oldin
Her ig is @rufusandkilo 💚
City Guy
City Guy Oy oldin
Everytime i watch these videos i give my bully a big hug
Raier Oy oldin
ur channel IS AWESOME :)
Micah Fails
Micah Fails Oy oldin
OMG 😭🙂
Mariah Marthers
Good omg
Wiley Sims
Wiley Sims Oy oldin
Maria Ramirez
Maria Ramirez Oy oldin
Most beautiful heart melting channel in the world😂
David Rubin
David Rubin Oy oldin
There is no way to give her up after getting her at that age.
Matthew Coats
Matthew Coats Oy oldin
Why would you dislike this you heartless retarded 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
TheBlurbs D.
TheBlurbs D. Oy oldin
It literally takes a certain type of person to be this amazing...and she is IT!!!
SteeleClaw Productions
This reminds me of my puppy Scarlett. I miss you girl.