Toasted Tomato Sandwich - You Suck at Cooking (episode 79)

You Suck At Cooking
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7-Avg, 2018

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You Suck At Cooking
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Voracious Weasel
I know this is random, but what is the name of the song you used for your video?
FatherBrown Dudeist
Philly cheese steak
Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry 2 oy oldin
You Suck At Cooking I'm getting hungry... 😎
lisa Jane Boone
lisa Jane Boone 3 oy oldin
U need to make an episode when Devin finnaly retaliates
SpOoKy G.P.F
SpOoKy G.P.F 3 oy oldin
-てつや Kun oldin
This is so relaxing
Chayton Thompson
I didnt know this was a thing, and i wish i never wouldve learned about this because tomatoes are whole grain ass.
leah nicole
leah nicole 2 kun oldin
Is this far cry 5
Mattie Roark
Mattie Roark 3 kun oldin
Some Nightvale shit 😂
Camden Smith
Camden Smith 5 kun oldin
What is that background music
WhiteWolf Silver
WhiteWolf Silver 5 kun oldin
This is what you call good content.
C4Cintron 6 kun oldin
8000 Horsepower Truck?!?!
ag4 study
ag4 study 8 kun oldin
If you think algebra is hard then you’re bad at math
Chris Flood
Chris Flood 13 kun oldin
next time I'm in a soybean field I'm going to look for tomatoes on the ground
TheMovieGuy 15 kun oldin
I'm trapped
Wren or something
Wren or something 17 kun oldin
This made me feel
Wren or something
Wren or something 17 kun oldin
Me & my gecko are watching your videos
Eun Zhang
Eun Zhang 18 kun oldin
The tomato at the end was so perfect I cried.
REDKEN 19 kun oldin
How could anyone dislike this piece of art
Wendy Lau
Wendy Lau 20 kun oldin
Your voice. It changed?
Paranormal Banana
Paranormal Banana 21 kun oldin
this video is to country for its on good
Quinn Price
Quinn Price 21 kun oldin
That sandwich wouldn't have gotten near as soggy if you hadn't put that awful mayo on there. ... Tell yourself you'll do better next time. ... Or don't, to each their own.
420 sub with no vid challenge
But i like soggy toast 😢
Siku Vermillion
Siku Vermillion 22 kun oldin
Can you do more tomato stuff please I love you.
Abdullah Hassan
Abdullah Hassan 23 kun oldin
Sam Harris
Sam Harris 24 kun oldin
This reminds me of Simple Ricks’s from Rick and Morty 😅
Evil Cat Gaming
Evil Cat Gaming 24 kun oldin
I feel like he should be selling me a car.
TheGhettoceratops 24 kun oldin
Did anyone cry?
Sammy 24 kun oldin
What is the backround music genre called?
ErinTheWoof 24 kun oldin
this radiates "helmen's ad",, I love it
Montana Warren
Montana Warren 25 kun oldin
That was beautiful. Brought a tear to my eye
Jayden The Meme God
Jayden The Meme God 25 kun oldin
Step 1: get tomatoe Step 2: put on bread Step 3: eat Step 4: profit
lil loli
lil loli 25 kun oldin
the perfect man doesnt exi-
Evan K
Evan K 25 kun oldin
Simple Rick
Radiaware 26 kun oldin
Is this guy vegetarian?
Alex Newn
Alex Newn 27 kun oldin
Would love to meet this guy in person
Denis TV
Denis TV 27 kun oldin
wonhoze 27 kun oldin
i want to marry this guy
ruyguy8888 27 kun oldin
you are obviously more than just an engineer at food...that was some pretty fancy words spoken while standing in the field of cash crop.
tevin Hooper
tevin Hooper 27 kun oldin
UZvid apparently unsubscribed me from your channel? Definitely not something I would've done personally. Always excited about a new upload.
functionform 27 kun oldin
A beautiful tribute to America.
ical nafi
ical nafi Oy oldin
i thought i clicked a gordon ramsay video
Keya W
Keya W Oy oldin
Lukas Freitag
Lukas Freitag Oy oldin
i watch this video to help me fall asleep. its so relaxing. *Out here in the country, where tomatos come from*
Hilario Menendez
Kevin Edgar
Kevin Edgar Oy oldin
Narrated by Dwight Shrute
Eliot_The _Great
Thankyou, this was a very informative video..
Bugz life
Bugz life Oy oldin
Here I am about to put my Tyson nugs in the oven
LeMonAde *
LeMonAde * Oy oldin
*Where tomatoes come from*
XL XL Oy oldin
Such a beautiful and inspiring story
Sour Soap
Sour Soap Oy oldin
I at least tried to like this, I didnt
Oh_Drea Oy oldin
*am I the only that likes soggy sandwiches oof*
Christina 1st Isu
That’s what I actually call art
Malia Van Loo
Malia Van Loo Oy oldin
Lol theses cooking videos are dumb but funny
Alternate World
That was.. (snif) that was beautiful
Ace Oy oldin
i remember when i was like 8 or 9 my mum would make them for me i loved it
Akira Ishu
Akira Ishu Oy oldin
is this an ad for tomato?
myztiik Oy oldin
Am I just really stoned
Noah Fisher
Noah Fisher Oy oldin
Picks a tomato from a bean field
Ray Oy oldin
you made me laugh at a very desperate time, thank you sir.
These sandwiches were the only thing my parents could get me to eat for 5 months when I was 5. idk why
The angry Jack
Puhhhhhhh like we don’t know where a tomato is from. Daddy what’s a tomato
65jamma Gameplay
thanks this is really good and I eat this all the time kind of funny thought I make it really dramatic to XD
Fall The Fox
Fall The Fox Oy oldin
its so inspiring
Dog eat dog worlds
hoseokgram Oy oldin
It tastes good with eggs too uwu
lasermeep Oy oldin
Art, True Art
Lily Oy oldin
Maybe I'm high but it looks so good I'd eat ten of those right now
Logan Selvaggio
You socket cooking you actually do you suck at cooking 🥘
Beastvolcat A
Beastvolcat A Oy oldin
Almost heaven
Kaneki Katharsis
i wonder how he resisted not eating the sandwich while taking it for the walk ..... damn
Andy Bailey
Andy Bailey Oy oldin
That was beautiful 😪
Im too lazy to think of a name
This is beautiful
MadiCat247 Oy oldin
Fun fact, fresh country air smells like manure and pesticides... i hate living in a farm town
Spoopywhisks Oy oldin
I think I cried a little
J&R Oy oldin
I'm in my late thirties and had never heard of this kind of sandwich before seeing your video. Now, however, it's my go-to sandwich, hands down. I made them for my toddlers, and now they're hooked, too. Thank you so much!
Magnus Ameh
Magnus Ameh Oy oldin
You can burn in hell, My BrEaD iS cRyInG
Sara Cevallos
Sara Cevallos Oy oldin
Love your videos !!!
Movie Nerd
Movie Nerd Oy oldin
Tomato sandwich is the most underrated sandwich.
The cinematography was as crisp as this sandwich! Keep on trucking partner 🍅
Brian Cross
Brian Cross Oy oldin
Beautiful 😭
Hannah Ivins
Hannah Ivins Oy oldin
MySmart Device
You suck so bad at cooking you think cooking is baking and slicing vegetables. Neat!
Movie Nerd
Movie Nerd Oy oldin
You suck so bad at identifying humor.
Shower Toughts
This gave the exact feeling of hearing 'Country Roads'.
Chaz Badiola
Chaz Badiola Oy oldin
I forgot about you and i found you again! Can't stop watching, but i always wonder? Where dafuq do you live?
Blood wolf games
I Actually made this it was pretty good I didn’t do the exact way you did it though
M. Khan
M. Khan Oy oldin
Adding a slice of cheese to this complex recipe will make it taste better...just sayin
Movie Nerd
Movie Nerd Oy oldin
That's an entirely different sandwich.
Banjo Billy
Banjo Billy Oy oldin
All jokes aside, that was Oscar worthy
jill mont
jill mont Oy oldin
Face reveal
Tony Danza
Tony Danza Oy oldin
is this a randy marsh commercial from tegrady farms?
Piglets Animations
Quality content
Lovely Sunshinee
The worst part of a BLT :(
Adam Hults
Adam Hults Oy oldin
Is it bad I got a chill from this?... I guess I am Texan
JonSnowIII Oy oldin
Boba Oy oldin
I hate tomatoes
hello world
hello world Oy oldin
simple ricks
Ted Dixon
Ted Dixon Oy oldin
The illuminati owl quietly approves.
Delano Giroir
Delano Giroir Oy oldin
Simply simple :)
Hiimshyguy Hihi
Yana Soares de Paula
This is Yavar
This is Yavar Oy oldin
Its better with white cheese and some cucumber
I cried... the most perfekt sandwitch ever made. BEAUTYFULL
Scott vs Wild
Scott vs Wild Oy oldin
charizzz Oy oldin
1 million views let's have a party