Toasted Tomato Sandwich - You Suck at Cooking (episode 79)

You Suck At Cooking
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7-Avg, 2018

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You Suck At Cooking
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The Grunt
The Grunt 6 kun oldin
You Suck At Cooking it's better if you butter the toast first it gives it a whole new flavor.
CookieDoughFlow 7 kun oldin
You Suck At Cooking when will pimblokto come back?
Alicia Seecharan
Alicia Seecharan 7 kun oldin
You're truly a beast... Even with a soggy tomato sandwich. Lolz <3<3<3<3<3
Aori 17 daqiqa oldin
Can we get an episode on Sushi? Probably not. But I wish.
Phoebe He
Phoebe He Soat oldin
YSAC clipped his finger nails wayy too short... also I can't believe you just taught us to stick a fork in the toaster wow
Booming Bubble Bus
Booming Bubble Bus 3 soat oldin
Love it!!! Classy and funny!!!
just izzy :D
just izzy :D 3 soat oldin
This was so calming
Ceciliana Richardson
Is anyone else really really wondering who he is and then feeling sad because he'll probably never tell?J-just me?Okay..
Its Barnaby
Its Barnaby 5 soat oldin
Beautiful... 😍
Sc6ut 6 soat oldin
I just made me one after this video and my god, that was so delicious.
FoxLP 14 soat oldin
You have 1 mil subs now? I didnt notice
-Nugget -
-Nugget - 18 soat oldin
Stop making me hungry daddy 😭😭for that DICK MHHMM❤️❤️🍆💦YEAHHHHH M❤️❤️🍆🍆💦HMM❤️
Kait_the_cake 19 soat oldin
I was hoping another one of your videos popped up. The best cooking videos, in my opinion.
Thicc Hamster
Thicc Hamster 20 soat oldin
Fucking vegans
Ethan Jacobsen
Ethan Jacobsen 22 soat oldin
What do you edit with?
Diego Maciel
Diego Maciel 22 soat oldin
Dying the whole time
APT-REX Kun oldin
In a time when kids and people died a lot(mostly kids) and everything sucked
Harper Kun oldin
i was waiting for a country song at the end there
mikkel thybo
mikkel thybo Kun oldin
Because out here there's only you and your pickup truck, a 6 pack of bud light, your AR-15, 3 migrant workers and their kids combing the wheat fields.. You tweet about how hard it is to get a job on your Iphone X.. Jeebers replies with a thumbs down?!? Dang it Jeebers! Why do you have to act like a liberal?! Must've been because your dad is also your uncle or maybe because you didn't show for class at the christian public school.. That Jeebers.. to stupid to know the earth is flat.
Craig Morrison
Craig Morrison Kun oldin
ANIME brains
ANIME brains Kun oldin
Thank you my love
Fabian Contreras
I’ve never been here in this Channel. I do suck at cooking and the bread joke...yeah you got a sub
Pinhead Larry
Pinhead Larry Kun oldin
That shit look like trash
Rupestre Rupestre
SlyFox Kun oldin
i feel like i went on a journey and all he did was make a tomato sandwich
Cas Kun oldin
this made me crave the most basic sandwich
Avery L.
Avery L. Kun oldin
A place far away from the opening ysac theme song.
Jenna Geelan
Jenna Geelan Kun oldin
Um excuse me but where is the egg series
bluesnake198 Kun oldin
The first 30 seconds sounds like a grocery store commercial.
Telepie Kun oldin
Nobody_at_all 1
Nobody_at_all 1 Kun oldin
I don't have a 500 watt galvanized thingy, can I just use my standard, 500 year old toaster?
Hannah Hoogs
Hannah Hoogs Kun oldin
Was this a commercial
SuperGreatbehemoth 2 kun oldin
With the voice and the music, I could fall asleep to this
Abelhawk 2 kun oldin
Some pepper pepper peppercorns
Union Down
Union Down 2 kun oldin
Shit you're funny.
Cookie crumble
Cookie crumble 2 kun oldin
Why is this channel so cool XD
Zak Kauffman
Zak Kauffman 2 kun oldin
Thank you
Joy MacPherson
Joy MacPherson 2 kun oldin
I love tomato sandwiches, but I don't toast it usually.
what is love?
what is love? 2 kun oldin
heck tomato sandwiches are the best
Charlie Law
Charlie Law 2 kun oldin
tsleel escappa
tsleel escappa 2 kun oldin
Instructions unclear got dick stuck in toaster
Paul Moody
Paul Moody 2 kun oldin
What’s the name of the song? Would love to play this
Andrew reyes
Andrew reyes 2 kun oldin
He said illuminati
Dustin Driver
Dustin Driver 2 kun oldin
I love you, man.
Gigi Alegria
Gigi Alegria 2 kun oldin
1,032 people didn't eat their sandwich while it was crisp
Akif Ansari
Akif Ansari 2 kun oldin
How the hell do you make something so great by yourself that an entire team of UZvidrs can't even attempt to compare to?
Akif Ansari
Akif Ansari 2 kun oldin
Oh wait I forgot about Devan
French Canadian Bastard
8000 hp truck, remove a 0 and then cut that in half
French Canadian Bastard
and in half again
Jeremy Lee
Jeremy Lee 2 kun oldin
Lonely Sack of Toco Bell
Back when people actually liked tomatoes
Sia Safai
Sia Safai 3 kun oldin
Very stupid dumb asshole
Andrew Ray
Andrew Ray 3 kun oldin
3:06 ...and you forgot bacon and lettuce...
Butterbros23445 3 kun oldin
yaaa Gg
yaaa Gg 3 kun oldin
bro im high aff and im laughing hardd smms
Benjamin Li
Benjamin Li 3 kun oldin
This is a BLT waiting to happen
Crea 3 kun oldin
oh no.
At justweed*dot*ig instagram Alex
These have become full blown masterpieces and you could easily make advertisements and highly paid prestigious content. This is fantastic.
Danny Hodge
Danny Hodge 3 kun oldin
This may be my favorite video you've done, well played
seatoast 3 kun oldin
this sandwich has me crying in the club
Tonto Tube
Tonto Tube 3 kun oldin
Great writing.
leftlanekennels 3 kun oldin
Actually i been makythat for year only it was like a grill cheese with tomato and mayo black pepper that’s good eating
Cheese Grater
Cheese Grater 3 kun oldin
İ just love you
Bella Donna
Bella Donna 3 kun oldin
This is art
evelyn bent
evelyn bent 3 kun oldin
And take a quite moment to recognise that your toasted tomato sandwich has become soggy, and you should of eaten it immediately when the toast was crisp
Bálint Orehóczki
Bálint Orehóczki 3 kun oldin
very inspiring. l feel like eating a toast soon.
Jasmine - Ruff-Puff
Melissa Sies
Melissa Sies 3 kun oldin
I'm in love with you (and the tomato)
Chas Busenburg
Chas Busenburg 3 kun oldin
Lazy Man's BLT
13pauley 3 kun oldin
Absolute. Art!!
Dat Boi
Dat Boi 3 kun oldin
This is art
μsique 3 kun oldin
I showed this to my mom who didn't realize what this channel was about until she reached the "peppercorns" bit
tires2burn 3 kun oldin
I'm watching this and looking at a tomato looking at me. I'm tired of wondering what to do with my tomato. Thanks for the inspiration.
Mp Boobalarb
Mp Boobalarb 3 kun oldin
I want my 3 minutes back.
BF3 forever Greene
BF3 forever Greene 4 kun oldin
Ultracity6060 4 kun oldin
Yeah, out in the country, but _what_ country? Moldova? Japan? I think it looked like Japan.
J.D. Lancelot
J.D. Lancelot 4 kun oldin
Funny how 99% of these ppl don't realize this is a repost
Angheluta Razvan
Angheluta Razvan 4 kun oldin
KelseyRainbow 4 kun oldin
This was the most relaxing video I’ve ever watched thanks
Oskar 4 kun oldin
please never stop doing videos
Kourosh Daneshi
Kourosh Daneshi 4 kun oldin
You're great at cooking yeah your sooo great
Edwin Lopez
Edwin Lopez 4 kun oldin
So soothing
Hold Your Colours
Hold Your Colours 4 kun oldin
Now I am craving that sandwich and fresh country air😋
Gacha Diseona
Gacha Diseona 4 kun oldin
ShadowTouchHD 4 kun oldin
IAMaMOD 4U 4 kun oldin
Why do I fell like him and bill wartz are brothers
Eli愛 22
Eli愛 22 4 kun oldin
Best AD ever
ETORA 4 kun oldin
meemaw65 4 kun oldin
666k views wOw
Таларан 179
Таларан 179 4 kun oldin
Good job!😉
Jahn Dough
Jahn Dough 4 kun oldin
Lauren Richards
Lauren Richards 4 kun oldin
This man is How to Basic
MTN DEW RED 4 kun oldin
My tomatoes are made in New York City
Ashley and Micah English
What the hell... Did I just watch? Hahahaha!
Akhil Sachan
Akhil Sachan 4 kun oldin
It made me hungry !!!
Galactic123 4 kun oldin
This sandwich is good, just add some dried basil
dimpledopsbabytwinsister 1
Across the beans
s h a d ø w b a n n e d
This is the only video I clicked on trending. Trending is terrible.
Mrs. Ender Mage
Mrs. Ender Mage 4 kun oldin
I hate tomatoes 🍅 but this is funny
Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon 4 kun oldin
Mrs. Ender Mage do you like pizza??
seanautube 4 kun oldin
I have a sudden urge to flyfish in some remote part of Utah; a hundred miles from anyone. I think I'll pack a toasted tomato sandwich.
seanautube 4 kun oldin
This video is more wholesome than a toasted tomato sandwich.
Hannah Froberg
Hannah Froberg 4 kun oldin
This actually looks really good
TwixPlays 4 kun oldin
Felt more of like a commercial than an episode but I'll take it, smile. Plus that last shot really made it commercial like. Good stuff.
Evwon 4 kun oldin
I wanted this to be a add
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