Top 10 Actors Who Can Pull Off Foreign Accents

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These actors are the vocal chameleons of the big and small screens. Join www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the top 10 actors who can pull off foreign accents. Check us out at www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo, instagram.com/watchmojo and www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo. Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at www.WatchMojo.com/suggest :)
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9-Noy, 2014



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Tiffany Moore
Tiffany Moore Soat oldin
I already knew who #1 was 👍
Pat Mooney
Pat Mooney Soat oldin
Leo... in his early years, boo
rolling metal
rolling metal 11 soat oldin
Hugh Laurie
an1rb 12 soat oldin
Peter Sellers should have been #1
Bo Bateman
Bo Bateman Kun oldin
Gary Oldman plays an American "Detective" not police officer. CMON!!
Doric Logos
Doric Logos Kun oldin
This is wack
Adam Dorris
Adam Dorris Kun oldin
D. D. Lewis in "They're Will Be Blood" was just like my father. The look, the timing, the Insanity. THAT was my dad, sometimes.... Crazy fucker.
Diego Nater
Diego Nater Kun oldin
What about Al Pacino?!
Leigh Young
Leigh Young Kun oldin
What about a mention for cliff curtis
Robert De Niro ? Al Pacino ? Walken ?
jazzyjake99 2 kun oldin
Tom Hardy deserves to be on the honorable mentions.
Christina Lee
Christina Lee 2 kun oldin
Thomas Jane's South African accent in Stander is utterly convincing. I thought he was South African. Also Alessandro Nivola convincing as a Brit.
ODINLOOKYOU 3 kun oldin
this black women eating krabs WTF
Jason Carson
Jason Carson 4 kun oldin
People sleep on James McAvoy
I’m Nicelydone
I’m Nicelydone 4 kun oldin
Brad Pitt did a South African accent
1D6 wounds
1D6 wounds 4 kun oldin
3:15 isn't Logan/Wolverine supposed to be Canadian?
Bruhhh ._.
Bruhhh ._. 5 kun oldin
No Tom hardy?
Guillermo Hidalgo
Guillermo Hidalgo 5 kun oldin
Viggo Mortensen, can also speak spanish like a Spanish or Argentinian, check the spanish movie "Alatriste" or the argentinian movie "tenemos un plan"
Danny 5 kun oldin
What about Mike Myers???
Gustavo Di Poi
Gustavo Di Poi 5 kun oldin
No Mike Meyers?
amir shah
amir shah 5 kun oldin
Key and Peele can do better
AL T 6 kun oldin
Disappointing list. Don Cheadle and Johnny Depp didnt make the cut even though they are far better than a number of those guys on that list. I don't think switching from Australian to American or British English is such a big deal.
Hasan 6 kun oldin
Number 10 for Peter Sellers? You gotta be kidding me!
Ace Harris
Ace Harris 6 kun oldin
Honestly, a Day-Lewis, Oldman, and Mortensen movie would let me die happy.
Antje Paul
Antje Paul 6 kun oldin
Oldman rocks!
alloveryetstill 7 kun oldin
Watch MOJO dot com.extending comparisons with filler and unrelated fact to steal ten minutes of your soul.
kosewa1 7 kun oldin
Please don’t laugh but I thought Viggo is from the Netherlands 🇳🇱😂😂😂😂😂 .
A nigga from beyond
Seth MacFarlane shoulda been here
jiangleijay 8 kun oldin
Logan is Canadian
Lourdes Fernández
Lourdes Fernández 8 kun oldin
Jonathan Ryrs Meyers, helloooo???
Gregg Hanson
Gregg Hanson 8 kun oldin
Don't think Brad Pitt should be here.
Nick Weston
Nick Weston 8 kun oldin
What about Jeremy Irons in Die Hard 3? An English actor playing a German guy putting on a Southern Yankee accent.
Mohamed Sayed
Mohamed Sayed 9 kun oldin
Christoph Walts?? James Mcvoy??
Paraic Garry
Paraic Garry 9 kun oldin
Did you check with with any locals as to the quality of many of these accents? I doubt it. Apart from doing American one, with is more like not doing an accent than doing one. People like Baron Cohen are clearly doing piss take generic stereotype accents that anyone can do.
Doran Martell
Doran Martell 10 kun oldin
#1 #2 and #3 are 1st 2nd and 3rd best living actors. Good list I guess, Mojo.
Martin Pato
Martin Pato 11 kun oldin
Viggo es Argentino!
James Smith
James Smith 11 kun oldin
Ben Kingsley for the role of Gandhi, Learning to drive, the dictator & many other
Carey Faulkner
Carey Faulkner 11 kun oldin
Tom Hardy
Peter Marlow
Peter Marlow 11 kun oldin
Peter Stormage?
Mikelangelo Olivas
Mikelangelo Olivas 12 kun oldin
Thought Christoph Waltz would be on there
bilbo baggins
bilbo baggins 12 kun oldin
James Mccavoy?
Mr.Ouest 12 kun oldin
Dicaprio's accent work is actually complete shite.
Michelle Flood
Michelle Flood 13 kun oldin
Oh come on Leo is hit and miss at best unless it’s American that Zimbabwean is crap as is that Irish one . I more believe Daniel day Lewis’s accent in that movie !
Michelle Flood
Michelle Flood 13 kun oldin
Oh come on who is unaware of Colin Farrell is Irish it’s not his heritage it’s mine though he is as Irish as they come dubliner all the way ! You only need to see him interviewed and his accent is obvious !
Michelle Flood
Michelle Flood 13 kun oldin
Oh come off it Australians knew of his talent way before Wolverine !
Michelle Flood
Michelle Flood 13 kun oldin
Sorry but Daniel day Lewis was not born in London but Belfast Northern Ireland it’s a fact do your research mojo
Michelle Flood
Michelle Flood 13 kun oldin
In Australia the movie that would be Hugh’s native accent the foreign would be when playing wolverine or the greatest showman believe me I should know being I’m australian myself albeit one of Irish descent Irish australian is usually what I call myself or fourth generation to differentiate from my Irish born ancestors and family !
Sofia Löfstrand
Sofia Löfstrand 13 kun oldin
Native non-American English speakers find it easy to do an American accent.
A.R. KHAN 13 kun oldin
Where's HUGO WEAVING??? He should be # 1! Originally Australian. American accent in The Matrix trilogy British accent in V for Vendetta German accent in Captain America: The First Avenger AND MANY MORE!
Stroak MacHawk
Stroak MacHawk 14 kun oldin
Why isn’t anyone talking about Peter fucking Stormare
avi baskar
avi baskar 14 kun oldin
Was that raj kuthrapalli
Cesar Romero
Cesar Romero 14 kun oldin
Viggo Mortensen, by the way, speak spanish, danish, french like no one.
ZChan Singha
ZChan Singha 15 kun oldin
You forgot David Tennant
theporkrourke1 15 kun oldin
Wow imagine colin Farrell (an irishman) is able to pull off an irish accent,
persie PRINCE
persie PRINCE 15 kun oldin
Viggo mortensen is the best for different languages not just accent
Alex C
Alex C 15 kun oldin
Cristoph Waltz is the best
thedaintyleaflets 15 kun oldin
No Johnny Depp??
Ace Cabusas
Ace Cabusas 15 kun oldin
Robin Williams?
Appreciable Assets, LLC
Hugh Laurie
Brad Pitt for micky o'neil
Morgane Eastwood
Morgane Eastwood 16 kun oldin
Alma 18 kun oldin
Viggo is from Argentina
Saki Yamasaki
Saki Yamasaki 18 kun oldin
Don't agree with Hugh or Leo ...
Clara Monteiro
Clara Monteiro 19 kun oldin
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau?
Clara Monteiro
Clara Monteiro 19 kun oldin
Leonardo DiCaprio at #3? *Lmao are you joking?* He should've been the last of the list.
Francesca Scanlan
Francesca Scanlan 20 kun oldin
I'm English, and i always forget that Daniel Day-Lewis and Christian Bale are English. Although Gary Oldman is great at accents, I will always think of him as English because the first role I saw him in was as Sirius Black in HP. I also think Kate Winslet should get props bc I didn't realise she was English for ages bc of Titanic.
Ben Sakatos
Ben Sakatos 20 kun oldin
I love Daniel Day-Lewis no question about it. But I’m glad for once the top spot went to Gary Oldman.
Kári Simonsen
Kári Simonsen 21 kun oldin
How is it, that Idris Elba is not on the list? He should be number one!! No one would have guessed that he is from England
EndGame 45
EndGame 45 21 kun oldin
David tennant?
Daragh Logan
Daragh Logan 24 kun oldin
Daragh Logan
Daragh Logan 24 kun oldin
brad pitts accent in inglorious bastards is shit
Leandro D
Leandro D 24 kun oldin
Viggo so underrated actor.
April Hernandez
April Hernandez 26 kun oldin
I feel Viggo Mortensen should be #1...He is an amazing change of accents and believable Daniel day Lewis right up there #1
toddvandell85 26 kun oldin
Sacha Baron Cohen is far too annoying and way too highly overrated.
angelkt100 27 kun oldin
ioannis ioulianos
ioannis ioulianos 28 kun oldin
what about al pacino
White Tiger Freak
White Tiger Freak 29 kun oldin
What about Johnny Depp?
Charlie Lily
Charlie Lily 29 kun oldin
Meryl Streep can accent out all of them 😂
Yuramia Eisenov
Yuramia Eisenov 29 kun oldin
Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe Oy oldin
Great list but I think Idris Elba and chewitel ejiafor could have made top 10.
Tamara Brink
Tamara Brink Oy oldin
you need to make an updated version of this.... Tom Holland deserves to be recognised as well
Anastas Petrov
peter sellers the best
I am Sofa King
where the hell is mel gibson? i get he's a racist and whatever, but he pulled off accents beautifully
Fabio Parpanesi
Di caprio ?! Are u drunk?!?
Dr. Victor Von Doom
I 100% agree with this lineup..
Carol Pellow
Carol Pellow Oy oldin
HEY!!! Excuse me but Wolverine is Canadian!
JR sandoval
JR sandoval Oy oldin
gary oldman is a boss
psy-kylo-gy Oy oldin
EXCUSE ME, Wolverine was Canadian, not American. The accent may be midwest, but the character itself is not American :P
Final Flash
Final Flash Oy oldin
How about Gary Oldman being a russian in the movie "Hitman's Bodyguard"?
Andre Bubbles
Andre Bubbles Oy oldin
Can't believe Dominic West is not here. His scene in The Wire imitating an American imitating an Englishmen is nothing short of brilliant.
birdgirl Oy oldin
I'm Portuguese and i just discovered that i've been talking with a soft Boston accent for years
Shakz Boom
Shakz Boom Oy oldin
Jeffrey Wright in Shaft!
Jade D.
Jade D. Oy oldin
How in the hell did y’all miss Ernest???
Ronin 1120
Ronin 1120 Oy oldin
Leo is a great actor, he is not great at accents. In Gangs of New York, he slides in and out of the irish accent....
Orlando Deavila
Viggo Mortensen deserved to go first. He not only master several accents, but also speak several languages. And he speaks perfect Spanish with Argentine accent.
Darcy Doll
Darcy Doll Oy oldin
Leonardo diCaprio and Brad Pitt over Hugh Jackman?!? What the heck were the smoking when they made this list. I mean c'mon.
peterah7957 Oy oldin
Daniel day lewis
Stephanie Soto
Nadie mejor que Gary Oldman
Shaun Barry
Shaun Barry Oy oldin
Sean Connery.. For his extraordinary ability to sound Scottish in every role..
Magdalena Lewkowicz
What about Hugh Laurie??
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