Top 10 Anticipated Netflix Originals of 2019

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Top 10 Anticipated Netflix Originals of 2019
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Coming to a streaming service near you. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Anticipated Netflix Originals of 2019.
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List Entries and Rank:
10. “Orange Is the New Black” Season 7
9. “GLOW” Season 3
8. “Seis Manos” Season 1
7. “The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance” Season 1
6. “Central Park 5” Season 1
5. “Dolemite Is My Name”
4. “The Umbrella Academy” Season 1
3, 2, 1: ???
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31-Dek, 2018



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calamansi juice
calamansi juice 3 soat oldin
why isn't on my block in this tf
Chazray Litt
Chazray Litt Kun oldin
Excuse me but... The Dirt???
Peter Luces
Peter Luces Kun oldin
You guys have to do a top 10 on worse enunciation of WatchMojo list. You guys butcher the easiest words to pronounce. Wow. Lol.
Silly Rukus
Silly Rukus Kun oldin
10. The Dark Crystal 9. Orange is the New Black 8. The Witcher 7. Ozark 6. Narcos 5. The OA 4. Mindhunter 3. Haunting of Hill House 2. Stranger Things 1. The Last Kingdom
paulina monfort
paulina monfort 2 kun oldin
What about The Crown?
Fardin Mridul
Fardin Mridul 2 kun oldin
Who is here after the s03 stranger things trailer...
Fardin Mridul
Fardin Mridul 2 kun oldin
When she said gee ralt I lost my shit
myshady21 3 kun oldin
Jeralt of what now?
Shane Beard
Shane Beard 3 kun oldin
I’m shanebearddj I think cool stuff yay
Babiizues93 4 kun oldin
So we’re just gonna ack like Sabrina don’t exist.!?🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Michele O'Sullivan
Michele O'Sullivan 4 kun oldin
Geralt. G - like Good, Goofy. Not J... Why do so many get such a simple name wrong? I am excited and concerned about The Witcher series. All-time favorite game trilogy. We've seen how badly games and books transfer over into movies. In this case, we have both having to live up to an incredibly decerning fanbase.
adam perkins
adam perkins 5 kun oldin
What about Castlevania season 3?
Unicorn Bitch
Unicorn Bitch 5 kun oldin
I am obsessed with the umbrella academy its so good you should definitely watch it
Lovely Rita Meter Maid
lost in space
Jessie Ringuette
Jessie Ringuette 6 kun oldin
Jeralt? You didn't play the game did you
Jabanoshi 6 kun oldin
They need to drop the next season for disenchantment and stranger things and sex education
Dominic Todd
Dominic Todd 7 kun oldin
Cool channel, just subbed.
Renee Dublin
Renee Dublin 7 kun oldin
No mention at all of the new season of Santa Clarita Diet? No? Just me? Okay then
Anthony Titone
Anthony Titone 7 kun oldin
Nikhil Vashishth
Nikhil Vashishth 7 kun oldin
By the way where is thirteen reasons why season 3
Christoph Swager
Christoph Swager 9 kun oldin
gah ralt not jer ralt...sorry it bothered me
Karam Singh
Karam Singh 10 kun oldin
Just cancelled my subscription
Rafael Trivino
Rafael Trivino 10 kun oldin
Ellen Paige is going to be in a show where she has to solve a crime? She couldn't even solve the Jussie Smollett case.
King Smilex
King Smilex 10 kun oldin
the main dude from witcher looks stupid ^_^ the hair looks really fake hahaha
Jay-r Castillo
Jay-r Castillo 10 kun oldin
Umbrella Academy = Gerard Way
Stephanie Hall
Stephanie Hall 10 kun oldin
Would be nice to know the drop dates
Axel Rodriguez Armas
Michelle Rodríguez as angela witcher
Keion Austin
Keion Austin 12 kun oldin
Hope Netflix can pick up "The Colony"
charlie 210405
charlie 210405 12 kun oldin
Stranger things has died sorry but it has to me at least
Starhunter Terra
Starhunter Terra 13 kun oldin
I watched Castlevania, and I look forward The Dark Crystal.
manuel garcia
manuel garcia 15 kun oldin
Wentworth is better than orange is the new black
Jason C
Jason C 15 kun oldin
Umm.. On My Block Season 2??? Not even a honorable mention? Wow!
Super Gabriel
Super Gabriel 16 kun oldin
Sorry but where is on my block season 2
Laquasha Belle
Laquasha Belle 13 kun oldin
It's coming out March 29
Hanamichi Sakuragi
Hanamichi Sakuragi 17 kun oldin
Unpopular opinion: The Umbrella Academy is kinda meh
LitaElera 17 kun oldin
What I am really waiting for is Lucifer's season 4. And before someone protests : yes, Lucifer is now a 100% Netflix show.
Kushagra Sharma
Kushagra Sharma 17 kun oldin
Where's Sacred Games Season 2??
Ryan Aurelius
Ryan Aurelius 17 kun oldin
WHERE IS 13 REASON WHY???????????????
Akram Alkhaled
Akram Alkhaled 17 kun oldin
Brains before BS
Brains before BS 18 kun oldin
They killed their marvel universe 🤬
Eric Blade
Eric Blade 19 kun oldin
Henry Cavill in the Witcher????,that is why he quit being super man..
TastyTuxedoR 20 kun oldin
Where is 13 Reasons why to
dark mode is better On YouTube
Umbrella academy was so goooood
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson 21 kun oldin
2:10 While decrying objectification of women in the entertainment industry, writers find it necessary to refer to the female cast as "the gorgeous ladies".
Iggy White
Iggy White 22 kun oldin
Most of these is pure crap.
dark mode is better On YouTube
Not umbrella academy or st but the other stuff I don’t really care
Terrionne Hart
Terrionne Hart 23 kun oldin
Where is On My Block
Alfie Hidayatullah
Alfie Hidayatullah 23 kun oldin
The End of the F***ing World Season 2 ?!
Talent Flame Korishetty
sacred games
yash Verma
yash Verma 24 kun oldin
Giralt of rivia...? 🤣🤣🤣
CHLOE DONOVAN 24 kun oldin
the way she pronounced geralt😭😭🤮🤮
dark mode is better On YouTube
It’s Gerard
Ashton Curlis
Ashton Curlis 25 kun oldin
The umbrella academy is the best in 2019
Solo Polo McBovril
Solo Polo McBovril 25 kun oldin
What a bleak 2019 for netflix
Sultan Hamza
Sultan Hamza 25 kun oldin
Caleb Dion
Caleb Dion 25 kun oldin
Zech Merquise
Zech Merquise 25 kun oldin
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer 26 kun oldin
Umbrella academy was the best damn show ever
Joshua Craig
Joshua Craig 26 kun oldin
Or in other words, top pornographic movies being released on Netflix this year.
Zoe Hershenson
Zoe Hershenson 26 kun oldin
Okay, your description of Umbrella Academy is COMPLETELY wrong...
Ellie Lovegood
Ellie Lovegood 26 kun oldin
I liked umbrella academy more than stranger things Fight me if you want
AirBorN Gaming
AirBorN Gaming 26 kun oldin
If you're going to say a name, say it right. You're a "journalist" after all.
jstiegler2 26 kun oldin
Your picks for best shows in 2019 are right out of the Political Correct manual. Only good show on your list is Stranger Things...the rest are there to appease liberals and their special interest groups.
The White Merc
The White Merc 26 kun oldin
yeah so this was announced recently so I get why its not on the list. But add to the list...Anime: Transformers the war for cybertron
genaro ayala
genaro ayala 27 kun oldin
Stranger Season 2 sucked
Eddie Gaytan
Eddie Gaytan 27 kun oldin
Cowboy Bebop
jennifer riding
jennifer riding 27 kun oldin
Can’t wait for Locke and Ke7
IttiOnYouTube 27 kun oldin
The Seven Deadly Sins: Season 4
George Gomez
George Gomez 27 kun oldin
No Santa Clara Diet ??
Maya Ruffin
Maya Ruffin 28 kun oldin
cough *Sex Education* cough
Pleas Kelley
Pleas Kelley 29 kun oldin
Jessica Jones season 3?!?!?
Spartan 29 kun oldin
I am sad, you said Geralt wrong. It isn't a hard G or Jeralt.
Sean McDonald
Sean McDonald 29 kun oldin
Dark Crystal prequel: the 'Solo' movie of the Dark Crystal universe.
Nikki Jones
Nikki Jones Oy oldin
Where are you people getting these list from...It's only two shows OITNB and The Umbrella Academy ( which I just saw a couple days ago and it's great ) that I would even watch..the rest looks like trash..
chriswildfire 20 kun oldin
Couldn't agree with you more. I don't get why people love Stranger Things. I try to watch found It boring.
Rock Infatuation
We all know ST3 will be #1.
Marc Oy oldin
Not sure how you selected your top 10 picks, but I'm not even remotely interested in most of this stuff.
Matthew Hubble
I'm looking forward to Castlevania season 3 dunno if that's just me
Gabriela Bastea
Sandra Edward
Sandra Edward Oy oldin
Santa Clarita diet c'mon i could care less about most of these
puke, nothing worth watching, only fodder for the dumbing down of Amerikka. Maybe a 15 year old created this list.
Alex's Gaming
Alex's Gaming Oy oldin
where is the guy with the list..
Subhasis rajput
Adamant_Soro Oy oldin
13 reasons why s3
jo22k Oy oldin
Umbrella Academy is so good!!
Regina Serin
Regina Serin Oy oldin
13 reason why season 3?!
Fire Ignitus
Fire Ignitus Oy oldin
They better not screw up The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance
Y KiNG T Oy oldin
Where’s ATLA Live Action? Anyone know when it’s supposedly gonna drop?
Lato Oy oldin
Titans season 2?
Aston Martin
Aston Martin Oy oldin
Half of them, I don’t care about.
Sandeepan Bhattacharyya
Season 3 of Stranger Things is good but, Where is season 2 of Dark????? Any news about Mindhunter Season 2??????????
Austin Morrow
Austin Morrow Oy oldin
Anyone know when the OA season 2 is coming out??
Jared K
Jared K 23 kun oldin
They just released a trailer for OA part 2, its on the OA's twitter page, coming out march 22nd
Austin Morrow
Austin Morrow 27 kun oldin
+Jared K Thank you that really makes me even more excited for the new season.
Jared K
Jared K 28 kun oldin
last week i checked they were editing the final episode of season 2, the dude who plays Hap said it should be coming out soon and they might even release it without giving an offical date
Mozelld Rhodes
Umm that’s one scene in the Witcher was tooo much
Baseshocks Oy oldin
Orange is the new black turning point in diversity in television? Are you smoking crack? Have you seen any T.V series in the past 30 years that has had many different races and genders before it became a pop culture fad?
Eugenie Heraty
With a very few exceptions this video tells me I’m missing nothing on Netflix 2019. Loads more American sentimental crap 💩
Sheraz Shanavas
Love , Death and Robots.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
Aparajita Bhattacharya
I Hate This List (Except Obviously Stranger Things Duh!Umbrella Academy, Witcher & Irish Man).
jika ry
jika ry Oy oldin
Who came here for Stranger Things
Susan Laine
Susan Laine Oy oldin
Henry Cavill is NOT Geralt of Rivia. He's too pretty, too young, too poor an actor. Dang, I'm so disappointed. Will the movie both suck and blow? Yeah, very possible.
DJ Blockhead
DJ Blockhead Oy oldin
I think that Dark deserved to be on the list, it's such a good show
Bradigans D
Bradigans D Oy oldin
Legit only came here to make sure Stranger Things was number 1
This girl just dead ass said *Jair-alt of Rivia*
marti nebiu
marti nebiu Oy oldin
With henry cavill i m down with anything
The What!!?
The What!!? Oy oldin
I love Glow!
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